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  1. Thanks for the great insight guys! After more research getting a larger wheel (with a seat like the KS18S) might make more sense. I am afraid of stairs given my situation of living in a walk-up building, but given these can be trolleyed up and down stairs, that shouldn't be much of an issue.
  2. Heh, you Singaporeans taught me a lot. I DIYed the parallel setup (17.5Ah x2) on my Spider, and now want to upgrade to Thunder controllers (to retain the stock HUD) and motors wound for higher top speed.
  3. Looking to delve into the world of EUCs (I own a Dualtron Spider), however after going through so many scooters to find one I liked, I figure I wil find one specced appropriately for my needs with money being a non-issue. I am very weight-sensitive, simply due to past experience; so I was looking at the Mten3. It is extremely light, has reasonably good range (512Wh) and a top speed. Reviews show it's a fairly easy wheel to learn on, but is tough to sustain high speeds on due to twitchiness. My primary use would be to directly commute to Manhattan and back (12 miles one-way). I suppose a better question is, if I go with a big wheel with big capacity and 30+MPH performance, how tough are they to live with in situations where say, a scooter wouldn't be welcome? e.g. a movie theater, a bar, a restaurant, etc. This is my biggest need by going EUC as my scooter is heavily modified with an external battery; locking it outside is out of the question. Thank you in advance for any guidance you all can provide!
  4. My god, that Dualtron X stem could take so much abuse.
  5. In a major city like Copenhagen, e-scooters would be a godsend. In smaller cities like Esbjerg or Billund, the only scooters I'd find useful in those areas are the fastest ones as there is a lot of distance to traverse to get anywhere.
  6. To be honest, I wouldn't want to see widespread enthusiast e-scooter penetration in America. They'd regulate the scooters so badly and make it a real pain to enjoy anything remotely powerful. Use the e-scooter scene in Singapore as a baseline.
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