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  1. I used a temperature controlled 110w soldering iron for my 20s3p build. This one keeps the cells cool and works very well... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60-90-110W-110-220V-Electric-Soldering-Iron-Welding-Heat-Gun-6pc-Solder-Iron-Tip-/312809133964?var=&hash=item48d4e0978c I fitted one of these soldering tips... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Tip-Tip-Welding-900M-T5C-Aoyue-Hakko-Weller-Etc/323928908708?hash=item4b6baae3a4:g:9GcAAOxy4kpQ-ozm Its safe and won't damage the cells so long as you use good technique and don't let the battery get hot. . Check youtube for videos on how to do this safely.
  2. It does take some force to get the bulbous end to fit and stay put ... I used the flat of a screwdriver to push hard until it popped in. I used a little silicone tyre dressing to lube it.
  3. The MSX is a fugly wheel so some improved aesthetics would be nice.
  4. How about a front firing airbed in case of cut out.
  5. You mean KS18X ... natural evolution on existing line up.
  6. If electric cars are too reliable and long lifespan then the cost would go up dramatically as less new cars would need to be produced each year, so manufacturers would not see the economics of scale. The prices would have to rise, or they could just make cars that rust after 10 years and force consumers to replace them.
  7. Nic

    InMotion V8f

    Does wearing shoes with soft rubber soles together with thick socks make a difference to how stiff the pedal feels? How about tyre pressure?
  8. This happens to bicycles with mudguards too, so I suspect it can also happen to a OneWheel.
  9. The air may have been lost after the tyre developed cracks from running too low pressure.
  10. You should replace that tyre as it is damaged by too much flexing due to not enough air pressure. You can for short time get away with low pressure at low speed, but at higher speed the tyre will heat up too much and the rubber will crack and fall apart followed by the carcass. This tyre is not safe to use, especially at speed as it could fail catastrophically at some point. Looking at your tyre it seems like the whole of the tread width was your contact patch as there is noticeable wear right up to where the damage is located. This suggests that your tyre was under-inflated. Ideally the majority of wear should be on the centre tread blocks with only minimal wear on the outer blocks as those should only contact the ground when cornering. The Z tyre has very little sidewall and seems designed to run well at low pressures, but this probably makes it difficult to tell when the pressure is too low. I suggest you set the tyre pressure by checking how much the tyre compresses with you mounted on your EUC. This is not easy, so most people will guess based on preferred comfort level and stability, which is best when the tyre is under-inflated and so is not so good for the tyre. If you set the pressure to the manufacturer recommended values you will be good. Ideally you want the centre blocks to be your contact patch and the shoulder blocks to only contact the road when leaned over during cornering. Tyres can handle a wide range of pressures so there are no hard and fast rules, but you want to keep the pressure higher rather than lower because over-flexing is what causes the damage.
  11. I've added a link to my original post. Here is one from a different manufacturer... Ribcap
  12. In another month or so you will look even chunkier and its not because you got more safety gear for Christmas. If only someone would invent a helmet that looks like a beanie ... handy for Winter when you forget your helmet. ...oddly enough I then did a google search and found this... Beanie Helmet - Kickstarter ANTI Ordinary - Website
  13. Can you post some links to your videos so people can judge for themselves?
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