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  1. I have very limited range in my ankles because of a motorcycle accident, and that tilt back would have thrown me off the back for sure.
  2. Is it necessarily a good thing that a lot of young idiots might think "oh yes, I can go 50mph on one of these things" (with Kuji's video going viral)...I am fairly sure that here in the U.K at least, it would be pretty bad!
  3. So where people have found the casing to be cracked where the screws go, is there enough space to build up around the mounting point with something like araldite or even just hot glue, just to make it sturdier out of the box?
  4. Looking at that teardown video, if the assembly line workers are using those screwdrivers with the torque a bit too high its no wonder screws into plastic are stripped
  5. Hi there. Sorry, not interested in the wheel I'm afraid! I just can't believe I have seen evidence of a fellow EUC rider in Manchester!!! I've been out and about on my wheel (a Z10) a fair few times and never seen anyone on one. I'm in South Manchester (I'm aware it's a big place )
  6. If you pause the video at the right spots, battery seems to be 50 % ish. and there is a number below the speed readout that shows 120, but no idea what that relates to.
  7. To be honest, although the S18 looks mighty sexy, the more I see of the V11, the more it looks like the "complete" package....apart from speed of course By the way, I did PM you last week I think it was, but it says something about you not being in the conversation anymore? Just in case you thought I was completely ignoring you Start watching that S18 video from about 4:40 , that's where he talks about the gold colour and shock.
  8. So I've just watched an unboxing by EUCO (Electric Unicycle Collective) and they mention that on the production model, the shock will only have one filling valve (???) so how would that work then? Surely it would take away a whole lot of custom tuning....or am I just not understanding how it will work? They have already unboxed a V11 and seem to know their stuff, so I'm guessing they know for sure about the shock? They also said that the customer models will ship with gold suspension mounts as seen in some promo videos.
  9. In the new version of the app there is an "unbind" option, which I am guessing will do what you want?
  10. It's so strange how you learn and adapt and a lot of times don't notice the changes. I was thinking the other day, how the camber on the roads here scared me at first, as it wanted to make my wheel turn all the time. So I was always having to compensate and it felt scary/dangerous with traffic around. Then it occurred to me the other day, that I don't even realise there is a camber anymore. It's a total non-issue, as my body now just understands what subtle pressure to put on each pedal to compensate for it wanting to turn. It's a great feeling
  11. There are some crazy pink ones on Amazon that have ears on them! In fact there are loads of strange looking helmets on there.
  12. That guy doing the jumps. I'd love to strip down that wheel and see just what damage it may cause with it having no suspension. I have visions of hairline fractures on the pedal mounts and them just snapping off one day. I'm sure we've all seen BMX guys where the frame has basically snapped in half when they have been doing tricks and jumps. edit: and @Mike Sacristanneeds to tie Petra to a chair and make her watch the video of Anthony and his crash, and see the aftermath....it isn't pretty! She is a beautiful girl and I cringe every time I see her riding with no helmet. She risks turning her life upside down every time she goes out
  13. Do we know if the suspension linkage is going to be available in both gold and silver? I notice they have shown both colours....and I much prefer the gold look myself. I hope they don't tie the colour to which ever you buy of the black or white model.
  14. I'm using a motocross style helmet at the moment, made by a company called Astone, and though I really like the comfort of it, the wind noise is appalling. I'm convinced it's because they have that peak on them. I'm tempted to just go for a regular motorcycle helmet instead. I had seen a few shown at CES this year that had head up displays etc. But then found out they will be costing anywhere up to £2000 ($2300)!!! So that idea went out the window pretty quickly!!
  15. @ShanesPlanet It's pretty much impossible to find anywhere safe where I live. I'm so close to the city centre, and also the university that there aren't any quiet places. Even the parks always have a ton of people walking around in them. Just have to make the best of it really
  16. I really think a tether is totally dependant on where you live. I live a couple of miles from the city centre so every road I ride on has traffic, pedestrians and parked cars. I couldn't afford to come off and let me wheel just roll off and possibly hit a pedestrian, parked car, or go under the wheels of a vehicle or motorbike. Now I'm comfortable on the wheel I obviously take my chances. But while learning I think it would have held me back as I'd have been terrified of being sued!
