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  1. Does it have a daylight-readable screen?
  2. Here's an interesting new development. It would need a decent 3D printed case adding, and maybe some kind of front light: https://gizmodo.com/the-watchy-is-an-open-source-smartwatch-for-those-who-m-1846050151
  3. Why do you say that?
  4. This is the most boaring EUC video I've ever seen!
  5. Thanks for the translation. 7 years of French at school, and family holidays in France have been mostly forgotten over time. I don't see the pants (pantalon) though. Is "en baggy" common parlance for "en pantalon bouffant"?
  6. Well in the SF Bay Area, half the population are nerds, so nerd-cool is mainstream here. Maybe that doesn't generalize to most of the planet.
  7. What are you talking about? Look at us lot on this forum. It's already cool!
  8. Keep practicing. Eventually you'll master riding in a straight line. One day it will just click. I can see that you almost had it in a couple of places. Keep trying, and don't give up!
  9. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are professional DJs. Mostly trance, and house.
  10. Saturday's Bay Area ESK8 ride. Shot on two HERO9 Blacks each with the Max Lens Mod (one facing in, one facing out). Horizon leveling on.
  11. It might be a good place to ride, but that's a different evaluation criterion from any others.
  12. I used to work in Irvine (and lived in Laguna Beach). I can't stand that city. Everywhere looks the same. A soulless planned community. Planned by robots.
  13. It's a really nice shot! What camera did you buy?
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