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  1. Seems like both their scooter and unicycle product list has shrunk. No Dualtron products. No Monster.
  2. xorbe

    Gotway RS

    Yes I'll have one "GWMSPRSHT" please.
  3. Cells that get drained down slowly can often be recovered with a gentle trickle charge and will leap back up to 3.0V, if I understand correctly. It's when they are forcefully drained (ie high current demand) that they really get damaged. Having said that, a wheel should not show up in that state of charge, that's unacceptable.
  4. I wrapped my MTen3 with a towel + masking tape, and let it fly all over the place while learning. Only the pedals got scraped up. I don't think the MTen3 is too responsive for learning. It's not sluggish, but it also doesn't just rocket off. Biggest problem is the short wheel case puts a lot of torque pressure on the lower leg while learning, I had lumps for days.
  5. xorbe

    MSuper Pro?

    I wonder if that sort of pad, if placed fore and aft of the foot, would have helped keep Hsaing on his V11 avoiding EUC destruction.
  6. I like the white, but that's pretty good beauty shot for the black model.
  7. I'll never ride like Chooch, but I would like to learn the "180 degree move" from forwards to backwards in one smooth twist motion (at 0:22 in the previous video in this thread).
  8. As far as I know, cell voltage will drop a little when they cool down after charging.
  9. That requires more than typical motorcycle gear ... you're gonna need an inflatable suit or something!
  10. xorbe

    MSS vs MSP

    The best you can hope for, is the same person doing the same test on each wheel, and then having a relative set of results from the same person.
  11. They did that to me a few weeks ago. Package got within 25 miles of my house from 2500 miles away across the country in 4 days. Then they sent the package around in circles for the next 10 days.
  12. KS wheels are so flawless that they now dedicate development resources to region locking? No thanks, I don't pay for anti-consumer technology.
  13. I can tell you that maintaining two air chambers is a pita, and the negative chamber is TINY. So the 38RC may be a lot easier to maintain.
  14. I bought one, and it works fine for my Nikola+ 100V, so it should also work fine for the MSP 100V. Just because it supports 9A doesn't mean you have to use it, 5A works too.
  15. It'll ship with a solid aluminum link as "shock ready". WAIT UP: according to a post on reddit, the shock was downgraded because that one doesn't touch the shell. If that's true, you won't be upgrading shocks.
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