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  1. US69

    Things the manufacturers don't tell you.

    I get your point and agree...but nonetheless i would say it more the other way around: EVERY wheel will fail while mid-riding...it is just a question of time. Yes, we see it extremly rare, as most dont drive that crazy amount of miles. But in the end , over time they will fail all...may it be battery, wires, or one of the hundred parts on the board. Just recently saw a FB post of a wheel blowing its board after stunning 16000 miles :-) Please, Dont take my answer to serious @meepmeepmayer...i know you got that all :-) It is more for the others, to explain that there is No redundance whatsoever in our wheels. And if it is just that 5% more take a helmet when they are aware of it :-) For all really in to EUC riding i would definitly advise to look inside the wheel and check the board once in a while :-)
  2. US69

    Gotway batteries conexions

    Not balancing...just shutting down the other BMS if one goes down. Would be dangerous, if one pack goes dead/down and the other still has full voltage....as paralleled packs need to be on same voltage always. Thats why DIY paralleled packs can get quite a danger if this is not taken into account...
  3. US69

    ACM battery Packages

    Nope.... KS and GW dont communicate from BMS to board....KS at least not YET...On the newest KS boards there is allready a port for communication with the Battery/BMS, but until now it is not used. At least, On KS and GW the both BMScommunicate with each other, but not with the board. IM does a bit communication...a very, very small part...z10 a bit more to my knowledge....at least you are able to read out cells. Chris from 1rad uses standard BMS and programmes them to the wheels need....
  4. Actually there is a curly wire laying on the board, going away from the BT chip. Can be interfered if not laying optimal. BT chip is on all S/L/XL wheels the same. Perhaps you really have the bad luck of an unsteady connection. I had that on one of my older KS...and i know this sucks. :-( My point was more or less...that it is much harder to get a watch to connect...was one of the most frustrating experience. i ever had.
  5. US69

    Ninebot happiness for sale.

    Haha....Sure it is a XL...what else? I just was curious if you got the prototype :-) Good deal i guess, haha... Congrats!
  6. Just a Question...do you have a 18L or XL? The pedal height is as high as on the MSX...i have both... Even if i try like crazy, i am Pretty much not able to touch the pedals to Ground :-) MSX/18L...doesnt matter.
  7. ALL Kingsong wheels Show up with 2 different Bluetooth tags, as one is for the Music and one is for the Wheel/app. While there Maybe some wheels existing that have a not so good Connection -this can mostly be fixed by laying the BT antenna on the board a bit different- very often Connection Problems come from the Android Version or the specific phone. It is no secret that newer BT low Energy versions are not the highlight of Google development. About a year ago i allready tested -several- Android 5.1 Smartwatches, where you are able to install wheellog and also the GW and KS app. None of those watches was able to make a stable Connection to whatever Kind of Wheel...tested on my KS18S and GW Tesla at the time which both had a rock Steady Connection to my phone. Thats mostly as -first the Signal strength of These watches are much lower than phones and -second Bluetooth waves are not able to travel through human flesh, so having a watch around the arm allready builds up a small obstacle. So i dumped About 300dollar in Smartwatches ...just because i wanted a speedometer on my arm so much….About all 15-30 seconds the Connection was gone and when i had one for a short time, the Speed wasnt updated as fast as on phone app. I am very curious to see the results here with this Watch OS or Android wear, whatever it is called….hopefully it is better than on Android 5.1 Smartwatches. Thumbs up for the developer …..when this all works out i am first to buy a Watch OS watch :-)
  8. US69

    Ninebot happiness for sale.

    Really? New One or the prototype from ewheel?
  9. to find out what? i suspect that it goes of about at 3,2 or latest 3 volts...so on a running and functioning wheel all no problem. just when you recieve it new...AND dead.....it is -for me- a serious question how far the battery was drained.
  10. You are right...should!!! and whats left measured than is just the resistance of what the shutting mosfet lets through.... So has not to say much when such a voltage like 12V is measured.
  11. You where asking if that has happen to others... so the answer is, yes , definitly. and the behaviour of your wheel points, for me, to a bad cell, at least one if not more! The Im wheels have the behaviour that even if one cell drops below the minimum cell voltage, that the bms shuts down the wheel. i have heard/seen a few of similiar reports to yours about v5/v8. As those wheels only have 2 parallel cell packs, the cells are a bit more stressed ....and so something like this can happen. i highly advise checking the battery by a pro before riding again. yes, the low temp might have been a cause of the Situation, also,.but as you said that was just totally out of the blue, it sounds like a cell failure to me.
  12. A battery pack which had dropped in voltage this far. (under 2 volt per cell)......i personally would not touch/use anymore! Going over max or under minimum cell voltage destroys, hurts the cells Chemistry,something you can not see and also can not measure at the time! the cell after boosting it up MIGHT look perfect, but is a good chance that it fails directly when a bit higher amperage is drawn. Failing can mean totally collapse then. Thats why you never ever should deplete a cell to far.....its just a unknown risk then :-( Just measuring the cell resistance can give a clue about it, then...but measuring this -correct- can only be done by highquality tools, the normal user doesnt have.... Thats why reputated cell manufacters like samsung, pansonic and lg are needed....as only they deliver continuos quality. nonetheless: Even their cells cant take such a beating. So in general.its no problem to "restart" a z10 or any battery...as the z10 firmware/bms prob allready starts at 3,2 volt or so...but it shoukd be checked how deep the cells actually really have been!!!
  13. Thats the point....and not only chinese bearing ... getting ANY Euc dumped into water and you will have rust on bearings and motor inside. For this 2nd or 3rd or whatever batch thing.... Jason had multiple deliverys of the z10...all having the same failure rate. And thats not only him reporting this problems. Main point is the ugly support from 9b! if that could be even called service or support, it all would be no problem! So i absolutly dont think he is "painting something black"....when 9b gives him no chance at all to stay in positive numbers with the z10, he cant do anything else as getting away of selling this wheel! ALL chinese EUC manufacturs are not easy to handle...but from personal conversation with Jason i know that 9b is the crownjuwel in ignoring the resellers :-) board quality: no, the boards of our eucs are not handsoldered, quality of the board/ used parts is another question ;-) ..what is partly handsoldered are the specific battery packs, as these are no "standard" size and not available as "mass produced"
  14. US69

    New King Song iOS App

    i hope the 1.12 Version was put down. Sorry for any trouble. those which have the v1.12 problem should communicate with their sellers, to get the wheel back to 1.11 by engineer app.
  15. US69

    Bug of lift sensor KS-18L KS-18XL

    That's as the KS has a moving trolley, which the IM has not. Would be no good idea to have electric cables running through the rectractable trolley, this would not be safe at all. I have my 18L driven for 750km now, using the lift sensor all the time, as i am daily commuter with the wheel, and 98 of 100 times it works as intended. What definitly is needed is a good calibration.