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  1. Nic

    InMotion V8f

    The price is high due to lack of competition as you point out. All these EUCs are expensive compared to alternatives like scooters but it is a smaller market so pricing will be at a premium.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-inequality-poll/majority-of-americans-favor-wealth-tax-on-very-rich-reuters-ipsos-poll-idUSKBN1Z914
  3. If you do a Google search for 'running boots' you will find lots of suitable boots that offer ankle protection without much restriction of movement.
  4. I don't think anyone is disagreeing on this ... the foot stance is more about dampening any resonance to control any wobble before it becomes a problem. This is how resonance is controlled.
  5. This was the stance recommended by @MickeyMicklos as Tip 1 on this video, though he didn't mention this as a solution to wobbles, but more for agility/control/aggressive riding...
  6. There is plenty of scope for cutting prices, but no incentive to do so as the manufacturers are selling as many EUCs as they can make. Once we see mass adoption of these and other PLEVs the price will drop as production will increase along with competition. Once that happens the margins that retailers/distributors make will drop significantly as they will need to compete with each other for market share. I have to admit that the high-end EUCs are a tad too expensive for my tastes at present, but I am in no hurry to upgrade and in a year or two these things will be better and cheaper.
  7. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/10-great-ways-deal-with-selfish-people.html
  8. KS-18X maybe? They do tend to stick with a family of similar style wheels... https://loja.eletricz.com.br/veiculos/monociclo-eletrico/monociclo-eletrico-kingsong-ks16xs
  9. You might consider a scooter ... it will cost less and is much safer. You can also still ride it even with a flat battery. EUCs are great, but scooters are also a lot of fun and you won't need to chase after it if you fall off. Just a thought. I have both.
  10. I have just watched episode 1 of this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2019 - Dr. Hannah Fry (3 episodes) You can watch Episode 1 on BBC iPlayer here: Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2019: Secrets & Lies - The Hidden Power of Maths - 1. How to Get Lucky There was an interesting game played on this episode and I have transcribed the demo below. What is interesting is that the results have implications for the topic of this discussion and the lecture is very entertaining. The clip I have transcribed is about 40 mins in to a 1 hour show. Enjoy. Goodie Or Baddie Game (2 players) Play 4 rounds with chance to win some points. Each player that makes 12 points after the 4 rounds wins an amazing prize! In every round each player has 2 choices: 1. Decide to be a Goodie. 2. Decide to be a Baddie. Rules If both players decide to be a Goodie, then each player gets 3 points. If both players decide to be a Baddie, then each player gets 1 point. If one player decides to be a Goodie and the other player decides to be a Baddie, then the Baddie gets 5 points and the Goodie gets 0 points. Play Round 1: Player 1 chooses Baddie (gets 5 points), Player 2 chooses Goodie (gets 0 points). Score = 5:0 Round 2: Player 1 chooses Baddie (gets 1 point), Player 2 chooses Baddie (gets 1 point). BLOCKED EACH OTHER! Score = 6:1 Round 3: Player 1 chooses Goodie (gets 0 point), Player 2 chooses Baddie (gets 5 points). PAYBACK! Score = 6:6 Round 4: Player 1 chooses Baddie (gets 1 points), Player 2 chooses Baddie (gets 1 points). Score = 7:7 Result Neither player have 12 points... Both players lose and fail to win a prize! Analysis There were 4 rounds, all each player needed 12 points to win, so all they had to do was cooperate by both playing Goodie on every round, then both players would have scored 12 points and both would have walked away with an amazing prize! But the game incentivises each player to choose to be a Baddie and win 5 points. Here's how... (1) Let's say that Player 1 chooses to be a Baddie, then Player 2 has two choices: 1. Choose Goodie ... and get 0 points. 2. Choose Baddie ... and get 1 point. So, if your player 1 chooses to be a Baddie, then the best thing for player 2 to do is to also choose to be a Baddie! (2) Now let's say that Player 1 chooses to be a Goodie, then Player 2 again has two choices: 1. Choose Goodie ... and get 3 points. 2. Choose Baddie ... and get 5 points. So, if your player 1 chooses to be a Goodie, then being a Baddie is again the best thing for player 2 to choose! It turns out that it doesn't matter what your opponent does in any one round, it is always best to play the baddie, even though if both just played Goodie, then both would have been better off and both would have ended up winning a prize! Essentially, all the little selfish choices that we all make (when the incentives aren't set up to encourage good behaviour), can add up over time so that we all lose out.
