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  1. I learned to ride an EUC on grass, not even the smooth gold course grass but field grass. I didn't want to scratch up my EUC. In retrospect, the grass helped a lot because from the get go I learned a body position that allows for dropping a wheel into unseen and unseeable holes. And I crashed a lot, but grass is the best place to crash. I wonder if most people should simply ride a lot on grass while expecting to crash. Most of the time you ride not to crash, so perhaps that's the wrong attitude to take; instead seek to crash often, crash softly, and at low speeds, so that prepares you for the terrible high speed concrete crashes you are sure to eventually have.
  2. Baby Boomers, presumably like @Marty BackeBacke, have no interest in equal treatment. Their government debt-fueled healthcare works well for them. There's too many people, not enough health care, and Medicare is one way of funneling most dollars (private and public) to ensure people like him (not sure of his age) get medical care. Same with education; their education was cheap or free, and so Baby Boomers mock Millinials for their intractable situation. While taxing them heavily. Funneling any dollars towards the older generation is what Baby Boomers do, and if that requires impoverishing the next generation with huge taxes and debt, so be it. Here's an excellent article about how laws favor the Baby Boomers. Below, I show a reasonable projection of the share of national income that will have to be spent paying for these obligations in the future if there is no substantial restructuring of liabilities. It’s based on consensus forecasts from groups such as the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget for economic growth and for programs such as Social Security and Medicare where such forecasts are available—but in some cases, such as state debts and pensions, no such forecast was available, and so I developed a simple one. @Marty BackeBacke is just the latest slave owner on the plantation telling some indentured black dude he needs to man up and become part of the upper class through dint of hard work, all the while ignoring the laws that put him there in the first place (or worst yet, quoting this situation as liberty when it's the exact opposite). I personally think it's one of the more unsavory aspects of almost all Baby Boomers I've met. Maybe Logan's Run had the right idea. If the US was so Liberty oriented, then why are there so damned many laws constraining Liberty?
  3. At my first Parkour class it was constantly drilled into us, again and again and again, ad nauseum, to keep the elbow up, palm out, and thumb pointed downward as far as possible. And then we dived headfirst into grass, then pads, then onto bare concrete, at first level but then from over a fence. Terrifying, and painful, yet I had not even a bruise. In my opinion, trying to protect the shoulder without training the reactions to do "elbow up, palm out, thumb down" is an endeavour bound to at least partially fail. No shoulder equipment can stop the full force of a porky 210 pound man (me) but you can move those forces over a longer period of time over other more suitable parts of your body.
  4. There was a very similar idea using big scrubbing brushes.
  5. Chinese aren't slaves, but they aren't free to move around their own country either. The Chinese government sets strict limitations on moving away from your birthplace; for instance health care is charged at a higher rate from your hometown (but in the US we do the same, with in network vs out of network). Another thing is they carefully check passports when boarding trains or planes, then you can go or not go based upon your social credit score. I suppose you could walk. Being staked to the land you're born on sounds an awful like serfdom. Chinese who aren't serfs sound suspiciously like nobility.
  6. School attacks in China is something you hear about mostly anecdotally from Chinese people. However, we don't know how common. From the article @Hunka Hunka Burning LoveLove linked to. The Chinese government also often blocks access to online news of the attacks. “Several were censored by state media for fear of copycat attacks, while online discussions were also blocked,” The Independent reports. Shrug, no good idea how big it is. Personally I suspect it's high because most Chinese people I've talked to have gone to a school where that has happened, and almost all know some whose child was killed. However, it's dwarfed by pollution deaths. I remember being in Tianjin for two weeks at a sixth floor apartment and never seeing the ground because of the pretty white clouds below me. Wait, those aren't clouds...
  7. China probably has the most school killings in the world. Typically a middle-aged Chinese man will take a knife and kill a bunch of school children.
