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  1. Scatcat

    Wheeling Sickness

    What about getting a MC-jacket with integrated protections? They're usually stuffed rather well not even counting the pads, and the tough fabric keeps the road rashes at bay. Mine looks like this: It looks mostly like a normal vaxed denim jacket, but it takes a beating quite well. The padding in the shoulders and over the elbows are the thinner stiff type, but with the thickness of the jacket it is enough to dampen the impact. I added a D3O pad in the back, since I can survive a broken arm, but not as easily with a broken back. An added bonus of the thinner pads, is that you won't look as much as an incarnation of The Hulk, or like some caricature from the 80s. But if you're willing to part with some money, you can get good looking jackets with kevlar, D3O and become stuffed enough to be able to bounce like a ball without hurting too much. I'm also looking for new knee pads, since my snap-shuts just cover the knee-cap. Mine look like this: They're quite good actually, and have saved my knees more than once. But I'm looking for something like this: But I have still to find a set that doesn't feel like they're grinding on the sides of the wheel. Another part of me looking, rather than buying, is that I already feel like I look like robocop. So in an ideal world I would find really good stuff, that looks subdued enough to minimize the "wheeling alien" feel.
  2. Very glad you're OK, that could easily have been more than just painful. The moral of the story is probably that protection is never needed until it is, and unless you make a habit using it you can be almost certain the demon Murphy makes sure the accident happens when you're not.
  3. Pedal angle will not be a problem. The GT16 has angled pedals that looks like they are at least at the same angle as the MSX. It takes a bit of feet conditioning to get used to, but that part is already done in spades.
  4. Scatcat

    Wheeling Sickness

    Since my wheel is broken, I haven't ridden in almost a month. I still try to accelerate by leaning forwards though Why, oh why, can't we upgrade permanently as a species from these "legs that God gave us" 1.0.1?
  5. Yeah, all crashes you can walk away from shows protection is the way to go. I'm expecting a slightly rough transition from the GT16 to the MSX. The GT16 is widely believed to be among the most responsive of the 16"-ers, and going to a 19" with higher pedals and other firmware will be "interesting"... I expect to use an afternoon or so getting used to hard accel and braking, since I know for a fact that being able to brake hard can save your hide. If I hadn't learned to do that on the GT16, I would have ended up as a roadkill on the front of a beamer a year ago. Until I feel comfortable, I will probably drive slow enough to satisfy even the most rabid of cops.
  6. Nah, the helmet looks good - apart from the broken off visor. But there is an area right above the brow that has clearly taken a hit. Enough not to inspire real trust... OTOH, I'm VERY happy that ain't my forehead.
  7. Mine was less superman, and more a jackknife slap into the ground with zero warning. Or well... I guess the jackknife slapped into the ground a few meters from where the problem started. The whole thing must have been over in half to three quarters of a second or so.
  8. Oh, I already used the "singles day" to order an MSX from a trusted source for ~$1600. It will get here by UPS, which means two to three weeks from now. Which means more than a month on My Own Two Feet™. I will feel like a total noob when it finally gets here. 16" => 19" another 15 lbs, and atrophied EUC-muscles...
  9. Finally I can call myself a full member of this club... My GT16, rebuilt and rebuilt again, have had every single part changed except for the battery packs. Those are still version 1. Or maybe I should say "were" version 1, because they developed a problem and shut off. And did so while I was going about 20mph... That was an interesting experience, as in Chinese proverbs where wars are "interesting". Luckily I'm no worse for the wear, but I need a new helmet and have ordered a new EUC. I'm probably going to repair my GT16, eventually, or sell the parts that work, but new battery packs are $400-$500 so it will have to wait for a bit. I've tested and analysed the broken GT16 as best as I can, and it turns off after maybe fifteen minutes of riding (slowly uphill), then it won't turn on again. After a few minutes enough current has leaked through the charging cables to the capacitors for it to try to turn on, but it stops as soon as the capacitors are empty. If you leave it be for a few hours it turns on again, like nothing's wrong - but of course riding it is out of the question, since that would be like the adage of "famous last words"... My guess is one or a couple of bad cells, that drop faster i voltage than the rest and cause the BMC to shut off. The sudden voltage drop dominoes the problem to the other pack. I talked with @Yi Chen about it, and he communicated with Rockwheel. Their guess was battery problems too. It seems early battery packs of the V1 type, had a problem in the BMC, that makes it a bit more vulnerable to such problems. ONE THING about this is that time and again, my obsession with protection gear pays off. The sum total of personal injury was sore muscles for at day or two. Guess what would have happened if the dent in the visor would have been a dent in my forehead... The helmet is "probably OK", but I'm not sure so I will replace it just to be certain. So no spectacular bruises to show off, no broken bones, not even a twisted foot or wrist, but nice scratches in my helmet, a totalled visor and key-marks on the pocket of my jeans. The last because I'm too stupid to move the keys to my bag while riding.
  10. Scatcat

