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  1. Mono

    V8 tire pressure

    As suggested by another forum member, I adjust the pressure to get the most neutral turning behavior of the wheel. For me it's somewhere between 35 and 40PSI, I believe closer to 35 than to 40. This fits quite precisely into the above linked appropriate pressures graph from ewheels.
  2. Mono

    Red and Orange Battery lights on Glide 3

    Agreed that each bar marks (about) 20% capacity. To my experience going from 2 bars to a 1 bar yet seems to take a little bit longer than for the other bars.
  3. Mono

    HELP! Strange noise in my V8

    I'd like to see a (first) picture of a bent or broken axle of a V8 or V10 before to make any premature conclusions.
  4. Mono

    Software speed limit consequences?

    For riding into a wall my hunch is that it wouldn't matter anyways.
  5. Mono

    Help me choose my first EUC

    Have unintentionally lifted a powered on EUC many times and many people that I have let try have done it despite my warnings (some literally 2 seconds after I told them not to). It's quite unintuitive to grasp that one should not lift it even for a short moment. We are all humans, while you must be super-human, clearly.
  6. Mono

    Help me choose my first EUC

    Yes, as with most EUCs. It will turn off when it has reached its maximal (spinning) speed and it cannot be recommended (at all) to put it on the floor (or foot) before that has happened. If you are talented you may be able to slow it down by doing controlled forth-and-back swivels (I can only do it with one of my wheels and not quite reliably).
  7. Mono

    Software speed limit consequences?

    15% more impact on your bones to crack in exchange to 7% of increased speed or saved time. At this speed, 15% is IMHO already pretty significant.
  8. Mono

    Software speed limit consequences?

    What's the point to squeeze out 2km/h when you expect to fully ride into the tiltback anyway? The concern I have is neither motor problems nor overheat but riding closer to the torque limits and at higher speeds, which increases the likelihood and the severity of a crash.
  9. Mono

    HELP! Strange noise in my V8

    Doesn't sound to me like a bearing problem. Indeed, first I would check whether the valve is touching something.
  10. The safety feature of tilt-back is that it strongly incentivizes the rider to slow down, because it is hard (up to impossible, depending on the angle) to keep the feet in the backwards tilt position which is necessary to maintain the speed under tilt-back (leveling the pedals will bring the wheel in front of the rider and thus inevitably initiate a slowdown). If you have changed the base angle such that the tilt-back angle is horizontal you have turned off the mechanism by which tilt-back makes riding the wheel safer. For your safety remains that the change in pedal tilt signals that the wheel has reached the limit speed. The strong incentive to slow down has disappeared. If you ride your wheel at tilt-back speed on level "with more control" you ride it in a constant over-speed situation. I am not quite convinced that this is what I could call uncompromised safety.
  11. To prevent falling left or right like in this clip, you have to turn/twist the wheel in the direction where you are falling. Just tilting the wheel to the side as you did is not enough. It should be very helpful to practice these swivel movements as described here
  12. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    "a lot" means twice the current on a 40V system compared to an 80V system. Sure, you need to lessen resistance where it matters, but that isn't really rocket science. I am absolutely positive that Justin has heard about this problem and the solutions, even if he hadn't been talking about it 😀, though I actually hear him talking about it in this very vid at around 7:20.
  13. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    I guess that is true all else being equal, which is not a very reasonable assumption to make for two systems designed to operate under two different base voltages. The "problem" remains that the e-motor engineer Justin Lemire-Elmore owning Grin Technologies tells us very elaborately that voltage has essentially nothing to do with e-motor performance. Is he wrong? https://youtu.be/IxB2j-egWcQ?t=5m33s
  14. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    My hunch would be that this is because higher voltages do not give any decisive technical advantage, apart from the publicity buzz. The additional wire weight is probably rather insignificant overall.