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  1. Metric is standard. 95% of the human race uses it.
  2. This only launched yesterday. Click on the link I provided above. Here's DCRainMaker's video on the topic. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to get answers for you.
  3. You could now add GoPro controls in to the app using the Open GoPro API that launched today: Welcome to Open GoPro!
  4. @Seba how about adding GoPro controls in to the app? You could even do things like start recording when the wheel hits a certain speed. Open GoPro launched today providing an API for third party devices : Welcome to Open GoPro!
  5. There's virtually nowhere in the Bay Area where you can (legally) fly drones. The State Parks and SF/San Carlos/Moss Beach airport exclusion zones pretty much cover the whole peninsula. I have a GoPro Karma drone around here that I think I've flown twice.
  6. Are EUCs allow in National Parks?
  7. The model for safety is the automotive ASIL scheme. ASIL compliant control boards would include diagnostic self checks and redundancy. They would also be designed with comprehensive assessments and testing of potential failure modes. It would add cost, so manufacturers won't do it until there's some cost to them not designing in safety (law suits, losing customers, threat of legislation. etc.).
  8. You're from the UK! How can you not know what I mean? 14 stone 4 lbs to be precise.
  9. You're talking nonsense. You're 14 stone!
  10. This is why the first lens element in the GoPro Max lenses is designed with one of the hardest optical glasses available. They're not indestructible, but it's a detail that most of the other 360 camera vendors miss.
  11. There's going to be more work put in to desktop software in the future. We swung too hard in the direction of mobile apps IMO, but in fairness that was immediately after the drone and media businesses were wound down and the company had to cut costs to get back to profitability. None of that helps you, the customer, but now that GoPro is profitable again, there will be a lot more focus on making sure we don't leave group of customers behind. Those kind of tough decisions are behind us.
  12. You're usually better off going to McMaster-Carr for this kind of hardware than Amazon. They only have 13mm length with a metal head, but they have this one in 12mm length: https://www.mcmaster.com/thumb-screws/system-of-measurement~metric/thread-size~m6/length~12-mm/
  13. No, but you are known for being a bunch of crazy riders with what appears to be a collective death wish!
  14. I don’t lose salary if our products leak, no. There are a lot of YouTubers who post unboxing videos, reviews, tips, and comparison videos for our products (including several who will get hundreds of thousands, or even over a million views). They still seem to get those hits if the specs are well known, as people are more interested in how the product is to use, and how it really performs than what’s on paper and shown in our launch videos. I think it’s the same for EUCs. People are interested in the specs, for sure, but they are more interested in a trusted reviewer’s opinion on how the w
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