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  1. Kristof Willen

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I usually divide Wh by 20 to obtain a realistic idea of range : 650 Wh = 32km 1300Wh = 65km 1600 Wh = 80km That's for an 'average' western person (weight 80-90 kg).
  2. Kristof Willen

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    The fact that EUCs are a large gray zone in legislation in most countries surely doesn't help either.
  3. I recently bought this and I'm using it since last week. You have indeed the option for different styles of light effects : flashing multicolor, or steady single-color. I prefer the single-color options (yellow or red). The flashing effect makes me feel too much like a disco ball or a christmas tree. I wear a backpack, and have no problem wearing the Noxgear over it (just order the XL size). I must say that if you don't like to stand out in the traffic, this thing isn't for you. I frequently have cars slowing down to check out what's riding next to them on the bike lane. Using the side LEDs as well on my Inmotion V10 adds to the overall futuristic effect. Overall, I'm very happy with this : on some parts of my commute the bike lane is nothing more than a thin paint stripe, where I'm less than 1m from the cars whizzing by at 70km/h. Riding in the dark under such circumstances, the back light of my EUC isn't sufficient to ride safely. With the Tracer360, I'm confident to be seen at all times.
  4. Kristof Willen

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I would very much like to see some improvements in the Inmotion app : on Android, it's a really battery grinder. Also, the ability to be able to share/publish DIY light effects (or sound packs), and install light effects from others would be fantastic !
  5. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    I started out in the garden, holding onto the fence. Not really great, as the surface is quite wobbly, and you won't make it far. I moved on to a quiet street to practice start/stops, was astonished how easy riding was in comparison with the grass. I moved later to an empty car park at a train station to practice turns.
  6. Kristof Willen

    The Photo Thread

    Morning ride - and it's c-c-cold-d !
  7. I recently created my first attempt at a DIY light effect, and was pleasantly surprised how easy and fast it was. I first copied a table of 2x4 pattern frame screens on a piece of paper, where I drew each frame. I used that paper to create the light effect in the app. Didn't took me longer than 10 minutes. https://imgur.com/a/RiqAXe1 That being said, is there any way to upload/share those DIY effects ? It would be nice if one could download/import other peoples creations as well.
  8. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Quite weird, as my Inmotion app shows a 35 km/h limit in Comfort mode - this is show in the orange circle on the screen with max & avg speed, total mileage, etc. I sometimes get a max speed of 36 or 38, but never reached anything higher then 38 km/h as maximum speed.
  9. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    You need to power on the wheel, press the anti spin button, and put the wheel on its resting stand (as if you're performing a firmware update). This will allow the transfer to happen.
  10. Kristof Willen

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I allways kill the app after usage by going to the Recents screen, and swiping the Inmotion app away. Some Android implementations restart the least recently used apps after reboot.
  11. Kristof Willen

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    Well, a clear and official communication from Inmotion HQ about the waterproof issues would be nice. There has been quite some discussion with contradictory information from Inmotion USA vs China HQ. Which wheels are not waterproof ? V10 and/or V10F and what serial number ranges ? For instance, my V10 serial starts with 125. Waterproof or not ? If not, what are the repair options for non-USA clients ? I try to avoid rain showers as much as possible, but sometimes you just are caught in the rain, or you must ride on a wet road. As some of us ride in the middle of nowhere, calling an Uber at such times isn't always an option.
  12. Kristof Willen


    Any Shark Drak helmet owners here ? I really like the cool design, but I'm afraid the mouthpiece might snap off too easily during a faceplant. It looks a bit on the flimsy side...
  13. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    Inderdaad, een lapsus van mijn verzekeraar - in de kleine letters staan 2 vermeldingen van EUCs, eentje voor <25km/h, en eentje voor <45km/h, die laatste had hij over het hoofd gezien. Hoe hebben jullie een groene kaart gekregen, is hiervoor geen gelijkvormigheidsattest voor nodig ?
  14. Kristof Willen

    What happens if you don't ride your EUC for a week or two?

    Aha, that explains my short temper as well, couldn't put my finger on it. Autumn has entered here with cold, gray and rainy days. Sometimes I power-on my EUC, just to hear its humming - never thaught I would miss that high-pitched noise.
  15. Kristof Willen

    Brussels, Belgium

    Bizar, net AG gecontacteerd, en die melden me dat ze EUCs > 18 km/h niet meer in de familiale dekken...