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  1. One of the reasons I gave up on scooters (alongside numerous other reasons, I owned a Dualtron) and went into EUCs is because I can bring it in almost anywhere. I've even taken it inside a movie theater! With that said, quick grocery runs are always done on the EUC, errands around town also EUC, riding into Manhattan, also EUC. The only time I actually use my car is if I have to haul large amounts of stuff or I have to transport my son around. When he gets a little older, I will consider putting him on a safe, small wheel fully bubble wrapped! I don't exactly have a small wheel either (KS18S) and it's never been a problem anywhere in NYC.
  2. @Lefteris Yes! This worked. Everything appears to function as normal now. I’m using an Android with no data strictly for Wheellog so the live map feature serves me no purpose, as long as i get my alarms and watch functionality. Thank you so much!
  3. Sounds about right, a friend dropped his wheel accidentally and it fell on its side. Only the inner cover saw any damage.
  4. Shell issues aside, the V2 monster appears to be extremely reliable?
  5. Sorry for the long-winded tech support help post, but I am lost. Hi, I am trying to mate my Pixel XL and Pebble 2 watch to my KS18S. Version is .31 sideloaded, I'm using Android Q beta (which shouldn't really affect anything, but I can switch back if needed). I have successfully set the Pebble watch up with webble and, it appears to be up and running. Watch shows the main screen and updates it properly (Battery %, speed, temp), however alarms did not work (I set it to 20 MPH to test, and I clearly was exceeding this speed), the horn function by pressing the middle button does not work, and the second screen (top speed, travel time, etc) does not update. Holding the middle button down just vibrates my watch but does not do anything. Am I missing something? I'm trying to figure out how to get the second screen to start working, but it just shows zeroes all around. I tried entering the settings option in the Pebble app for Wheellog, but it doesn't load. The app on the phone appears to function properly. I was using Darknessbot on iPhone and the wheel still wants to connect to it on startup (via KingSongMusic). Do I need to delete the saved bluetooth connection from my iPhone? I manually disabled bluetooth on my iPhone and restarted the wheel and Wheellog properly connects to it, although none of my alarms seem to work on the watch. Cliffnotes version: - Alarms don't work on Pebble watch - Second screen displaying top speed, travel time, etc does not update on watch - Horn does not work (I set it up properly in the actual Wheellog app) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  6. I didn’t even check my tire pressure for the first 100 miles and it was 20 psi, it was sluggish to turn but comfy. Pumped it to 45 and it was unrideable, Consulted with a local rider and told me to start at 35 psi and see what I think. 35 seems perfect for me, good comfort, good agility, good range. Tried to go up 2 psi and it felt twitchy again. 177 lbs naked, ~185 lbs with gear + clothes. KS18S
  7. it’s never been the most durable wheel on the market, that’s his point.
  8. From what I hear, even the recent V2 Monsters have not had the shim issue. It looks like they have enlarged the shims themselves to prevent them from shifting, and thus, creating the looseness. I think the V3 shell should be somewhat more resilient in terms of durability, simply because they are using metal posts and screws, which was the biggest issue with the V2. They also got rid of that rubberized texture which flaked off almost immediately on the inner shell. I will be padding my wheel the best I can though, simply because I am pretty certain I will be dropping this wheel at some point, and want to mitigate it if at all possible.
  9. Lift sensor, 35W bluetooth speaker, upgraded metal screws/posts (more durable), larger pedals, brighter light, translucent inner shell, SUPPOSEDLY an improved motor (no confirmation yet) I wouldn't get a Monster if you don't contend with off-road or really poor road conditions. For my purposes (living in pothole infested NYC) it's exactly what I need. I will take a seat over a trolley any day. However, I might buy a 100V Nikola Plus if and when funds allow me to. That wheel looks TOO fun! It should in theory be quicker than the MSX 100V, given the smaller wheel, and the width of that tire should handle NYC potholes adequately as well.
  10. I'd buy, but you can buy this wheel from Aliexpress new for less than what you're asking. I'm in NYC so if you want to make a local sale let me know.
  11. I feel like EUCs are FAR more durable than e-scooters. They don't have nearly the same number of moving parts and failure points. I am amazed at how many miles I've done on my wheel with absolutely no issues. Given the same number of miles on an e-scooter, something WOULD have gone wrong already. It is very refreshing having a PEV that is as simple as charging, checking tire pressure, then riding it. I feel it could easily give you 2-3 years of hard life, if not more (assuming no major drops). The only maintenance item would be the tire, but even those can go thousands of miles before replacement.
  12. Green Fashion has increased the price of this custom 2460Wh 100V Monster by $200! The value proposition of going with the larger capacity has shrunk a little now.
  13. I'd just remove the center panels and peek in directly. They're standard Philips head screws.
  14. Of course I know there's always an inherent risk associated with a new wheel. However, it is a calculated risk, due to the fact the actual board, batteries and internal shell design are essentially identical. I've heard the motor is 2500W on the V3 monster, but now eWheels is stating otherwise. I will be pulling the center covers off to confirm the presence of 4 battery packs though.
  15. You’re overthinking it. They’re using a fourth 615Wh Sanyo pack and wiring it in parallel. The standard 1845 is simply 3x Sanyo packs wired in parallel. They’re simply modifying the case to fit the pack (which is identical to the 3 inside the 1845Wh). I am curious as to where they are putting that 4th pack, but there is plenty of space in there to accommodate, just need to modify the shell. Everything is exactly the same as the 1845Wh, just 25% more range and ~5 lbs heavier.
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