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  1. I'm on my third helmet. For winter use I have an LS2 adventure MC-helmet, which is pretty good. But for me it was a total MUST to get an anti fogging screen for it, it fogs up in ten seconds if the temp outside is on the cooler side. But as soon as the outside temp allows, I switch to my Bell Super DH, which is light, comfy, has better peripheral vision and MIPS. It was not cheap, but easily worth every cent. It might well have a slightly higher wind drag, as @null said, but I don't care. The combination of comfort and safety is exactly what I want.
  2. The hairdryer tip worked, but with a caveat. The grip tape used has a flexible backing, but when heated and flexed it doesn't fully return to its original shape. In the end it was good enough, but I got some wrinkles on it because it changed shape somewhat. So if anyone else uses the hairdryer trick... Be very careful not to pull hard on the grip tape, the less you stretch it, the happier you will be.
  3. This sounds like a variant of the saying that nothing is as expensive as trying to save money...
  4. The "someone" was me, and they _seriously_ adviced me not to rely on the hovding on a unicycle. The hovding is dependent on an accelerometer and serious analysis of bicycle fall situations. That is crashing into cars, skidding, falling over the handlebar etcetera. There is a certain geometry to bicycle falls, and that geometry isn't the same as our falls.
  5. I use the Bell Super DH myself, which seems pretty close to the Super Air R in most respects. It is super comfortable and well spent money.
  6. Not bloody likely when the turnaround time is a few months. Even if I got a new one sent from China today, I would still not have the pedal before autumn.
  7. Yes, but it irritates me to have to shave of a pristine grip tape to reach the screws in the pedal... Oh, well, I'll evaluate the difficulty of both and do whatever seems simpler.
  8. I changed to nikola-pedals on my MSX, but the left pedal-magnet seem to be inverted. I checked with a loose neodynium magnet, and yes, the same pole wants to attach to both sides... I need advice. Should I try to invert the magnet in the pedal, or should I invert the one in the shell? Right now my left pedal actively tries to fall down...
  9. My already high esteem for you has been going up further. Your reasoning seem akin to my own bosses, the dedication to do right by your people. Cudos!
  10. I'm more than lucky so far. My work allows me to work 100% from home, and so far business is not affected at all. So for the moment my biggest problem is missing my 5K screen at work, having to do with the laptop screen and a single 1080p external screen... I think I can live with that.
  11. As long as the mirror don't cause unnecessary rotation of the head in a fall.
  12. I hope you replaced it afterwards. But I'm sure you did, as you're one of the most security conscious ppl here after your bad fall. I would personally like to see a jacket coming out on the market with combo protection. D3O closest to the elbows and shoulders and segmented hard plastic on the outside of the elbows and upper forearms to glide on. Even better if there was a TPU-layer beneath the hard plastic to cushion the impact to avoid the force traveling up to the shoulder if you fall with your elbow at a right angle to the ground. The Basehawk jacket I use it pretty good, but it i
  13. Jättespännande, men jag skulle likväl gärna vilja kunna byta däck på min MSX utan att koppla loss allt från moderkortet... La en order på AliX...
  14. Om någon sitter på extra allen grub screws för Gotways pedaler, så hojta till. Samma sak om ni vet var man får tag på motsvarande här i Sverige. Ännu bättre om någon dessutom har en extra vänsterpedal i reserv. Jag har en skruv i vänsterpedalen som sitter som fastsvetsad och dessutom är trasig. Den håller pinnen på plats, men jag kan inte byta till sommardäck...
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