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  1. Pads definitely help, but my issue with them is manufacturers are tuning wheels to require them now for any reasonable performance (Gotway)
  2. no, i think it’s the loud off-road riders who want rock hard pedals and no dip for their use case. The problem is these newbies are using pads as a crutch instead of properly learning how to ride their wheel, so Gotway thinks that’s what everyone wants. At least Veteran is sticking to their guns
  3. the front six dots on the wheel that randomly change color is actually your battery indicator. 6 = full.
  4. the problem is with these new breed of Gotways, pads are almost mandatory. Try riding a Monster Pro or EX without pads for 60 miles and get back to me.
  5. the tube went flat on my mcm5v2 a few weeks ago, not from any road hazards but because the valve stem detached from the tube. Honestly I think it was long coming because this new tube is holding a solid 40 psi, whereas my old tube lost air around 1-2 psi per week.
  6. until KS embraces 100V, they’re missing out on a rather large enthusiast base.
  7. It sounds like people WANT IM to succeed with this wheel and that’s a fair point. However, I just want to point out IM history of sweeping critical issues under the rug and leaving vendors and users holding the bag. My understanding was the V12 was hollow bore, if it is not, my mistake.
  8. This wheel does absolutely nothing for me. The only distinct feature this wheel offers is being the heaviest 1800 (1750)Wh 16 incher on the market, when there is the lighter RS, Nikola, and a Veteran Sherman that comes in 12 lbs heavier for nearly double the battery and bigger motor/tire. Seeing how IM is handling the V11 bearing issues is troubling to say the least, considering the V12 has the same style motor. I’d steer very clear of this wheel at all costs. Say what you want about Gotway selling wheels with cracker jack toy quality, they attempt to fix (and mostly succeed)
  9. for the purpose of his use case (using a 10A charger split across 2 charge ports) he’s within spec of a single pinned configuration, And I can’t imagine him using silicone wiring in excess of 0.5m in this situation. I’m using 13A and have no issues (6.5A x2). My splitter is wired using 18AWG which should handle up to 20A across short distances (<1m), so the only theoretical bottleneck is the charge port itself.
  10. kingsong implements what you consider a “hard cap” and they still cut out; and eucs aren’t a scooter or ebike that is power limited by the controller; the issue is the nature of a gyroscopic device is it will continue to draw power until it cannot anymore. Kingsong and Inmotion both use tiltbacks to nudge the user into slowing down but both can be defeated. All you can really do is fine tune the alarms, respect the tiltback (if applicable) and use common sense. Given this information, there is a reason we want wheels “that can do 60 mph”. Going faster at low battery is a nice additional
  11. I have a 15A charger I'm running around 13A on the Sherman (the wheel throws an error if I try the full 15A), i'm using a reverse splitter to use both charge ports, only single pinned (+1 -5) and its plenty. The GX16-5 is rated for 5A @ 120V (600W), no real need to go double pinned unless you had a single charge port.
  12. it’s not about going 60 mph, it’s about having so much headroom that it would be next to impossible to cutout. I’d like to go 50 mph without always thinking in the back of my head I’m close to cutting out.
  13. Free time? You were begging me to look at your post “when it’s available” in my WTB post, so naturally I looked. No rule against calling out an overpriced wheel with no warranty. Evidently many others agree with me in this thread. PS: Given the supposed problems you’re having with the wheel, it wasnt as underpriced as you think now, is it?
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