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    EUC tire management

    Do you have a big screen TV in your living room? You can put YouTube wheel changing instructions on your TV, and the big screen helps a lot with the details that you'll need, plus sitting in a couch with a wheel in front of you is comfortable. You'll need two sets of tire irons. Not one. Two. Four levers total. Dump the new tire in the hottest water you can find, for 15 minutes at least, so the small 16 inch tire can flow easily onto the rim. I was very surprised to find how hard it was to lever EUC tires onto their rims, bicycle and motorcycle tires are far easier.
  2. LanghamP

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Are the components of the Nikola better than any previous Gotway? That is, even if the wheel is unimpressive to the riders here, is the Nikola a more reliable and safer wheel? If so, then most riders here would be better off buying the Nikola over previous generation wheels, simply because a new more reliable wheel invalidates previous generation wheels, if it doesn't blow up and has more reliable power.
  3. LanghamP

    Uniscoot - have you heard about it?

    YouTube's most annoying reviewer recommended it. He called the range "legit". Presumably, legit is short for legitimate for the cool suburban class.
  4. The Ninebots don't have trolleys whereas the V10 has a trolley. You can carry the IPS i5 wheel (rolley-less) and I shall trolley the very heavy V10, and we can then have a 5k footrace. Would you like to bet on yourself for money on this race?
  5. The smaller brother of the E is the S1/S2, which I think it one of the most beautiful feels due to its sleekness. Everything on the S1 has been removed, including padding, and so it's not a very practical wheel. If you're a small girl then I do not think any of the Ninebots work for you except perhaps the highly unreliable Z10, because even the small S1 is quite heavy; you need a trolley. I'd suggest just the V10, failing that the V8 OR the V5.
  6. LanghamP

    Falling on Z10

    If you take the depth of a pneumatic tire (wheel rim to tire crown), and halve it, that's approximately the biggest bump you can take without doing anything special. You can straight-leg bumps that size all day long, although you might have speed wobbles if you hit the bump off kilter. Bigger bumps than that require suspension, which might just be your knees allowing the wheel to move upward. You may simply choose to straight leg everything while avoiding all bumps (which is how I usually ride).
  7. I think having flat-bottomed rubber sneakers with ankle coverage is the most important factor. Something like the Converse All Stars. If you can get the most agility possible during a crash, then that buys you time, and time buys you options. With time you can choose to slide, or roll, or even try to hop enough times to not even fall. Perversely, protective equipment makes it more likely you'll hit the ground, through less agility and through risk compensation (you use the extra safety margin to go faster). However, if you're treating your 18 incher as a 26 mph scooter, then you have no choice; full-face helmet, gloves, and all that jazz.
  8. While it might have been a pothole, it might also have been a small twig or stick. The KS14S has fender coverage that, in my opinion, is far too low and is prone to being fouled (a great argument for tires with minimal tread). It doesn't take much to completely jam the wheel, but the very act of crashing unjams the wheel.
  9. LanghamP

    The perfect EUC?

    I have just two suggestions, one is realistic while the other might not be. --Make the wheel extremely reliable, as not with redundancy but simply with the most reliable components. --Three layers of security. 1. Hardware lock the wheel with a chain, 2. software lock the wheel with a loud alarm if moved, 3. GPS track the wheel.
  10. LanghamP

    Collision with a cyclist

    There's a concept called "the three rules of stupid." --Stupid people. --Stupid places. --Stupid times. You can usually get away with 1 of 3, probably 2 of 3, but often not 3 of 3. For example, if you're at a gas station (stupid place) at 2 am (stupid time) with anyone at all (stupid people), then something is going to go down. If you're on the Metro (public transportation) during work hours, then we're looking at 1 or 2 rules of stupid...a big reason Uber and Lyft are popular is that public transportation devolves into moving homeless human garbage (bums) from condemned areas to downtown. A safer area is where getting away with 3 of 3 is no different than 0, 1, or 2 of 3. And there's lots of areas like that...college campuses and gated suburbs in expensive zip codes.
  11. LanghamP

