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  1. I thought my wheel was fully charged. I took it off the charger. It should have been fully charged but the cord had come unplugged from the brick. The wheel had a 20% charge as I accelerated up to 30 MPH. I hit 30 just before finding myself leaning way too far forward........ A familiar feeling of flying through the air at 30 MPH just two feet off the asphalt brought back fond memories of my dirt bike days. ... Well!? Expect for the asphalt part. I prefer landing on dirt. All my fault. Although the beep could have been louder. .......... I was wearing a new shiny DOT approved motorcycle helmet that covered my ears. ...... Just for the record, the helmet made it out without a single scratch.
  2. I think @esaj is the "hobby" expert on this subject.
  3. I do not put much faith in the Styrofoam hats that only cover your bold spot. You need a minimum of front, side and back of the head protection like seen on skateboard helmets. When falling forward it is common instinct to turn you head to the side before you hit the ground.
  4. That kinda looks like @Rehab1 pothole. 1) 12.5 mph - 2/3 of top speed. 2) 14” wheel 3) 70 kg 4) perfect shape pothole The numbers might add up. Too close for me to call.
  5. WOW!!!! ..............WOW!!!!! I am 100kg and wish they made more powerful wheels that were not so easy to overpower.
  6. Looking at the color codes the KS16s is the winner. I play tiddlywinks with manhole covers so lifting “heavy” wheels is not a problem for me. I will stick with my MSX and KS18XL.
  7. Smack !!! bang!! (Wheel tumbles in the weeds) - “Did you just crash!?” - “Yeah, ..... I was unjamming my wheel. “
  8. Looks Great!! Thanks. My general observation on InMotion is that they exaggerate their capabilities much more than other bands. The numbers workout better if you assume that InMotion products (and older ninebot) are targeted for people around 145 pounds and the other brands are targeted for people around 190 pounds.
  9. Sorry man! I suggest a larger 18” wheel. If you did hit a pothole the larger wheels are more forgiving.
  10. I Got Way too Super excited and misread your post. I had tunnel vision and only saw what I wanted to see.
  11. Almost. I like the math. what if the people in my town like to surf on sharks. I enjoy watching other people shark surf but I will never participate. The numbers say I am in danger off death by shark even though I am not. Choice is a large factor in anyone’s safety.
  12. I have read similar reports about US states. They said that some states were safer than others simply because they had fewer gun owners and tougher gun laws. They completely glossed over the actual reported crime numbers. In other words their opinion said a state should be safer even though the actual numbers said it was the most dangerous. Never let facts get in the way of your opinions.
  13. I would like to build an EUC with an aluminum body. I usually work with steel. I can work with aluminum. I just don’t have the tools to do so. My two thoughts are: 1) MSuper replacement: Build two containers ( right and left) that kinda resemble the MSuper shape. Then attach the two sides with a fender in the middle. With switches and lights on top of fender and between side containers for protection. ( edges rounded for safety) 2) Mad Max: build a tube cage and then add small containers to house the components. (2 Battery containers, 1 board container, 1 container that mirrors the board container for options and symmetry, 1or 2 small containers for switches and lights.
  14. Update. The pit had a chip and owner was identified. The owner was charger with reckless endangerment and a law suite has been filed for the death of my neighbors dog. The pit has been sent to an out of state rescue and temperment easement center at the owner expense. The owner will not get the pit back but the pit has a chance at a future.. The jack russell (Diasy) was a birthday gift to a 5 year old girl that is now 15
  15. Just a thought. Maybe keep your mind busy with music. If not actually listening to music, Play a track in your mind. I know that some of my best video game achievements were done while zoned out listening to music. Just NOT this music.
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