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  1. It’s incredible to hear that you guys who have more km and years behind you would only see a fellow wheeler now. Just today I was noticing we’re becoming so many that other wheelers don’t do / respond to the little nod / wave we’ve been doing till now. That’s a bit sad I guess, but the natural result of no longer being rare.. At least people aren’t freaking out when seing you anymore.
  2. Thank you for the reply, this is great news. Sorry I was getting a bit desperate, but riding in the city the extra reactivity is good for safety. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  3. Tried with yet an other iOS device, iPad this time, still doesn’t work. Edit: tried 2 more iPhones with different OS versions, so 5 total, the app never will update it, 1.12 is claimed to be the latest. Its been a half year now, and it’s still so bugged you can’t update at all. Did anyone, ever, update their 18XL to FW 1.13 using the iOS app???
  4. I tried with a different iOS device, different system version, with and without VPN, according to the updated FW 1.12 is the latest version. Its been 6 months since 1.13 is out now, and I still can’t install it. Seriously, for high price (2500€ in France) the devices are sold, the software utterly suck. When you pull such stunts as geo-locking to keep prices high you should at least provide functional software.
  5. I tried pressing and dragging everywhere, the third party login is empty :/ but indeed on registration page switching to email is at the bottom. New account didn't require to go through a login screen so at least i got to unlock the speed that way..
  6. I believe to have read it works a bit randomly on Android, but that's better than not at all. Not owning an android device I will try with an emulator
  7. I’ve managed to register with email, however there doesn’t seem to be a way to login with the email account. The login screen simply says « enter mobile number » and that is all. If I put the email address in that field it turns me down with « account doesn’t exist » when I know it does as KS just sent me password reset code there. iOS version 1.3 (latest) Am i missing something or is it just not possible to login with email? Edit: I got to unlock the speed by crating a new account. At no point did I go through that login screen though, once account created it asked whether I wanted to unlock. Still no firmware update working. Would like to try on android if it could help but no device. Maybe I could try an emulator.
  8. Think of the weight of you do a bit of stairs. Larger wheels are good for range and potholes but 25kg is fairly heavy. Besides smaller diameters often have more torque and nimbleness, which is good in city trafic. The KS16S is plenty for city use and weights 17kg at most.
  9. @buell47 Electric cars keep their battery at efficient temperature through heating, why not a euc. There are simple silicon heating pads of all sizes with integrated temperature probe that could probably be mounted inside the shell: https://www.google.com/search?q=silicone+heat+pad&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjZloCxuN_lAhUG0YUKHdT8BZYQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=silicone+heat+pad&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3..0j0i8i30l2j0i24l2.7052.11934..12408...0.0..0.64.865.19......0....1.........41.1LRGfA8tvHg&ei=GufHXdmhLoailwTU-ZewCQ&bih=454&biw=320&client=safari&prmd=sivn
  10. Question for @Micheal Shen or anyone close to KingSong development. It's been months now since the 18(X)L 1.13 firmware is public, and a whole lot of people (including me) can't update. (latest iOS app 1.3; the update menu just dont react) This is aparently the case for both Android and iOS. Will this bug be fixed some day or is there anything that can be done? Are our wheels just stuck forever with a mushy firmware? Thank you for any help.
  11. The 18L should easily do 50km though.
  12. Interesting observation, I thought it was linked to the curve profile where more flat / larger radius => wheel has to raise to tilt, but this also works with sidewalls that dont give in to pressure, making the same effect of wanting to stay upright. /speculation
  13. A few small ones: Trolleying the 18XL past a group of kids, I catch only the last part of the exchange: « I don’t know but it looks cool » Riding on the countryside, guy in a tiny car honking and waving like crazy with a big smile Couple of park alcoholics: « it’s the future! »
  14. 40 year old here, started in January this year. It was easy to learn as I had done unicycling in my teens. Going towards 4000km. The best fun tech item I’ve come across.
  15. I like the initiative but do not wish to give google more info than I all ready do.. In France there are anyway so many riders we regularly organise group rides where you can get to know each other. Good luck to those with few wheelers around, time might help.
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