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  1. Take a broomstick. Balance it on your hand. Which takes more energy? 1. Rebalancing the broom when it is slightly off vertical? 2. Rebalancing the broom when it is far off vertical?
  2. I was surprised to see how heavily armed these insurrectionists were. I do not think the Capitol cops would have fared well at all because they were outnumbered and outgunned, and maybe that's why the cops were doing their best huggy bear impression instead of opening fire.
  3. Massive transportation structures are incompatible with life on earth, and so costly that they are funded mostly by debt.
  4. The exceptionally high transmission and hence death rate of non-medical essential workers is due to the strong incentive to lie about your health. For example, since the cost of optional health care for a Walmart employee exceeds the take home wages of said employee, it follows the majority of Walmart employees don't have health insurance. Since Walmart employees are termed essential workers, it follows they must work as they cannot get unemployment benefits (despite paying for them). That mostly explains the exceptionally high death rate of essential workers who are most likely to be exposed
  5. Urban sales taxes pay for the majority of all roads built and maintained, with vehicle and property taxes coming in a second. Sales taxes and income taxes together pay for the majority of road expenditures, but this wasn't true years ago when gas taxes were higher. Cities are revenue generators because they put a lot of people in an area that doesn't require much infrastructure. It costs the same to build a mile of road regardless of where you are (and urban roads are considerably cheaper because their maintenance is lower when the speed of vehicles is less). https://www.strongtowns
  6. Bicycles came before autos. It was bicyclists in the 1890's that advocated for paved roads and streets...the paved surface being a necessary requirement to autos. https://www.vox.com/2015/3/19/8253035/roads-cyclists-cars-history
  7. Gosh, I'm a raging Leftist? I would of put myself somewhat right of center. https://www.politicalcompass.org/yourpoliticalcompass?ec=-8.75&soc=-2.05
  8. Bent EUC valve stems with caps are a particular pet peeve of mine. They are designed to fail regardless of the direction of wheel travel. That is, if you point the valve opposite of the wheel's travel then there's a good chance it could foul, but then leaving the cap on makes it foul in the opposite direction. Argh! Stupid design. Yeah, ask me how I know. Hint: it wasn't through genius imagination.
  9. The answers to your questions is. Yes. No. Maybe. It depends.
  10. It depends on how you view public spaces that are supported mostly by a local sales tax. NYC (along with St Louis and other cities), has these huge public spaces devoted to mostly car storage and car transportation for non local people. NYC has even repurposed its many parks to automobile storage circa 1950's, while approximately halving its own sidewalks to make more space for automobile storage. There's always been an underlying hostility from a local population towards outside automobile drivers who come here and then use all the public space for their own usage.
  11. Sidewalks aren't safe for pedestrians either, as about 1/4 of a sidewalk is devoted to automobile travel. That is, we incorrectly see sidewalks devoted to foot traffic only, but since sidewalks devote a significant portion of their area to car travel, it follows sidewalks aren't devoted to pedestrian traffic. The only place I've seen sidewalks completely devoted to pedestrians is in Berlin, where most city blocks are uninterrupted by sidewalks. Here in the US at least 1/4 of sidewalks isn't a sidewalk but a driveway.
  12. The fully inflated inner tube will have the valve extremely close to being fouled by the shell of the wheel. Add the valve cap, and then there is no clearance. These aren't EUC inner tubes but repurposed scooter tubes, and a hard turn will shove that valve right into the shell. My observation is an uncapped valve with the valve head/face pointing opposite of the direction of wheel travel is least likely to foul.
  13. You need to always have the valve cap removed. Always. EUC's shouldn't be sold with valve caps, ever. It's the valve cap that caused that flat.
  14. A wheel should allow you to do more, not less, things. That's similar to when I had a motorcycle; the gear was so specialized and difficult to stroll with that thr motorcycle became so impractical it ended up being a toy. In contrast, a wheel and its close cousin the bicycle lets you do more, not less, things.
  15. I usually wear just clothing and my keys. Often earplugs. No helmet, no cell phone, goggles, pump, nor backpack. If my wheel breaks down then it's a long long walk. My philosophy is to ride slow, yet faster than what I could jog. If I need to go faster I take a bicycle. I look at wheels as enhanced legs and not as high speed eScooters. It's just too easy to have bad crashes on them.
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