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  1. That's about right. I think it was Marty Backes video that mentions each step is now 0.3 degrees. I had mine on pa2 so am now flicking between pa6 and pa7 to see which one I prefer.
  2. Received my Sherman a few days ago from the latest batch and the wheel seems to be ok thankfully. Though obviously there is no way to check the inside of the wheel without stripping it all down. The fact these are leaving the factory like this though is disgraceful. You can't tell me that some of the worst cases weren't spotted when the tyre was being fitted?
  3. I might be interested depending on who the seller is and how warranty claims would be handled.
  4. I've ordered some for this very purpose. I originally was going to just get one to put somewhere inside the frame of my ebike, but then figured I could put one inside the shell of my wheel as well. I probably won't ever need to make use of it. But they aren't that expensive so why not?
  5. So strange seeing somebody on an EUC riding through Didsbury village! I haven't braved it in that direction yet. It's only about a 10 minute ride from mine.
  6. @Creative Nomad Really cool, fun video Is that what you do for a living? Something movie/editing related?
  7. @Antec I'm getting old! I'm watching your video thinking "I wish I lived in these quieter U.K places"....then I think, hang on that looks like it's near John Lewis about 20 minutes away).....yeah...definitely seems to be.....oh balls, it's the same guy I have been talking to in PM
  8. There is something quite sadly amusing about a company from a country responsible for more counterfeit products than any other, losing its s**t over where people buy its products from.
  9. It's weird.....I have checked everything and can't find anything loose. I'm wondering if that rocking back and forward (I am trying to learn riding backwards) combined with my weight just gets that noise going (like I say, much much quieter hearing it in person. The phone camera really does seem to amplify it) I went for a couple of miles ride yesterday just up and down my road, starting, stopping, turning.....and it feels absolutely rock solid. Balances perfectly, no vibrations, no grinding noises...nothing. I'm gonna refrain from trying to go forwards then into reverse and just learn back
  10. Yeah I'll try....trouble is there isn't that much to see with the panels off. It's still under warranty and I've emailed them about it. But would have been nice if it was "normal" or something I could have fixed myself :/
  11. My Z10 is making a knocking noise when transitioning from forward to backward motion and vice versa. It has always done this to some degree from day one and as it is my first wheel I always assumed it was normal. There is some slack/deadzone between forwards and backwards and I just thought it was as the motor engaged for each direction. But the last couple of days it seems to be doing it while riding over even the smallest bumps. I will add a video here, and note that the mic on my phone makes it sound MUCH louder than it actually is by ear. I am just worried something serious is g
  12. Official dealers can still close down. Surely the warranty is ultimately with the manufacturer and NOT the seller?
  13. I'm gobsmacked reading this thread. Kingsong need to wake up and realise we live in an internet world. People buy items from all over the world these days, and a lot of the best companies offer international warranties regardless of where it was purchased. I was undecided between a V11 and the S18, and despite the fact I would have been buying from a U.K dealer, I don't think Kingsong deserve my cash.
  14. I've just bought a POC and I believe that basically each of the different washers grips inside the mechanism to varying degrees based on which one it is. And that on impact the washer (with it's little teeth) loses grip and it folds up or down? rather than put strain on the helmet? Or you can use the thickest one which says it doesn't break away at all. I could be wrong, but that is how I am assuming it works I've also been looking at getting a new full face helmet. I'd love something like the Fox Proframe, but I want an internal drop down visor. I can't stand wearing goggles, I feel tr
  15. I was looking on YouTube at folding electric bikes. I can't walk very well/far so wanted something to give me some independence that was also a little out of the ordinary. I believe the first channel I saw as a recommendation that featured EUC's was TheTopher. I think he was riding his wheel around a multi-storey carpark and stopped to explain to a couple what he was riding. From there I found Chooch, Kuji etc etc and was hooked. This was just over a year ago, and I saw recommendations for speedyfeet here in the U.K. The Z10 was due to arrive (the euro build one) and I decided after seein
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