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  1. That's because every single truck has to pass the yearly test. And a truck is not a good form factor for racing. Do you want to have your e-bike checked for compliance every year? That's how it works for cars and trucks. And I like that. But I hope they don't implement a similar solution to PEV's. Germany is not a good example to quote because they are way too strict in their regulations (Ordnung muss sein) and getting an EUC legalized there is close to impossible. But how do you identify the rider? Do you require them to register their vehicle and install plates? I don't like authoritarianism and such solutions almost certainly will make EUC's illegal. Germany proved that. It's legal if you insure your EUC. But nobody will insure your EUC. Also, people who come to Germany for 2 weeks certainly will have to leave their EUC's at home, too much bureaucracy. No, it's not possible. I hope I won't have to argue with you about that.
  2. @LanghamP You said "mandatory smart governor that stops vehicles from exceeding those limits". I understood it as "A device that limits the speed of a vehicle". That's what I'm against. It's almost unenforceable.
  3. It wouldn't help. We already have this in Poland for electric bicycles and pretty much everybody is removing the limitation. The only way to do it fairly is to set up speed cameras.
  4. If you ride on soil often invest in a knobby tire. :-)
  5. That's 66.666 km every day! Let me guess, ride at 7am, do 30km in 2h and do another 30km in the evening? @lucian75 How is the legal situation and enforcement in Germany? Last I heard a few months ago they were confiscating unicycles and asking for insurance...
  6. Oh, ok then. ;-) In that case in traffic, respect the same limitations as cars. If your unicycle can go 80km/h and the speed limit is 80km/h, it makes no sense to limit that. I fully respect the right of a person to kill themselves. Maybe a drivers license cat. A could be required... IDK. In the bicycle lane, some sensible limit, like 30km/h. But it has to be for all vehicles, bikes included.
  7. Since the question is about the law, the answer is > 70km/h. If someone wants to ride with cars, they should be able to do so without any restrictions. I almost never pass 30km/h. Winds of 40km/h happen from time to time, so it's theoretically possible to ride at 80km/h with only 820W of power.
  8. Riding seated offers less safety - you have way less control over the wheel and it's impossible to "run off" a crash. It's also way harder to ride slowly. Seated riding is an advanced and dangerous technique that very few of us use. Training wheels don't help in learning. You have to learn some subconscious reflexes to ride a unicycle and training wheels negate them. I didn't faceplant during the learning phase, only later. So it's absolutely possible to learn to ride without faceplanting. But with 50 "ran-off" crashes. ;-) EUC's are not for you! You're not fit enough. You can't run off a crash. You will faceplant at some point. I can't imagine riding without fully functional legs. Maybe try an e-bike? With additional wheels to keep it stable?
  9. Why don't we call ourselves something stupid like * "a parliament", ** "a business" or *** "an army"? * of owls ** of ferrets *** of frogs
  10. I can imagine it in court: - Driver in front: This guy rear ended me! - Driver in the back: This guy wore headphones and didn't hear I was about to rear end him! - Court: The guy in the front is guilty!!! Thankfully, our courts don't work that badly... most of the time. If you're riding a car, you don't hear anything unless you ride very slowly AND with open windows. Sound is used like 1% of the time, mainly to troubleshoot your car. If you're doing maneuvers that require you to look back, you look back. I hope I never meet a person who tries to switch a lane on sound alone.
  11. Wearing headphones != careless driving. If so, riding deaf would be careless driving. Riding while talking to someone would be reckless driving. I don't see any difference if I ride with music or podcasts. And so all laws that ban headphones annoy me. Thankfully there are no laws against hearing protectors and loud speakers. That's what I'm gonna use when I go to France.
  12. Your story is not an argument for not wearing headphones, but for not jaywalking blindly. He had to be listening really loudly not to hear a siren. And I'm pretty sure he got lucky a 100 times before someone actually hit him. I've never been in a situation where sound would be much help, be it as a pedestrian, in a car or on a unicycle. But I tend to look around. There are tons of cases where the privileged vehicle was charged when they got t-boned. Putting on a magic siren doesn't absolve them from responsibility. That really depends on exact circumstances. A car surprised by an ambulance on a green light can't simply "stop in place".
  13. You're right. I sometimes forget that I live in one of the safest countries on the planet. Although AFAIK UK isn't bad either... Then you can just say You can buy one for $500. You didn't answer the question, but you didn't lie either.
  14. Rehab1 hit his elbow hard and shattered his shoulder indirectly. I got my shoulder into unnatural position during lithobreaking. There is pretty much nothing you can do for shoulder. "Roll" in theory, but with human 200ms reaction time it's impossible to do anything more complicated. I use cheapest $5 wristguards for leisure rides around town. If I'm doing anything more demanding, I'm wearing $5 wristguards + $5 kneepads + $5 elbow protectors + $15 not-full-face helmet. Foresight and anticipation are most important! Safety gear is secondary. If you see animals or children, assume they will try to commit suicide under your wheel. Every time you pass a pedestrian from behind, keep as much distance as possible or alert them. Every time you pass a bind spot, slow down enough to stop.
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