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  1. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    Bizar, net AG gecontacteerd, en die melden me dat ze EUCs > 18 km/h niet meer in de familiale dekken...
  2. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    Voor de eerste maal in het donker gependeld, viel beter mee dan verwacht, al is het toch soms schrikken van oneffenheden in de weg die je niet verwacht. Hoe gaan jullie met het donker om ? Rijden of niet ? En dan dit nog : Ride safe, jongens & meisjes !
  3. Not wanting to influence your choice, but I'm daily commuting by train with my V10 (+20 kg) - and I must admit I had the same fear - but it goes easier than expected. It's surely not a wheel you want to do endless stairs with, but hopping on/off the train, or taking the stairs to the track is quite doable, and doesn't leave you breathless once arrived.
  4. Kristof Willen

    v10F Range

    I'm 95kg (including luggage) and can easily do 30km on my V10. Battery from 100% to 25%. I never went below 20%, so I guess my range falls between 35 & 40km. My commute terrain is quite hilly, with altitude delta's of 60m. My normal average speed is between 25-30kmh and max speed between 34-38kmh, to give you an idea about my driving style. A weird thing I remarked is that my battery decreases non-linearly, which makes it hard(er) to predict range : - First 10km : battery from 100% to 68% (3 bars left on battery indicator) - Second 10km : battery from 68% to 40% (2 bars left - orange/red) - Third 10km : battery from 40% to 25% (1 bar left - red, non-blinking)
  5. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I've "solved" this sound by switching to the "English" sound FX, where the beeps are replaced by a female voice. The speed alert now tells me "Danger ! Please slow down." *A lot* less annoying than that beep...
  6. Kristof Willen

    rear view mirror

    I use the same solution. Only drawback is that the mirror is curved, so everything appears quite small. Sometimes I hear the traffic more early than I see it in the mirror. But surely works better than looking back all the time !
  7. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Joining my little kids (5 & 6yo) on their 10km bike ride at 10-15kmh extends my V10 range *a lot*
  8. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I should have replaced 'cruiser' by 'commuter'. My V10 does 35-40km which 'is enough', although I admit I was hoping to cross the 40km boundary more easily. Sure, the autonomy might be quite lower than a KS18L, but we're in a different price league as well. I've read reviews from people that for instance the autonomy of the Z8/Z10 was disappointing as well...
  9. Kristof Willen


    I went for the el-cheapo 1Storm helmet (Amazon URL below). It fits nicely (including my glasses) and is quite comfortable. Only small issue is the wind noise starting from 20 kmh (louder than I expected), and the ventilation which only kicks in from 15kmh+. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0776QD5QG/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I mostly wear my ABUS bike helmet, but for colder days this one will be the default choice.
  10. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Prior to buying my V10 I was looking for a super-comfy long-distance cruiser and my V10 is exactly that. Just went for a short 11km ride, sunny day, 15°C - life is good !
  11. Kristof Willen

    Negative reactions from motirists

    Yeah, I had the same experience a few weeks ago, where road workers broke up the bike lane every 100 meters. I gave up at a certain point and decided to use the road. Normally very few traffic there, but of course at that moment quite busy. The big white jeep after me wasn't amused and treated me to a honking concert. Some people are just dicks, I guess. I just gave up and decided to search an alternate route during the road works for the next days. Found a really nice one through the woods which I'm enjoying now much more ! OTOH, I realised sometimes other people might be in a hurry, and it can be normal this leads to irritation by a slow weird vehicle moving at 10-20 mph. When I hear a car behind me where it's difficult to overtake, I now always pull over and let the car pass by. Less enervating for the both of us...
  12. Kristof Willen

    V10F wheel need balancing?

    My experience with my V10 is that (side2side) wobbling occurs in the following 2 situations : Check your tire pressure : if too high, wobbling has a higher occurence chance. I increased my tire pressure to 40 psi when I received my wheel, I've later lowered this to 32 psi. Much better. Finding the 'sweet spot' wrt tire pressure is crucial imo Your feet are not properly aligned on the pedals. I'm a newbie myself, I have my V10 now for a month, 400 km mileage....
  13. Kristof Willen

    V10 is safe from fire

    @Fastmike, you had a V10F, right ? If I understand the post from @Davide Neri correctly, Inmotion claims the early V10 models (not V10F) are fire-proof.
  14. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    Ik rij nu zo'n 2 weken in het verkeer met mijn EUC en kan helaas alleen besluiten dat we zeer zwakke weggebruikers zijn. In de laatste 2 weken 3 bijna-aanrijdingen gehad; excuses van de automobilisten zijn legio : - "ik had u niet gezien" : nogal wiedes als je op een kruispunt rechts afslaat terwijl je aan het SMS'en bent. - "ik dacht dat je trager reed" : iemand die per se vlugger dan mij aan een T-kruispunt wilt zijn, en vlak nadat hij me voorbijstak, alles moet dichtgooien aan het kruispunt - "rijd eens op het fietspad man" (inclusief druk getoeter) : fietspad dat wegens wegenwerken iedere 50 meter opgebroken ligt Ik denk dat ik maar eens een andere route ga zoeken naar het station...
  15. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I have my V10 now for 3 weeks, and start out to do longer distances. I've did a 17km ride today, battery dropped from 90% to 45%, indicating a 35km autonomy. Quite disappointing, I was hoping to end up somewhere between 40 & 50km. That's for a 200 pounds driver (including my -ahum- heavy luggage). And a word of warning here : I was mounting the V10, but stumbled, and had to jump off. I grabbed the top of the V10 to prevent it from falling, next thing I know my thumb is bleeding like a pig. Got a nasty cut there from the edges from the V-shape, where the trolley clicks into the mount which fixes the trolley to the wheel handle (where the 'red' meets the 'black') . Those edges of that V-shape are quite sharp, at least on my unit.