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  1. Demargon

    The Photo Thread

    sky over the mountains (and v10f)
  2. Demargon


    picking a branch and puting it out off the trail
  3. Demargon

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Yesterday I find that crack in the front side of my v10f. I suspect was in one emergency down euc thats end in a self wheel of death when it fall on his side accelerating. Some rock in the trail finished the job
  4. Demargon

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    drifting in a euc is something we can barely manage but not imposible, this one was my biggest drift. No idea how I can did it wothout fall but I´m was so happy by the achivement than I taked a photo of the mark of the v10f rubber in the ground
  5. Demargon

    The Photo Thread

    strange musrooms
  6. I like all, maybe too optimist about speed, but good argued. I´m in a association demanding not be limited to 25kmh and be allowed in the same roads that bikes are. Claiming for a 40 km h speed limit
  7. Demargon


    Awersome views of the mountains and one ancient trail in the forest
  8. Demargon

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Can be done using the lift switch togeter with the power button to make it more safe. Actually is used for turn on/off the side ligth and maybe it can be reasigned to power on/off in a firmware update. But I like the v5f button behaivor: short turns on/off the front ligth and long switch on/off the EUC. Actually I like a small lcd screen with configurable information like top speed configuration, temp, speed, range... It can be alterned pushing both power and lift buttons, single or double push with lift holded switch optinos, hold both activate or deactivate option selected
  9. Demargon

    Barcelona, in Spanish

    La asociacion es de patinetes electricos comvocó hoy una manifestacion por el uso del VMP y los monociclos fuimos mayoría. Aquí podeis verlo:
  10. Demargon


    November demonstration for free mobility in Madrid. Spain
  11. Demargon

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I specially apreciate the versatility and quick acces from my v5f and v10f handlebar, probably the only one who allow to push the euc when is in front of you, the best way for climb big slopes or narrow paths in off road. Also is very ergonomic and intuitive for quick up and down from EUC without losing time in his deploy. Also it gives the characteristic shape of the inmotion EUCs
  12. Demargon

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I like the v10 handlebar, is very usefull. Allow the lovelly thin body desing, and keeps the IP in 55, not IP45 like v8 with his weak handlebar. The v10f is really good euc, I would keep his shape and maybe give it a seat option. Make it ligther, faster and last longer would be great, but first it needs to fix the miscalibration/pedaldiving in sharp turns and make the tire acces easy. Also it need tougth bumpers/mudguards, pedals axis and cranks. My desing for a v10 seat:
  13. Demargon

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    The thin wide of the inmotion makes it unique in mce market, I keep buying Inmotion only becouse that, if I wish a fat and short euc I have the v3, 16s, tesla or z10. But the thin body makes muth more sense in my country rides or city conmuting and I didn´t want anything wider. Also I get mutch better control of the euc thanks to the tall size of the shell, is mutch more confortable to ride a tall and thin euc than a wide and short one. The ergonomics focused build and the grat contact surface makes v10 the most confortable wheel for me. Please Inmotion, keep doing it your way and don´t copycat the desing of the widers euc. Batteries on top are great!
  14. Demargon


    Autumn ride with the Madrid Monocross crew
  15. Demargon


    Go to min 2:00 to see the falled rocks in the cave floor. This is a clue of where is the dangerous place in the path, rest of it are safe unless raining or windy day