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  1. Just to be clear, Winterwheel is our forum expert on winter wheel usage if his name did not give it away. @winterwheel Do you do anything special to get extra tire traction? Have you ever had snow and ice build up in the wheel well and cause problems?
  2. Not possible. The motors will use the same amount of energy for the same amount of work unless the ability of the smaller motor is passed. In the same way that a larger motor will waist a very small amount of energy by just being bigger than it needs to be. True up to a lower speed. 10mph?
  3. Yes, As I stated before. It should not have less capacity if the batteries maintains its ( warm ) temperature. .......I added one words to my previous statement. If you want to get too technical, the wheel as a whole will be less efficient at lower temperatures just as it would at very high temperatures. Magnets stop working when they get too hot The numbers would be small and hard to measure given the human factors.
  4. It should not have less capacity if it maintains its temperature. I think of batteries as a tank filled with a sponge. If you drain the tank from the bottom too quickly it will dry up while the sponge is still saturated. If you leave the tank alone for a while the saturation will balance out and you can drain from the bottom again. The colder the batteries get the slower they will balance back out. Cold weather causes the batteries to balance slower.
  5. The wheels do fairly well in the cold. The batteries are not nearly as efficient in the cold. Listen for the beep warnings. The wheel will have less battery available at any given time. Tires? Some people use bicycles ice spikes in their tires for the ice. When riding on questionable surfaces you will want to stay centered over your wheel and not hard lean when turning.
  6. I will try to keep this simple. Making the magnets bigger makes the motor capable of greater strength. It gives something to pull against. It does not make the motor more efficient. You can burn more energy but you do not have to. Motors will reach a top speed given a set voltage. You can adjust the speed with the voltage, or with the voltage pattern sent to the motor. ( on off frequency ) . When designing the motor you can set the speed with the number of poles used in the motor and the resistance of the motor windings. Now I am going to make a lot of people upset. A motor that has a higher speed ( high speed , low torque) has as much torque as a high torque low speed motor under most situations. Why!? .... The further the motor is from top speed the more motivated the motor is to get to that speed. - the closer to top speed your are the less torque you have. This means that the high torque motor is closer to its top speed and has less potential to go faster. In the end everything balances out. Both motors should feel about the same when it comes to torque. The actual benefits to the torque motor is that it can pull hard longer without blowing up. The problem is most people are not Complaining about motors blowing up. They are complaining about the way the wheel feels. “ Does it FEEL like it has more torque?” Well did the motor blow up or did the wheel shutter and make a noise going up a steep hill? If it did you would be part of the 1% of people that need more torque. The other 99% just need to improve their skills. .... and they would be safer on the speed wheel. I am not trying to make people mad. I am just trying to help out. Cheats that give you more perceived torque: bigger pedals, Smaller tire, software that is delayed to give you a head start on leaning.
  7. I am not a Z10 guy but keep in mind that if you don't keep the Z10 charged the batteries will die on their own. Once the batteries get too low they will not charge using the standard method.
  8. What was the final straw? I was also considering the EX. The down side to the Sherman for me is the roll bar blocking the front of the tire ( curbs) and the low pedals. I was also concerned about the MOSFIT size. Are they bigger now?
  9. NO!! ....... I DID NOT!! The sale is for 6 quarts!! Brings new meaning to getting busy ! That would be quite optimistic. Now I am going to have to find an old can of the stuff. The last can came in a Bondo shaped can with a paint can lid.
  10. Man!! You Ain't Kidding!! I spent 5 minutes looking for Slick UM silicone and now Google is trying to sell me .............. Adult toys.
  11. It was actually strange in that way. It was like yoghurt yet kept a surface residue thinner than water and did not seem to evaporate. Found it!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/253922367921 I am not sure if it will be good to use on the S18 but I am VERY glad to be able to buy more of the stuff. It will save me hours of trouble on one of my jobs. Brass really likes to chatter and when it gets hot it burns most oils off.
  12. The absolute best slide lubricant that I have ever used was called “SlickUM” made by Montgomery. (Not slickem ). I used my last quart a few years ago. It kinda looked like Vasoline but it smelled more like oil and was not water soluble. I have no idea what was in the stuff but it kept brass sliding on steel without chattering for about a year of constant use. No other lubricant has been able to stop the chatter for more than a month at a time on a particularly difficult peace of equipment that I work on.
  13. One thing that is clear. The main stream media is wrong more than it is right. If you look up easy to find facts that we have today concerning things that happened six months ago or one year ago you will find that most of the main stream media was wrong or lied about most of the information that it presented. When caught in a lie the media says that it reported the best information that it had at the time. Yet other media showed proof of the story being false before the mainstream media release the news. Malicious intent or not this does not change the fact that most of the reported information about just about everything has been wrong. The media is supposed to report the news not influence people. It is obvious that the media has an agenda. What is the agenda? If you have to lie to me while covering things up why would I think that this is done in my best interest? Summery: We are being lied to.
  14. While this is possible the tire would have to not leave the ground any point. If the wheel simply dropped into place with the tire off the ground the EUC would spin up to speed and cut out.
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