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  1. Actually, such a suit is theoretically possible. A suit made of airbags. During a crash it calculates every 1ms WTF is going on and actively countermeasures it. For example if the elbow is gonna get hit, it could adjust the pressure just right to decrease the max value of strain... Update: One of two over-strained muscles [the move-my-hand-to-the-other-side-of-the-body-one] recovered enough so that I can touch other shoulder without help. Very useful. Second one [rise-hands-up] is still useless, but progressing well. I am able to raise my hand 45°, albeit with a lot of pain. Not useful, but it's nice to see progress. Overall, a good crash. Scary enough to teach lessons, but not to scar too much.
  2. In that case it's definitely badly named. I thought that "hide" is only for me. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thx!
  3. @marc I'm pretty sure that only an exoskeleton would be a foolproof protection for the shoulder. Perfectly fitted to a person's size and range of movements. My shoulder wasn't hit at all, instead my arm was forced outside of my range of movements. Simple pads wouldn't help here at all. Wrist guards and knee pads are essential because they get hit during every face plant. Road rash on hands is brutal. Helmets are important, because you it will prevent a fatal injury one day. You may not need them first 100 times, but 101 will save your life. Compare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9yL5usLFgY or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjbFhu-lSa4 to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVZz8EN_NKw (three similar situations, last one without a helmet). A full upper body aluminum exoskeleton would prevent this injury. Available to buy in 50 years.
  4. We'll slowly start to see more unicycles skipping the mini-jack in favor of Bluetooth after Ninebot dropped it.
  5. @Seba I'm sorry I wasn't clear about it. Those numbers are for nationalized, mandatory healthcare. Polish private healthcare is really good, cheap and fast.
  6. @Marty Backe You can't take your own very limited personal experience and scale it up to the country. If you'd have lived among homeless people, you'd find that almost none of them have health coverage. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/9/10/20858938/health-insurance-census-bureau-data-trump @mike_bike_kite wasn't wrong, he simply quoted a number from 2011. Right now it's about 8%, 27.5mil, which is a lot. https://www.americashealthrankings.org/explore/annual/measure/HealthInsurance/state/ALL According to this site Texas has 17% uninsured rate. And almost all of those people are royally screwed if they ever have a medical emergency.
  7. Please, use google translate. Not many of us understand Canadian. Can you please provide photos or a video of the problem?
  8. This particular model. Nothing fancy. It protrudes 3cm from my forehead, which is enough to protect the jaw on a smooth tarmac. It would be very hard to damage my jaw unless I hit a curb or a rock. Yesterday the helmet protected my jaw - my beard hit the ground, but didn't get any damage. Without the helmet it's very probable I'd have missing teeth. I don't think I'll be switching to full face for now. According to the first result in google around 8% of the US has no health coverage. Those people have virtually no savings - they are the bottom 8%. For such people a shoulder dislocation is a major problem and few days of hospitalization is a bankruptcy. I think that the problem is too much regulation (it's not a free market), which essentially allowed for a price fixing. In a healthy market hospitals would compete with each other for a client. The insurance system screwed everything up and allowed for a monopoly. Thus, medical tourism was born. A quick google glance showed me that a CT scan is 8* cheaper in Poland for uninsured. We also host medical tourists from richer EU countries for dental procedures.
  9. I was wrong about Canada. For some reason I thought they had no private healthcare at all. I'm sorry for my error. I've found some data: Source In Województwo Śląskie a normal waiting time for MRI was 245 days, while an emergency one was 131 days in 2018. There absolutely is a differentiation between urgent and non-urgent patients. It works, just slowly. And poorly. Cancer patients sometimes wait months for examination.
  10. I think it's mostly down to economical situation, which is dictated by the country's history. Poland is the Mexico/China of Europe. Labor is cheap, and so are wages. Average income is around $1000 per month, less than minimal in some countries. The system is clogged up by older people who just go to a doctor without any reason. After all, it's free... There are some inefficiencies - for example you have to first go to the family doctor before you can get a relegation to a specialist. Even if you know what is wrong with you. Also, doctors have way more paperwork than necessary. It has way less funding per capita than in developed countries. Thus wages are low. Doctors are leaving. Waiting times for medical examinations are ridiculous! For example the average waiting time for an MRI is 107 days. I think it would be a good idea to charge a token amount per visit. Not much, $1 per visit would probably discourage a lot of people who come to a doctor just to talk. Thankfully we have private hospitals. They work way more efficiently. If I ever get a cancer or something serious, I'll just pay from my pocket. If you go to a dentist, you go privately. Way better service and still affordable. I guess it's better than Canada, where if you have a long queue and are suffering from cancer, you can only fly abroad... Actually, I'm not complaining. It works in a pinch. My family member had a car accident a few years back where he lost a kidney and they fixed him quite well... Not much to complain about, except that it was slow and inefficient. Yes, communism screwed Poland pretty badly. But it's slowly getting better. Poland is a terrible place to earn money, but a great place to live. I see quite a lot of people who come back in their 30's after they saved enough. In 2017 Poland passed Germany and UK in homicide rate, despite having approximately the same number of migrants.
