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  1. You don't need to even touch the EUC with your calfs, so it doesn't really matter, but relaxing and looking up and forward, not downward, is usually quite helpful. Then try the active swiveling approach.
  2. Same here, but then I wonder why they do it. My suspicion is that not everyone is as considerate as I am when riding in pedestrian paths and that's why they are more protective than I expect them to be.
  3. Mono

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    It depends, there are more and more paths that are build for the fun of moving, not for transportation.
  4. Mono

    First negative reaction on the EUC

    Weren't they riding a path where motorcycles are not allowed? I would think that in this case it plays a role to be dressed up like a motorcyclist.
  5. Mono


    Why bother shipping then? There are several shops in Paris you can walk in and buy (pretty much) any wheel as you desire right on the spot.
  6. I prefer the way it is. It's not unsafe, as the power button is ineffective when the wheel is moving. Placing a small padding above the button prevented accidental pushes for me.
  7. Mono

    Really interesting interview

    @qweiczzwhat was the reason to copy-paste a post of mine as if it was yours?
  8. Why do you say this? I don't think I ever heard of tendon or ligament rupture in the hand or wrist from "over-extension" or falling or even otherwise (unless cut with a knife or saw). If it exists, it must be quite rare (compared to broken bones in the hand, the wrist, or the radius) and no real reason to worry about. If wrist guards do not prevent a broken wrist at least in some cases, they are really useless IMHO. But as always, wearing them may lead to more additional risk taking as they can the user protect from.
  9. I couldn't find the source supporting this, can you give the pointer? In Ireland in 2017, (only) five of the 15 deadly accidents were inside of a 50km/h speed limit (where the bus lane scenario is that you have been describing as unsafe). A known problem is the higher traffic speeds in itself, but I have never heard that cycling at 50km/h in 50km/h zones is particularly safe. Encounters with busses constitute 1% of all bicycle accidents in Germany.
  10. That's a valuable report, though you can't know whether the wrist guards prevented a broken wrist, can you? After all, a contusion is a comparatively mild injury. Some people believe wrist guards are barely effective at all (which I find hard to believe) and it seems difficult to get actual empirical data on their efficacy. Fortunately, I personally don't need to worry about the efficacy of protection gear
  11. So do you have any idea how many cyclists have died last year in Ireland, because they went "too slow" and were hence run over by a bus? It is a simple empirical question for which we currently have a large real life study running in Europe. Which e-bikes are safer, pedelecs with a speed limit of 25km/h or speed-pedelecs with a speed limit of 45km/h and mandatory helmet. I believe the data suggest it is rather the former, but as we may not have enough data as of now (fortunately not enough people died), we can probably be more assertive about it in a few years from now.
  12. I guess you mean like bicycles are considered "a problem for other vehicles". I think this attitude should change and it likely will change.
  13. Mono

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    On many EUCs (apart from KingSongs) the handle will do. Most of us though won't lock the EUC outside of a store but trolley it through. It is also a fine roller of shop baskets. I never seriously considered taking a lock with me.
  14. Right, as for any bicycle, and as for any bicycle, most people get rarely if ever close to 40km/h. It is not so much a matter whether a bicycle can go 40km/h, but whether this is a speed attained by many people for long periods of time. I don't see many good reasons why it should not be the same for EUCs, in particular as they are intrinsically less safe than bicycles. Of course it is possible to introduce a one-wheeled vehicle category that goes faster with obligatory type approval, driving licence, insurance, etc.