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  1. They were both in their mid thirties. One was a former skater and took to it really quickly. After about an hour he was riding around by himself. In the next couple of days he joined me for a few tours on the V8, while I was on the 16X. The other needed two sessions, spread over two days before she felt ready to let go of my arm/wall/fence. She didn't have the confidence yet to join me on an actual tour, but was getting close. She does roller derby as a sport, but I would say that this actually held her back a little, because she was slipping into bad habits and bad posture that are good if your legs can move independently on roller skates, but not so much when they have to stay together on a wheel.
  2. Dag Cedric, De meeste Belgen op dit forum posten in deze groep: Misschien vind je daar wel iemand uit je buurt! En anders kan je de facebook groep 'Belgium Wheelers' altijd eens proberen.
  3. During my recent holiday trip to France I taught two people how to ride and three others tried it at least once.
  4. Hey, you're skipping Belgium! I feel left out But awesome plan! Nice to see you include Orkney! And if it's summertime when you're on the Norwegian coast, you could pop over to Svalbard, it'd be fun to ride a wheel there! My little brother did a trip around the world on his bicycle, which was amazing and ever since I got a wheel I just dream of doing the same on an EUC. If my job and relationship didn't come first I probably would (try at least). P.S. Sorry for going off-topic @HelRider and @UniVehje! I've been enjoying reading about your trip. Finland is one of the few European countries I've never been to and it's nice to get to see a little bit this way.
  5. Niet ten koste van de range. Als het in álle opzichten een verbetering was, waarom niet? Maar wielen zijn een beetje duur om er gewoon eentje bij te kopen enkel voor de schokdempers. Ik kan niet zeggen dat ik bij het off-roaden nooit denk dat het niet handig zou zijn, maar ik denk veel vaker dat ik wel nog ff zou willen doorgaan zonder te laden.
  6. I'm sure if we wait till the first and second batch owners really start to ride this thing, there will be a load of little issues popping up here and there. At least I hope so, or I might run out of reasons not to buy one as well... Aside from cash... and the law, of course.
  7. I think the design was done with two things in mind. Being able to store all the batteries without having a bulky wheel. Which leads to the square design. Being able to get the side panels off with minimal fuss. As it is you don't need to take off the footplates or the roll bar. But the consequence is that the footplates are quite low and the roll bar can't cut corners. I'm still glad it's there. If you hit the metal bar with some force, you'll have a nasty crash and what you see in the above picture. If the bar wasn't there you'd hit the plastic shell, utterly destroy it and potentially take a hit/scrape on the corner of the battery pack, which is not what I'd want...
  8. I use something like this. These are Polisport Prime, made for Motorcross. I also heard a lot of good things about Leatt Dual Axis, which is the same principle. They take 10 seconds to put on and 5 to take off.
  9. Same here, de Sherman steekt me de ogen uit, vooral voor de range dan!
  10. Top! Ik ben zelf 1 keer van Leuven naar Gent gereden, via Willebroek en met een laadbeurt in Bornem. Hoewel de fietssnelwegen leuk kunnen zijn, en bij uitbreiding de RaVel's in Wallonië (Namen - Hoegaarden of Namen-Landen is een aanrader), vind ik het soms te saai. De laatste tijd doe ik voor de fun vaak mountainbike-routes die ik opzoek op https://mtbroutedatabase.be/. En natuurlijk EUC World! Mijn persoonlijke heatmap begint al vorm te krijgen.
  11. It will be a natural extension to your body before you know it!
  12. If I do, either the wheel or my girlfriend will probably kill me. For me the range, combined with good handling are what's most appealing. The speed is scary and enticing at the same time, but it's a powerful drug, and as with most drugs, the more you cross the line, the more the line fades and rematerialises a little bit further. And the faster you have gone, the more lower speeds seem boring. So you keep telling yourself you're on the good side of the line. I think this wheel has a very high potential of causing serious injury, not just because it can go so fast as there are other very fast wheels. But this one seems to make it seem so effortless and drags you into the deep end before you know it. Only Ian from speedyfeet seems to have resisted so far, keeping tiltback at 43 km/h.
  13. I had the exact same observations, skilled rider (with huge pads). You don't want to hit bumps at an angle. The dude is from Southern France.
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