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  1. Full gear, going about 35 MPH in this picture, on my MSX Pro HS.
  2. I just taught a 70year old how to ride and he bought a 16x, and is loving it! If you are in shape and have a desire to ride, you are not too old!
  3. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KFMM11C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I wear these over my pants, they have good hip and knee protection and are not too warm, I just wear extra layers in winter.
  4. I had fun with this quick ride at a pump track in Redmond, OR. I am riding my MSX Pro High Speed, and am usually wearing a helmet, but not for this short ride.
  5. Here I am: https://www.instagram.com/johnnyrocket98908/
  6. I am a design engineer, working for the same packaging manufacturer for 21 years. Our machines are constantly changing, I like making them better, faster and cheaper.
  7. A guy I do not know took of picture of me riding during "Cruise the Ave" night in Yakima, then posted it in Yakima is Beautiful group on Facebook. It is sort of artsy ...
  8. It was posted on FB, then a friend of mine tagged me in the comments - this happens about once a month in my town, since I ride on the roads all over town.
  9. This guy posted a video of me riding down the road and titled it, "I wonder if it has airbags" Wow wonder if it's got airbags.mp4
  10. I have taught 6 people in my town how to ride, but they only borrow my wheels, none of them want to buy one Currently there is one other person in my town that owns an EUC, and I haven't met him yet.
  11. I have gotten my Msx pro 2000 watt version to 41.6, though lighter people have gotten it to 46! I have my tiltback set at 42.
  12. I used a walker that had brakes, and a belt as a leash … Also wore shin guards while learning, helps reduce the shin badges ...
  13. I started with a hoverboard that I got for my birthday, took me 5 min to learn, 1 month later my wife showed me a youtube vid of an EUC, one month later I bought a used one for $180 (14" Freeman). Took me quite a while to learn, 5 weeks and many bruises later I could ride. Then came a V8, Mten3, 16x, and now MSX Pro HS. Hooked for life ...
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