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  1. Jens Muysoms

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Wellington is just crazy windy, we had to cancel a few of our stopovers there due to high winds. Sailing a ship with a hotel strapped on the back is kinda tricky when the hotel acts like a giant sail blowing you off course. on topic: if faced with a headwind I just reduce speed, wind from the side I try to deal with by twisting my body to act like a sail if possible. The hardest conditions are strong gusts of wind from the side, that is just training to feel confident on the wheel.
  2. Jens Muysoms

    Brussels, Belgium

    hoera, dan ben ik niet de enige EUCer die de vlaamse ardennen onveilig maakt! Laat maar weten als je in de streek rond oudenaarde eens wil toeren. @ir_fuel, je V8 heeft ondertussen al ruim de kaap van de 2000km overschreden, maar het begint toch stillekes aan te kriebelen voor een wiel met meer snelheid om de grimas van de snellere wielertoeristen hun gezicht te kunnen vegen. En misschien ook wat meer range, want ik doe maandelijks ritjes waarbij ik angstvallig de batterij in de gaten moet houden of zelfs mijn rijstijl(lees snelheid) moet aanpassen.
  3. Jens Muysoms

    How bad were you hurt?

    I do not condemn the actions of a few individuals with criminal intend that ruin the preception for those that are fleeing a war strucken region. Therefor I will not call them 3rd world savages (except of course those aformentioned individuals). On the other hand I would call your qoute about your actions against a dog that acted on instinct without the knowledge of moral constraints very savage and I sincerly hope that you were just trolling. Maybe we should just rename this topic to "how far am I willing to go to take repercussions against humans or animals threathening me of driving my wheel". But to stick to the topic, my faith in humanity has been hurt after reading this.
  4. Jens Muysoms

    How bad were you hurt?

    Research in Belgium about pepper spray will reveal that it is an illegal weapon here. And allthough I have been bitten by a dog while riding my wheel it wouldn't have made a difference, both me and the dog were so startled from each other that the little bastard decided that he would investigate how my leg tasted. It was all over before I even realised what was happening, no way that I could have sprayed him with pepperspray to prevent it from happening. Besides, have you considered that while driving you will most likely have an apparent wind forward of the beam(as sailors would call it) so that you have a pretty decent chance of hitting yourself with the irritating vapour, possibly hindering yourself driving the EUC in a safe manner. You said it yourself, a very minor squirt would take the fight out of any dog or human, would it also incapacitate you in such a way that you can not ensure safe driving for yourself or any bystanders? I will even go as far as to say that I am happy that pepper spray is illegal here(come on you second amendment nutjobs, bring it on). I don't want to get sprayed in the face by someone who doesn't like me driving on the same bicycle path as he is(happened to me and a few other guys here on the forum). Just because he doesn't like me, or just because I get scared of a dog doesn't give anyone the right to use a weapon on another person or animal. I am glad that I live in a country where I don't have to worry about who is wearing a weapon(lethal or not), even in a society where some individuals mean to harm others, because chances are, they don't have weapons either as most of the crimes are opportunistic.
  5. Jens Muysoms

    WheelLog Android App

    man am I glad to read this, you just made my day! let me know if you need testers for that, I have a huawei watch 2.
  6. Jens Muysoms

    Celebration Advice

    I was going to say please go to jack's shack and say hi to topher from me, but I see you are on a different island. Enjoy your stay there
  7. Jens Muysoms

    Volvo Ocean Race

    I did my internship with Holland America Line on 2 of their cruise ships
  8. Jens Muysoms

    Volvo Ocean Race

    As of yesterday, the final leg is on. Team Brunel, the ones that i am rooting for isn't doing great right now but on the previous leg they pulled up front from being in 6th place to taking the win in under 24 hours. I am fortunate to do that as a job in the future. Been at sea for about a year as an internship. The only downside is that EUC's and air travel is not a great combo so taking my wheel on my next assignment won't be possible.
  9. Jens Muysoms

    Brussels, Belgium

    Wow en ik dacht dat de 35-40 km van de V8 al krap is, maar de V3 heeft wellicht een iets andere use case en meer in lijn met de Mten3 van ir_fuel. En ja @ir_fuel, vandaag staat de teller op iets meer dan 1500km en aangezien ik vaak in nederland ben kan ik genieten van prachtige fietspaden en vlakke wegen waar zelfs een biljartlaken jaloers op zou zijn . Ik heb onlangs geleerd met 1 been te rijden, niet dat ik het vaak ga gebruiken maar het voelt nu wel een stuk minder tricky als ik mijn voet eens wil verplaatsen op mijn pedaal tijdens het rijden. Achteruit rijden daarentegen heb ik nog niet veel geoefend en de meeste pogingen stranden dan ook na een metertje of 2 zonder echt veel controle te hebben waar het wiel me naartoe brengt.
  10. Jens Muysoms

