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  1. I crash quite often. I always have because I am always pushing the limits, and not just on EUCs. Wear wrist guards with plastic palms. not gloves. If you do have time to do anything before you hit the ground you will probably put your arms out to stop your fall, jabbing your meaty hands into the asphalt. Your hands don’t slide and because your arms are straight you brake something. This is not the right thing to do but unless you have years of training, that’s what you will do. The wrist guards will slide, letting you slow and position yourself without the bone braking jolt of energy. These videos should help
  2. I will be your crash attendant for the next 20 seconds. Please relax and let the asphalt work its way over your body. You will feel some impacts and scattered flesh tearing. Don’t worry this is all part of the process. After you come to a complete stop, move slowly and carefully to make sure you don’t further damage yourself. Thanks you and I hope You enjoy your crash today.
  3. LOL! I am going to have to steal that Pikard MEME. Remember,...... RockWheel was supposedly bought out by a Korean Company. They might turn out to be the best in a few years. ... I have hopes.
  4. OK, But I prefer Brunettes and steam punk over Blondes and hay bails if I am going to end up with a new profile picture.
  5. Back to this 7 day ban. Can I be banned for a week? ..... I have yard work I need to do. .....
  6. What @atdlzpae said and they are perceived to be or have been behind in technology. I am OK with being behind in frills as long as the heart of the beast is strong and reliable. That said I am Rockwheel curious
  7. The WiFi extenders work great. I just pug one of these cheap unit in on my back porch and it reaches to my shop. I also have one on my front porch to extend into the front yard so that I can listen to YouTube lectures on my phone while mowing the yard. My wife thinks I added it so she can play games on her phone while sun bathing on the front porch. theBooster & Repeater https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R92CL5E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fm2jEbVRQMT2Q
  8. I am thinking of two categories. 1) can’t ride a kilometer + wobbles. 2)everything else. After being able to ride a kilometer many veteran riders lack simple skills that others see as super easy. High speed skills VS low speed skills. Riding backwards or just mounting with the other foot first. A beginner can learn many things that a veteran has never learned.
  9. Me too. He made the sale on my first two EUCs. Now that I have one ...... I would rather watch a video with CN more substance.
  10. Yeah, What @travsformation said..... I like Duf and Nonstop Neal. I am old enough to enjoy the journey rather than the destination. To pull off that type of video you have to have the right kind of personality. They are like friends that you know. You don’t expect much real information in a Non Stop Neal video. Duf does give more useful info but most of the time he is just living his life and enjoying his toys. My warning about telling a story is that you need to get your fact right. Some of the people on this forum have been around from the beginning and remember what actually happened or how things came about. This is why I was turned off by one of the mentioned YouTubers. I liked the Chooch videos until I passed him in skill level The videos are great they just lack substance. His review video are good. You just need to find your spot. What are you best at? Do that. Disclaimer: My better than Chooch skills have only been proven in a sleep state while taking a mixture of NyQuil and something my wife gave me....... Midol? Maybe? I don’t know but I could fly and shoot lightning from my finger tips. I was Captain finger. ......... I probably should have kept that to myself.
  11. I agree except I will have to change “vegan pizza “ to beer and Pizza.
  12. Intros and editing shifts with 360 are great. Long rides and conversations while shifting through eye crossing impossible views gives me car sickness. The EUC looks impossible to most people that are not used to seeing them. The added twist of 360 distortion is not needed. I like the smooth transactions of JimmyChang.
  13. I have not run out of gas or broke down in many many years but I am ready for it! .... ... Quick!, to the BAT WHEEL!
  14. One thing that I am very tired of is the 360 camera distortion. A short artistic video with 360 distortion can be great but a longer video is annoying.
  15. When I have a great idea, I stop and ask myself....... How are the paramedics going to explain what I did to the ER doctors?.... Will they root for me or natural selection?
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