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  1. I’d bet Paris alone have upward 10k wheelers, but we’ve been betting for many pages now 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. My 16S plastic handle just broke. You can adapt the new metal type by drilling new holes in the rails apparently. Anyone done this? I’m bleeding money lately so I I could avoid replacing the rails as well it would be great. But then, is it structurally sound?
  3. They pulled the update for fixing I suppose, will probably be back.
  4. @atdlzpae Just a few points of consideration: You could maybe find an insured EUC locally, borrow or rent. My EUC insurance says "valid in these countries" (long list) like car insurances does. Maybe you could have a Russian insurance valid for France? As for going over 25Km/h: The insurers can insure whatever they like as long as you pay for it, some do not require to be street legal. Wheither they would pull that up later on to weasel out of reimbursment have not been tested yet. Some insurers clearly state they accept vehicles up to 45Km/h, some (mine) don't mention speed..
  5. Nice to hear you fixed it, I haven’t had the courage yet
  6. Interesting question for a long distance trip. France legalised PEVs recently, but as @Chriull said: speed limite excludes all, but never enforced. (just behave reasonably) The most important IMO is having an insurance that doesn't exclude your wheel (you are legally obliged), or not having a people accident (countryside?) I have considered traveling upward Europe, but AFAIK Netherland is verboten and Germany will enforce their 20Km/h limit and stupid rules so there is that. @meepmeepmayer havent been bothered it seems but he's countryside. Denmark is limited to 20/25 we'd need to confirm whether it is enforced. ( @Henrik Olsen ?) edit: nice sheet @atdlzpae added some details.
  7. Mine too, very annoying, already that the handle rattles.. Apparently one can add aluminium strips (from a can?) to tighten the fit between the axle and pedals..
  8. Agreed. I’m fairly interested in the tech side and could like a gps log, but not enough to even try: my wheels drop the connection, and I dislike creating accounts. What I’m getting at is people who care are already a subgroup, and people who actually log trips are a subset of those again.
  9. AFAIK the plan is to fly from japan to the US while shipping the wheel. Would have been neat if he could drop by NZ though
  10. I'm with both previous posters; dont buy a new learner wheel, you will outgrow it quickly. If in doubt whether EUCs might not be for you get a second hand wheel to explore. There are too many wasted learner wheels around, and they are not that cheap either. If you think you will stick to it you could get a serious wheel right away, just pad it well for the learning process. Most of us end up concluding its great use and fun :)
  11. I like the look of this type better, but someone has the POC version and mentioned the chin protection seemed weak and would probably splinter. Maybe if the material is strong enough but IDK..
  12. You have to send a message to ask about kingsong wheels, they generally don’t display them. Also, there might be some issues with zoning, not sure what « international model » implies.
  13. He was first reported too busy and must have moved on to other things. He should have shot down the website though. Anyhow, as mentioned in the general sticky: do not order a charge doctor anymore. A couple of alternative options: build one yourself (check Sebas guide to integrate it in a charger), buy a nice and expensive one from e-wheels or 1rad etc, or search for JR-T450 (probably versions with other voltages)
  14. @ShanesPlanet Mine went down to 20km/h too, DB didn’t change it, however KS app unlocked it directly in speed settings (warp is even a bit higher than before, 50km/h) Hope you get it to work. Otherwise: yes feels nice, different from just gotway hard, could probably be tuned a bit more as you feel a reaction curve. It defaults to hard mode, medium users might turn it down to be able to compare. Would be interesting to know how much this impacts range. (Thanks @RockyTop )
  15. I love updates, jumping right in 👌🏻
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