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  1. This is a variant of the old eWheels fast charger, i wouldn’t be at all surprised if it doesn’t do a full 100.8V charge; the CV is a little short on this particular charger. The stock YZpower chargers (both 3 and 5A) do a proper CV. However both my little splitter with circuit tester and the charger itself confirmed it can spit out a legit 9A. edit- confirmed. Let my Sherman charge overnight @ 5A, resting voltage is 100.1V. It has a nice side effect of shutting my sherman off when the charger is done too (don't know why). At the higher amp settings, the final resting voltage will be even lower. Let's just hope its a bit more reliable than the old ewheels chargers which tended to break or drift pretty easily.
  2. I think running the fan non stop is great for cooling and board longevity, board stays around 29-32 C, and honestly i’d rather replace a fan than a control board. Yes, it is a bit noisy, but unless you’re in a quiet room it’s no big deal.
  3. no i will create a reverse splitter that can distribute the 9A across both ports (making it a very safe 4.5A per port)
  4. well that’s the one i ordered. I haven’t received it yet damn Chinese holidays.
  5. yeah, tells you how many Shermans (approximately) veteran has sold! The eWheels charger is overpriced, I got this one instead: https://www.pmbatterychargers.com/900W-1008V-5A-7A-9A-current-adjustable-digital-display-partial-charge-lithium-li-ion-battery-charger-for-100V-gotway-free-shipping-p2579895.html
  6. I'm using Darknessbot as well; mine charges to 101.1V, over 100%. It's a crapshoot, some Shermans charge to 99.6V others charger to 101 like mine. It's nothing really to be worried about. My Sherman was literally first batch; you can tell by the LK6 title when viewing Bluetooth connections, firmware is 0.0; the LCD can't even switch over to MPH/miles.
  7. the sag is real in the cold, where i’d see 6V sag in the summer on hard acceleration id see close to 11V in the winter; that voltage doesn’t come back fully til the batteries warm up. Either take it slow and easy in winter or expect to get significantly less range (in the 20-25% category). The worst part is you can’t immediately charge it either because charging a freezing battery is a huge no-no.
  8. Ben Kim

    Gotway EX

    The MCM5 has a similar trolley design and its held up just fine for me.
  9. Baby foam doesn’t do anything. I use this stuff on the front and back of my wheels (except sherman doesn’t need it) Cowles T3602C Black Half Round Wheel Well https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001EA0M0I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZdlFFbN3RB60J
  10. Most of these EUC nannies probably haven’t even gone faster than 20 mph... Going fast and having fun isn’t for everyone!
  11. Well, eWheels is lazy! But if you are going by manufacturer specified numbers, the Nikola 100V no-load speed is also incorrect; they have it listed at 84kmh (even though in real life its closer to 82).
  12. Some of this information is incorrect. 67V Mten3 does not have the same top speed as the 84V. The 84V beeps at 23 mph on full battery, the 67V beeps around 18 mph. MCM5 V2 has a no-lift speed of 64 kmh on full battery with a app-reported top speed (before beeps) of 28 mph. Veteran Sherman no-lift speed is 104 kmh (or 107 kmh depending on which firmware you have).
  13. Uh, plenty of your Boston brethren come down to ride here and they are far from "nice and safe" riders. With that said, I've done the FDR loop in this video myself. The speed limit is 30 to 45 MPH depending on section (no faster than some local roads out in the suburbs many of you live in), Without knowing the unique layout of Manhattan road infrastructure, the knee-jerk reaction amongst the ignorant is quite laughable. Why don't you report the Tide pod challenge videos while you're at it?
  14. Gotta deflate and flex the tire where it’s not true, overinflate, check the true and keep going. It’s not an easy process unfortunately due to how soft the tire is.
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