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  1. Ninebot one e+ was my first wheel. I bought it new though. Fortunately the next two wheels I was able to find someone locally that wanted to sell one.
  2. 2700 something miles now kingsong 18l
  3. Batteries are still charging to 100%. I think they are as good as they ever were, I just ride faster so they get recharged more often.
  4. I think I’m at 2700ish miles. I do practice 360s and 180s and that wears the tire pretty badly. I am going to keep riding it for now. I ride my road bike tires till I see the threading through the rubber. I will probably buy a replacement in the mean time.
  5. Well I will push on and update as to the results as they appear.
  6. Sorry, didn’t get a notification circuitmage. I was thinking it might be the threads starting to show but wasn’t sure. These pink spots are showing up here and there on the tire. I have been keeping an eye on it since it’s getting worn down.
  7. Impressive, I just found the euc bros YouTube channel earlier this week now this. Someone by this guy some glasses and a full face helmet.
  8. Come on Frank... what were the results?
  9. Happened to me today. Rode to work, trolleyed in just like I do every day and it just stopped. It didn’t go limp it was like the motor froze, the handle came out of my hand and it fell on the floor. This worried me because I was just riding the beeper for about a mile straight. Stood it back up, rolled it a little bit then it started to vibrate kind of rough when slowly moving it back and forward, then it tilted back and shut off. Tried it a bit later and when I moved the handle from fully extended to half extended the motor locked up and I just about dropped it again. Restarted it rolle
  10. Anyone ever worn through an l or xl tire? I’m starting to see pinkish blotches here and there on the tire anyone else notice this as the tire wore down?
  11. Well, I went and watched about half of the video. Pissed me off. These guys are dumb asses. I hope they injure themselves before they take some innocent person out. Blatant disregard for the safety of people around them. At least I got to be the 100th thumbs down on the video.
  12. I always slow to about a jog when I have to pass within about 5’ of a pedestrian. If I have to pass someone on a sidewalk it is going to be right about walking speed. I realize I place myself in a certain amount of danger riding EUCs. The pedestrians are not wearing helmets, and pads, and didn’t plan on one of us flying by them. I used to watch u strides videos, and I commented a couple of times that they should be safer around others, as did several others. I finally had to comment that I was unsubscribing because of it. I was hoping that it might make a difference, but from what I read
  13. Thanks for posting but mine does it with iPads,iPhones and android. I just have a bad bt module I guess.
  14. Love my 18l as well Shane. If the firmware increased the maximum speed I would absolutely get it. I like the firmware I got, I just find myself riding tiltback a lot lately. Or if it fixed my Bluetooth problem I would install it as well.
  15. Post deleted as I discovered the contents were inaccurate.
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