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  1. Let's balance a long heavy stick on the tip of your finger. It's easy to do, so long as you react quickly to keep the stick as upright as possible. Now let the stick get pretty far off vertical before rebalancing it. You have to move your arm a lot farther,more abruptly, and with greater energy. Does this correspond to the hard vs medium settings of our wheels? I'm not sure they do. They might, but perhaps soft settings encourage slow and easy riding compared to hard riding.
  2. There's one more mode that hasn't been implemented by the manufacturers. That mode is, "carpenter ball is always level regardless of braking and acceleration." That means if you're touching the entire wheel against your legs, and you brake or accelerate, the wheel doesn't move from against your legs. It tilts so its pedals stay perfectly level in respect to apparent down and not true down. I imagine such a wheel initially feel soft until it caught up with you being off balance, and then the pedals would tilt a lot before gradually leveling themselves. Because the wheel moves with your legs, I imagine it would feel much more of an extension of your lower body than present wheels.
  3. I'm not putting a qualifier in anywhere. I'm stating electric scooters have higher crash rates and more severe injuries than bicycles do. You can make that true statement a false statement. --by comparing experienced scooter riders with inexperienced bicycle riders.
  4. The first rule of faceplant club is you do not talk about cutouts. The second rule of faceplant club is you do not talk about cutouts.
  5. eScooters are more dangerous than bicycles, because more people crash them per trip. That was easy.
  6. Again, you're quoting me out of context, because I express skepticism about this study due to the reasons you gave. I need to use super simple sentences, no paragraphs, numbered points, and so on.
  7. Terribly underpowered, and most difficult to mount and control due to no sidepads. Easiest of all wheels to catch a pedal due to low height, and despite its low power has a brutal tiltback. In other words, the perfect learner wheel! Ride this, you can ride anything.
  8. I'm unsure as what to do about this, as it seems to be nearly 100% of young walkers. You ring and ring, then when they finally notice you they jump randomly. To be fair, cell phone zombies don't hurt anyone. I do admit to occasionally shouting as loud as I can, when both my bell and my music speakers do not work, not in an angry way at all but in a purely malicious way that enjoys the suffering of others.
  9. I already mentioned this. Please read my text instead of skimming, then quoting me entirely out of context the opposite of what I was saying. That's what we call academic dishonesty. And here's one study looking at severity of injuries, which seems far worse than bicyclists (but perhaps due to not wearing a helmet suggest the study). I think the study is wrong, because while a bicyclist usually crashes sideways a scooter rider much more often does a front flip. As for how often eScooters crash compared to bicyclists, well, this study has a bunch of contradictions so far, which is just a factor of how granular you want to look at the data (the contradictions resolve when looking very closely at the data). Get a $5,000 e mountain bike, then see how well your POS eScooter does with those tiny wheels...
  10. Or the scooters right themselves and drive to the nearest charger... https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/16/segway-ninebot-e-scooter-drive-itself-to-chargers/ I find it interesting that the purpose of machines is to replace workers so we don't have to pay them. I find myself somewhat sympathetic to Luddites that smash textile machines and such, because if owners and inventors do everything they can to displace workers, then workers doing everything they can to displace owners seems fair. "Learn to code." Hehe...
  11. I didn't know they were front wheel drive, but that would explain lot of the minor crashes I've seen whereby the rider seems to instantly tip over going up the bumpy handicapped ramps at every street corner. I think the rental scooter design is a terrible design, and that it takes great skill to ride them. Back to the subject; I admit I have a hoverboard that I never use. What can I use it for? It's impossible to ride it on anything but a smooth dance floor.
  12. For the short to medium range trips, EUCs work very well, and they have much bigger batteries and power than anything comparability priced. However, eBikes are the king of medium/long range trips, both in speed and safety, but they cost a lot more, and their motors are at least two generations behind (48 volts with ~500 wh, suuuure...). At least you can lock them up instead of trolling them around. I've been riding the Bird scooters a lot lately, and I believe their tiny solid front tires makes them dangerous. Not to an EUC rider, of course, who will have his EUC skills translate well over to eScooters. I've seen a number of minor and more major crashes, and local hospitals report many crashes (but no fatalities). https://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/st-louis-emergency-room-doctors-raise-concerns-over-rising-rate-scooter-injuries recorded an average of six or seven scooter-related injuries a week starting in August, up from just one or two per week in previous months. During a 10-week period between August and October, at least 67 patients came to the emergency department after electric-scooter crashes. Only one was wearing a helmet. Three people had brain hemorrhages, and 17 broke bones in their arms or legs. However, that's just the rental scooters as I've also ridden the consumer scooters that were much safer. I feel the OW is an example of advertising trumping form and functionality.
  13. My observation is that it's almost always the case. Rather than blow the horn, slightly touching the brakes so the person in front of you can merge seems more prudent. I can see a horn being useful in this intersection.