    Collision with a cyclist

    Ascertaining safety in an area should be very straightforward because we can observe it. Simply tally up the number of people in a zip code with number of people in a zip code that end up in the hospital and/or morgue. Then, remove age-related injuries. Now, since most injuries and deaths are caused by automobiles, you may choose to keep or eliminate those, because getting killed by driver or knife or gun is just as dead, but the intent might differ.
  12. LanghamP

    Collision with a cyclist

    I looked up Crime in NZ just doesn't seem very high at all, is declining, and is heavily concentrated among the Maori population. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_New_Zealand However, NZ ranked 2nd on school bullying, and that is worrisome because it's a "pass it forward" trait. I actually wonder if the Temperance Movement was absolutely correct, because alcohol is so intricately linked to bad behavior, both here and NZ. I actually would very much support banning alcohol everywhere, drive it underground so people don't get blasted drunk but instead sneak some on the down low. But he'll, we cannot even make powerful opiate derivatives illegal... Anyway, the safest way to visit NZ is don't rent a car if you're from a right-hand drive country, since the death rate from automobile crashes is greater than the murder rate.
  13. LanghamP

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    I licensed this movie (Amazon says I bought it but Amazon's own EUA says I licensed it). The movie won an Academy or two. There's something unholy when someone says, "thumb press, switch thumbs, Kung Fu kick 2000 feet above the ground".
  14. The Inmotion V10, due entirely to its high pedal height?
  15. LanghamP

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    A lot of riders with symmetrical stances have a distinctive weave as they go down a street, because the camber of the road makes the wheel try to run downhill. They'll run down the road, gradually turning right (on a right drive country), then make a quick left turn to point the wheel back towards the center of the road, and so on. That's why you also see a lot of riders slightly bend their left knee a bit more than their right knee. Eventually everyone figures out that having a perfectly symmetrical stances doesn't always mean you're riding a dead-straight line due to road camber.
  16. LanghamP

    Teaching EUC, how to ?

    Everyone who rides a bicycle already knows how to ride an EUC, they just don't realize it yet. Get another EUC or bicycle, stand them up on the EUC, and you and them wobble along until they get it, which takes maybe two minutes if they're being slow. Now if you said mounting the EUC, that's entirely a new skill most people take a long time to learn.
  17. LanghamP

    Pitbull killed my neighbors dog.

    @Lutalo Translation: yes, pitbulls are dangerous. Here's one that broke my arm that I had to kill. It's almost always pitbulls that are aggressive to me in the park or on the street. It's always the THOT that's being dragged by three pitbulls who you gotta avoid. It's always the pitbull that you hear about a mauling. Pitbulls are the SUVs of the dog world. You buy one because they are aggressive guard dogs and wanna give aggressive people around you pause before they mess with you. I got a pitbull, I want people to piss their pants when they be around me.
  18. Study. Now this data is interesting because it is gathered by the cell phone instead of by a driver survey. Just looking through the study, it's more and less dangerous at the same time. Most people don't actually use cellphones while driving most of the time, as more time is spent at red lights versus being on the cell phone. I use mine to call Mom, GPS, and music. However, 28% of drivers use their cellphone continuously regardless if they are moving, and have about a double chance of hitting something. I think your typical case is just someone who rests their cellphone on the top of their steering wheel. Because it's such a high %, I think that laws forbidding cellphone usage will increase crashes because now the driver will hide the phone on their lap, thereby completely removing their eyes from the road. In my opinion, cell phone usage is so widespread that, realistically, one should simply accept it and change the technology of driving to encompass it. Change the speed of cars so that they automatically go 20 mph or less in the city, so even if you hit someone the damage isn't bad. Make cars a bit smarter so when they detect cell phone usage make the car go even slower. Make cars automatically brake when their radar detects something in front of them. Otherwise, it's ludicrous we think we can police cellphone behavior by punishing people with fines. It doesn't work; it just makes cities richer via tickets but makes everyone else poorer while simply increasing the danger of crashing. It's ironic that cellphone laws make the roads more dangerous.
  19. LanghamP

