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  1. I completely agree. Just to clear up some confusing discrepancies in measurements. Sherman, MSP, MSX ... are traditionally called 18" wheels, but the outer diameter when you get a tire installed is 19.5" or 20" with the Sherman's off-road tire. Monster V1 - V3 is called a 22" wheel, but the outer diameter of the tire is actually 23.2" Monster Pro - called a 24" wheel and it's outer diameter is 24" Using outer diameter, we get: Sherman, MSP, MSX - 19.5" (road), 20" (off-road w Kenda tire) Monster - 23.2" Monster Pro - 24" The roadworthiness and stability of the Monster Pro should be pretty awesome. And with almost twice the power as the V3 (on paper) it should have reasonably good torque. (Motor torque is reduced linearly by the radius which is only increasing by less than half an inch, but power is almost double.) Won't know until we get a chance to try one out, of course.
  2. There's another thing to consider and that is with a larger diameter wheel, you're less likely to get a "death wobble" like Kuji experienced going fast on the Sherman (with the street tire). This wheel should have more stability. But people say the Sherman is remarkably stable (esp with the off-road tire) so who knows? But TBH, going that fast on an EUC doesn't seems like a great idea.
  3. @EMA From what's in the photos... New / different tire than what they were running before Two recessed buttons It looks like the final plastic this time (not prototype panels like before) Charge ports must be under the rubber flap, top front Nice big voltage display Can see the trolley handle extended
  4. In this video, he says the suspension is "bouncy bouncy". Does that mean it's not dampened enough and just feels like you are riding on springs?
  5. You could call eWheels and pre-order the configuration you want. If you don't pre-order, then there may not be any wheels of either configuration left. Just a thought.
  6. erk1024


    Some good camera angles and editing--nice work!
  7. Super interesting! Thanks for the links!
  8. When @Marty Backe was getting close to having the wheel fail, the motor was making a strange noise. What is that? Electric motors use the Hall sensor to know when to switch to the next set of magnets right? (Let me reiterate, I know nothing about electric motors) Does that noise mean that this cycle is breaking down? Would the motor making that noise cause things to overheat faster?
  9. That's what I was thinking as well. Maybe they can squeeze a little more out of the motor? But a new controller and firmware fix is not going to add windings to the electromagnets, or make the magnets wider, or change the motor's heat dissipation, etc. Seems like there is a tradeoff between torque and top speed in motor design? (I know zero about electric motors.) It's fine to have different wheels for different use cases.
  10. So a successful result would be that the board safely detects that it's overheating and goes into tiltback, right? Doesn't seem like a firmware fix will add more torque to the motor.
  11. erk1024


    Me and my daughter riding beautiful and twisting trails of Red Reef Park in Boca Raton. This is my second ever YouTube video. There are obvious problems with the exposure and stabilization. (I'll have those dialed in on the next video. I figured it out on the last segment of this one.)
  12. Ah, Yes. My apologies from straying from the subject! And this IS an important topic to discus. We haven't discussed anything like this before. Well, except for that one time when Marty's Nikola blew up on overheat hill because the mosfets burned up. Or when those two MSX's blew up. Or when the 18XL didn't make it up ... But getting back to the Nikola for a moment. This is what happened: The 84v Nikola mosfets let out the magic smoke up overheat hill. Marty disassembled it and discovered that there was hot glue being used to hold on the heatsink material during manufacture, and that probably caused the failure. Marty and Jason at eWheels worked with Gotway on a solution, and Gotway issued new control boards with awesome TO-247 mosfets, and no glue. Jason sent them to customers with the old control boards. Then Marty took up his Nikola to overheat hill, made it with ease, and climbed it fairly fast as well! So by the community engaging with the dealer and the manufacturer, the problem was solved and now everybody has Nikola's that can make it up overheat hill. Problem solved! That's so cool! Thanks @Marty Backe and Jason! I think something like that will happen in this case. Veteran will make a fix so if the wheel starts to overheat, it will go into tiltback mode. The worst that should happen is that the rider will have to get off and let the beast cool down a bit before continuing. I think the Veteran is an awesome wheel, and we'll all have a lot of fun with it. Taking the long view, this problem will likely get resolved, and then we can look to the future. What if we actually want a Veteran that is more of a hill climber? Then maybe they can change the motor to favor torque instead of speed, and we could have a whole new Veteran to ride! ... oops. I did it again! Went off topic! My bad!
  13. Something to keep in mind is that Gotway, Kingsong, InMotion and now Veteran (LeaperKim whatever) are all small entrepreneurial companies. The one big company, Segway/Ninebot has stopped making new wheels in favor of going after a more lucrative market: scooters. These companies don't have big budgets for R&D, testing, or long, mature development cycles. The wheels are one step removed from being prototypes. The benefit of this approach is rapid innovation. The downside is possibly product reliability. The hope is that as the community grows, the companies will grow with it, and with the community's input the products will improve. And they HAVE improved. Just look at wheels from a few years ago. Boosted arguably made the best electric skateboards, and they just went out of business. Ninebot has essentially abandoned us. We're lucky that a handful of companies are willing to work in this risky, niche market. And of course we should keep pushing for fixes and improvements.
  14. I guess it's just time for Veteran to make their lower speed High Torque Wheel. Gotway MSX --> MSP. Veteran Sherman --> ???
  15. Jeff actually DID the 230 pound test ... just with the MSP! He was chugging along behind you just fine. Top marks for the MSP!
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