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  1. I was able to straighten my rim on KS16S with a vise grip tool. Remember to first remove the tire! Ps. My rim was bent, but not nearly as badly.
  2. Never trust anything you can't find a datasheet for. It takes 10 years at least until you can buy any new technology. And very often it turns out that the technology is BS anyway. Correct. You can get about 100W from square meter of panels with direct sunlight. And everyone knows how hard it is to ride with a 2 sq. m sail. It definitely could be done once as a stunt on a racetrack... Also, solar panels are extremely brittle. And EUC's crash very often.
  3. But you can! After dislocating my shoulder I rode to KFC one hour later. Just ride slowly and carefully and everything will be fine. Was it broken, sprained or just dislocated?
  4. Not a stretch. I've done 30km at day 3 or about 10h. You can do it. Fatigue is about 80% technique, 20% muscles, so your endurance will also improve dramatically in the next days. Will your MTen3 manage 30km? Maybe. If you weigh 70kg it's possible. So train for a group ride, but plan for an Uber 15 miles in, just in case your battery dies. Ps. It's important to drain your battery to zero once to know exactly how much range you can get. Without that you'll always guess.
  5. I don't wear a helmet because it doesn't fit over my headphones. Well, as a ta'veren you simply inherited Dark One's own luck. Everoyne else would be long dead doing the same.
  6. No. But you can send me your password and I promise to give it back in a week and not to do anything too obscene with your account.
  7. Availability. You can't buy it in major suppliers. They only seem to have one model (GT16). They planned to launch GT18 2 years ago... Did they? Also, chicken and egg. If nobody has one, nobody recommends one. Unless it's exceptionally good in some aspect. Anyway, I can't buy one (used nor new) in my country. In fact, you can't buy them on amazon.co.uk nor amazon.de nor amazon.com nor ebay.com. SpeedyFeet also doesn't stock one. Neither does ewheels.com. It seems that they are only available on AliExpress. And some people (like me) are averse to AliExpress.
  8. @Gasmantle Of course it's practical for serious use. In fact, I also plan to buy an MTen3 (or a similar small wheel that will fit in my backpack) some day. It would complement my MSX well. Just remember than 10' means it absolutely sucks at bumps. But you know that already. For city use it will be fine. KS16S is already good for trains. I'm sometimes commuting with my MSX - that's a hog...
  9. To change a car's purpose I mean to change it from ?personal? (osobowy) to campervan (specjany kempingowy) or cargo (ciężarowy). You need to have a document from a company with a number in KRS. It's even possible to open a business for a month, create this document for yourself and close the business. That's how me and you interpret it... But you never know how stupid or prejudicious can a judge, a policeman or an insurer be.
  10. I can send you a $1 invoice that says that I set up a limiter (with EUC.World) to the legal speed in a factory (my home). And almost certainly it would hold up in court. At least that's how it works in Poland with cars - if you have a business, you can easily change the car's purpose by writing an appropriate document. This is stupid, but nonetheless possible. Thankfully laws don't specify that it has to be Gotway's factory.
  11. They may test it on a treadmill without a rider. Even a 20km/h tiltback would result in 40km/h result...
  12. Can you please start using a standard font size? It's hard to understand you when you need to scroll and scroll...
  13. So basically everyone riding an EUC in Finland is breaking the law.
  14. Do NOT use a shopping cart nor a baby stroller! They are death traps. When you fall and are gripping something the instinct is to hold it tightly. And so you go on your knees, while holding a shopping cart and meanwhile your wheel tumbles away. I got a scar on my knees (and ripped pants) first time doing that. Without holding the cart I'd have just stepped off. I sometimes push shopping carts for fun and it's way harder than without. And you need to know when to let go of it to prevent faceplanting. Also, shopping carts very often can't ride straight, which makes it even more challenging.
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