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  1. There will be two different versions of the EXN available (similar to the RS speed and torque versions). Looking forward to testing the torque version, it should be an amazing wheel for the folks who are satisfied with 40mph. We're taking batch 1 pre-orders here, product page is fairly sparse until we get our hands on it: https://alienrides.com/collections/electric-unicycles/products/gotway-begode-ex-n-torque
  2. First ride on the 2700wh Nikola AR+.
  3. Thanks, let me message some folks and see what we can do.
  4. Let me see if we can work with a local dealer there to handle the import and support. If you're interested I'm sure we can make it work.
  5. Yup, the nikola was one of our favorite wheels out there, so it was our ideal platform to do this on. Thank you, lots of good stuff coming out in the future, keep an eye out 4 months after you buy your next wheel.
  6. The wheel is 65 lbs, 7 lbs lighter than the next 2700wh EUC. It's using the 21700 cells and ships with the standard 3 amp charger. Should be able to charge it at 9 amps no problem with a fast charger.
  7. We can make that happen. Right now the packs are made by Begode. I do think that they are safer now than ever with their new fuse and other improvements. We have exclusive for now and will continue to import these as long as the demand is there. The Loomo version was interesting, but it was basically a DIY version they did themselves. This wheel definitely fills an empty niche of long range compact wheels. I hope people are interested so we can continue investing in improving wheels.
  8. One of the more interesting things of making a wheel has been all of the ideas bubbled up by the community. This is definitely an interesting idea for a build that harnesses some of the best of what Begode offers. While I do wish it was as simple as putting a few parts from the bin together, it's no easy feat doing a collab or custom wheel. It takes months of planning along with a moq of several hundred, requiring a large capital investment. We're going to focus on the Nikola AR+ for a few months to make sure it goes well, but we will definitely be investing in more evolution and imp
  9. Oh we have a ton coming, but I think we will have no problem moving them all. Tons of interest in this model after announcing it. All of the new Begode wheels ship with a black motherboard. It's the same function as the old one, but some claim it's smoother and slightly faster.
  10. Hi folks, thought I'd let you all know about a wheel that we've partnered up with Begode to make, the 2700wh Nikola AR+. Some information on this wheel: A new 21700 top battery resulting in a total of 2700 watt hours. Additional lights on the side panel, and new rear light. New pedal clips ensuring that the pedals stay up, but don't scuff the side panels. Black motherboard for improved current handling. $2,499 price point. 2 year warranty I hope this is the first of many wheel evolutions we're going to release. If you're interested you can find it here.
  11. I found a few more from the past too. Let's collect all of the videos here.
  12. Starting a thread with a collection of gizmoduck videos. Here's our first, more soon!
  13. Just wanted to share this video of the widest EUC that I've ever ridden 😉
  14. Got my Veteran Sherman and did a review on it!
  15. You got it, good to have some critical feedback for King Song to improve the quality of their wheels. I totally just realized that this was the trail ride thread and not the video thread, oops... Oh well there's some trail riding, so I'll leave it, but maybe I'll cross-post it to the video thread as well.
  16. A beautiful, but fragile wheel. Here's our S18 video.
  17. You know what they say, a Sherman a day hires the Alien for pay.
  18. Love the idea and happy to help support however I can. I'm a bit skeptical that we'll ever get an official day, but having a widely organized PLEV group day would be fun. For example, I'm not familiar of any worldwide biking days, but many places have a bike to work day. Let's do what we can to keep promoting LPEVs!
  19. it comes with the ACM pedals, which I think is what they used on the Nikola? Ewheels provides this upgrade, so maybe it doesn't come this way from all sellers.
  20. Finally got my hands on the GotWay Mten3 and reviewed it, such a fun wheel!
  21. We take a look at the MSP Speed Edition... or maybe it was the torque edition 🤔
  22. I never thought I'd make a video featuring ballet heels and electric unicycles, but here we are.
  23. We talk about and ride the GotWay Monster electric unicycle during a scenic trail ride with the South Bay Group.
  24. I think it's good enough to ride in a light rain, but I wouldn't want to ride it in a heavy downpour. There's additional work you can do in waterproofing, including adding additional silicon for where wires go into the deck. Overall it's a pretty versatile scooter, but not fully waterproof like the Boosted Rev/Weped CT/Weped SS.
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