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  1. Exactly! That's what I meant but with the V8 and 16X, though I wasn't able to word it as well.
  2. I'm exactly the same height and weight as you are and I love my 16X. I prefer riding off-road but my daily commute also has a fair bit of road. If you're happy limiting the speed to 40 km/h I think you can't go wrong with the 16X. I think the case will also hold up to learning crashes better. It also has the better trolley handle. If you prefer high speeds and mostly roads, I think the Nikola Plus is probably the better choice.Also if you plan to ride in the rain a lot, as it resists better than the 16X. As for learner wheels. When I teach people to ride, I use both my V8 and the 16X. Everyone finds the 16X easier to learn on. I agree it's an easier wheel to ride, but I think doing near 5000 km on the V8, at my weight, made me a better rider and gave me a lot more awareness of what the limitations, dangers and pitfalls are of EUC's when pushing them. On the 16X it can feel like a flying carpet where I can almost dream off, whereas on the V8 I had to constantly be vigilant of every little thing. In a way this actually makes the 16X a more dangerous wheel for me to ride.
  3. Could be a new discipline for the EUC games! Yoshi would win hands down! I feel for him though.
  4. Swift recovery @travsformation ! And hope you actually get to enjoy the 16X soon!
  5. Lol my first guess was Yggdrasil, but guess it's the Tree of Life?
  6. I certainly hope so! I'd expect to get 5 to 10 km more out of it at most. But can't say for the 16X as I've only had it since december
  7. There's no straightforward answer to this. Rider weight is one factor, temperature, tire pressure, wind resistance, elevation, speed and how fast you brake/accelerate are also factors. Under 10% it becomes impossible to ride. Personally I'm about 100 kg geared up and usually have a backpack of +- 10 kg, so a similar riding weight. When I plan a trip these days (winter temperature) I set 60 km as my maximum. If I want to do more I try to aim for a route that will end at a lower elevation than I start at (most I've done is 65 km) , but of course you can't do this for loops. For a 60 km trip I will fully charge my wheel. However I usually ride 30-35 km/h, so a bit slower than you and probably with a fair bit less wind resistance. If off-road I might even go slower. If I see that I'm draining my battery faster than I anticipated I either ride slower, or map a new, shorter route. So for me, the answer is 60-65 km
  8. Lol, no! Well, maybe... it was intended to be a hedgehog, but I haven't gotten around to engraving the image on the wood! Will post a pic if I ever do it. I also have a rhino stand that's near finished, just need to fix one of the hind legs that cracked.
  9. Nice hilly ride from Berdorf to Walferdange in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg: The picture doesn't really show how steep this was, but I guess the switchbacks in the road speak for themselves Fun little castle at Bourglingen:
  10. I'd say Russia, China, Korea and perhaps Australia have at least a thousand each. I wouldn't be suprised if China had more riders than any other country. All those shops connected to Ali Express don't only exist for those few Western riders ordering online. Also when I watch Mr. Flex' videos, it's surprising what number of riders he encounters in a place like Thailand for example. I think income is one factor, legislation is another. In Western Europe it tends to be stricter, as well as some places like Singapore etc...
  11. I just checked the French forum, 'Esprit roue' and it has 6744 users. So I guess 2/3d's of them must have retired and everyone must be on the forum ! Also I'm reasonably sure we are at least 2000 in Belgium, so that leaves absolutely nobody for the rest of Western Europe...
  12. And more social media stats: just checked and Mr. Flex (by my knowing the rider with the most subscribers) has 17.6 K youtube subscribers. Sure, there might be friends, family and non-riding fans, but I bet almost all of them are riders.
  13. If you're charging while using both ports, do both chargers need to be the same? Or is there no problem to combine for example a 1.5 A and a 5 A charger?
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