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  1. My "other wheel" is also a V8, so I know what you mean. The V8 is a pretty quiet machine, but not really soundless. My brand new never dumped XL sounds exactly like your audio recordings. I think you're good.
  2. Sounds like normal motor noise to me.
  3. Is this where the old guys hang out? I too was well past 60 when I stepped on my first unicycle, a Ninebot 1E+. I remember the first couple of days thinking I had made a terrible mistake. It's a good thing that particular wheel was so durable because I dumped it on the pavement time after time when I first took it outdoors. The thing I remember least fondly about that period was how badly my shins were bruised. I had the wheel clamped in a death grip so every wobble banged into the side of my shins. The cumulative effect was a pair of legs that looked like they lost a bar fight
  4. radial


    Check what resolution your YouTube viewer is running at. If it's running at less than 1080p, go to Settings and bump it up to full HD. Makes a world of difference.
  5. The app is showing battery level on my KS18 XL at 100% even when it is well below that value. Is this because it isn't taking the extra battery capacity into account?
  6. radial


    Ah thanks, that sounds feasible. I was pretty sure you weren't doing this on a phone
  7. radial


    Video looks good, @Marty Backe! What are you using to edit your footage? The Insta360 One X iOS app actually does a pretty nice job with changes in camera point of view. The Pivot Point, SmartTrack, and ViewFinder features are pretty cool. But the iPhone seems like such a pretty puny platform for video editing. Is there an editing package with comparable functionality that runs on a laptop/desktop?
  8. Thanks for this! My KS18 XL arrived today and I've spent the past few hours messing around with it. After wrestling with the iOS app for quite a while, I switched to the Android app (thanks to your links) and it worked like a charm. I tried to use the iOS app to change the speed and alarm settings, but never could get it to save my changes. It just kept reverting to the Kingsong factory defaults. In the process of failing to do what I wanted, it also generated sensor errors similar to what others were reporting upthread. Argh! The Android app made all those problems go away.
  9. The chin guard is also detachable on the 3R. Between the two though, I would get the DH at this point if I was shopping. It's kind of the new and improved 3R with got a higher level of safety certification, improved MIPS technology, and a less pinchy fit.
  10. I bet the visor is removable on that helmet. I have a different Bell helmet (Super 3R) and if you just undo the screws at the hinge points, the visor pops off.
  11. @Lutalo, I've never seen a coyote on the park trail. Very cool. One night I did nearly run over a copperhead that was stretched out across the warm asphalt. I did one of those quick pothole avoidance maneuvers and fortunately missed running over the snake and/or dumping the wheel. The adrenalin was still pumping when (and this is no lie) I came upon another and even larger snake. This time I was on high alert so I had enough time to consciously navigate around it, but still!
  12. Totally agree. I have a rechargeable headlamp with a strap long enough to fit around my helmet. It works great for night riding. Frequently, what you need illuminated is not what the wheel is pointing at. Also, it comes in handy when you need to be seen by others. Drivers approaching from the left or right aren't necessarily going to see the light on your wheel which is not really pointing at them. But they focus on you right away when you sweep them with a powerful headlamp beam.
  13. Probably not. Last email from ewheels.com said the shipment from China was expected to make landfall in the U.S. today and that they would be shipping wheels next week. I'll catch up with you guys soon, I hope.
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