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  1. It does make a growl when booting up and balancing after the on button is pressed. Pedal response is different, they seem more stiff. I do feel them adjust here and there over bumps but it happens faster than with the previous firmware. The motor whine is reduced or could be eliminated, I still hear some noise but it could just be tire noise. I also noticed some front to back oscillation when I was riding somewhere between 20 and 25mph last night. Nothing that felt unsafe or nearly as bad as some of the videos I saw of the 16x when it first came out, but not sure why it is doing it.
  2. Wow, thanks for this tip UniVehje! Used darkness bot after you recommended it and it seemed to work great. Hella easier than using kingsong app.
  3. I was riding home today and stopping at the stop signs in the manner that you don’t have to put your foot down, stop the wheel while leaning back but your body keeps moving forward and then you step on it to get the wheel under you again. I do this regularly but at one sign today when I tried to get the wheel moving again the wheel ( motor I am assuming) mad a strange noise and did not move forward when it should have, maybe a tenth of a second letter it sounded like it caught and then moved. I thought I was going down but it got back under me. I have never had this happen at stop signs or doing pendulums before, so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. If so does anyone know what it might be? I stopped a couple of more times but just put my foot down. Also I have not update to the newest firmware that was released last week or made any other changes for months. Have right at 2000 miles on this wheel and this is the first time it has done anything unnerving.
  4. Once again, I want to say thanks Seba. This is still the only euc app that works for me. Great app!
  5. Well I guess I will keep riding my wheel until 100% of the people decide to kill us all.
  6. Rights are not to be screwed with. There are people on this planet who believe that people need to be eliminated to save the Earth.
  7. I started riding for fun, but over the years it has become a device I use mainly for transportation. It’s still fun, but I normally don’t ride unless I need to go somewhere. I have an 18l and it gets me anywhere I need to go locally without recharging. Tomorrow I am planning on riding four towns away, about 25 miles for a pool tournament, charging while I am playing and riding back about 6 hours later. Hopefully it makes some difference other than saving me $100 in insurance payments each month for a second car.
  8. I see this a lot as well. This 60% not employed group of people you mentioned. Are they retired, unemployed, or people who just don’t want to work? Unemployment is about 3% in Orlando right now, just wondering, that seems like a high percentage of people not working. Most Americans make poor financial decisions which does not help their situation. Like buying cars they have no business buying which constantly depreciate. The federal reserve was created in 1913. Until 1913 the dollar actually appreciated. Since 1913 it has lost ninety something percent of its value, an enormous hidden tax. The 16th and 17th Amendments were ratified allowing the federal government to tax individuals instead of getting taxes from the states as originally designed, and States lost their senatorial representation.
  9. Sorry Nic, it sounds like Scotland sucks. A lot of people own homes in America.
  10. Rocky Top, inspirational story! Glad you succeeded. Although I disagree with almost everyone we should not be paying federal income taxes. I agree, no loop holes or special grants to billionaires or corporations. If we have to pay taxes make it even, everyone should pay a flat tax rate. Drug addiction is a problem. But we have to be careful not to become zealots against drugs that are useful when used properly. I had a motorcycle wreck in 2015 that changed my life. I don’t know if I would have survived without the morphine and oxycodone they gave me in the hospital. I was prescribe oxycodone during my recovery at home. I knew how addictive this medicine could be so I tried to stop taking it in half the time that the doctors prescribed it. It didn’t work, I could not breath, so I had to take them almost as long as the doctors said I would. I can see that if a person had to take this medicine for months they would develop dependency on it. Some people who are prescribed these medicines will not survive and these are given to make the last part of their time as comfortable as possible. As I write this I think about the pre modern medicine wars where people had to have limbs amputated with nothing more than a shot of alcohol. Let’s not go back to that. Opioids have completely legitimate uses, and they can be misused to the point where people kill themselves.
  11. Then just give up 10% of your wealth (you won’t even notice) and solve everyone else’s problems.
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