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  1. Power button on top of the wheel ? So much for waterproofness...
  2. I never use the GW app anymore; LED color cycling is easier/faster done with the (short press) power button.
  3. Donderdag ll. iemand gekruist op een witte MTen3 (denk ik) in de Pylyserlaan in Oostduinkerke (of all places). Iemand van hier ?
  4. Yes, but of course, but only on the front side. You cannot rest the the Nikola on the side where the mudguard is.
  5. If I remember correctly, I ordered this printed in PLA. Not the best choice, but up to date it's still holding.
  6. Ik gebruik mijn EUC voornamelijk om te pendelen, dus ik rij een pak minder sinds de lockdown, maar geen problemen gehad tijdens de recente ritjes in regio Aarschot & in het Leuvense. Ik lig er eerlijk gezegd ook niet echt wakker van : al een paar keer politie tegengekomen, geen problemen ondervonden...
  7. It's PLA. It was a bitch to put in place, and indeed started to crack a bit. Next time I think I'll opt for some softer plastic.
  8. I indicated the 'better range' option - however, the most important feature is missing from the poll : completely waterproof EUCs. I want this thing to be as waterproof as a car, so I can ride this in the rain without fearing to convert my wheel into a 2K$ brick.
  9. I purchased a 21700 Nik+ in november, still has the startup noise. Probably the latest batches have it removed...
  10. @Flyboy10 I get an error message that the sheet is protected, and need to ask for permission to open it. Does anyone know the status of EUCs in Norway ?
  11. No, I only get it when passing irregularities in the road, so it's not a constant thing. Didn't tried to fix it yet, but I suspect a lower PSI might fix it. This has the disadvantage of faster tire wear, and lower range, so I'm still doubting of applying it...
  12. Een setje wristguard/knie- & elleboogbeschermers gevonden voor 10€ in de iTek. Helm online gekocht. En onlangs Gyroridrz gekocht. Volgende aankoop wordt een jas met rug- en schouder bescherming. Waarschijnlijk online motorwinkel of Amazon.
  13. It's positive ! Just a -failed- attempt at humour.... I was afraid the size wouldn't fit, but it's looking Ok. Haven't ridden with them yet, that test is for within an hour when I leave work here...
  14. MY V2's just arrived, I appreciate the little added card with a thank-you note ! They fit like a - eh- glove (badum-tss - I'll get me coat...).
  15. AFAIK, this Android app comes the closest to an official GW app. It surely allows you to change LED modes. Still has half of the app in Chinese, even after setting the language to 'English'...
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