  17. I bought a reasonably good quality yoga mat and then cut out pieces as needed to fit my wheel and attached it with double sided Gorilla tape. I also used a tether attached to the central handle, and it all seems to have done the trick. Hopefully you can see from the photo where I stuck it in all the places I felt would have contact with the ground. It's actually pretty comfortable to have my leg against as well when I am pushing off to start. I keep meaning to remove the yoga mat pieces now, and stick on the actual padding that comes with a Z10. But every time I go to do it, I think "hmmmmmm, am I tempting fate" and leave it on
  18. Oh wow.....heart sank a little at the title I'm 55 (will be 56 on July 4th...make a note people ) and have been learning how to ride for the last 6 months or so. I must admit that I did have a slight advantage in that I knew how to ride a traditional unicycle, so my balance for a single wheel was there to some degree. But even if I hadn't had that previous experience, I don't think it would have been too difficult to learn, and it really is life changing. It's such a unique vehicle to ride. And my daughter thinks I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread, as do my grandkids whenever they have friends round, they stick on my YouTube channel and show them my videos I'm still a bit wobbly starting off, but that is improving all the time. I haven't even ridden that far from home yet, but it is so freeing and exhilarating, even just riding around the local areas. Don't think twice....get one
  19. I usually wear Skechers, as I have mentioned many times here But I did think about protecting my ankles. They are already busted up from a motorcycle accident, and I do find wearing boots to be uncomfortable to say the least. So I went looking for a more basketball shoe type thing, and found these DAINESE Motorcycle shoes on sale. The style may not be to everyone's tastes, and the inner sole is certainly not as soft as any Skechers I own. But they do offer nice protection around the ankle. One benefit is actually that the sole is quite stiff.....these are not designed for walking in really. But I find that stiffness quite nice on the pedals while riding. This is them - should have been something like £140, but are in their winter sale for £70 I believe it was.
  20. Received mine today. As I was warned by @GyroRideRz(I'm sorry I don't know your name?) they aren't a massive departure from the V1's. But, they are different enough where I wanted them to be.....they are wider at the wrist opening. The difference between putting gloves inside your sleeves or over them can't be overstated at this time of year. I have included this pic so that people wondering can see a comparison. I also believe that the cloth part of the glove (the red bit) is a harder wearing material than the V1's? It feels more robust, or maybe it is just the texture? Either way it feels better to me Overall, really pleased so far. Not had a chance to use them much, but they feel just like the old ones did once they are on, and I was over the moon with the V1's Oh and no issues using them with a touchscreen. I think I saw someone say they had a bit of a problem with the V1's. I have just tried these with my phone and also my new Lemfo smart watch and they work fine so far!
  21. It isn't really a concern for me as long as it runs the handful of apps that I need. It did say the Ninebot app wasn't compatible, so I went to apkmirror and downloaded the apk file and the Ninebot app works just fine. I found that a lot with my old android tablet, apps saying they weren't compatible, but I'd grab the apk and install them and they would work just fine.
  22. I've just received my Lemfo Lem T which is essentially the exact same watch. I intend to flash the firmware to the TicWris though, just to get it's few added benefits.
  23. My new toy finally arrived It's the Lemfo Lem T watch. I can't seem to focus the camera on my phone though, no idea what is wrong with it.
  24. There is actually a thread here somewhere discussing shoes. I go with Skechers every time. The memory foam insole makes all the difference for me. It really stops my feet aching as much as they did when I first started. Though I must admit, as I have been buying protective gear - especially a couple of DAINESE jackets - I have been contemplating buying some DAINESE motorcycle shoes (not boots) just to see what they are like, plus the extra protection they give over a regular shoe. Oh and I didn't capitalise DAINESE, the forum did!!
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