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  1. 1. You have to be rich enough to afford it. 2. You have to be skilled enough to ride it. 3. You have to be crazy enough to enjoy it. 4. You have to be confident enough remount after crashes and snide comments from civilians. I will say I also have an eBike for the faceplant reason, and I have gotten several items stuck in the back of my wheels forcing a run of. Interestingly they were all on my Segway S1. I wonder if the Segway/Ninebot design is prone to junk getting caught in the wheel.
  2. LanghamP

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Well, it's mostly divorced white males over the age of 40 offing themselves, so who gives a shit about them. Can you imagine how inhuman and painful death by EUC would be? That'd be a hell of a way to go. Bleeding through the palms of your hands...
  3. An electric kick scooter with air tires might be a good choice next time, as you could kick to both stay warm and extend the range. As for the EUCs; maybe a neoprene diver shirt with some chemical hand warmers whenever needed.
  4. LanghamP

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Speaking of gun deaths, they reached a new high last year. https://www.foxnews.com/us/gun-related-deaths-reached-40-year-peak-2017-cdc-study-finds Of the 40,000 recorded gun-related deaths in 2017, more than a third were homicides while more than half were suicides, according to the CDC data. At 14 deaths per 100,000 people, white men accounted for the highest percentage of suicide deaths by firearm. Black men accounted for the most firearm homicide deaths. However, suicide by gun is more like a serious way of checking out rather than an actual homicide, so I don't think that should be counted. Maybe have "death booths" so people can suicide with dignity?
  5. LanghamP

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    While I'm a gun and archer enthusiast, I'm not in favor of most people having them simply through dumb shootings. I don't know how to regulate them (until we get the total surveillance state) because then only criminals have guns. Witness the absurd Paris shootings. I find it extremely irritating to see signs that say, "gun free zone." I don't like that because you have announced there is no defense in that area. I'd much prefer to have, "1 out of 20 people here are randomly assigned a concealed gun and is required to carry it. Would you like to find out which one?" That to me sounds like a better signal. Correction: hmm, I wonder if spree killers simply target their workforce without considering that it is a gun free zone, and since most workplaces are gun free zones, it follows all spree killings are at gun free zones. I do think having responders there with guns does stop further deaths.
  6. Do you have any idea what to do with your hands when riding? It bothers me a lot; I'll ride with one hand on my hip and the other one on my chin, feel self-conscious, and move them to, say, ready dance position with jazz hands, and so on. If you walk or run you then you know exactly what to do with your hands, but what the hell to do with EUC hands? Note: excluding putting them in your pockets for safety reasons?
  7. LanghamP

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    I love guns but I don't think they work well in most defense situation as they are entirely offense-oriented. Body armour is an example of an entirely defensive item. Pretty much all the situations I see is the criminal ambushes the CCW, and then the CCW tries to counter ambush the criminal. Often the criminal starts shooting or stabbing during the initial ambush, which to me make sense as doing so precludes a counter ambush. In other words, the criminal who ambushes you and DOES NOT kill you right away has some concern for your well-being, and it's this criminal who you might be able to counter ambush with your gun. Ironically, by being a CCW, you make it more, not less, likely the criminal will just blow you away during the initial ambush so he doesn't run the risk of the counter ambush. Of course, as a very alert CCW you can just look at everything at potential threats, but that's no way to live a civilized life. I noticed St Louis was getting so rough that I was always on alert in public spaces.
  8. LanghamP

    What helmet type?

