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  1. I am going to provide an update here on what has been happening regarding my experience with Dominic and his website theninebot.co.uk (one of five online businesses he runs) where I was kept waiting for over a year and never received my Z10 or refund. All I got was empty promises and silence. I asked for my original thread regarding that website to be hidden for several reasons, one of which was a threat of legal action for exposing Dominic's identity, his home address, and posting a screenshot of his facebook page showing pictures of him. Given that Dominic hides behind an unregistered company and he does not reveal his own identity on his website this seems like someone who is afraid to show himself. All the details that were found and posted were already public (if you can use google and look in the right place). I also feel that since my bank managed to get my money back that it was not appropriate to publicly shame someone and cause problems in future because so far no other victims are known to me. I have been in contact with Dominic via email since just before the thread was hidden and he spins a lot of stories to explain things and just seems to makes things worse. I think he made some mistakes when he tried to convince me that he could not be running a scam because if he was scamming people then how could he do so by selling on ebay using Paypal and that he just sold a nano-mobility device the previous day. That is when he made a mistake as I asked him for a link to the ebay page and for his ebay seller name/id. He hasn't replied since so that would suggest he is making up stories again. So, for anyone who was following the saga when the original thread was active, you can make up your own minds on Dominic and his 5 businesses that he runs as self-employed. He built the websites himself and runs them himself with claims that he has employees that are also self-employed. He admitted that the business address is no longer correct yet he does not fix this and seems intent to remain anonymous with no postal address that could be used to find him. He continues to falsely claim his business has exclusive Ninebot licence for UK even though he admitted that it expired in 2016 with EcoRover and that Ninebot changed their policy back then and there are no exclusive dealers any more. Dominic does appear to have had some kind of Ninebot business back in 2016 (he has a Ninebot certificate to prove this), but that was with EcoRover, a company that was forced to dissolve via to compulsory strike-off from the companies house register. This usually happens due to financial irregularities of some kind. Self-employed sole traders do not need to register their businesses, which means that it is difficult to find out who is running the business and they can't be struck-off from the register. Dominic claims he went this route due to fraud his EcoRover business suffered, but I asked him for proof regarding the chargebacks he claimed caused this and he failed to provide any as he said he couldn't find it. He admitted that things look bad, but claims that he is telling the truth. He aims to start building his Ninebot business again and claims that he has agreements with Ninebot. So is Dominic running a fraudulent business? ... I don't know, though I won't trust him again, especially as he hides behind a false business address and refuses to reveal himself to customers using only his first name which he misspells (correct spelling is Dominik). He accepts bank transfer only. Do you trust him? I was lucky to get my money back and that is the main reason I am not chasing this any more. Also, my fraud report to action fraud seems to have gone nowhere and they seem to go out of their way to prevent contact. All this shows that had Dominic's bank account not been frozen last year, then I would have lost my money and there would be nothing I could do about it. So, saying I was lucky is an understatement.
  2. Actually, my bank got my money back for me because Dominic had his bank account frozen sometime around August 2018. I was lucky as there was new legislation introduced in May 2019 concerning Direct Bank Transfers. There was money in that frozen account so I was able to make a claim. I can't say much more for now. Stay tuned.
  3. Anyone struggling with changing tyres on an EUC is probably doing it wrong, so here are a couple of videos to help...
  4. Yes tyres are rated conservatively because people will do tricks and jumps which will stress those ratings and tyres do deteriorate over time, so lots of safety margin are required. But tyres do fail even with all the over engineering. It will be interesting to hear how you get on with your testing.
  5. So your 23 psi may actually be 33 psi when you run your test later? This is an interesting point as those complaining about lack of comfort at 'recommended' tyre pressures may have a similar pump to yours. From your link... Another issue that can happen is that the inner tube can be worn thin by rubbing against the inside of the tyre until it bursts. This is why tubeless tyres are best when running lower pressures. Z10 is the only tubeless tyre EUC as far as I know and it also has minimal sidewall on the tyre, which makes it perfect for running at low pressures and possibly even when flat, though I don't recommend that as some damage will occur. It would be nice if more EUC manufacturers would move to tubeless tyres.
