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  1. I am really starting to loath google because the companies it puts at the top of search results are almost entirely subprime credit, crappy insurance, and other people who lie to you. Never trust a google result that begins with a lie. I think that's virtually all of them. I'm pretty sure 95% of the ad revenue of google is crappy loans and insurance, weight-loss crap that doesn't work, and "you won't believe". Fuck google. Annyyywaaayy, I am writing this because everyone here needs to examine their auto insurance. In my case, I called up my insurance and actually talked to them as to what is covered. 500,000 (the max) medical coverage if I am walking, in or on a vehicle (unicycle, bicycle, car) and someone runs me over, and they are not insured or underinsured. This is part of your underinsured/uninsured portion of your auto policy. Be advised about 1/3 of the vehicles on the road are in this category. --For example, you are crossing the street, someone runs you over, and they run away. You are covered (although you're not going to be happy). --You are riding on your unicycle or your bicycle, and same situation. You are covered, both you and your machine. --You crash your damned bike/uni into a post. Tough, you don't get anything. You have to call yours and make sure you have insurance of this type.
  2. LanghamP

    In the news...

    Never thought Segways and sidewalks could be so dangerous. Interestingly, the city that ended up paying 1.7 million medical costs required that Segway tours carry insurance. Perhaps a better solution is to fix the sidewalks. Although that pictured sidewalk looks like a launch ramp. I personally wouldn't want that to be fixed.
  3. LanghamP

    How fast is too fast?

    Skip to two minutes in to see how drivers and walkers used to share spaces in an easy and respectful manner. It's actually almost heartbreaking to watch because streets used to be made for all of us and not just for cars going from one place to another as fast as possible. You'll notice a lot of people just standing in the street socializing, even talking to others in cars or trolleys. Note the children playing in the middle of the street; streets were very much shared spaces for everyone. Note also just how much wider those sidewalks were; they were chopped in half a few decades later. The insane thing about that video was that cars travelling today in NYC are slower than the horses and trolleys of 1900. Some time ago, because why not, I took a modern NYC photograph and counted up the people using cars. It looked something like this. --Around 40 cars, lets say half carry passengers, so around 60 people. --At least 400 people covering the sidewalk to the end of the street. So these 400 people occupy 1/10 the space of those 40 cars. This is bonkers! This shows how marginalized walkers are as we've kicked walkers off the streets, accusing them of "jaywalking" or, worse yet, irresponsible if they dare intrude into car spaces (ie streets that used to be public shared spaces where children could play). What does that kind of area feel like in the 21st century? Augustaplatz in Liepzig. Alexanderplatz in Berlin. I was pretty disoriented when I was in these places, as initially I kept looking around, much as I imagined a soldier on leave expecting bullets to fly at him. THIS is a better life, to walk around in an area where you won't be killed or injured from a slight miscalculation for you or the driver. There is a certain amount of background stress being in car-centric societies, but it's hard to realize it until you're safe from cars. Most of these areas, by the way, have these weird lego blocks surrounding them; evidently Muslims like to take autos and run people over, I guess it's a passtime, whatever floats your boat.
  4. I bought two of the electric pump and promptly lost both chargers duringy move to Alabama. As a replacement, I bought this. [Upgraded Version] SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable Adapter Tips & Micro USB Plug, for 3V to 12V Household Electronics and LED Strip - 2000mA Max https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7RS0NG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_TN8XBbZWJRMWC
  5. I bought the combined gauge version of this one; it has just one drawback but that is a huge drawback. It takes 6 pumps for 1psi on a 16 incher. It's about 5 pumps for each psi on a 700cc28 bicycle tire. Therefore I would consider this a super emergency pump, and it's likely you'll pump it just enough to get you home or pay 20 bucks for that smelly drunk bum to pump it for you.
  6. LanghamP

    Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC

    A man in Washington DC has died after the electric rental scooter he was riding collided with a car Are these two sentences equivalent? 1. Man dies after being hit by a car. 2. Man does after being shot by a gun. It's as if these inanimate objects go off and kill people on their own. Note both deaths occurred from being hit by a car (ahem, person driving a car while texting); you guys really need to stay away from autos as much as you can.
  7. LanghamP

    How fast is too fast?

