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  1. @seageLove the video. I was born in the wrong country …. I should have been born in the U.S or Canada. That is a lovely city to ride around in, up there with New York when it comes to interesting places to see
  2. RoberAce back where he belongs and doing what he does best
  3. I spoke to a friend yesterday, and he cycles to work in the city centre. He told me that actually, going into the city toward the university, he sees loads of electric scooters - and he thinks has seen wheels - on the cycle paths there. Must admit that it still seems odd, as I live in the middle of a massive student population and haven't seen a scooter or wheel yet. One guy did stop me the other day and mention EUC's, but I ride past his place a lot and I reckon the "other one" that he saw, was actually me
  4. I wonder whatever happened to this fella? He must live really close to me, but I've never seen anybody else riding a wheel around these parts.
  5. Unfortunately my laptop won't run the Insta360 Studio software. It only has 8gb ram (non-upgradeable) and an i5 cpu and the Insta studio software just locks up on me, so I'm stuck editing on my iPad
  6. Cheers Stephen. I hadn't realised that the 5.7k referred to the total resolution of both sensors. It makes sense now though! Now I just need to figure out how to make night footage look good
  7. My very first video with the Insta 360 One X. I am still getting used to the editing software and also riding while holding a selfie stick, so be gentle with me I need to sort out getting rid of that awful wind noise, and also how to upload at higher than 1080p? Despite recording the footage at 4K, it doesn't look that great and only shows as 1080p on YouTube. I showed it to my daughter and because she couldn't see the selfie stick, she asked me who the brave person was riding backwards filming me
  8. I'd personally go for the Quest (I own one and its fantastic) over the Go. It has a much nicer display, being OLED over the LCD of the Go. Plus, if you ever did change your mind, the Quest is not only a capable little device, but can be plugged into a PC and used as a full VR headset.
  9. @stephenThat's really odd. That looks nothing at all like the page I ordered from!? At least that drop down box isn't.
  10. Nice! Got my order in for the red/black ones. They will go nicely with my winter jacket
  11. I feel with them being slightly longer, they will cover the end of the sleeves on my jacket better, and stop wind going up my sleeves, so will help me for sure
  12. Got my discount code thanks I'll be putting my order in as soon as they are available. These new ones for winter and the older ones for summer I think
  13. Every single person I have mentioned my Z10 to has assumed it was a regular unicycle with a motor and then asked how the hell that would work. One guy I know, I bumped into at a supermarket and described it in fine detail (I didn't have my phone with me to show him a pic) and he was really impressed and said it sounded so cool. Next time I saw him, he says "I googled electric unicycle, it isn't anything like a unicycle" - despite the fact he had heard me tell him it was nothing like one :/ I am not quite sure hoverwheel would help with the people I know. Back To The Future is the first thing they will picture
  14. I think at the beginning you need a little confidence to go faster than you imagine is safe. Not too much, but that extra little bit of speed is just like riding a bike, and it becomes so much more stable. Watching some beginners trying to go at waking pace and failing because its just too slow to start off with. I am now very comfortable with my Z10 moving around beneath me and letting it do its thing. It feels so much safer and easier to ride that way for me. No speed wobbles anymore.....very few hairy moments when it tramlines for a second or so. Just enjoyment. Though after owning it for a few months now, I was shocked to see the app congratulate me for completing 50 miles!! I can't believe I've ridden it so little. I was convinced I had done way more.
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