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  1. RockyTop

    Gotway Tesla v2 Predictions

    My finger is hovering over the down vote for that comment. Take it back!!!!
  2. As I have said many times, We usually ride with bicycles and they crash much more often than the EUCs. The latest example was last weekend. One of the trails we ride is mostly shaded wooden walkways. The wood has been wet for several months and is growing slippery algae. The bicycles crashed twice before having to walk for 1/2 a mile. The three EUCs made it through without any problems.
  3. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    YES!! The new 2019 Marty action figure is going to be AWESOME!!!
  4. RockyTop

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Thanks Ilay! You’re the greatest! I was thinking..... can you get SIRI to fix a flat tire? If not, I understand
  5. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    I believe in freedom! AND you can’t take that away.! Live free or die. Give me liberty or give me death. - A Will unbroken you can not bend- Clann an Dramma Ok....... I am done with the US flag waving. My apologies. I am very proud of other countries too but don’t want to sully their reputations. Have a great day everyone.
  6. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    The local police reports say otherwise. You hide the fact that you have a gun until the right moment. The news always publicizes bad outcomes but never the good. The places in the US with the most gun control have the highest crime and murder rates. Look, I made my first gun in a machine shop when I was 13 years old. (My own design without any help from anyone) It was a single shot but it shot nicely. As an adult I made an AR15 from scratch in about 90 hours. I could have done it in less time but I wanted it to be nice. The point is the bad guys are going to get or make guns. I have family and friends in Scotland. I know how people in other countries feel about guns. I brought a friend from Scotland to the gun range or at least tried to. He passed out in the car when he heard the gunfire. A few months ago I changed my avitar on this forum. Without thinking I had used my regular avatar. It is a picture of the inside of my WW2 gun safe. Some might see it as evil so I removed it. To me the safe holds the rifle of my grandfather (M1 Garand) and the rifle of or good family friend, Wendt Von Kleist ( G43) . Both now passed away. The rifles sit side by side as a reminder of their friendship and the war they fought each other in. ( most countries are represented in the safe) On the gun issue I respectfully disagree and I respect your opinion.
  7. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    From people................... The US is multi cultural. Many people with very different ideals, beliefs and priorities. The fact that the US lets it’s people persue so many different ways of life, beliefs and activities and we get along with each other as well as we do proves that the system works. ( speak softly and carry....... ) If not guns, knives, if not knives rocks, if not rocks cliffs or bath tubs. My wife can stop a rapist with her gun but not a rock. Scotland is free because of England ( irony LOL) England is free because of the US and the US is free because of the people’s right to own guns. And yes I truly believe that. ( Just for the record I am 75% Scott and 25% French with a little Crow Indian on the Scott side)
  8. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    When you look at the 33,000 - 40,000 death numbers it includes everything: Suicide, Cops killing bad guys, bad guys killing bad guys, good guys killing bad guys, gangs killing each other and lastly good people getting killed. I am OK with all but the last. I know people that attempted suicide with pills and the person I knew is gone. If gangs don’t kill each other they are killing good people. It is estimated by the CDC that guns save 100,000 - 1,000,000 lives every year but no one talks about that. Most of the time the fear of somone having a gun stops crime. Owning a gun is a serious responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Proper training and understanding is necessary. Most woman, after being trained are very good with the guns, both in responsibility and shootings skills. They tend to do as I say and not as I do. As a reward they become better marksman.
  9. Check your foot position. The back of your shoe should line up with the back of the pedal OR the front of your shin lines up with or behind the center of the wheel front to back. When Riding don’t look down at the wheel. Look to the horizon. Look in the direction you want to go.
  10. RockyTop

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    It would not be so bad if they didn't increase the effects of gravity every year.
  11. RockyTop

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    Even if it did, the code says an average of 1,000 Watts. Even my MSX keeps an average below 1,000 watts. I can also set the speed limit to 19 MPH.
  12. RockyTop

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    When I ride with three women, everyone thinks the EUCs are cute. We get a lot of thumbs up. When I ride alone people tend to be a little more concerned. ( female privilege I guess) Perception is a big thing in a world that runs on feelings.
  13. RockyTop

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    I like to go out late at night and ride at 45 kph. I let the little guy point the way. ............. Just for the record people look less alarmed when I am all suited up with full body armor.
  14. That works until you learn to tilt the hat just right to force it down on your head. You could add 5 or 6 kid’s pinwheels sticking up from the hat. That would knock it off. It would make you look cool too.