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  1. I am concerned that there is heat paste migrating into the MOSFETS is there is conduction it might be such as to not be catastrofic but maybe one MOSFET is damaged coasting only oscillations indeed specific loads. There should be no paste on the MOSFETS
  2. I would fill it with washer shims until it fills the gap between the stator shaft and the bearing face. You can do it by installing the 1/2 of the cover and view with a mirror until the gap is filled but not so much that the cover is not lifted more than 0.001 inch gap. That way when the cover is screwed it firmly binds the inner race against the stator. Also the outer race should be firmly locked into the cover piece. If either are loose its no good and you need to repair. If it was my wheel I would buy new bearings and if they don't pressure squizze tightly I would epoxy in perma
  3. @uliana. In America we have a community called "couch surfing dot com". the site registers people wanting to travel and share a couch for no charge as well as people looking for places to stay for one or two nights.
  4. I think this means the control board might be loose causing the gyroscope to give bad signals. Make sure the control board is secure and the case is also secure.
  5. Maybe we should cut a window and put clear polycarbonate window so you can see the glowing wires at night.
  6. I think I just realized @jrkline only has a ref shirt and long cammo pants.
  7. I took my Ferrari on the off road rock crawling trail. I just don't understand. I can go very fast on the road but when on the trail the car body work got ripped apart by the rocks and I got stuck I this rock and the car exploded. I think Ferraris are crap and should never buy one.
  8. That picture is showing overload of bus. Look at the size of the cable compared to the little screw made is steel. The cable is pulling way too many amps for the connection type. Just like the bullet connectors.
  9. Adding sleeving just make the problem worst by keeping the heat inside and melting with less power. Without bigger cables, best compromise is separation and shortest length. Wire resistance is by the foot so shorter wires will generate less heat. I would not have extended the motor phase cables because that is more resistance and more heat. I like the zip ties. Not sure about the heat rating on them. Maybe transformer binding string might hold better.
  10. You guys are just crazy. It's not a Mars Rover. It's more like a city transporter.
  11. You will need to be very precise when putting back together. The magnets will fight you to keep the rotor and stator the same distance all around (magnet stator gap). I don't have a link on how to properly align and maintain an even gap all around.
  12. http://www.centuryspring.com/disc/wave-disc-springs.html
  13. Those are not low quality thin washers. They are spring washers. It looks like they are using them to absorb in-out stator gap play. The most likely reason is that there is a machining mistake and tried to use the spring wager to fill the gap. If they had made the pieces correctly, the bearing inner race and outer race must be tight after assembling and mating with the respective static piece mating with the race. If you need washers a machining error occurred. And the spring washer broke because it is most likely rubbing on a spinning race or assembly and wearing out. So difficult to sa
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