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  1. RockyTop

    Powerbutton with key

    When I get a chance I am going to add a keyed on / off switch that disables the button. I have plenty of unused space below the batteries on the side of the MSuper. I like the idea that I could lock it or leave it unlocked. I would not need a key every time.
  2. RockyTop

    Any EUC with graphene battery?

    Hope and Charge ! Described a capacitor without giving any real info. Possible capacitor batter hybrid? Likely will not hold a charge very long. I expect improvements in batteries and they are working on it but it takes time.
  3. RockyTop

    Ks16s: how to get the best out of the 1200W motor?

    The InMotion does have better physics to climb a hill. And a moped is easier to ride than a Honda CBR super bike. Mopeds are great fun and very useful but they can’t do what a CBR can.
  4. RockyTop

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    Use Jello in a shatter proof jar. I prefer "red" Jello. What a way to see the world, in a rose colored ........... jar?
  5. RockyTop

    Ks16s: how to get the best out of the 1200W motor?

    You are not alone. This comes up all the time. Most people can't wrap their head around it. You are fighting physics. Software can not change physics. The wheel does not have a gas pedal and would not work if it did. The wheel just has a serious OCD thing about being level. It is a side benefit that we can use the wheel's obsessive compulsive disorder to move forward. We just have to tilt the wheel to take advantage of the poor things obsession. It takes off with it's only goal in life of making it's pedals level again. Tilting the wheel is made more difficult by having heavier , larger wheels and hills that change the mechanical advantages and fulcrum points of the physics. software can't fix it. You would fall flat on your but. Although you could fix the problem by adding a second wheel in front of or behind the existing wheel. Move one foot forward and one foot back. I hated hills when I was a beginner. I don't even notice them now.
  6. RockyTop

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    Very true. I have yet to see a brand advertisement for an EUC. (other than YouTube product release videos) So We are kinda like prototype product testers.
  7. RockyTop

    Uni to EUC? Back and crazy as a loon

    He is built 17 wheels short of being a Mack Truck.
  8. RockyTop

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    I respectfully would not say the following on a non GotWay thread. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I am currently a GotWay fanboy, but if another brand builds a better wheel I will jump ship in a heartbeat. I have not heard much in the last year about newer GotWay models failing. The boards , mosfits and axles are bigger and better. If you turn off all the safeties and face plant at 42 MPH that is not GotWay's fault. I say "Live Free or Die" or maybe "Live free and Die" ........my choice. KingSong: This is my other favorite brand. I love my KS16s. It is an amazing wheel. It might not be the dream wheel that some are looking for but you get A compact powerful rugged versatile wheel at a good price. With the KS16s as my example I picked the KS18L as the wheel to have in 2018............... How many problems can a wheel have!? And what's worse, You can't point a finger at the actual problem. KingSong can't even figure it out. I still have faith that KingSong will make good but this is very disappointing. InMotion: I try my best to stay off the V10 thread. I see a bunch of adults standing around a kid's toy expecting a software fix to turn it into a one wheeled Harley Davison. It simply does not have the components to do what it claims on the box. InMotion lost my trust with it's outrageous lies and exaggerations. Ninebot: ........................ Still waiting............ They have only made one new wheel in four years? I sure hope they get it right because at this rate it will be 2022 or 2023 before the next one comes out . At first I thought the Z10 was a gimmick but it might just be a wheel to have. I just wish there was a bigger battery version that is about 10 pounds lighter. So Why are we talking about GotWay failures when it seem like everyone but GotWay is failing? If GotWay can figure out what you want they will build it for you!
  9. RockyTop

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    I have not been riding long enough to have an opinion on reliably but I did buy a GotWay because it is fast and I am crazy.
  10. RockyTop

    Servers busy?

    I got in.
  11. RockyTop

    Comparison of Known EUCs

    As soon as I find a map I’m headed to New Zealand!!! ......... SIRI , take me to New Zealand! .......... WOW!! ............ Looks like I need to buy a boat...... It is going to take me a while. What time do you close?
  12. RockyTop

    The Anti-Theft Thread

    I use my EUC to get around town after parking my van in a free parking remote location. I have not been too worried about leaving the wheel in the van. ( back cargo area has one side window that was tinted and now painted black on the inside) The problem is that now too many curious people have watched me put the wheel in the van on the not so good side or town. I guess I need to lock it to the van and screw plywood to the inside of the painted window.
  13. RockyTop

    Poll: can you ride backwards?

    When I first started I could ride backwards easier than forwards. I learned to ride a bicycle backwards while sitting on the handlebars when I was a kid and can still do it. The only difference is that you have to lean backwards with faith on the unicycle. My riding backwards on the unicycle has not improved all that much sense my first day though. ( maybe 50 feet with limited turning.) I guess I need to improve on that.
  14. So by your logic we should ban bicycles and cars. Both can be ridden on the sidewalk. Maybe one or both should not be on the sidewalk. The EUC should follow the same rules as a bike and if you ban EUC’s ban the bicycles too. Is Chooch braking the law? Probably! Do you think it is legal to ride a bike 25-30 mph on the sidewalk? Ban Chooch not the rest of us.
  15. I would love to help but I am not from the UK. The count has not even really begun. I have been watching the counter for a month now. Looks like you need more people fast. You need an event or some kind of public awareness campaign.