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  1. As others have said, just go for it. I haven't had the pleasure of going on any group rides yet. But from my relatively short time as a member here, I feel I can confidently say that no EUC rider would do anything other than make you feel very welcome.
  2. I wouldn't go anywhere near that mirror myself to be honest. If I fell I'm fairly sure I'd use my hands to try and protect my head, and if it smashed there is a chance the glass could go in my eyes. It's a small chance, but one I wouldn't risk.
  3. @RoberAcemy daughter now thinks you are much cooler than me I have been telling her about my Z10 but she hasn't seen me on it yet. So to best describe what it is like, I sent her one of your Z10 videos. She laughed and said "there is no way you are as cool riding it as that guy"
  4. Sadly not. It's one of the most infuriating things about the Z10/Ninebot app. You can't adjust the tilt angle at all. You can fudge it, but it isn't ideal. There is a way to get the wheel beeping with an error, then placing it level to rest the calibration to level. I simply did that, but made sure that the level thing I placed the wheel on, was slightly angled to my preferred angle. It's all ridiculous really.
  5. Sadly you can't do that with the Z10 The calibration just resets it to factory level i.e dead level
  6. There are a few videos on YouTube on how to potentially fix that. It's a fudge fix to be honest, that involves putting some packing inside the casing to increase pressure on some contacts. But it seems to be the only way to possibly fix it. On a separate note, I bought a bezel skin from Gadgetwraps ( https://www.gadgetwraps.com/shop/ ) for my Pebble Time, as the bezel had a nasty scratch on it. And I have to say that the skin fits amazingly well. So much so that you can't tell it's a skin at all.
  7. @Mono I would imagine, that even after all that experience and miles, mounting and dismounting is still something that you don't do very often? When I'm watching guys on YouTube, once they get going, they very rarely put their feet down. So I guess it isn't surprising that it takes time to master. I spend time in the private car park here just practising it to try and get better, ready for proper traffic rides.
  8. I very rarely mount with my feet exactly where I want them. I am still quite the beginner though. I've had my wheel for about 4 months now, but haven't even done 50 miles on it yet, because of various things getting in the way. And yeah, it's strange how you'll be riding and think "oh, I turned much easier"...."I just moved my feet without wobbling" … "I just looked over my shoulder to check for traffic without veering sideways" It all just starts to click the more you ride
  9. @MR BRAD I'm still a relatively new rider, and I had a lot of problems mounting the wheel as well. I would eventually mount it, and go off in all sorts of directions. The problem of course, is that when mounting it, I was setting off with my feet not in the ideal position at all. When holding onto something to start, I could get my feet comfortable, and set off. But when mounting, my feet ended up in a completely different position, and that made it much more difficult to keep going once mounted. I learnt to ride and really relax as much as possible. Because while you are tense, it feels like gravity has increased a 100 fold and you can't move your feet at all while riding. Whereas now, I have found the position I'm most comfortable with (heels aligned with the back of the pedal. It stops my feet aching) and so when I mount, I can quickly adjust my feet and then be in control.
  10. That was the one thing that stopped me venturing out into traffic. It is essential to be able to do a smooth takeoff at junctions and traffic lights. I was really wobbly at first and know I would have wandered into any oncoming cars. I'd love to be at a Chooch level, where he just goes in small circles and backwards and forwards. Having said that, it isn't as easy here in the U.K as most of the roads are much narrower.
  11. After a lot of use, the only thing I wouldn't mind changing, is making the wrist ending a bit wider so that it fits over my jacket sleeve. I don't mean wider like gauntlet style motorcycle gloves (do they still make those?) just wide enough to stop wind blowing up my sleeves It's a truly minor niggle though. I'll be buying those new V2 ones though for sure!
  12. Is the 7th Nov you mention there referring to the Insta360? I was watching a youtube video yesterday where the guy mentioned Insta360 were announcing a new model on the 7th Nov. But so far I can't find a thing on Google. The Insta360 One X might not have all the features of the new GoPro Max, but it just seems so much neater to place on a helmet etc.
  13. You have completely lost me there, as I didn't even know some batteries were more desirable, or were you being sarcastic?
  14. https://www.ebay.com/c/714322837 it's available in a lot of places. It is called the Meilan X5
  15. I doubt it. The lenses for the lasers are right underneath the light. It would literally have to fall right on to it's nose.
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