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  1. Kniebeschermers en helm heb ik online gekocht. Merk Polisport. Polsbeschermers variëren tussen skatebeschermers uit de kringloopwinkel en de GyroRiderz handschoenen.
  2. And Belgium! But it's easy, just reverse the Swiss one about chocolate. Or say that fries are French.
  3. Tazarinho

    MSuper Pro?

    Nice camouflage!
  4. I was also wondering if on the website, for the heat map, it would be a good idea if we could toggle off the rider icons, so we can truly see which parts of the world we still need to color! If you zoom in it's doable, but if I want to see an overview of Europe for example, all I see are rider icons. And once thousands of people use the app it will get even worse.
  5. Huh, did I put foam?! I meant powder. You are absolutely right! That will teach me to try and reply too quickly. I will edit it straight away. I am actually on the first response team for our company and did get a formal training, so this was a serious mistake from my part! Díky @DjPanJan!
  6. Thank you! I'm also looking forward to that! My Saturday ride along the German border got chopped into no less than thirteen little bits! But I also learned a little bit of history, when perceiving what I thought was an anomaly on the EUC World map. Apparently there was a railway from Luxembourg to Aachen, which was mostly on Belgian soil but passed through some bits of Germany. At the treaty of Versailles, the railway was entirely attributed to Belgium, effectively separating six little pieces of German land, including some villages, and cutting them off from the rest of Germany. Five of the six enclaves still exist. The railway is now no longer in use, but partly converted into a cycle path, which is really fun to ride, and from time to time you will see little railway stations and abandoned locomotives and trains.
  7. @AtlasP But jokes aside, what I got was a 6 liter powder extinguisher and I keep the EUC in a place with a smoke detector. I also live in an apartment, with a nice wooden floor and several thousands of books, so I'd hate to see anything go up in flames.
  8. Burning electric vehicles are best put out by submerging them into water. It's what they do with electric cars. Two weeks ago an electrical scooter went up in a sports facility in my home town and the fire department also submerged it into a barrel of water. So maybe we should just store our EUC('s) on a hard plastic sheet on top of a barrel of water. That way when they combust, they melt the plastic and fall into the water.
  9. You should definitely also check if it actually still charges to 100% to see if the battery pack has become unbalanced.
  10. Agreed! You can even get a new one for less money on gearbest (if you're happy with that)
  11. Welcome @Gibby. You mention that 'it's' second hand. So you already know which wheel you have your eye on. Could you be more specific? Which wheel is it, what's the mileage, price, what other info does the seller have for you? Also, what do you want to use it for? And any additional info such as your weight and experience with PEV's could also be relevant.
  12. Maybe you should sell everything that doesn't have a 3 inch thick tire, they were dead to you anyway!
  13. Or Inmotion: 1263 Gotway: 515 Ninebot: 109 KingSong: 1243 Which would seem to imply that less Gotways were bought than V8's! At least in Russia.
  14. That would mean approximately the following amount of units were sold: Inmotion: V5F - 352 V8 - 709 V10F - 202 Gotway: MSuperX 84V - 152 MsuperX 100V - 44 MCM5 - 169 Tesla - 51 Nikola - 50 Mten - 31 Monster - 18 Ninebot: Z10 - 109 KingSong: 14M - 249 14D, DS - 122 16S - 399 16X - 93 18L, XL - 380
  15. I agree on carving being the most effective. It means you're shifting your balance so that you're basically stabilizing the wheel with one leg. I did notice when I crouch because of a strong headwind (at slightly lower speeds but possibly more wind), that I'm a lot more prone to wobbling. Haven't tried the trick with the hands, but another thing that seems to work for me is actually pushing both legs to the outside. On a 16X you can do easily this because the pedals have an angle. It seems counter-intuitive though, as instead of relaxing your leg muscles you are tensing them. I do the same when I'm not crouched, but under-dressed (light trousers in freezing temperatures), and I get shivers in my legs, which leads to wobbling.
  16. Tazarinho


    @pico, that's Daniele Contino a skilled trick rider that seems heavily influenced by Hirsute
  17. Tazarinho


    Found this vid on the Belgium Wheelers facebook page. It gives a nice taste of the Micro Mobility Winter Games in Brussels last weekend. Not only EUC's, but all kinds of PEV's, even if the EUC's where in the majority.
  18. Poor @Ash_lee_g, to see a simple question turn into a full length battery discussion Anyway, sorry to chip in on this. I actually do believe this is the optimal way to treat your batteries. However I also agree with @mrelwood, that for the projected use of most EUC_users it won't matter to occasionally keep it at a 100% for a short period of time. Just wanted to add that when I read the manuals, the KS16X specifically says that you should charge to 100% and leave the charger in for a few extra hours in order to allow the BMS to balance. As for the v8, it asks to charge to 100% at least once per month. So perhaps this could be taken as a guideline? That being said, personally I charge my wheels to a 100% unless I will not be using them in the next 24 hours. If somehow something doesn't go as planned I try to never let them at 100% for more than 3 days.
  19. I'd go even further and say for a heavier rider (which I also am), it's not a 45 km/h vehicle, but rather a 40 km/h.
  20. Thank you, will try this when I get home! I took the V8 out in the weekend, so the other wheel wasn't close by. I did click on the circle to disconnect, but then re-clicked on it thinking that it would perform a scan. I didn't get any results, but perhaps it was only searching for my other wheel. I will try @buell47's suggestion tonight. Thank you both for your replies!
  21. That's 10 august 2019. So not the latest version, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.
  22. I have no trouble connecting with EUC World to my KS-16X, but can't seem to connect to my Inmotion V8. I toggled 'only scan for known devices' off, but still no success. Is it possible to use more than one device with the same app?
  23. Not exactly snow, but the ride home yesterday sure got interesting...
  24. Tazarinho

    MSuper Pro?

    @Afeez Kay briefly let me ride his MSP at the Winter Games in Brussels (for which many thanks! ), and I have to say the pedal angle wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. It felt stable and locked in. I've never ridden an MSX though, so I can't compare.
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