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  1. radial

    The Photo Thread

    Snazzy, I like it! Personally, I don't bother to make my wheels pretty because it's only a matter of time before I beat them to death.
  2. radial


    Hey man, you're fine. There's no guarantee for any of us that we'll wake up among the living on any given morning. You just need to keep on living like there's no tomorrow. Because eventually there won't be, and on that day how stupid would it be if you hadn't been living life to the fullest possible extent? Be well, friend.
  3. radial


    Godspeed, Ned. Sorry for your loss, nova.
  4. radial


    Oh, I'm definitely older than you. Today is my birthday and I'm 68. That's one sweet boat. And Bob seems awesome. Let me know if you want some company, and I'll mosey down your way when the job permits.
  5. radial


    Be careful what you wish for. I for one would be honored to visit your rancho. And I'm actually older than you, so I could give you some pointers about what lies ahead.
  6. radial


    Hi Justine!
  7. radial

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Go tubeless. You can thank me later.
  8. radial

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Oh man, so sorry you had this accident. But honestly, I've been having second thoughts myself lately. These glorious one-wheeled vehicles we ride are fundamentally accidents looking for a place to happen. I've been riding for less than a year but have already racked up more injuries than the previous 20 years of semi-extreme sports. Might be taking a break myself before long. Again, though, sorry for your injury. You'll be sorely missed here.
  9. radial

    63 old guinea pig

    Hey man, you're doing fine. Everybody moves at their own pace in this hobby. It's not a competition. People do this for fun, not to win prizes.
  10. radial

    MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    They might work fine, and thanks for pointing them out. But personally, I'm tired of the angled valve stems that poke their noses out so far in the slipstream that they are just begging to snag on something. I'll be doing the tubeless conversion soon with shorty valve stems. You know what they say about how the nail that sticks up higher than the others is the first one to attract the hammer? I think that's true.
  11. radial

    Almost better!

    Good luck, buddy. You'll get through this gauntlet, and on the other side is nothing but net.
  12. radial

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    No thank you, I can't solder! But I suspect that in the fullness of time, you'll have my tube issues and I might have your battery issues. Somebody should found a Gotway survivors group .
  13. radial

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Well, that didn't last very long. On a simple ride around the neighborhood this evening, the Mten3 lost enough air that I had to stop and lug it home. I'll give it the Slime treatment first, but if that doesn't work, I'll be doing the tubeless conversion. It's becoming clear to me why Gotway stopped manufacturing these wheels with tubes at some point and went the tubeless route. They should send everyone who bought the tubed version $100 to cover the cost of tools and materials for having to make the conversion on a DIY basis, not to mention the aggravation.
  14. radial

    Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Thanks @Marty Backe , nice video. I don't really use my Mten3 in the same way, so I probably won't ever add a trolly handle, but it's always fun to watch you solve a problem.