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  1. The GoPro Max has the benefit of a screen, which makes the UI much easier to navigate. It also can function as a super-stabilized conventional action camera. There are a lot of other nice features, like PowerPano too. The audio is much better than Insta360's, and it’s waterproof and rugged. Oh, and there's voice control. The image quality differences aren't that great, although footage straight out of the camera is punchier and has more detail than the Insta360. Oh, in bright sunlight, one lens of the Insta360 will flare badly, which reveals the stitch and generally looks nasty. The Insta360 costs less and is lighter. My recommendation is to buy the GoPro Max, but full disclosure: I'm biased as I work for GoPro.
  2. GoPro Max is staring to become available. It started shipping on Oct 22nd. I just looked at some footage I took with GoPro Max and I think it'll be pretty hard to read license plates of passing cars to be honest. I looked at some parked cars I rode past on the SF group ride a few weeks ago, and it's difficult to make out the plates.
  3. Early test ride with the new GoPro Max and a short selfie stick. This was edited last month on an early version of the mobile app. I was still working out how to use it.
  4. Not the easiest thing to do! I wish they sold a Bluetooth wearable unit with a button that could sound the horn.
  5. How did you get the in-visor shots? Are you able to slip the Insta360 inside? (Nice music)
  6. I too will only ride with protection. Same Leatt knee/shin protectors, Demon D3O jacket, etc. I’m at my most paranoid at crosswalks. They should rename “red on right”, “the pedestrian killer”. I think I spotted the same Topside front/back light on your helmet as I use. When I was riding my V8 (I’m riding a 16x now), I used to always take the cover off at night. I wanted the light show to enhance my visibility. I noticed you had your cover on.
  7. Your driveway is 1200 feet! I’m guessing you don’t live in California.
  8. That's one street up from where my brother used to live! He was on Winans Drive for some years.
  9. I hope you rode across those rocks to get to that spot!
  10. I love that the iOS app always says 100% battery. It prevents my battery charging OCD from kicking in. “On no, 96%! I better charge it!”
  11. I have that lens. It was my workhorse, especially when I was doing music photography. Probably about 2/3rds of us in the press pit at concerts were using the lens.
  12. I get to 30mph all the time without trying.
  13. I had some slow beeps when I had beeps when my wheel was charging at my desk. I presumed it was a charging complete indicator. Maybe your beeps were somehow delayed?
  14. Yes, they certainly should! I'll share some footage so that people can see how it performs soon.
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