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  1. I'm sure if they could find a way to monetise the use of scooters on the road, they would make the legal tomorrow.
  2. Here's a link to Amazon U.K for that compressor https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Oasser-Inflator-Electric-Compressor-Portable/dp/B071XTHWQF/ref=sr_1_19?crid=2188X0OT08NQX&keywords=electric+tyre+pump&qid=1563267625&s=gateway&smid=A3PZLWRLGIEWG2&sprefix=electric+ty%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-19
  3. Yeah I saw that sad news about TV presenter Emily Hartridge https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/9499566/emily-hartridge-dead-electric-scooter-crash-london/ I don't mean to sound cold or callous, but because she is somewhat famous, I fear it will bring far more negative press toward scooters than it might otherwise have done with a member of the public. You can imagine a knee jerk reaction toward this. Despite the fact that walking, cycling, driving etc are all equally as dangerous.
  4. Is there more than one "official" configuration? I notice on Speedyfeet they have this listed as 1600wh, but there is a drop down box (which is empty) suggesting that at some point they have had another configuration on sale? Cheers
  5. If you don't find anybody local, I'd be interested in buying this, if you would be ok with packaging it up as I'm in Manchester (totally understand if you didn't want to. I wouldn't fancy lugging it around to a post office if it was me ) I actually fancy the KS16X as my first wheel, but after seeing the teething problems with the Z10, I think I'd probably like to hang fire on that model and see how users get on with it. In the meantime this would be a great wheel for me to start off on as I wouldn't be travelling far at first. The offer is there anyway. I'd cover any postage obviously. My only question is - and please don't be offended - as I'm new here, do you have any feedback anywhere like eBay for example. I'm obviously not familiar with any members yet so sending money is my only little concern
  6. Yeah that is one drawback sadly, missing out on the first batch...but not wanting to jump in straightaway. After everything that went on with the Z10 I'm wary of buying a new model until it has been used by a few of the experts like yourself, and seeing how it handles, and any issues. Ideally I need something now around the £500 mark just to get me on and learning. I keep looking on Facebook marketplace (though I'm so wary of buying on there, as some prices have been ridiculously low and seem really iffy) and also eBay ...and here of course. It would be nice to find somebody trustworthy who is honest about whatever they are selling. I'm just itching to start learning. I have my baby steps route planned out in my flat (apartment ) as it has a very long hallway from the living room, past the bedroom, across the kitchen to the bathroom. If (when) I fall on my ass, I intend to do it in private
  7. Well, as you were all kind enough to give me heaps of advice in this thread, I thought I'd update you all I was ready to order the MSuperX, but have watched a handful of videos of the pre-production King Song K16X and want to hang on and see what Speedyfeet make of it when it arrives. I've resigned myself to the fact I'll be spending a couple of grand on an EUC at any rate Thank god I don't have a wife to lie to about the cost it such a thing
  8. I've reported his Facebook page. I know from experience that it doesn't mean much, as somebody stole my daughters Facebook page and FB did absolutely nothing about it. But you never know. If they contact me for more details I'll explain why I reported it.
  9. Interesting (edit: interesting is a bad choice of words really, as I do feel bad for Nic) following this story as I had a close encounter, but thankfully didn't try to buy from this guy. I'd been on his site a couple of times but something seemed a bit off, so I googled "is theninebot.co.uk legit" and the second result was this page https://www.scamner.com/check/theninebot.co.uk Now I'll be honest, even THAT website looks iffy, but it was enough to put me off. I did also do some other googling and found one instance of him mention on Twitter where it seems he did sell a Ninebot Elite in 2016 to @scoutcragghp which seems to be a holiday village. They link to this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010561592283 and also this one
  10. She already knows I want one, and has even offered to buy me a helmet. I think she figures it is the lesser of two evils, as I obviously can't reach the speeds I used to on a motorbike. And won't be going on dangerous roads! Padded hoodie is a nice idea as well, and I like the idea that it could be a looser fitting
  11. Lol....they aren't that big! I'd love another motorbike, but my daughter says she will disown me if I get one! That, plus I'm not entirely sure I could ride any distance with my arm Something that slides on would be great I think. Bit I didn't even think about an armoured jacket
  12. Been looking around at protection as I ponder my first ever EUC purchase. Something I need, is arm/elbow protection, but that is long? Basically I suffered a motorcycle accident a few years back, and one of my injuries was my left arm was severed and re-attached at the elbow. It kind of works to some degree, but I don't have any strength in it to speak of. BUT....it left me with what is called hypersensitivity around my elbow area, and so I wouldn't be able to stand having anything fastened around my arm there. I'd need something that maybe attaches around the upper bicep area and toward the wrist area? It will be uncomfortable enough having something just over my elbow. But it's my biggest worry if I fall, somehow damaging my arm there again. Is there anything for neck protection by the way? I also broke my back and neck at the time, and although they are healed, I'm always scared of knocking my neck in particular. Not scared enough to put me off getting an EUC though Thanks for any input.
  13. @WonderwebbThanks mate, that's a really kind offer. But I'm in Manchester, so unless you fancy doing a long range test of yours I've just be wary of ordering from places like AliExpress because the last couple of times I have ordered from them (only small items) they took payment, and despite the things I wanted showing as being in stock, they emailed me later both times to tell me it wasn't in stock and to cancel my order if I wished, and they then took over a week to refund my money. Not saying that is always the case obviously, but I wouldn't want them to sit on over a grand for over a week before I got it back. Otherwise I can't tell you how tempted I have been because of some of the prices. I'm just not brave enough to risk it
  14. Cheers for the heads up. You've got me thinking about alternatives again now I admit I'm a little scared of having a big accident on one of these things, in case I damage the parts of my body that needed the most repairs. That pedal issue has raised my eyebrows to say the least!
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