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  1. Thanks for bringing this up again...something i -normally- also mention each time! Doubling a weak electronic component is just totally nonsense. especiall if The right/better/larger ones are available.... No need at all to have 12 MOS on board.....6 would do it easily, too...which btw GW prooved themself...on the MCM 5 board.
  2. Thanks for your post answer and....i have to say, with that much of a mess up, not everyone would stay that calm. respects for that! I can totally assure you, that noone got „cocky“ their over at KS....and at the time when all this happens i was in nearly daily exchange of news of what and why the failure happens! I can assure you this faults will not happen again....as said they were allready wiped out on latest versions. And yeah, i can agree, it was perhaps to much of new things in one wheel....especially the new 84Volt board with a electric connected handle rod was the „biggest culprit“ and KS learned this lesson. Nonetheless no human being is failure free, and i very often say, that KS is still a small company, but really trying hardly to progress and get better....and most important....listening to customer. They have a phantastic marketing/sales manager with @tinawong and latest with @Micheal Shenand new head of technic support. Also i know no other EUC company that had also installed one out of the community.....to stay directly connected to the wishes and problems of their users......and believe me...when they mess things up, i tell them, i dont wont to see MY reputation go down.... Thanks also for your PM!
  3. Btw...for comparison of 16s amd 16X tire size see: see at minute 1:26.....for best comparison..... But yeah: Same tire size than Nikola....but different brand!
  4. @houseofjobChris...whats the tire brand? Is it a CST or Chao Yang? Can you read this somewhere
  5. It is just to my „knowledge“ that they both use the same exact tire size of 16x3inch. Before i thought they even use the same brand...but seams not to be the case.... What a fact is, that this tire size is -for example- not comparable with a 16inch 2.125 inch tire....it is a lot bigger/higher in the end. Same example would be the MSX tire ...As with 3inch it also has become „higher“.....thats why the MSX is called 19inch..... Chinese tire sizes are just weird.....No chance to order such a tire in Europe, as you would land on a total different tire if you would order a 16x3 inch or 18x3 inch here. Just experienced that as i tried to get a „special wide tire“ for my next wheel that just is in production, which will be „custom made“ one.....stay tuned for more info :-) I can ask KS which exact tire they use....but for sure will not get this info before Monday.
  6. Just to make it clear... The Nikola in comparison to other wheels he Tested has been nearly on all hills, even the small ones, over his 90amp warnings. No other GW wheel did this on these hills. So my point is that the Nikola -for the nice torque it has- produces/needs more amps than for example the MSX....and because of that steady high amperage blow a Mosfet...my opinion at least! And yeah, thats what a lot of people report...great torque on the Nikola for such a „big“ tire size. So that’s exactly the point i make...Because of the higher amount of torque-amps the relative smaller type Mosfet is a design mistake.
  7. As the Tesla is a „real 16inch“ with 2,125 tire width...and Nikola and 16X are more in the 17inch class, this compare would not make this much sense. Fun fact: in europe/america the wheel „inch size“ .....16 or 18 inch is measured inside the tire.....so on the rim! While in China those wheel size is defined by around the tire! for example...order a 18inch x 3inch tire here in europe....and you will get a tire that BIG, that it even does NOT fit on the Monster. So this „new wheels types“ like Nikola and 16X...both using the same CST 16x3.00tire....are when measured outside „nearly“ in the former 18inch Euc class...nearly....but more near to older 18inch class then to old 16inch class like Tesla and 16s....
  8. Peace as always.....yeah, just disagreeing on that.... my -software engineering- background leads me to follow the -not coincidental- other evidence....steady high amperage alarms on small mosfets...
  9. You know ...i dont want to „bash anything“.....as you have no problem crapping on Gotway , i also have no problem of praising them, lately for example for thor very nice MOS 247 boards on the MSX and Monster.....but now pushing this hole problem to a tiny bit of plastic eveidence and say it was workmanship of the one putting the board together......hmmh......who of us knows if this tiny plastic part is not just coming exaxtly from these mosfets blowing.....just partly melting a layer „off“ of from the other „heat conduction“ stripe thing? Just one question, which then i really would like to have explained: What about the totally steady and ongoing over Amperage warnings you received? You said yourself that you never, never ever before, received such ongoing warnings of beeing always over 90Amps on ANY wheel at all at overheat hill, not even on other Gotways, while with the Nicola it allready started at „baby test hill“....the very first heavy climb? Isnt that alone piece of evidence enough? Alone in the video...as you over and over said „please dont blow a Mosfet“ ....i guess you already sensed that the ongoing vibration on your pebble and the steady „over 90amps“ beeps from the bluetooth were not „normal“.... so why now trying to overly protect this blow as „poor workmansship“? For Me the poor workmanship was in the decission to step back to the small mosfets...and that even while on a wheel that seams to be needing a lot more amperage than even the bigger size wheels like MSX.....
  10. I have to throw in a „Veto“..... When it would have been a problem of not getting the temperature away....why then all the time your board had shown nicely 40-46 degree? Even if this little plastic thing has something to say.....The other Mosfets have been connected properly....and if it EVER would have been a temperature problem...you should have received more temperature through the app... But NOPE....you just ALL time received high Amp warnings! Even on the „baby steep hill“.... So for me this still is just a „to high amps...Mosfet failure“....all the evidence of your ride speaks for it. Also other users saying the range is pretty low(and so consuming high amperage) makes sense in this way.... Whatever: It was clearly a mistake to use the small MOS again.....
