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  1. Your safety gear looks awesome. I would like to upgrade my safety gear like that. Any details on knee pads and arm pads? Thanks!
  2. Sorry about your fall. Thankfully you are back on the wheel in no time. Bravo. If something didn't change in the last 3 years that is "NO WHEEL IS A SAFE WHEEL". That include top branded wheels too. Hard to believe but that's the real truth.
  3. Damn! I should have bought V8 instead of V5F+. I'm very gifted at missing opportunities.
  4. Thanks!! Some write up here, for USA market anyway. I'm a UX practitioner and a Phantom pilot. I combined those skills and came up with a drone delivery app concept. We all heard about drone delivery attempts in the media now and then and we also know it is not yet a main stream proven delivery platform. To that extent, I assumed few things with my knowledge in the sUAV industry and designed this app. Once we get pass the FAA regulations, local laws, assumption is that most businesses offer drone deliveries with some limitations. As of now nobody figured out all the details as how to deliver to every address. In this regard for the app's sake, assumption is that even mom and pop stores offer drone deliveries and every one has accessible front yard, backyard or a certain tight space where a package can be delivered by a lowering a tether in the presence of the recipient. Also assumed third party drone apps somehow integrates local businesses and seamless shopping without leaving the app. Interestingly while designing the app, few new things came into the picture that we never experienced before. With air borne deliveries it may be possible to cancel an order while the drone is still in the mid air! It may even be possible to drop deliveries without a registered address, like an open field with GPS coordinates sent to the drone. Traditionally this has never been the case. Also if the signature is needed, we can assume if the package is lowered by tether, the recipient must unhook the package and that may serve as a signature needed requirement. In case of returns, a savvy customer can send his own autonomous drone at a later date to return the package back to a near by facility that handles drone returns. As you can see, being a new delivery platform, new possibilities emerge as the industry mature. At this point, I just designed a rudimentary, happy path proof of concept. To my knowledge this *may* be the first of it's kind in this space. I understand that user experience can be improved in the functional app with certain gestures and meaningful animations. For example if an item is dragged to the drone, drone icon may wiggle with vibration of the handset, along with a visual cue. Or an item can be deleted from the drone, if you swipe left. But more than that, I would like to hear all of your comments/ideas as this is pretty new to all of us. Link to PNG file here. http://usabilitytimes.com/DroneDrop_Papineni.png
  5. My future Drone Delivery app concept. Comments welcome.
  6. Lot of us had face plants in this forum. New and experienced. Some of them got seriously injured. I'm wondering if all of them recovered well and riding again. Generally we get posts soon after the unfortunate incidents but after that we don't hear from them again. I'm just curious to know if they still love EUCs.
  7. I first heard about Segway in 2001 and after a bucket full of drool and a decade later I bought one. Since then I enjoyed it like crazy with Tron like LEDs all over. People stopped me to have a look and cars honked when they see me crossing the cross walk. Basically a full attention getting machine with more full attention getting LEDs. Too bad I wasted my youth with a plain vanilla bike... no chick magnet. Already a geek with toys, I saw an article about Solowheel when they first introduced. I kind of ignored it for a while for the price point and limited range. Then somewhere I saw generic wheels selling for under $400. I jumped at it and bought a T3F3 from banggood.com and had blast learning it. Even more people stopped me to have a look and cars honked again when they see me crossing the cross walk. Too bad I wasted my youth with a plain vanilla Segway. I only fell once on the generic and found this forum and got educated with Ninebots and other good machines at that time. I bought a Ninebot One E+ and then I bought the Inmotion V5F+. Too bad I'm wasting my youth with plain vanilla V5F+. I should have bought V8 with circus lights...
  8. Welcome!! Please wear all the safety gear. We may meet one of these days and do a group (3 people!) ride.
  9. Funny! Inspired by Himalayas? What does it mean?
  10. I wanted that orange reflective tape a while back on my wheel but couldn't exactly find some thing like that so settled with black electric tape. Not relating to wheel, I ordered a landing pad for my drone and it came with pre-cut, reflective, self sticking strips along with it! All I have to do was just peel and stick. What do I say? 8 strips for both sides. Perfect cut, perfect sizing too! All for some $17 bucks. Here is the link for my drone landing mat, that has these strips. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Protective-Helicopter-Quadcopters-KEBE/dp/B06XDN49ZV/ref=pd_sbs_421_18?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XDN49ZV&pd_rd_r=2VR5N1Q26SZ2GDQ9BZK8&pd_rd_w=tZACe&pd_rd_wg=Yx71Z&psc=1&refRID=2VR5N1Q26SZ2GDQ9BZK8 Oops! Wrong thread. Pardon me.
  11. ...me tooo. I always left my Ninebot/InMotion along with my Phantom 3 Drone in the car all the time.So far so good.
  12. I downloaded your app. By far the BEST app with usability!! Can you make some tiles to "hide"? I'm not interested in seeing EVERY tile ( 16 of them to be precise!) . App user should be able to select which ones to show and which ones to hide. Also what does "Screen recorder" do? It wasn't clear what it does BEFORE making in-App purchase. Would be nice to see what it is in the demo mode. Overall great app. Keep up the good work!!!!
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