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  1. Demargon


    V10f this time, I keep the v5f for rope ride Thanks you, I remember the music thing the next time
  2. Demargon


    One nice ride near the Mediterranean sea
  3. Demargon


    The first video whit my new cam. And a small scary moment too
  4. Demargon


    My friends Edu and Misha come to the montain and lake trails whit their new ks 16x
  5. Demargon


    ROnald Nomad360 is a friend from Nederland, he are traveling from there to Lisbon in Portugar in a EUC.
  6. About the EUC future: If a EUC what can be rided in all situations, included the actually banned ones like plane and most of indoors, and it are also powerful enought for road use, but the only way of use is like a prothesic of one of your legs. How many of us get the reemplacement of a healty leg with that EUC?
  7. Hola. Yo no soy de Zaragoza pero hablo por Telegram con un grupo en el que por lo menos 3 o 4 si lo son, pasate por el, ya somos casi 250 ruederos y seguimos manteniendo el buen rollo 🍩 Chat E-Unicycle / Ruedas 🍩
  8. Agree, but the best is stop with a healthy hands (They are ways to use them without get arms injury)
  9. Few things in my life worth like the fall break lessons of judo. They cost a couple of months to learn and a few years to improve at maximum (one day at week) and last a life for enjoy it
  10. Look for a gim with judo or acrobatic school. Otherwise you can learn the basics with books or videos and one soft surface were practice (without the euc), but the school are much more effective. The falls on foot or on the euc aren't too different
  11. The wrist guard makes you confiden using the hands in a unexpected fall, but may cause worsen injuries in the rest of the arm due the bad use of them stopping your fall i.e. extending them to the ground when you hit it. My must to have is a minimum fall braking knowledge and a good body condition, stretching and warm up always help for avoid falls or injuries
  12. I needed zoom in the pedal to found I make the same mistake. The shape is due the shadow, then I relize is the usual v5 pedal
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