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  1. Agree, but the best is stop with a healthy hands (They are ways to use them without get arms injury)
  2. Few things in my life worth like the fall break lessons of judo. They cost a couple of months to learn and a few years to improve at maximum (one day at week) and last a life for enjoy it
  3. Look for a gim with judo or acrobatic school. Otherwise you can learn the basics with books or videos and one soft surface were practice (without the euc), but the school are much more effective. The falls on foot or on the euc aren't too different
  4. The wrist guard makes you confiden using the hands in a unexpected fall, but may cause worsen injuries in the rest of the arm due the bad use of them stopping your fall i.e. extending them to the ground when you hit it. My must to have is a minimum fall braking knowledge and a good body condition, stretching and warm up always help for avoid falls or injuries
  5. I needed zoom in the pedal to found I make the same mistake. The shape is due the shadow, then I relize is the usual v5 pedal
  6. Summer footage from another day of track riding in spain
  7. I found this pic here https://www.instagram.com/p/BzExyR7g6uT/?igshid=ltpyh01d2keq
  8. If someone want know how I make to get boot EUC and e sooter to the recording place some rows ahead from my home
  9. Not too serius brake test euc vs e-scooter The first try with v5f
  10. Unicycle group ride around the lake before the hot days come
  11. I found this crack in the left pedal, I put the old one to change it. I suspect that it happened long ago because it made a clicking sound. But when putting the straps it seems that the crack has become larger
  12. Ride below your running speed on foot and watch attentive to your surroundings, you will go safely enough to avoid any serious accident. What is more difficult to avoid are the blows to the EUC, since any distraction can cause you to lose your balance, in that moment the experienced pilots know how to recover and the prudent ones let the EUC fall to the ground while they are safe
  13. They are a strip of iron sheet that serves to secure the staves of the vats and barrels or bullets of certain goods can serve to add some separation between the pedal and the connecting rod and correct the position of the pedal.
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