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  1. You will scare the bejesus out of anyone in your path ... and sweat buckets in the summer heat. I'm looking forward to your review.
  2. @RockyTop Get your wife one of these ...
  3. There is no such thing as freedom ... you know that.
  4. Live by the gun. Die by the gun.
  5. It appears your views are mostly because you are a gun lover and has nothing to do with protection.
  6. You make a lot of connections that aren't factually correct and your reasoning is flawed. Maybe you should carry a bazooka plus a few grenades just in case a gun isn't enough? If that rapist is carrying a gun, then your wife may end up dead and it won't stop her from being raped. Giving up guns won't stop crime, but the crimes that are committed will be less likely to result in death. If you need some protection, then keep a baseball bat under your bed and your wife can carry some pepper spray in her handbag.
  7. Its included in the statistics because deaths would otherwise be even higher. If anything this is even more worrying because it shows that guns are an even greater problem than the numbers indicate. Is that lives saved from bear attacks? or from others carrying guns?
  8. UNODC murder rates (yearly): murders per 100,000 inhabitants Assuming an average life expectancy of 80 years, this means that in USA there is a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance of dying from murder during your lifespan.
  9. Seems like the 'Wild West' is still the 'Wild West', even if its a little more civil these days. When a situation goes wrong, the shit really hits the fan! Carrying guns and knives is bad for everyone ... you only have to compare with other nations where these weapons are illegal to see that its better without them. Granted, that if an intruder is carrying a gun, then you would want to protect yourself with a gun, but that's not a good argument because we are really aiming for no one to be carrying guns, and that includes the intruder.
  10. Lets hope the legislators don't read this thread.
  11. So the witness protection program you are now in is to protect you from your mom?
  12. Yes, I don't think locking the bathroom door and climbing out the window and down the drainpipe will cut it now.