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  1. I did not know that a 777wh KS16X existed. If the wheel was made to be sold that way by Kingsong the throttling will occur at a higher battery level percentage than the regular model. When you add batteries latter the wheel will still throttle at the higher battery percentage . This will cause the wheel to throttle for a very long percentage of the battery cycle. Say the original 16x throttles at 25%. This newer model probably throttles at 50%. When you add batteries it will still throttle at 50% unless the software is changed.
  2. You would think that something as simple as an EUC seems to be, it would be easy to pick one out. Sorry not the case. The V10 is awesome in its own ways. It has high pedals, it is lite and affordable. If you are smaller or less aggressive than the wheel is a good option. The manufacturer of the V10 put the money in the parts that you see. The heart of the wheel is not as robust as the Gotway and Kingsong wheels. Kingsong is usually the best all around wheel. Gotway pushes the limits on speed and power and tends to skip some of the more refined areas. The Inmotion is less expensive for a reason. I would put the KS16X in the Gotway territory. The KS 16x is a nice wheel but I am not sure that the less aggressive riders use its potential. A less aggressive rider might be set back by the ride characteristics. Skill level makes a difference. Notes: 1) As said this is the place people come to complain and a more common wheel will get more complaints. 2) I don’t think many of us realize how aggressive or laid back others are. Some people are getting paced by Jazzy chairs while others are trying to keep up with dirt bikes on the trails.
  3. I don’t believe anything was ever really done about the problem other than except the limitations.They overheat with larger or more aggressive riders. If you are a smaller rider they seem to be awesome. Well? Other than the waterproofing ..... and the cheep batteries. You can seal them up but the poor design only delays the water from getting in. The ergonomics and ride are actually quite awesome.
  4. In your case I would suggest the KS18XL. It is the best quality wheel mentioned. Now if you just wanted the best all around dependable wheel? ........I would still suggest the KS18XL. Until you start frothing at the mouth about speed, or say you want to learn to dance while riding a wheel, I suggest the KS18XL. Me- MSX
  5. @LanghamP May you live in your own ideology. - a severe curse to just about anyone.
  6. As I said it gets more complicated than that and all bets are off depending on the changes made by winding the motor differently but Yes, in this case the EMF is going to be balanced at a lower lower RPM with the larger watt motor. The KS 2200 watt motor needs more resistance or a higher voltage to be as safe as the 2000 watt motor.
  7. Yes, they have the same top speed. The 2000 watt has plenty of power at top speed. The battery power is limited because it is a battery. The power board controls the balance sending power to the motor. The 2200 watt motor can demand more of the limited battery. This is why the smaller motor might just be safer at high speeds. The lower watt motor should spin faster with the same amount of power given to the motor. It is more complicated than that but in this case the numbers favor the smaller motor at high speed and the bigger motor at low speeds. If the higher watt motor had a higher voltage battery with the same amperage it would blow the 2000 watt system away. But it doesn’t
  8. The 2000 watt XL might just be the better wheel. I know that it sounds backwards but the smaller demand motor should be safer at higher speeds, at least on paper. The 2200 watt might be better at low speeds. Great cruiser and with the right rider just as good as the MSX in the competitions. If you are an aggressive rider the MSX is the way to go especially if you are a reactivate rider. ( blast threw and recover)
  9. The farmers in our area strongly hope people start their own gardens. 98% will fail miserably and realize that Bloomberg was wrong about farming. The other 2% will learn something useful.
  10. Me too, So many factors are involved. So many misconceptions presented in so many ways. While many stereotypes types do exist, you find that the people behind them are more like yourself than you thought. We just want what is good for our friends families. Respect
  11. Many bicycle tire flats are caused by the metal fiber threads from steel belted car tires. Car flats are usually in the rear. The front tire lifts and sets objects to be caught by the rear tire. ( unicycles rule) You might also want to check under your tires before leaving your house. People have been known to set nails under tires for your enjoyment.
  12. Agreed. I have been saying that from the beginning. I am not afraid of the virus. I do not however want to pass it on to the weak or elderly. Hospitals depend on me to function so I will work until I have a temp and then stay home. It helps that I am mostly isolated from the public. The elders from my family are out on the farm. They usually visit town every two weeks. They have what they need for several months so they are going to stay home on the farm until this is over.
  13. Tennessee, USA is almost normal. We are told to stay home If we can. Schools are closed. Most people are still going to work. People are asked if they have a temperature before entering a building. They are sent away if they do. Only one confirmed case in the area so far.
  14. Calling everything racist makes people ignore you and destroys the meanings of word. You do know that not all people living in Wuhan are of Asian descent. ( Gosh, this guy is racist for assuming as much ) I am truly offended by your assumption that everyone is racist.
  15. US- We were told by the government that employees will get paid. The business should pay employees and get a tax credit. If the business can’t afford to front the money the government would write an emergency check to the business. I have not seen it happen yet.
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