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  1. It wasn't buffed, they just screwed with the wheel diameter; if you use eucworld you will see that the old boards are pretty much spot on with GPS, whereas the newer MSP/RS boards (along with every other recently new Gotway) are fake-buffed to report speeds 7-9% faster than actual. For fun: let's correct some of our favorite wheels to compare with the "correct" original 100v MSX: 104 kmh Sherman 1053 -6% = 97.76 kmh 106 kmh Monster Pro -9% = 96.46 kmh Not so much faster than the "old" MSX.... Fun fact: The Nikola might be the last remaining still-produced Gotway that repo
  2. The 1230Wh is my most-used wheel simply because most of my trips tend to be 16 km or less. This wheel has no problems cruising 60 kph for the entire trip with at least another 5 kph in reserve. You simply cannot get 65 kph in such a light package as a new wheel these days, thus I will be riding this wheel into the ground, long after my "newer" wheels get sold.
  3. Unlike Gotway which makes first batch buyers alpha testers, Kingsong first batches are more like beta testers With that said, I have one on pre order. The only point of speculation on my end is how intrusive the tiltback will be. If the S18 is anything to go off of, it won’t handle too well in a crash though.
  4. I for one am not interested in any of these new big battery wheels, including the Abrams. I was one of the first to jump on the Sherman hype train being a very reasonably priced big battery wheel with a big no load speed, with the Abrams, they want MORE money for less battery. It’s a hard pass for me unless they surprise us all and drop a higher voltage wheel on us.
  5. I wouldn’t take anything at face value. The Sherman has proven time and time again it could hit 50 mph. I’d look at the board configuration, motor and battery config before estimating its real world top speed. also the speed-corrected no load speed should clue you in.
  6. Also make sure ALL Bluetooth connections (iOS) EXCEPT the wheel are disconnected. I semi-bricked my friends EXN until I did that.
  7. I took the dive and updated my buddies EXN. Definitely fixed it. rides good now and the soft mode has shades of Sherman 1053, which is good or bad depending who you ask. For me, it’s good.
  8. When I tested an EXN with black board, there is this odd wavy (yet not oscillating) feeling in soft and hard mode. Is this resolved with the "accelerated stability" firmware?
  9. This goes for every new wheel, fully armor up for the first 100 miles and don’t go full speed. If it passes that test you can stretch it out and begin to trust if.
  10. This is a render not an actual unit. I’d wait til more details come out before jumping for joy. One potential rumor has me interested though, 28S battery. but the capacity spec doesn’t appear to match up with any viable configuration. We will see; if it’s simply a high torque 22 incher with less battery I’ll pass.
  11. If you find an m5 let me know. i always wanted one. Maybe if Gotway would release the 3D printed stl file for it I could DIY build one hmm.
  12. after riding the 587 for 70 miles i’ve discovered that I do not like this tire. I wasn’t able to bank hard on it until I broke the tire in, and found it has the same gyro as the 1488, albeit with a harder sidewall. I suppose if you like that feeling but dislike the bounce, it’s a solid tire, but not for me. Already put the 262 back on. i ran the IRC NR77 in a 70/90-14 which performed amazingly BUT it lost 2-3 mph top speed due to its smaller diameter, which is a no go for me in the MSX. 80/90-14 rubs
  13. after all the tires i’ve been through i can guess how it’s going to ride just by looking at the tread pattern and sidewall specs. One thing i know 100% is soft sidewalls like the c1488 or K262 are a huge no in my book. I bought a wheel not a trampoline.
  14. Well, there’s the difference, i ride the roads not bike lanes.
  15. Just put 20 miles on it. Sidewall isn’t nearly as stiff as the H666, but not a used condom like the 1488, it loves to carve and dive over, very playful but not nearly as twitchy as a CityPro. I should give it a full 100 miles before forming a conclusive opinion, but initial impressions have it riding somewhere between a 5102 and H666. Haven’t tested it’s wet performance yet but the compound appears to be sticky not plasticky like the 5102. It’s light years better than the 1488 EUC manufacturers like using. On other 14 inch rims like Sherman and EXN you can fit motorcycle tires but on the MSX t
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