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  1. LanghamP

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    That reminds me of this guy who I went to school with, easily 30 years ago when we were somewhere in middle or high school, who burned himself lighting the pilot light of a propane tank, got semi-mild burns on his hands and stomach, so he was in the hospital for a short time. Now whenever the nurse would come in to clean him (older woman, at least in her twenties which seemed unfathomably old to us), he'd get a monster erection, terribly embarrassing, but by the second day she was jerking him off in a, presumably, very sympathetic way. Total dork but as soon as that story spread he had a harem of interested girls.
  2. Was anyone the slightest bit surprised that @Shad0z had a high speed crash? Of course not, not even @Shad0z expected otherwise. That is why he was wearing all the equipment; to increase the speed upon which he can safely crash at. He'll have a few more high speed crashes, probably crashing his wheel out, and he'll either get it out of his system or have to wait some time before he can afford another wheel.
  3. LanghamP

    Safest EUC?

    My recall was somewhat off in regards to specific wheel failures. kS16s looks like a good bet.
  4. LanghamP

    Safest EUC?

    I believe there's a French group that put out failure rates per brand and per wheel. I recall reading some surprising (to me) failure rates like the Inmotion V5 having double the failures of the V8, the KS16s having under a 2% failure rate, and the msuper v3 having something like 40% plus. Someone did make a post of the French group but I can't find it. I would not trust anecdotal evidence, as that is the weakest of all evidence. Someone telling you about a wheel is pretty bad for the general population of that wheel.
  5. If you roll the wheel by hand over the obstacle, then you can have some general sense if and how you can make it over. If you practice that obstacle, at slower speeds, and you finally make it over, then the next time you encounter that obstacle you have a good chance of surviving going over something like it. I'm somewhat obsessed on getting over stupid obstacles; my biggest observation is when coming to an obstacle that you get air on, leaning back often shoots the wheel from under you whereas being neutral often drops you onto safe ground with no drama.
  6. LanghamP

    Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    You can visit a motorcycle store and try several brands, then stick with that brand just for the head shape. The style is what you'll put up with to have a thick EPS lined chinbar, because that's what bicycle helmets do not have. Motorcycle helmets are designed to take impacts from the front...from concrete. But you already have some very nice helmets. What need aren't they fulfilling?
  7. I can ride beyond tiltback with my S1. Or rather continue to accelerate even when tiltback is triggered. I think you can do that with all wheels. Presumably one can lean forward until the wheel can no longer balance you at speed. In practice that has only happened to me once. I usually wear a sportbike helmet and often a full motorcycle suit. I don't go below 60% and my trips are usually of under 6 miles, so since I can't hear the beeps I have to use tiltback. Presumably a lot of the speed freaks on this forum are like me; go around 30 mph, wear heavy motorcycle gear, and shrug our shoulders when we crash and destroy our wheels.
  8. LanghamP

    Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    Ask and you shall receive. https://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-helmet-reviews/ If you know your head shape then you can eliminate most helmets. I personally go with HJC has they fit snug everywhere. This cost me $100. $100! https://www.webbikeworld.com/hjc-fg-17-review/
  9. You can ignore tiltback and continue to accelerate well beyond it. You can verify this by setting to 5mph and continuing onward to 15+.
  10. LanghamP

    One S2 headlight accessory

    I have several of these. BLITZU Gator 390 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set, Bicycle Headlight Front & FREE Rear Back Tail Light. Waterproof, Easy To Install for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight BLACK https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAGIHJB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ke-FAbM9KP33R Note they can be turned 90 degrees in order to mount on the S. This one fits on the handle of my S1, and since it can be installed "crooked" also on my KS16 which has an asymmetrical handle.
  11. LanghamP

    Update: KS16s's lock can be confusing.

    I thought the wheel was dead and that the beeps and lights were diagnosis codes. The lock feature isn't loud enough to warn a thief off, and hitting the power button would power the wheel down including any sounds. In contrasts, the Ninebot S goes nuts when you try moving it; lights on, volume at max, and the wheel shakes while still balancing. It totally sound like a bomb about to go off in a sci fi movie. Awesomely cool.
  12. LanghamP

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I think the wobble will be much slower weave which is recoverable instead of a fast wobble that requires great skill. My observation on my wheel doing a fast wobble is that the tire isn't even touching the ground half the time, so the damping you would get from the friction of the tire on the pavement is less. You can catch a weave pretty easily but a wobble just throws you. Mind you, I'm not even going half the speed of Rehab but either the wobble came and went before I could react or I got thrown. Thrown at 10 kmh. <snicker> So dramatic. I lifted my feet like someone threw a dodgeball at my feet, and walked these wobbles off. @Hunka Hunka Burning Lovementions relaxing to save a wobble. Wobbles where I've bailed on my own inevitably result in the wheel continuing, but often the wobble doesn't stop. Pushing my wheel on its own, usually the wheel stays stable but it often goes into a fatal wobble. Wheels are somewhat mysterious in their behavior.
  13. LanghamP

    Crazy People

    @Stan Onymous Murder is a premeditated crime whereas drunk driving is negligence. Would you like drunk driving to be equated with premeditated murder? To me, I would not, because a drunk driver has a different intent to a youth with a gun who walks over and deliberately unloads into another person. Such an ambush seems unspeakably vicious compared to the clumsy drunk driver. Your opinion is different. Uber drivers still have a wage gap although Freakoeconomics studied and concluded the wage gap was entirely choice driven (by the drivers). @Stan Onymous, what would it take to have equal outcomes for everyone?
  14. Since the S1 has no padding, or really anything to have friction against, turning it upside puts the heavy battery downward, and hence it can stand (sorta) on its own.
  15. LanghamP

    Mileage contest Feb -- Win A Free Solowheel

    Could we also have a leaderboard contest like OneWheel whereby people post their highest speeds? The person getting the top speed could win a wheel.