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  1. I set a 90 amp alarm in Darkness Bot. Not sure how accurate it is, or at least how good of an indication it is. I sometimes get that alarm when I've barely stepped on the wheel and just started to accelerate without much of a lean angle. I wonder if anybody had any luck with those Android watches. I'd like to give Wheel Log a try. I opened up the shell to unplug lift switch, and to fix the magnet. The magnet was stuck in there with some hot glue, and it was tilted. So whoever glued it didn't press it down, and the glue was at least a couple mm thick. The magnet almost fell off in my hand. I epoxied it back in there by putting glue on the sides and just a drop on the face of the magnet. You have to make sure you get the right orientation, otherwise it will repel the magnet in the pedal. Now it works better than pedal on the other side. As for the less-than-reliable lift switch, I pulled out a small two pin connector and taped it to another wire so it wouldn't float around in there. It's the "motor stop" connector on this diagram. Now the wheel always auto-balances when I turn it on. (See my review above) For the slow leak, I put soapy water on the valve and didn't see any bubbles. I put 8oz of slime in the tire and then took it for an hour ride. Maybe I'll get lucky and that will fix the leak. Otherwise, I'm going to be taking apart the wheel again soon!
  2. I do have a seat. I haven't tried it yet.
  3. Posted the first part of my 2019 Monster V3 review ...
  4. Part 1 - First Impressions, Look and Feel, Acceleration, Maneuverability On Tuesday afternoon, I received a new Gotway Monster V3 and I thought I'd write up my impression of it. I only got to ride it for an hour and a half. And unfortunately I have a leak in my tire, so I need to sort that out before I continue testing. My first wheel was the KingSong 18XL which is a fine wheel and a known quantity among members of this forum. That's going to be my baseline for comparison--no choice as these are the only two wheels I've ridden. I weigh 265 pounds, so this factors into things like tire pressure and acceleration. The reason I bought the Monster is that I was looking for something more stable and roadworthy on the poor quality asphalt that I typically ride on. Conditions permitting, I like to cruise between 25 and 30mph. Look and Feel This Monster is the 1845wh version, so it's listed as 60 pounds. The 18XL is 53, so just a little heavier. It's bigger but still fits in my hatchback just fine. Some have said that Gotway plastic "feels cheap". To me it seemed stiffer than what Kingsong uses, and the shell sounds a bit hollow if you tap on it. But overall the exterior looked fine on the V3. The pedals are a smidge smaller than the large pedals on the KingSong, but they work fine even for my (size 14) feet. While you're riding, the 18XL makes a sound like the Star Trek warp drive. Going up a hill at speed, the noise gets louder and more insistent, like the dilithium crystals are being tortured. Riding the Monster, I noticed the lack of motor noise immediately--it's *quiet*. There is a subtle of vibration out of the motor when you push it, but I didn't mind that at all. I have already found a couple build quality issues. The cutoff switch in the handle is dodgy. Several times I would power up the wheel, and it wouldn't self balance and I couldn't figure out why. It turns out that I had picked up the wheel by the handle and pressed the cutoff switch. That switch has a couple "clicks" to it, and it can get stuck in between the clicks. If the button doesn't come all the way out, then it won't balance. I'm seriously considering just unplugging or bypassing the switch altogether. The second thing is that the magnet on one of the pedals is strong, and on one of the pedals it's weak. One pedal sticks really well to the body, but the other flops down with even a little bit of movement. So I'm going to have to look at that magnet and see what the problem is. Acceleration One concern about getting a larger wheel is that the torque and acceleration would be lower and that would impact the fun. This was the first thing I tested. I was able to accelerate from 5mph to 25mph in four seconds. I set an alarm (Darkness Bot) at 90amps, and that alarm went off a couple times. (Actually three times, it went off one more time between 25 and 30mph. Maybe I shouldn't do that again.) This is *better* than my best time doing the same test on the 18XL (in five tries) which took five seconds. Probably this means I could push the 18XL harder, but in the interest of not ending up on the pavement--I'll pass. One issue with the 18XL is when I'm doing hard accelerations like that, it wants to speed wobble which is no fun. My plan on the Monster is to accelerate as normal and listen for that alarm. Over time I'll learn how much to lean without triggering it. Going from 0 to 30mph feels crazy smooth and stable. The Monster DOES need more input. I had to lean harder. You can also clamp the body between your legs and tilt it forward as you lean. I do think one problem that people have had with the Monster is that they can't give it enough input / pressure on the pedals. Some riders use the softer riding modes so they can lean forward more and that "unlocks" the power of the Monster. @houseofjob says he sits on the nose when he wants extra acceleration. I'm not having this problem. With my mass, I'm able to put enough pressure on the pedals. I tried all three modes, and although they feel different, I can get the same acceleration out of all of them. I prefer the hard ("Strong") mode as it feels a little more responsive. So does the Monster have good acceleration? My answer is: Yes with enough input, and within the limits of the current, so watch the amps. Maneuverability I don't notice much difference in low speed turns. I'm able to make just as tight of turns as I could with the KingSong. Maybe there is a difference, or the Monster again needs a little more input, but it turns just fine. Need to make a 135 degree turn because two sidewalks are merging and you came at it the wrong direction? No problem. On high speed turns, the wheel has more of a tendency to want to remain upright. In some cases, instead of just leaning, I would have to lean harder or tip the wheel with the side of my leg. Maybe I just need more practice on the wheel, but it's something I noticed coming from the 18XL. Overall I'd say the difference in maneuverability is marginal and not a concern.
