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  1. Yep!! Me too. They fly everywhere. I think a fire blanket would work best. It doesn’t last long. You just have to weather the storm and make sure nothing else catches on fire….. and look in all directions. The batteries fly everywhere.
  2. Keep in mind that once the plastic starts melting moving the EUC while it is on fire is like moving multiple large intense acetylene torches pointed in random directions while over sized fire cracks fly out of it in random directions rolling under object and setting things on fire without you even realizing it. ………. not a guesstimate
  3. Disclaimer: I am not a fire expert. The following is my opinion. The batteries burn hot and fast. The main goal is to keep the fire from finding more stuff to burn. I suspect that four lawyers of 1/2 Drywall would stop the spread of a wheel fire. Drywall is inexpensive and easy to work with. Tips: 1) finish each layer with tape and mud. It doesn’t need to look good. It just needs to seal flames from getting out. 2) You need a vent that vents to a safe location. The vent allows for expansion without explosion. 3) A closet with a vent and a 2hr fire ra
  4. That always got me too. General Motors should have been called General Engines. But then we already have a GE. This reminds me of an argument I had with my 3rd grade teacher. She said that there are 3 types of trains: Steam, diesel and electric. I knew a lot about trains so I was a bit confused with her understanding of them. She asked, “What train runs on coal? I answered CORRECTLY, the steam train and the electric train use coal. She asked, What train runs on diesel?” Again I answered correctly, The diesel train and possibly the electric. She asked, “What train runs on electricity? I a
  5. So ….. An ambitious multi millionaire investing millions (everything) into his business while living out of his $10,000 dollar van, owning no other property, working every hour he is awake and employing 50 people, eventually losing everything to new socialist laws lives better than his 6 figure employees that rent everything, vacation monthly and own nothing. The numbers can be misleading.
  6. I thought litter boxes were for city cats. Our cats have always meowed at the door to go out.
  7. I would print the side cover supports by @supercuriofor the Sherman in HIPS. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4903290 These are very effective. Every Sherman should have these. Note: HIPS can be ugly but it is strong. In this case you are not going to see it.
  8. Those little wire that got crushed are the very wires that we were questioning. They are very sensitive. I would cut out the crush and solder them back or replace that section of wire. This is 99% likely the problem. Edit: That black wire looks completely cut inside.
  9. What @Tawpiesaid above is very important. If you are going to get a small battery wheel you need to be very carful with it. No top speeds and no goofing around below 50% battery.
  10. I liked that one. I was thinking, "This must be a typo when it hit me, different language."
  11. 10+10=__ a) 12 b) 100 c) 1 d) 21 (Yes that is a plus sign )
  12. Negative times positive equals negative. You multiply one guard by the other and get a negative answer.
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