  11. Great comment!!! No need to make this a GW/KS question..... However...Hotway has decided to throw the smaller mosfets on the board....while the steady triggering og Martys Power alarm even showed that the Nicola is consuming amps as crazy...much more than other GW wheels! That makes this decision to go back to smaller MOS even more questionable. But as you said: All/most EUC have starting problems....to be honest: i dont know ONE Euc which did NOT receive any updates/improvements in its „iterations“ „versions“ „batches“....whatever you like to call it
  12. Holy Moly...this thread is going that fast....unbelievable... Ok, to my informations: All wheels around in the world are Pre-production models. To my knowledge, that means for the NY model: It has the 2200Watt motor.....the sound is already silenced....but KS is STILL tweaking the firmware on this, as production starts the next days, coming week! In france...i dont know exactly...what the france reviewer tested is/should be the same as in NY....what Kuji has with him on Electric Games, i dont know exactly! To the motor sound: I guess what most people -like @Marty Backe mean, is not the “standstill zzzing” (beeping-high frequenzy sound) you hear....... What they complain about is the fact that when driving a KS you have your wheel making a “whooop whoop” sound, that gets faster with the speed you go. For myself -i PERSONALLY- never found that a problem, in contrary, as on bicycle lanes the riders in front now know i am behind them....everyone recognized me early enough! But as said: a lot of this is personal listening opinion.....and general opinion! Main point is: KS has heard YOU ....and is trying and going to change it as good as possible! So: To all that take part on NY demo day....Soundwise: Work in Progress I guess, when the Sound of the new KS 16X beast will be the only concern and problem, i will be very happy! Aaah, Ok: Pedal flatness: As on all wheels from KS: They were never angled since S versions! So they are pretty flat again! We cant make everyone happy! In MY view...it is easier to „selfadjust“ some angle more....as „self“ taking angle away as for example flex someting away of the MSX pedal or pedal arms.....
  13. Belongs to the firmware you have on your wheel.... If its the newest v1.12....Sorry, you have to use the KS app...as Darknessbot speed settings then wont work anymore. I dont know why the registration process doesnt work....do you have a gmail account? Some E mail services because of Chinese government dont work...gmail should.... Please try registering process ...... in general it really should work! If you still have no success...please contact support@szkingsong.com.
  14. The VERY first KS wheels have been 14c (340wh, 680wh, 840wh) and 14b(ejectable 174wh battery)...and then 18A(at the first iteration only 500Watt motor).......so NO, they never looked like ninebot and never tried that..... The next wheel......the KS16b...comes up in middle 2016 ....about a year after the Ninebot “One P” debacle.....and yeah ..the roundness was the only “One” similarity....other than that ....it started what now has become what KingSongs are best known for: Trolley and handle grip in ONE piece, which just started the “included trolley” thing for the hole EUC industrie. What you call the “round design” started only with the 16b...it was very succesful and so AFTER that the 14d/s where developed with round design, too! The first wheels, 14b and 14c and also 18A never had a round design! After the “roound design” of 16b...and then also 14d and 14s where so succesfull....KS was under pressure to made an 18 inch in the same design. That was the birth of 18L/Xl with 50kmh and 84volt. btw: Allready the latest iteration of 18A, called 18S, was able of 50kmh(1680wh!) seated riding, and so on....but customer wanted the “KS brand round design” here, too! And so now...after all wheels have the round design....the 16b (800Watt, 30kmh) iterated to 16S(1200Watt, 35kmh)....it was time to start a new 16inch line....whihc you see now in the 16X....going away from “round”...but staying on what people love and know from KS: Integrated Trolley in the MIDDLE of the wheel. KS14c -afaik- was released 2014.....i dont know exactly about GW....but at this Time Gotway was around with i guess the MCM2....nothing more.....
  15. @andress WOW....what a summery of bad experience! First: Sorry for all this bad experience! I would have gone mad if all this happened to me, and i can only excuse for all this bad shit happening, especially in the aftermath, with receiving a battery pack with WRONG polarity! What a desaster! From my very personal standpoint: I “joined” the KS team in middle of 2018....and i have done that as my thoughts were (in short): ”...this EUC thing is your alltime best hobby....you answer and help people nonetheless....KS has made the best quality since then, whjihc i personally experineced with 10plus wheels......you like the KS wheels....so why not work up with the KS Team...and everone gets forward, progress will be made, the community is happy” That where my thoughts when i joined...........thought i made a good decision....and then the 18L arrived! And some had this stunning issues...like “trolley freeze”....”trolley weakness” and “LED light problems”.....to sum it up! Your special battery and charge problem, i can really honestly say, i hear first time, so that seams to have been a one timer! (i know, wont help you to know that). What i want to say is: I was stunned how bad things come up!!! Totally catched on the feet where i did NOT want to land....... yes, the 18L had its first batch problems, mostly trolley weakness and Led lights getting bad. All these things have been fixed in later versions and are not existent anymore. I have a 18L latest gen and 1500km now without any probs. That THIS wasnt the case on the first iteration....i only can say Sorry....and that trolley and LED light problems on your wheel, or better: ALL of your problems, in my view, would have need a warranty fix and should GET a warranty fix! Problem is...i have no advise whatsoever how and when or -if at all- the “reseller” fixes the problem. So i would invite you to contact me by PM and change out some more details about it! Also i will personally link this thread to head of support.....hopefully that he jumps in here, too, and makes -at least- a excuse for this battery debacle!
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