  8. I think this is a typical situation of someone from the business class funneling public funds to private for profit companies. However, she is correct about public teachers being overpaid, because the average teacher makes more than the average household income while working fewer hours, with also having a separate pension system. Hey, unions work! While I prefer everyone to be charitable and socially responsible Christians, I also need Christians to scientifically explain how Mary got pregnant without receiving some penile love. Explain that and you can be in public schools; otherwise that's unscientific.
  9. One of my truly terrifying experiences I've had on an EUC, one that made me avoid trails for some weeks, was hitting a rather small tree root going downhill that wasn't particularly steep, but then landing forward of the pedals, which then accelerated the wheel without the ability to move my feet back due to the bumpiness. Went downhill at some crazy speed without any real control, like full on Olympus moguls. If I bailed I knew I'd be tumbling, but if I delayed then the tumble would be worse. Oh, and there was a parking lot at the bottom; bailing would surely send the wheel into some car. After some time I thought simply to run off the trail and point the wheel back uphill (panic begates genius), and finally stepped off drama-free.
  10. My heart rate monitor shows between 65 to 80 beats per minute, which is no more than standing or walking (but higher than sitting). In contrast bicycling is between 135 to 180 bpm, while jogging shows 125-135. Careful you don't get fat riding an EUC.
  11. Did you have a basic economics and accounting class in primary and secondary school? I thought it was required. Neither economics nor accounting is a hard subject requiring much skill. What does require skill is memorizing all the terms financers use to obfuscate bad financial tools (ie AAA bonds derived from subprime car and home loans). All financers are liars, because their whole job is to convince someone their product is better than reality (see "bubble"). A high school degree holder is far better equipped to handle the country's finances and economics than a financial expert who sits on both a government chair and Bear and Stearns chair, because the financial experts job is to funnel money to his and his friend's wallet (see "2008 gov check writing campaign to banks"). I'd trust you over any financial asshole to do the right thing for public good, because financial assholes are historically so very good at blowing things up for selfish financial gain.
  12. I've got two old wheels that I'll sell for $300 each. 1. V5F+, unscratched. It has the padding and protective cover, and the pedals are taped up so they don't get scratched. Also has the trolley handle and fast charger. 2. KS14c. Slight scratches on the front corners and bottom of pedals, not from crashing but simply from laying the wheel against brick walls or concrete. This is the 840wh version.
  13. Don't all Kingsongs have an alarm that can be enabled from the (slightly buggy) app? I've used that alarm lock a few times; it (and the Segway) work pretty well, because there's no easy way of disabling a screaming wheel, and also the wheel is disabled without any realistic way for the thief to enable it.
  14. Urban meth heads break a $500 car window to steal $3.50 worth of change. Constantly. Drug addicts steal anything and everything, then make weirdly neat little piles on the street corners that they beg on. I guarantee that @OneWheelWolfiwill never ever let valuables out of his reach; we've all been there, and realize that of it isn't bolted down it gets stolen. Hell, I lock up my bikes inside my apartment.
  15. I actually think pumping adds little acceleration, but it allows you to accelerate a bit harder in the future. I mean, the problem with pumping is that you are constantly going back on the center of the tire. My experience is that when the wheel is rolled into the edge of the tire, the whole wheel gets behind you a little more. That is, a 16 incher acts more like a 14-14.5 incher. I read about the pumping and was very skeptical, but I have wheels and pavement, so why not try it? Damn, it actually works, but why?! Oh, that's right; the wheel is effectively a smaller wheel when rolled into its side. It has nothing to do with Magical Gotway Settings. Pumping is still useless. You're just covering more distance and you will eventually drag a pedal and crash (guilty). It might have a tiny bit of use for super lazy riders, because instead of leaning forward more you just twist more. Still, the science behind <useless> pumping is solid; by reducing the effective circumference of the wheel you get the better acceleration a smaller wheel affords you. In my opinion, really long footpads (OW style), Kuji Rolls, or a stick through the wheel are better solutions, being actual solutions instead of some ridiculous Salsa move.
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