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  1. It's not necessarily about the increase in power. It's about validating specific components and firmware. Any change (even to a lower power motor) should be validated before shipping product to customers.
  2. In my world, a component change like that would require a new engineering build with full reliability testing and validation, pushing out mass production by months. The fact there is no impact to the production schedule suggests that King Song doesn't follow these industry-standard quality processes. What level of validation will King Song be conducting to ensure they ship a reliable product?
  3. Not correct. Objects of different mass fall at the same rate in a vacuum. In air, the one with the lowest air resistance falls faster.
  4. That's exciting news! Please note that I'll be entertaining visitors at my bedside at Kaiser Permanente, San Mateo, California in the August/September timeframe (depending on the date my order gets fulfilled). Donations of titanium for surgical inserts will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Here's how I thought about it. I'm not sure about Goway's attention to details and reliability. While their newest controller board sounds promising, only time will tell. The 300 lux extra headlamp brightness on the 16x is meaningful to me, as is the slightly narrow width. With short legs, I don't want to have too wide a stance. I'll also take the 2lb lighter weight, thank you! Against that, the wait is going to be tough. But I thought it'd be a good exercise in patience for me. Are we there yet?
  6. Sounds like you're in a similar situation as me (wanting an upgrade to my v8 because I'm riding close to its limit much of the.time), but I've opted for the KS-16X.
  7. I'm sorry you've been having problems with your HERO7 Black. Your camera should GPS lock quicker than that, unless you are in some challenging environment. Have you contacted customer support? If you need any assistance, I can make sure your issue is prioritized.
  8. I wouldn't listen to that guy. The mic adapter is available on gopro.com. It is out of stock on some other sites. That can happen from time to time. He might not realize, but this is not a big selling item and there's not a lot of money to be made off of servicing the small percentage of camera buyers who want them. Having excess inventory sitting in the channel is a bad thing for companies. It sometimes takes some iterations to get the balance right.
  9. EUCs need 3D printed, airless tires like this:
  10. American customers would also like to see at least one cup holder.
  11. If you say that to a European, that generally means you were born in Poland. In America it means, "I trace my heritage to...". This is often said by people who can't even point to the country they say they're from on a map.
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