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  1. This thread turned into a spam-filled link fest with no rigor and people talking over each other. I give up. The topic of vaccines seems to be too politically/emotionally charged even for this forum.
  2. Since the pandemic started I went from only D3 to the whole Periodic Table. Vit. D, K2, B, E, A, C, potassium, magnesium, Creatine, NAC, EGCG, Quercetin, Curcumin, Theanine, Coffeine, zinc, q10, Choline... My Geiger counter beeps in fear every time I come close... Help!
  3. We won't eradicate Covid with vaccines, just like we didn't eradicate flu, common colds nor HIV. Eradication requires a sterilizing vaccine, while Covid/HIV/flu vaccines are leaky. So far Covid follows the same pattern as flu - it infects a huge chunk of the population -> population gets natural herd immunity -> Covid variant essentially dies -> new variant arises. It happened with ancestral strain from China, it happened with Alpha, it will happen with Delta. And every new strain escapes immunity just a little bit better. That's like 10'th link you've pasted verbat
  4. Oh, you'll find much, MUCH more scientists and doctors skeptical of Covid vaccines than of climate change. These two aren't even remotely comparable. And the fact you're believing it only shows how effective the echo-chambers are. Did I ever deny that Covid vaccines work? NO. Please don't put words into my mouth. I already said that I'll tackle the "risk/benefit of vaccination" topic tomorrow. Then we'll be able to argue about data. Please, let's keep this discussion straw-man free. The data about climate change and seat-belts is far clearer than about Covid vaccines.
  5. What's your point here? Are you saying there shouldn't be clinical trials for various substances because they are too expensive? As for cost... How many clinical studies could $1bln buy? It's nothing compared to what US spends on other things...
  6. @ir_fuel Good point. I'll address your example tomorrow, it will take some time to gather numbers and my thought process into one, long post. 👍 Science "tells" us both, but it's noisy as hell, because it's made by humans. And humans make errors... And sometimes they even lie. I dislike when people talk down to "lay people", as if "doctors" and "scientists" were some kind of godly creatures. But only those who agree with us are godly! Wrong-thinkers are evil. It leads to censorship of wrong-think - for example virologist dr. Robert Malone got suspended on LinkedIn for being skept
  7. Yes, Elgazzar's studies were retracted. And they weren't the only ones. You didn't check the link I provided you - c19ivermectin.com already lists Elgazzar's study as "retracted" and doesn't count it. That's what's great about meta-analysis - if you don't trust some data, you can just retract them and recompute. Overall, almost all prophylaxis and early treatment studies show positive effect. Retracting a few studies doesn't change the results in any substantial way. That's their opinion. One of the arguments is "Currently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against CO
  8. The evidence it works against Covid is abundant, it's cheap (< $1 per treatment) and very safe (available in some countries OTC, 4 billion doses administered in the last 30 years). Why are you saying that prescribing it is a quackery? I would've agreed with you a year ago... But now? I looked at available data (VAERS, Eudra, raw efficacy data from various governments, my personal risk factors, Covid death and injury rates, countless studies, countless substances...) and decided that the risk of vaccine side-effects is comparable to the risk from the Covid itself. So I skip
  9. I agree, it's like with cars. If you're used to your 2001 Opel Astra G ($1500), you don't need anything more expensive. Same with a unicycle - 30% more comfort isn't really worth it. And I'd not use the faster top speeds anyway.
  10. None of the above. As a causal rider (I rarely go above 30km/h) I don't need suspensions or bigger tires. MSX is perfect, except for a small range (42km of range after 8k km @ 130kg rider).
  11. I advise against 16' wheels for a heavy person. The difference between 16 and 18 for us fat people is massive. I'd say I'm about 5 times more stable on an MSX than on KS16S just because of the bigger and wider tire.
  12. My favorite is 🇵🇱 as it's a flag of Poland. If you're like 😱 How did you add a flag?, then let me 😈 tell you 🐵: ✅ The Unicode standard recently added emojis. 🏄 Since then almost all programs support emojis, even notepad. 👉 You can find a very incomplete list here. 🦴 Just CTRL+C CTRL+V an emoji you like into the post. 🥥 Your emojis may not show up in very outdated browsers. 🍷 Wine Is NOT an Emulator! 🎲🎧🏁
  13. This is one of the best dumpster dive finds I've seen. EEVBlog scored a very high-end oscilloscope in a working condition.
  14. Thumbs up for relating to riding an EUC wearing slippers, holding a sword, wearing absolutely no protection and falling into a river.
  15. Wrong category, should be in Commercial Advertisements/Scams.
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