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  1. Sure. Gotway pin 1 + Pin 2 - Lenovo Outside + inside - There is a pin in the center, it is not used on the Kingsong. So pin one on the Gotway goes to the outside of the Lenovo. Pin two on the Gotway goes to the inside on the Lenovo. The center pin in the Lenovo is not used.
  2. I have 5 woman in the room ranging from 22 years old to 49 years old. They all say that this man looks sexy on his wheel. ........ The rest of you................
  3. My daughter is a big Doctor Who fan. I like the show. I just can’t stop thinking that you could defeat the Dalek with steps and two foot wide door openings.
  4. I like it!! And it looks great. Am I the only one that is not in favor of the 21700 batteries? It seems that the 21700 batteries have not been a good thing. Am I wrong? Are they going to use used Tesla batteries? I hope not!
  5. Day one? Looks good to me. I promise you can learn. I saw several good starts. You are doing better than two people that I taught. Your eyes are forward-good. Foot position? Not sure, The front of your shins should be in the center of the pedal front to back. The question is how bad do you want it because I am sure you can do it. I always say it takes 15 minutes almost every day. 15 minutes several times a day if you have at least two hours in between training periods. It seems that many people actually process what they learned while they sleep. This is why just 15 minutes every day works
  6. My wife has always said that everyone should have to work in retail for a few years. It will change your perspective for sure. It might even be a good punishment for some people.
  7. Yep! You have to wait for the beep before you pick up any Kingsong wheel. Next lesson for any wheel. You have to turn the wheel off before lifting and placing it on a stand. Otherwise once the wheel is on the stand and the handle goes back down the wheel spins up again. Once the wheel is spinning it won’t stop until it is perfectly balanced ( not going to happen) or it over speeds.
  8. Dumpster Diving : When I was 12 years old living in Florida I saw two men acting suspicious behind the Promenade Mall. ( now a clinic) I watch them from a corner. They tossed several lawn mowers in the dumpster. ( illegal dumping) After they left I got them out. I have always been large so manhandling them home on my bicycle handle bars, one at a time was not too much of a challenge. They were the much sought after self propelled professional snapper mowers. With a little help from Mr. Moot down the street we were able to get two of them running. I sold the second mower to pay for t
  9. @OldFartRides I had never zoomed in on the picture. Nice beard! I know a few legions with that beard style.
  10. 1) Sherman for cruising. ( It just goes) 2) 100volt MSX or equivalent for mountain bike trials ( 1600- 1800 wh batteries- no bigger) powerful, predictable. No freaky pedals movements -( Note to KS: just keep the pedals level!! , Let me do the driving!!!) 3) S18 for night rides. - what bump, dip, curb? I didn’t see or feel it. P.S. if I could have a fourth. 4) would be a KS16s- small, compact, powerful for the size. Toss it anywhere and not worry about it.
  11. My biker friends invited me to ride with them across the US from coast to coast. I bought a Honda CR250 dirt bike for the task. I give it one star. The bike was very twitchy. It would overheat quickly and would only go an hour before having to stop for gas. What a hassle. I had to mix the fuel and oil while my friends just dumped gas into their Harley’s and Valkyries. The Honda CR 250 is junk! Don’t buy it.
  12. I read the entire review twice. All I heard was, I don’t like beeps, I like bigger wheels Better, the headlight sucks and the speaker are not loud. I can tell you for sure that rudeness is different in different areas of the world. The NYC people will tell you to your face what they don’t like and then leave positive feedback. Other parts of the word will tell you how great something is and leave negative or neutral feedback because they can picture something slightly better. I don’t think that negative reviews should be removed. I believe that the people reading the reviews shou
  13. RockyTop

    Tire rubbing

    My Sherman did not rub until I updated with the wider rim. It has never been crashed.
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