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  1. Mike, cool video, I am having a blast Eskating. I grew up skateboarding but after having a family, I haven't really rode until this Feb when I for some reason got the skateboarding bug bad again after a nearly 20 year absence. I'm 41 now and started going to skateparks again with my old skateboarding friend from high school and we've been having so much fun checking out all the local skateparks that weren't around when we were skating as kids. And of course, since I'm in a electric unicycle rider I decided I had to have an electric skateboard. I did a small amount of research and picked the most powerful budget board I could find. I have been really enjoying the Meepo NLS Pro, but I've never had an ESkate before so I don't really know how to compare it. I am a lifelong skateboarder, so I can say that the deck is good, flexy and comfortable, the trucks turn well, and the big wheels roll good. I feel like maybe the rear hub motor wheels are less smooth than the front freewheels and pick up a little more vibrations from sidewalk cracks etc, but these giant wheelsroll over bad terrain way better than any of my regular skateboard wheels (my wheel of choice on normal skateboards is 52-54 mm) the meepo wheels are wider than my normal wheels are tall hahaha. I have not been able to fully kill the battery yet, but have had a couple 10-12 mile rides on it. It's a lot less comfortable than an EUC because of after 10 miles of vibrations my feet get all worn out, but it's soooooo much fun to just carve around on a skateboard for an hour or two. I do really love it. The only problem is deciding to ride EUC or ESkate, I've been trying to give them equal attention and it's hard
  2. Are you the same guy I was talking to on Reddit?
  3. I'm no expert, but I checked the specs and this one is running a Hobbywing ESC and has a 10s2p with Samsung 40t batteries.
  4. Driving over the constitution is highly disrespectful.
  5. I carry a couch with me at all times in case I want to stop and rest
  6. Your thread title still says you want a V8. Edit the title that you found one and people will stop replying.
  7. I thought about that one but I wanted bigger wheels and a flexier deck. That backfire skateboard is pretty cool and a lot of people like them, but I liked the Meepo more for some reason. It's not offroad, it's a street cruiser. My fake Roomba goes about .5 mph I would guess, heheh very slow
  8. You are correct. Have a nice day.
  9. A couple more pictures The wheels are bigger than my fists The remote control thing. You use that thumb wheel to accelerate and break. It seemed twitchy at first but I seemed to acclimate quickly.
  10. It is pretty fast I took it out for a 10 mile ride last night and it did really good. The tech is nothing compared to euc but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve never had an eskate so I don’t know it compares to other eskates but it seems nice to me.
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