  14. Are horns effective in preventing crashes? I'd guess most people use a horn, and don't brake or swerve, thereby enabling the crash. Lots of people use a horn as a form of rage against someone else trying to merge into their lane. Basically, a horn says, "if you try to get in front of me, there's the strong possibility I will hit you just to teach you a lesson." Screw that crap; I drive slower than the speed limit, never use my horn, anyone want to hop in front of me be my guest, since we all end of at the same damned red light! I wish we'd treat pedestrians with care, because pedestrians who collide with others don't kill or injure others. It's like shooting someone then blaming them for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sure, pedestrians often act like zombies. So what? They aren't hurting or killing anyone most of the time, at least not by accident because they need to go somewhere quicker.
  15. My apologies, I should have used to word "irritated". I use the word hate too much, because I'm using it as the antonym of like, when disklike or irritation is warranted. Although I do feel that the word hate is occasionally warranted, as, the woman last month in her Mercedes who honked at me several times then hit me with her mirror despite being on a empty road with four lanes. She hates bicyclists (wearing a US flag).
  16. I just use an old bicycle bell. It's very friendly, unfortunately still occasionally makes pedestrians jump which isn't my intent. I don't hate pedestrians like the way @Flyboy10and @Rehab1 hate them. Using the Klaxon of Shame when you've already seen a person in order to avoid them is pointless, and teaching them a lesson by screaming and screeching at them (which is essentially what a horn does) while not actually stopping and politely explaining to them the difficulty of avoiding them seems like a womanly thing to do. Now EUC and bicyclists seem prone to be stepped in front of by pedestrians, because they are quiet, narrow, and move differently from cars. People stepping in front of you is an honest mistake, and even if it's just from clumsiness or indifference that still doesn't justify a response all out of proportion to the crime. Try this: take your noise blaster to the grocery store, and use it there whenever people piss you off. If it seems to work fine there, by all means use it on the streets.
  17. I'm apathetic about using my helmet can and my dashcam, not sure why, but when I was reviewing footage from both I would always see a lot of drivers running red lights, drivers I didn't notice doing so while filming. I'd estimate about half of drivers run red lights, you do not think it's even close to that high but the camera doesn't lie. Because of that, I think red light cameras might actually be a very good idea, but the punishment shouldn't at all be financial but simply lock you out of your car for say a day or week.
  18. This is very close to the crash that hit my car, while destroying utterly three other cars and sending 7 to the hospital. Also on a stroad. I feel fear whenever I'm on these roads, regardless of my vehicle. And rightly so! You should all be scares, because these stroads are what's most likely to kill or injure you until you start dropping dead of heart disease in your fifties and beyond.
  19. There's evidently a call to boycott Equinox due to its owners contributing money to Trump. Here's one argument to boycott, and another against. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/08/soulcycle-equinox-trump/595897/ https://bigthink.com/politics-current-affairs/equinox-stephen-ross?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1 Interestingly, Equinox has contributed money to cancer research, and LBG, and so on. Does anyone actually cancel their membership without announcing it to the world? Virtue signaling at its finest.
  20. This deadly crash occured recently (the dead bicyclist is on the right side of the screen), and it shows a few important things we need to be aware of. First, it occurs on a stroad, on multiple highway wide lanes. Drivers go fast on the highway, between 55-80 mph. The drivers above were probably doing 40-50 mph, but only because there's a speed limit. Note that the street poles have yellow break away bases. That means DOT has ascertained the chance of collision is high enough and strong enough that breakaway poles are mandated in order to lesson driver deaths. This is a typical full body crush when a car versus bicycle collision occurs; a helmet doesn't help a lot. The takeaway is that stroad are extremely dangerous to everyone, don't save a lot of time due to red lights, and the red lights (intersections) means collisions are really bad.
  21. Is this not the best post ever to tell us men to man up? Why, I even feel a sense of shame in trundling around at 15 mph. My ears would burn with shame being passed by a 70 year old. There's something wonderful about an old man hell-bent on collecting both his Social Security checks AND broken bones. Have you gotten a Monster yet? Those can go really fast.
  22. This is a pretty good explanation as to why healthcare is so expensive. Note public spending, what everyone pays via taxes, is about as high as other countries, so all of us pay for healthcare same as socialized medicine, but we just don't get the benefits of socialized medicine. There is nothing wrong with the US medicine; it is working exactly as designed/lobbied.
  23. Should good governance be fiscally or morally responsible? A fiscally responsible path would be to encourage every citizen to smoke, because lung cancer is entirely palliative, and with the median age being around 55 or so, such smokers die before getting a social security payout. I think China, with its government owned tobacco brands, has taken this viewpoint. A moral path would be, of course, to try to save as many lives as possible, for as many years as possible, taking into balance the quality of life, and this is what Western Europe has taken with its socialized medication.
  24. Suppose you really wanted to hear your music over wind noise and traffic. Just how loud would your speaker have to be? Assuming you wore no helmet. My guess is only one of those really big Bluetooth speakers would work.
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