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  1. I have my V10 now also about a year, but don't see any reduction in autonomy. My total milage, however, is with its 2800km significantly lower than yours.
  2. I learnt a year ago to ride an EUC with my V10. Such wheels might take a bit longer to learn to ride than a light wheel, but you'll manage. It took me one week of a daily 30-60 minute session in order to feel comfortable on the wheel, another additional week in order to feel comfortable in traffic. The most difficult I found was starting to ride, there the weight of the wheel is a real drawback. Hang in there, after a few days, it just 'clicks' inside your head, and you'll notice suddenly everything will become a lot easier.
  3. LOCATION: Aarschot, Belgium DATE: July 9th TIME: 3-6pm WEATHER: sunny with some clouds DISTANCE TRAVELED: 21km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Inmotion V10 WHO WAS WITH ME: the wife & kids TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 2575km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: family quality time ! WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: The sun was more active than expected, so got a sunburn. Also, my t-shirt shows way too much of my -ahem- curved anatomy (around the abdomen region;) )
  4. glad to hear you're Ok - looks like a serious crash you encountered there. This. I always refrain from going into turbo mode on routes I'm not familiar with. There's nothing more scary than hitting an invisible bump or pothole at 20+ mph and feeling your feet losing contact with the pedals. On my regular commute route I'm rocket man though - I know every pothole/bump location there.
  5. I have 2500+ km on my (first) wheel, but never felt the urge to try riding backwards. Untill this thread. You bastards. My calves & ankles are all bruised up, I feel like an idiot trying to ride backwards & failing/falling every time.
  6. Well, I think that most of us would be very disappointed if it isn't a 1600+ Wh wheel.
  7. 20km ride through the ForĂȘt de Rougeau, about 40km south of Paris. Spotted a deer and some rabbits. The village of Seine-Port nearby is a real jewel !
  8. De Z10 is quasi overal uitverkocht, en bij mijn weten heeft Ninebot de productie ervan stopgezet. Als j'em in Parijs kan bestellen, en je wilt per se de Z10, gaan ervoor. Aliexpress is waarschijnlijk de goedkoopste oplossing, maar dat wordt lang wachten op de levering, en als er iets misgaat ermee, heb je een probleem.
  9. The InMotion VX is confirmed as an 18" wheel. Quite some delay it seems, so may still be some weeks/months before it gets announced.
  10. I will travel a lot to London & Paris in the next couple of months, and I'm very tempted to bring my EUC with me. However, I will travel mainly by train (Eurostar & Thalys), but I would hate to find myself rejected on boarding the train, given that security is quite strict when departing from London or Paris. Does someone has experience with this, and takes his EUC with him on the Eurostar or Thalys ?
  11. Just for information, can you provide the first 3 digits of your V10F serial number ? Inmotion allways claimed that only the V10F 124 serials were not waterproof, I would like to check if other batches have the same issue.
  12. I really like the way how you added the red (reflective?) tape around your V10. I was looking to add some myself, but my idea was to add a broad piece of tape between the speakers up till the scorpion trolley handle. Your method looks way nicer, so I did the same to my V10. Bonus advantage : it looks like I've upgraded to a V10F
  13. AFAIK is the "official" statement that only V10F wheels starting with 124 are affected.
  14. Spring is here in full force, which means I tripled my usual mileage on the wheel last week. However, this sparked some back ache in the middle/lower back region. Most of it went away after an hour, but the last days the back ache stays. I've avoided the wheel yesterday, hoping it would get better over time, fingers crossed. Are other people experiencing this as well ? It's not that I do a lot of offroad, but from time to time I like to leave the paved roads. Many bike paths are sometimes in bad condition too, leaving creaks and holes everywhere, which causes the wheel to bump over and to give additional spine stress. How can one avoid/prevent the stress on your back ? I was thinking of lowering the tire pressure, but I'm a bit afraid of increasing the chance of punctures. (Currently riding a V10 with 32-35 psi). I'm also trying to keep my knees bent on the worst conditioned parts of the road, but sometimes a hidden crack/hole can be surprisingly difficult to spot.
  15. In Android, I can connect external speakers and can define the bluetooth connection so that they should be used either for sound only or calls only or both. When I connect my Inmotion V10 to my phone, I disable the BT connection for calls, but enable the connection for audio. That doesn't work, the 'calls' option must be enabled as well.
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