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  1. Demargon

    The Germans seem to be different

    In some cities on Spain you can get a traffic fine for using euc or electric scooters in the pavement or the sidewalk. Out from those cities the electric unicycle or scooter are mostly tolerated
  2. Demargon

    WheelLog Android App

    Tested with inmotion v5f: works without keyword, request gps, no model or sn info
  3. Demargon


    Practice of new skills
  4. Another interpretation about that is: The motor can´t move the euc by himself, it need the human strength to balance, without it can´t achieve the drive
  5. Demargon

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    My tire is making a rhythmic sound every turn. Is like a slick part due a slide but I doubt it was the cause. Another symptom is a noticeable shake when lifted and the wheel spin free. Yes I use a lot of slime, next time I care about putting the recommended amount
  6. Demargon


    My time to fly, as I like, very close to the ground
  7. Demargon

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    They are a anti puncture slime used for bicycle wheels. For me works fine but the tire is making a new noise, kind of unbalance due the slime in the inner tube
  8. Demargon


    I try several times to rescue baby birds lost, hurt or falled. The best cases are when I can release in a friendly place and farewell him. Other cases the bird can live with me some years but at last always happens something bad with my others species patners (cats are innate hunters but dogs are tremendously jealous) 😥
  9. Demargon


    Was very fast adopting us, he has 4 days in home and already are mimick the cat "purss" Hope I can teach to fly soon, I want a flying friend to share my routes
  10. Demargon


    My neighbor give me one little magpie fallen from his nest. Now I training him to fly with the help of the EUC
  11. Demargon

    E-scooters discussions...

    I see the point of making this forum only for selfbalanced vehicles. But I miss the e-scooters area too, or a non selfbalance personal vehicles area
  12. Demargon


    Constant wind directions are rideable but affect a lot the ridding speed and autonomy. Its like going uphill or downhill. Gusty winds are mostly the same but in that case the hill comes up, down and whatever direction with the added challenge of you can´t see it.
  13. Demargon

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Tread also "evacuate" dirt and sand. Off-road riding, that evacuate come into diggin, sinking the wheel in the ground. Because of that you don't want the tire mount properly in euc. The z10 tread is mounted properly, maybe that tire is wide enough to suffer aquaplaning at high speed, or maybe it didn't get any advantage reversing the tread in off-road riding
  14. Demargon


    Probably that change as quickly as we grow in number
  15. Demargon


    During that riding my v5F start doing a "clank" noise from engine. I do a short video to show it: