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  1. I sent Dominic an email today ... I need to put this behind me and get on with my life ... lessons learned. I hope he takes note. I don't think anything will come of this case, but at least others can avoid becoming victims, so I will leave it at that. If there are any developments I will post back. Here is my email...
  2. Exactly, police need an address to find him otherwise they will give up and nothing will be done to stop him defrauding others. I am too old and weak to even think about confrontation. I don't like violence either. He isn't going to willingly give me my money back either and that is abundantly clear. He doesn't even communicate to explain himself. Given that he has a previous business (EcoRover) that was forced to dissolve by compulsory strike-off from companies house register, it seems that he hasn't learned his lesson and has found new ways to remain relatively anonymous and hard to track down while being able to continue to defraud customers (am I the only one he scammed?). These websites are still active. He doesn't seem to care because we will all roll over and give up and he can carry on as before.
  3. With all these name changes makes you think they all have something to hide ... or maybe not? I sent both a Facebook message asking if they are Dominik Bednarski's mother ... maybe I'll get lucky?
  4. Interesting, that lady looks very similar to this one (Marlena Bednarska), possibly also related? https://www.facebook.com/marlena.bednarska.18
  5. Very similar surname Bednarska vs Bednarski ... hmm... a typo maybe?
  6. If anyone has any suggestions on how to expose Dominic and ensure his business has no more victims, then feel free to suggest. I have posted warnings on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and google. The more places the better. Any other advice on how to deal with him is also appreciated.
  7. Big Hello to Dominik, if you are reading this ....
  8. Here are some addresses he uses, so if anyone lives close enough to check these out and verify if he has ever had a business there and where he might be now. Also, I have his home address according to website registration at that time. I think the business addresses are false because he uses the same address for two of his businesses and he confirmed previously that these were old addresses and the newer Gloucester address is incomplete and exact address doesn't exist on postcode search. All this is public information found on Google.
  9. Here is the standard confirmation email you receive from Action Fraud Team. Past experience reporting scams would lead me to predict that nothing will be done due to lack of resources and not being enough victims to justify any action. Hence why crooked people can get away with crime for so long provided they do it on a small scale.
  10. Here is a copy of what I posted previously in a different thread... *Those posters say 'Ninebot UK' and not 'theninebot.co.uk' ... I just noticed this now and updated with this comment. I should have payed more attention earlier.
  11. Amazing ... worth a try ... the power of community. And you are correct about this issue being down to bad people ... nothing to do with nationality ... I have some Polish friends (their parents are Polish, but that's close enough). If anyone is to blame its me for being so dumb and ignoring my own intuition.
  12. The best thing we can all do is to spread the word, so that no one else falls victim to any of his businesses.
  13. I am thinking about sending Dominik a link to this thread ... does anyone think this is a bad idea?
  14. This email looking for sympathy for not replying sooner, plus threat of lawyer getting involved...
  15. Here is an email I sent him after I got suspicious (actually, there are emails before this one and I'll post a selection that add context). His reply follows below... My email... Here is Dominic's reply... A previous email from Dominic...
  16. This SCAM check website suggest no problems ... https://www.scamadviser.com/is-theninebot.co.uk-a-fake-site.html https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/nano-mobility.co.uk This SCAM check website suggests otherwise... https://www.scamner.com/check/theninebot.co.uk https://www.scamner.com/check/nano-mobility.co.uk
  17. I took a screenshot of (Dominic) Dominik Bednarski's Facebook page in case it was later removed... https://www.facebook.com/dominiknht
  18. I am posting everything I know in this new thread...
  19. Dominik Bednarski is the business owner of several companies. He runs these businesses as self-employed with any staff (assuming he has staff) also being self-employed. This means that these businesses do not need to be registered with 'Companies House' in the UK. He previously had a business called EcoRover, which was a registered company until it was dissolved via compulsory strike-off on 1 August 2017, probably due to bad business practices. Here's the link for that... https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09390793 He avoids being dissolved now by being self-employed, so his new companies are unregistered and no trace can be found when searching the register. Other businesses he runs (taken from his Facebook page)... https://www.theninebot.co.uk / https://www.facebook.com/Ninebot-Official-UK-485369688513702/ https://www.nano-mobility.co.uk / https://www.facebook.com/ninoroboticsofficial/ http://www.titan-house.com https://idealspa.pl http://www.titanpro.pl (One self-employed man running 5 separate businesses across 2 countries?)
  20. On 29 June 2018 I purchased a Ninebot Z10 on Pre-order from theninebot.co.uk and more than 1 year later I have not received anything. I will post all details I have as separate posts so that others can be made aware and not purchase from this website. The business owner is Dominik Bednarski and he has blocked me from his Facebook page and refuses to respond to emails. I have submitted a report to Action Fraud. Below is the webste listing for Z10... <<< FRAUDULENT WEBSITE BEWARE >>> www.theninebot.co.uk/product/ninebot-one-z6-z8-z10/ <<< FRAUDULENT WEBSITE BEWARE >>>
  21. I sent Dominik another email and several Facebook messages ... he has blocked me from viewing his Facebook page ... I checked when using another browser and not logged in. https://www.facebook.com/dominiknht I guess that is confirmed now ... Dominic is indeed a Fraudster. I think I will start a new thread on this, so that I can post all the info on him and his busnesses so that others can be aware of him and find this on google search.
  22. I have been emailing Dominic several times now on multiple addresses and I also sent him an SMS. Basically, he is failing to respond and I am now believing that he is a scammer and running several fraudulent business. These businesses are not registered with 'Companies House' in UK because he claims he is self-employed as are his other part-time staff. I suspect this is more likely because his previous company (EcoRover) was forced to dissolve in August 2017, possibly due to similar bad behaviour. Also, the fact that Segway are currently selling Z10 in UK kind of trashes his claim of being exclusive Ninebot distributor for UK and EU. He still uses a false business address on his website (claims it was previously the address, but has now moved yet new address not provided). Basically, it looks like I've been a victim of fraud. I have now filled out a fraud report on the Action Fraud website and will be submitting this tomorrow if I hear nothing back from Dominic by then. Big lesson ... never pay for anything by bank transfer ... I knew it was a bad idea, but reasoned otherwise and took a risk because I wouldn't expect a distributor to normally deal with retail customers and so credit card payments was not something I would expect them to have. Bad move. The website passed all scam checks and has been operating for several years. Getting my money back will be difficult. I will post back tomorrow with an update.
  23. They don't operate at that address anymore, but they won't update the website. They use the same address for another business as well. It all smells fishy. I suspect I won't see my Z10, but lets see what happens.
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