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  1. KS has amp limits, that protect battery and board, in worst case by fuses. GW has no amp limit.
  2. No, really not. what you mean is voltage drop....this is no problem on 100%...but on 30% you might be under the undervoltage limit. But what i mean is max amp draw. The cells are made for 10Amp draw continuous. When going over that 10Amp rate, you damage the chemical structure of the cells. Somthing that cant be seen...but really destroys the battery over middle/long term! I am NOT saying that this is happening on each hill...but it CAN happen...
  3. On Point! Thats why i am no fan of „extreme hill riding“ especially when these are longer -extreme- hills! Thats a high amount of stress on your cells, and especially on a GW, which has no „overamperage“ protections, means even overdischarging, might damage your cells
  4. 16X config is 20s6p in 2 times 20s3p. But no, in our use cases „better chargers“ dont exist...as they cant „see“ the battery temperature. You can have smart BMS...but thats not that easy when you more than on battery pack, as unfortunatly all our wheels have. The only have passive BMS...so we should rely on standard charge values
  5. I personally would NOT recommed it.... For ME...this is a bit to high.... This does not go with what other KS officials have said, and is my personal opinion. Handling 18650 cells over 6 years now for vaping...charhing them up all time with over 0,5C...makes the lifetime significantly lower! That might have no impact on lifespan of an EUC...but it does have on the cells. My 2 cents...
  6. Split from the 16X thread. Even when it is late... Charging the 18XL or 16X (and even 18L) with 5 Amps is NO problem at all. Charging a 6 parallel packs with 5 Amps means about 0,83 Amps per battery pack/cell...and a charge of 1,75 Amp per cell would still be 0,5C and considered low. And Yes, the wiring can stand 5 Amps...no problem.
  7. Nothing against Speedyfeet and companion... But they are very good at ignoring my advices, that there is a VOICE on or off method. So with voice ON you will not get any beeps...just the very late „your device is low battery“... So perhaps that moght also have been a reason.
  8. Morning Folks :-) It‘s hard to jump in, as probably my opinion will be seen as biased. But: As @houseofjob said, left/right wobbles on braking are mostly technique, and/or getting used to another shell form. I had such braking wobbles on all my high speed wheels in the beginning, especiall on fater tires. So at the beginning MSX and Z10 give me a harder time, because of braking wobbles. Now? dont have any problems at all anymore on this wheels. I can only advise, get used to it...change the tire pressure, experiment a bit. It will go away!
  9. And directly i have to correct me... Its not Chao Yang...but has the same profile. at least looks to me like it!
  10. HeyHo! Just being one weekend with my girlfriend in the „Eifel“....choosing nature about tech! And coming back...welcome to the drama queen thread :-) Just kidding guys. As far as i know, the 16X is using the Chao Yang tire, and not the CST. And actually , i like the Chao Yang, i have one on my 18S, too, and i choosed to have it, over other brands. So i dont know exactly whats the problem. Just for interest: Personally i am in contact with 4 16X customers....they are all very happy with the wheel and how it behaves and drives...and no, even as one is doing a lot offroad, no mention of tire scraping.....or ANY problems at all. I havent read through the complete thread (by now)....all i can say is that all problems i know, have been found a solution. And again...the 4 i know personally had no problem at all....... But lets see....keeping up with my 80 notifications now.....
  11. I just have reported the issue to KS headquarters....
  12. To all this “GW and KS competition”... Really, cant this go without the “Schadenfreude” and without any tensions? As said...i tried the Nikola! It runs phantastic!!! no question! Nonetheless....there are different important Usecases to some wheel owners! While the Nikola for Marty with his 50Miles rides might be the wet dream of Euc....for a daily 5-10 miles commuter it might just not be the right wheel?! So as said before....for me usability in daily commuting 5 times a week is important as the one tour i make on weekend! And so for that reasons the Nikola just would be second or third choice. And to be clear: you can find out disadvantages or advantages for every wheel! Thats just a example.... It is really sad that the EUC community is sometimes a kind of poisened.... So My best advice would be: Buy them all :-) Thats how i try to get over my EUC craving....Always having the 2-3 newest wheels at Home. No matter what brand!
  13. As said Marty, beside the calibration there is nothing at all, see my post, the alarms are adjustable on KS from day one, the complete philsophy, tiltback and safety wise is different. Boards from KS are self produced as instead of third party boards. Also, firmware wise, i know that KS is running a pretty different motor driver...for example they have a amp border (and fuses) while GW has none at all. But you know what?I will try to find out about history with my KS contacts! And dont worry...someone who will be honest...not the boss Press thumbs that i will get an answer....
  14. ??? That has nothing todo with “anti GW”.(and btw. i have owned nearly every GW wheel...V3, Tesla, Monster, Msx...) Thats just how a electro motor works...low speed, low voltage....higher speed, higher voltage. You dont have alltime the same voltage on the motor!
  15. Ok, then watch this behaviour... Also ...latest on Friday or weekend the new Firmware Version that Kuji received should be made official. Yes, please do that….i know both Videos... ...the first was probably as because for Speed Setting the app connects to online/Server which can take a while or Need re-login ...the second...as i said...when Setting one value to 31mph...the app does NOT save the values..and on all your tries you have done it with 31mph. Most important Point: Only when you become a audible Beep Feedback from the Wheel after "confirm"...only then the values are saved on the Wheel.... For the coming Firmware update i send you some instructions by PM on what to look out for….
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