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  1. I'm largely unaffected, but that's because the FED is pumping the stock market and Poland is only moderately affected by the crisis so far. I'd love to know what's the current snapshot of financial situation of people here. The pool should be anonymous (at least according to options).
  2. There are other reasons, for example if you want a quick access to a map or to change a podcast. Thus, I'm sorry for dismissing your question. I bought a "keep your phone on your forearm" thingy, wore it like 3 times and ditched it. It couldn't read my fingerprint and it was clumsy. RN if I'm curious how fast was I going, I stop and check the top speed in euc.world. I wear my phone on a leash, so I have a very quick phone access. Something similar to this: It is possible to use a phone while riding, but very slowly... It's better to just stop for 15s. Unless it's a quick glance ofc.
  3. @Albatross Why not monitor your speed with your eyes? That's my preferred method... Is it important what numerical value it is? If you're comfortable at that speed and can break before any dangers come from blind spots are the most important things...
  4. @Alj Multiple reasons: 1. Finding a person who has experience with Rust on microcontrollers is almost impossible. 2. Even if you find one, finding a replacement is almost impossible (as a boss you don't want to be stuck with an employee you can never replace). 3. Toolchains and libraries for C are plenty, while for Rust are abysmal. So it's more work to get everything working. 4. Memory management in Rust is more of a hindrance than safety in an environment as tight as a microcontroller. At least for a programmer who knows what he's doing. 5. Things like FreeRTOS and HAL are already written in C. So Rust would need to provide really good advantages to convince someone to add yet another compiler and libraries into the mix. Also, consider the disadvantages of mixing two quite different languages and compilers at once (gcc for C&C++, llvm for Rust). A few years ago I've done an STM32 project. I've compiled a Hello World using Rust for it, but ultimately I've decided to go with C++. I'm glad I did, because we were looking half a year for a programmer to replace me. :-/ In Rust we'd have to look way longer. As for troubleshooting and safety... It doesn't matter as much for small projects like a unicycle firmware. You still need extensive testing, regardless of the language. Also, very often uC's are doing everything on global variables with a really simple state. There usually isn't much you can screw up memory-wise.
  5. Just ride. There are no other hints than that. In a few hours you'll get it - the difference between 20m and 1km is really small. Before 1000km your subconscious still has a lot to learn. There seriously are no suggestions here. It's like with walking - hints won't help your child to learn it, it's subconscious simply has to get a big enough dataset from trial and error.
  6. So, a normal crony capitalism. Rules for thee, but not for me. Maybe it's possible to register a one person "rental" scooter company? ;-D
  7. The inverse is also possible - the economy tanked, and so people have less money for vanity like drugs. But it's as you say - we have no data one way or the other.
  8. That's definitely a possibility. The problem is with the data, there are no statistics if Corona was the primary, or secondary illness. I'm know that Poland SEVERELY under-reports and I think that the world overall also tends towards under-reporting. But neither side has any data on under or over-reporting... So... 0.35% it is for now. - Untreated serious illnesses - these deaths are IMO mostly caused by mass media that fuel the panic. - Suicide - I'd wager it's 50% corona and 50% government policy that destroyed the economy. Soon to be 99% government policy when we enter the crisis phase. - Drug overdoses - Why should it increase during the pandemic?
  9. Is there an exact wording of the new laws they're planning to implement? I'd love to read them to see if there isn't anything absurd (like mechanical brakes or handlebars...). I'm not a fan of fast-tracking - laws voted in in a hurry are usually absurd and full of bugs, loopholes and other ridiculousness. #################### We've done it in Poland last year - thankfully during public consultations enough people mailed in their comments and my MSX is still legal.
  10. Please, look at my words through the prism of available data at that time: - A hard quarantine at Wuhan - Lies about the infection and death rate from China - Coverup and arrests for "spreading rumors" in China - South Korea, Diamond Princess and Iran were just starting - We had no idea about the long-term effects on this virus - there were almost no recovered cases outside China - There was no effective treatment back then - WHO was acting completely drunk Wasn't my post rational at the time? It's easy to say "you were wrong" in hindsight, but looking at how it evolved I'd say it was mostly correct. - Iran, Italy and Spain were hit really hard - I think that having a month of supplies in those places was a completely correct decision - There were places with a hard quarantine - Long queues to shops for a few days/weeks happened almost everywhere - Fat, immunocompromised and old people are still at a huge risk If you think this is over, you're mistaken: - US unemployment 30 million - FED is printing $2 trillion per week - Meat supply chains are breaking, shortages will probably follow - Government is giving out $1200 per week in unemployment benefits - more than lots of people earned before - Companies are moving out of China - Global economy will experience a crisis for the next few years Also, a few additional points: - It's not only about how much people this disease kills, but how severe it is. And it's way more severe than a flu - "Mild cases" usually people suffer for month or so before they recover - Boris Johnson was in hospital on oxygen treatment. And he wasn't in bad health - A high (> 10%) percentage of people have lasting (maybe even permanent) damage Where did you get 0.02%? Even when I try to get to the lowest death rate possible: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/05/why-unreliable-tests-are-flooding-the-coronavirus-conversation-cvd/ - source for 21% antibody positive in New York https://kungflu.net/ - 26612 dead in New York State according to Johns Hopkins University. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data.page - 14,482 confirmed dead according to nyc.gov I get 0.65% death rate, which is about 6 times as much as flu. Even with just confirmed deaths it's 0.35%. ####################### Edit: I think I understand. I think that you're quoting current US death toll: 0.0238% of total population What can I say? The distancing methods and masks are working. Current efforts have halted the disease enough for hospitals not to be overwhelmed, which would have resulted in a higher death rate. Also, keep in mind that Corona deaths are most likely under-reported.
  11. If that's so, then the answer is: it's a bad idea to spend money on vanity. Most people don't have months of savings and a stable job. I really think we haven't seen anything of this crisis yet: - QE and unemployment benefits will almost certainly result in inflation - We didn't yet have the mass bankruptcies that are bound to happen - Unemployment is record high. I think it's higher than in reality (because of how high unemployment benefits are), but even 50% of 30mil is staggering - Food supply chains are breaking Trying times are coming. And just like in 1930's, the government is doing everything in their power to make it as bad as possible. It's a way better investment for 95% of people to stock up on food for $1200. And if you really need transportation, buy a $300 bicycle. For the other 5% $1200 makes no difference whatsoever. Rich folks can spend 1% of their money on toys and they still have 99% left for food and rent.
  12. Only half an hour? Please don't tell me your lowest speed is 10km/h, that's a jogging speed. :-) I'm fairly certain an average unicyclist can sustain 2 or 3km/h without problems.
  13. @ShanesPlanet As someone who tried for 1h to ride backwards just recently, I completely disagree. My reflexes are completely wrong and do require retraining in order to ride backwards. Is it gonna be faster? Yeah, maybe like 50% of the original forward learning time. But it's definitely a different skill.
  14. Wendy's menu runs short as virus hits U.S. beef supplies Several retailers including Kroger Co (KR.N) and Costco Wholesale Corp Cost.O have also limited meat purchases per customers. Cows are fine. Ranchers would like to sell them. People would like to buy them. But the middle-man (slaughterhouses?) have problems. I really think we're just at the beginning. Not of a pandemic (Corona is way less deadly than I thought), but of an economic crisis. Don't waste your money, unless you have way too much of it!
  15. My colleauges on the forum told me to wrap this thing up in cardboard and I decided to stubbornly ignore them. It still looks better than my KS16S.
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