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  1. 95kg here all geared up. I'm riding at 2.2 - 2.4 bar (32-35 psi).
  2. I'm selling my trusty V10. It is 15 months old, and has 4015 km mileage. There are a few scuffs and scratches, mostly on the bottom of the pedals, and some on the scorpion tail, but apart from that it is in mint condition. Tire and battery are still decent as well. The shell has a small crack where the wheel once hit a tree root - as it didn't impact the riding, I decided to simply duct tape over it to avoid water ingress. This is an excellent beginner/intermediate wheel which has a great fun factor and delivers superb riding. I'm selling it cause I wanted larger range. This package includes: the wheel (650Wh battery) an Inmotion cover charger with european power plug New price was 1250€, asking price is 750€. I'm hesitant to ship worldwide (don't have the proper packaging material), so area Belgium (and France/Netherlands/Germany/Luxembourg).
  3. I've received a wine box as Christmas present, which I cut up & converted to an EUC stand.
  4. I'm at Re:Ivent at this moment, and was wondering if any wheelers are attending this IT conference - the change seems quite large, given the large number of geeks in this forum. I realise this comes fairly late, but this event leaves hardly any time. I'm quite interested in meeting other EUC people and discuss their wheeling experience. Maybe we can meet and have a drink before/during/after Re:Play ?
  5. It probably depends a lot on your country's road quality...
  6. But not so much for our knees and backs...
  7. It is not ideal though, as I see that it has developed some more cracks, probably created when installing (and hopefully not after installation). Ideally, this should be either printed at a smaller size (90% or so) or in some hard rubber.
  8. I received my 3D printed mudguard, result is looking good :
  9. I was surprised when riding my Nik+ on wet & muddy roads, my pants and coat got all splashed up with mud. So I decided to let this Thingverse design get 3D printed so I could apply it to my Nikola : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3987748 Installing is a bit finicky, and the mudguard cracked a bit when applying. The result looks good, I yet have to find out if this will avoid mud/rain splashes on my clothes.
  10. FWIW : current mileage : 40 km battery : 68% (according to EUC.World/Wheellog) (broken) voltage meter readout : 31.8 (should be 91.8V due to the broken first LED) rider weight : 90kg, hilly terrain, cruising speed = 35-ish kph
  11. It's the default 100V Nikola+ from Gotway, but with the 21700 cells, so delivering a 1800Wh. You can read my review journal here :
  12. I ordered one and received it last Friday. Bad weather here, so not much mileage yet...
  13. Day 6 : the pads Pads are applied ! No riding : it's a rainy & windy day...
  14. Day 5 - the first commute ! Starting the first commute, and the real test for this wheel. Sure, it can probably ride fast, but can it ride slowly ? Will it be easy to carry it around stairs ? How easy is it to hop on/off the train ? So many questions, so let's start riding ! Some random remarks : The Gotway app sucks. What are all those alarm settings ? Tilt back warning ? First Alarm. Second alarm. Trying turning off 2nd alarm. App reports alarms as still present. And why is only half of the app translated ? After some time, it slowly dawns to me - First, disable 1st alarm, which means 2nd and tilt-back remain. After that, the 2nd alarm can be disabled. I disable 1st alarm, as it keeps the wheel beeping while I gain confidence (and ergo start riding faster). Where's the battery percentage readout ? Ahhh, I need to swipe up. This thing seriously needs some UX rework. This thing can be driven slowly, I'm able to keep up with pedestrians on busy sidewalks while leaving the train station. Another tick mark checked. Haven't heard the fan yet or it must be real quiet. The anti spin button works surprisingly well, though one must make sure to keep pressure to the button below the handle, I once lowered the pressure while going downstairs, which sent the wheel spinning. The broad handle works surprisingly well as well, no issues to carry this over long distance steps, that was my main concern for this wheel. Big tick mark checked again. The headlight ? Seems to suck, to test later in the dark. I need those pads. The wheel feels too slippery, so it definitely needs some kind of padding. I fear that they will deliver too much annoyance however, and they are a bitch to remove once applied. So the GW pads, or wait while ordering some foam tape ? That scorpion tail ? Meh. Works decently, and does the job, but as it does not lock into place when pulled up, it might snap back when carrying it by the handle. I have a feeling I'm going to hurt my thumb that way in the near future... As for height, no problem with my 1.85 meters. For the commute back home, I increase the tilt-back speed to 39kph. I gained enough confidence (Famous Last Words) and overtaking cyclists at 32 kph while the wheel goes beep-beep-beep-beep ain't funny. The wheel surely delivers on the range test : after 30 km mileage, battery readout is at 80% in the Gotway app (mind you, the app displays in 10%-blocks, so this could be 71% as well), and 35.7 ( = 95.7 ?) on the voltage display. Wheellog displays a 83% remaining battery. All in all, count me a happy man !
  15. Most Thingverse items have an option 'Order this thing printed'. Then you need to select an app which will select 3D printing services around your location, which will print the thing for you. The app is responsible for showing the surrounding print services and the payment handling.
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