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  1. at a crossing in Paris: 100 bicycles 20 kick scooters 3 EUCs 1 skateboard 1 roller blades 1 others My impression is that these numbers are somewhat representative, so 2-3 EUCs per 100 bicycles isn't that bad, isn't it?
  2. Mono

    How fast is too fast?

    That's the attitude I am afraid of.
  3. Mono

    How fast is too fast?

    I am actually more worried about the pedestrians which will be injured by EUCers going faster and faster, as they cannot make any conscious choice about taking the risk or leaving it. The more so, because the main safety recipe repeated by EUCers again and again is wearing safety gear, which does nothing to protect pedestrians and cyclists hit by EUCers going faster and faster.
  4. Mono

    when to recharge?

    For the battery it is best to stay around 40-50% state of charge as long as possible and to be charged up to 100% only once in a while. The other way around, the worst is to store the battery at 100% charge at higher temperatures. If I can, I charge the wheel before I go out and only to 100% if I may need the full range.
  5. The latest tubes for the V8/Glide 3 I bought were 5 EUR, see
  6. Mono

    Big or small problem? 14s

    If your battery sits at 100% charge level most of the time, this is not so unsurprising. In order to avoid fast battery degradation you better avoid to keep the battery at 100% for many hours, in particular at temperature >20ºC. Ideally for the battery is to keep it at around 50% charge and charge it up to the necessary value only right before usage. Only occasionally charge it up to 100% and keep it at the charger for a few more hours (this is supposed to trigger cell balancing).
  7. Shock absorption is based on linear (more or less vertical) movements, while the wheel senses the inclination angle of the pedals which only changes from circular motions. The good news is that these don't directly interact with each other. Two threads showing EUCs with suspension: Ideally though, the shell with the main board and the battery would be part of the sprung mass and not of the unsprung mass as in the above prototypes.
  8. Mono

    Strange "Clonck" sound from my V8

    Kind-of good news, if this oscillation behavior (which a few people have observed) is indeed caused by a "simple" (now) known mechanical failure and not by a weird software bug.
  9. Mono

    Gotway Tesla Key Ignition Mod Anti Theft

    Anecdotal evidence can't give us probabilities. Even probabilities significantly differ depending on the place and time. Let's put in some numbers: I have left >1KEUR bicycles outside and unattended during night time hundreds of times (always well secured) and never got stolen any of them. The only bicycle I got stolen was cheaper and purely secured.
  10. Mono

    Gotway Tesla Key Ignition Mod Anti Theft

    Now we are getting somewhere Sure, but it's all a matter of probability and time is money as well. The better secured and the less valuable the goods is, the less likely it is that it will be stolen. It's not about being possible to steal, but being probable.
  11. Mono

    V10F wheel need balancing?

    Were these speculations or actual before-after experiences? Searching the forum didn't bring up anything like that for me.
  12. Mono

    Approximate used cost

    Checking out https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/24-private-sales-secondhand/ may help.
  13. I can remember a few situations I had where the wheel started spinning over the ground offroad. Traction control would likely have given me some desirable additional traction (and hence balancing power) in these situations. It is not a big issue and happens rarely (after all the motor power is rather limited) and I prefer no traction control over a badly implemented one. Hence traction control would be low on my priority list.
  14. Mono

    Strange "Clonck" sound from my V8

    From my understanding of the geometry I have a hard time to see how the keyed shaft could ever get 360º loose just by further wearing out. I can understand that the play will gradually increase, but it should take a very long time from the few degrees of the clonck to grow to 360º free wheeling. Meanwhile, long before this may happen the wheel should become pretty unrideable due to the gradually increasing play. Am I missing some important aspect of it?
  15. Mono

    Strange "Clonck" sound from my V8

    I would have thought the key isn't even necessary as long as the welding isn't broken.