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Best reaction to your EUC

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Went to the local pizza joint last Friday to pick up my order.  The girl at the register started asking about wheel.  I explained it to her, then she calls someone from the kitchen to look, this conti

I popped to the local pharmacy the other day. While waiting, a guy comes in who looked to be around my age (mid-fifties) and he looked curiously at me, but also with a hint of recognition at my wheel.

A few small ones: Trolleying the 18XL past a group of kids, I catch only the last part of the exchange: « I don’t know but it looks cool » Riding on the countryside, guy in a tiny car honkin

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8 minutes ago, LanghamP said:

Somebody made the most evil Halloween setting near me.

Basically a giant hairy werewolf that moved and growled when the kids reached into a booby trapped bucket of "free" candy. I'd regularly hear shrieks every few minutes.

Even I was disconcerted when I got some candy. There were speakers putting out an extremely low rumble that you wouldn't notice at first, and the growl came from a speaker ahead and behind you.

Cool, :thumbup:.   Kids don't scare as easily as they unused to. ( video games? , movies? )  I was concerned that I might scare the younger kids , but was careful when approaching. I was thinking about setting up a little more and giving out hot chocolate and coffee. It is one of the first days of the cold around here. My neighbor sets up a camp fire and chairs. Are halloween costumes still more flammable than gasoline?  

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52 minutes ago, /Dev/Null said:

I have thought of being cl4-trp (From borderlands) for halloween.  I think that would be really cool.  Just need to hide my legs :).

For those of you who don't know the game borderlands....



:thumbup:  I was kinda thinking the same. I remember a Dark wing duck robot that also only had one wheel.  

To keep on subject I will add :

While passing a group of 20 somethings, one guy exclaimed, " I want to be you when I grow up!" 

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How wonderful to imagine such a scene like this. Personally I consider EUC circle is not so big yet, in terms of the situation at my place, less of people ride this stuff even know of it. It would make me happy each time when I could catch someone's eye with my EUC, would be much happier if people come and ask me about it for their curiosity. I'd love to have more new bloods joined this family, making it more lively.

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1 hour ago, Jens Muysoms said:

One time at the hairdresser they were surprised that i brought my robot vacuum cleaner with me, they were even more surprised when they learned I drove there on my 'vacuum cleaner'. I had a nice audience when I left:P.


Last week while leaving the train with my wheel I heard a  comment of a group of men where one was telling the others : 'I thought that was a Roomba !'


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12 hours ago, Jens Muysoms said:

pro tip, have a friend ride a bicycle 20m behind you with a camera. You would not believe how many stares you get, most people wait until you passed them before they lose their minds.

I had a friend without a camera once, who told me exactly that. :D

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I ride thru the "hood" otw home to my downtown apartment and they always yell the funniest things.. some of the greatest hits are:

What upp darth vader!?!?!

"Deww a wheelie brahh!"

"Da fuq is thattt!?!?!"

That sh&t is LIVE !"

I get the  usual head turn, mouth open stares every single time i ride it. People love the thing from lil kids to old folks. Apparently , from what I am told by multiple random people, there is one other dude in my city (Cincinnati)  with one and we both are urban legends it seems lol. 

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