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  1. Joker10

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    Today’s group ride distance was by strava.
  2. Joker10

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    Group ride today riding the 18l. 36 miles with 210lb rider with probably 10lb of gear. Between 750 and 1000’ of ascent. Temperature was in the upper 60s/low 70s. I took it easy for the last 10 miles, probably no faster than 18 mph. The last two and a half miles were really slow. The wheel was still rideable. The battery read 0 percent on the app, had 2 lights on the wheel but I was getting tiltback at abou 5 or 6 miles per hour. Although this is about as far as I would want to ride, this ride convinced me to drop some coin on a quick charger.
  3. Joker10

    Cannot connect to King Song app

    I think 40 is default for the first 125 miles on the 18l and xl. Currently I have the second alarm set for 2 km below the 3rd, just so I know how fast I am going. You can set them to whatever you want with 1 and 2, but you might get confused on what alarm is beeping at you. Once you learn how to ride I would move the 3rd alarm and tilt back setting down to a lower speed to get familiar with it, and learn how to react. Every time I get a new wheel I set the tiltback for about 10 miles per hour to get a feel for it, then move it up a little and practice riding tiltback at a higher speed until I feel confident with the reaction of the wheel and my reaction to it. I Would not want to be going 25 miles per hour the first time I experienced tiltback. Once you start hearing those beeps you don’t want to be accelerating hard- leaning into it. This is How I acquaint myself with tiltback on a wheel, it might not be a good idea for everyone, but it works for me and I am comfortable with it. YMMV.
  4. Wow Yea that looks much better. I think I am going to hold off anymore of the yoga block seat thing for now. Jason McNeil is very informed on his products, and I’m not a featherweight. If you lighter guys get away with it for a long time maybe I’ll give it a try with a larger block like Mickey Micklos has.
  5. Joker10

    Cannot connect to King Song app

    I was surprised at the permissions the new app asks for. I went ahead and allowed them. The new blue background app is finally available for android. It looks like a winner. Maybe the days of us complaining about the kingsong app are over.
  6. Joker10

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Sorry to hear about your wheel being stolen. I really hope you find it. It will be hard to use locally because you or someone you know will see it. Pawn shops, Craig’s list, eBay, Facebook market place is all I can think of. Is there possibly a camera that covers the location that you left it at?
  7. Tried the yoga block seat out today. Although it works I’m not sure I like it. For me i think it would feel more comfortable being further back. I will keep testing.
  8. I had this idea of making a seat from a yoga block. I looked on YouTube and apparently someone else had the same idea so I went to the store the other night and bought one, cut a slot for the handle and got it situated. I found that it didn’t sit on the top of the housing flat so I added some pieces of foam cut from a few pieces I use for weightlifting. Looks ok will test it out on the next long ride I do.
  9. Joker10

    Kingsong 16S 840Wh package $650

    Sold to Ericnfla. Enjoy it Eric!
  10. Kingsong 16s for sale. It comes with factory charger, Ewheels quick charger, I upgraded to the upgraded large pedals, they are tight, new unused side panels, and a spare tire and tube. Everything works it has 2008 km of riding on it, tire is worn but not bad enough for me to replace it yet. Normal scratches and scuffs. I am a fair weather rider, don’t remember ever riding it in the rain, I live in Florida so it’s never seen snow. Buy pays shipping. I expect shipping to be between $80 and $100. Local pickup is an option, or possible meet if nearby. I am 210lb and have ridden a hair over 30 miles on one charge in perfect conditions. It’s a great wheel that I planned on never selling but I just purchased an 18L and have not been riding the 16S.
  11. Kingsong should make a top that mounts to the 18l and xl that adds a seat converting it to the 18s format it could extend down to the foot pedals if needed to distribute the weight a bit. It could lock onto the trolly handle so it doesn’t accidentally come off. Since I am dreaming here let’s have them add 840wh of batteries inside that can be jumpered to the charging port to extend the range by another 25 miles. City commuter wheel when you want and long distance group rides when you want. Jason McNeil put a bug in kingsongs ear.
  12. Joker10

    Mobile app

    I Usually keep the light on at night unless I am going for a really long ride. I always have my 750lumen bicycle light in my hand at night.
  13. Joker10

    Mobile app

    I was having problems with the android app not sure which version but I would connect after turning the Bluetooth music connection off, then it would disconnect as I was rolling forward. It was doing the same thing with wheel log. I was not having this problem on my ipad so I uninstalled both wheellog and kingsong on my android phone and reinstalled wheellog. Works fine now. I am going to try and find ks1.54 app and see if it works. This is in relation to the kingsong 18l, forgot to mention that part.
  14. Joker10

    Bug of lift sensor KS-18L KS-18XL

    Mine seems to work without having to tilt it before I try it.
  15. Joker10

    Ks18l Bluetooth

    Uno solo, thanks. Mine stays upright, the only thing that turns on when charging is the Bluetooth. I thought it was strange but apparently it’s normal. Just seems like it would take a little longer to charge with the Bluetooth on than if it was off.