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  1. RockyTop

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    DarknessBot already has warning beeps that sound on your phone. Some people want custom beeps witch is a whole new can of worms.
  2. RockyTop

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    @Marty Backe who is the InMotion rep? I have not been around long enough to know much about the history but I believe they got bought out. It is common that a company provides a quality product and then does not keep up with the times. Other brands improve while the once superior brand makes no improvements and regresses in quality of parts and build, sells out and lets another company ride the once good name into the ground. I believe it is time for the e-markets to list InMotion as a subpar product instead of a superior quality product. And worn people that they are not recommended for people over 120 pounds.
  3. RockyTop

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    Well?...... You could get one of those parachutes that you pull behind a boat. Have her pull you through the air. Those things are fun! You would still have to work on the right left thing.
  4. RockyTop

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    So the dog is usually in front of you? And you use commands to direct her? Sounds cool! I am sure that a border collie can do it. I am just afraid I would screw it up and run my dog over. In my training my dogs stay beside me. I agree with the positive reinforcements. It works well with Doc, my older dog. Ingo, my younger dog is more challenging. He plays much harder and takes discipline well. He is much stronger spirited than Doc ever was.
  5. RockyTop

    Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC

    Generation X was last generation to willfully go outside and explore the world on wheeled automatic self torture devices. (The good old days, before helicopter parents in chauffeur soccer mom SUVs) The new generations have been lured into the electric scooter world without the past experience of bicycles and skateboards. An unforgiving learning curve is to be expected. As a whole I still think it is a better fate than wasting away in the glow of their mobile devices.
  6. RockyTop

    Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC

    Good point. My take is that we tend to blame the scooter and not the car or city planning. It is true that these electric devices have only been around for a while but bicycles have been facing the same problem sence the invention of the car.
  7. I just wrote the most magnificent post I have ever achieved. Such a post could never be duplicated. .............it was lost to the connectivity error.
  8. RockyTop

    In the news...

    Other news.Man killed in Washington DC on rented electric scooter. Link to forum post. Or just click on Marty’s link below.
  9. RockyTop

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    Right and left could be possible. I have seen hunting dogs directed into a field that way and It works for herding dogs too ( sounds for right, left, stop, go and down) I just think the communication would be too slow for riding. I started by training them to heel when walking with them. Use a short leash and make them stay beside you while you walk. Punish them for smelling things or letting the leash get tight. The dog must stay beside you at all times. I give a strong verbal warming and a quick tug for getting ahead of me. You must have his full attention. It is also important to let the dog know when the task has started and when you are done. Use short time intervals at first and give them play breaks in between. I use a low gentle “gooood boy” when he is doing things right. You can see the joy in his step when they get the message that they are doing it right. As time progresses the leash gets longer but he is expected to stay in the same spot beside you. When we transferred to the EUC it was noticeable that we were a little uncomfortable with the distance between us and adjusted a little for extra room. Also we taught each other that slowing down gradually is ok and means they want to rest or take a break or even “I am really interested in something can we please stop and smell things here?” We stop and I release the heel command with an “ OK” PS when running a dog I think it is important to let them explore at some point in the trip. It must be frustrating to go out for a run and not be able to explore at any point.
  10. RockyTop

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    Mostly quick natural to me verbal camands and quick tugs on the lease. You don’t need to use actual words. The dog does not know the difference. You just need to be consistent. I also used a shock collar as a way of definitely saying “ do not get in front of me” The dogs were already trained to ‘heel’ (shock collars should only be used on dogs that understand who is shocking them and why. Also some dogs can not handle a shock collar emotionally. Using a shock collar on a dog that does not understand or can’t think straight in fear of being shocked or on any dog as a first response is cruel ) The dog needs to understand that right now is work time. We can play and do other things later. The dog makes the biggest difference. Dogs like the Boarder Collie, Australian shepherded and Brittany are not only smart but want to please their trainer. Labs and some other dogs can be smarter but do not have a strong urge to please. Not all dogs are equal and breads may very. I like a good old exceptional mutt but they are hard to find. My dogs can also open and close house doors on command and fetch or locate known items and people or each other. We have a few dog trainers in the family. One was a world class hunting dog trainer from Germany. The others are mostly agility trainers. I am just an idiot that learned a few things from them. ‘ Doc’ Dr. Emmett Brown and ‘ Ingo’ NoBee
  11. RockyTop

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday October 28th!

    Are you saying the sound problems were real?! I thought it was part of a comedy skit! It reminded me of the old Laurel and Hardy routines but with a more modern take. I loved it! Well ?! At least we know that you are not paid advertisers.
  12. RockyTop

    First electric unicycle

    I know money is tight but I have never heard anyone say “I should have got the cheaper one!” It is always “ I should have got the better one!” On side note. I have been waiting for everyone to sell their old wheels before winter but y’all seem to be holding on to them! Y’all are a bunch of greedy wheel hoarders!! I only have 3
  13. I would get something with a quick release. (Old bicycle pump style) The screw on type let too much air out when removing. I Was losing 10 psi in the time it takes to remove the screw on type.
  14. RockyTop

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    I trained my dogs to ride beside me and they do well. I always hold the leash in a way that I can drop it. A shock collar made the training quick. I trained them to never smell the ground or pass in front of me while riding. Now they (one at a time) really enjoy their runs. Remember an EUC has more psi to the ground than a car and dogs have small bones. I had to jump off my wheel one time when my younger dog ran in front of the wheel. Training can be dangerous. Training is easier with working dogs. Training some dogs for this task might just be cruel or dangerous for the dogs.
  15. RockyTop

    Gotway MSuper X - winter tire

    Good luck. I could not find any other options. You could put metal ice studs in a second tire. They make the studs for bicycle tires.