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  1. I messed my calibration up so bad when I did the firmware update, it was like popping a SERIOUS wheelie. I recalibrated with my wheel sitting on a couple of speakers as leveling blocks and it's PERFECT now. Sooooo good, new firmware is very nice.
  2. Nice update, for some reason the Kingsong app would not update me but I was able to complete it in Darknessbot. It looks like pedal dip in turns is totally gone. Only tested for a few minutes in hard mode, it seems very good
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'll check it tonight and update if needed.
  4. Hello everyone, long time no see. I've been happily and ignorantly riding my 18xl for two years with absolutely no app or firmware updates, I was just checking in to see where I should be, and if there are any bad firmware updates or apps to avoid. I'm getting an app update message I believe but it's all in Chinese. It could be a firmware update. I just wanted to get up to date
  5. I like riding EUC better on weed than alcohol
  6. My other PEV is a cheap Eskate. I love it but it doesn’t eat up miles like my EUC.
  7. I don't use them for commuting at all, they are just recreational vehicles, so it doesn't matter all that much. I also ride regular skateboards, so the Eskate with it's enormous wheels feels pretty smooth (Except for sidewalk cracks aaargh!!!!) I still do not think I will get rid of my wheel. Probably just upgrade the ESkate and keep wheeling too.
  8. I'm half way tempted to liquidate the Meepo and 18 xl to get one of those LaCroix or Kaly boards... Half way, but not there yet
  9. Sup guys? Just checking in. After I repaired and fixed my hub that was replaced under warranty (with a new back truck too!) I figured hey why not, and ordered an extra motor, so next year I will be able to freshen up in the spring with two brand new motors with PU sleeves and maybe a new truck if I feel like poking holes through the grip tape. The Eskate has been a blast, I may sell it and upgrade in the spring to something AT. It's got me not riding my 18xl as much too, but I do not feel like getting rid of it at all. But riding both means not riding either one as much as I would like, b
  10. I have often wondered why people feel so compelled to push their personal safety regime on everyone they come in contact with without knowing how much a person values not getting injured. The level of caring about how badly you're hurt varies greatly from person to person, and assuming someone's ICL (Intended Carefulness Level) is insensitive to those who enjoy pain.
  11. The cracks seem so much worse at high speed than they are pushing a regular board! I may go with an AT board of some type next time around.
  12. Another thing that can make 20+ rides safer is to not ride a V5
  13. After I had some trouble with that motor, Meepo is sending me a new back truck and motors under warranty.
  14. I push them out of the way with my pitchfork 😀
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