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  1. That doesn't sound right. For example, the InMotion V5 (and V5F, V5F+) has a maximum speed of 25km/h and AFAICS it should be perfectly legal in France and Belgium. Same for KS-14 M and I am almost sure this is not an exhaustive list.
  2. AFAIK this setup is usually called twin-, not bi-.
  3. True, I am more likely to give up the forum than the riding. Sorry guys...
  4. Good thinking Kind of more than I would have expected. BTW, where can I find the number of members in this forum here? EDIT: I did a quick check, a non-negligible number of newer users at Esprit roue may own scooters rather than EUCs. The number of messages though seems to be EUC dominated.
  5. I have no idea how you could possibly assume that all existing wheelers would go to the same single meetup, really, no clue whatsoever. You never organized a party for more than a dozen people ever? Oh, apart from confirmation bias, of course. AKA confirmation bias. The number is not and has never been 10,000. I wrote and meant "more than 10,000". The original source is not an official InMotion channel (re: marketing), gave a more precise number above 10,000, and is considered as trustworthy by most of us. As I don't know for sure how sensitive this information was I let the source decide where to go from here.
  6. To get a reasonably good estimate of the number of sold wheels should not be that terribly difficult. In particular if @Jason McNeil will be so kind to chime in and give some hint
  7. Conservative, because it's less than the number of sold V8s? LOL
  8. yeah, it's just so hard to admit to have been completely off. It's so much more rewarding to find any possible argument to convince oneself to have been (almost) right...and it's so easy to ignore any data that could possibly point to the contrary AKA confirmation bias. Another data point: in Oct 2017 the Paris meeting had apparently 233 wheelers. With the conservative assumptions that only 50% of them were from Paris (I'd assume the number is rather 85%) and 10% of all Paris wheelers attended (far too high IMHO), we compute 116/0.1=1160 wheelers in Paris two years ago. Here is another interesting question: what would be the split between committed sport riders vs laisser-faire opportunity riders. I reckon that this is quite different in Belgium vs the US.
  9. These numbers only suggest that there not many of us recording data on this app. That is surely true. Apart from that and giving a lower bound, these numbers give no hints whatsoever to answer the question of "how many are we". I am seriously puzzled how you could believe otherwise.
  10. There is no EUCing competitive sports and for many EUCers the sportive aspect is not even relevant. Cycling is a sport, but a large part of the cycling industry has nothing to do with it, for example building electric bicycles. I know, that's not how North Americans understand cycling... The electric bicycle market has a volume of $20 billion per year without a sports behind. 100M over 5 years would be 0.1% share of this market. That seems somewhat in the right ballpark. By end of 2017, InMotion had sold more than 10,000 units of the V8 alone. That alone makes 10% of a 100M sales volume you believe is impossible. By end of 2017, two years ago and within two years, InMotion had sold more than 10,000 units of the V8 alone. By now, beginning of 2020, the number of sold V8 units has most likely passed 20K. No way there are tops 10K EUCers around the world. There are probably about 5-10K EUCers in Paris alone. There are at least three shops in Paris having made their living on selling EUCs for years (and Aliexpress exists in France too). That makes at the very least a few thousand locally sold units, possibly a few ten thousands. My traffic counts combined with the number of >250K cycling trips per day would estimated the number of daily EUCing trips in Paris to around 5000. Yes, I agree, it's hard to believe, but there are almost certainly more than a thousand EUCing trips made every day in Paris alone. That means a conservative estimate is 1 million EUC km / year in Paris alone. A tiny percentage of these trips would show up in EUC.World (50K km for France).
  11. I assume there is, depending on the App version something like body car forward whatever or Vehicle Correction
  12. Having spent roughly 500 hours on improving skills like turning and spinning, backwards riding, riding up curbs and down stairs, one legged riding etc. one hint that helped me to prevent some pain: I was padding the sharp edges of the wheel in case they hit me. Wheel bite is a real thing in my experience. Apart from bruises I haven't hurt myself and had my closest calls never while doing tricks. I suggest to practice to get one flat foot on the ground anywhere in a 1m radius around the wheel in any situation. Being always ready to do this helps IMHO a lot to broaden the range of situations that don't bring me down. It also requires to stay low enough to make the flat foot touch ground (before the head ). Lately, when I didn't fully abide by this idea myself it looked like this I stopped wearing protection gear a long time ago and ride with any shoes at hand including sandales. Works for me, but surely mileages vary.
  13. For 99% percent of the applications of batteries the limitation is costs or weight, not invincibility. The chance that we will see non-standard (expensive) battery packs build into EUCs in any near future is close to zero. Sorry for the bad news.
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