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  1. I personally wouldn't tie a leash to a wheel. You need to let the wheel tumble and dissipate energy on its own rather than yanking you along. One can only imagine an autopsy report should a fifty pound wheel tumble into a lake with you attached to it. Anyway, a tumbling wheel is a dead letter; the tip over sensor stops power to the wheel and so the wheel WILL stop.
  2. You want your wheel to coast to a stop when no rider is present? Use the calibration mode so the center of gravity is behind the axle. When no rider is present, the backwards tilt will slow the wheel down. Runaway wheels are always because that wheel's calibration is set forward; the wheel will continue to tilt forward attempting to balance itself until it reaches its top speed or hits a baby stroller. Some riders complain of their runaway wheels while others will state that's impossible. In reality, they are describing exactly the same phenomena. If both groups of riders simply reve
  3. Have you thought about removing all the negative parts of your review and resubmitting it to eWheels? Maybe then your review will get published.
  4. My feeling is yes, strongly so, while being no less of a personal security risk than the US government which also has an extensive and invasive surveillance system in place. "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime" --says me and former head of the KGB.
  5. My experience is if you're using EUC as part of the public transportation system and last mile solution, then yes of course you'll meet lots of women. I think most people in the US only pull out their wheels at a park from driving there, or they do high speed bombing runs in NYC. Hence, they might not know the value of a relaxed medium sized wheel ridden slowly through an urban environment without a helmet or any other protection. I think it's best to treat wheels very casually as a practical tool. People in general don't like to date enthusiasts or obviously altruistic people. Too simila
  6. The past history of collectible motorcycles, automobiles, musical instruments, and early computers would suggest prototypes and the first of a production line might, but likely not, be collectible by the generations following us. I think a good analogy is trying to collect and sell IKEA furniture. The crappy particle board that's cheap but gets thrown away after five years isn't collectible. The more expensive solid wood furniture with interesting or curious design choices...maybe especially if it never got unpacked. Most mass-produced items from China aren't collectible since the next batch w
  7. I bought three of the KS 3 prongs off Ali for $12 or so each. I think they only charge at 1.2 amps. However, these are my preferred chargers as they are tiny, don't heat up much, and have been reliable for years. They'll still charge to full, but might take four or so hours from nearly empty.
  8. This requires the employee answer each email in less than a minute, assuming an eight hour day with no breaks. The employee would have to have perfect knowledge of every EUC to maintain that pace hour after hour.
  9. That's a common occurrence in not just NYC but all major cities.
  10. NYC is one of the more difficult dense cities to walk around in that I've visited (and biked), because NYC sidewalks are much narrower than, say, Berlin or Leipzig, plus most bike lanes will be blocked most of the time by parked cars, cops, or delivery vehicles.
  11. You could get close if you bought a cookbook that only measured by weight.
  12. I'm not an idiot. I'm a lazy idiot. Why should I even follow laws that weren't designed for me, and were indeed designed specifically against me? I'm a lazy idiot, so that's my excuse. You seem highly emotional. Why?
  13. Do you prefer transportation designed at automobile scales over "everything else"?
  14. This very particular situation of bicyclists (and other 1 and 2 wheeled vehicles) has been repeatedly commented on by urban traffic engineers in StreetBlog USA, and StreetBlog SF, and StreetBlog NYC. And my personal experience is that I find riding the wrong way down a 1 way street and use sidewalks practically irresistible if I'm in downtown St Louis. Why? Because 1 way streets will force you to drive at least two blocks away, and often much more, just to get to a place that's half a block away if you break the law. Four intersections, often more, or I can just ride my bike the wron
  15. I thought the video by Hsiang was the video under controversy, and was wondering why it was such a big deal to some people. Now where's the original video in question? Now I'm really curious.
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