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  1. If someone want know how I make to get boot EUC and e sooter to the recording place some rows ahead from my home
  2. Not too serius brake test euc vs e-scooter The first try with v5f
  3. Unicycle group ride around the lake before the hot days come
  4. I found this crack in the left pedal, I put the old one to change it. I suspect that it happened long ago because it made a clicking sound. But when putting the straps it seems that the crack has become larger
  5. Ride below your running speed on foot and watch attentive to your surroundings, you will go safely enough to avoid any serious accident. What is more difficult to avoid are the blows to the EUC, since any distraction can cause you to lose your balance, in that moment the experienced pilots know how to recover and the prudent ones let the EUC fall to the ground while they are safe
  6. They are a strip of iron sheet that serves to secure the staves of the vats and barrels or bullets of certain goods can serve to add some separation between the pedal and the connecting rod and correct the position of the pedal.
  7. I had the same problem in the two sets of crank and pedals I had of my v10f. Both of them are loosing thickness in the contact point between them. The crank may hit the ground when the euc falls what cause some lose of thicknes. But the aluminum of the pedals are simply too malleable for the tension it support, waht become in a incisionin the inside face where it touch the crank
  8. Nice ride with excelent company in the Alpedrete dehesas
  9. Yesterday I was in a protest against the persecution of portable electric vehicles in Alcalá de Henares. Here is the video
  10. First contact with Gw Nikola
  11. Exploring new places in EUC can be a challenge
  12. Off road in "sierra de Guadarrama" mountains
  13. Weekend meet in our local offroad paths
  14. Third demonstration in Madrid, Spain, asking that portable electric mobility not been prohibited.
  15. Finally I complete the multicam edit from one of the best offroad trails with ours EUC range. Hope you enjoy it
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