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  1. Here, You very rarely see anyone in the bike lane and I can see why. I have used them. You have to watch out for city busses turning for bus stops, cars turning into parking lots, cars pulling out of parking lots, people in cars using the bike lane to avoid speed bumps, car door opening, people blindly stepping into the lane to get into their cars and pallet jacks that are suddenly pushed in front of you when trucks are unloaded. I just ride on the roads. It is more predictable and less to keep up with. The speed limit is 25mph and most people rarely get above 20mph. When I do use a bike lane I stay spaced between cars as if I were on the road with them while watching for car doors and people putting everything imaginable in your path.
  2. Any word on when the XL motors will be available? I would also like one of those Gotway speedometer. Thanks for all that you do Jason.
  3. I think I am allergic to asphalt. It always gives me a rash. True story. I have less scares now than when I stared riding an EUC. My last crash kinda removed an old motorcycle scar. The old elbow scar stuck out quite a bit. The new scar is in the same place, smaller and less noticeable. For the record I had a motorcycle jacket on in both crashes. You can get road rash through an undamaged jacket if you try hard enough. ..... So elbow pads would be a good thing. ...... OK ! .....OK! ... I need to change my name to "Crash test DUMMY"
  4. 1 is + positive 2 is - negative 3 not used 4 not used The pin number locations are different on the 16mm so make sure you are looking at the 16mm and not the 12mm when making the new cord.
  5. Just wait, Keep riding and you will just keep getting better. Every time I think I have plateaued I find myself doing something that I could not before. In the beginning it is better to train 15 minutes each day rather than 3 hours every Saturday. Your brain tends to process the information more after the training.
  6. Some of the KS wheels are partly on while turned off and charging. You can connect and play music or check the wheels stats. The question is when does this feature turn off and how does it know when the wheel is charging. This feature might not be working properly and staying on. You might try charging then unplugging. turn the wheel on then back off. Then check your phone to see if it is still available. Note: Two seconds after unplugging the charger I can hear the speakers drop out.
  7. It would be easy to 3D print a mud tray. You could even make the tray slide out for cleaning.
  8. I felt the same way as a beginner. I remember hitting a bump with my knees bent, my knees bent more and got me off balance. As you get better this will no longer be an issue. With time you will become more stable and improve the muscles that do the work. For now you might want to keep to the slower speeds with your knees straight until you become more stable. You do not want to hit a hard bump at speed with your knees straight. You will end up off the pedals. ... Or you can bend those knees and get used to the motion. P.S. Foot position- most beginners start with their feet too far back. (front of the shin should be about center of the wheel)
  9. This is something that I would also like to know. please confirm ? It looks like the MSX increased the angle with the pedal pillars? (MSv3 and MSX had the same pedals?) ? It looks like the Nicola pedals themselves have more angle? (Nicola pedals will fit and add more angle? ) The Nicola pedals might even fit the MSv3 better than the MSX because of the non matching pedal recess on the MSX. (MSv3 is just flat) I liked the angle of the MSX so much that I added shims to my MSv3 to mach the MSX. I always felt like my feet were going to slip off the pedals and they did before I got my MSX. Now I am more afraid of leaning too far to the side and the tire slipping or the wheel cutting out rather than pedal scrape and foot slipping.
  10. This is what makes you the best!! Thanks @Jason McNeil
  11. If you have a KS14 and a 3D printer this stand by @RobertoA109 is very nice. 14D 3D printed stand.
  12. @Rehab1 You missed your calling. You should have been in graphic arts or advertising. Think of all the money you wouldn’t have been making.
  13. My mistake, I saw that Tesla in the other pictures and looked over it.
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