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  1. The original post is from 2015 and should have stayed there. But yes, dont buy this type of wheel in 2020, other than second hand dirt cheap, maybe.
  2. My 16S as well for what its worth, in spite of slime. I cleaned the valve too (also inside), interested in what can be done other than replace the tube.
  3. Very much agreed @Meulebeest , I believe it is mainly Kingsong Europe / High'tems who is maintaining these high prices as western reseller outside their area are more reasonably priced while paying local taxes. An example is this 18XL sold in Scandinavia for 2050€. For a year and until recently it went for 1900€, Covid and currency fluctuations raised the price. This includes 25% local tax as well as a healthy margin by European standards. In the rest of Europe the price hovered around 2500€ until the east European sellers started lowering it. So for very long the price difference was 600€ while still coming from a western seller paying taxes.
  4. Sure, never mind, I thought you where looking for a solution. Just go ahead and spam the forum with your with your ALL CAPS vendetta. I wasn't defending Kingsong nor Ali sellers / chicway 🤷
  5. Except if KS has indeed taken yet a step in their region locking scheme it could be bugs and server being down. You could try activate it with the official app or SoftTuner. Or wait a little in case it’s the servers. I don’t particularly trust them as they build in such “features” but seem to have read them stating they wouldn’t brick wheels. (Previous time this “bug” happened) edit: For the price they are taking, Ali sellers could very well sell international versions, it’s mostly cheating sales tax that make them cheaper. Eu sellers are already making a good margin AFAIK, Ali even more so as they buy cheaper. (what I’m getting at is I wouldn’t refrain for bugging G&F, he’s making good margins selling wheels that have complications.)
  6. The S18 has less batteries in parallel (3 vs 4) than the V11, and thus less margin of power delivery.
  7. Congrats with the riding. Yes, that and motor power do you can go “harder better faster stronger” / safer. Your One C has around 160Wh battery to do 10km at low speed, you can extrapolate the range of larger batteries.
  8. null

    MSuper Pro?

    Couldn't this floatiness be the pedal holder nut that is loose?
  9. I hope this board design is temporary and that they rebuild it from the ground up. With some luck they will iterate on the Sherman like 3D printer companies do and we might be able to replace it later on.
  10. null

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    The Z10 close to does it. No reason you shouldn’t as long as you have cooling under control, which isn’t black magic. The active part of the motor is a ring, not a cylinder.
  11. Agreed this forum is more peaceful than many other (photo, computers .. x_x) but the two suspended wheels seem to have raised more fanboyism than usual. I hope we can avoid ending up with flame wars and rather appreciate the good and bad of EUCs independently of brand.
  12. I'm sure it can be a problem for people who dont get enough motion, but in that case I believe the pain comes more from lack of motion rather that lack of an ideal position. Framing (like an insole or rising sole edges) tries to make an optimal pressure and position for the foot, but with the downside of restricting motion (due to structure). As mentioned I'll get riding cramps in new stiff shoes, because I can't move as easily. Not saying you can't go for insoles, but I believe it's reducing the symptoms rather that addressing the issue. As for sedentary lifestyle I've worked home office for years, and in a general sense, believe motion is more important than optimal position.. To each their preferences of course. One could say this thread is about insoles and not about reducing fot pain, in which case my post is off topic 🤷
  13. They should ban shoes, criminals use them for their misdeeds 🙄
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