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  1. Plenty of ways to steal legally, you just need to have power on your side. There is no reason that space should be reserved to a few, it is misplaced public funding and law making by people who serve themselves. (« All legal of course » - doesn’t make it right.) I’m not advocating civil disobedience, simply I find it laughable to make a fuss of this considering the situation at a larger scale.
  2. I am mostly underlining the double standard between cars and PEVs. Here we have a bunch of guys outraged over a few cases of tiny vehicules taking 3% of the width of a highway, when cars are constantly parking on bike lanes, taking 200% of the width of the lane, and nobody cares, cops included. So PEVs on a highway; cry me a river.
  3. We’re all speculate, but let’s remember to formulate it so it’s clear. ”I think it might be” etc. This also applies to technical data, I see so much misinformation, and it just spreads warping further and further from the truth. Lets not state as facts things one aren't entirely sure of. As much as I don’t care what people believe or think, misinformation is dangerous, in a small scale (the guy who’s EUC goes up in flames because he heard something about charging to 80%) and at a large scale where people are turning anti science and toward populism, undermining democracy. Not long
  4. To me the group of bandits are the cars, taking way more space than they pay for, being dangerous, noisy and polluting, while I pay the same taxes to have those places maintained and only get a lousy bike strip here and there. The cars are stealing both city surface and quality of life from the people who live there. For ref in Paris only 15% of the people own a car, while they eat up most of the public space and account for deadly traffic accidents and other nuisances. Screw them. edit: as for violating traffic laws, 1- the law is unfair as to cars right of way, 2- cars violate traffic l
  5. Anybody knows if the Gotway MSuper v2 uses the same 67.2V charger as the MCM4, ACM16, Tesla V1, (as well as some KS wheels?) They are all GX16-3 but not sure about the polarity. Thanks for any info. edit: The conclusion, from the French forum, is that it's the same. Many available.
  6. So you can connect to the Tesla with Darknessbot but some function dont respond, thats a bit different. Try restarting the phone and the EUC (turn off then on), if that dont work it could be a bug in DB, try dropping a line to the developers or hope its ironed out in a future update. (double click home: never mind)
  7. I've had a recent bug where the first screen doesn't update (show the BT discovered EUC) until you double click the home button (or whatever you have to show the "force quit cards) and then it appears. Try that?
  8. You are probably referring to the video where NY Tarzan crashes after a triple giant pothole. How we see things differently. To me the most dangerous elements in that scene are the cars and the potholes.
  9. Very sad case of "large company doesn't care to follow up", where as GW, with all their design approximations, manage to get a stable product by adjusting over time..
  10. I have a friend who did rollerblades and he learned fairly quickly. The main difficulty he got from his roller past was that he tried making a front / back balance, which he didn't need. Basically he made the wheel oscillate front / back rapidly because he was compensating like one would to keep rollers from flying front / back. What helped was doing some slow and controlled pendulum while holding a fence (too hard is bad for the EUC) so the muscle memory could accept that it wouldn't just roll off front or back. Anyhow, I'm sue you'll make it, have fun.
  11. It is mainly because lithium fire ≠ li-ion battery fire..
  12. Indeed, if a second source reads it as too high it probably is. In general chargers can be adjusted with a small potentiometer inside, but if you have a plan with eWheels good for you.
  13. Speaking of firmware updates: A guy over at the French forum had the EUCs mileage (kilometrage) counter go back to 0 after updating to 1056. Mine kept count. Anybody know what's up other than a random software reset? Anything to be done?
  14. Welcome, nice rides ahead
  15. Indeed, even when turned downwards (people dont get the bright spot) some still shade their eyes. The reflector should have been shaped to cap the light at the upper level. As it is I consider making a shade cap for it, as it is getting embarrassing at times.
  16. Mine does that, as well as a fast charger for the 16S. It fades off as the batteries are saturated and dont drop some voltage at charge stop. The charger goes to solid green and spin the fan for a little while more (balancing?) before going entirely silent at 100.5V. ( @Fiori yes that is too high, but could be the measurement that is off, AFAIK they are all a bit off. Try confirming with a multimeter?)
  17. That’s a lot of assertions.
  18. effing batteries.. Looks like he got it out quickly, or there would have been more melted plastic. Hope we get to the reason for this (as well as the previous recent fire).
  19. I guess it should be technically possible, even the BT chip could probably communicate that to the board, but Veteran don’t seem interested in sharing a file with the firmware.
  20. A broken or oxidising battery part could do that, creating a short circuit that heats up till the batteries catches fire.. IMO many people (and some EUC producers) dont take rain and condensation seriously enough. Failure due to cell imbalance would rather strike when charging I believe.. Can also be pure bad luck from lousy production.. (resulting in a failure and short) Correct me if I'm wrong. If any further details I'm taker.
  21. Terrible. I hope we get some more info on the background to get an idea of what happened. Was it charged to 100% regularly? Are the batteries original or third party? Treated roughly?
  22. Wouldn't a cut-out be an accidental failure (electronics etc) where as an over-lean would be demanding more power than the EUC can provide?
  23. Good idea, I will look I that direction.
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