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  1. Thievery also plagues bicycle owners, but with the advantage that most can't ride an EUC. Still, bicycle thieves would eventually get an EUC because it cost a lot. My suggestion is to also get a chain lock; rather than the thief just grabbing your unsecured wheel he'd also have to cut the chain or handle. I have this bicycle chain, but with both chain and Apple Air your wheel have have both discouragement and recovery. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078HHS3N9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_2FJD6JZP4GBRV4G6MJ1W
  2. The cost could be quite low, perhaps "free", even if made indigenously in the US, if electric car subsidies were applied to all electric vehicles. Presently about $7500 of EV's are subsidized by the US government, yet carpet bombing EUC ownership on US citizens would make far more of an environmental impact than cars that still require parking spots and high-speed roads.
  3. Because cars just drive themselves into people? Nonsense. We don't say "he was shot by a gun". We shouldn't say "he was hit by a car." Now my brother-in-law law can say he was hit by a car, because a Tesla on autopilot rammed into the back of him.
  4. I think getting hit by a car is extremely unusual, extraordinarily so, and so far in all of recorded history only one person has been killed by a car. So, yes, we talk about it extensively.
  5. I'm terribly confused about both articles, actually. In both titles they state a car or a vehicle struck and killed someone, but they also mention a driver was involved. I suppose it's akin to saying, "man is shot and killed by a handgun" which is the same as "man is struck and killed by a car".
  6. It says a car or a vehicle struck and killed the EUC riders, and if so then it'd be trivial to request Tesla (the only semi-autonomous vehicle manufacturer) to find the car based on the collision time. And apparently these self-driving vehicles seem quite dangerous. On that same page is another vehicle that drove into a pedestrian and killed him.
  7. You don't have to go directly up or down a steep hill. Zig zag up them, and both you and the wheel will be far more relaxed.
  8. The thicker the padding the more protection it delivers. Always. And doubling the thickness provides considerably more than double the protection because once you bottom out the padding then that's it...it provides no further protection. However, street protection clothing may not be the best due to its slimness requirements, but equestrian crash vests seem pretty good. There's also airbag technology. https://youtu.be/N2jZryt607U
  9. Here's an example of insults escalating beyond all reason. It's well worth watching (if you're brave as it's somewhat gruesome) in what not to do. https://youtu.be/Id9pd8zfQcs
  10. Take a broomstick. Balance it on your hand. Which takes more energy? 1. Rebalancing the broom when it is slightly off vertical? 2. Rebalancing the broom when it is far off vertical?
  11. I was surprised to see how heavily armed these insurrectionists were. I do not think the Capitol cops would have fared well at all because they were outnumbered and outgunned, and maybe that's why the cops were doing their best huggy bear impression instead of opening fire.
  12. Massive transportation structures are incompatible with life on earth, and so costly that they are funded mostly by debt.
  13. The exceptionally high transmission and hence death rate of non-medical essential workers is due to the strong incentive to lie about your health. For example, since the cost of optional health care for a Walmart employee exceeds the take home wages of said employee, it follows the majority of Walmart employees don't have health insurance. Since Walmart employees are termed essential workers, it follows they must work as they cannot get unemployment benefits (despite paying for them). That mostly explains the exceptionally high death rate of essential workers who are most likely to be exposed
  14. Urban sales taxes pay for the majority of all roads built and maintained, with vehicle and property taxes coming in a second. Sales taxes and income taxes together pay for the majority of road expenditures, but this wasn't true years ago when gas taxes were higher. Cities are revenue generators because they put a lot of people in an area that doesn't require much infrastructure. It costs the same to build a mile of road regardless of where you are (and urban roads are considerably cheaper because their maintenance is lower when the speed of vehicles is less). https://www.strongtowns
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