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  1. I'd love to ride seated, but worry about the shell to pedal bracket junction. My 18XL is from before the white plastic. (even then, wouldn't it need some structural ribs too?)
  2. I can unicycle, other than some balancing its just two totally different experiences. You can argue nobility as much as you want for pedal powered, its just no-where near as pleasant and fun as EUCs.
  3. Not the most stylish but these type of jumpsuits are very much used by people doing outside work in Scandinavia. https://www.google.com/search?q=kjeledress&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&prmd=ismvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiE7-_bsYDmAhWRmBQKHc8XCyAQ_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=320&bih=454&dpr=2
  4. Indeed there weren't any clear pictures of the buzzer, a bit stupid of me Anyhow it is the cylinder you see on the left here. You can find the positioning from the hole under the handle. The buzzer just holds with hot glue, it was so simple I don’t think of pictures. The most difficult part IMO was unclipsing they side panels. You need to use the pedal brackets as lever and the clips go the wrong way: when you pull they dig deeper 🙄 Good luck, nothing too bad, just be careful of cabling
  5. null

    KS18XL bearing ref

    @Meserias Yes bearings can go very far AFAIK, however I’ve tinkered with DIY 3D printing and know there are som pretty crappy ones around. I don’t know the quality of the KS ones, but I don’t suppose it’s upper tier brand. So since I open it anyway I’ll probably replace them, so I hopefully won’t have to do it again in a long while.
  6. The decorative lighting that could have a positioning light setting: in Europe white in front / red behind. Could add to the base beams at night or serve at day when countries require “always on”.
  7. null

    KS18XL bearing ref

    @SebaThanks a lot! @UniVehje nothing special, wheel is only going toward 2000km, however the motor makes vibrations I don’t like, and as you say it’s a big operation, so I might as well replace them with better bearings while at it.
  8. I’ll probably be opening the motor of my KS18XL soon, and might as well replace the bearings with some quality brand. There doesn’t seem to be any size référence around. Anyone knows the size / reference of the ball bearings for the 18XL? It would be great if I had them before the operation.
  9. Thanks, good observation about the coils / stator being em, static. I knew but hadn’t thought of it. Then it might indeed point to the magnets, where “disappearance” at high speed stay valid. Ill open it some day I gather the courage (and maybe some new ball bearings). Can check the cover at the same time. Posting back here.
  10. As far as I know, for the batteries the cooler the better. The other elements shouldn’t care much as long as it’s not under 0c where some gaskets, glue and what not might not like it. 5c sounds ok to me, as long as it’s dry. I wouldn’t use energy heating more than that. The voltage shouldn’t drop any significant amount over a few months, you should be good there. Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.
  11. Yes, how do they work. It can’t be explained The vibration seem more linked to pull (ie yes up a slope, will have to test a bit more, not so many of those here) or hard breaking. Ill take anything standard over rubbing coils, would be glad for that It’s just no one ever mentions vibration but only noise. The later doesn’t matter much, vibrations feel wrong. Maybe I’m just being the princess on the pea. Looked up cogging, it could be that, will look closer at whether there could be a reason to disappear (quite abruptly) at high speed. Side observation: when slaloming / carving it is stronger at the center, lesser in the sides.
  12. Speaking of noise. I have a sort of vibration from the wheel (mainly on the 18XL) when accelerating / breaking (magnets pull) but no more over a certain speed. My theory is that coils are being pulled towards the magnets, eventually (hopefully only the tie wrap) rubbing on the shell. At speed the inertia might be enough to pull it even further / away from the rubbing area. I should open the motor to check but haven’t had the occasion / courage yet.
  13. It’s incredible to hear that you guys who have more km and years behind you would only see a fellow wheeler now. Just today I was noticing we’re becoming so many that other wheelers don’t do / respond to the little nod / wave we’ve been doing till now. That’s a bit sad I guess, but the natural result of no longer being rare.. At least people aren’t freaking out when seing you anymore.
  14. Thank you for the reply, this is great news. Sorry I was getting a bit desperate, but riding in the city the extra reactivity is good for safety. It is good to know it is being worked on, and not just abandonned. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
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