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  1. Never had a problem with a twig getting stuck. Had several leaves get in the wheel while off road riding. They normally just make a grinding noise and I go backwards for a second or two to displace them. LanhamP what ride setting are you using? In player mode mine does not have much play in it, if it’s in one of the other riding modes I get that weird lag in switching between reverse and forward. My ninebot one used to do this too on the softer settings.
  2. 15km. That’s great, I hope my wheel makes it that many and more. I will continue to wear protective gear.
  3. Joker10

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    Wow Daniel, glad you were wearing your gear. Hope your legs heal fast. You can ride the e+ till your z10 is replaced.
  4. Seage, Enjoy the rides!
  5. I encourage you to set the tiltback lower than the maximum speed and getting used to how it feels and how to react and ride it. You can set tiltback to 6 or 8kmh and get familiar with it at lower speeds then gradually increase it and get used to it at higher speeds. One thing you learn with experience is not to push the wheel too hard when it is near its limits. If you slowly go beyond the wheels limits it will respond with a more gradual tiltback that is manageable. If you are passing the wheels limits while leaning forward and accelerating hard it will respond with more aggressive tiltback and you are more likely to be thrown off balance and have an unplanned dismount. I set my final beep alarm for 33 kmh so I don’t accidentally hammer the wheel at 35kmh and receive severe tilt back. Your a new rider so here are some unsolicited pointers. Wear some protective gear wrist guards and a helmet at the least, scan your riding surface carefully and look for those depressions/ potholes / sidewalk problems, keep those knees slightly bent to allow for some suspension, and have a lot of fun.
  6. 1200 cutout free miles on mine. I did hit an unexpected dip in an unfamiliar rod today going slightly downhill at about 17 miles per hour. I heard the wheel say something to me but could not understand what it said. It’s strange because I have voice turned off it never says please decelerate. I got some pretty serious tiltback and thought I was going over backwards but the pedals came back to level and I rode out of it.
  7. Good review Marty. I installed These on my ks16s this week. I was a little leery of spending a hundred bucks on pedals that I was not sure would help that much with comfort but I am really glad I did. I rode 32 miles two days ago and the foot fatigue was less than I would get from a 20 mile ride with the original pedals. Felt better while riding and after riding, stopped less frequently for breaks and enjoyed the ride much more. Information that might be helpful to others considering this upgrade, I wear a size 13 or 14 shoe depending on the manufacturer and weigh about 210 lb. I haven’t scrapped them either Marty, they a actually look way better on my wheel than the originals. More surface area, better grip, better control, safer, more comfortable, worth every penny for me. Thanks Jason McNeil for convincing kingsong the larger pedals would be a hit in America.
  8. Are these statistics for failures on wheels that were new and non functional on arrival or failures in general regardless of age/use.
  9. After reading your thoughts on free healthcare and the second amendment, I realize we have more in common than EUCs Marty. I had assumed since you lived in California...
  10. Joker10

    Riders in Orlando, FL?

    Scubbie, I am going to try and get a group ride set up starting in Winter Garden maybe next weekend. You interested?
  11. Joker10

    For sale kingsong ks18 used

    What model msuper are you planning to part with?
  12. Joker10

    I'm looking for a used euc in florida

    Ray ray has a king song 14d for sale in Tampa for 500.
  13. Joker10

    Tire worn bald?

    Well, the good news it’s not the wheel that’s causing it. Tires are pretty easy to replace.
  14. Joker10

    Tire worn bald?

    Wow I have never had that problem on bicycles or my unicycles. I did have a tire on my ninebot that would go out of round if I over inflated it.