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  1. Wonderful! Have been arguing for a long time that quidditch should actually be played on EUC's !
  2. Hello @gotmotion2016, is the wheel still for sale? Where about in the Netherlands are you?
  3. Seems exactly what happened to my gf on the V8. Luckily the tire deflated slowly, so she didn't crash. Since I had to open the wheel anyway, I also also took the opportunity to replace the tire with a winter tire . I went for the red version from here. https://www.electricunicycles.eu/16_winter_off_road_tire_(tyre)_for_electric_unicycle_and_bike_(red)_(16x2125)-c__295 That you can see in this vid:
  4. Welcome to the club. Glad you got to experience it.
  5. I use wristguards in summer and GyroRiderz gloves with built in sliders in winter. If I would only wear one item of gear while riding it would be a wristguard. But my usual set-up is wristguards, helmet and knee/shin pads. Just casual t-shirt and trousers for the rest. I don't tend to go faster than 40 km/h though.
  6. Agreed on the 16X being a good choice. My girlfriend finds it easy to ride and nimble. Though she can't accelerate as fast as I can, because she can put less lean on it. It will be heavy if you have to carry it up stairs though. At your weight you'll definitely get 70 km range out of it. Probably even in winter.
  7. Personally I find that in order to promote EUC's we don't only need flashy extremely skilled riders such as Kuji or Chooch. If I was interested in trying EUC's for the first time it would seem like something impossible to master. However seeing just a regular, average person enjoying a mellow cruise on a country road would make it seem entirely more possible. That being said, I doubt that somebody that doesn't have, or that hasn't already decided they want a EUC would be browsing videos in this forum. You want to see Kuji's videos. Subscribe to him on youtube. You'll be supporting h
  8. Hi @runramrom. I'm not exactly sure what you are describing here. There have been some 16X's with an issue where pedals would tilt back turning one way and dip forward turning the other way. However this can also be due to bad calibration. However for the pedals to tilt back slightly during a downhill is normal. The pedals will always try to stay horizontal. So unlike skis, a skateboard or roller skates, your feet will not be parallel to the street surface when riding downhill. If you don't expect this, it may take some getting used to.
  9. For me the same ride last winter at around 3° C and this summer at around 25°C gave about 20 km less range. As in, last winter I had to take a bus for the last bit after 50 km, in the summer I could add a small loop and ended up doing 70 km, on a 16X, as a heavy guy. I might have even ridden a bit faster the second time around.
  10. Happened to me several times! My most epic tours were always chopped into pieces. So very happy with the way it works now!
  11. These tires aren't manufactured specifically for our wheels, so the sidewall recommendation is pretty meaningless for EUC use. Most of us just test different settings to see what suits our riding style best. And a lot will depend on the surface you ride on.
  12. I feel like the KS16X and the KS18XL are both some of the best all-around wheels currently available. The KS18XL will be slightly better for long paved cruising and the KS16X for off-roading and hill-climbing, but they both do a decent job at everything, including portability and ease-of-trolleying-around. I have a 16X and I think there are only three wheels that I would consider upgrades. Inmotion V11: Can do everything the 16X does, and has suspension. Gotway MSP: rides very similar, but slightly better at off-roading and has better speed. A bit less nimble. Tricky trolley h
  13. Wow. Hope you are both feeling better by now! Glad it worked out in the end. However just curious about one thing. Why didn't you swap wheels with Chris? Say when you were about 60% and he about 40%. You would likely both have made it to the downhill section with much less risk of overexertion for Chris. It also would have allowed you to stay together which would have meant much less risk for either of you to end very badly.
  14. When restaurants reopened after the lockdown and I came into one to ask for a table, the owner actually thought I worked for the government and came in with a device to measure if the tables were at a sufficient distance to each other. On a much less funny note, on the way home yesterday I apparently inadvertently caused an accident. The driver was pulling out of a parking lot, had the sun in his eyes, and according to his statement was distracted by me riding past on the opposite side of the road. He failed to see the lady on the bicycle directly in front of him though. Luckily she was o
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