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  1. I haven't noticed any shortages whatsoever. I have noticed prices have gone up about 5% though.
  2. 95% of US corporations are pass-through corporations. This allows corporations to avoid paying corporate taxes while paying the much higher rate of individual income taxes. In practice, pass-through corporations pay neither corporate nor individual taxes nor payroll taxes. When we say a millionaire or whatever works hard for his money by making his own business, then in practice we allow him to limit his personal liability while usually being taxed at the lowest rate of all. https://www.brookings.edu/research/9-facts-about-pass-through-businesses/
  3. Most people don't pay any Federal income taxes whatsoever, and a little less than half of people even pay state income taxes. Does that mean they don't pay taxes? No. The bottom 50% pays a shockingly high tax rate because they are salaried or they are hourly employees, and so they pay social security and Medicare...which isn't necessarily bad since they should get that money back later in their life...if they survive. That's not the problem here. The problem isn't the top 10%. It's the top .1%. By taking out loans against their holdings, they pay no taxes whatsoever, and when they d
  4. I was referring to how land wealth is transferred, not to the particulars of the reasons land it transferred. Rural people have zero success in keeping their land, because laws are made so they lose that land...every single time. Think indigenous people living in Brazil. If you want a more recent example, think of the 1980's farm crash where more than a 1/3 of farms were in serious trouble. There seems to be a pattern, dating back thousands of years, by which urban areas are swarmed by displaced farmers. These farms were acquired by rich and powerful families. You could almost repla
  5. I've used cats ears and went back to foam earplugs or in ear speakers. While drivers rarely honk at me, when they do I really need foam or ear speakers so as not to be startled. And diesel engines and motorcycles (especially if they rev bomb) can often be extremely loud. You kinda need ear protection if you're around motorized vehicles.
  6. Urban high tech people regularly overrun rural people, as both the historical and the modern record show, and they successfully do so without fail. While the popular view is a bunch of crazed and starving urban zombies try to take over the surrounding countryside, the actual view is rural people are gradually displaced by tax action liens, 2nd mortgage foreclosures, corrupt and forged documentation, and good old fashion ambushes. For instance, Bill Gates is the largest land owner, by area, in the United States. What is less well known is that almost all his holdings were bought via tax li
  7. Due mostly to natural disaster insurance claims have increased by about 30 times since 1990, I think humans are living in very difficult places to live without modern technology such as air conditioning, power, and flood control. That is, climate change, suburban sprawl, and population increase has resulted in humans moving into more places that really they shouldn't. So whatever humans are doing, they should do the opposite of, or at least less of. Death by pollution and willful ignorance seems a really stupid way for our race to die off.
  8. I feel the main purpose of covid-19 is to maintain the integrity of the human race by filtering out invalid or poor quality humans.
  9. What if they just mixed these vaccines with erectile dysfunction and head hair regrowth drugs? And gave it out free? I'm curious as to what would happen.
  10. Oops, I had Republican brain fart. The 10% long covid-19 figure is highly understated, as people given cognitive tests before and after covid-19 all seem to do slightly to significantly worse. Same thing with college athletes; their athletic capacity is dramatically lower. Extrapolating that to the general population seems to indicate we're underestimating the long term severity of contracting covid-19. I have noticed that unvaccinated professional athletes that get covid-19 seem wrecked beyond belief. That makes me suspect that, without exception, this virus permanently injures you.
  11. Autopsy reports usually have a direct cause, a proximate cause, and finally contributing factors. When I used to compile mortality tables for the hospitals I used to work, I usually had a look up table that would group certain proximate causes into direct cause groups (for example, cardio infractions are put under heart disease which in turn is often put under the host of diseases known as old age). Hence, covid-19 antibodies or presence could be construed as "let's blame covid-19 for any death if it's at all present." That it isn't construed as such is simply the way covid-19 deaths
  12. NYC proper effectively bans all electric powered vehicles including EUCs and all electric bikes except the occasional city-owned eBike. While the law relaxed eBikes during the pandemic, that law has now been strongly enforced. Even bicycles are being strongly enforced when not using the bicycle lanes regardless if the bike lane is blocked. Bike stores are presently being fined something north of $16,000 (Propel recently got a fine for $26,000) by the NYC for merely selling eBikes and eScooters. Apparently, NYC is being very pro-active in getting all vehicles except cars off their roads. T
  13. My guess is that since most wheels seem to charge at around 100-150 watts going downhill (the equivalent of 8 or so amps), then recharging from the top of a hill is faster than the fastest charger. That's a situation just begging to dump you.
  14. More than 80% of new private DOT automobiles sold in the US are high-profit SUVs and light trucks. There's not much demand for small cars, and that demand may be artificial due to CAFE standards requiring small cars MPG to offset large vehicle MPG. Vehicle manufacturers would prefer not even to sell cars. It's much the same with wheels, but without the CAFE standards requiring less ambitious wheels. People call EUCs as niche, but within the niche the ambitious wheel is the standard (note the exceptionally high age of riders). Hence, only the most profitable wheels are now being sold...all
  15. I don't think half of wheels last 20-30 thousand km, because 1/3 of my wheels have died before they turned 10,000 km. Two blown motherboards, one mysterious shutdown, one cracked axle, and one bent pedal hanger. Then there's minor things like trolley handle jams due to crashes, lights going out for mysterious reasons, and bent rims from fairly minor collisions with curbs and such. My guess is most wheels don't make it even to five years; electronic failures and crashes seem much higher than eBikes. This is not to say eBikes and PEVs (personal electric vehicles) don't suffer from the same
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