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  1. RockyTop

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Thanks, keep us updated
  2. RockyTop

    So my Glide 3 cracked today

    I think this was mostly just bad luck. I believe that Kingsong wheels would have to be the toughest. I have had 6 people learn to ride on my KS16S and with a little skilled polishing it could look new again. “ Only 2 MPH” is a speed that a lot of damage takes place while learning to ride. The wheel tends to whip around and bite ankles or do a little flipping dance. As you get better this becomes very rare. The last time it happened to me ( 5th week of learning) I was standing with one foot on the ground one foot on the wheel thinking to myself, I have mastered this wheel. ....... I was wrong.
  3. RockyTop

    New King Song iOS App

    Smart man! I must learn from you.
  4. RockyTop

    New King Song iOS App

    @US69 KingSong Rep.
  5. RockyTop

    Chest Armour for Women

    Two possible products Thor women's chest protector https://www.motorcycleid.com/womens-armored-jackets.html
  6. My wife won’t leave me alone about EUC’s. Nag! Nag! Nag! When are we going to go for an other ride!? Why haven’t we bought a new EUC in the past two months!? How are we going to catch up to Marty if you keep spending all our money on bills!? ........Yep! , Woman?! , .....I know! Right?
  7. When I watched that viveo I was thinking about your shoulder and how brave you had become. I hope everything is OK. Maybe it is just a slight injury. Speaking of wives. My wife said when watching the video, Isn’t that the guy that hurt his shoulder and his wife made housing arrangement threats?
  8. RockyTop

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    I also weigh 100kg. I am a very aggressive rider. The KS16s has stronger pedals than the MSX and can hold the weight better. if you become an aggressive rider the MSX is the most powerful. The KS18xl rides like a dream and is a great choice, The Z10 has problems you might not want to deal with. i hope they work them out. my favorite is the MSX because of the power but the weak pedals aggravate me. I jump curbs and ride down steps, I think the KS18xl is the best all around wheel. i do not have a Tesla and could not lett you anything about it.
  9. RockyTop

    Foot fatigue issues finally solved

    I will get right on that. I wonder how long it will take to get my size 13 down to a size 6 pedal?
  10. RockyTop

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    @RoberAce Thanks for all the great pictures and info.
  11. RockyTop

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    The statement about the Z10 being garbage was not supposed to be public. When trying to get to the root of a problem it is common to make bold statements to engage other people’s opinions. It is kinda like negotiating. I think it is garbage. ( Change my mind. ) That said what do you call a batch of wheels with multiple problems. From what I have heard from multiple dealers the problem is not a batch of bad components or an engineering flaw on a pioneer product. These things are expected. The problem is that Ninebot is making it very difficult for the dealers to make things right after a failure happens. Our dealers have to take care of their customer and in the end make money. People seem to love the wheel. I am not Interested in owning a Z10. I would like to see it succeed and force the other companies to step up their game. Or create a new niche category of wheel.
  12. RockyTop

    New King Song iOS App

    I had to change the country code to 1 then put my number in with the 1 Example: [US 1] 18008675309 OR [US 1] 1XXXXXXXXXX
  13. RockyTop

    The Photo Thread

    @Smoother Are you still in favor of the 2.5” tire mod? I was thinking of doing the same with my KS16S. Any after mod problems?
  14. RockyTop

    New King Song iOS App

    Mi/h (MPH) I know that Mi/h is more scientifically correct. My favorite Chinese translation to date is: Please dispose of children before use.
  15. RockyTop

    The Photo Thread

    Sure! Then the Edison could steal all the good ideas and claim them as his own. Is anyone else confused that the Tesla runs on DC power?