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  1. I wrote pretty much the same message regarding 2.07 for the 16S curious what the changes are, if any..
  2. When I import stuff to France which doesn't go under the radar, the shippers have specified the costs: - VAT (20%) - Tax handling fee (15€ fedex recently, could be worse I guess) - VAT on the tax handling fee (love that one)
  3. Nice, I'd really like to stop the stupid doubling of both pins and connectors we do currently. Considering whether I could mount one on the Sherman to replace the dual GX16. As I understood they had a couple of versions of powerCON, some who are not made for breakage and look like twist lock like these (or whatever they call pull out while powered) but also some who can be pulled live. In any case this looks totally like the speakON / powerCON series if it isn't a clone.
  4. Looks cleaner indeed, that outward angle is one too many. It might also be enough to avoid the escalator issue. Will consider
  5. This was mentioned before somewhere, lost in the mega thread, so I'll repeat it here as it matters: The mud guard of the Sherman is just low enough to lift the wheel in escalators. This is fairly embarrassing and possibly dangerous, because the EUC goes free spin. So consider turning the EUC so the mudguard faces away from the stairs, or power it off. This just happened to me: the wheel spun up, free lift style, before I could twist it off the raised stair. Bumping down on the lower stair it shot off to the side while I held part of its weight with the trolley. It slip spun on the stai
  6. AFAIK it is because the charger (then) has 0V and the charge port (Vet/GW, not KS) has 84V/100.8V which is a bit difference and it creates an arc as it charges the smoothing capacitors of the charger. I believe this isn't very good for the charger (nor can the spark be for the contact) but whether it matters much is part of the question. I would have thought e-wheels (jia Rui) would have had some sort of protection. I have hopes for the usefulness of reverse diodes and charger side protection though, hence trying this new thread rather than unearthing some 2016 edition. We have new reasons
  7. This theme have been up a lot of times, and general conclusion is first charger to AC, then to EUC, reverse when done. This mostly because the current on charge ports without reverse diodes will flow violently into the smoothing capacitors of the charger when there is a large tension difference. However, time have changed and not only do do many EUCs have Schottky diodes or other safety on the charge port, it seems most larger chargers have reverse polarity protection / anti spark / no discharge (depending of naming) There are a few reasons to upset the connection order like the use
  8. Only 7000 here, but no ingress, and when you look at the design it is done so that if water got in, it would flow out through the openings under the trolley sliders. The 18XL is probably not the most fun wheel around, but it is a solid and handy general use EUC with great range.
  9. Thank you for the recap. To add a couple of points: charge speed is actually 10A according to Veterans website, AFAIK the 8A number stems from a supposition in a Marty video, as well as a different video where the signal cable was mistaken for a charge cable. (Edit: apparently updated to 11A see post bellow) Also, there have been double pinned connectors arriving at some point, I know of one guy (French forum) who had on simple and one double. Random or a transition IDK, but it could be interesting to check newer Shermans for continuity on pin 1 to 2 and 4 to 5. (Double pin takes 8A
  10. Terrain around me has too much variety to make stats, But for the sake of it: Weight: 75Kg with gear Speed: Probably a bit under 20Kmh average due to red lights, pedestrian areas, riverside going easy. 30-40Kmh cruise when possible. 50Kmh when needed due to cars. Range: Around 180Km, +/-
  11. Yes that’s my issue with integrated chargers; if they are powerful enough to be useful on the go they will be heavy to lug every time you go an errand, if they are light they won’t charge fast enough for long trips. With a different technology maybe, but as is they they take space / weight.
  12. @bobpaul True, this specific one isn’t adjustable, but it’s the same guts as this one which is. The point of my series of overviews is mainly to gather some impressions of build quality and possible electric reliability if anyone had the knowledge or care to comment from the photos. It has also the goal of finding who the producer is for the various vendor brands, in order to recoup information. (is a "Chibra" charger the same as a "1RadWerkstatt"?) Detail specs isn’t the point here, but as you care that I used the sentence “Eunicycles sell adjustable / smart chargers of variou
  13. @supercurio Yes XT-60 behave fine, they can come preinstalled and by cutting a tiny taper in the plastic edge slots in easily. I'm still a bit worried about the solidity to wear and tear though.. Maybe a 3D printed plastic housing could help protect between the connector and the cable. @WI_Hedgehog Nice, yes these PowerCON seem to be in the same family as speakON but rated for mains which is great. What we should have on large EUCs. I'll look closer and post here if I find something. (BTW I looked closer at XLR, they should probably take 100V but are rated for 50V only, so probably n
  14. Been using XT-60 till now due to the high headroom, easy solder and compact form factor. These are made for internal use though, they can take a moment to align, they are small to grab, they do not hold the cable for stress relief on the solder. XLR which I first rejected as I thought they where huge might in the end be much more fit. Up to 16A, structure made to be handled. Not that huge. edit: Official limit to 50V.. SpeakON (pro successor to XLR) looked solid bit maybe a bit to chunky. Any other good candidates? Opinions?
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