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  1. Actually don't try registration as an eMoped, it won't work. The rules for brakes and such, are very much in the way of registering at all. That touches on another point, which is insurance. I've contacted insurance companies, and none of them are willing to touch PEV's unless they're mopeds. So it's almost like a catch 22. A successful registration would lead you into a hopeless fight to get the legally required insurance. Without insurance a successful registration in reality would mean you can't ride. But without a registration, you can't legally ride faster than 20kph - actually your wheel should be factory limited to that speed. So while we can ride, and while I've not heard of anyone being stopped and fined yet, the rules are very much out of sync with the reality of EUCs.
  2. Let's just say I both agree and disagree to that. I think it depends on the definition of evil. But it is pretty nice to hang around here, not having to dodge to many wayward flying chainsaws.
  3. So that's the explanation when people disappear from the board without a trace? They've "moved on" so to speak... Luckily most of us still seem to be here, so I guess the brothers at least show some restraint...
  4. The day the KS16X became vaporware...
  5. I actually like the design. It gives an impression of being a work horse.
  6. If it's as good as I think it is, you may have to pry it from my cold dead hands... Naaah, of course you'll get it back... in a year or two...
  7. 15° is probably too much, I'm seriously considering getting my MSX pedals down to 11° or so. Not so much because the steeper angle hurts, but because it feels unnatural. You have to have tight shoes, or you will feel less planted. On the positive side there is not much feeling of losing your grip on the pedals. I would love to see someone coming up with a better solution to the damping problem than the silicone dampers on the GT16. On the MSX there is no damping, and you really feel it if you up the tire pressure into the 40-ish range. Suddenly every little ridge in the road is a menace to your rattling teeth. Going down to 30psi makes it a lot better, but also makes the thing a lot bouncier. The GT16 dampers, while far from perfect, actually took away some of that rattling feeling, even though the total possible travel for the damping was about half an inch.
  8. It's a bit of a sad story, that Gotway for once got it all right with the MSX in terms of durability and dependability. Then they go and screw up again. The whole outfit seems more than a bit happy-go-lucky. I would like to say to all manufacturers: Don't design for the specs, design with a 50% headroom above the specs. You have no idea what kind of wringer these wheels will be put through. And the customers actually don't care that much if they have to spend a few tenths of dollars more, or even a hundred or two, if in return they know they will not face-plant because some electronic part just hit its limit. So this time Gotway "promised" that the new design and firmware would make sure the 220s would be plenty good enough - but in reality they weren't. It took just a bit of glue/silicone in the wrong spot, and three MOSFETs went barbecue, while the rest of the board reported no critical temperatures. The price difference as far as I can see is about ~$5 per MOSFET in retail, which begs the question why they chose to go with the smaller one. Sure there is a difference in footprint, but not that bad. Also, for those who mount their boards on top of the wheel: Why not take a leaf from Rockwheel, and make the heatsink part of the wheel well? After all, if the heat has nowhere to go, it will stay where it shouldn't.
  9. Disappearing into the horizon: "Oh, you wanted it back afterwards?"
  10. That silvery stuff on your head on the avatar, is that a micro helmet to save you from the missus ire?
  11. Replace "hungry" with another word that starts with "h" and ends with "y", then replace "eat" with whatever floats the old boat, and we're getting there...
  12. Oh I hear the high pitch whine alright, and I turn 53 this fall. I'd say it's a harmonic with peaks around 12kHz and 18kHz or somewhere around there. But it's not very strong compared to most other wheels I've been around, and it goes away if you manage to balance the MSX perfectly while still - or almost entirely at least. Funny thing is I have ear damage on my right ear, but the dip is strongest between 4-8kHz and it doesn't affect the highest frequencies much. That is what happens if a 14 year old boy throws a fire cracker on you and it explodes close enough to the ear to create burns inside it.
  13. A have no intention whatsoever of trying to outdo @EUC Extreme neither off road or on road - snow or ice optional. It would be like an old VW Beatle flipping a Koenigsegg the bird and trying to drag race it...
  14. Som vanligt är "knee-jerk" reaktionen att nu måste det förbjudas. Allt som inte är etablerat ifrågasätts alltid. Rimligare är väl att reda ut vad som gör något farligt och varför. Ifråga om elsparkarna, så är det rätt uppenbart att de stora farorna består i oklara regler om var de får åka och hur de skall vara konstruerade - i kombination med en infrastruktur som fortfarande är extremt hårt bilcentrerad. Att vi alla skall rulla omkring en och en, i två tons plåtlådor, det låter inte som en framgångsmelodi för nästa generations miljö och klimat.
  15. Vi gör alla våra avvägningar beroende på åkstil och risktolerans. Som jag åker, skulle jag aldrig åka utan full face, handledsskydd, armbågsskydd och knäskydd som minimum. Du gillar att köra gokart med din EUC och har skydd därefter, andra softar fram i femton knyck på någon gammal Ninebot och tycker det där med skydd är överkurs. Men, jag skulle vilja säga till alla som ställer sig på ett fordon vars balans beror helt på en kombo av gyro, batterier, kontrollkort och motor utan redundans: Det gör ont att ramla från en enhjuling den dag något blir fel och den stänger av plötsligt. Du får en förvarning som är precis lång nog för att hinna tänka "oh shit" när asfalten täcker synfältet. Knän, armbågar, handleder och ansikte kan bli rätt illa åtgångna även om man ramlar i joggingfart. Gör som jag och ta en flygtur i 30+, så kommer du tacka för vartenda skydd du orkade dra på dig.
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