    New GT18 Wheel Coming

    Well got the info from RW that it is planned with a 16" x 3" wheel and air-type suspension. Don't know the feasibility of the economics of the whole thing, but they are building a prototype at least. I for one find it very interesting, a 3" tyre and suspension would make riding in the moonscape that is Gothenburg far more comfortable.
  11. Scatcat

    New GT18 Wheel Coming

    Well. Rockwheel have done off road stuff before, and given you're going to put it through the wringer, a metal frame should be a clear advantage. The four battery compartments seems to make for great battery cooling, and should be fairly simple to make watertight. As for the looks, I guess it's the difference between a dirt-bike and a city-style vespa. Whatever floats your boat.
  12. Scatcat

    New GT18 Wheel Coming

    Something very interesting is going on at Rockwheel... Not sure how this relates to the GT18, but as you see some prototype work is going on... This thing looks indestructible!
  13. I've had a tendency so far to keep my falls to low speed situations. A puncture in the middle of a turn. Overloading of batteries when almost standing still. Touching a curb with the pedals when going really slow etcetera. I seriously do hope it will stay that way, because the only damage done in those situations are slightly sore muscles afterwards. But avoiding accidents... I think that is impossible, or pretty darn close to at least. There are so many situations where you will get ambushed by slick ground, stupid fellow road users - bikers, pedestrians, car drivers etcetera. In some cases your choices are a small accident or a larger one when the f*cking car outside you suddenly decides the road ain't big enough for both of you. What you CAN do is to avoid being overly stupid. I tend to scan my surroundings about 50 yards away, to see if there are potential upcoming hazards. Cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians, dogs, puddles, rocks, pot-holes, whatever. If you know where everybody and everything is in relation to you, you have a lot more time for predictions and to react safely. Also keep tabs on the quality of road and your speed, and what that means for maneuverability and braking ability. Have a plan B at hand if something goes wrong. I seldom go full bore without speculating ahead on what to do if the fecal matter hits the rotating impeller. Can I turn or snake rather than just braking? If that bike suddenly swerves, will I have the time and space to compensate. Does that dog owner seem to take control of their loose canine? Is that skater aware of my presence? Etcetera. It's not even annoying anymore, it becomes second nature. Also keep in mind what would happen if you fall. Are there stuff that can break your bones or skull and ruin your whole day? Are there kiddies or their trams within a distance close enough that your wheel might reach them like a bloody missile?
  14. Scatcat

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    @Yffisch om du ser någon åka omkring på en blå GT16, med svart heltäckande hjälm, svart MC-jacka i denim, vilt puffande på en e-cigg, så är det jag... Brukar ses swisha förbi Masthugget <-> Krokslätt, eller Masthugget <-> Sisjön.
  15. Scatcat

