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  1. Might've jumped the gun there. I haven't ridden my wheel for 3 days its still holding 100.7V. It could be what @Chriull said.
  2. never ever going to happen... if you want real speed you won’t ever get it out of KingSong. They won’t change til it hits their finances.
  3. Ray Rokni, a guy on telegram. He still has some left I paid $45 + shipping.
  4. we have a 110lb rider who actually hit 51 on the MSX, dumb yes considering how little headroom they have, but capable if you’re light enough.
  5. almost 2200 miles on my Nikola 100V my power button stopped working, but other than that it’s been bulletproof. Swapped my bald tire to a ChaoYang H666 and it fundamentally changed the wheel (for the better).
  6. I regrip all my wheels with Vicious. Well, except the Sherman since that wheels grip tape is as coarse as Vicious.
  7. Ben Kim

    Gotway Suspension

    It's disappointing to see Gotway only tease new products instead of actually releasing them. The summer is all but over and whatever wheels they come out with, will be arriving after peak riding season. With that said, I am more interested in the Gotway EX than the Monster Pro. Hopefully with Veteran pricing the Sherman reasonably with 240 cells ($2750-2850 USD), it will drive the price of Gotway wheels down. With that said, I don't think Gotway will shoot themselves in the foot pricing the EX at $4000 USD.
  8. single dad problems sir. It may very well be 3 days before I get to ride it again! Just finished carving out version 2.0 of my seat.
  9. I’ve noticed this wheel has the annoying z10 phantom power drain problem. unplugged and it’s down to 100.4V. Will probably have to leave the charger plugged in until i’m ready to ride.
  10. We dodge those craters, not go into them, so I wouldn’t know.
  11. guess eWheels better start changing his tire allocation to all Knobby based on this video. Not sure what’s worse, blowing a board on a 40 degree slope or wobbling at 45-50 mph.
  12. Finally after 5 weeks of painful waiting, it has arrived! I will skip the common known issues already reported by others (inefficient at slow speeds, lack of low end torque, poor LCD cover glue, motor sheath deforming/melting, pedal dip) contrary to @Marty Backe experience, my wheel fully charged to 101.0V with no issues. It also had a 106.3 kmh no-load speed, consistent with others. I switched between soft and medium mode, and found that medium suits my riding style best with a slight dip which assists while weight shifting, without the disorienting backwards dip of soft mode. Hard mode feels very much like Nikola soft mode (which isn’t all that soft to begin with). My 60 mile ride left me with 84V remaining, and given low battery tiltback is at 76V, I believe it had at least another 20 casual miles in it. I will be doing an even longer range ride this coming weekend with higher sustained speeds to see how the Sherman holds up. What amazes me about this wheel is that Monster-like feeling of being sneaky fast. i thought I was going 20-25 mph but looking at my phone, i was actually traveling 33-35 mph. I will be giving the wheel another 40 miles or so before I push it north of 40 (My top speed was 39.6 mph tonight). The motor whine is irritating at speeds below 20 mph. It is reminiscent of old school Kingsong wheels with that annoying whistling sound, which makes me want to push this wheel simply to get rid of that noise! The weight isn’t as big a deal given there are two handles to lift it by, aside from the awkwardness of lifting it that way. I actually found it easier to lift than my 70lb battery modded Monster 3 given the weight distribution. My wheel arrived with no valve stem cover, or pedal nuts! Luckily, I had spare pedal nuts from a spare set of Gotway pedals, so I wasn’t left being unable to ride. The tire takes some getting used to, but within 15 miles I was aggressively carving and comfortably handling the wheel. The soft compound really absorbs some of the worst road conditions NYC has to offer like a champ. Road noise aside, this is an excellent tire choice, in my honest opinion. With that said, there is absolutely nothing out there that can mate a ~50 mph top speed with 80 real-world “fast” miles. The issues found from the initial run of Sherman’s appear to be identified and corrected for the eWheels initial supply, but I do fear there are some compromises given the change in firmware logic based on feedback. I, for one, do not wish for any firmware changes; they designed this wheel for the street, not off-road (contrary to its utilitarian design). I genuinely hope they do not make any knee jerk firmware changes because it would be a shame to ruin what may potentially be one of the best riding EUCs ever made to date. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can’t magically make a motor wound for speed have MSP torque to tackle overheat hill. Just understand this is NOT the wheel of choice for those use cases. This is a street demon, plain and simple. If you crave speed, range and stability in a single package for the street, you would be hard pressed to find any real alternatives currently.
  13. I can tell you now that light will not fit the sherman unless you remove the guard rail.
  14. i never doubted you. People get butthurt if it doesn’t jibe with their confirmation bias. Nothing is wrong with a 35-40 mile >31 mph wheel that isn’t Gotway.
  15. Gotways got an answer for that. probably not ready til october at the earliest.
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