    Collision with a cyclist

    To be fair young men everywhere are bad news, which is why the Ancients invented marriage for them as a way of turning them into good news. However, culling them has been and always will be the most used way of lowering their numbers. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_School_for_Boys https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-47912145 To be fair, that's just one school that had a mere 100-300 killed kids over its 100 year period; the US policy of eugenics had thousands of orphan boys killed each year. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics_in_the_United_States The most commonly suggested method of euthanasia was to set up local gas chambers.[7] However, many in the eugenics movement did not believe that Americans were ready to implement a large-scale euthanasia program, so many doctors had to find clever ways of subtly implementing eugenic euthanasia in various medical institutions.[7] For example, a mental institution in Lincoln, Illinois fed its incoming patients milk infected with tuberculosis (reasoning that genetically fit individuals would be resistant), resulting in 30–40% annual death rates.[7] Other doctors practiced euthanasia through various forms of lethal neglect.[7] Of course, today we have the altogether more civilized way of euthanasia by abortion, which Freakonomics theorized was majority responsible for the drop in crime among black urban young men, with jail time initially reducing crime but then increasing it as released felons can't find work. If you're a country with these kinds of problems, like say Cuba in the 1970's, then the best action is to simply send your aggressive young men overseas, such as the Sea People and, perhaps in modern times, to Germany and other Sanctuary Entities that welcome such men for their cultural and economic enrichment.
  20. LanghamP


    I think it's very easy to become insolvent from a minor decision to stock a wheel that you made a promise (the warranty) to fix. If the manufacturer has questionable quality control, and won't even turn on the wheel and ride it ten feet to see if it works, then it's easy to see the seller going deep into the red (debt) supporting the wheel. The manufacturer has essentially shuffled the risk onto the seller, especially if it's the seller that had to put up the money up front.
  21. LanghamP

    Just How Mental Is This?

    I almost always ride my bigger wheels quite strongly clamped between my legs. At the higher speeds the bigger wheels are capable of, the rider should try to stay on the wheel because no safe step-off is possible. Bail from a wheel at 26 mph and you will get hurt, but try to ride the bucking bronco out and you might not even crash. It's my opinion that rider induced oscillations occur whether you strongly clamped the wheel or not, but the best option is to strongly clamped the wheel while completely relaxing your hips, that is, while your legs strongly clamp the wheel your relaxed hips allow the wheel to get rid of wobbles when they occur. Or just strap a heavy object, like a large Bluetooth speaker, to the front or back tip of your wheel, and be done with it. The heavy weight creates inertia that dramatically reduces speed wobbles.
  22. LanghamP

    Collision with a cyclist

    Do these people have characteristics that allow you to identify them as possibly dangerous?
  23. I wrote correlated. You read it as causation. You should properly read it as correlated unless you trust your lying eyes.
  24. Interestingly, getting off the EUC and walking it (legally) might be more dangerous than simply floating on it through traffic, as I've been hit about half a dozen times from either a right on red driver or a left turning driver on red. Being a pedestrian is surely the worst situation; no live from cars, bikes, nor EUCs. I think an 18 incher is very comparable to a fast bicycle, and the apparent crash rate of 18 inchers seems the lowest of all EUCs. I've only dropped my 18 incher once, at a zero speed knock-over, and how often do you hear of an 18 inch rider crashing especially compared to the 16 inchers? That's why I recommend new riders should just always get an 18 incher, because it handles and is about as safe as a bicycle. 14 and 16 inchers are quite a bit slower than a bicycle, and pushing them to be as fast is looking for a crash.
  25. Helmet usage is positively correlated with fatalities, that is, countries with higher helmet usage have higher fatality rates. https://usa.streetsblog.org/2016/06/02/why-helmets-arent-the-answer-to-bike-safety-in-one-chart/ Of these countries, the U.S. has the highest rate of helmet usage among cyclists — around 55 percent — but also the highest cyclist fatality rate per distance traveled. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, where helmet use is practically nil, cycling is much, much safer. US statistics show about 9 of 10 bicycle fatalities are caused by being hit by a driver, that is, the driver hit the bicyclist and the bicyclist died. Since EUCs behave quite close to bicycles, we can surmise your biggest danger is from being hit by a driver. Even from the small sample of people I personally know, being hit by a driver is the majority of injuries and a few fatalities. There's no possibility of building a helmet that protects you from a car to rider collision.