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  1. As long as it doesn't scrape I kind of like a bit of dip when doing 360.
  2. Welcome and good evening. ( Please use translation, link here )
  3. It is also the area that vaporised during @Marty Backe 's first Sherman overheat hill test. (I'll dig up a link if anyone wants)
  4. Indeed. (bonus, If I recall right Samsung cells are generally rated for more cycles as well)
  5. I’m of the « whichever soft shoe, you’re supposed to move and stretch » school, but if you really feel for some ankle winter shoes there are plenty of inexpensive snow boots. https://www.decathlon.fr/browse/c0-tous-les-sports/c1-randonnee-trek/c3-bottes-de-neige-et-apres-ski/_/N-tar1lw
  6. Wobbles at breaking and riding fast is normal, it will get better over time. Regarding pads I suggest waiting to you have control over the EUC before going there, you might not need them at all.
  7. jm2c too: Having tried the EX in medium, it is so hard it's difficult to get it to react. I like both soft and hard for different reasons (as mentioned by EMA), but this didn't feel efficient.
  8. Thanks for the reply much appreciated. I was under the impression the cells where in (1P) series, outputting total voltage (with no finer reading), then grouped as parallel. But looking at the pack photos they did seem grouped in parallel clusters who are I suppose then in series. So the parallel groups are monitored for voltage, and it is the highest voltage that is appears. (?) I'll have to ponder the thing with a new perspective, as well as do more reading then
  9. I thought the series connection was done by the point soldered strips, is there a second set of cabling going between each cell and BMS then? How come we risk over voltage in case of a dead cell if charge is stopped by the highest Volt cell? I thought the added voltages of the series (lacking one cell) would make the remaining cells split the charger voltage (thus risk over voltage) (I should read that thread rather than ask, sorry)
  10. I once considered having my EUCs on the balcony, but was warned about fog and morning dew possibly corroding the battery.
  11. A guy over at French forum claims the BMS of the V8 reads voltage at a cell level, interrupting the charge when the first cell hits 4.21v (and thus not allowing balancing) From the photos of V8 battery packs I've seen, the cells doesn't seem to have individual wiring. In a series Voltage adds up, and I dont see a way to read individual cells from that (our whole balancing problem). Besides I find it weird to have cell level monitoring but no balancing? Anyone have some light here? Do the V8 BMS know individual cell voltages (or the top one somehow), directly, indirectly or is it mi
  12. First, thanks for all the good work DarknessBot team, and for the integration of various functions like Homekit. A couple of questions regarding Homekit (I have a eve energy for this): -- When setting the outlet to turn off at a certain battery %, this only works when the app is displayed with the screen on. The app does communicate with the EUC while in the background (I can see the charging curve updated frequently) but it doesn't seem to be able to launch the Homekit command. Only when I grab the phone and display the app does the outlet turn off (over the set %). AFAIK I hav
  13. Good initiative 👍🏻 Let's report here if we stumble upon something not listed yet.
  14. My charger (stock YZPower450) makes a cyclic sound during the entire charge, at about at the same speed as your video. (seems others also have something cyclic going on) I'll try the advanced display next time charging, and also look at the rhythm compared to yours.
  15. The 1488 main disadvantage is that it wears down fairly quick due to the soft rubber. Something like 3000-5000Km(?)
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