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  1. Actually the newest 84Volt version Monsters ALSO have the new board and Mosfets...
  2. I have a nice announcement from KS Ireland, please take a look: Dear Customers, KINGSONG FOR IRELAND AND EUROPE HAS TODAY SOMETHING TO OFFER Find out more on the links below KS16S LImited Offer KS18L Limited Offer KS18XL Limited Offer Please note this offer is very limited to numbers and expire on Tuesday 23rd October 2018. Thank you for continued loyalty Kingsong Ireland
  3. US69

    MPGe of EUCs

    Something -i guess- must be wrong in your calculations (i think it is that announced 3500mah means down to 3,3, which is the normal end of life for a Lithium cell, 2,5 Volts is just the absoulut max you can go down to without damaging it) The effect that as higher the Amps draw is, the less mah you get is the Peukert law: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Peukert-constant-of-various-lithium-ion-battery-brands_fig12_231169804 In my practical daily use i am always using a charge doctor, which on recharging Shows/measured me the the exact Watthours which where running through it (after charger) and pumped back into the battery…. When i drove my 18S (1680wh) down to 10% i normally on recharging push About 1500wh back into the battery….So this works out Pretty well to the announced WH numbers. Also on other percentage recharges the percentage Matches the announced Watthour...for example 50% = 800wh. And just 1 week ago i had my 18S 1680wh in general maintenance/check at 1radwerkstatt....he measured my batterys (emptied them to 3,2Volts and recharged them) and they still take a total charge of 1650wh...(after 3300km)
  4. US69

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    17wh is -at least on most wheels- average consumption. But that includes all the accelerations and fast driving. On a normal -Steady speed- cruising i Need About 350-450Watt which are 4-6 Amp, depending on battery voltage. My main Point was only that on lower amperage there is -a bit- of a difference between These 3200 and 3500mah cells. Otherwise you could call the announced capacity all a scam :-) My guess is that 15 or 20 Amp Cells like Samsung Q30 or LG Hg2 would be the best for our EUC's….but unfortunatly these are much more expensive then the 10Amp ones. It is just that the used 10Amp cells are the best compromise in cost, capacity and amp capability.
  5. US69

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    I also dont think there is that much of a difference in a 3200 or 3500mah cells in real life. But i wouldnt look only at 2, 3 or 5 Amp dicharges. On a modern 6 pack parallel System on 80% of the driving (normal cruising)you are not needing more than 4-6Amps...which only means About 0,6 - 1 Amp per pack/cells. On that low amperage the higher capacity cells have some Advantage, even if it is just a bit….
  6. US69

    First electric unicycle

    I would advise you to read around here in the Forum.... Ninebot One e plus is About 3-4years old technique(Ninebot C is even older)......yes they have been the best and safest EUC...at their release date. Now they are Pretty old stuff. Slow, to small battery, to less power.... It might be a good starter Wheel for a EUC or unicycle newbie, but as you are allready able to drive, i promise you that you will get bored by the 20-22kmh tiltback very fast. All uptodate wheels from Inmotion, Gotway, Kingsong and the Ninebot Z10 are better…. So whatever Wheel you take...i would choose another brand. If it is a Question of Money i would advise to choose a used one or a GW MCM3, which is a nice starter Wheel and not that expensive.
  7. US69

    Sudden break behavior

    Thats the battery not having enough power, and thats more or less a behaviour of „underpowered“ wheels. The V8 is only able to produce 20 Amps continuous, while more powerfull wheels with bigger batterys are able to produce 60 or even 80 Amps cont. As braking and acceleration are amp (torque) related, this can happen on a V8. If you owerpower it, it normally starts fast beeping, if the overpowering happens much to fast it skips the beeping and shuts off directly.
  8. As i have now liked and reputated this account, too….you should be able to PM with it, also!
  9. Hy there and a warm welcome! When i understand it correct you are the Person/boss behind "Kingsong Ireland"? Then it would be nice if you Change your username to this(You can do this in the Options!)….or at least put some Statement in your signature, which clearly Shows that you are a Distributor. Please Dont get this advice wrong, we are happy to have Distributors/sellers here in the Forum, but because of their interests it is important that everybody can recognize them as what they are. Aaah, and btw.: Now you should be able to write PM to whoever you want. It is just that the Forum Rules now Need you to have 2-3 positive Reputations before you can do that. Which you now have :-)
  10. US69

    Tesla cut off crasch

    Unfortunatly not...outside the Wheel there is no possibilty to check single cells, you would even have to open the battery packs to check on the BMS.
  11. US69

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Today the telephone technican was announced to visit us at home and bring in the new telephone line/Internet. But he didnt Show up which is a bummer. So nope, i am still only online on my mobile phone and/or at my first Job, and perhaps everybody can guess that doesnt go well all the time. So Sorry if i sometimes Need a bit to answer to your Questions...hope we get a solution soon to this mess!!!
  12. US69

    What is the difference between kingsong 16S and 16B

    16b/c = 800W Motor, 30kmh 16S = new 1200W Motor, 35kmh, completly new Board with thicker Mosfets, more caps, thicker Fuse etc etc Essentialy you can say that the 16S is totally new...just the Shell parts stayed the same
  13. US69


    LED and trolley CAN be fitted to 18L ...the Thing is if your seller is carrying that as a spare part. Btw: The new Flap is also no hard Plastik :-)
  14. US69

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    Yeah...agreed! Its time for something more special..... Lets see...also trying to convince them to let the community decide over some different designs...but my influence on them is limited! Has nothing todo with me especially...it more the general way how chinese producers tick :-)
  15. US69

    Wheel leaning to the right

    Nope...really, never...as said...slightly differences in pedal arm distance are normal and shouldnt have an effect. You dont get them loose easy because a really hard lock tide is used, as the pedal arms need to be secured VERY good.....thats also why I WOULD not recommend getting them loose for the not half of one milimeter...but thats just me :-)