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  1. Done! Adapter to convert a V10 or V11 Charger into a charger that can charge either the V10 or V11 Click Here eBay
  2. What!?? I thought you created that cool looking suspension wheel with spare parts from your work shop. YOU da MAN !!
  3. That has always bothered me with KS. I like a separate lifting / trolley handle . Lift too fast without making sure that both sides are engaged and things break.
  4. I don't think anyone has said it, and I can't confirm it, but I think that the V11 does better at small bumps and rough surfaces while the S18 makes speed bumps disappear. Everyone says that the V11 is smoother and I can see how it could be after riding the S18. I suspect that it would not be smoother hitting a speed bump at 20 mph. I have done that on the S18 and it feels like i hit a sidewalk crack, The speed bumps were only about 4 inches tall but they just disappeared riding the S18. At that speed with the unsprung weight the V11 should have a bit of trouble doing the same.
  5. I think that is actually an improvement! I think the old 31mph was closer to 26 mph.
  6. Don’t forget to pump your suspension up before riding the wheel. I am not naming names but people are forgetting. I have caught three red handed and a fourth is highly suspicious. Official S18 Suspension Police officer RockyTop The tail light on the S18 is not visible in full daylight. I followed my wife for a few miles. I could only see the light when it was in the shade.
  7. What charger did the eWheels V11 come with? 1.5 amp, 2.5 amp, two 2.5 amp? I am getting mixed messages. Thanks
  8. Against code, Electritions sometimes run aluminum wire to large 40 hp motors. When the motor starts up you can hear the wire thrash / jump against the Insides of the conduit. “ Chink’” . After 10 - 30 years the shielding wears off the wire and shorts to the conduit: I have seen this happen many times.
  9. We are going to need a complete redo on the motor windings or increase the voltage to 100+ volts if you want 35 mph on the S18. The V11 either has less resistance in the motor ( heavier or shorter wires) or They are back to calculating for a < 120 pound rider and people are going to get hurt. Given the new motor style I am going with the heavier wires in the motor. Side note: the sales numbers look right to me. If anything the GW numbers look high. Last year the 16X, V10 and XL sold BIG!! The S18 and V11 will likely sell big this year if people could just get their hands on them.
  10. The first two weeks were normal delay for a first addition wheel. I think early spring translates to end of summer in Chinese.
  11. After Christmas was delayed a week. Just remember that getting the suspension dialed in is a process. The wheel has many adjustments that take time to adjust ( suspension and pedal hight) along with the regular things like tire pressure and foot position. It took me several days to get mine the way I like it. Also it does better with the big bumps than the smaller ones.
  12. I was playing with speed bumps yesterday. The road that I was on had about twenty speed bump one every 100 yards. I started out slow and because the wheel did so well I increased my speed every speed bump. I stopped at 20 mph, not because the wheel was having problems, not because it was difficult. I just did not want to push my luck. I would have never believed that such was possible. If the V11 can do the same with the unsprung weight ...... I just would not think that is could. The more I ride the S18, the more I am impressed.
  13. Quick trolley handle Summery: First software. - when handle is lifted to first position The wheel falls on its face before you are ready to lift or as you are transitioning to full trolley Second software. - when lifting the wheel spins just a bit too much and you can ride in this mode but it slowly tilts forward as you accelerate. ( no big deal.Just stop and put handle down) Third software. - works great ...... unless you forget and try to ride it. It drops you on your face. **** I like two best****
  14. I just came back from my second 20 mile ride on the S18 today and I have my first complaint. I really enjoyed jumping speed bumps on my MSX. The suspension on the S18 just soaks them up.
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