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  1. Just my thoughts..... I also weigh 220. Unless you plan on switching to an off road tire and riding double black diamond mountain bike trails you don't really need the 2500w. however if you do want to dedicate the wheel to off road, go for it!
  2. I suggest the high speed MSX. It seems to be the best all around. The monster is expensive and requires extra maintenance. The Nikola is OK and favored by some. The Nikola would be my second choice. Some find it awkward. Keep in mind that any wheel is going to feel awkward at first.
  3. Wild guess here. Is the Bluetooth keeping it active? I thought that they do that when you are using the Bluetooth speakers.
  4. Look up V10 wheel calibration. Follow directions.
  5. Funny how perspectives change. My 16s feels like a kid’s toy now. Two years from now people will be saying the same thing about non suspension wheels that only go 50 kp/h
  6. Nah, I do just fine in heavy crowds. I ride my MSuper v3+ (18 inch wheel) on a daily basis at a college during class change with no problems never having to put my foot down. Anything smaller than a 16 inch is just ...... bothersome to me. It seems to me that the smaller wheels are more maneuverable at the coast of being twitchy. The larger wheels give me more time and stability to maneuver even it crowds. I prefer larger wheels. I think it is all what you get used to.
  7. Ahhhh NO!! You made that way too simple.... Redo the video and mix things up a bit. Add a few unnecessary numbers and calculation to scare people off. If too many people see this video everyone will be riding around on nicely balanced wheels.
  8. You would get the part number off the MOSFET. Order a new one and replace it. The Silver solder is the hard part. It takes a hotter iron. Back in the 90's Chevy messed up and used regular solder on their windshield wiper control board. The connection would heat up and the windshield wipers would stop working. (You don't want that happening on your EUC. ) I repaired many of those boards with silver solder. It is not very fun unless you are set up for it. If you live near a fair sized city, I would just drop the board and parts off at the local electronics repair shop and have them do the soldering. You are looking for an industrial board repair shop or a serious electronics shop not a Radio Shack style store that sells phones. In a city of 400,000 we have at least 3 such shops. The most that I have ever had to pay for a repair is $40. Tell them about your EUC. They usually go easy on pleasant individuals and make money on industrial businesses. They are nerds. You might infect them with the EUC bug.
  9. @travsformation Your count was at 2,000 just over two months ago and now you have passed 3,000 !!! Look out @Marty Backe there is a new super poster in town. Thanks to both of you for helping so many people out! Don’t forget about that other super poster with the color music laser one wheeled aerobic workout machine in his basement. You know the one that drove his truck into the lake and blamed his poor wife. .... The guy that bothered that poor ranger when he got lost in the park. You know the photo shop master !! ........... ah well, his name will come to me later when I least expect it, Like when I pick up my brother from Rehab 1 hour after posting . Wait.!!!! ....... Never mind. I almost had it.
  10. Last time I bought beach front property I paid too much!! What’s your price? Don’t high ball me. ... I’ll walk. To add to the subject CO2 seems to leak faster. I wonder how Hydrogen would do. I bet it could add a little drama to a puncture. ..... Goodness Gracious Great Baaall of fire!! It Would be the Gas.. Gas..Gas.. ( and batteries) It could really make your wheel pop. People would notice you. It could raise your standing. You would be ..... “The Bomb!! “ I’m done. I came in like a flaming wrecking ball!!
  11. So, I would need to know the battery voltage. Divide by 20 to get cell voltage. It might not even be the batteries.
  12. You should be able to repair the wheel. You can replace the MOSFET or the board. Most MOSFETs are usually silver soldered, not tin soldered. (harder higher temp solder) The wheel is worth repairing but it is more of a dance wheel. See @pico's highly skilled displays. ........ Lacking such skills, I would use a wheel like that to commute from the living room to the kitchen if not for the lady with the vacuum cleaner. She said that I have revived my last warning The important part is that you caught the bug before the wheel gave up...... (slow evil laugh)
  13. Welcome to the EUC world. I hate when this happens! I would try to get my money back. You have been riding for a week, it is time to upgrade to a better wheel anyways. The batty life for these smaller wheels should be less that 5 years. The batteries are too small on these smaller wheels and take a lot of abuse. The bigger wheels are worth the money. I did the same thing when I started. I bought a cheap wheel on eBay and ended up sending it back because it would not turn on. Then I bought Kinsong and Gotway wheel. No regrets!!
  14. ........... It is not a bad wheel to learn on. It is a good wheel. Most of the beginners that I have helped preferred the 18XL. .... My best advice is to stick with Kinsong and Gotway.
  15. I would have started yelling 18XL ...... But, Lets look at this from another angle. We know that your logical brain is telling you to get the XL. It is a great wheel and even as a MSX fan boy I would suggest the XL. Your heart says MSX. ....... We know that you have done your research. My question is , Are you a forceful rider? Do you ride into trouble and do your best to recover or do you calculate everything ahead of time? If you are forceful pick the MSX. Are you a cruiser that likes to get the most out of every small movement? Smarter not harder. Know before you go. Pick the XL The MSX is a beast that plows through. The XL is intuitive and works with you.
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