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  1. kasenutty

    wheel park

    I don't really drink at all. If they were weed stops, it'd be another story, but I think he's in the wrong state for that
  2. kasenutty

    wheel park

    I wouldn't go more than once because for me riding my wheel is about clocking miles and going places. I wouldn't want to ride around in circles in the same area for too long.
  3. Hey, I'd like to go, but will be busy rehabbing a condo I'm trying to unload tomorrow morning. I'd really like to go for a ride though sometime. I don't have any RL friends on here. But, let's see, there's @brianle and @lawyerben I think.
  4. kasenutty

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Where can I join ANUS?
  5. kasenutty

    In the news...

    Maybe The Wizard can add an attachment to his anti cut out safety device that picks up or deflects scooters like a train's cow catcher.
  6. kasenutty

    What to pick?

    What the font?
  7. kasenutty

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    Shout out to the magic tree root that perfectly repositioned my feet yesterday when I rode over it too fast!
  8. kasenutty

    Blowing a Fuse

    I used a 30 Amp fuse in a 14c just because I couldn't find a 40 and never had any problems, and I never looked for another one
  9. kasenutty

    Suggest a unicycle

    At 2 cm I worry that any wheel will be too tall for you
  10. kasenutty

    KS16S & GW Tesla Comparison

    I have a 16s and I’d really like to try a ACM 2 with the Tesla motor and 1600 wh of battery. I’m sorta considering that one. The Tesla doesn’t have enough of a battery boost to switch to from my 16s, which I do love by the way.
  11. kasenutty

    Charging Strategy - Levels and Frequency

    100% every time. When this one dies I shall get another
  12. kasenutty

    Is the Segway MiniPro a gateway drug to an EUC?

    Yes. I started the same way. Now I’m two wheels in and looking for a third
  13. kasenutty

    Fastest EUC learning time?

  14. kasenutty

    Fastest EUC learning time?

    Not to worry, some guy will stop by soon and say he learned in 10 minutes and then we can all feel bad
  15. What are you getting next, Herman?