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  1. kasenutty

    Going from a 14in to 18in wheel, suggestions?

    Is your beef with the industry really that every single wheel currently produced doesn't accelerate completely identically?
  2. kasenutty

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    Scooters have coolness points?
  3. kasenutty

    Riding while under the influence 🙁

    Smoking weed and riding around in the woods is usually pretty damn fun. I don't like smoking weed and riding around town though. It makes me paranoid. I don't like drinking really at all and all my good drugging days are over. So, I guess stoned in the woods is as far as I'm willing to take it.
  4. Try letting some air out, I don't measure my pressure, but back when I did the 45 was way too hard for me. It makes me feel all squirrely like it pivots to easy, gives me a bumpy ride, and is just no fun. I pump it up until I can squeeze the tire in about a quarter inch if I squeeze really hard. I do them all like that because I like it. I'd guess it's in the 30s for PSI. I'm able to ride mine up in the 40s now no problem with a loose relaxed grip.
  5. Overlean = Faceplant You ask for more power than it has to give, boom hit face. This applies at any speed. If you're heavy enough and try to accelerate fast enough, it will just drop you. This can happen at 0 mph and whatever the max speed is if you give it the right conditions.
  6. kasenutty

    Can everyone learn to ride an EUC?

    @Dingfelder took like 3 years, but he came around
  7. kasenutty

    The Photo Thread

    I rode on the Centennial Trail from Snohomish to Lake Stevens WA yesterday, a beautiful paved bike trail through some farm lands. It was smooth and a fast long (for me, 30 mile) ride. Bonus picture of the guy I saw at the gas station on the way home who washed his entire car with a Windshield squeegee, Lmao!
  8. kasenutty

    Seattle Meetups and Group Rides

    Sounds like fun, I hope to catch some group rides this summer. My family did an Easter bbq today so we could all chill out tomorrow. The weather was great.
  9. kasenutty

    The Photo Thread

    My dream is to someday visit Meep and ride on one of these beautiful rides with him
  10. kasenutty

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    It's a wonderful wheel, but no I didn't go 100 km in one night. That was just my overall mileage. Weather has been bad and I've been using any sunshine to skateboard at the skatepark lately, so it's only up to about 170 km total mileage now. As soon as it warms up again a little, I'll start riding to work like I did last season on my 16s. It's about 16 miles round trip, so I get a lot of good riding in like that. I'm hoping for a big trip this weekend
  11. kasenutty

    How to deal with (and prevent) back ache

    I found myself imbalanced on my EUC and after a long ride my back would be sore from leaning forward a bit to accelerate. I was able to alleviate this by getting breast implants installed on my back. Now my balance is perfect and all my bros love to hug me
  12. kasenutty

    KS-18XL new with bad motor, rim & tyre sideways wobble

    OH! Well, that makes sense. I was like that with my first wheel too. I always thought it was broken and was always worried about it. I did break it though, so my worries were warranted, although it took a year or so
  13. kasenutty

    KS-18XL new with bad motor, rim & tyre sideways wobble

    You never told me how it rides, have you tried it yet? I am not the kind of guy who could let a new wheel sit around and not try it at least once
  14. kasenutty

    KS-18XL new with bad motor, rim & tyre sideways wobble

    I haven't checked mine, and I probably won't unless I have a reason. I've put about 150 miles on mine and it rides great so I really have no reason to gather evidence. I asked @bruno356 how his wheel rides and never got an answer back. My wheel rides like the best wheel that was ever built, so I am very happy with it and not really caring what the footage from underneath looks like at the moment