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  1. I am closing in on 20,000km of happy wheeling and just bought a V8F. It was a pretty easy choice for what I want and need (in the > 14" and < 18kg segment still isn't that much competition out there). There is no real point to get a race bike if you actually want to use it like a city bike, or a Ferrari if... I have been staying strictly below 25km/h for a long time now, because, to me, the quickly increasing risk with increasing speed isn't worth it. This has the additional benefit to abide by the law here. Yet I still also regularly crawl on sidewalks, which is here against the l
  2. Agreed, the bullying I was referring to took place before the ban. Removing the one who was bullied was the solution (just not the type of solution I am generally interested in), AFAICS. But now thinking about it, in this scenario also the ban should be considered somewhat as part of the bullying. "If the victim would not have been there, no harm would have been done. Then, whos fault is it?" Nice try. Aneta is not the reason for my lost interest whereas, in part, your reaction is. You could possibly change the outcome by some relatively simple measure you chose not to take, namel
  3. Because I do. I do care if people are bullied. I prefer not to be part of a group that bullies outsiders due to a badly chosen profile picture, even when I got assured that I (and everybody else but that very person) will never become a victim. Funny that you mention it though If "trust us" and "forget about it" is the final "professional" answer (to the question I asked above in bold), I have lost interest in contributing to this forum any longer. Cheers either way!
  4. I cannot remember any off topic post of Aneta. I just checked the last nine posts on different topics, nothing off topic. I can clearly remember a post which points out how remarkable it is that she never even responded to the mocking and ridiculing of her profile picture by others. Would you mind to point to a couple of posts which highlight the reason for the ban? That should be easy after months of deliberations. I certainly found her (on topic) arguments on the "How many of us are there" complete unconvincing and non-sense, but that can hardly be a reason for a ban.
  5. WOW, that sounds like a politician talking. Every time, really! Then why not ban the people who do the disruptive talking all the time? It seems to be on them.
  6. That doesn't sound right. For example, the InMotion V5 (and V5F, V5F+) has a maximum speed of 25km/h and AFAICS it should be perfectly legal in France and Belgium. Same for KS-14 M and I am almost sure this is not an exhaustive list.
  7. AFAIK this setup is usually called twin-, not bi-.
  8. True, I am more likely to give up the forum than the riding. Sorry guys...
  9. Good thinking Kind of more than I would have expected. BTW, where can I find the number of members in this forum here? EDIT: I did a quick check, a non-negligible number of newer users at Esprit roue may own scooters rather than EUCs. The number of messages though seems to be EUC dominated.
  10. I have no idea how you could possibly assume that all existing wheelers would go to the same single meetup, really, no clue whatsoever. You never organized a party for more than a dozen people ever? Oh, apart from confirmation bias, of course. AKA confirmation bias. The number is not and has never been 10,000. I wrote and meant "more than 10,000". The original source is not an official InMotion channel (re: marketing), gave a more precise number above 10,000, and is considered as trustworthy by most of us. As I don't know for sure how sensitive this information was I let the source dec
  11. To get a reasonably good estimate of the number of sold wheels should not be that terribly difficult. In particular if @Jason McNeil will be so kind to chime in and give some hint
  12. Conservative, because it's less than the number of sold V8s? LOL
  13. yeah, it's just so hard to admit to have been completely off. It's so much more rewarding to find any possible argument to convince oneself to have been (almost) right...and it's so easy to ignore any data that could possibly point to the contrary AKA confirmation bias. Another data point: in Oct 2017 the Paris meeting had apparently 233 wheelers. With the conservative assumptions that only 50% of them were from Paris (I'd assume the number is rather 85%) and 10% of all Paris wheelers attended (far too high IMHO), we compute 116/0.1=1160 wheelers in Paris two years ago. Her
  14. These numbers only suggest that there not many of us recording data on this app. That is surely true. Apart from that and giving a lower bound, these numbers give no hints whatsoever to answer the question of "how many are we". I am seriously puzzled how you could believe otherwise.
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