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  1. That mega-scooter with the hinge in the middle, holy sh*t if one of those shock bolts ever pop off, it's going to crush those toes!!!
  2. My 16X (board 1.4, firmware 1.05, BT patch) is rock solid in turns, whereas my MCM5 has a small tendency to tilt forward on tight turns even on the "hardest" pedal setting. I wound up using a level taped to the trolley extension bar to calibrate for best results. Whereas I have never calibrated my 16X.
  3. That picture is deceptive ...
  4. Why does that KS16X look so different
  5. That's my observation so far. No music, no tilt problem.
  6. Thicker pads for v1.07, so you can grip the wheel and try to approximate the same torque as v1.05 ...
  7. Ask seller if your machine has v1.4 or v1.5 hardware control board. Maybe only way to know is open. If play music and no problems for an hour, no problem is no problem, right?
  8. Technically, the Earth is curved, and the vector of gravity's acceleration is always changing with your movement ... you just need to go fast enough to achieve "orbit"
  9. If you raise V by 50%, then A also increases by 50% with the same resistive load, and 1.5*1.5 is 225%, so 2000W becomes 4500W. You want to raise voltage by 22.47% probably... and none of that turns a 2000W motor into anything but a burned out motor probably, unless it's overbuilt.
  10. Yup, I use my old Android (ie, not my current phone) that's been wiped of personal data for these apps.
  11. Is this while riding, or when the wheel is stationary?
  12. Adam Savage eating the trail with a One Wheel ... https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/1205621915877961729?s=09
  13. I'm the same way ... I like to ride the euc for an hour, maybe 90 minutes. But if it's farther than that, I'm on the motorcycle. The MCM5 is an amazing wheel, but I'd give thumbs up to the Tesla as a primary wheel first, if you're going to cover several miles at a time. (My last mile commute is less than 2, this feeds into why I use the smaller MCM5.) You can't defy physics. Bigger wheels aren't going to feel like the MTen3. On the flip side, the MCM5 and Tesla don't feel like the inertially sluggish 16X. The MCM5 is quite a lively wheel. The Tesla reels that in a bit, in a pleasant manner. The Tesla doesn't impart that "holy shit this is a heavy wheel" feeling while riding. Actually sometimes I wonder what the MCM5 would feel like if its weight was riding a bit higher to slow down its side to side agility just a little ... but then it would probably lose the nice eggshell shape. You ride motorcycles, you know how it is. You get that bike with more power and upscale suspension, but the extra weight and beefier tires zap the some of the fun of a smaller lighter weight 300cc machine.
  14. Yeah that works. I've passed a couple EUC riders on Stevens Creek Trail, but super rare.
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