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  1. Here are some datapoints about the OneWheel. This guy LOVES the OW, but there are lots of caveats.
  2. erk1024

    MSuper Pro?

    Weight doesn't matter, the 80% alarm on Gotways is actually just a speed alarm. That's been established and confirmed a few times. But yeah, I think it would work because I wouldn't go faster than 31mph, and that's probably enough below 33mph that I wouldn't hit the beeps and in theory, 20% torque left. I'd also say that "extra acceleration after 10mph" is kind of the vibe the 100V Monster V3 has as well. It's slower from the start, but the acceleration doesn't seem to taper off much and before you know it, you're going 50kph. So then the question is: is the extra oomf out of the new motor worth shelling out the cash for? And I think we won't know until more folks (e.g. @Marty Backe) have a chance to ride it.
  3. erk1024

    MSuper Pro?

    This maybe explains their motivation for making a 20" version. The new motor would have more top speed with a larger wheel (given the same rpm). Of course you're losing torque by increasing wheel size. I DO like to ride my Gotway's near the 48kph tiltback often, so that doesn't leave much headroom to 32mph. But a Monster or a larger-wheel MSX with more torque could be fun too. I find the stability of the Monster really compelling. But it sounds like the difference in torque is marginal?
  4. erk1024

    MSuper Pro?

    @Marty Backe Reported that the 100V Nikola was a little zippier, and there have been reports that the 100V Monster is a little zippier than its 84V counterpart. So there may be other advantages to a Gotway 100V model other than just top speed.
  5. There are lots of things that can hide in grass: Sand or mud that will bog down the wheel Sprinklers The grass can get the wheel wet and slippery Transitioning from grass to pavement can be a problem as the grass hides the true height of the lip of the cement you're trying to climb up onto. There are a couple more interesting hazards: Drawbridge grates: We have draw bridges and the road surface is actually a metal grate with diagonal lines in it. Riding on it is weird and unsettling. The wheel gets pulled in different directions. Night Riding: If you ride with a headlamp, then the light is coming from the same direction as you are looking. The result is you don't see shadows and there are depth cue's that are missing. You hit unseen bumps and features as you ride. I also think an easy way to fall is to clip a pedal on some obstacle. That turns the wheel sideways hard, and it's an instant crash. I had this happen to me two weekends ago. There were some iron posts leading to a bike lane. The gap was narrow and I just grazed one, and that was enough to eject me from the wheel. First crash in a really long time--like nine months.
  6. This must be late in the afternoon. The angle and quality of light is great. Nice portrait! Very artistic.
  7. erk1024

    MSuper Pro?

    When Gotway went from 84v to 100v there was a definite boost in performance. That's true for the Monster and the Nikola. When I was buying my 100v Monster V3 a few months ago, it was listed as 2500W motor on some websites. When the V3's arrived they were the same motor and control board as the V2 version. No new motor. So there is justifiable skepticism about the 2500w motor figure. It could just be a number on a web site. I love both the wheels, and the motor is great. shrug. Basically we won't know until somebody can ride side by side.
  8. They had a manual? You mean compressed sheets of dead vegetable matter with ink smeared on it? And you read it? Weird. That's like so 1990... That's what I should have done. That will make them way more convenient. Thanks!
  9. It it intended to be used that way? I didn't know if it was a feature or not. Seems like the plastic holding those pins in place is going to wear out if snapped in and out over and over. Maybe you don't care though. It's so convenient that maybe you just get a new pair if the holes wear out...
  10. For the people it works for, I think it's because they have bulging calf muscles that allow the calf-strap to hold it in place. That's what's doing most of the work holding it up. I have a huge calf muscle, and they don't slip. But the ARE a hassle to get on/off. I still like them because they are comfortable. But if I'm in a hurry, I wear my other Leatt knee guards.
  11. I got a pair of these, and they've saved my ankles and the area above my ankles many times when things have gotten out of hand. They're comfortable, and I don't have any problem feeling the connection to the wheel. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T3IQ41Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Done before by ... Segway / Ninebot? The title of that video is: Full on review of the Blumil Segway / Ninebot Electric Wheel Chair
  13. The Verge already crashed an S-Pod. https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/8/21056268/segway-s-pod-first-drive-hands-on-ces-2020 It has to move the chair forward or back in relation to the wheels in order to balance the rider, which makes sense. If the wheels get stuck on something, it's going to launch you out of the chair. This thing is for ... people who are too lazy to ride a Segway?! Standing too much effort?! LOL It's pretty cool for a wheelchair, I guess.
  14. The comfort level on the Nikola is surprisingly good even with the tire pressure up at 50psi. The tire they chose just has a lot of flex to it. It's as comfortable as the Monster and it's stock tire. I've also done quite a bit of off-road, and it's great at that. The extra nimbleness and torque of the Nikola is a big help as well. The only downside for doing offroad on the Nikola is the shell is not very durable.
  15. The 100V Nikola is also a good choice! I'm really happy with mine, and it's a great all around wheel. (I'm 6' and 265lbs).
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