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  1. Keep in mind that e-bikes use smaller batteries and abuse them much more. E bikes don’t have to worry about safety margins. EUCs are actually quite gentle on the batteries.
  2. That can be fixed with shims but it is not as simple as some might think. Adding shims to one side of the EUC doesn’t really do anything. You have to add shims to change the angle that the axle sits in the Clamp. So you add shims to one side of both clamps. ( right or left of the clap itself) The goal is the change the axle angle in the fork If you ad a shin to all of one side the suspension compensates for the shim. To be clear, if you add enough shims to one side it will eventually fix the problem but we are talking about shims that are millimeters thick rather than 0.02 mm thick.
  3. When you say leans, what leans? Is the wheel and tire leaning. ( closer to one side than the other) Does one pedal sit more flat? Can you see something that is off?
  4. @Planemostill has a point. The bearings might not be able to handle side force as well. With one foot on and one foot off: It seems to me that on a smaller bearing almost all of the force is translated to up and down. The force on one side would be up and the other side down , while with the larger bearings ( same sized balls) more of the force is side to side. Maybe my thoughts are more psychological and the ratios are bothering me more than anything.
  5. I like it but the shock is backwards. You are pulling the shock open when you hit a bump when you should be compressing. Just move the pivot to the top instead of the bottom. Doing so will also give you a longer lever push rod.
  6. Thanks @Unventor Note: If anyone wants the “Scandinavian” ( snow pan compatible version) message me in eBay before buying. I plan to switch all of the V11, and S18 along with several other stands that are tall enough over to the new higher charging holder position but I sill have back stock in the older configuration. As always changes can be made to the stand to improve or fit needs.
  7. Ah! Makes sense.... I think that I had the same problem and just turned the first two alarms off without digging any deeper.
  8. These pipe stands make me want to build a steampunk stand. Use 3/4” Black steel pipe. Have a built in (attached) charger Incased in an old small discontent or electrical box. Have an old round gauge with back lighting showing the battery level. You could make the gauge work in an honest fashion or make an obvious hack adding to the steampunk style.
  9. Hmmm ? I just did some quick math. Are your alarms set at 35 mph or 35 km/h?
  10. An automatic motorcycle? Back when I raced dirt track a friend built a dirt car with an automatic transmission. I asked him how he could steer the thing without a clutch. The answer was, not so well. It seems to me that giving up the clutch would give up half your control. What if it shifts at the wrong time? ......Right there in the middle of a delicate maneuver - Shift!! Too much power or not enough! .... Scary!! ..... Nope !! Not for me!!
  11. I was pretty crazy on street bikes and dirt bikes back in the day. I didn't realize that the twisty thing in my right hand had more than two positions. I am still alive today because I decided to swear off the stuff with sharp power bands.
  12. The 16x is a great wheel and over all better than the Tesla ...... but you won’t see me riding it past 25mph. I have done the math and the top end safety margin is not OK for me. (Others will disagree) The Tesla has a smaller tire. It actually measures in the 16.5 inch range. The 16X is actually 17.6 inches. The Tesla is a more capable wheel even at the higher top speed. So witch of these two wheel would I suggest? Well , I would go with the Nikola. It is like the 16X except better. ( others will disagree)
  13. Or Download the DarknessBot app on iPhone.
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