  11. The problem we have is that those earning the most are in a position where they constantly award themselves huge pay rises while forcing down the amount they pay to their workers. Getting those earning more to pay more tax is an attempt to level the playing field. But it doesn't work as the amount of taxation the wealthiest pay has been reducing over the years in an attempt to attract wealthy people to live and invest in the economy in exchange for lower taxes. All of this has increased the wealth gap and turned everyone else into slaves. The wealth gap is important because those that have wealth invest it in things like real estate becoming landlords and forcing the prices up making it impossible for normal people to afford housing, so they have to rent at high cost which further erodes their ability to improve their lives as they struggle to make ends meet. Taxation on its own may not be the best way to solve this problem, but I do feel that those that are more able to pay should pay more. But I don't feel people should expect to be rewarded for being lazy. To fix the wealth gap all employees that work for a company should share in its success and the CEO salary should be approved by other employees, so that they are each finding the best balance. This way there is a natural driver to find what is best for the future growth of the company without anyone taking an unreasonable amount for themselves at the expense of others. CEOs always find a way to award themselves huge pay increases regardless of whether a company is doing well or badly but they cut their employees wages when things aren't going so well. When things aren't going well they award themselves a big pay increase because things would be much worse without them, and when things are going well they deserve a reward because this was obviously due to their great leadership and business skills. This has been happening for decades and all while taxation for those at the top has been coming down, so we end up with a problem where the wealth gap is larger than ever and there is no easy way to correct it. The wealth gap is important because the cost of living is all relative and if a small group has too much wealth they end up owning everything and the rest become renters and are forced to work for less and less reward and have less of that money left to spend on products and services that would enable the economy to grow. Instead people need to borrow and get into increasing amounts of debt just to live a normal life and to keep the economy moving. There are only so many yachts, sports cars, handbags, shoes, etc. that one wealthy person can buy and use. Along with the increasing wealth gap has come increasing crime. It was only a few decades ago when it was safe to leave your front door unlocked and if you lost your wallet, then there was a very good chance that it would be handed in to the local police station and people were much more friendly and they would know their neighbours and talk to them regularly. Needless to say these things are pretty rare these days and people in general are a lot more stressed. Inequality is definitely not good for society and needs to be addressed.
  12. By taking drugs you can put both yourself and other people's lives at immediate risk (e.g. driving whilst high, overdose, etc), but tobacco only affects those that smoke it long term, so its more controlled and there is plenty of time to see its effects and take action if you are paying attention. Same with alcohol. Unfortunately, making something illegal just makes it more exciting to users that get thrills from taking risks that later become an addiction.
  13. I am out today, but I will add something later. In the meantime can we change the title of this thread as the subject isn't necessarily taxation ... its more about the wealth gap.
  14. Nic

    20" Wheel

    They don't always have stock ... granted you look now you find some stock and conclude there isn't a problem. Also, when there is stock it is usually a choice of one, if you are lucky maybe two. Not all bicycle tyres are suitable for EUC as they are not robust enough. The world is still at the early stages of electric vehicle adoption. I would prefer to see tyres from top brands like Schwalbe, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, etc ... not from CST, CYT, or any of the other brands that are not known for producing the best tyres. Do you think cyclists would be happy with the same meagre selection? No need to answer. This is tiresome (no pun intended) so I won't be replying again if you comment as I am worn out explaining.
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