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  1. anyone up for a ride this weekend? I am planning on a Sunday ride and possibly a Friday night ride since it’s so nice out after dark.
  2. Yes Mrelwood, top pic is 16s had 50 km on it when I bought it. That was the original tire.
  3. King song 16s tire after 1200 miles vs king song 18l after the same mileage. I expected the 18l to do better as it contacts the ground less frequently Than the 16 for the same mileage but did not expect it to be this significant of a difference.
  4. I can’t make out the model of wheel from your pics. What is it?
  5. Joker10

    Noisy fan 18L

    Well it didn’t seem to be as loud today, sounded like a fan should. so I am going to hold off opening it up. Going to monitor it.
  6. Joker10

    Noisy fan 18L

    Thanks meepmeepmayer. It looks real easy, don’t know how they took the trolley handle off but I should be able to figure it out.
  7. Joker10

    Noisy fan 18L

    I can’t hear it when I am riding but it’s loud enough while it’s sitting there idling that I am going to have to figure out how to open it up and see why it’s suddenly increased. I’ll try to make a video of it before it disassemble it. To me it sounds like what meepmeepmayer described. Something slightly in the path of the blade.
  8. Joker10

    Noisy fan 18L

    Today I noticed my fan seemed to be noisy. I have never been able to hear it before. Anyone else have this happen?
  9. @JES Jes I rode with Piff today. He lives closer to you than I do. We should see if we can schedule a real group ride with Byron, Tom, Piff and axel. That’s 6 riders in the area now.
  10. soldier creek park at 11? We can finish riding the part of cross Seminole trail that I have not ridden and there are some mtb trails nearby we can try.
  11. What you riding piff? I can probably get a ride in tomorrow.
  12. Mrelwoood put some km on the KS16s. I had right at 2k km on mine when I sold it. Still worked good, tire was getting really worn. I am approaching 2k km on the 18l I have now. The tire looks fine while the 16s was badly worn with less miles on it. I think I’m good for another 1k km on the tire. So far I have never had to replace a thing from wear or use. I will be extremely unhappy if I don’t get 5000 miles out of the 18l and I will be let down if I don’t get 10000 miles out of it. I typically don’t charge to 100% and don’t normally run below 30%.
  13. I really like this concept, but they left everything from under the arms to the hips unprotected. This will be a real problem on a bicycle when your handlebar clips something at high speed. You go down fast and your shoulders are turned in the direction of the object your handlebars clipped leaving your hip to underarms on the other side of your body exposed to hit the ground. Broke 7 ribs from this kind of accident riding dual sport in the woods, and was wearing what I thought was full upper body armor. Higher speeds of course, but I hit the dirt which didn’t feel very forgiving but probably better than the pavement, I always look at the bright side, LOL.
  14. As difficult as it is to believe, our government is design to restrict the government, not the citizens. I will never agree with advocating that the government restrict the citizens rights. Ride your euc without a helmet if you want to, ride your motorcycle without a helmet if you want to, play football with no helmet if you want to.
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