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  1. All this talk about "dealers" makes it sound like we are buying something that's expensive, highly addictive, and has a significant chance of wrecking our bodies. Oh, hang on a minute...!
  2. I too came to the 16X from a V8. The staying upright is the gyro (gyroscopic) effect. This seems to be stronger on the no-name stock tire of the first batch. I presume this is due to the mass of the tire.
  3. EMI interference often has unit to unit variations. Things like ground resistance variation can be a significant factor in an issue appearing in some units and not others.
  4. That's my primary "fix", but it doesn't completely eliminate pedal float. The other approach might be to find the BT module and disable it.
  5. @Micheal Shen Any chance we can find out where the gyro is located on the control board? The Bluetooth interference isn't completely resolved by the BT module firmware fix, and I'd like to try shielding the gyro with some EMI absorbing film.
  6. Maybe this firmware update activates the hot glue under the.MOSFET feature, which causes the temperature to read low while the MOSFETS are smoking? Oh, I forgot. That's proprietary Gotway technology!
  7. This could have been unfortunately-timed Bluetooth interference. Have you updated the BT firmware over USB (not a complete fix). Were you playing music?
  8. Apart from allowing you to add your own logo, what does that $5/month provide you that GoPro Quik doesn't?
  9. They have failed badly. Who in their right mind would want to get off this wheel after just one mile? In all likelihood they've made a wheel that will make people late for work after they go on a detour.
  10. Not nice seeing riders being pulled over by cops in this video. They always say the same thing about being able to be used on private property. Perhaps I've been living in the US too long, but that sounds classist to me. Rich people with estates get to do things that the proles don't. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-49322216/e-scooters-should-they-be-legal-on-public-roads
  11. How did the add "The Jolly Rama" caption in the bottom?
  12. I'm very interested. I thought I just ordered one on Amazon, but my order confirmation said I'd ordered the 14x2.125! I cancelled that order, and now there are no 16x3.0 tires in stock (there were 5 earlier).
  13. This link is correct according to the seller. I just posted a question on Amazon and got an immediate response saying they used the 14x2.125 photo as they didn't have one for the 16x3.0. I've pointed out that the size quoted in the features and description is wrong too.
  14. I just got back from a 14 mile ride. I've got over 200 miles on this wheel now. I'm riding on a very low tire pressure (once I find my Longacre pressure gauge I'll find out what the pressure really is) and not getting any wobbles. But I don't like how soft the tire is. I can really feel it flexing under me. If I can get to the point of no wobbles and a decent tire pressure, this wheel will be absolutely amazing. I'm really enjoying it in its current form, but I know it's not good to ride on such a soft tire. I didn't want to have to switch the tire, but if that's what it takes I'm going to do it. I just need to find out how to get a CYT or CST here in the US.
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