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  1. It's an additional (smart) light with a USB rechargeable battery. The faint Gotway Nikola rear light with its embossed logo hardly can be defined as a rear light. Added because I wanted to be more visible when riding at night. The smart light part is that it can detect when I'm breaking, and then changes from a blinking to fixed LED.
  2. Ok, when waving, just make sure to use all fingers, not just the middle one (especially to cops).
  3. Sigh - a bit jealous about all the positive reviews of the Sherman, certainly range-wise. But my wheel is for commuting, and my Nik+ is the heaviest thing I'm able to lift up the train, which basically rules out the Sherman for me...
  4. My first EUC related accident was also with a SMIDSY : I was crossing an intersection while driving on the bike lane. A car coming from the opposite side suddenly turned left without signalling. I realised it would crash on me, so I jumped off the wheel, where it hit his cars tire. Luckily no cars/EUCs/humans were injured during this event, apart from additional scratches on the handle & pedals of my V10. The drivers first reaction was 'Sorry mister, I didn't see you.' Of course you couldn't, especially if you're busy with your mobile phone while turning... Shees !
  5. Last weekend, a car rode behind me while I was riding to the store. Fast forward 20 minutes later, where we by chance left the store almost together. He told me : Incredible how you're driving that wheel at that speed; I was riding 45 kmh tailing you. You should consider working for the Cirque du Soleil with that device ! Made my day.
  6. AS the PLA variant was very difficult to put in place, I've ordered the same one, but this time printed in some kind of flexible rubber. We'll see if it holds on nicely. This looks nice as well : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4389678
  7. I learned a new thing yesterday the hard way : while turning right 90%, never ride over a log, as the log surely will be twice the size you estimated. My decision ended up in the log rolling away under the wheel, my pedal scraping heavily the ground, and my wheel taking a large tumbling. It ended bouncing on my 3D printed mudguard, which decided that was the last piece of abuse it could take, and split in three parts. Luckily no humans were harmed in the process, although my beautiful Nik took it first batch of really bad scratches. As autumn stirs up, and the Nikola really needs
  8. I have an issue with high dpi settings. I set my dpi density (through Androids developer settings) so my phone turns into tablet mode, which allows me more screen estate on my 6.5+ inch screen. However, with this configuration, the settings screen is a panel which slides out from the left side. Unfortunately, the right part of this panel gets cut off, so I can not see the values of all parameters (eg speed values).
  9. Performing tricks like that on a porch so close to that pond would scare the sh*t out of me.
  10. Riding at 7am feels like riding in the great void.
  11. Offroad in the woods near the university town of Leuven, Belgium. I started the trail near an old inn called 'The bed of Napoleon'; legend has that he slept there while marching up to Waterloo.
  12. Power button on top of the wheel ? So much for waterproofness...
  13. I never use the GW app anymore; LED color cycling is easier/faster done with the (short press) power button.
  14. Donderdag ll. iemand gekruist op een witte MTen3 (denk ik) in de Pylyserlaan in Oostduinkerke (of all places). Iemand van hier ?
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