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  1. Stuff I miss: Low end torque Low centre of gravity Firmware response Stuff I don't miss: Squeaky shell Peculiar internal layout Too small pedals Slightly craptastic sense of quality, with divergence in pedal arm widths, angles, in shell conformity and so on. Would I buy it again? Maybe. But today there are more modern wheels that might be worse in one or two areas but superior in all others. It would be hard to go back to the narrow tire and low battery capacity of a GT16.
  2. Jag misstänker att om du kommit på en Nikola i 60 km/t, så hade det blivit en invinkning...
  3. Seems to have hit a serious snag, like no financing or somesuch.
  4. I have been in contact with the makers of Hövding. They cannot vouch for the airbag releasing in a crash on a one-wheeler, since they have calibrated the thingie for bicycles. The differences in geometry in the typical fall are big enough that they recommend not using it other than for normal bikes.
  5. And for those poor souls that don't know about "fika":
  6. Yeah, but mileage may vary as head-shapes differ. I can normally use 62, unless the shape is to circular. If it is, I get the steel-vice-around-my-head head-aches.
  7. He's actually not that hard to understand, even though he is a dane. He invaded Gothenburg with his charm, rather than on a man o'war, thereby bypassing the forts of Älvsborg, Kronan and Lejonet...
  8. I'm pretty happy with my Bell Super DH in the largest size, I could probably use it even if my head swelled up even more... I have size 62-63 in hats.
  9. Yeah, go back just 120-150 years, and coming back from a fracture that bad would have depended entirely on luck.
  10. Maybe: "I don't buy half the wheels half as often as I would like; but you'd probably think half my wheels are half again as many as I should own..." Then watch =
  11. That is outright scary!
  12. Actually don't try registration as an eMoped, it won't work. The rules for brakes and such, are very much in the way of registering at all. That touches on another point, which is insurance. I've contacted insurance companies, and none of them are willing to touch PEV's unless they're mopeds. So it's almost like a catch 22. A successful registration would lead you into a hopeless fight to get the legally required insurance. Without insurance a successful registration in reality would mean you can't ride. But without a registration, you can't legally ride faster than 20kph - actually your wheel should be factory limited to that speed. So while we can ride, and while I've not heard of anyone being stopped and fined yet, the rules are very much out of sync with the reality of EUCs.
  13. Let's just say I both agree and disagree to that. I think it depends on the definition of evil. But it is pretty nice to hang around here, not having to dodge to many wayward flying chainsaws.
  14. So that's the explanation when people disappear from the board without a trace? They've "moved on" so to speak... Luckily most of us still seem to be here, so I guess the brothers at least show some restraint...
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