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  1. ah that could be why. i never paid attention until i checked if auto torch worked or not, and it gets dark earlier now
  2. it oddly worked last night; is it time-sensitive by any chance? (won’t turn on during the day)
  3. @Rehab1 Looks like my unscientific experience is pretty much in line with this article. Capacity loss is assuming the battery stays at these operating temperatures, which they do not once they are being discharged. If anything, keeping your wheels in a warm environment then riding as normal will keep the power loss at a minimum in the winter. https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/discharging_at_high_and_low_temperatures With that said, don’t charge your batteries outdoors in winter, but don’t worry too much about battery temps while being ridden.
  4. @Rehab1 In past winters, (this is on a Dualtron, not an EUC) Up to 45 F, battery sag/loss was minimal. However, around 30 F I saw a loss of range of around 15% with less peak power. Battery would also take longer to get back to resting voltage. With that said, it really depends on how extreme the temperatures are outside, if temps approach the teens and zeroes, I would say you shouldn’t even be riding outside!
  5. ha, whatever gains you get from lower battery sag you’ll lose from powering that thing! Just take it easy in the winter and take care of your battery by not charging it outdoors in the cold. Winter will be over before everyone knows it!
  6. you need to launch the app on your phone then launch it on your watch.
  7. It’s a simple modification to make the Monster (or any Gotway 100V wheel) take 10A. Simply run 4 pins/wires (+12-45) to an XT30 male and use 18AWG silicone stranded (instead of the stock 20AWG) to be able to support 10A. You’d need to modify the 10A charger as well to the aforementioned pin configuration. The +1 -5 configuration can probably at most push 7A without significant heat build-up. I did a range test comparing the 2460Wh Monster to the 2200Wh MSX, and it seemed to be as expected, 35 miles with 30% remaining vs 38 miles with 22% remaining for the MSX, traveling at an average speed of 30 MPH.
  8. latest beta, auto torch no longer causes beeps on wheel, but it doesn’t actually work on my gotway wheels. Light does not turn on automatically.
  9. can i answer “both”? Depends on the ride and the temperature. below 45F hands in pockets and i slow down.
  10. Because you are comparing peak power to nominal. The motors can't sustain more than 2000 (or 2200 for KS) watts for long periods of time or the motors may potentially burn. A nominal rating is defined as the power at which point the motor can be run indefinitely without any damage.
  11. Correct, at lower speeds its not much of a difference. For speed junkies (like me) the thrust we get north of 25 mph (40 kmh) is well worth owning 100V. I'm happiest riding in the 30-35 mph range myself. Everyone has their own level of comfort and that's totally okay.
  12. if the price is right ill consider it, PM me
  13. means you’re not riding it fast enough! I hear them all the damn time. Problem is I don’t wear a helmet so the second i hear them I lay off. max speed before beeps on either wheel is 39 mph. With that said, I think I ride my wheels harder than you if you’ve never heard a beep on your wheels Turn off that 90A amp alarm and you’ll see nothing really will change on your end. It’s a false warning.
  14. He's not talking about the 3-beep overamp warning from the board, he's talking about a self-imposed 90A amp limit within the DarknessBot app. THAT is bs.
  15. Two reasons: 1. its a calculation based on phase activity, not actual amps being drawn. 2. I regularly spike 100A in DB over and over again, sometimes for sustained periods of time, and i'm not even going that fast in some cases. Considering the the typical 1845Wh pack can only sustain 60A max based on battery spec, it's fair to deduce that your 90A from normal riding is bs. 3. If you used Wheellog and set a 90A alarm, you'd find it going off even further; as stated, it is a calculation not actual. And yes, the 5-beep /1 sec is a condition of both battery SOC under load and speed traveled, they aren't wrong. It is preceded by a 3-beep /1 sec warning which is an overamp warning in most cases. I've yet to cut out respecting the 5-beep alarm on either wheel. FWIW: I did a 21 mile full-send run no stopping with a buddy of mine in a 2200Wh 100V MSX with my 100V Monster at 30-35 MPH. If 90, or even 100A within DB is cause for the wheel to cut out, it would have done it then.
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