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  1. Kids and retired people seem to have the best reactions to eucs.
  2. I’ll try, Smoothly mounting and dismounting with control is the most important thing to me going in a straight line as slow as an elderly person walks so that when you ride near people you can do it in control. I practiced entering a parking space and turning around in it staying between the lines handling elevation changes- nothing extreme, bumps, speed bumps, keep those knees bent. It depends on where you ride, I was able to ride in fairly open areas with no cars or people when I first learned. Once I learned to mount/dismount easily, I started exploring the world and the challenges of riding an euc in it. If you live in a hilly area, you might want to get a retractable dog leash in case the wheel gets away from you. Keep it at speeds you can handle and keep an idea of what can happen to others if you lose control.
  3. That’s ok I was not even aware of the euc world app. I am going to try it out.
  4. Hands out to help protect your head in a fall, or help initiate an emergency evasive maneuver.
  5. Well Nbe happy Nic you live in a country that has already disarmed you. Guns are not bad. And Americans have rights. We are not going to tacitly let them be taken. I will take dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
  6. Yes if some psycho comes up and shoots you for no reason you are probably going to die Because they are probably going to shoot you until you are dead. Likewise if someone is intent on killing you with a knife in an unprovoked attack you are going to die almost always. Your chances are better with a blunt object. Unprovoked attack is going to give the attacker and advantage every time, be it gun, fist, knife whatever.
  7. Generally when people rob someone with a gun or other weapon for that matter, they rob them, they are normally out to get money, not kill someone. People are murdered every day with blunt objects , knives, ligatures etc. What are the chances a stronger individual robs weaker individuals? Why should the old, weak, outnumbered, or frail be unable to protect themselves? The person who pulls the knife, hammer, or suddenly punches you in the face first has the advantage as well.
  8. Thanks for the movie review Hunka, too bad, I was hoping for some good laughs. Sorry you had that bus experience Langham, that is disturbing. Also check the first sentence in your last paragraph, I think you didn’t mean to have the word don’t in it. The kind of people who ambush us are the people who I want good people to have a chance to protect themselves from. It’s tough because good guys have to react to the bad guys violence. The best chance we have is to pay attention to pre attack indicators. Watch some of the active self protection videos on YouTube. People defend themselves with firearms and other weapons all the time. Sometimes the good guy wins, sometimes they don’t. 90 % of the people I know own a firearm. None of us want to shoot anyone. But to be truthful if any of them wanted to shoot people, they would become someone I used to know. I don’t hang around evil people, I have nothing in common with them.
  9. I have got to see that movie Hunka. Looks hilarious.
  10. A gun evens the playing field, the 80 year old lady in a wheelchair can defend herself against the 6’4 300 lb man who wants to kill her, even if he has a gun too. She has no chance without the gun. I could never understand why someone would be anti gun. It perplexed me for a long time but I believe I understand it now. I came to the conclusion that typically, anti gun people don’t trust other people with guns because they visualize how they themselves would use them if they had a gun. They believe that other people would use guns the same warped evil way. Therefore no one can be trusted with firearms. The majority of gun owners don’t want to ever use them against another person. As the majority of people who really know martial arts, don’t want to have to use them on another person.
  11. Went to the local pizza joint last Friday to pick up my order. The girl at the register started asking about wheel. I explained it to her, then she calls someone from the kitchen to look, this continues until everyone from the kitchen is at the register checking out the 18l and asking questions. Now the customers are starting to pay attention. The entire restaurant staff had to come outside to watch me leave. Most of the customers were looking out the window when I left. I have been riding for 3 years now and never had that much of a reaction.
  12. Hit someone with a car after you get punched and that’s going to be either murder or attempted murder. There are cases were people get away with killing someone when they shouldn’t have. And there are cases where someone has legally defended their life in a stand your ground state and been put through the ringer in court and financially ruined, George Zimmerman for example. Not sure what I would have done in this situation, maybe pull up beside him laugh and ask if that was supposed to hurt? If you want to know about the legalities of self defense In America, you should read Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense by Massad Ayoob.
  13. I had the front tire of my mountain bike burst when I hit an obstacle at 25 mph while navigating a 90 degree turn. No helmet, on asphalt, and somehow I managed to keep my head from hitting the pavement. Separated my shoulder, fractured scapula, and collar bone. That was 13 years ago. I have worn a helmet ever since.
  14. The 16s is a great wheel but it looks like the Tesla is really close to the same price, has 200 wh larger battery and higher speed. I loved my 16s put about 1500 miles on it but I think the Tesla is a better deal. I think the extra large pedals that king song came out with are the best there are, and the 16s is a great machine, but the Tesla is probably the best deal you can get on a 16 inch wheel. Ewheels shows the Tesla being $100 more than the 16s. You can’t go wrong with either of them.
  15. I am thinking the best course of action if you experience a cut out is bending the knees and having them hit first, then the hands and elbows follow. Plastic pads should slide on the pavement, and I always wear knee, wrist, elbow protection and a helmet. If it’s cool enough where I am wearing a motorcycle jacket I shouldn’t have too many abrasions. If it’s hot, well low speed road rash normally heals faster than broken bones. Now just to get my mind to make my body do this and not try to run it off. Falling vertically is not going to be as bad as a sudden stop at speed. The worst accidents will be contacting immovable objects or a vehicle going the other way. Having a cut out and falling into a tree or fire hydrant is going to be bad. So will hitting a bicycle going the opposite direction.
  16. I took my 18l for a spin the other night. Purposely tried to dip the pedals. Even though I don’t notice it, the headlight indicated that the wheel tilts forward some probably going about 18is mph. I am estimating 3 to 5 degrees? And this is in expert mode. Maybe i will try it tonight on medium and beginner once it gets dark. I don’t think there is anything wrong, didn’t feel like I was in danger, maybe all wheels do this?
  17. Wow, that’s impressive. My 16s tire was almost totally bald after 1400 miles, I did practice a lot of tricks on it which I’m sure doesn’t help. The 18l I have now is doing much better but I don’t see it going anywhere near those distances. But I hope it does. I was thinking the tire was the most expensive operational cost but if you get that kind of distance out of one then that changes everything.
  18. Are you saying 20000 and 13000 or 2000 and 1300?
  19. I used to use the ankle flip thing to get a feel for battery level on my 16s. When the battery was getting low it did start to allow some pedal dip. I find myself doing it on my 18l every once in a while but I never notice the pedal dip on it at all. But I also ride in expert mode, or experience mode, whatever kingsong has it labeled as.
  20. Any of our eucs can be configured to not go faster than 20, so As long as they are limited logic dictates we are equal to a bicycle.
  21. Thanks for sharing Eddie. I will try that this weekend.
  22. Had to replace the rails on the 18l. One got stuck and just would not work right. Jason McNeil and ewheels took care of me as he always does. The black rails are installed and the handle works as it should.
  23. I wish I could give you better news Eddie, but I have struggled with the android app on a galaxy s8 since I got the 18l. I used to use the old version of the kingsong app when I had the 16s and never really had any problems. With the new version I get a lot of connection problems and disconnects. I did clear my cache for the app the other day and it seemed like it worked better. I plan on clearing the cache before the next ride to see if it helps. I will let you know how it turns out.
  24. Eddie is it android or iPhone app?
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