    Volvo Ocean Race

    The app certainly has it's problems and I only use it to check the tracker every now and then when I am not at home. Otherwise I almost always have the tracker on the second screen of my pc. The daily live shows can be jumbled, fair enough, but today they have given a bit of an insight as to why the livestreams are so hectic. The racing have been so close this edition that between time of the start of the show and the end there is so many things developing that any prescripted preparation work just goes out of the window. Plus you have to consider the technical limitations of the inmarsat system with constantly dropping connections so they have to jump to any footage that they can get their hands on and improvise. But that doesn't take away the impressive achievment and the hard work that the crews do to race those boats as hard as they can. Also great to mention the boat Turn The Tide On Plastic, sailing under the flag of the United Nations, being skippered by the only female skipper Dee Caffari. Sailing with a 50/50 male/female crew with a lot of novice offshore sailors. Alltough you can't really call them novice anymore after a lap around the globe and being able to race neck and neck with the top boats. Do you have a boat @meepmeepmayer? quick edit, Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag just crossed the finish line as the last boat concluding leg 10
  11. Compelling story of the USS San Diego. Haven't been able to dive in US waters, but this wreck is definitely on my to do list when I am in the area and I have enough time. Fortunatly we have an abundance of wrecks here in the North Sea so can't really complain.
  12. Jens Muysoms

    Volvo Ocean Race

    Any sailors or sailing fans here? If you are and you aren't following the Volvo Ocean Race yet, now is the time. The teams just arrived in Gotenburg in the penultimate leg with 3 of the 7 teams tied in first place after 45.000 nautical miles around the world. You can follow the race on the Volvo Ocean Race website with real life tracking. For me personally I am rooting for Team Brunel, with skipper Bouwe Bekking that has sailed the race 8 times and never been able to win it but now within reach of the trophy for his very last Volvo Ocean Race. Making an impressive comeback after a slow beginning. And last but not least, the only team with a belgian on board. let me know what team you are rooting for and if you might make it to the finish in Den Haag, the Netherlands.
  13. Jens Muysoms

    EUC oscillation insight

    I usually try to anticipate road and traffic conditions so as to avoid having to slam the brakes. Do you get those wobbles every time you brake hard or only on uneven terrain.? I drive with my feet a bit forward as well, I think it has something to do with gettting your centre of gravity more or less in the middle of the peddal
  14. Jens Muysoms

    EUC oscillation insight

    I am talking about the forward-backwards oscillation, the pedals tilt up and down in rapid succesion. Exactly like in the video that you posted in the linked forum topic when that guy jumps down those stairs. Depends, do you have some body armor I can use? preferably with build in airbags. I really wish to avoid painting the road with my face again, wounds heal but I don't know if my ego or my confidence is capable of getting hit too frequently. Since GW and Inmotion have these oscillating problems, is this an inherent problem with EUCs in general, or just a bad design on a few wheels?
  15. Jens Muysoms

    EUC oscillation insight

    A few days ago my inmotion V8 started oscillating again. I had to bail and it left me with a nasty case of road rash on my elbow and knee. This was the 3th time in around 1000 km that I have driven the wheel that I experienced such a rodeo ride. It is also the second time I crashed because of it. This left me wondering what could have caused the wheel to behave in such a way. I started thinking about the circumstances of my crashes and I can clearly remember that on both instances I was braking while driving through a gutter with about the same radius as the wheel. Is is possible that this would throw off an oscilloscope and send the wheel in some sort of a wild feedback loop? The battery on my wheel was almost complety full as I had only ridden for about 400 meters when it happened. I don't have any wheellog data because my phone's aggresive doze function keeps closing the app so I rarely ride with the app open. So I am turning to the great hive mind that is the EUC forum to see if anyone else has noticed the oscillation occur in similar circumstances. Or did anyone experience oscillation in totally different circumstances? I hope to create some insight that may lead to either safer EUCs or at least to a more knowledgable driving style that can avoid the problem. Thank you all in advance for sharing any insight that you may have. I will try to go to the spot where I crashed later today and take a picture of the gutter of doom and edit it into this post.