  6. The low sugar one please... I think this just goes to show that one should never jump to conclusions because it is very easy to misunderstand someone when simply reading text.
  7. You are correct I only discussed one side of the argument, but this is because I already agree with the arguments for low pressure, so I have no issue there and these advantages have already been pointed out so I saw no need to repeat them, hence I added what was missing ... the disadvantages. I can now see why you feel I was preaching, but really that was not my intention. You are running it well below spec then... What is the maximum load rated at (kg)?
  8. Are you sure the tyre wasn't made specifically for EUCs?
  9. You are correct on this occasion ... all pneumatic tyres work the same way ... I'm sure your wife will back me up on that.
  10. Just out of interest ... what is the manufacturer specified pressure range (min/max) for that tyre?
  11. I think the problem we have is one of understanding each other. Every rider will set their preferred pressure different as they will account for their weight. As regards all the disadvantages I pointed out these are not black and white, but the are all the shades in between and therefore may or may not be significant in any given scenario. I simply draw attention to these facts and do not suggest people to just follow along. This is a discussion after all. And I am a bit of a nerd so all this is not new to me. I find it incredible that you can make any decisions at all given that you don't trust any information sources because there are always arguments and counter-arguments. In your example with diabetes there is an issue with medical studies as these use correlation to draw conclusions and it is very difficult to conduct precise studies and trials. This is not the same when applying basic science to testing tyres. I suppose its pointless providing links as you wouldn't believe anything you read. You seem to believe only things that already fit your own preconceived beliefs. Good luck with that.
  12. You didn't provide a link, but I did a quick google and I think you are confused by over-inflated tyres being prone to punctures from flints. I was referring to under-inflated tyres compared to normal pressures. Plus you didn't mention 'snake-bite' punctures (there is no snake involved, pinch-flat is another name for this), which only affect under-inflated tyres with an inner tube. So, I'm not sure about the studies showing the opposite ... its more a case of interpreting what is actually being said. But, regardless, you have your own opinions on this and that is fine. If KingSong recommend you run your tyre at a particular pressure, it is because the tyre manufacturer has likely done some testing to support this and is not just plucked from 'thin air'. They won't warranty a tyre that shows damage from running at too low a pressure. This example is on car tyres, but the same principles apply to all pneumatic tyres... https://blog.firestonecompleteautocare.com/driving/dont-let-low-pressure-tires-cause-a-marriage-blowout/ Another problem I have seen on bicycles and on EUC is when the tube valve gets ripped from the inner tube by the tyre slipping on the rim due to lack of friction when running too low a tyre pressure. I think Marty Backe had this problem, but he didn't identify the cause. This can't happen with tubeless tyres.
  13. Nope, but most pneumatic tyres operate on the same principles and are made from similar materials. EUC tyres are made with thicker sidewalls and tread and that makes them stronger and more resistant to punctures, but also higher rolling resistance (less efficient). The 2 inch Kenda tyres fitted to the Inmotion V8 / KS16S are also marketed for bicycles. I don't understand what point you are making. You made it plenty clear you don't care, so lets leave it at that.
  14. I can only talk from riding bicycles for several decades and in such cases the points I mentioned are most definitely not negligible. Without a motor you will quickly notice the increase in effort even on short rides and when coasting. Yes, a motor will make a difference, but it doesn't mean the effects aren't there. If you fit new tyres to a car and run them at lower than normal pressure you will notice an increase in fuel consumption only if you monitor this regularly and you may find the tyres sidewall start cracking after 2 years instead of 4 years. On an EUC with a powerful motor and relatively short tyre life you may not notice at all, but it is still there and it all depends on how extreme you go with the pressure. If you run with your tyre close to flat your tyre may not last even 100 meters. So, it depends...
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