  11. If you disconnect one battery don't push the wheel! Don't go over steep inclines. And wear full gear. KS16S is designed to have two batteries and with one battery: - You can blow a fuse. I've done it twice when riding up a steep hill. - The wheel has no idea, and so you can overpower it when riding fast. I suffered a really bad cutoff on a straight road without any warnings by riding 27km/h on a 50% battery.
  12. I guess you're in countries with efficient healthcare systems. Although in the US I'd also consider doing it myself to save on the deductible. Polish public health system is severely underfunded and understaffed. It was either do it myself or wait multiple hours in the ER, while suffering further damage. Since this injury is non-lethal, the waiting times could be ridiculous. And I'd be extremely bored for that time - I can't use a keyboard with a dislocation. The seats are really uncomfortable. Add a risk of getting infected, since you can't really leave the place... Not worth it. :-) You can read some stories from hell Polish ER here: Google translate Some traditional Polish food served in hospitals: Let thy food be thy medicine I doubt the doctors would do a better job. Best ones usually go to Germany or Norway. Plus YouTube videos made it look easy. A hint for reducing a shoulder: I think that pain is a good guide. A few bad methods hurt more than leaving it alone. The successful one made it hurt less, until it popped back in. So if it hurts considerably more, don't force it - you're probably doing it wrong. I may get an x-ray just to see if everything is alright. But not today, code won't write itself. Ps. An hour after I popped it in I went for a ride to KFC. xD
  13. What happened: So I was riding after the rain. The speed was about 30km/h. I saw a small pothole, filled with water. "Nah, a pothole, I'll manage. :-)" Boy I was wrong! Hidden underneath the water was the truth: This wasn't a normal pothole, it was a Fucking Assassin Pothole From Hell! About 1ft deep. I didn't fall from the wheel, it just changed trajectory. What followed was 1s of death wobble, followed by a faceplant. First time my helmet was scratched. And first dislocation in my life. What went well: Helmet - I banged my head harder than ever before in my life. My cheap $15 helmet made me feel nothing - not even a slightest headache! Without it I'd suffer concussion for certain. Wrist guards - my wrists are in perfect condition thanks to well spent $5. Knee pads - my knees are unscaved. Not even an ich! Another $5 of investment paid off. Phone cover - the cover got destroyed, the phone survived. I'll need to 3D print another one. That's what I designed it for. What went wrong: Dislocated shoulder - Since I have a pretty sturdy build, I couldn't pop it back in with a fence and I had to ride back home. I used this method to reduct my shoulder. I did it solo by tying my wrist to a bedpost. Best method from the ones I tried. I'm pretty sure I lucked out - I didn't rip any tendons (all muscles are working) and I have enough mobility to use the keyboard. It should get better every day. Conclusion: WEAR A HELMET! Preferably always. You may luck out like me previously, but the time will come when it will save your life. Concussed, I'd probably need an ambulance. I can't imagine riding a unicycle home 7km with brain damage. With a helmet it was a pleasure to get hit in a head. I felt literally nothing. Even the cheapest one from crapsco will do wonders. Wear wristguards! They are small and fit in pockets. I can type with both hands thanks to them. Wear knee pads whenever you're doing anything risky. I'd have two more shallow wounds to take care of if I skipped them today. Be really careful of ANYTHING under water. You never know how deep it is. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16057-my-new-ks-18xl-survived-from-being-underneath-2ft-of-water/ What other people thought: Since I kept both my hands on my helmet when I rode home (it was the least painful position), I'm pretty sure that other people thought I'm showing off or smth. Actually, it would be pretty hard to ride back home on a bicycle or a scooter. On a EUC you can ride with two shoulders dislocated! Please disregard all my past posts about not needing a helmet. You never know when death will send a Fucking Assassin Pothole From Hell after you. Especially when you think "Ah, a straight street, what could possibly go wrong?". 0/10 - would not recommend. Wear protection, ride safely, beware of water!
  14. We need to take 100 of each and submerge all of them to have a statistically significant sample and test which design is the best. I'll setup a GoFundMe to get the money required. Stay tuned!
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