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  1. Had to use or had the option to use? There's somewhat of an arms race dating back over a hundred years for ever larger vehicle sizes, of which today the average and median vehicle size is the biggest it has ever been. Starting in the 1950's, the Federal government specified fast and wide roads for suburbs or else they didn't get subsidized housing loans. This policy is still in effect. A lot of Western European cities have banned cars entirely from the city centers (Barcelona, Brussels off the top of my head), and so we need only to look at them to see a world with just EUCs. I'd guess way less parking, way less pollution, and something that looks like the city center of Leipzig.
  2. What does the historical record say? It almost always goes bad 1st for the hunter, 2nd the farmer, and 3rd the urban dwellers. The hunters have neither the numbers nor the technology. The farmers have the numbers and the technology. But the urbanites have both, plus organization and desperation. Still, history is littered with civilized people pushing into rural areas (one could argue history is nothing if not that). Did you know that most air combat aces and snipers come from the city? You take the top ten people from several different sized populations, and the bigger ones have better quality.
  3. Would it be possible to have a wheel whose natural state is to fall out of the airplane, but it doesn't because it is restrained in some way? The restraint could be <easily?> removed should the wheel catch fire, but the restraint otherwise doesn't falsely trigger. I was thinking of putting the wheel outside the airplane, or perhaps leaning against a door that is easily pushed outward. I feel it's so accidentally easy to design a safety device that, when in operation, makes things more dangerous.
  4. We have much to fear from pedestrians. They seem to injure and kill a lot of these poor drivers.
  5. Most of NYC's sidewalks were cut in half and repurposed for car storage (cars are parked 97% of the time). But not only did they push the pedestrians out of the road, invent jay-walking to ensure that they stay out of it, but then they stole the sidewalks. This extraordinary photo by John Massengale is shot from the same vantage point as an archival shot. The buildings have lost their light wells and their stoops, and all of their entrances would have been changed internally. Typically in NYC 95% of people are confined to 15% of the public area devoted to sidewalks and streets. Hilariously, this bicyclist thinks he's being a hero, when you see most of the car lanes only carrying 5% of the throughput but holding 80% of the bridge.
  6. I personally find the distracted driving so much funnier because both the cost of damage and injuries is so much greater (there's some cyclists also). However, here's another video of enforcing distracted driving. I even wonder if distracted driving laws is possible to enforce. I personally believe just dropping the speed limit to 20 mph (which still hurts like hell), requiring all private vehicles to have low hoods, and just chucking crashed drivers onto a bicycle that they are then required to put 100 miles on (no fines, no court dates) would enable people to be calmer and better drivers. Want to text and drive? Fine. Just don't get into a bad crash.
  7. You'll learn to ride backwards through no special efforts on your own if you ride long enough. That is, every rider learns pendelums/yoyo, and you naturally and gradually make them longer and slower, and then with no special transition period you just end up riding backwards. Unfortunately, I believe riding backwards is horribly dangerous even with equipment because a bail is usually a backwards roll, and often the wheel hits you painfully on the shins. Then there's also curb jumping up which seems pretty easy and straightforward...at first. Then you catch your wheel on the lip, and you and the wheel go bonkers. Ow ow ow.
  8. It's the opposite; you're the 2nd biggest danger to pedestrians. That is, pedestrians don't knock each other down especially on sidewalks, but pedestrians are knocked down by people who aren't pedestrians. You could ride on the street, but then you could be knocked down and killed by drivers, somewhat akin to you knocking down pedestrians. And then the driver will complain that you weren't looking.
  9. https://www.bicycleretailer.com/industry-news/2020/01/12/customs-ruling-means-e-bikes-excluded-tariffs WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has ruled that e-bikes fall under the same category as electric motorcycles and therefore share an exclusion, granted in September, from the Trump administration's Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports. The decision means importers of Chinese e-bikes are now exempt from paying the 25% tariff the administration imposed in August 2018. Importers should be able to collect previously paid tariffs as well.
  10. I've lost two gotway and two KS chargers from pops, and what I use now is just the cheap low amp chargers that don't give me any trouble. They charge very slowly but they don't heat up insanely, and for over a year they have been dead reliable. I used to use a charge timer so you can plug both dead sides in without an arc, but the slow chargers don't arc in the first place. Those 2-3 amp chargers are death.
  11. The introduction of safer batteries will increase fire incidents, because Chinese companies won't be able to resist buying cheaper batteries and then slapping a safer label on it. For example, check out the number of fake batteries on Amazon (or the fake memory cards). There's somewhat of a cottage industry in China devoted to making fake products; while no one cares about fake watches, not having a pedigree for a critical usage battery is certainly going to result in a blanket ban of any lithium batteries on airplanes.
  12. The "not employed rate" is about 54%, or more than half the US population. Not quite the 60% we saw a few years back, but since everyone requires income then that means one half somehow supports the other half. The payroll tax is a regressive tax whereby the billionaire pays no more than the guy making $150,000 per year, and proportionately way less than sub $150,000. Simply expanding the payroll tax out to infinity (15% per year of your income) would make this tax less regressive.
  13. It appears to be a nylon belt. Such belts have been integrated into bicycle tires for decades. I ride with such tires, and while the original Gatorskins were just awful, the present iteration isn't noticeably different from lightly belted tires. I'd just buy a nylon belted tire, like the 16 to 20 inch Continental Plus (plus denotes the extra nylon belt) tires instead of messing with cut to sizing.
  14. Would that mean the world population is decreasing? In addition, is it desirable to get everyone into the US suburban lifestyle, either through importation of people or by cultural enrichment?
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