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  1. Yes, I am still waiting ... and the Ninebot UK website has issues ...and he doesn't reply to my emails ... I will chase him up again in a month or so ...
  2. I'm just kidding. But its a testament to how much we love our EUCs that we are willing to accept the risks of riding one.
  3. I am surprised your shoulder was injured as you seemed to take that fall pretty well and roll out of it, and you were also wearing protection. I don't want to overdo it with protective gear as it kind of takes away from the convenience aspect of riding a EUC.
  4. Hi RoberAce, I am surprised that the bearing would wear out after less than 4k miles, yet the tyre is still ok. Did you check the worn bearing to see if there was still grease in it or did it suffer water damage that removed grease and increased wear?
  5. Green policy will hopefully see that this doesn't happen. How much damage from Hurricanes can the US handle before realising that global warming is a real issue?
  6. Yes, but the cameraman wasn't looking where he was going and so was unprepared to deal with the situation.
  7. Fu#k ... I may never see my Z10 now.
  8. That Segway was behaving exactly as designed ... after running one wheel up the barrier, the cameraman tried to hold his balance by putting his weight onto his right foot and towards the front of the tilted Segway, which then accelerated. This is how its meant to work. I suppose its possible to train yourself to better deal with these types of situations when they happen rather than reacting instinctively and causing your Segway to accelerate. The cameraman wasn't exactly looking where he was going.
  9. If the people that see the benefits of PLEVs outnumber those that complain, then the legislators have to go with the majority ... or so you would think. Its usually the complainers that they hear from because the other side is mostly silent.
  10. The people that legislate don't ride a PLEV so they don't care. But most of the problems are due to a small minority of riders that don't understand how to ride safely when close to pedestrians (lack of education) and those that simply don't care.
  11. Is this the latest in crash protection gear designed not to intimidate pedestrians?
  12. The Netherlands are so flat that bicycles are relaxing to ride, so there is not as much incentive to go electric.