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  1. US69

    Safe temperature?

    From my Monster experience the fan kicks in at about 38-39 Celsius. Which means it is running nearly all times. I have the Feeling the Monster is very temperature sensitive. Some (very small) hills or something other than slowly cruising, some accelerations or brakings, and the temperature gets very easy to 55-60 degree on my Monster. No matter if the Fan is running and no matter what the Outside temperatures are. (While on a a 30degree summer day this all goes up even faster) I am thinking of giving my Monster some extra circulation...doing 2 holes in the Shell, nicely secured by some foam to protect it from dust, and also another fan to push some air through the Shell! I have made great experience with such a mod on my old 1200W KS18a....which also had the tendency to run hot very fast. It has brought down the main temperature about 10degree without fan, and even more down when the fan was running then. We will see, if i really do so, i will do a Review about this mod.
  2. US69

    18l presale specs

    Latest info i have: When all runs like predicted on about 21-22.May the first wheels run off the production line and the on same date the 18L's for KS Thailand will be sent out. Hopefully fast enough they will make their way to the nice People of KS Thailand! If so, i will be able to do a nice 4 week Review on a small Island with the steepest hills i personally know! As from 2.June on i am in Asia, Thailand :-) Fingers crossed, please!!!
  3. US69

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Have you seen and read the other thread? Some more concerning Statements from testers there:
  4. US69

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    @Niaraeth thanks for your honest answers... Actually the quoting from "Turbocharge" goes with my exspectations...
  5. US69

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    @Niaraeth Unfortunatly i am not able to take away any "Standard Forum mechanism for newbies" that prohibit you from doing more Posts on your first day, today. (I am trying to figure out with the admin)..... Just to my further question: As is understand now, you have been a 9b s2 owner "only" .....so i would guess you are the wrong Person to ask for a comparison with top notch GW wheels? Or are you highly experienced in other wheels than the 9b's???
  6. US69

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    Sorry, please, as it is the exact same post...and we started the discussion here, i deleted this one...
  7. US69

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    No, thats not what i asked......and yeah, the max output on a Tesla is 3000Watt+....as it is nominal 2000W I mean how is the acceleration compared to a Tesla or a other new GW powerhorse? How is the pedal hardness? Is it weak, does it tiltback/forward on hard pushs or hard breaking? To be honest: With a 59Volt System i just have my doubts that -powerwise- and for a very experienced rider it is in the same class as for example a Tesla. But i am eager to learn more...
  8. US69

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    i would love to hear how it -powerwise- compares to a GW Tesla or a Msuper V3s+.....
  9. US69

    Gotway App

    The reason is just because it is badly programmed...like on nearly all other small EUC Producers, too! Just dont use the GQ app after you set the ride mode and tiltback Setting!!! On IOS ...use Darkness Bot app, best 3rd Party app available
  10. US69

    Safe temperature?

    Actually they warn you via voice or beeps before they overheat...guess it was about 80degree Celsius? When you love your battery(wheel), idling for any longer time, just for fun is always a bad idea. Nothing puts more stress on Mosfets, board and battery. Thats exactly the reason why the temperature rises up fast...extrem Mosfet/amps usage....Board temp sensor starting to rise. Actually you can follow the rise of temperature when idling in realtime, as the temperature sensor is more near the mosfets than on a GW. When i now reread your thread...as this even was a KS16, no series, i would definitly be careful to do that again. This are not the same strong MOS than on the S Series and the board is by far not that robust than on a S Series....beside the MOSfets, on such a extreme stress also the capacitor wires may burn...(depending on board Version)
  11. US69

    Android App for KS16S

    Hy Herman, i guess i have to jump back a bit with whats in the update and whats not.... Yesterday i updated my 18S to V1.06, finally they now set the Servers free for IOS, too! ...and while i have been told there have been no Motor Firmware changes, i definitly experienced a better torque and could do easier idling because of the new firmware. Even the Sound of the wheel humming got a bit less loud in my view! SO i have to ask again what really changes and what not. Sorry, when confusing or leading you a wrong way...i would definitly advise to upgrade to newest Version with These changes :-) What i also got with the new update was a new LED light mode, even on the 18S, which only has the small 10 LED bar in front. When playing Music over Bluetooth, the battery LED's now flicker like a Equalizer in Music rythm! I have seen that "new LED mode" in Video on the 18L and so i would guess this new LED mode now is also implemented on the 14d/s and 16S series, also. Making a Kind of LED boombox out of your wheel :-)
  12. US69

    Split second Tesla cutout

    The newest GWs, or more concret, all GW with Tesla motor, are the hardest ride/pedal mode in EUC world. Yes, the older Msuper/Acm where more soft...but now this is history....
  13. US69

    Split second Tesla cutout

    There should definitly be a significant difference between powerfull and weakest mode! Perhaps thats because of allways setting back. In general i would only use the company app when needing to calibrate/change ride mode...but only then! For normal use third party apps like wheellog/darkness Bot/Gyrometrics are much better
  14. As i have heard the owner of Gotway America/Brad Webster is dead! Sorry to hear that! My condolences to friends and family! Before someone else mentions that: There is a facebook post with a news report bringing his dead together with a police raid because of a suspected drug kitchen!
  15. US69

    Split second Tesla cutout

    Thats not recalibration...that sounds like ride mode! Set the ride mode to "powerful" or hard...and then after that DO NOT ENTER the Gotway app again! Some of the Gotway apps on every entering set back the ride mode to soft.....