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  1. My 18XL with fw 2.0 displays 27km/h when doing 25km/h on the GPS speedometer, 38 when 35, so I extrapolate 50 km/h is really 46km/h. So a top speed of about 28,5 mph An inflation of 8%, measured over several hundred meters to stabilise. It would be great if some other people would do the measure over longer distances to get proper readings.
  2. My father of 63 learnt just these last months, took a little while but he's up and rolling (It doesn't take much physical performance, the main part IMO is having to be able to accept a fall) /2c
  3. null

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Too much gratuitous shapes for my taste, but I appreciate they are using actual designers. Looking forward to getting the complete picture with specs. (a guess on Light Vehicle here)
  4. EUCs also have the benefit of not needing a remote, the front / back lean is very organic and natural. The most fun tech item I’ve come accross ever. Useful too.
  5. DarknessBot has its own position tracking / sharing though. (Maybe mode limited but it allows to discover people)
  6. Changing the tire is also more of a PITA on a EUC, I prefer dealing with the slime mess rarely than with a clean tube more often. It also makes topping up less frequent. i use Decathlon brand because it was available in stores, can’t say about performance.
  7. My 16S and 18XL both have the power buttons on the same side as is the front according to the tire rotation arrow. The patterns make a V when seen from the front.
  8. It will pass once you get used to riding, it’s mainly linked to overcompensating from being tense IMO. At 7000km I get it a bit when tired or breaking hard.
  9. The recent 18XL uses the same tire as the MSX it seems. The triangle pattern on the edge is the same at least. Looks like it says 2.5 but it seems thicker than the older.
  10. In Paris there is a lot of glass on the ground, so much I’m amazed not having had a puncture in 7000km on EUCs. The only one I’ve fixed is a nail in a friends kick scooters rear tyre.
  11. With PEVs becoming more common there should be a marked for less chunky / agressive styled protective gear. As it is pretty much only Thousand helmets and the TSG pass have clean lines.
  12. I'm 70Kg and while the 18XL is on the heavier side I sure wouldn't trade it for an 18L. The 16S is fun and handier for the city but if I could have only one it would be the beefiest.
  13. I’d trade the speakers in the 18XL for batteries any day.
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