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Jag upplever GT16 som mycket pålitlig, men däremot inte helt nybörjarvänlig. Den är lite som en sportkärra med kvick styrning, acceleration och bromsar, men en som straffar dig om du inte lär dig hur den fungerar. Den är inte heller som en KS, IM, eller NB som få någonsin skruvar isär annat än möjligen för att laga en punka. Jag har haft isär min åtminstone ett tio-femtontal gånger, varav i alla fall en handfull var för absolut nödvändig service. Mileage may vary. Jag har också varit på med silikon här och där för att minska risken för att vatten kommer in på fel ställen och jag har sprayat styrkortet med conformal coating av samma skäl. Designen är inte direkt IP-rated och jag åker i torrt som vått, så det kändes som en smart livförsäkring. Vad jag förstår så skyddar de sina kort numera, men jag tog det säkra före det osäkra. En stor del av mina äventyr berodde på att min började som en "förseriemodell", en V1 innan V1, med de barnsjukdomar den hade då. Jag fick byta styrkort och bytte i samma veva motor och andra detaljer till V2 standard. Jag har bytt däck ett par gånger, för att jag ville ha ett vinterdäck på i vintras och pysslade lite med dubbar och dylikt. Sedan dess har jag haft isär den för att byta slang, eftersom en lagning jag gjorde i samband med felaktiga dubbar gått upp. Och en gång för att skruva åt pedalarmarna, eftersom jag korkat nog inte hade låsvätska på dem när jag satte på dem i samband med motorbytet. I V2 form, så har den varit strålande pålitlig hittills och jag har kört stenhårt med den. Jag har en tendens att cruisa i 30-35kmh med toppar närmare 40kmh och snitthastighet inklusive korsningar och dylikt på 25-30kmh. Göteborg är dessutom notoriskt uselt ifråga om cykelvägar och vägunderhåll rent generellt, så det är 200+ mil puckelpist vi pratar om. Inget av mina fall har berott på något annat än min egen klantighet. Ett fall var nedförsbacke med fullt batteri. Överladdningslarmet började pipa och jag tänkte att det är ju bara tio meter kvar............ Gör inte det misstaget, jag hann precis få upp armarna innan jag landade. Som tur är sitter några muskelminnen kvar från skateboardingen, så jag landade i alla fall inte på handlederna. Ett fall var när jag åkte i hällregn och mörker och en bil kom upp bakom mig. Jag tänkte köra in i en parkeringsficka, men pölarna på marken dolde att det var en trottoarkant mellan väg och parkering, som jag svängde in i, i brant vinkel. Jag svängde, men int fan svängde vägen liksom. Jag rullade ur det fallet som tur var. Ett fall var en klassiker där jag svängde för snävt vid en hög trottoarkant och slog i pedalen i trottoaren... ouch! Kvaddade ett knäskydd och tackade högre makter för glide-padsen på handledsskydden. Det sista fallet var den där slangen som sprang läck igen och gjorde det precis innan jag skulle svänga, så jag upptäckte att jag hade för lite luft när svängen förstärktes med typ hundra procent och pedalarmen tog i marken. Jag landade på sidan och rullade något varv, men i övrigt var det väldigt odramatiskt. Som tur var gick inte fälgarna i marken i alla fall. Alla mina fall, utom det i hällregn har varit i låg fart, 5-15kmh. Det i hällregnet var nog närmare 25-30kmh. Skydden har gjort att mina sammanlagda skador hittills varit ett hål i byxorna, ett blåmärke på foten, ett blåmärke på långfingret och en knapp kvadratcentimeter hud som skavdes av ovansidan av pekfingret. ALLA fall utom det sista har inneburit stela muskler i några dagar. Faktum är att jag kikar på MSX och NbZ10 just nu, just för att vägarna är så usla i Gbg. Jag vill ha något som lättare sväljer alla jävla hål, sprickor, taskiga lagningar och spårvagnsspår. Rent innovationsmässigt, så lockar Z10 rätt mycket, men ur ren bekvämlighetssynvinkel så kanske MSX är vad jag behöver. Nitton gånger tre tum däck och 1600Wh batterier lockar enormt.