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  1. To be totally honest, concrete numbers of wheels sold, or numbers of app acounts.... i doubt that KS (or GW or any other company) wants those numbers to be released...
  2. US69

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    For release date: First production run is planned for June...so its questionable if it will be allready available in June in Europe...depends on choosed transport and also if everything works as exspected. @Unventor No, no news to tell, when i got some, i will release here and in the KS Facebook groups directly. To the seat, i can‘t tell exactly if it will happen, and if so, how it will happen. Unfortunatly on a poll in the KS group there where a LOT nay sayers to a optional seat. Sure, some more which would want a seat, but surprising lots of no interest. This may have countered the work that @Jason McNeil and i did, to convince KS that a seat on the top of the 16X would be perfect and would also make it outstanding to the 18Xl. Actually KS management is on a promo tour, so no news in the next days....
  3. US69

    King Song 16s different pedals

    Correct...actually the KS16C was the last using rubber pedals and all S series have the newer sandpaper versions. Nonetheless this still can be a 16S in second hand sale. Its easy to find out, as the 1200W wattage is stamped into the rim of the motor/wheel. Perhaps the user liked the rubber type more? who knows, from the fit they all can be used.....
  4. US69

    EUC BodyGuard Review

    Fantastic review!!! I am really envy, would love to have one, too :-) @The Fat Unicyclist Wow! What an amount of detail! And as a diver i know how much work goes into stitching neopren!
  5. US69

    KS18L latest firmware

    v1.12 is mostly for a better communication between new app and wheels. Firmware and app software needed to get on one level.
  6. US69

    KS18XL problem to build up speed

    Just a hint... A broken capacitor would not cause such behaviour as described in this thread. On a broken capacitor, the wheel would behave like 10 times softer than on softest mode AND you would faceplant directly on the hardest acceleration. On a broken cap, you dont ride long...its a very short pleasure :-)
  7. I have seen this Video now About 4- times, and while my first guess was: Not that bad...just a slight wobble and still Standing on a "cheap 3D printed stand".... I thought that, as i owned some wheels, that had a much more worse wobble on the rim, and it still was no Problem at all to ride them at 40kmh. (btw.: To my Knowledge the wheels from KS and GW are still all "handmade" and so can have some slight Variation) But: Seeing the Video some times i am not so sure anymore. I recognized that the wobble not only is on the Aluminium rim, but also very clear on the black Motor part and even noticeable where the black Motor part disappears under the Shell. So it Looks to me, not like the Wheel is bend, but as the axle is not correct centered in the Wheel...but i have no clue how this can happen. Please be Aware and understand, that me as a Person i have absolutly no influence on the warranty process, as far diagnosis like this can be totally wrong and i also sometimes just have no clue About what i am Talking..... So with this far diagnosis i can't say how this Thing rides, if it is no Problem riding it at all?! As said i have had worse wobbling wheels, which acompany for a Long Long time without any Problems. So i would decide from this standpoint (how does it drive in the end) if i would go more into the warranty Claim against the seller or not.....
  8. Just saying: I know several people/cases in my country Germany where a EUC or another electric rideable was confiscated..... ...Some laws are just plain stupid :-(
  9. US69

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    Hello all together.... Kingsong has allowed to set the speed on the new 16X for two reason: It is safely possible as the first and most important reason. As Second can be named that the demand for this is/was there and a lot of people ask for 50kmh instead of 45kmh. Will the 18XL be set to a higher speed than 50kmh? Most probably not.... What a lot people forget on these discussion is that those speeds must be doable for all sorts of riders. The 60kg....AND the big 120kg rider. And then there still has to be a big enough safety margin...to safe up for a hidden pothole. Some blame KS for having this „set tiltback at max speed“ and that you cant get rid of it....but to be honest: It has worked out as wanted. We all know several max speed cutout videos from other brands....where the rider missed the beeps...or just thought his wheel is capable of doing more. KS really will not let you in the near of these cutout speeds. KS really dont want togo for the fastest....but for one of the safest wheel on the market.
  10. US69

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Yeah, looks absolutely huge and more than a 18inch, totally agree! Form follows (just) the function of the LED ring....i would say. That both have the same tire is something that Jason has told ....
  11. US69

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    As i understood it...the Nikola and the 16X will be both using the exact same tire... A 16 x 3inch „CST“... So if this is true, they will both be in the same wheel category, or? What i dont like about the Nikola is the wide grip, making it hard to carry, and that it is so crazy tall....but tastes are different! :-)
  12. Absolutely Long standing.....When you fool someone you can call him out here with „April April“ :-)
  13. Should April first joke not be some kind of suprising and unexspected? This was sooooo unbelievable....that it was totally obvious its a aprils fool joke! But nonetheless, nice try, @Marty Backe
  14. @Unventor Sorry to hear about your recent crash! I wish you a very fast recovery! And hope your are Ok for the circumstances....or get well soon!
  15. US69

    18XL + iOS app

    KingSong_New is the new one :-) Congrats to your new wheel...thats a real jump from 14inch to 18...some people are sometimes frustrated because of losing the agileness and ninblefactor of a 14inch?! On the old app new logins are no longer possible...and also FW upgrade are only possible on the new one. You can only do speed settings after updating the firmware. The new firmware version is mostly for getting the communication of new wheeltypes to the new KS app code right. So you wont need the FW update, when you allread have set the speed on DarknessBot.