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  1. It's one of those things that is really quite hard to explain to somebody that hasn't ridden one. There is huge satisfaction as you learn the nuances. The quick acceleration and almost silent running is like nothing else. At least with my Z10, not sure if all wheels are quiet? But there is something so serene about just gliding along a few inches off the ground, but you feel like you are much higher. I guess it is like being on a magic carpet, albeit one with an altitude restriction A big part of it, for me is....no one I know personally has one. When I ride around my area, I'm riding something that nobody else has. And while I'd love to see them become more widespread, the fact that you feel like you are in a unique club, is a great feeling
  2. @Sidestreet RenyGreat video. I'm curious though, as impressive as it is seeing EUC's take all that punishment, do you have to do a lot of maintenance? I would have thought with no suspension other than tyre flex, the bearings especially would take a beating and need replacing once in a while? How do the footplate mountings hold up as well? Cheers
  3. Good eyes! Definitely looked like it. Great video from @Afeez Kay but it got me thinking. How the hell are these young guys ending up being in charge of these companies? I saw a video Kuji Rolls did at Ninebot and the boss there was a fairly young looking fella!
  4. @HsiangDude....I love your YouTube videos, but please get your Z10 fixed. It hasn't been the same since you and @stephendefected to the dark side!
  5. To think what a forward thinking, inventive country we once used to be. Reduced to stopping people for riding alternative transport solutions.....how depressing.
  6. You just know he has furniture made from human flesh.
  7. Watch some more of his videos (his name is actually Rober Ace, I didn't miss-spell it ) He corners a lot faster than 12kmh in some of them I promise you
  8. I'm a total beginner still, so don't take my word for it......but, one of the reasons I bought the Z10 was seeing riders like Rober Ace especially, hanging off it to turn. Just like a motorbike And as a biker, that absolutely appealed to me. I am getting braver and braver at really starting to hang off the wheel as I manhandle it around corners, and I love that sensation. Maybe there are better ways to do it, but gritting your teeth and leaning works well for me
  9. At the moment I have a bad back so the lower the better for me to be honest. Having said that, I broke my back and neck when I had my motorbike accident, so I'm sure a big part of me wanting lower pressures is just to stop jarring my neck and back when I'm riding. Ideally somebody would make one with suspension built in, but I'm sure it would mean a lot bulkier wheel as a result. Much like that guy who has built his own EUC.....it's huge!
  10. Definitely worth the night riding if you have the opportunity. Especially if your roads are perhaps a little rough and you aren't sure how you will handle the little bumps and quirks. With no traffic around it doesn't matter if you hit something difficult and either weave sideways or have to step off!
  11. @PogArt Arturso far, although I have been riding in the middle of the night, I have found taxi drivers to be amazingly considerate. There is a road around the corner from me, with parked cars on both sides, and even though an approaching taxi driver can only see my lights, and not be sure what I am riding, they have always stopped to let me go through first. And then have a good stare at me You are right though, I didn't actually think about braking, and not having them! That is something I need to start thinking about before I go out in more traffic. I have been able to ride in the night without ever stopping! I must practice hard braking next. I have been told by a friend who commutes into the city centre here in Manchester, that there are loads of scooters and electric skateboards around in the early morning, all commuting, and he hasn't ever seen anybody being stopped. Which was a pleasant surprise. I am tempted to go out around that time and start riding along with them all on the cycle lanes leading up to the university (which is on the same road leading into the city centre) just to blend in with a few people and see what it's like
  12. @Andy5225Oh and I also forgot!.... welcome to the forums
  13. I can't wait to get properly out on the roads and try riding on some nice smooth tarmac. I'm still a bit unsure about riding in traffic. Nothing to do with my riding ability now, more to do with thinking back to my motorcycle accident and it affecting my head much more than I thought it would. I realise I have actually done less than 50 miles so far! Mainly because of foot ache at first, and then the bloody Manchester weather I'm quite proud though, of how accomplished I feel on the wheel considering the low mileage I've spent a fortune on protective clothing, and should be as safe as you can be. I reckon the softer psi will stand me in good stead....just in case there are the odd bumps and lumps. I think if I went crazy high on psi I'd get completely caught out by the wheel.
  14. Yeah I was thinking more the mini moto style motorbikes rather than proper full sized bikes The Z10 tyre especially must have come off something interesting I reckon.
  15. For me personally, it is amazing fun, and also really relaxing at times. I don't sleep very well so have been doing my practice on the roads at around 4am when it is nice and quiet. And the Z10 is so quiet (no idea how it compares to other wheels) that it feels like I'm just floating around the streets. I think because at the speeds I am doing at the moment, I am not having to put much effort in so it feels great. You know when you are on a bicycle and come to a nice long downhill section where you can relax and just enjoy free wheeling? It's somewhat like that, only it lasts the whole time you are riding
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