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  1. I vacationed there a few times. I plan on drinking more of your beer in the future. I’ll be back.
  2. Found it on amazon. No idea why it popped into my head or why I didn’t think of it sooner.
  3. Hope you get your wheel running again soon.
  4. This is one of the reasons experienced riders recommend you buy more wheel than you really need. I had the 16s give me some tiltback on an unexpected small pothole at about 18mph. It only happened once in 1200 miles with that wheel. Didn’t drop me, but let’s just say I didn’t like the feeling. This convinced me to get an 18l. The headroom does make the wheel safer unless you increase your speeds to where it is no longer available.
  5. Know what you mean about riding in grass in Fl. Never know when that sand will be somewhere in there Erk1024
  6. Not sure if it helps but I’m 210lb and have the 18l. I did a 36.75 mile ride according to endomundo, but it was at very slow speeds, averaged about 10 mph site seeing/ nature viewing. I could have gone a little faster but didn’t want to take a chance on running out of battery where we were riding no uber was going to pick me up. battery indicated about 20% at the end. I rode to my parents house 15.44 miles averaged 15 mph and started at 80% battery had a little over 40% on arrival. 350’ of ascent, temps were typical Florida summer low 90s. I normally ride in the upper teens but sometimes hit low 20mph miles on good paved bike paths / roads. By the time the battery is low, I am normally worn out, I am in my 50s. You are way lighter than me but you are also in a colder climate, and that will affect range. And if you ride faster your range will be less. I know I can upgrade the batteries to the 1600 wh pack for $800 but my wheel is doing everything I need it to now. Not sure if you can buy from ewheels or not but if you can you will get excellent support and the price difference on their website between the 18l and the xl is not that much. If I was going to buy new I would have picked up the xl. I now know I don’t really need that much battery but oddly enough you always want more. Also don’t forget that your speed will gradually be limited after 50% on the L. I never notice it till it gets below 40%, and the L seems to still move as fast as the 16s at full charge when the L is between 40 and 30% battery. The XL is not supposed to have the speed governed till it gets below 25% battery if I remember correctly. There is also the option of buying a quick charger. I have one and use it when I ride to my parents house. Hang out for a couple of hours and your battery can be fully charged, and head back home.
  7. Good, it’s not my imagination. This is a welcome upgrade as well. I grew tiltback before the update was unnerving even when I knew it was coming.
  8. I was waiting to hear some more opinions on tiltback before I said anything, but only seen one comment. To me tiltback initiates a little less abruptly after the update.
  9. I just tested my lift sensor and it worked properly 4 out of 4 times. You probably have already checked the app but I vaguely remember my lift sensor being turned off after updating to 1.12 I think, so you might want to look.
  10. took a ride up to the liquor store to get some crown. I noticed that the wheel responds with less input from me. So it accelerates and brakes easier. I doubt it is actually any quicker but it feels quicker. I did seem to get the feeling that there was less gritty feeling when under hard deceleration as someone else mentioned. It could be my imagination, but I used to get the feeling that my pedals dipped forward slightly after a long sweeping turn on v1.12. I didn’t seem to notice that with 1.13.
  11. i Could not get mine to update using android. I had to use my iPad.
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