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  1. Some people will die from different reasons before they get hurt. Looking at the numbers of the poll they may even be in the majority. I stopped using protection a long time ago and haven't hurt myself in 10,000+km but I never go above 25km/h. The longer I ride, the fewer close calls I am experiencing. I think, besides practicing (even systematic active safety practice), the most important factor to not get hurt is a proper judgement of my own skills and the ability and discipline to not ride beyond them. To me this has kept getting easier with increasing skill level.
  2. Mono

    Riding your Wheel in France

    Though I think that we are to be banned from sidewalks, which I would personally find hugely annoying if it were actually enforced. I really, really don't like to mix with cars while riding the EUC.
  3. Mono

    Riding your Wheel in France

    It has happened hasn't it? Les engins de déplacements électriques (hoverboard, gyropodes, monoroue, trottinette électrique) sont interdits sur les voiries publiques (trottoirs et voies de circulation). I agree that it is hard to see that this law will be actually enforced.
  4. Of course much depends on what "learn" means when you write "lean in under an hour". I know adults who are not able to ride a bicycle, but I don't know any adult who has been able to change this consistently. I don't say they don't exist, it just seems to me that they are rare. In any case, the game will be won or lost not on adults learning to ride an EUC, but on children. To my experience, they get the grasp on EUCs pretty quickly and have lots of fun in the process.
  5. I think usually it is just a cosmetic problem and does affect the function. I never changed the board.
  6. Mono

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Last time I checked most airlines stopped allowing to carry any EUCs regardless of battery size. Did this change?
  7. The boards probably all look somewhat burned at this very same place, though maybe not the extreme. Mine has similar marks and IIRC I have seen others that do too. Still, I also would consider it as a warranty case, though based on a design failure that won't go away.
  8. Mono

    How to learn reverse riding

    I think it's only a matter of conditioning. I always found it odd to look and turn the body to the outside, so I never did this but looked to the inside instead and learned to make circles just fine this way. Only for aggressive turns I turn the upper body first and let the hip follow and snap back.
  9. I am quite concerned about your health, as staying on an EUC in difficult riding situations is a skill you are not likely to have after a week or even a month or two. Going down at 30km/h is not a gimmick at all and can lead to severe injuries much more likely than at 20km/h. Apart from being illegal, I can only strongly recommend not going that fast before to have ridden a few thousand of kilometers. Of course I can't make life choices for others.
  10. Mono

    Charging costs?

    FTR, these are the final operating purchase costs per mileage of the three EUCs I own but don't ride anymore (two of them are defective). I give the amount I payed (including replacement tires etc) minus what I estimate as remaining value (such I wouldn't feel like a con artist to accept as offer) and the distance I rode. I don't count the hours I spent in repairing tires etc. or fuel or... EUR / km (950 - 200) / 3500 ≈ 21ct/km (600 - 150) / 700 ≈ 64ct/km (880 - 80) / 8000 ≈ 10ct/km On average this is a respectable 2k/12.2k = 16ct/km. Numbers to compare with for cars are widely available on the www. EDIT: I did a pretty comprehensive consumption statistics a while ago, resulting in 16Wh/km as measurement, hence contributing roughly 0.2ct/km or 1.3% of the above costs, far below the rounding errors and memory leaks I allowed myself to make in the above numbers.
  11. Mono

    Charging costs?

    True for many of us. But it also requires time, which is not for free, at least for some of us. Sure, some people have lots of fun repairing their EUCs or cars or motorbikes themselves, but that's not how we compare costs, usually.
  12. The rim size is correct and I have been using different tires of size 2.125 without problem. Larger tires do not fit into the shell, and you might get rubbing of the new tire in the inner shell as reported by others even with the above size.
  13. Mono

    Charging costs?

    Just do the calculations. Or use Google. There are two reason why the car is so crazy-cheap: (i) it makes a much higher mileage and (ii) it is a real mass product. I think the numbers are overall even too rosy for the wheel. If I don't consider DIY tyre change and all on my wheel for free, I may even have to add mechanics and inspection costs of 5-10ct/km.
  14. Mono

    Charging costs?

    I don't know how you get to this conclusion unless you ignore the purchase price. It is hard to get a reliable used wheel and they are often still expensive and if you buy a new wheel it is not likely that you will ever pay less than 10ct/km. More like is that you will have payed around 20ct/km at its end of life. That is about as "crazy-cheap" as a cheap used car.
  15. Mono

    Charging costs?

    Charging costs are very unlikely to be relevant in the overall costs at all. I pay roughly 0.2ct/km for electricity but five times as much, 1ct/km, for tires alone. If you ride a €1000 EUC for 20,000km, it is 5ct/km, you need to ride 100,000km (which is pretty unrealistic) to get it at 1ct/km, which is the price of the tire wear and still five times the cost of the electricity.