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  1. I'm a bit heavier than you and upgraded from a V8 to a KS 16X a couple of months ago. While I did achieve a fairly decent stability on the V8 (I have almost 5000 km on it) and one-legged riding, mountain trails or carrying awkward stuff on it aren't a problem, I still had to watch out for every crack in the road. Simply because at my weight and at 25 km/h I could easily overpower it, and was too close to the limit all the time. The KS 16X with it's 3 inch wide tire is a different story. I can ride over virtually every surface and almost dream off while doing it, because it can just handle it. It feels a lot more stable than the V8. The wide tire and the pedal angle will do that. However, as you also correctly pointed out, a heavier and stabler wheel is less 'zippy'. You won't accelerate and brake as fast as on the V8. However, again because of the wide tire my 16X is very easy to ride at walking speed. So basically I adapted quickly and am happy with it in an urban environment as well. While I was happy with the speed at the time, I wasn't with the range. I wanted to go on longer and longer trips all the time, this was the main reason for me to upgrade. Now I find that I have somehow shifted from a 25 km/h rider to a 35 km/h rider, without noticing much difference. I can go on longer trips, but still want more, so I got a fast charger so I can charge on the go (only to be in lockdown a day later ) And my girlfriend is slowly starting to feel comfortable on the V8, so we do some short rides together. So I do see some similarities between our cases. However, if I hadn't needed more range (in winter I sometimes wasn't able to finish my daily sub 20 km commute) I would have been perfectly happy with my V8, not knowing how it felt to ride another wheel. All in all, if you have a limited budget and your main goal is to ride with your girlfriend, just get another V8. You only have 200 km on yours, so you'll definitely still get better and stabler on it. If you ever want to upgrade you can probably easily sell it and still get that new wheel. However... if you already start to have that little extra need for range, speed, comfort. If watching all the different wheels out there makes your blood pump faster. If you get a tingle of excitement on the latest youtube video of Kuji, Chooch or Marty on a new wheel, then you probably should get a higher end wheel already.
  2. Maybe heavy riders won't have any
  3. No mention of weatherproofing, if it was really a step up, there would have been a slide on it. Also not impressed by the battery and range. History seems to say we should cut the range figure at least in half. A bit disappointed, but at least my girlfriend won't have to kill me for spending money on another wheel.
  4. Tazarinho


    Nice! 'Amoureux de Paname', haven't heard that song in over 20 years, but fits the video perfectly. Are you never worried about riding the KS16X with all the police checkpoints? Is a wheel that can go over 25 km/h not technically illegal now in France?
  5. I've been to different parts of the US, several times, and under different administrations, for work. And I have to say it largely depends on the customs officer you are dealing with. However under some administrations, it was noticably worse.:)
  6. They're a bit less pronounced than that, I assume to make them less unwieldy (but we also go slower than full motorcycles) In the link @Bertrand One provided, if you scroll down to the third picture, with the accompanying text: 'These leather gloves also feature phalanx protection and are tactile for ease of everyday use' you should be ableto see it. There are hard beads incorporated at the top of the fingers, so when sliding over the road, they'll protect the knuckles on your fingers.
  7. Is there a speed or distance correction being done on the tours? Even when not applied in the app? Just wondering because my latest ride (in signature) says exactly 30 mins ride, 14.1 km distance and 24 km/h average speed. Shouldn't I either have 28 km/h, 12 km distance or a longer riding time?
  8. Inmotion, yes! Long range, yes! Off-road, yes! To be honest the only thing that worries me is the suspension bit. I can't see that kind of innovation coming without trouble at first. How will it behave when people really start using these wheels. Will it hold up under stress/over time. What effect will it have on riding behavior? Will it need more maintenance? Will it make the wheel more expensive? Nobody knows.
  9. I'm having a hard time visualizing this. But if you only use one foot, don't you put even more force one the one pedal you are using with your full weight, and therefore risk it snapping off sooner? What I sometimes do is flipping one pedal up while riding and lift my foot off, but that's usually just to go through a tight spot that isn't wide enough for both pedals. But not for curbs or obstacles.
  10. Tazarinho


    Sweet! Any idea where in the world this was filmed? Looks like a prime location for some DWS (Deep Water Soloing). And the Takuma Efoil might be the perfect way to access the base of the cliffs
  11. Hey @Seba, just noticed the last couple of days that on the website when you click on the heatmap, the background map is no longer shown. Was this deliberate? While it does offer some amazing artwork, I really loved the fact that when I was on one of my own tours and toggled the heatmap, I could see in detail all the places I had been, all tours combined, on the map.
  12. Stumbled upon this thread as well.
  13. I remember that people tried some contraptions to always keep their feet on the pedal and that it ended up very badly. As in, if you start wobbling you can't jump off and save yourself, instead you crash and end up with a 20-25 kg lawn dart tied to your ankles that drags you over the asphalt (with one foot invariably trapped under it).
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