    I disagree with this for several reasons. 1. The majority of pedestrians being injured and killed are children and old people, as this demographic has to look quite closely at where they are stepping. 2. The person with the motorized vehicle has greater mass and therefore has a duty not to ram his vehicle into a more vulnerable group. 3. When pedestrians stop feeling safe due to motorized vehicles buzzing around them, then pedestrians become car drivers. Which makes them fat. I hate fat chicks. Do you to be surrounded by fat chicks?
  8. LanghamP


    2:53 for the one guy who made it across. I suspect most if not all of us would make it across as I've noticed my bike handling skills have dramatically increased since riding an EUC.
  9. LanghamP

    How fast is too fast?

    Ever ridden alongside another EUC and they gave you a slow but firm push? Don't do that. I would guess that unlike a bike to pedestrian collision an EUC to pedestrian collision the EUC will come off worse since he's assured of coming off the EUC and hitting the ground. Not always but usually. I'd guess vehicles are more dangerous to pedestrians since they go faster, are heavier, and hit harder. I would guess the impact of the flat front of an SUV at 45 mph would be taking a person and hurling them to the ground out of a 3 story building.
  10. LanghamP

    How fast is too fast?

    An impact with the ground is almost always survivable whereas a 45+mph collision with an SUV (67% of US vehicles) is not. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/05/14/611116451/fatal-pedestrian-crashes-increasingly-involve-suvs-study-finds The auto is much more dangerous than the cutoff. Since a few EUCs can reach 35mph, I would suggest using motorcycle specific suits that by virtue of simply wearing the suit the padding is at the right place with no danger of shifting during a crash. Not sure why 100% EUC riders insist on putting on individual items which are not only more expensive but provodeuch less protection. Motorcyclist long ago shifted to the "one suit and done" model. I mean, if you must insist on individual items, just get armored jeans that zip into the armored jacket from Joe Rocket, then call it a day.
  11. LanghamP

    Amazon Affiliate Program

    I read your post with great interest as I didn't know the mechanics of affiliate program. However, throughout the years I have tried to be a commisioned-based salesman but I've always run into the above problem; you usually cannot know if the sale was due to your actions if the seller doesn't want you to know, and even when you do know there's no ability to enforce your commission. And this is the big problem why people should avoid commisions as this problem is intractable. The solution is to "put skin in the game", that is, you purchase a portion of goods (wholesale), and sell them yourself. Most people don't have the capital to do this, and often underestimate the time it takes to advertise then ship everything out. It also takes a long time to get paid, commonly months.
  12. LanghamP

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    You need them long because by tilting your helmet your face is completely protected from debris kicked up by the bike in front of you, and also branches. I do notice that lots of amateurs and recreation riders simply use a full-faced helmet with no goggles so I think you're right...form over function.
  13. LanghamP

