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  1. One thing about EUC, they don’t cheap out on batteries. High quality Sanyo or LG batteries only from the major manufacturers.
  2. faster speeds, more range. There is a market out there dying to go faster than ~40 mph safely and we are willing to pay for it. Somehow, I don’t believe such a wheel will be coming from King Song.
  3. 3200Wh, sign me up. People who claim you don’t “need” the range don’t realize performance decreases as you deplete the battery; You Kingsong and Inmotion owners would know this all too well as your battery depletes below 60% when your tiltback engages earlier and earlier.
  4. wet sand it then polish. any article about plastic restoration will give you the information you need.
  5. 1100Wh is a joke. I’d love to test ride one to see how the suspension feels, but given my calculation of 45 Wh / mile, this is a 24-25 mile wheel, 30 if you go below top speed. It’s like nobody is interested in upping the ante on top speed instead of gimmicky new tech (which also introduces additional points of failure). PSA: Bending your knees is a perfectly suitable alternative for those of us owning inferior wheels.
  6. EUCservice is legit, ordered my Nikola 100V from them, just one point to make; at the advertised pricing the warranty is only 3 days which is only good to confirm the wheel isn’t DOA. Cheap prices mean no after sales support.
  7. I’ve ridden EUC with my whole shoe collection (sneakers, Vans, Skechers, boots, dress shoes), and at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. If you have foot pain, you’re standing on it wrong. Try standing further up on the pedals with your heels flush against the edges.
  8. You’ll break your ankle making a bad situation worse with that idea. Don’t do it.
  9. As someone who has ridden both the 14S (a long range version of the 14D) and owner of the Mten3, I would say it will depend on the road conditions of your commute, especially as a newb. The KS 14D is probably going to be a more stable ride that can handle potholes and rough road better than the Mten3. The Mten3 is definitely the most fun of the two, with insane amounts of torque for its size, a usable (by my standards) top speed, and the ability to turn on a dime that is unmatched by any other EUC on the market. It’s also small enough to be thrown in a backpack for true stealth. Don’t let my warnings scare you though; with enough experience the Mten3 is capable of being ridden in some of the worst road conditions known to man if you know what to look for; as I ride it around Manhattan without much issue. Check out my ride up 3rd Avenue below!
  10. You’re talking to a guy that cut out at 42 mph! If i can survive that without any broken bones and nothing but a bruised thumb, cutting out on an mten3 is tame in comparison. (Wear your armor and helmet folks). With that said, if you stomp the Mten hard enough you can easily make it cut or at least, dip. I can hammer forward on either of my 100V wheels and the Gyro holds up perfectly. Then again, Nikola “soft” mode isn’t really all that soft.
  11. don’t take offense, you’re either too fat and putting way too much pressure on the pedals, or you’re leaning way too hard into a turn. the gyro isn’t all that powerful (I can make hard mode cutout at slow speeds on this wheel with very little effort) so go easy on the lean-in when you’re turning.
  12. Not exactly a MSX motor, but it’ll bring back the riding characteristics of the old wheel. Count me in the suicidal camp that wants a wheel that can cruise 50+ mph. Guess I will have to wait for 126/134V
  13. I really don’t get why people think the Mten3 can’t be ridden at 20+ mph cruising. I live in NYC, home to some of the worst road conditions on the planet and have no issues attaining that speed. Just keep your eyes peeled and have some experience, that’s all. I posted a video on YouTube chronicling my journey up 3rd Avenue on the road at 20+ mph riding the beeps. On some of these beautiful roads in other parts of the country, there is absolutely no reason 20+ mph should be of any concern.
  14. smashed my head at 30 mph losing traction on black ice, helmet saved me. cutout at 42 mph on my Nikola, helmet didn’t have a scratch. Moral of the story, you’ll never know when it’ll save you, but you’ll be glad you have it when you need it. Ps: Peripheral vision is SUPER important on an EUC. I have a motorcycle full face that i absolutely hate wearing because of that reason, yet an open face helmet with bubble shield doesn’t impede my peripheral vision. Heck, even a skateboard helmet would be a good compromise. I dislike the TSG pass (which most NYC guys swear by) for that very reason.
  15. I’d recommend an 18” wheel for those who can only have one wheel. I know of a 100 lb (45 kg) teenager riding a Gotway MSX 100V and he can really tear into that wheel with more safety margin than a heavier rider. Unless you have noodle arms that can’t carry a 50 lb EUC, there is absolutely no reason to get a smaller wheel, aside from them being more nimble and lighter.
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