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  1. Eventually people will ride it, it'll be reviewed on YT, y'all can see if it fits your use case, blah blah blah. Did you expect Marty WattHour Backe to gush about a phone battery?
  2. I did the same thing with MTen3 and KS16X. The latter was a huge shock to me, I couldn't recover balance due to weight once it started tipping. It's frustrating, but you will eventually get the hang of it. I actually bought a 14" wheel and came back to the 16" later, which was much easier after learning the 14".
  3. Well I'm not really sure what to think, Seems like this unicycle is pretty unique. I'm just going to wait for @Marty Backe, To try and kill it at his local testing track.
  4. I think there is value in multiple EUCs for learning. I started with the MTen3, everything fine 3 days of learning. But I could NOT get the hang of my KS16X after weeks of trying. So I got the MCM5, which was tricky in a different way yet, but I got it pretty quick. When I went back to the 16X, suddenly I was fine. Each one challenges balancing slightly differently. The Tesla though, I rode off into the sunset the moment I stepped on it.
  5. Right but tiny mutations, like 8 base pairs out of 30K or something. Perhaps stable was unclear.
  6. This doesn't agree with what I've read. Things that spread fast tend to be more stable.
  7. That is the implication, yes. But possibly better off in the long run, that is the question. ie, by sheltering, we may go in circles with re-infections. It might be worse than a single upfront cost. Nobody knows. That's why I'm wondering to see what happens with those that don't shelter. Everyone seems snow blind with the short term possibilities, casting long term possibilites aside.
  8. What I am wondering about is if the places that don't shelter wind up with herd immunity much sooner, and better off in the long run.
  9. Technically, balancing isn't required when all the cell groups are individually monitored, other than to reach pack peak charge state. When I flew R/C airplanes with lipos, we DIDN'T have cell monitoring, so we used a standalone balancer when charging. Again, the big danger is cell over-voltage during charging / fire. Though with lipos, over-draining caused cells to puff up.
  10. Would you be interested in a lightly used MCM5 (800wh) shipped from California for $1050?
  11. If you are using as expected, must be one of those broken buttons that only works when pressed from a certain direction. My old laptop had a trackpad button like that, infuriating!
  12. Reddit seems to be locking every thread that tries to discuss what actual # of deaths are in China, and what that might mean for the US (population 327M). Seems like both WHO and Reddit are in China's pocket. Today we have a US doctor putting 2.2M dead as the upper bound, 200K lower bound: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/dr-deborah-birx-predicts-200-000-deaths-if-we-do-n1171876
  13. 1480Wh Tesla? Where?! Edit: Found on ali w/21700 cells ... oh man ... ima have to think about upgrading my Tesla.
  14. I have thought about it. There are those of us that don't go far, enjoying riding, therefore don't need the massive batteries or weight.
  15. xorbe


    Bob you can see in the second how there is better contrast. It's easier for brains to view contrast. High sat low contrast is described as muddy. Well it all depends on the goal of course, content, background, etc.
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