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  1. LanghamP

    What is the minimum protection you wear?

    That would be one of the major investors of Segway when he fell off a cliff while riding it.
  2. LanghamP

    What is the minimum protection you wear?

    The real-life electric skateboarders I've met are all geared up, with at least a helmet. Talking to more than a few of them (because EUCs provoke great interest), they have all crashed but at fairly low speeds. I suppose the small wheels and lack of response for turns makes one ride far more sedated than we do. Really, if we talk about safety, and putting on protection, then you might as well as put on an armored cage around you like a car or better yet an SUV. I would guess any form of transportation outside of an auto is several or dozens of times more dangerous, and that includes public transportation because you have at least some part of walking (which is even more dangerous than bicycling). Rightly or wrongly, you have to accept elevated risk when using transportation outside of autos, and then try to avoid being run over by autos, or failing that be ready to jump out of the way of a collision. Autos are your biggest threat by far, followed by collision with small but mighty objects, and then hardware failures.
  3. LanghamP

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    We don't need the corners of the pedals because we don't put force on them. That's just unused space that gets caught in pavement cracks on sharp low-speed turns. We do need longer pedals; as a size 9.5 US the balls of my feet overhang all my pedals. On the KS16s they overhang by a small amount whereas on the KS14c they do not even touch the pedal. Ridiculous how small these pedals are although we can make smaller pedals work with some effort. In my experience the Inmotion pedals are nearly perfect, they just need to be longer.
  4. LanghamP

    How would a racing EUC look?

    You forgot to put unleashed dog and Target shopper stopping you asking what you're riding.
  5. LanghamP

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    The universe is a much much more dangerous place than what we give credit for, and the reason we do not is survivor bias.
  6. LanghamP

    Dame Tu Cosita

    Awful. It's for chicks who want plausable deniability for dancing suggestively. This guy is an excellent dancer; although he has never posted partnered dancing I hear he is also a superb partner dancer.
  7. LanghamP

    How would a racing EUC look?

    Well yes I agree as that has been my experience (but with the crash). Can you think of anything that could make EUCs racing machines? I can't but I'm hoping one of you can come up with a brilliant idea.
  8. In my opinion, there can be no racing EUC because the fundamental principle of self-balancing would result in a crash <every> time. Pretty much all terrestrial vehicles you open up the throttle on a straight until it won't go faster but no such action is available to EUC racers. The closest analogy I can think of is offshore powerboat racing where racers (actually the throttle-man) goes as fast as he dares without blowing the engine. They blow a lot of engines. About the closest I can think of EUC racing is some sort of timed obstacle course but that isn't head to head racing. And it's a shame because wheel racing would have to be one of the cheaper forms of motorized racing but at this point I cannot envision what a racing EUC could look like, if indeed such a thing could exist.
  9. LanghamP

    What is the minimum protection you wear?

    I was quite surprised to see my V5F immediately stop wobbling and continue onward on several of my crashes; shouldn't wheels be setup so they gradually slow down and tip over if their rider falls off? Despite the MSuper's weight, I would consider it along with any other wheel to be minimal in regards to danger as the wheel's height is well below even a child. I'm thinking the worse a wheel could do to an adult is make them look like they've been in a minor knife fight with a midget assuming the pedals hit them just right. No one's been killed yet by an EUC (or a Limebike / electric scooter). How many people are killed by cars?
  10. LanghamP

    Riding during off season.

    Office. Be advised the smooth granite or marble floor is treacherous if your tire got wet. Also, and rather more fun; all carpets seem to have fibers that lay in one direction, and hence push your wheel around quite strongly. Quite fun!
  11. In my opinion 100% of feet and leg problems on EUCs can be solved by making the pedals wider, longer, and with less inward slant. Goddamn I hate the teeny tiny pedals most EUCs come with. I'm just going to go to a hardware store and buy wood, and duct tape that over my pedals.
  12. LanghamP

    New KS16S rider with a few questions

    In a turn, the outside ankle rolling over is a common problem for almost everyone. When that ankle rolls over then great pressure is put on that outside knee. While I don't think that locked knee is destructive, I do believe a locked knee while hitting a bump is injurious. There are three observed solutions to the rolling ankle/locked knee problem. --You can simply place the feel further apart on the pedals. --You can lift the heel of the inside leg completely off the pedal (front part of the foot has some contact). --You can clamp the wheel then countersteer strongly in the opposite direction you want to go (turn left, twist right, you and the wheel falls into the turn). Since the wheel and you stay as a unit, there is no rolling or locking of ankle or leg. A big reason to buy a 14 incher is because all these techniques work very well on them, whereas some huge wheels such as the Monster or MSuper seem limited to heel lifting (or perching on the inside pedal as I like to call it) and countersteering.
  13. In my opinion, EUCs should have far better quality speakers (the stock KSs speakers are $2 speakers); with a straight face one could say an EUC is a Bluetooth speaker.
  14. LanghamP

    Lifespan of EUC?

    I was compelled to change my tire on my KS16S around the 3000 mile marker. I bought the exact same replacement tire for $20 but I could not find the replacement innertube. There's several YouTube videos; I suggest going through them several times imagining the steps as EUC tire changes are not quick nor straightforward like bicycle tires; if you were really determined and had a CO2 cartridge you can probably change a bicycle tire in under a minute, at some significant risk to damaging your rim with the tire levers. Interestingly, with the new tire on I found it quite difficult to ride the EUC, presumably because I was used to the slower handling the flat spot gave the EUC, but I found the grip to be significantly better. I'm guessing I rode my old tire well into the danger zone. I took the opportunity to to completely clean out the wheel. There was a lot of dog shit (can I say that on this forum?) up inside the case, and I just scooped up that shit with my bare hands, then Clorox and pine soled that area until it was completely and absolutely spotless. Also cleaned and oiled the handle and trolley. Mine was slightly sticky at the latch mechanism, in the rear, presumably because the wheel kicks up fine dirt that gets into the back latch. I also peeled back and replaced the grip tape. I'm unsure how long these wheels last. Parts definitely wear out but replacement parts are quite cheap. I would guess over the long run an EUC, surprisingly, would be much cheaper than almost any bicycle if you did your own maintenance, and incomparably cheaper if you hired a bicycle mechanic. I love bicycles but they have a lot of moving parts that need to be replaced. Perhaps more importantly, crashes on EUC just seem to damage the <cheap> shell whereby bicycle are godawful expensive, especially if the wheel, fork, and head get knocked such as misstiming a curb jump. I would guess that, hand down, a mid-range EUC is the most cost-effective form of transportation; bicycles might be cheaper with the initial cost but over a year or longer the bicycle will need replacement parts. My $1100 bicycle has so far consumed over $300 in replacement parts just to go 2000 miles and that doesn't yet include the Alfine 8 speed hub that's past due.
  15. Current generation wheels, especially the 14 inch ones, can go up any hill, the limiting factor being tire traction. Overheating wheels are caused by the distance and time travelled, and not steepness.