    The vast majority of the time I wear no helmet with my EUCs. Then, an urban bicycle helmet. Then, a full-faced motorcycle helmet. Then, a skate helmet if I'm just practicing. I believe the normal bicycle helmet is quite dangerous because it provides just awful coverage.
  9. LanghamP

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    If you're going faster than 12 mph then the full face helmet helps with the inevitable face plant. Several recent accidents show how ineffective open face helmets are. EUCs are much more dangerous to their users than bicycles for any given speed. However, I would guess that collisions between people are more dangerous for bicycle than EUC due to the bicycle to higher stance and poor manuverability. If a pedestrian is pissed at you, you need to stop and show them the regulation. While technically EUC are motorized vehicles, they aren't treated as such by the law, and you need to show people that regulation. Interestingly I go far faster on my eBike, yet no pedestrian complains, yet going half speed on my EUCs I get many "it's dangerous" comments.
  10. LanghamP

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    I've had that happen a few times. Both times I was wearing my motorcycle helmet (not the dinky wanna-be bicycle helmets you guys wear). Both times I simply stopped, and showed them the park regulations allowing Segway-like devices on mixed paths so long as they stayed below 22 mph. Again, you need to stop in front of the person and have them read aloud the regulations allowing you to be there. The helmet usage is a none issue; if women are allowed to wear yoga pants showing their camel toes then you can damn well wear a full face helmet on a mixed usage path.
  11. LanghamP

    In the news...

    The West Coast's fire problems are almost entirely man-made because 100 plus years of putting out fires has placed the area in a highly unnatural state. That is, there's so much inflammable material that they are likely to easily start, yet doing an artificial burn will result in an uncontrollable fire. There's a strange irony that CA with the strictest environmental regulations consistently pollutes the most, with the most driving and certainly the most fires.
  12. Yes, one legged riding puts a lot of stress on wheels as the weight is unevenly doubled on one side. For all my wheels except my KS16S and my 18 incher, there is both flex and often a grinding sound. Unsure of what you can do about it. After all, free mounting is a form of one legged riding. I hope this problem eventually gets solved by massive axles, rather like how you never hear people complain about bad brakes in cars and bikes (brake disks on commuter cars are now bigger than the tires of cars 20 years ago).
  13. LanghamP

    In the news...

    Cities and towns are like drunken gamblers; the bet big hoping for the huge payday. Rather than buy a bullet train the costs billions of dollars and has stations only in neighborhoods that are single housing detached (pull out a map and notice how train stations always do that--you'd think there was a conspiracy), wouldn't it be better to put a bunch of tiny rail, micro buses, and cheap eScooters in the dense areas? Nope, never... A fiscally prudent town wins by not losing. Stop making big gambles. Also, Raleigh charges more per year for their eScooter tax than you do for your old car. https://abc11.com/society/city-of-raleigh-releases-electric-scooter-regulations/4641783/
  14. LanghamP

    In the news...

    I wouldn't worry about LA because the city is insolvent. Its only outcome is junk bonds and depopulation ala Detroit. By any measure LA has the most traffic jams. Add parking and you have to add roads. https://la.streetsblog.org/2015/12/01/18-6-million-spaces-and-still-rising-study-puts-l-a-parking-in-perspective/ This is what LA parking looks like. Would you like to add more parking? https://usa.streetsblog.org/2016/01/05/visualizing-las-18-6-million-parking-spaces-as-one-enormous-blob/ Unfortunately the real problem is stone simple and therefore is intractable. There's no wiggle room for effeciencies. The taxes raised from a city block with parking is less than the cost required by the city to maintain it. Adding more city blocks aggravates the problem. Since large shipping warehouses don't pay taxes, or more accurately receive local government subsidies, it's clear city blocks are unsustainable without bonds, and as a city grows it eventually adds junk bonds until it gets rid of minimum parking requirements. Automobile culture requires massive cash. It's all loaned money, from the car loan to borrowed money to pay for the construction and maintenance of roads and parking. This isn't a problem that LA can solve; it's a predictament that has an outcome. That's why LA or any city is insane to ban scooters. Take a few city blocks, remove the parking lots and allow taxable housing, and I guarantee that area will bring in money instead of losing money.
  15. LanghamP

    Vespa EUC / Scooter: bel & bel Z-One

    More information. https://electrek.co/2018/12/13/vespa-inspired-electric-monowheel/amp/ This Vespa scooter weighs 70 kg with a 1000 watt motor.