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  1. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/10/31/18042270/lime-segway-ninebot-scooters-battery-fires These are scooters, not EUCs, but we really don't need the public to be worried about exploding and flammable batteries. It doesn't help that the manufacturer in question is Segway-Ninebot. Hopefully the general public/media/politicians won't make the connection to EUCs.
  2. Gosh, how'd you get ahold of these banned books? Weren't you afraid the police would come after you for reading banned material? You are very courageous! 
  3. Better to break a finger than your wrist. I speak from experience. If you break your scaphoid like I did, it means surgery and months with your arm in a cast. Now I wear the best wrist protection I've found, Demon Flexmeters.
  4. Near Pella or Marshalltown??? I went to school at Central College. I would have loved to have had an EUC to go to town to get my Dutch lettters at Jaarsma's. Alas, I was born a half century too early.
  5. It's not really such a big secret. His handle is a clue to his real identity. Hunka is 83 years old. Elvis lives!
  6. He's talking to @travisdehart, the original poster, who's looking for options to secure his wheel at his place of work, because he can't take the EUC into the building and the his office. It must be kept where the bicycles are parked or a locker.
  7. I never get tired of posting this. Practically speaking, it is better to mount the flashing lights higher, so I suggest going in this direction, rather than mounting the lights and sirens on the EUC.
  8. For safety's sake, it is recommended that no one take "speed" on any EUC, no matter what the brand or model.
  9. I'd invest in a backpack or duffel bag large enough to conceal your wheel. What they can't see won't hurt them. ?
  10. Sounds to me like the boss was just blowing smoke about "building codes." You've called his bluff, and that might not turn out well, because now he will have to admit that he made up some excuse to bar you from bringing your wheel for whatever trivial reason he really has in mind. It may just be a power play to show you "who is boss." Is this boss' word the final answer? Is this the owner/CEO of the company? Can you go higher up the chain to appeal to company culture, respect for others, and avoiding unnecessary rules in the name of treating each other like adults, not children? If the co
  11. Whoever they are, they are rushing to judgment!
  12. It's possible to go very slowly, even somewhat slower than walking speed, but it is a skill that takes a while to master. That's why many on this forum will advise learners to speed up while in the beginner phase. Speed makes balancing left to right a little easier -- just like riding a bike too slowly is very difficult.
  13. The real question is, "why do you think there are warning beeps?" This happens because there is no EUC that has unlimited power to keep you accelerating forever. The machine has limits and the warnings are there to keep you from approaching that point where the wheel simply doesn't have enough power to keep you upright. I see that so far you've posted 42 times. 42 is, of course, the answer to life, the universe and everything. It seems though, that you have yet to read enough in the various nooks and crannies of this illustrious forum to know the answer to the most important question
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