  5. I'm currently using Darkness Bot with alarms to let me know if I'm going over on speed or current on the wheel. The problem is that when I'm going 25mph, there a lot of wind noise, and I may not hear my phone's speaker or feel the vibration if it's just in my pocket. So I could use some bluetooth earbuds, but then it's harder to listen for cars. So I was considering putting some bluetooth speakers in my helmet. Anybody have any experience with these systems? I was considering something like this: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sena-20s-evo-bluetooth-headset
  6. My V3 arrived Tuesday from eWheels no problems. I'll post a review and pics this weekend.
  7. Only 3.25 pounds with battery... https://shop.subpac.com/products/m2x
  8. The thing is, the Monster and the Z10 are NOT the obvious choices given your criteria. All of the newer wheels would get you to the "next level" (Nikola, 16X, 18XL, MSX, Monster) as they ALL go 30+ mph with very strong 2000W motors. For off-roading, probably the MSuperX is the one people use the most? That might change as the 16inch wheels have great torque and acceleration. So I think the guys on the forum are scratching their heads a bit, if the Monster and the Z10 are the only two they can choose from. As for the Monster, mine is sitting in a FedEx truck in Orlando at the moment, hopefully to get delivered on Wednesday.
  9. erk1024

    18XL Tire pressure

    I'm 265 pounds (not including the wheel) and I have to run 50 psi minimum. Otherwise the tire feels squishy it deforms too much. Nice photos by the way! (Woops, I just realized I said the same damn thing in this thread a few posts (and a few months) ago)
  10. Maybe we need to move this to the off-topic part of the forum. I've done quite a bit of astrophotography. The Moon, planets, nebulas, galaxies. This was taken with a small sensor camera (similar to a web cam) in a mosaic for the luminance values, and then color was added with a DSLR photo taken at the same time.
  11. Wow Bob, solid photo! People with DSLR's have trouble taking a photo that good. Amazing you got that shot through your phone!
  12. That they put batteries right next to the control board. Hope there is not too much heat buildup. The control board looks very similar but not identical to the V2. It doesn't have that yellow transformer. In both cases there are six screws that go down the center of the board. Wonder what those are for? There is a row of mosfets running along the right edge.
  13. @houseofjob Your entire post is a really good summary. I'm new to the PEV scene. I haven't tried an electric skateboard yet, but they look like fun. Here are the things I learned so far. Scooters They are dead simple to ride. I bought an Xiaomi m365 for my daughter and it's fun while it's accelerating. Then you hit 15mph and the fun ends, and that little motor is just grinding away as you putter down the road a low speed. I came close to buying the Turbo Wheel Lightning or the Speedway V, and that's a whole different world than the low end scooters obviously. But the problem was that the TW was 51 inches and 77 pounds. That's a tight fit in my hatchback with the seats folded down and it's heavy. So I canceled my order just thinking about the portability. Also I didn't think it would ultimately be as fun as an EUC. OneWheelXR I bought one of these thinking it would be easier for my daughter to learn, and she could go on rides with me. I also wanted to ride it. That big fat wheel is great in terms of comfort, and over sidewalks, it's a great ride. But on asphalt that has an uneven, slanted or bumpy surface, the board squirms around underneath you. At speed (and I'm talking about 15mph) this can throw you right off the board. And this is the next problem of the XR, you can't bail off of it. It's hard to get off even if you're in control. If you are balancing with both feet, and you pick up one foot to step off, then the board tilts and accelerates out from under you. Whenever you get in trouble, the board tends to take your feet out from underneath you and spin you around so you fall on your back or side. On an EUC, if you have to jump off, you generally land on your feet. The worst two crashes my daughter and I had were on the XR. In the end, I decided it was too dangerous. Electric Skateboards They look like fun. Haven't tried one yet. One big advantage over traditional skateboards is that you have brakes. The biggest concern I had was that with such small wheels, they are not very roadworthy--especially the ones with urethane wheels. eWheel The wheels have more range, speed, and acceleration than anything except a very high end scooter. It fits in my hatchback without putting the seats down, along with all my body armor. It's very roadworthy. It's a blast to ride, really portable and even somewhat of a workout. I get such fun reactions from people when I'm riding it... confusion, surprise, delight.
  14. The 18XL won't spin up until you connect to it with the app and unlock it. (The bad thing about that is if you can't get the app to work.)
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