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  1. Wow those windings, that's just a time bomb, not sure I would ride that.
  2. What I learned from my tubeless Dualtron (scooter) tires is that one tiny nick to the inside of the wheel surface will require an entirely new wheel. It won't ever seal properly again after that. I wound up buying a wheel + pre-mounted tire for $75.
  3. My MTen3 was the same way when I bought it, then the buzzer failed within a week, and eWheels sent me a new buzzer. But 18 months later, the new buzzer has started making the same sound again as OP's second vidieo.
  4. The MCM5 accelerates alarmingly rapidly. I can see how riding downhill could get sketchy. I was not quite happy with the way my MCM5 handled when I had one. It wasn't just strong, it was too sensitive.
  5. Can someone paste the rest of the article, I can't seem to click through.
  6. I think I will hang onto my V2 model.
  7. In your case, buy the cheaper one with a known track record.
  8. Text for mobile users from Addict's offsite blog:
  9. That's just a cooling fan. Carry on!
  10. Seems like both their scooter and unicycle product list has shrunk. No Dualtron products. No Monster.
  11. Yes I'll have one "GWMSPRSHT" please.
  12. Cells that get drained down slowly can often be recovered with a gentle trickle charge and will leap back up to 3.0V, if I understand correctly. It's when they are forcefully drained (ie high current demand) that they really get damaged. Having said that, a wheel should not show up in that state of charge, that's unacceptable.
  13. I wrapped my MTen3 with a towel + masking tape, and let it fly all over the place while learning. Only the pedals got scraped up. I don't think the MTen3 is too responsive for learning. It's not sluggish, but it also doesn't just rocket off. Biggest problem is the short wheel case puts a lot of torque pressure on the lower leg while learning, I had lumps for days.
  14. I wonder if that sort of pad, if placed fore and aft of the foot, would have helped keep Hsaing on his V11 avoiding EUC destruction.
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