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  1. Thabks for your answer! Actually...even on a 6P system the voltage drop is there...yes, not as “dramatic” as on a 3p system, but its just a bit better. I dont want to compare GW and KS...they have jus different motor drivers... Just one thing...everyone might bash about the “early speed reducing” on a KS....but the thruth is, KS is allowing your battery pack to go down to 61-63Volt...while a GW has its emptyness at 66-68Volt. Whrn you take that into consideration....they both start reducing at the same point, while GW tells you it is 20% (72Volt) and KS is telling you that it is 40%(72Volt).... Please!!! Dont hit me on exact numbers...thats all just a “about”...and by no means meant against GW.... Just trying to explain that it is much, much less “bad” ...as it seams!!!
  2. Just a hint i am 95kg...so over 200lbs....no problems at all, the 16x propelling me forward like nonother wheel had ;-)
  3. @Unventor Also: The “rookie/weird” feeling...mostly depends on tire pressure! For me...it helped getting pressure low at first....and only later (2-3day) try my faborite rock hard setting! But main point is: Change pressure and check out what feels most comfortable!
  4. Thanks for the flowers! Hearing that not so often... And btw. the 40kmh lock...should only be for the first 10km...its not 200km anymore!
  5. O Ok, i hope some know that i play it honest, so i will tell it like it is: The 16X is technical capable of doing 50kmh down to 66Volt.... BUT...when using that Low speed as a “throttling” stop, there is no safety margin left at allfor very heavy riders and very agressive accelerations. So as it is now: The speed throttling is implemented STARTING on 50%(74Volt) and then going down to 61Volt(0%) ...reaching 25kmh on 0%. this means in theorie that 45kmh are reached at about 70-72Volt, 40kmh at 66-68, 35kmh at about 68-66Volt, 30kmh at 64-62Volt! while i have to say anything under 66 is allready VERY empty and due to voltage drop no fun to drive! Please Dont nail my on totally exakt numbers, as these are numbers under load.... I just can say: Thats a SAFETY feature....Yes, you might -when normal driving- under 1.05 NOT have any effects at 70Volt or 68Volt...but when you experience a potthole or accelerate to much...you might get a voltage drop....and reach the treshold! New limits are NOT implemented for FUN! So KS has worked in some safety margins on 1.06!!! The Firnware is a work in progress All time...so perhaps this “margins” can be lowered a bit in the future....in the moment they are under the premise of “SAFETY FIRST”. To anyone calling out “false advertisement” or worse.....KS is not doing that to bully you...they are doing that for keeping you safe! Other brands...InMotion...start going down in speed even at 80% battery....So would you call the v10f 40kmh a false advertisment? there are even other brands...that just dont care about your health at all...and say findout max speed for yourself. STILL: KS is hearing you and will try to better the situation...but in the end they/we will not give up on safety! I hope this clarifies some things up! My Totally personal view: I have had 12 wheels...and my general behaviour is that i have charged ALL those wheels, when i was reaching 35-30% battery! My point is: So from 50-35% i perhaps get a speed throtting of- max- 40-45kmh on the 16x...which i personallz seldom reach! I say that....as on ALL my wheels, down under 30-35% the voltage drop was that big...that it makes no fun dribing anymore.... So just as my personal experience: i dont understand the trouble that much...are we talking of theoretic or practicle problems? Just asking, .dont get me wrong!
  6. @Unventor Hey Buddy! To sum it up: you cant access speed settings, right? Actually the andorid app has a problem with more than one registered KS wheel...And i know that you haveallready a wheel in profil :-) The only work around is creating a new account for the 16X....then everything should work. Sorry, no other solution now. Otherwise, keep me up on PM...we work through this!
  7. Imagine the amount of space needed, if everyone would be allowed to save photos and Videos on the Forum itself. Thats why only links to photoservice like imgur or YouTube works.
  8. The BLUE one on the Bottom is the newer one! Only with this app it is possible to install Firmware Upgrades.
  9. And now? Should not Show illegal device anymore, or?
  10. No, it is hardwired into Firmware. The Sliders go to 60...but any Settings above 50 will not get confirmed!
  11. Hmm, actually yours look like the last app, i was irritated by some screenshots...but definitly check if you have latest Version of the app. I am also on IOS and the 16x Shows up fine….
  12. Dear KingSong Community, i like to repeat a small Statement i allready have given before: The EUC Community -fortunatly- gets bigger and bigger and i Need to help out no only here on the Forum, but also on Facebook, several WhatsApp Groups and personal communications. This makes it extremly hard to follow each and every thread, and to react to every Notification where i get "taged". So when i dont answer or participate in each KS thread, honestly, this is no disinterest or ignorance! It's only that my day only has 24hours and as normal employee with also a real job i am just reaching my Limits, please just bare with me! Fortunatly we have a great Forum here and the KS community helps out each other from nearly alone, so when i jump in mostly the Questions are allready answered. Nonetheless i would like to repeat my offer: Each and everyone can -in case of Problems and/or Questions- contact me by Private Message here or via Facebook Messenger! A answer is guaranteed then. Thanks for reading up to this Point and Kind regards Ulf
  13. Are you using the latest app Version? Use the newest app! Can only be find in app store under "Kingsong_New" (underscore!!) It should not Show "illegal device" then!
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