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  1. I guess some people might like it As for me, I tend to keep all my devices in English and was extremely pissed when I sent my laptop for repairs and it came back with my old user profile screwed and the new one in Dutch. I still haven't been able to fully restore it as I want!
  2. Might give Dutch a go. Not that any Dutch speaking person would have trouble with English, but seems like fun!
  3. Good idea! I'd like to stick some on my helmet as well.
  4. Actually, for me it's not at the palm, but at the end. But if there's extra padding on the whole inside (or just both ends) it should be solved indeed! Another potential suggestion would be to make the logo and pictogram in reflective paint, so when you extend your hand to indicate a left or right turn, it's easier to see at night! But yes, overall I am very satisfied!
  5. Rode to Brussels last Friday to pick up my @GyroRideRz gloves. Which turned into quite the challenge as I forgot to charge my phone, and therefore was out of GPS/Navigation after about halfway. Luckily I had memorized the route sufficiently to only mildly get lost. I arrived ten minutes before closing time and the good people of Vandenborre Mobility were friendly enough to let me charge my wheel enough to limp to the train station afterwards. On Saturday I did a nice little ride from Lier to Antwerp to cheer on my gf and her rugby-teammates. On the picture below I just arrived while they are doing the pre-watch warm-up in the far distance.
  6. Got my pair from Vandenborre Mobility last Friday. They received them on Wednesday and were almost out of stock on Friday, good thing I reserved a pair! Very happy with them! Only niggle for me is that the ends of the plastic inserts rub a bit on the inside for me. Not when riding, but when using your hands to take your keys, take stuff from your backpack etc.... I had red spots where a bit of skin was chafed on both wrists. This could easily be helped with just a bit of extra padding, or a thicker material where the corners of the plastic inserts are. I'll probably modify mine this way. But overall: Good work!
  7. Most people react with a smile, some with instant dislike. Funniest comment: While passing a kindergarten class, one of the kids pointing with an astonished face 'Oooh my goooood, What the f*ck is THAT!' I was very impressed by his mastery of English at such a young age. Funniest silent comment: Middle aged jogger sees me coming, comes to full stop, and looks at me, mouth hanging open and turns to watch me drive past. Funny, but on the opposite side of the spectrum: Grumpy old man yelling from his porch: ' 'k hoop dat ge uw bakkes breekt op uw onnozel ding' which roughly translates to 'I hope you break your ugly face on that ridiculous thing"
  8. You can also charge your wheel in most Belgian trains, though that might be a little harder during rush hour
  9. I would say a V10F is a good choice for your requirements.
  10. Nice! Maybe someone should send that footage to Reese Waters and see if he still thinks EUC's are for sidewalks and circus use only.
  11. Guess winter will bring some interesting videos then!
  12. "Wheelers Des Bois" recently posted a video on facebook of 6.5km of continuous backwards riding, so I guess all he still needs to do is reverse the footage.
  13. You should be able to get a V8 for around 900 euro as well. http://www.muziker.sk/inmotion-scv-v8 free shipping in most of Europe I believe, but my Slovak is a little rusty. https://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/inmotion_V8 https://www.flywheels.be/produit/gyroroue-inmotion-v8/
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