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  1. I really get weird looks from people around me when opening the Inmotion app (Is that Tinder ?), it's getting uncomfortable.
  2. Kristof Willen

    Do you have a name for your EUC? Nickname or pet name?

    I guess all KingSong users named their EUC to their wife, due to the high pitched whining sound... (sorry, couldn't resist)
  3. Kristof Willen

    Anyone here riding an electric scooter?

    I had a Xiaomi Mi365 before my EUC. Drove 750km on it, and loved every mile of it. However, the unit had some serious drawbacks (general to the Mi365), which after 4 months drove me to an EUC : * The steering handle becomes wobbly and squeaky after a while which is quite annoying * The tires are a real weak point and are not meant to be ridden on gravel or off-road * Autonomy is limited to (in my case) 20km * Speed limited to 25kmh (admit, we all want to drive faster, aren't we ?) * Still quite large when folded, and a bit awkward to take with you on the train. I still felt safer on an electric step, probably due to the lower speed, lower center of gravity & the fact you can easily jump of when losing control.
  4. Kristof Willen

    Up speed in v5+

    Whoa, really - that title is some serious clickbait !
  5. Kristof Willen

    The Photo Thread

    cute !
  6. Kristof Willen

    The Photo Thread

    Oversized bikes only.
  7. Kristof Willen

    V10F • What is your average and high speed?

    My high speed on my V10 is 24mph, average speed is about 18 mph. Mind you, that's for my 9 km commute with very few 'obstacles' like crossing roads, red lights and such. But don't stare at numbers. If you're a beginner (which I assume you are), just move on at speeds you're comfortable with. I took my last fall at 500 kms, so don't be too confident too soon - falling at high speeds can be quite painful, with injuries which can last for weeks. Just start cruising, speeding will come with experience.
  8. Kristof Willen

    I HAD A NICE RIDE TODAY (The Anti Face Plant Thread)

    LOCATION: Belgium, Tielt-Winge DATE: Feb 11th TIME: 9:15 am and 18 pm WEATHER: Sunny with some clouds, 2°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 18 km, daily commute WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Inmotion V10 WHO WAS WITH ME: my shadow TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 1175 km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Finally back on the wheel after 3 weeks of rain & snow. And being able to FLOOR IT (max speed during the ride 39 km/h) WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Discovered a crack in my helmet visor RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: dress warm, the cold creeps in everywhere.
  9. Kristof Willen

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Some kind of suspension would be a killer feature IMO. Riding a wheel on bad roads or cobblestones just damages your knees and back so much. Imagine a wheel with a nice fat tire and suspension, such a wheel would deliver a comfortable ride !
  10. Kristof Willen

    I HAD A NICE RIDE TODAY (The Anti Face Plant Thread)

    What ?? 15.000km on a wheel ?
  11. Kristof Willen

    I HAD A NICE RIDE TODAY (The Anti Face Plant Thread)

    LOCATION: Tielt-Winge, Belgium DATE: Feb 3rd TIME: 8h00 am, sunrise WEATHER: Sunny with some clouds, 3°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 8km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Inmotion V10 WHO WAS WITH ME: alone TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 1155 km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Seeing the sun rising WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Big icy patches on the roads everywhere
  12. Kristof Willen

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    It's a bit unfair to compare the V10 with V10F/Z10/KS18L. The estimated autonomy of the V10 is 35km, while the others add an additional 10 to 15km to it. The added autonomy however reflects itself in the price : the Z10 is almost the double of the v10 price. So if you're happy with an autonomy of 35km, and on a tighter budget, the v10 might be a nice fit for you. But indeed, the pricing/range ratio gives the V10F the advantage.
  13. Kristof Willen

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I usually divide Wh by 20 to obtain a realistic idea of range : 650 Wh = 32km 1300Wh = 65km 1600 Wh = 80km That's for an 'average' western person (weight 80-90 kg).
  14. Kristof Willen

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    The fact that EUCs are a large gray zone in legislation in most countries surely doesn't help either.
  15. I recently bought this and I'm using it since last week. You have indeed the option for different styles of light effects : flashing multicolor, or steady single-color. I prefer the single-color options (yellow or red). The flashing effect makes me feel too much like a disco ball or a christmas tree. I wear a backpack, and have no problem wearing the Noxgear over it (just order the XL size). I must say that if you don't like to stand out in the traffic, this thing isn't for you. I frequently have cars slowing down to check out what's riding next to them on the bike lane. Using the side LEDs as well on my Inmotion V10 adds to the overall futuristic effect. Overall, I'm very happy with this : on some parts of my commute the bike lane is nothing more than a thin paint stripe, where I'm less than 1m from the cars whizzing by at 70km/h. Riding in the dark under such circumstances, the back light of my EUC isn't sufficient to ride safely. With the Tracer360, I'm confident to be seen at all times.