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  1. When was this? I just got back from Vegas today. I was there most of last week for CES, and then back again this week for a work off-site. I was sans wheel, as I flew, but it would have been nice to have seen you ride by. I also saw someone in the Venetian this morning with one of those backpacks. It was displaying 8-bit game images.
  2. No word on the launch date.
  3. I visited Inmotion at their CES booth today. I was hoping to see the V8f, but they didn't have one (some issue with delayed shipping). Instead they had a V5f and V10f, along with some mini ebikes, scooters, and a Segway MiniPro-like thing. Anyway, I was talking to the CEO. He said they will have two new EUCs coming out in 2020. One would be a 30mph-class. I asked what their thoughts on suspension was, and he replied that it's very difficult, but they are going to surprise us (said with a smile). The intimation was that one of the wheels for 2020 will have suspension. I didn't take any pictures, as there wasn't anything new. I did ride the V10f around a bit. I was slightly surprised that allowed me to do that.
  4. It's great to see more women taking up the sport. It's also great to see that homeless guy on the left taking an interest.
  5. @Mike Sacristan please remind us which tire you're using. I suppose I'm asking for a friend, as I won't be riding in snow unless I take my wheel to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite.
  6. As I'd heard was going to happen, Rylo hardware is now no more. https://www.dpreview.com/news/0257427763/vsco-acquires-rylo-for-its-advanced-mobile-video-editing-software
  7. That first point pretty much killed my interest in it.
  8. Nice GoPro HERO8 Black bundle for $349. Complete with Shorty stick + tripod, head mount, microSD card, and extra battery. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/24OB6M76WWK5H?ref_=wl_share
  9. Definitely interested. As for the lack of breathability, some (strong) mesh or other breathable sections would help.
  10. I wish someone made some thin Kevlar gloves that could go under Flexmeters. I’ve looked but I couldn’t find any. Oh, they should also have touchscreen-compatible finger tips.
  11. Rylo is exiting the hardware business. Not a big surprise it ended up this way.
  12. The GoPro Max has the benefit of a screen, which makes the UI much easier to navigate. It also can function as a super-stabilized conventional action camera. There are a lot of other nice features, like PowerPano too. The audio is much better than Insta360's, and it’s waterproof and rugged. Oh, and there's voice control. The image quality differences aren't that great, although footage straight out of the camera is punchier and has more detail than the Insta360. Oh, in bright sunlight, one lens of the Insta360 will flare badly, which reveals the stitch and generally looks nasty. The Insta360 costs less and is lighter. My recommendation is to buy the GoPro Max, but full disclosure: I'm biased as I work for GoPro.
  13. GoPro Max is staring to become available. It started shipping on Oct 22nd. I just looked at some footage I took with GoPro Max and I think it'll be pretty hard to read license plates of passing cars to be honest. I looked at some parked cars I rode past on the SF group ride a few weeks ago, and it's difficult to make out the plates.
  14. Early test ride with the new GoPro Max and a short selfie stick. This was edited last month on an early version of the mobile app. I was still working out how to use it.
  15. Not the easiest thing to do! I wish they sold a Bluetooth wearable unit with a button that could sound the horn.
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