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  1. Do we have to derail every thread to Aneta's chosen topic of IPS S5 and redundant hardware? just sayin'
  2. So ... KS-19X? [runs away]
  3. I've had mine stay on once after charging. So now I power cycle the wheel after unplugging. Once these chargers finish charging, there no trickle charge (you can't do that to lithium batteries). So if something stays on, it drains the battery. And these chargers don't seem to kick back on if the voltage falls, unless power cycled or that button pressed.
  4. I had to reboot my Pixel 2 once to regain connectivity to my wheel. I am pretty certain this is a problem with the phone not the wheel. I also sometimes have issues with my BT speaker, and I have to reboot the phone.
  5. xorbe

    InMotion V8f

    The V8 seems discontinued from the Inmotion site.
  6. The number one comment I hear is kids says "what is that?" The number one comment from adults is "Hey how much did you pay for that?" (kind of an uncomfortable question).
  7. Okay, I guess I'll ask eWheels for the BT patch and try to flash, I'll try to report back next weekend.
  8. Someone told me the second batch (w/CY tire) had the BT patch applied already. Was that correct or incorrect?
  9. It's a control pedal that tilts forward and backward, like any other foot control pedal (sewing machine, organ, bicycle, gas pedal, etc). To me, "foot plate" sounds like a non-control surface.
  10. Best place to order a Z10 for USA riders? Will SpeedyFeet open a box and weed out DOA before sending? Or just order from China directly or via eBay, etc?
  11. xorbe

    InMotion V8f

    I knew I should have said power instead of torque. My point is that a wheel may raise peak power delivery with speed different than another wheel.
  12. Okay, tonight I got some massive tilt back while riding on flat pavement. It very slowly just kept tilting back more and more and more until it forced me to slow down to almost a complete stop, and then it took a while to flatten back out. Happened several times tonight. This was different than the sudden drop forward then slowly flattening out. I have a Chao Yang tire, that's second batch right? What's the solution? Flash firmware 1.05 to 1.07? Physically upgrade control board from v1.4 to v1.5? Stop playing music and lose a key feature on a flagship wheel? edit: Yeah, everything is fine until I turn music on, then it literally immediately started tiling again.
  13. xorbe

    InMotion V8f

    Like electric cars, it's possible EUCs don't provide peak torque until a certain speed. So it's possible a lesser wheel just might out-torque another wheel in some conditions simply due to artificial limitations.
  14. Photo of said connector on your escooter?
  15. If the charger stops before 0.00001A then the voltage tends to fall down under peak voltage. Also, when the battery cools slightly from being warm from charging. Pushing the pack to exactly peak charge only shortens its life span.
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