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  1. I strongly tend towards wearing earplugs or headphones so I don't get spooked by the honks of enraged drivers who do not agree with public roads being used by non-cars.
  2. It's pronounced "Fall" "U" "Will".
  3. That's the kindest, most considerate, gentlest, and controlled fight I've ever seen or been involved in. Not even a single punch was thrown, and that kick was more like a caress. That kick could have been a soccer kick to the head, but instead it was a gesture placed in the one place with the least amount of injury--the ample midsection of a middle-aged man. The fight took forever for one guy (the loser) to lose his glasses, and I noticed he was holding his glasses in his hand while another person handed his expensive cell phone back. Most fights should be this way.
  4. I'm convincing my girlfriend to buy this electric car for us for local usage. I think it's awesome. Interestingly, Jalopnik did three videos on this car review. The Ford GT only got one, along with the newest Corvette.
  5. I mean to say, we've both had gruesome crashes. You with your shoulder, me being skinned up once, and another time I had to crawl up stairs and needed help gettin off toilets for a week. Just unbelievably painful crashes. EUC crashes are no joke.
  6. Fixing the damage from an EUC crash seems to me by far the most expensive part of EUC ownership. And we crash a lot. Way way more than motorcycles or bicycles. Ask @Rehab1
  7. @Livingston BB is from the US (as I am) while you're from the UK. Health care works differently. The US pays the highest health care in the world, both as a percentage of a worker's salary and in absolute numbers. The Medicare and Medicaid payroll tax is levied on all US workers regardless if they work full time, but it's a regressive tax once you get past $150k as the tax is capped there. Companies negotiate with private health insurers for service and coverage area. Hence, "the surprise medical bill" when a procedure or a place of service isn't covered. All US workers must pay into two or more medical systems without, however, being fully covered by either system.
  8. I dunno, all this talk of banning EUCs depresses me. I got an EUC so I could be free of the limitations of my legs! I did it to be free! I want to be free! Like David Hasselhoff...!
  9. My experience is that most wheels can be turned far enough to drag a footpad, at any speed, in about 1/3 of a second, regardless of weaving or not, but all wheels do require a strong twist to point in the opposite direction. No body motion or swinging of arms is required. Wheels compare very favorably to sportbikes as you can lean them over extremely quickly without losing traction. My observation is that riders who carve are much better riders than the straight up and down, not because they are better positioning their wheel but rather the act of constantly carving teaches and practices the skill of turning the wheel. You need to practice turning the wheel because unlike a motorcycle where you just have the handlebars, with a wheel there's your whole body that is required. Just turning the wheel is pretty complex. For example, the wheel slows down and falls behind the rider during the apex of the turn, then speeds up and moves ahead of the rider when finishing the turn. This is due to the circumference of the tire getting smaller on the tire edges. I personally don't carve since it's just wasted motion but I do make it a point to practice riding (and crashing) as fast as possible on curvy golf paths.
  10. I had these on my BMW K1200. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/givi-trekker-outback-case-and-luggage-rack-kit Now while I did have all three cases, in practice I removed all but one for day to day usage as I found having so much surface area behind the rear axle made the bike handle poorly regardless of whatever weight I packed in there. However, just one hard luggage case was extremely useful while having virtually no notable difference in handling. With all three cases, though, the handling was so bad the front tire would perpetually skip along the pavement at above 90 mph.
  11. These two fine upstanding citizens attempted to make citizens arrest on this jogger. After pursuing him with a pick-up truck, they regrettably but unapologetically shot the jogger three times with a shotgun. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/05/10/ahmaud-arbery-shooting-new-video-shows-georgia-jogger-did-nothing-illegal/3105123001/ No charges were filed by the local police department after a thorough investigation, although eventually the Federal Government arrested said men after the defense released video evidence.
  12. Regulating pedestrians seems to be the most effective way of preserving EUC freedoms. It seems to me that killing and injuring pedestrians with no legal or financial penalty is the best way to go. See #1 and #8 https://usa.streetsblog.org/2019/03/06/heres-how-driving-is-encouraged-and-subsidized-by-law/ In my opinion, getting EUCs to be treated exactly like cars are, with liability insurance, would then allow us to treat all pedestrians like the irritating dirt-bags they truly are.
  13. There is another alternative. The BC Wheel or Impossible Wheel would essentially have you going downhill with a non-balancing wheel. However, the difference in skill between a normal unicycle and a BC wheel is as great as between an electric unicycle and a normal unicycle. While I can ride a normal unicycle, the impossible wheel feels, well, impossible. It's unfathomably hard.
  14. The speed at which the wheel is drawing almost no power going down a shallow hill is, in my opinion, surprisingly low. It's somewhere between 18 to 25 mph, far far lower than the same hill on a bicycle. So while a bicycle will easily hit 30 mph, on the same slope the wheel won't go past 25. The upright stance of a wheel is extremely inefficient versus the sitting position of a bicycle, so essentially the wind resistance balances out gravity. Now once that slope gets past 6 degrees, all bets are off. The wheel goes as fast as you dare, which is to say you will crash regardless of your skill, motor size, and battery level.
  15. The government most US citizen directly comply with is neither the city nor the Federal government, but rather Homeowners Associations. That is, almost all suburbs are private property with fractional ownership, and most US citizens live in the suburbs. HOA aren't officially part of the government, but with their ability to make and enforce laws, place liens on non-complient owners, their hiring of police forces, their ability to grant building permits, and their ability to levy taxes (called homeowner dues), then HOA are in fact function as the strongest and most direct government level most US citizens interact with. Except for a few urban pockets, it is the HOA that grants or denies what vehicles can be used on its private roads (again, suburban roads are public roads under, ahem, private control via fractional ownership...). Curiously, HOA used to explicitly exclude blacks in their constitution, that is, the HOA wouldn't let you live there if you were black. Since being part of a HOA was a requirement to getting a federal housing grant, it follows that HOA members were dirty racist asses even if you genuinely weren't racist.
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