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  1. kasenutty


    You could just say I was right, man
  2. kasenutty


    Yeah, but when you scrape yourself off the pavement and go pick your wheel up, it's still turned on in an overlean. At least mine was
  3. kasenutty

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    It's already so late, I'm sorta thinking I'm not gonna buy anything new until next spring. See if they come out with a tall big battery Kingsong 18.
  4. kasenutty


    My understanding is that an overlean the wheel is still turned on, a cutout the wheel is completely powered down. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. kasenutty


    That sucked. I only like the ones where you can see the guy in full view and speculate on what happened. Eta - That curb totally looks like a telephone pole shadow or something. How tricky.
  6. kasenutty


    I always enjoy faceplant videos. Whether it's a cut-out or an over-lean, every faceplant video is special in its own way.
  7. kasenutty


    I'm not trying to be difficult, but how do you know it is actually powered off?
  8. kasenutty


    I can't speak for anyone else, but I frown upon them
  9. kasenutty


    Overlean, not a cut-out.
  10. kasenutty

    My eWheels Review

    Something something forest. Something something trees.
  11. I wanna go far and I wanna go fast
  12. kasenutty

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    Funny about different strokes, I think it looks awesome. Better than I thought it would, while Warped thinks it looks bad. Everyone's taste varies so much
  13. I hope there is a taller shell version with a seat and more batteries coming. That's what I really want. An 18L in the 18s form factor with 1600+ of batteries.
  14. kasenutty

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware available

    I was able to get it to install by putting the phone in zoom mode oddly enough. I tried small text and that didn't help. Even though Zoom seems like it would be even worse, it seems to force a popup dialogue box that I was able to click ok on.
  15. kasenutty

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware available

    It won’t let me click the ok button this time. Wtf, it’s like off the screen.
  16. kasenutty

    Ninebot One Z10 eWheels.com Demo: NYC-Style

    Do you have to take that cover off to put air in the tire?
  17. kasenutty

    High speed fall! my first severe fall

    Which piece of gear saved your shoulder?
  18. kasenutty

    Banned inside buildings?

    I know you probably don't wanna say, but how about a hint? I don't want to end up at this place.
  19. kasenutty

    Dealers in the USA?

  20. kasenutty

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If we're doing wishes, I wish he sent me one when I was 20. I really could have used it back then. I also wish I was better looking and smarter
  21. kasenutty

    Banned inside buildings?

    I ride to work all the time, but I never ride it around inside my office. I get off and trolley it in to my desk and turn it off. I suppose the building owner could make a rule saying "No batteries of a certain size are allowed" but I don't think this is a region-wide policy. I've never heard of it and does sound a little like they're picking on you. What crappy company around here won't let people ride their commuter tool to work? I want to know so I never get a job there
  22. kasenutty

    Stores in Los Angeles, CA

    Hopefully, not the same thing that happened to GotwayAmerica.
  23. And you said you weren't funny!
  24. Has anyone gotten one of these yet besides the creator?
  25. kasenutty

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Crossing V10f off list. Now I can focus on MSX and 18L