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  1. Veteran is working on two wheels: 16” wheel and a suspension wheel of unknown size.
  2. stock chargers are $50 on Aliexpress, contact YZpower they are the OEM that manufactures the chargers used on 100v Gotway Also, for older Gotway wheels, chargers were not included in the box. they’d be a separate shipment. I believe this has changed on the newer Gotway wheels. My Monster and Nikola both had chargers arrive in separate shipments. I’d make the seller refund $100 to cover the cost of a charger/inconvenience or dispute/return it.
  3. sounds like you inadvertently enabled transport mode somehow.
  4. Wheels are rock solid reliable compared to scooters. Before hollow bore motors existed, you rarely heard of any issues with them aside from board failures.
  5. i GPS compared it, you’re not imagining things, it’s about 5% too high compared to actual speed. I normally peg the beeps at 28-29 mph non stop, so my 15 mile estimate probably won’t apply to you. In this cold though, the beeps start at 25-26 so it’s even worse, and I already cut out once (almost twice) in the cold.
  6. yes, and the heavier you are, the faster the board will heat up as well. Would not buy this wheel if you weigh more than 65-70kg. I weigh 80 kg and the axle snapped on me after 1000 km (never jumped this wheel)
  7. you can also change the LED light pattern to where it uses the front 8 dots to give you a battery indicator (cycle the power button multiple times to switch modes) The range on this wheel is so poor I just assume i’m getting 15 miles max on it before it’s dead.
  8. it’s not as hard as you think, it’s as simple as they need to make the tilt angle more sensitive (or allow for more pedal dip) so it can pour more current into the motor, as it stands it takes a LOT of force to feed the Mpro the current it needs to “go fast”. Manageable, but exhausting.
  9. haha, "it's like riding a bear" Gotta love grumpycat @houseofjob I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with evX assessment this wheel is for Monster lovers because it rides nothing like the old Monster. I would say this wheel as-is appeals to heavy riders, slow range guys, MSX guys looking into riding a wheel with a larger tire, but certainly NOT original Monster lovers or anyone who already owns a Veteran Sherman. Like I said earlier, it rides more like an MSX than a Monster, whereas the Sherman rides more like a baby Monster.
  10. @Hsiang dream wheel! Spot on, although I didn’t find it as much a detriment as you did. Best way to describe this wheel for me is a jumbo sized MSX; if you like the MSX/RS you’ll love this wheel. I hope they use this 3 week production delay and tweak soft mode for comfort as this wheel is meant for the street not off-road. And yes, Sheman is the best wheel I ever owned, still brings me great joy to keep up with cars on 45 mph roads in Long Island.
  11. define an “injury”? I cut out on my MCM5 yesterday and my wrist is sore but not broken. Also cut out on a Nikola at 42 mph and similar story, sore but nothing broken. I voted “never got injured” simply cause my crashes did not result in me being incapacitated in any way.
  12. Yep, spot on. Most important tip you mentioned, keep up with traffic or risk getting run over on the road, which means stop buying slow wheels. MCM5 would be fine around NYC, but once you’re out in the suburbs you need 40-45 mph.
  13. i have sliders in front, doubles as a wheel stand.
  14. yep, my early firmware does this. prevents me from using a wheel stand, but not worth losing my lift speed.
  15. I don’t know what everyone is freaking out about. My firmware is 0.0.00 and it rides like a dream. It dips a little but coming from a Monster it’s nothing i haven’t experienced before. No transport mode, no mph function, hard mode oscillates and is unusable. Spins up to 107.5kmh on full battery and I rode medium mode.
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