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  1. You can get a bright bicycle light that is rechargeable for about 50 bucks these days. I have a cygolite expelian 750 lumen I use. It’s plenty to keep me from hitting something. I have a motorcycle jacket that I wear that has reflective material in it so it helps. I have seen some riders in New York with leds all over their helmets. Watch some of ustrides videos on YouTube there is a guy they call the panda who has his helmet all lit up.
  2. Thanks Seba, I finally have a decent app to use with my wheel. Used it today and it didn’t disconnect like every other app I have tried to use over the last 8 month has. Correction, I finally have an excellent app to use with my wheel. Thanks again.
  3. Cool yes please let us know your thoughts on it after you had a chance to test it.
  4. Crude but effective. Built from some scrap 2x4 and screws.
  5. i thought that you had a cup of coffee in your hand. Glad you were fully armored. I would back the audible alarm back to 25 mph if I had a 16x.
  6. I think it’s best to keep the charger separate from the wheel. If the charger goes bad it’s easily replaceable if it’s not built into the wheel, and it’s going to add to the weight. Licensing? Once the PEV culture gets large enough that the politicians see money worth stealing, they will enact laws to begin the plunder. As far as speed goes, why not 200km? Yea right, to me 50 km is pushing it. If all riders had common sense it might not be a problem to go faster, but with the videos I am seeing out there, a non rider is going to get seriously hurt and things will drastically change. You can keep the angled pedals, I like my very large kingsong pedals perpendicular to the ground.
  7. If the case is a little flimsy for seated riding they could design some support legs that contact the pedals to take the weight off the body.
  8. Every once in a while when the sun is behind be I see my shadow moving effortlessly across the earth and it reminds me of the maximilion robotron from the black hole.
  9. Kids and retired people seem to have the best reactions to eucs.
  10. I’ll try, Smoothly mounting and dismounting with control is the most important thing to me going in a straight line as slow as an elderly person walks so that when you ride near people you can do it in control. I practiced entering a parking space and turning around in it staying between the lines handling elevation changes- nothing extreme, bumps, speed bumps, keep those knees bent. It depends on where you ride, I was able to ride in fairly open areas with no cars or people when I first learned. Once I learned to mount/dismount easily, I started exploring the world and the challenges of riding an euc in it. If you live in a hilly area, you might want to get a retractable dog leash in case the wheel gets away from you. Keep it at speeds you can handle and keep an idea of what can happen to others if you lose control.
  11. That’s ok I was not even aware of the euc world app. I am going to try it out.
  12. Just downloaded it will check it out.
  13. Hands out to help protect your head in a fall, or help initiate an emergency evasive maneuver.
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