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  1. The only way to keep kids safe is to keep them in a clean space, where they can touch their face without worries. Any kid older than 1 will take this hindrance off at first opportunity, and then they'll start chewing it.
  2. A facemask (or even a scarf) also prevents you from touching your face. And it doesn't have to be custom molded. And it provides some protection against droplets, which the brace doesn't do at all.
  3. I'm afraid that just breathing is enough, no need for coughs or sneezes. Otherwise asymptomatic people wouldn't be so infective. Since you can't really isolate yourself, wear any protection you can. From what I've heard the initial viral load has a huge impact on the severity, and so covering your mouth even with a scarf will probably help somewhat.
  4. Open-source? Don't hold your breath. Your best bet is a monster motherboard. Search around, there surely are tons of EUC people in SF Bay who can help you with repair.
  5. @travsformation Yep, probably just breathing is enough, no need for coughs or sneezes. Otherwise asymptomatic people wouldn't be so infective.
  6. I think that this study is misinterpreted. They stopped measuring after 3 hours, the amount of particles in the aerosol was still noticeable. So it's safe to assume it's way more than 3h for aerosols.
  7. Well, if people aren't allowed to work there won't be any food on the shelves, so people will die, right?
  8. I don't use these names for three reasons: 1) SARS-CoV-2 doesn't roll off the tongue at all, while Wuhan Coronavirus (or KungFlu, or Corona Chan) does. 2) WHO's response to this pandemic was abysmal. They potentially have millions of lives on their hands because they delayed declaring it as a pandemic for as long as possible. 3) WHO praises China's dictatorial response all the time instead of scolding them for inaction for the first two months. Why "civilized and reasonably educated people" should adopt names created by a corrupt organization with blood on their hands? Why police the language at all? Whichever name anyone uses, you understand them, right?
  9. It's gonna be at least a few months. It's been more than two months since the Wuhan lockdown and the city is still empty. Unless you have a stockpile of N95's, I don't think it's wise to continue - you're risking your life, your family, your employers, your patients (maybe not, as children seem to be spared) and your patient's families. Yeah, surreal. And it's only gonna get worse.
  10. Nope, shoes definitely have a huge impact on foot pain. Or at least sole pain.
  11. Corona Chan (aka. Wuhan Coronavirus or Kung Flu) is a Chinese virus, made in China. It originated from Hubei province in China. The first epicenter of the virus was in Wuhan, China. The Chinese Communist Party decided to sweep it under the rug for the first two months, which allowed it to spread to the entire world. They paid off the WHO to make a really stupid name for it (COVID-19... WTF?). All hail Corona Chan, the Coronavirus from Wuhan! Also, Winnie the Poo stinks. And *Pedros, his marionette too. Sorry, couldn't resist. We already have "Spanish Flu" (which originated in the USA), "MERS" (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome), "Ebola" (From Ebola river in Congo), "West Nile Virus"... Deal with it. * Tedros Adhanom - the director of WHO
  12. Srsly though, they're disinterested. Just like there are way less men in psychology and way less women in STEM. Or gaming.
  13. atdlzpae

    IPS S5

    Look for bicycle tubes of the same diameter. I don't know about IPS, but on my KS16S bicycle tubes fit, even though they don't have a bent valve - the valve is so short, it doesn't matter. I hope that on IPS it's the same.
  14. Ecuador reports five new cases 21 UAE cases 47 Bahrain cases 45 Kuwait cases We now have enough evidence to conclude that the virus spreads in hot climates. And so summer won't provide much respite for the northern hemisphere. And it's just a matter of time before it spreads through Africa, Australia and South America. If you live in those places, don't be fooled into false sense of security - prepare. Whatever is happening in China, Italy and Iran is probably coming to you in the following months. You have some time, so slowly start stashing food.
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