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  1. I took my 18l for a spin the other night. Purposely tried to dip the pedals. Even though I don’t notice it, the headlight indicated that the wheel tilts forward some probably going about 18is mph. I am estimating 3 to 5 degrees? And this is in expert mode. Maybe i will try it tonight on medium and beginner once it gets dark. I don’t think there is anything wrong, didn’t feel like I was in danger, maybe all wheels do this?
  2. Wow, that’s impressive. My 16s tire was almost totally bald after 1400 miles, I did practice a lot of tricks on it which I’m sure doesn’t help. The 18l I have now is doing much better but I don’t see it going anywhere near those distances. But I hope it does. I was thinking the tire was the most expensive operational cost but if you get that kind of distance out of one then that changes everything.
  3. Are you saying 20000 and 13000 or 2000 and 1300?
  4. I used to use the ankle flip thing to get a feel for battery level on my 16s. When the battery was getting low it did start to allow some pedal dip. I find myself doing it on my 18l every once in a while but I never notice the pedal dip on it at all. But I also ride in expert mode, or experience mode, whatever kingsong has it labeled as.
  5. Any of our eucs can be configured to not go faster than 20, so As long as they are limited logic dictates we are equal to a bicycle.
  6. Thanks for sharing Eddie. I will try that this weekend.
  7. Had to replace the rails on the 18l. One got stuck and just would not work right. Jason McNeil and ewheels took care of me as he always does. The black rails are installed and the handle works as it should.
  8. I wish I could give you better news Eddie, but I have struggled with the android app on a galaxy s8 since I got the 18l. I used to use the old version of the kingsong app when I had the 16s and never really had any problems. With the new version I get a lot of connection problems and disconnects. I did clear my cache for the app the other day and it seemed like it worked better. I plan on clearing the cache before the next ride to see if it helps. I will let you know how it turns out.
  9. Eddie is it android or iPhone app?
  10. Separated shoulders hurt. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. What is the severity? 4?
  11. It varies, when shopping, I just take the euc put it in the cart, put my helmet upside down beside it then throw my gloves and sometimes my elbow pads in the helmet. My wife is a bartender, if I ride up to hang out and have a few I bring the second set of keys and all goes in the trunk of her car. At the gym the wheel goes in a corner laying on its side, backpack on top of it and the helmet sits on top of the backpack.
  12. I have both, (iPad and galaxy s8) neither seem to work good, but I have the 18l. It might be better with the 16x? I really should try uninstalling them a 5th time and see if they work better now. If the wheels they made were as bad as the apps, I would Be in the hospital every other day.
  13. Really? How is this a good story? You jumped in an old ladies face? Did it make you feel tough? You might have some anger management issues. Take a deep breath next time.
  14. In my experience, the king song app is sketchy, both iOS and android. The old version was more reliable for me.
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