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  1. This is the most interesting part. The power density of li-ion is about 3 times lower. An MSX with 5kWh battery? 200km of range on one charge? We will see in 2030 when they are finally available. Ps. You won't be charging your wheel in 5 minutes at your home. A normal 220V power socket struggles even with 2kW. To charge 2kWh in 5 minutes you'd need 24kW... More than 100A@220V or 200A@110V. That's Tesla Supercharger territory.
  2. There is a simpler way: Keep your EUC at least a few meters from furniture. If your home is made of brick and you have no flammables 2m away, even if your EUC burns down, the fire won't spread. I'd say that the worst thing one can do is to keep the wheel near bed, curtains or carpets. If you have no garage, keep it in the kitchen or in the toilet (tiles are fireproof). Can you please provide an example? Every single video I've watched is literally 10s of "explosion" followed by a normal, plastic fire. If it takes longer, even better - less chance the furniture catches on fire.
  3. Line it up with bread. Starlite is overrated. The li-ion "explosion" takes like 10s, a $5 fireproof blanket should be enough to protect furniture.
  4. 6.01.2021 - Facebook bans Trump 11.01.2021 - Facebook has no plans to lift the ban 16.01.2021 - Facebook unbans Trump I'd wager this has something to do with the recent stock prices of Facebook and Twitter. On related note, the influx of users to Signal is so high they struggle to keep up. I myself got 10 people to install it. Big tech companies gave a great New Year's present to alt-tech this year.
  5. I'm far closer to libertarian than right wing. I don't think that there are any right-wingers here, considering that I'm almost the only one providing arguments for that side. You need to distinguish between "off-the-shelf" products and "custom" products. I'm a programmer. An analogy in that case would be if someone came and asked me to write spyware, to which I'm morally opposed. It's essentially the same thing, just different industries. Both are custom products that the business has to tailor to the client. The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop offered to sell them an "off-the
  6. Not all, but most are corrupt. Here we agree. The funniest part is that we don't agree at all on who is a sellout. :-D And I doubt we'll convince each other either. AOC has a lot of insane propositions (ex. Green New Deal). As for Bernie, his extreme wealth tax is just insane. He probably was never bought... Although his endorsement of Hilary Clinton after the primaries were stolen from him was spineless. I get it, he has good intentions. Probably not corrupt, just with socialist propositions. I obviously agree with you - a private platform can institute whatever rules it w
  7. I totally agree with you that Trump is divisive and it's not a good attribute for a leader to express. However, you're mistaken if divisiveness will just go away when he's gone - the other side doesn't answer the grievances that created this situation. Biden is just 4 more years of the establishment. Where is Tulsi Gabbard? Why do sensible, moderate candidates never get more than 10%? Why are we always stuck between two "lesser" evils? Pew Research Center: Covering President Trump in a Polarized Media Environment Keep in mind that those were first 60 days of his admini
  8. As you can see in above quote, you used this word first. And thus, I left it in. Regardless of the exact dictionary meaning, I don't believe that this was intentional. It was just a 1000 people each doing their own thing with good intentions. But unfortunately, good intentions are very often short-sighted and have severe side-effects. Remember how edgy 90's were? How masculinity and femininity were cherished, not ridiculed? Now even the word "retard", which was used daily just 10 years ago is demonized because it may "offend" someone.
  9. Writing one post takes about 1 hour (which includes thinking about arguments, gathering data and compressing it), and so I wanted to wait a few more days. But hell, since you insist... I'll go over two interpretations of this question: Why do I think far left infiltrated social media? Twitter banned the sitting president of the USA. 88 million followers. Afterwards, Trump tweeted about censorship on @SCOTUS - the tweets were removed minutes after posting. Afterwards, he was banned from Facebook and Shopify. Discord takes down "The Donald" server. Parler, a "free spe
  10. There is no such EUC AFAIK. And I doubt there will ever be. Unfortunately, you're stuck using a rental e-scooter or a bike on your journey. The technical difficulties are too high, while benefits are too small for such an EUC to ever happen.
  11. Everybody wants to be treated equally. It's just that everybody believes their rights are trampled on. And both sides have merit to their arguments. Most of the racism I see is cultural, you can't really do anything about that legally. I agree that it's atrocious. But it's not a red/blue thing - BLM protested mainly in Democrat controlled cities. It's also not a black/white issue - everyone's taxes are wasted. Louis Rossmann recently analyzed the budget of New Jersey - the amount of debt is so atrociously high, essentially every tax dollar you pay goes to creditors. How do you
  12. Where are sensible people on top? Because I can't find any. - Trump has an ego and tactlessness the size of the moon - Biden is a demented, mumbling sellout - Andrew Cuomo treats constitution like toilet paper with his lockdowns - Nancy Pelosi is totally disconnected from non-millionaires - Mitch McConnell undermines his own party - Trump rioters are storming the capitol - BLM and Antifa are terrorizing cities - Mass media is stoking the fire like always It looks to me like basically everyone on top is corrupt and a sociopath. On both sides. Where are the sensible people
  13. I think we can all agree that my wish has already failed. We may very well be in the beginning stages of the next civil war. Especially now the US needs to be strong, not divided.
  14. May your 2021 be the most boring year in your life! Although let's be honest, the chances are slim.
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