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  1. Did I see something about a way to press a button and instantly change the settings on the wheel to a certain speed limit? So you can easily switch between the wheels limits and the governments limits?
  2. Ok I could not understand which it was that was accurate. I checked mine for accuracy against one of the radar signs that shows you that you are speeding. If you were getting 33 we were going to have to try and figure out how to make ours do the same speed.
  3. I am confused shwinston in your first post you said you are getting 33 mph. In the second post it looks like you say it is slow by 18%?
  4. Did I see something about a way to press a button and instantly change the settings on the wheel to a certain speed limit? So you can easily switch between the wheels limits and the governments limits?
  5. wow That flower pot looks like it works good. I am going to look around for one of those to try.
  6. Courtesy ks16s and an oops, I picked it up better put it down to stop it from spinning.
  7. Yea I don’t enjoy gaining access to the top either. And one of the best attributes of the euc is the low maintenance, I try to keep it that way.
  8. The consensus is the fan. It was just weird to me that it was changing speed like that. I am not going to worry about it and just ride on. Thanks everyone.
  9. Mine is making the noise even when stopped. I have noticed it twice, but it might be happening way more often because I only noticed it when I stopped in places where there was no traffic noise. I don’t think the noise is the fan but it might be. To me it sounds more similar to the new weird noise that my wheel makes when I turn it out for and it starts self balancing since FW 2.0 was installed.
  10. Had this happen twice twice that I am aware of since I upgraded to few 2.0. Wheel seems to function fine even when making the noise. Anyone ever heard this before?
  11. I am 210lb and ride my 18l over 40kmh all the time. But I will back off when I am climbing or descending a hill. I would do that with any wheel though. There are many great options. I went from the 16s to the 18l. Never ridden a 16x, have been on a m super. I find that I like the flat comfortable pedals. If i am not comfortable I am not going to enjoy the ride. You are lighter than me so Foot discomfort might not be an issue.
  12. That sucks. Seven thugs, your going to get beat up. Glad he got his wheel and didn’t get beat too bad. Try to pay attention to your surroundings.
  13. That’s what I settled on. I really love my ewheels fast charger. I usually charge to 90% and it usually lasts me for half a week. On the weekends I might do a 100% charge for a long ride, and if I need to I throw it in a backpack and stop and charge it at 5 amps, when I stop to get some food.
  14. Tha sums up my impression of the tilt back as well. Major improvement. 2.0 makes me feel so much more comfortable at higher speed, I was hitting 31 mph(27 actually) all over the place last week. I thought I must have forgot to charge and was going slower, but i was maxing it out. Now I want more speed, but will have to wait for king song to upgrade that on a future wheel I guess. As a corollary, I am eating the battery up quicker for the same distance now that I am riding faster. Might have to consider the battery upgrade on the 18l one day.
  15. That’s good to know CGPro856. Thanks for the warning.
  16. I had all the gear on. I don’t want to find out about the ticket though.
  17. Ok I tested the top speed of my 18l this evening against one of those mobile radar signs that show your speed and the speed limit. The 18l maxed out tilt back and all at 27mph. It was fun making the blue and red lights go off on an EUC.
  18. The front light- the one on the same side of the wheel as my on off button lights up red when I am charging. Not sure about the fan as I have the ewheels quick charger and it’s got a fan that is much louder than the internal fan of the wheel. I don’t think I would have noticed if the fan on the wheel is on.
  19. I did leave it open unplugged batteries pressed the button to drain the caps and waited 15 to 20 minutes. I am going to send an email to Jason to see if he has any way to reset the bt module address.
  20. 15 to 20 minutes. I actually set a timer on my phone to make sure. Should it have been longer? I can try leaving it overnight if I need to.
  21. Well bad news. It didn’t work. I found that I was still getting frequent disconnects I checked the Bluetooth address and it was 08:08:08:08:08:01. I tried 3 more times to reset the address but can’t get it off of that address.
  22. I have tested it up to 50km/hr a couple of times according to the kingsong settings.
  23. Yea I’m more comfortable riding faster after the upgrade as well.
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