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If you fell off EUC and got injured in the last few years, how are you all doing now?


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I remember my body hiting hard the ground three times: 

The first day learning to climb 4cm sidewalk I do a hands landing with not injuries but some hurt for a few days.

Second my foot get stuck with a parked car in a narrow sidewalk and put me down with all my body in the ground at considerable speed, not injuries again but more hurts in hands, shoulder and hip.

My thrid was thanks to my old "only wheel" 200€ euc in a small bmx track coming down from a slope too fast. My but cheeks hurts a few and of course the hands.

Since first day I only use gloves for safety gear. That made in my legs two big bruises that last a couple of weeks. One month later I save most falls landing one foot and holding the euc with the other. 

I'm curious about what safety gear are you wearing and how that help "or not" you to prevent injuries in those falls.

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@radialI think the danger of protective gear is a false sense of security that makes us take more risks.

In contraposition long denim pants, closed shoes, jacket and good gloves makes enough protection for abrasions what's the most common injury (sorry for yours @Carlos E Rodriguez) and most important for the laws to come for euc: don't say to everybody you're ready to crash in any moment

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9 hours ago, Demargon said:

@radialI think the danger of protective gear is a false sense of security that makes us take more risks.

This is a well-researched subject known as compensation/compensatory risk. One could argue that insurance companies are moneterizing nothing but compensatory risk.

There's two types of safety equipment; one that stops you from getting into an accident and one that attempts to minimize the damage after the accident. The medical equivelent is a vacination versus a drug.

So ABS brakes stop you from getting into an accident while stability control attempts to keep the car level after you're shunted it.

If you didn't change your wheel behavior (went at same speed) but you are now wearing extra equipment then you are being safer. No one uses equipment in that way, though; you buy and use equipment so that you can go faster and incur the same damage as you would with no equipment going slower.

There was a fad some years ago in several European cities called "shared spaces" whereby cities removed traffic signs and let the cars and pedestrians mingle freely, kinda what one does with shopping carts in the grocery store. You negotiate space.

Didn't work of course; the whole idea was bonkers since the damage incurred during a car-pedestrian-bike collision is born almost entirely by the non-car.

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On 6/29/2017 at 2:57 PM, KingSong69 said:

Thumbs up for that description! this is exactly what a cut out did to me...

Trust must come back and safety gets a real new perspective!

Take it from me, a healthy dose of stupid can get you back on your wheel much faster. :D

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33 minutes ago, dbfrese said:

On May 6, of this year, towards the end of our 2nd Phoenix AZ group ride, I fell off my 9bot1 while trying to lob a football. I do not recommend that maneuver. There is a reason quarterbacks plant their feet firmly on the ground while throwing a long bomb. Trust me on this.

Went to urgent care, was told they saw nothing on the x rays of my wrist. A week later they called and said "oops. Radiologist says it's a hairline fracture in a bone in your wrist. Come in for a better splint to wear. You can see a specialist if you want to."

I didn't want to see a specialist, so I wore my splint somewhat religiously, but after 7 weeks of increasing intermittent pain I went to a hand specialist. The doctor was pretty p.o.ed :furious:  at the urgent care doctors because my fracture was not a hairline break, but a full fracture and mildly displaced at that.

Long story short -- I go in Thursday to have surgery. He'll put a screw through both pieces of the scaphoid bone in my wrist to hold them together. I may also need a bone graft so they'll actually unite. They'll put a cast on it afterwards that I'll have to wear for at least three weeks. 

I haven't ridden my EUC more than a quarter of a mile since the injury, but I can't wait to get healed up so I can get back to riding again. Sounds crazy, but I don't think a broken bone will deter me from getting back in the saddle again.:blink:

Don't do it!  They will overcharge.

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