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  1. null

    Gotway RS

    You could assemble three bits of plank to a |_| shape, that generally does the trick. If it needs to avoid a pedal hanger you can add some support spacer on the sides.
  2. null

    Gotway EX

  3. You are very curious about the S18 indeed. So much so that you needed a second thread for your care trolling.
  4. Thanks for the tip, that's a decent price to be able to test and also possibly build an alternative rather that getting an other diamond shape. Thanks also for the care and the instructions. I will look into the controller and get back if it gets anywhere
  5. Had a look at the wheel well today, there is zero waterproofing and a good random mm or gap all along. Possibly best to silicone it some day when swapping tyre.
  6. I had some light back after fidling with some contact cleaner, and thought it should get fine if I got the kafuter silicone back without shorting the cables. Some pale light (a few flickers) stayed on during the operation, then when EUC was turned off and on again, it didn't work anymore. Testing with a male-male mini jack cable showed 5v and 1v output where should be. I normally wouldn't mind just replacing the lamp, but 60$ for 3$ worth of ugly hardware is highly annoying. Good for everyone else that this doesn't seem common It might have started after updating to FW 1.053. If I could ever get the update chip I wait for I'll see if it makes a difference.
  7. They are not communicated by the GW board I believe, you have to set them manually. Just press the item and you get a list of options.
  8. I can also add: - Norway - Yes legal - 20km/h (self applied limiting is not legal but that will be a grey area in many countries anyway)
  9. There was a shared google docs with much of this info in case some countries are missing. - France - Yes legal - 25km/h Nice initiative, thanks for your effort for the community.
  10. That argument doesn’t go far, motorcycles dont have the benefits of EUCs. Its very simple really. Some people enjoy riding EUCs far. Some enjoy riding EUCs fast. Others have different priorities. Luckily there are wheels to suit our different priorities. Being good at being a EUC doesn’t mean the same to any if us. (edit: I don't defend le message of the thread title, the Sherman is too specialised to be for everyone.)
  11. What high hopes did you have for it? All the negatives you list where known before, and you are apparently not interested in any of its merits. You bought a random wheel that didn’t correspond to your needs and now you’re ranting that it doesn’t fit you? Good job 🙄
  12. It is when the pedals tilt forward when you turn. First versions of Sherman had it when going fast (some say, I didn't notice) It have been improved in software since then.
  13. Pedal dip correction (when turning) also depends of proper sideways calibration I believe. Calibrate it leaning against a wall might give weird results when turning. If you have to use a wall try to make it as vertical as possible.
  14. If you are still on firmware 1.xx it might be addressed with a firmware update (they are are 4.x I believe) which we can't get our hands on. You could try harassing them to get an update chip, but normally they only give those to resellers. Very annoying, I really wish they and GW would get on with the times and allow OTA updates.
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