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Try riding much more aggressively and zig-zag a lot so you're always falling towards <something>. The higher kinetic energy plus you're already unbalanced anyway makes riding in gusty wind pretty easy. I often wear a relatively heavy full-face motorcycle helmet; while people like lighter helmets heavier helmets are less effected by win, and full-face helmets are designed for 100+ mph.
  14. When you push your shopping cart around the grocery store, do you ever scream or scream at the person who bumps you or cuts in line, or is just inattentive? Of course not. Yet drivers do this all the time with each other. On the face of it there isn't much difference between a shopping cart and an automobile on the road, yet why do drivers act in a way they wouldn't dream of in the grocery store? Let's make up two pretend scenarios: 1. The infrastructure is almost entirely devoted to getting drivers from one place to another in the quickest way possible. Insurance allows you to replace your car, or medical injuries to pedestrians and bicyclist, and very minor punishments are usually given if you kill someone. Despite the imbalance between a bicycle and a car, both are adjudged to be equally responsible in collisions. 2. The psychopaths and sociopaths (aka very angry people) of our society are given handguns, told to walk on our streets, and shoot at any cars that piss them off. In addition, no car is allowed to have any safety devices such as seatbelts, airbags, or ABS. Situation 1 is actually the US; while the automobile death rate isn't that high per portion of the population that drives, for pedestrians and bicyclist it's about 32 times more dangerous than Germany or Denmark. Due to the lack of retribution, drivers aren't expected to be more careful because they aren't required to be more careful. Drivers rightfully are angry as bicyclist and pedestrians because they understand being a pedestrian or a bicyclist is wrong. Situation 2 is just the opposite of situation 1, where doing anything to piss someone off results in almost certain retaliation. Would you expect drivers to exercise the utmost caution if they knew swift retaliation was in order? Risk compensation has made automobiles quite dangerous as drivers are more aggressive; ironic because automobile safety features, intended to protect people, has exposed them to more risk. Since we are in situation 1, we cannot compete safely with cars if we aren't in another car. Don't even try; you'll lose 100% of the time. You're trying to convince drivers to be nicer to non-drivers when the courts, the infrastructure, and indeed the get-there-faster culture is almost entirely on their side. Avoid all cars, and if you can't do that then avoid confrontation. I wouldn't carry a baseball bat. I would carry a Taurus G2C and regretfully and unemotionally unload into the driver (possibly a loving father or an unfortunate husband) if he continued advancing and I feared for my life; in practice I doubt you'd have much time to do anything (you get run over from the back before even realizing someone was coming to kill you).
  15. Short answer is: you need to buy an 18 inch 30mph EUC. Any other choice is demonstrably false. Long answer: being on an EUC means you can be either a bicyclist or a pedestrian. After two years riding an EUC and walking US streets a lot more than I used to, and observing an awful lot of collisions, I'm convinced crossing a street at an intersection (the crosswalk) is actually the worst possible choice to make. As an example, let's take a four lane intersection. You, on your EUC, have decided to be a pedestrian and cross the street only when the pedestrian light turns green for you. 1. At no point are all cars stopped on your crosswalk. Due to right on red, cars can freely enter while you are on your crosswalk. This means you must look left. 2. When you reach the reverse lane, cars can make a left through the intersection into your crosswalk if they already initiated the turn. This means you must look to your right. 3. Also when you reach the reverse lane, if you crossed late or the timer is too fast for you (children and older people walk slower), then you must look to your left. 4. When you reach the last lane, since cars can do right on red, you must look to your right. 5. If the auto light turned green then the situation turns extremely dangerous for you; the car in your lane may be stopped and blocks the view of the car in the next lane. You see this a lot of youtube videos. 6. You will more likely have to cross 5, 6, or 7 lanes of traffic, as intersections most often put in extra turn lanes. To sum up, to cross the street at an intersection you have to meet the following: be quite agile, look left-right-left-right every time, be patient. As a pedestrian you can and should cross the street (illegally) in the middle of the block. 1. You need only to look left then right since there are only two directions traffic can come from. 2. You can cross faster since less distance is covered as there's no turn lanes; commonly a four lane turns into more lanes, and intersections more often means you have to cover more space. 3. Traffic islands, intended to separate cars from each other, provide you safe haven whereas most intersections do not have traffic islands. As a pedestrian as a general rule, you should avoid using the sidewalk as much as possible. This is because of a very simple reason; driveways. When a sidewalk has driveways where cars can freely enter and exist then it really isn't a sidewalk at all, is it? Especially in an urban area, buildings and other obstacles will encourage cars to "poke their nose out" and woe to the pedestrian or EUC rider who is there. As a pedestrian you're better off using parking lots and protected business fronts. To me this is very clear: unless you're in an area where cars are forbidden (ie centrum Stadt and inside buildings), you should not be a pedestrian, ever. Since cars and car like vehicle pretty much have the expected right of way everywhere, it follows that you should be like a car as much as possible. That means a fast EUC that for the most part allows you to hog your traffic lane; the 18 inchers are damn near as fast as to get speeding tickets these days. --As a pedestrian you have no right to travel safely. --As a bicyclist or EUC, you have some right, the faster you are the safer you can be. --As an auto driver you have full rights to travel safely and comfortably...until you hit that next traffic jam.