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  1. This makes more sense than wireless charging. And add a green light on top of the wheel that clearly indicates that the wheel is docked and charging. The actual charger could be removable to use on the go.
  2. It sounds cool but I agree, it makes the wheel heavier and slower to charge. I very much respect InMotion for their programs that reach out to people both on forums and in the real world. I have not purchased InMotion wheels in the past because of limited power and capabilities. I am looking for a more robust platform both physically and electrically.
  3. I love that graph! The next stage is realizing how much your skills can improve over the next few months. I love having a learner wheel around. Whenever someone asks me if they can try riding I get out my old Kingsong 16s. That way they don’t mess up my current best wheels. If your learning curve flattens out try off-road trails it kicks your learn curve back in gear.
  4. Our hoverboard section is not very active. Someone might have some good advice though. We mostly talk about electric unicycles with a few scooters thrown in here and there. Best of luck! Just as a reference, the electric unicycles reach speeds of 45mph with ranges for some people over 100 miles. ($900- $5,000 - $1,800 average)
  5. I do not know what kind of fan it had. I can tell you that the thin fans are trash. 30mm X 30mm X 10mm - is So so, it works. 40mm x 40mm x 10mm - is absolute trash, one human hair will stop it. 40mm x 40mm X 20mm - is very dependable, talking finger damage.
  6. Wind resistance. Back when I was playing with recumbent bicycles I was amazed at the speed that I could maintain and how much less effort it took to stay at higher speeds. Here is an old video of a very strange bicycle that I made. It bends in the middle.
  7. Not mine! I have a smoke detector above my wheel. When it goes off it closes a circuit ejecting my wheel from the back of my house into the carp pond. ...... The poor fish are still traumatized from weeks of testing the system. Just kidding but I bet I could get it to work!
  8. Insurance companies spend a lot of time and money finding loopholes so they don’t have to pay out money.
  9. It sounds like you have come a long way in a short time. I want to be like you when I grow up!
  10. LOL that can be a challenge. I have literally carried tons of stuff on my wheel. Long items mess with balance. I was actually surprised how difficult it is to push a wheelbarrow which an EUC. You have to steer both the EUC and the wheelbarrow at the same time. I would get the wheelbarrow going the right direction and drive the EUC of the path. I finally got the hang of it but it is tough above 10mph.
  11. All of the above is true. Also - If I push the wheel hard enough in a short time the batteries will sag. I can get the S18 batteries to go from 100% to 50% in a half hour. If I let the wheel sit for half an hour the batteries will settle back at about 75%.
  12. I am 220 pounds + 20 pounds of gear and run 27-30 psi in the S18 and MSX with no problems.
  13. Can you check the app and see the battery level?
  14. RockyTop

    Back pain

    Hmm? I had more back pain before I started riding. ...... I guess it was because I was starting to get a bit lazy and out of shape. Riding EUC’s on dirt bike trails brought me back out of my decline caused by eating too much bovine and spend too much time in a recline.
  15. WOW!! Here is my take. If you can afford the EXN as a first wheel you can afford to buy a learning wheel like the V8 or other mid sized wheel. It will make learning easier. When you are done with the learning wheel you can keep it as a backup wheel, give it to a friend, sell it or toss it in your car as an emergency escape vehicle. If you can barely afford the EXN than you need to buy a learning wheel to protect your investment in the EXN. It will get banged up during the learning process.
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