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  1. Scatcat

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Well, I did not say I saw the inside of those prisons as a "client"...
  2. Scatcat

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Prisons are surreal. I've visited a couple, and even though those were considered the low risk, open type, the human anguish and anxiety seems to have seeped into the walls.
  3. Scatcat

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Uh oh! You seem to have an interesting relationship with your wife...
  4. Scatcat

    The Photo Thread

    And the aircraft passenger looks down and see a dot on a unicycle blow past the aircraft at about twice the airspeed...
  5. Scatcat


    When I first switched to a full face, Giro Switchblade, I felt that my peripheral vision got worse - especially downwards. Now I use a LS2 MX436, which is far more obstructing, and it doesn't bother me that much. The only perceived difference now, is that I have to tilt my head a bit forward to see my feet, but they're not exactly what I feel like looking at too much when going 25mph/40kph... The feet position I feel in the behavior of the EUC. It is pretty obvious if you're standing towards the front or towards the back in how it behaves.
  6. Yep, I think I used at least one of my nine Aristocat lives there I was going in a bike lane and had to cross the road and tram tracks. Just as the bike lane turns into the road, the elevation is both negative and rather abrupt. Ten meters before the turn, I had no sense of low pressure, but just as I started the turn I felt the turn amplification of really low pressure and before I could do anything about it I was already down. Luckily I was not going more than 10mph or so, and I managed to miss the actual tram tracks when I fell. My rims did not deform, so I could just fix the puncture and it was fine. I think it was self caused, as I had a fairly massive leak just by the nipple, I must have managed to stretch when adjusting the tire, and caused a snake bite situation.
  7. My Icon jacket has D3O pads for elbows shoulders and back. The trick is sizing. You should be very careful choosing the right size, so that each pad sits where it is supposed to. For me a size XL is perfect with a sweater beneath it, with just a T-shirt I need the flexmeters on to make sure the pads sit exactly right, and a size large would probably be more exact in fit. I am 6"/195lbs, with a fairly normal build in terms of shoulder width and torso length. When choosing a non-protective jacket I normally go one size large, since I don't like too tight fitting clothes, but in MC-jackets I try to be on spot in size. But I still prefer the MC-jacket to a normal jacket and pads, since I get the back padding and shoulder padding "for free". I've fallen sideways in a curve when I got a puncture at the exact wrong moment. I've almost been hit from behind by a stupid bicyclist that didn't keep enough distance. The day someone smashes their handle bar into my back, I really really want a D3O pad to intercept the metal pushing into my spine, same thing if I have to roll and find some large stone I didn't see barring my way.
  8. Does Pensacola have any brass production?
  9. Scatcat

    First 40+ km/h wipe-out

    Those speed bumps... I've had one scary speed bump experience... suddenly me and my wheel was airborne, but luckily we both landed in the same place with me still on the pedals. I think I left my stomach behind though. It eventually found its way back again, but I felt like there was a hole there for a few minutes. At any speed above 18mph or so, you have to consider yourself lucky to walk away without fractures.
  10. Actually, I've gone down five of the six times total with an MC-jacket, the odd one out in a Sweet Protection Bear Suit and POC elbow guards. The padding in the MC-jacket I've had on in those falls are somewhere around a third of an inch thick, and I've had no problems whatsoever with that thickness, nor with the padding getting out of place. Part of the answer is of course that the jacket has layers of fabric inside the padding, or in the winter a lining, and that I've had sweaters on which provide another bit of padding. But even so, I doubt a thicker padding would help a lot, unless the padding was seriously thicker. My reasoning here is that to make a real difference, you'd need a helmet-type combination - hard shell, semi hard crushable backing, and soft lining - to actually dampen enough force if you hit just the "wrong" way. Wrong here means in a way where the shock transfers energy straight along the bone structure. Look at @Rehab1's and @Marty Backe's accidents, and how the energy from hitting your elbows actually caused fractures way up in the shoulder. But would people actually use protection that combines a hard shell of PC or TPU, single use crushable EPS, and a thick soft foam liner? I would end up and inch or more thick, and you'd have to throw it away, just like a helmet, if you actually fall on it. What I aim at with elbow padding is avoiding fractures in my elbow, so that I can glide on them to manage the impact energy. The jacket has the negative of missing a hard shell to ease the gliding, but it protects my elbows enough to give me the confidence to use them the right way. Maybe I should look into mounting some TPU pads on the outside, like the ones on my knees?
  11. @Marty Backe a question considering performance and weight. Does a couple of battery packs really make that much of a difference when it comes to performance from the weight side of things? That's 40cell * 45grams/cell or roughly 4lbs, or about a third of the weight of my backpack when I commute, 50% more than my helmet - and placed far closer to the center of gravity of the EUC. Compared to the torque penalty of the wheel diameter or the sheer weight of the motor/wheel, that should be peanuts, shouldn't it?
  12. Scatcat

    Power cord for MSX?

    I see emojis! Germany (Sweden too) looks like "whaaaaat" after getting whacked on the head, France and Poland and India have had too much to drink and see the world upside down, Italy and Switzerland are looking trough a slit and getting painted by a laser, while Euro has not been painted yet, UK have had faaaar to much to drink and passed out upside down, Australia and China look dejected, Israel looks hyped up, The US looks like "woot", with or without a mouth.
  13. I have to admin my comment about crazy Yankees was a bit tongue in cheek. While I truly did a stand in facepalm on behalf of whoever planned that road, I am very well aware that there is a "U" in the US of A. Comparatively it is like treating the whole of EU like a single country, even though there is a slight difference between let's say Sicily in Italy, and Sjælland in Denmark...
  14. Scatcat

    The Photo Thread

    You, mein herr, are a true Brit! Unfailingly polite, while I feel the temperature dropping enough I might not need to get ice for my soda after all...