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  1. Ben Kim

    Gotway DTen

    my guess is if you went any faster you’d burn those motors, considering they appear to be off the shelf HM components.
  2. Ben Kim

    Gotway DTen

    how is this scooter “too fast”? My understanding is even the dual motor 100V version was capped at 80kmh. @Alien Rides
  3. ah my mistake. i was thinking of the Wh in a 24s2p pack not 20.
  4. if i were to do an mten3 DIY pack it would be a 20s2p with those big 50T cells gotway is using now. 900Wh would make it more useful for longer rides.
  5. The problem is the Sony cells won’t ever have a realistically usable SOC for the 39 kph final alarm, which trips between 80-100% SOC. My 512Wh Mten instantly sags 6V even under a light load; I can only imagine the 325Wh being even worse. Like I said, I seriously doubt Gotway did any reimagining of the 80% final alarm for the smaller capacity mten3.
  6. Did you look at the discharge curve @ 10A on the Sony V3? You cant even get 1.25Ah out of an individual cell before the 3.3V cutoff on Gotway wheels, which makes the 325Wh Mten3 essentially a 175Wh wheel in practice given how hard this 20s2p has to work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lower capacity variant can’t even sniff the 24-26 MPH top speed of its Sanyo GA 512Wh older brother. I somehow doubt Gotway changed the voltage end point on the units with Sony cells.
  7. 325Wh will sag badly with your weight. no surprise your top speed/warning threshold will be lower
  8. I see some new categories regarding calibration and riding mode being detailed now on Gotway. I also noticed the speedometer limit has raised to 42 mph Unfortunately anything changed will be lost upon killing of the app. will this be addressed in the future?
  9. ah i was about to post an issue where Gotway wheel data wasn’t displayed on connection but it looks like this fixed it.
  10. lot of factors at play honestly, but most relate to state of charge, someone who superman leans into their wheel all the time will have a lower cutout point than someone who briskly accelerates.
  11. it’s really not rocket science when it comes to Gotway wheels. 80% alarm = 20% more speed before your face meets pavement. Proceed at your own risk. To mitigate the risk of a high speed faceplant pushing the 80% alarm, you should briskly accelerate to prevent sag before punching it. Superman leaning from a dead stop gives you less room to play with up top. There are a good number of folks who have pushed upwards of 45 MPH on a Monster 100V, and also saw one guy in Asia attain 49 MPH on his 100V MSX before he cut out. With that said, the fastest I’ve taken my 100V Monster was 40.4 MPH. If you can get 34MPH out of an 84V Monster before the 80% alarm, you have another 6-7 MPH to play with (NOT RECOMMENDED!)
  12. Looks like the annoying “rate darknessbot” screen every time on connection still there with the latest beta. Can this be fixed soon?
  13. The right wives are good. the wrong ones are the devil incarnate. Glad to see you got one of the right ones!
  14. with your weight, go 100V Gotway. Don’t waste your time with anything else. I used loctite red on both axle nuts on my monster v3 and 800+ miles later, no play or axle issues, it’s been riding perfectly. I don’t really deal with too many hills in NYC so I can’t really comment on your unique challenges, but perhaps you could invest in some powerpads or something to help you get the leverage to go up steep hills from a stop? Nikola is easy mode acceleration and a fun wheel! I can’t imagine you having ANY issues going up even the steepest slopes with that wheel. My only beef with it is the unbalanced nature and gyro effect making it a unique challenge to accelerate into a turn (it’s not impossible but requires a different technique than you may be used to). I heard the new 1800Wh Nikola 100V is more balanced so one of my complaints may not be valid with this particular wheel. I own a 2nd batch 1845Wh Nikola 100V PS: mten3 is my favorite wheel. I own 100V monster/nikola and mten. Your taste in wheels is quite good
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