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  1. US69

    Z10 self-discharge problem?

    You pointed it out yourself...the z6/10 have some battery loosage when standing still...but as long your are not over a month nothing to worry! Just take a look from time to time and if it ever goes under 20—30percent....give it a charge!
  2. US69

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Yip! I had :-) Perhaps look at the KS Facebook group where i and a lot other report about their good experience? To shorten it up: They dont impact turning at all.....
  3. US69

    KS16B firmware update not possible

    Happy finally it worked :-)
  4. US69

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    Sorry, please... I am not THAT technican...
  5. US69


    Exactly what i thought! Didnt even stop…...
  6. US69

    KS16B firmware update not possible

    Hmh, my first tip would also have been to Keep on trying…. @xav2121 As you allready checked that the Servers are there, i can only suspect a app Problem. Can you give the IOS Version some more trys? As Chriull said, sometimes it Needs some time to start the installing process. Aaaah: And btw: Are you registered? Perhaps that is needed!
  7. US69

    KingSong 18XL in store.

    There are several other store's in Europe... For example 1radwerkstatt.de which i can highly recommend :-) When you say you are send by me you might even get a Little Bonus
  8. US69

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    haha...That would be nice :-) Nope, normally they are not going down here that often, just only at the end of their lifespan. I also only know one direction-> and thats up. (And here in Europe the Prices are -at least- 25% higher than in the US) Actually this has just been with the Z10...and can also be seen on the MSX.....especially when you look at the normal chinese selling suspects.... Seams the market is saturated...at least with some models. And for the Monster: Yeah, sure the 2400wh Version is a bit more pricy. Thing is just, that even the 1600wh Version is about 500 bucks more than comparable Msupers. But perhaps it is the excellent Shell that makes it that expensive....just kidding. My main Point on the "Nicola" was only, that here with a complete new development (like the Tesla was) the Costs are definitly higher than like for an upgrade EUC like the MSX. I also dont get it...that GW goes the "Fancy" LED route...and also those "GW" Emblems on the back and side. I Always liked their "Offroad" Appeal :-(
  9. US69

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I am really curious how the Prices for the Monster can be justified at all then? Just because of a bigger rim which still uses the exact same Motor? The reason here is the small number of copies, as it is no Wheel for the masses production numbers are small ….at least to my Knowledge. And yeah, when wheels are brandnew and the demand is high, the Prices are actually higher and go down after a while. In the meanwhile, here in Europe we can order the Z10 for what it is really worth: About 1400 Dollar in the Moment. The Z6 even for About 850 bucks. That is a justified Price in my view …. When it Comes to Quality of certain parts i even would prefer a GW Motor and motherboard over the 9b all time. But ok...perhaps not how the GW is slapped together
  10. US69

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    As far as i know NOW....Kingsong is producing a Video of how to use and install the produced "giant" sticker. I doubt that ALL 18L will have to receive the update with the sticker, as @Jason McNeil said...only a very, very few early 18L have had this "Freeze issue". To my Knowledge mostly in Russia it happens, for example in Germany we did not have even one failure at all. I am also now at 400km with my 18L, works like a charm. Please...give us some more time to update on the Situation.
  11. US69

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Just my thoughts on the price: That was to be exspected! What everybody forgets here are the costs of developing a complete new shell, making the machine tools to mold those shells, producing every little plastic part of the new wheel yourself, go in advantage for molding etc etc. Thats the reason why allready the Tesla had the same price as a ACM and why also this Nikola is much more expensive than a MSX! New MSX (and ACM2) where not a reall new design and product at all...ACM is existing since early 2016, Msuper v3 a little later. The MSX is just the V3 shell with some LED and a new board thrown in....not much to develope and nearly no new machine tools needed. (not meant as critic, this at least has kept the price down!) Now this Nikola is in fact a really NEW wheel (like the Tesla was)...btw thats also the reason why for example KS wheels have been slightly more expensive than comparable GW wheels with same battery size, they are just new developed! (beside 16s>16b) It is not far away in time, when our small wheel producers have not been able to stem the cost alone for such developments, for example the MCM5 was crowdfunded...as also the first KS16 was kind of..... But yeah, i also dont like the high prices for some wheels :-( For the argument of using the existing shell place better in our existing wheels: Yes,there is some more space in some wheels, but all our battery packs are handcrafted/solderd and go a route of easy production, means the number of seriell cells more or less is responsible for the battery pack size and form. In DIY you/we might be able to squeeze one or two serial pack more into the shells, but whoever has seen this constructions and its BMS wires knows that this is nothing for serial production. Thats why especially the 100V version of GW have that lot of space...the shells are just not designed for this 25s config ...and as costwise you cant slap a new designed BMS on every 25cells it just leaves that much space over :-( For the „Nikola“: Very special design...really seams Korea/asia loves this led designs, i would not have thought that GW goes this „glossy“ route! One disadvanatage of the allaround LED is that in case of a flat probably you have to split the shell halfs, as with the LED under the pedals you cant drop out the wheel under the shell after loosing motorcables amd pedalscrews. But thats minor, who wants a flat anyway? ;-) The tire is great, really comfy i guess. The trolley handle is my biggest concern. I never liked that design, and when GW uses the same material for their shells as always, i hope this holds up long enough, as there is extrem stress on the fixing point of the trolley....especially with big batterys! Other than that: Really cool wheel :-)
  12. And on low battery? As Speed is voltage related...
  13. Just out of interest...what is the "max cutout Speed" of the Z10?
  14. US69

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    It is not the Lift sensor…...it is a General "static Electricity" Problem. I am trying to find out where the tape must be added.
  15. Sometimes not far away from the truth :-) Vicky is in the Sales Team in China and a Long KS Team member...