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  1. I have a Nikola 100V and (to be eventually fixed monster 100V), yet i still want an mten3... Just not enough to spend $1000 on it.
  2. he would be a very angry sensei if you ate pavement while texting him. 🤣
  3. Looking forward to how he explains it. This isn’t a one-off occurrence, it’s happened multiple times in a small community across both scooters and EUCs.
  4. Wouldn’t get a Monster as a first wheel, although the V3 has made some improvements to shell durability, it’s still not something i’d use to learn on. As a second wheel once you know how to ride, I’d say go for it! If you must get a good wheel for your first, I’d recommend KingSong, they can take some serious abuse.
  5. See above post. With that said, if you are buying a new SKU (e.g. Nikola) close to release from Jason, you are probably getting a new item. If you’re buying an older SKU, your chances of getting a refurb are pretty high. All examples of this were people buying older models. Monster 3 from the factory comes with Silver Nikola pedals. Monster v2 does not.
  6. for this specific person, he called in to ask about V3 over the phone, never was he told it was a v2 in a v3 shell. Fwiw, he received his Monster V3 sometime in July, when they were JUST making it out to users in the wild. The finish on his Monster pedals was poor, you could see the drip marks from a bad spray paint job; I somehow doubt those came from Gotway in that timeframe. I’ll see if i can get the user to send me a photo of those. This isn’t an isolated incident... in the scooter community, I know of two instances where they’d received refurbished items (a Dualtron 2 LTD with a 20Ah battery when it should have come with a 28Ah) and an Ultra buyer which fit poorly, had wrong screws and was clearly not factory. Jason would blame his techs for the snafu, but why are techs touching supposedly “brand new” items? He should be throwing shipping labels on his stock and mailing them out. As stated, if he clearly disclosed that a particular item is “reconditioned” or not factory, I would have no problem with it. He’s trying to sell reconditioned merchandise at new prices. I don’t sell PEVs, nor do I have any vested interest in who people choose to do business with. All I know is these statements are FACTS and need to be called out for people to base their own decisions on. Jason will eventually make good one way or another (be it by return, or replacement parts) but why put your customers in that spot to begin with? If you have returns or overstock, sell them as such, don’t resell them as something they’re not.
  7. you’re so lucky you didn’t eat shit doing that 42 mph lol. don’t make it a habit!! One of our locals cut out a few days ago simply doing 40 on his Nikola 100V and had a fractured rib to show for it.
  8. Yes, but these customers did not get proper disclosure, which is the problem; Jason was hoping they didn't know any better. That's dishonest and immoral.
  9. This same customer also just bought an MSX 100V from eWheels and it showed up with Nikola pedals. Like, seriously. You jerk him once, and you do it again? No, they don't come from the factory like that. Guy bought a 14S, Nikola 100V, Monster 100V, and MSX 100V inside one month and you sell him used junk? I'm sorry, but this NEEDS to be called out. I wouldn't be surprised if the battery packs in those wheels aren't new either (which really disturbs me). His frankenstein Monster 3 also came with spray painted black Nikola pedals, which I know shouldn't be the case as I'm staring at a crippled, burnt Monster 3 sitting in my room with the silver pedals. Moral of the story? Don't buy from eWheels. You're almost better off buying from China with PayPal for protection. At least they send legitimate, NEW wheels.
  10. That's not the point, the point is did he represent the product as a V2 with a V3 shell, or did he represent it as an actual V3? As dodgy as GF was when handling my issue, eWheels selling frankenstein wheels hoping their users are too stupid to notice is FAR worse. The only reason he got caught was their customer enlisted someone (me) with a REAL V3 to replace his board (his "new" wheel came with 20 miles on the control board) and when open, it was surprising. And no, eWheels never disclosed it was a V2 with a V3 shell to him.
  11. You bought your Monster 3 from eWheels right? Do me a favor, open the right side of the inner shell. I suspect if you bought it a while ago, you didn't get a real V3, and received a frankenstein V2 with a V3 housing. It happened to one of the local guys to me.
  12. considering i’m the only one who had this issue, i think it’s ok. I would also assume the seller learned his lesson and will pack the wheel better. You could ask him to disconnect the power from the mainboard to ensure it won’t be fried in transit. Honestly if i buy another wheel from China, i’m specifically going to ask for that.
  13. I have a 1680Wh black 18S locally in NYC if you’re interested. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to take a peek.
  14. funny, the NYC guys troll me for liking skechers calling them girls shoes, but they don’t know how comfortable they really are. Jokes on them!
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