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  1. 7 Wheels for 7 Riders with the new Reciowheel and the migthy KS s16 by All1x1 Hope you enjoy the music. More in: https://t.me/ElectrociclosArgon/211
  2. 3d artwork inspired in EUC and Cyberpunk 2077 See more in my telegram channel https://t.me/ElectrociclosArgon/156
  3. Just some artwork for your inspiration
  4. Riding my monster with the Madrid crew across the mountain trails and taking first impressions from the inmo v11
  5. Testing my new DIY pads for the monster
  6. First ride with ks s18 (more videos soon)
  7. Cuple of roads with nice views of my town, El Escorial
  8. Short display of monster clibing
  9. The monster climbing the montain
  10. I'm a experienced rider and I keep getting foot cramps when I take my wheel after several days without riding. It's happen in the first km and it goes away when I warming up. So I do easy ride one or two km more, doing some stretching sitting and one foot standing to get rid of it. My potassium and others minerals or vitamins are in good levels due I take one complement at day, I like wear hard soles shoes and I ride large pedals (monster and v10f) but the best remedy for those cramps (other than good health and strengthen) is using seat and big pads, thanks to it the effort do with my fo
  11. My preference for the monster is for its tire, it is the best for the trails full of stones, roots and sand traps that I move through. In the almost 500 km that I have been using, I have had a lot more fun than my old v10f, which is not a little, I think I have made a good decision. I miss the audio notifications instead of the beeps, the slim body, the silence of the fans and the attention to detail of my old Inmotion, but I forget everything when I hit the road wearing 22 ". A curiosity is that I am not able to exceed 40km / h, the limit that I have had for more than two years.
  12. More fun riding the 22" Monster "short version": And the "long" version:
  13. Note on the calendar July 10, the birth anniversary of Nikola Tesla. It will be the first world day for portable electric vehicles. There will be events in the main cities of many countries
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