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  1. Joker10

    Tire life ks16

    Thanks Marcglider. Guess I better get one ordered. My Ninebot One e+ has about 30 less miles on it and it looks pretty much brand new also. Weird.
  2. Joker10

    Tire life ks16

    What Mileage have you been getting out of their tire on the kingsong 16s? Mine looks a little more worn than I expected it to be at 380 miles.
  3. Joker10

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    The smallest shoe I wear is an eu47 cycling shoe by specialized, apparently they are slightly large on their sizing. I have some redwing boots in size 14. I feel your pain mrelwood.
  4. Joker10

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Ok I did 30 and a half miles today. 15.2 our and 15.2 back. Recharged at my destination. I weigh 210 lbs right now and carried probably 15 to 20 lbs between clothing, padding/helmet and backpack with water and quick charger and edc gear. Had 38% battery after 15.2 miles out probably averaged about 13 mph. No headligh or Bluetooth. Also there is 433’ of ascent on this route according to Strava. The return trip I averaged 14 mph and had 34% battery left, I accidentally had the headlight on for a few miles. The last 4miles or so is on rough sidewalk and some grass/ off roading. I was probably averaging between 17 and 19 mph when I got to the bike trail. I don’t feel like my range has improved with the update but the accuracy of the battery level is better. I was getting some beeping near the end of the return trip climbing the hills as these are the steepest of the hills along this route and there was a slight head wind. I learned that I don’t enjoy riding 2 hours in one day. I could not wait to get off the wheel. The update did change the way the pedal feels like it accelerates and decelerates, But I have already adapted to it. The king song 16s is one nice wheel! About perfect for the get around town wheel. I wonder how many miles it will give me. I got to ride an msuper the other day thanks to JES. It would have been a much more comfortable ride and a faster trip with it.
  5. Joker10

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Went out for about 4 miles. Feels different, but not in a bad way. I didn’t notice much of a difference when accelerating, but braking is noticeably different. Just feels like I have to be more assertive when trying to get the same results. I am always the optimist but I think I am going to get a bit more range out of it since it is reading the battery percentage slightly more accurately.
  6. Joker10

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Guess I am one of the lucky ones. From my android phone I just upgraded firmware on the first try. Checked my battery percentage, and it’s at 80% - but its really fully charged but I have always had a problem with it saying 76% on full charge. 4% closer to being accurate I guess. I am going to go give it a ride and see how it feels/ does. I just noticed 8 leds are lit on the side now on a full charge instead of 7. So maybe the battery level being wrong is a firmware thing, not a hardware thing, or possible a combination of both.
  7. I have a ninebot one e+ that I no longer use. It has about three hundred and fifty miles on it. It was my learning wheel so it’s got some scratches, but operates fine. I will ship to the continental US. Have the original box and packaging it arrived in. Not sure what shipping will be but I am guessing around 50 bucks. Buyer to pay shipping. I’m in central Florida if someone locally wants it. Looking for $300 for it. Can send more pictures or videos showing it operating if someone is interested.
  8. Joker10

    Modern family euc skit

    I couldn’t figure out why so many people have been honking at me the last few days, then. Remembered the modern family skit and it all made sense. Once it connected I busted out laughing.
  9. Joker10

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Don’t know what it is about the e+ pedals but my feet cramp up in 2.5 miles on the ninebot where I can ride the 16s for probably 7 or 8 without even having to take a break. Guess the z won’t be For me.
  10. Joker10

    62 year old fat guy

    The app shows 76% and 7 to 8 leds on the side light up when the charger is done. I have the quick charger and the regular charger both stop charging at the same point. The ewheels quick charger gives a voltage as it is charging and it is getting up to 67 volts at the end of the charge. So I think it’s the board that is not reading the battery voltage correctly. My only concern is that I think it reads it wrong as the voltage drops and cuts my rides a bit short. I am getting between 13.5 and 17 miles before it starts to limit my speed. Depends on the speed I am riding and the hills. I’m 210lb right now but my ninebot one e+ I can get 8.5 to 9 miles before I get to 20%. I just expected to get 18 to 20 miles before I got down to 20% with a battery that is about 2.5 times larger 340 vs 840.
  11. Joker10

    62 year old fat guy

    DaveThomasPilot. Did the replacement board help? Mine reads 76% on a full charge.
  12. Joker10

    Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    Yea I could see how tiltback that is done poorly could be a problem. With the ninebot it just lets me know I am going a bit too fast and I slow down a little. As I stated I normally can’t hear the beeps on the ninebot because they are not very loud, maybe the Gotway are much louder?