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  1. Mono

    V8 consumption statistics

    I am ending my energy consumption recording for the V8 after 6000km. Below are the plots of the final data (see above for how to read the graphs). Typical consumptions (including charge losses on the battery side) are between 11Wh/km and 20Wh/km. The median and the average consumption over 6000km was 16Wh/km. I usually have some significant uphill or idling parts in my trips.
  2. Mono

    Advice needed for new unicycle

    Is the noise of the KS16S the same? Motorwise these are different wheels, right?
  3. Mono

    Inmotion V8 Lost Gyro ?!

    It is not quite clear what "lost the gyroscope" is supposed to mean exactly. In general, going over bumps is a rather delicate riding skill which most people need to practice quite a bit before to master it at any speed.
  4. Mono

    Advice needed for new unicycle

    What exactly do you mean by "a lot"? Wouldn't that mean that EUCs have a significantly shorter range than electric scooters or skateboards (which I am not quite aware of)? As a comparison number to start with: when I go 10km/h with my V8 on a flat straight (about 95kg weight overall), the wheel consumes roughly 100W (computed offline from the balance data of the Charge Doctor, that is, the actual consumption must be somewhat lower when accounting for initial acceleration and charge losses). How much of that wattage is "used for balancing"? This thread shows some consumption measurements as a function of speed.
  5. Mono

    German Discussion Group

    WOW, das sind ja über 2,5km/h!
  6. Mono

    Dogs and your unicycle

    Yes, some dogs try to chase me (I have even been bitten once), some dogs bark, some dogs seem to be very afraid, but also many dogs don't care at all (in particular well trained dogs, like guide dogs, never have posed a problem). The latter category has become more and more common: I haven't been chased for some time now by a dog while it was a quite common experience a-year-or-so ago. My hunch is that this is the variation of reaction of dogs to something that they don't know. If it were the noise alone I would expect them to increase the distance instead of chasing. They also invariably lose interest when I stop moving, which lets me reckon that the unusual movement causes their reaction.
  7. Mono


    I like to ride on gravel. It's IMHO also a great way to learn how to better control the wheel in various scenarios.
  8. I understand the thrill of speed. I have been riding highways with 180km/h on a motorcycle. Yet I find it much more thrilling to ride sand dunes with 60km/h, which is done, BTW, standing not sitting But that's just me and as we all know the fun mileage of people differs widely.
  9. I don't mind a free fall of 170mm but it's a good point to remind that keeping the knees soft and bent them further in case is the lifesaver on an EUC. Keeping the knees soft is the method of choice how I keep my legs under the body (and hence under the head) and do not go free flying horizontally. Preventing to fall off head first on the ground is an important factor in riding safely, even if you wear a helmet.
  10. I would suggest that wearing protection can also harm, even in a number of different ways. Making a rider feel secure can be good, but it can be bad too. It seems quite likely that those who feel secure go (slightly) faster and they will take a bunch of other risks which they wouldn't take when feeling insecure. On the "good" side, feeling secure is in itself a good feeling and it may help in riding through critical situation when they occur. That seems similar to helmet wearing: it most likely helps in an accident with head impact (not sure about face impact though), but it may well increase the chance to be in such accident. Another potential harm from wearing protection is the deterring effect to others.
  11. I second to practice mounting the unpowered wheel. It is IMHO a good exercise to train and test sensitivity and reflexes. I aim to always mount the wheel in a way that I won't lose control regardless of whether the wheel is powered on. I believe I am not far off that point. The next goal post is to stay upright (running it off) even when the wheel silently powers off while riding. This is much harder to test though. I did some practices but only at very low speed. The amount of protection gear I use is identical to the gear I wear when I go jogging and I make sure I do not ride faster than I can run. Plus, I keep activated my all-time most important safety device right below my skullcap.
  12. Mono

    Practicing with the V10F - what not to do

    If the V8 counts as indicator I can attest that it is deactivated. I activate the LEDs regularly while riding, which is done by pushing the tilt switch plus the on/off switch. All done in the name of science, of course, just kidding. For a little while I did your exercise deliberately, pushing the button while riding slowly to see how it goes when the wheel silently switches off, but only riding forward. Now you make me wonder whether I should try it also backwards. I find the activation speed of the kill switch delicately well chosen. I would think it is still considerably below 5km/h for the V8. Still, when I pick it up while walking into a stair case, I am always slow enough to get the deactivation working as I expect it too.
  13. Mono

    German Discussion Group

    hmm, die nötige Kraft um den Rollwiderstand zu überwinden ist nicht proportional zur Geschwindigkeit sondern konstant? D.h., bei 0km/h verbliebe eine notwendige positive Kraft gegen den Rollwiderstand (wie bei der Schwerkraft, die auch bei 0km/h im Anstieg bestehen bleibt). Seltsam. EDIT: my bad, natürlich, die Arbeit ist (in erster Näherung) proportional zur Geschwindigkeit, d.h. die Kraft ist konstant.
  14. Mono

    German Discussion Group

    Interessant. Dass leere Akkus bei Hitze besonders schell altern ist mir neu, obwohl ich auf dem Thema eine ganze Weile herumrecherchiert habe. Gibt's da eine Quelle zu?