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  1. US69

    New KS18S firmware (1.08)

    The so called “jitter problem” is just a bit of vibrating when the wheel stands still...i always feeled that like the enourm power the wheel has :-) But it has nothing todo with speed wobbles... From how you tell it i would assume you are just not “real experienced” to higher speeds! At higher speeds you must just have more control over the wheel... Nonetheless...i would advise to upgrade the wheel, as from 1.03-1.04 (or so) KS implemented some pretty good better motor drivers...making the wheel more quiet, fluid and more torque, also! Meanwhile its on 1.08(or even higher, dont have that now) When you decide to upgrade: Set your phone display to “not sleep after some seconds” so that it stays awake....dont move around with the phone while updating as changing to landscape unfortunately can bring the app to crash...just let the update do its thing! And check if you got newest KS app version, before!
  2. Thats what i wanted to prove with my post....it is absolutely not, it is allready that flat that you dont even see it anymore under the griptape. I had no probs whatsoever in installing the new griptape....but i can agree that the Logo at this place is pretty mich useless ;-)
  3. ? Really? Did you actually ever Change the griptape on the KS pedals? There is a hard PVC/ABS plastic on it which is actually flat and it is allready more than easy to Change the griptape? I guess a higher Aluminium/Magnesium Surface would make the pedals unnecessary more heavy.... Griptape changed:
  4. I owned a V3 820wh and actually have a 18S (the Wheel before 18L) and have driven the 18L for some hours.....After i received my 18S i sold my v3 as i didn't want to use it anymore. Actually the 18S/L are more powerfull and have more torque than the V3. Also the pedalsetting is much harder on the new Wheel generation. That also goes for the GW V3s+ (84V) or even GW MSX, which both are a big improvement over the V3 with 67Volt. So in my view whatever Wheel you choose from the "newer generation"....this is a good upgrade and worth the Money!
  5. US69

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    That was Topic of several discussions….The lift up Speed IS the max Wheel Speed. When a Electric Wheel is running it is producing the so called "Back-EMF".(or counter EMF)..as soon as this Back-EMF-Voltage gets higher than the actual battery voltage the Wheel shuts off. Thats also the reason why max highspeed is dropping with lower getting battery. So no, on our wheels the max highspeed is not Firmware related. It's the physical max Speed possible.... In General Gotway has another Philosophy than KS, 9b or IM.... Gotway has no "max Speed by Tiltback" implemented….they prefer to have a last audible 80% power Alarm (but you can choose a tiltback by app if you want) KS, 9b and IM's Philosophy is quite different. Through the hard/FW implemented tiltback they try to avoid that the rider can ever go near the wheels max Speed/Back EMF Speed. 9b and IM do that by constantly going down with the Speed on dropping battery starting proportional when going down from 100% KS does that by a Speed restriction/reducing when the battery gets under 30-40% (depending on Wheel)
  6. US69

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    That brings it on point....sometimes I am really speechless about some of the assumptions and/or false information flattering around on social media :-) For the announced speed...I find it much more questionable when a brand promotes and announces a wheel for example at 40kmh...and in truth the wheel can only do that speed on 95-100% battery and then at 60% battery already got down 32-34kmh....Is that a 40kmh wheel?
  7. As it seams the rear light(not brake light) in the Moment is only working when triggered by the automatic light sensor. The headlight and brake light also work on the other light Settings. I cant Control that myself as i dont have a 18 L (in the Moment). I allready reported that...and it is hopefully fixed in a coming Firmware update. The priority in the last weeks was on other Things ;-)
  8. Thanks for the clarification….faster than me :-)
  9. US69

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    Did you ever get the idea that perhaps a Z10 or whatever brand Wheel isnt that highly exact in measuring Speed, too? The best example may be my Monster which is off by up to 20% regarding the Speed shown by the apps……. Perhaps you try it with some higher psi Setting...Speed measured by apps only depends on revolutions of the wheels...The real kmh which can be done with that Rotation highly depends on tire radius, tire brand, state, pressure, so also riders weight etc etc.... And thats how rumours get to Facts........ :-) I can absolutly promise that "KS did not deliberately lie"!!!
  10. US69

    Ninebot Z10

    Hmm...you were not ask to “recommend” them....just where you bought it ;-)
  11. US69

    Calibration trolley KS18L

    Look here, please:
  12. US69

    already confused/disappointed

    send you an pm...
  13. I really would please you to do this with your seller... Sorry, i am no technican, and i dont wont to be the culprit for doing something wrong. From MY perspective it seams that the rod is screwed on a little bit to hard, so that it doesnt have a chance to move enough, so that the slighly movement of your shell triggers yhe sensor! But again, i dont want to interfere with your seller whatsoever. hopefully you understand!
  14. Hy Evgeny, when you do the calibration, please make sure that, when the handle is down (before lifting up the wheel), you really have pushed it down to the max possible position.... Otherwise: if this situation doesn’t change, please contact your seller! A manual calibration inside the wheel is needed than, semas the screws around sensor/rod are to firm... For all others: For the lock issue, KS in the moment is still trying to get the affected control boards, to confirm a 100% that this is/was a hardware issue. As post/transportation to China isnt that fast, no other boards already have arrived, so the status is still “to be confirmed with other boards”! Nonetheless KS has taken several steps to assure that such an hardware issue, as it was on this specific board they have, can not happen again. Uptodate such a failure didnt happen on any wheel beside first batch! Solder paste was changed for example, other steps/tests have been taken to assure QC on boards.... A small thing...KS is also developing new mudguards...and taken further steps to improve ALL their wheels...will go into details on this later! Perhaps some of you know me a bit in my function here as mod or member of this forum....I can only repeat it again: If i would -just for a minute- didnt have the feeling that KS isnt standing behind their wheel, i would not defend them or be their rep. The opposite is true...In my 3,5 years hear i didnt have seen such an outstanding communication and effort dealing with problems! So i can only ask for some more patience and trust. Thanks! I
  15. US69

    already confused/disappointed

    Send me an PM, please...