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EUCs can be dangerous

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I was going to make a large post about this but I'll try to keep it short. I put "can be" dangerous in the title on purpose because I realize everything can be dangerous to varying degrees and depending on many factors, but it seems to me EUCs are exceptionally dangerous compared to other PEVs. There are many reasons why I think this way (control factor of the wheel, visibility to motorists, power of the wheel, etc). I could be more specific with my examples, but they should be somewhat obvious to you (I hope).

I guess I wanted to write this because it seems to me a lot of people in the EUC community are a little too confident in their safety and their wheel. Combined with the fact that these wheels have powerful motors and speed, we sometimes feel compelled to ride on the street with traffic haphazardly.

It could very well be my experience only riding the wheel for a month, but I sincerely feel like these are much more dangerous than most PEVs considering what I've already listed, and the higher than normal skill level to ride safety, consistently. Also, in NYC where I live, the hazards are more vast than a rural area, so maybe that's also why I feel this way.


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1 hour ago, ShanesPlanet said:

 Riding my euc at 45mph is actualy the most 'dangerous' activity I partake in atm. Excluding driving ANYHWERE in a vehicle of course...

I only say this as my opinion, but I think most people are in more control of their vehicles than they would be on on an EUCs. The EUC is more squirrelly and takes more skill to ride safely imo

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54 minutes ago, Silver said:

A month isn't very long, the change in my skill level in a year compared to my first month is very large.

I don't doubt that. Today, for instance, there was literally grease/oil on the bike path and I rode over it and my EUC spun out. It just looked like wet concrete, but it was greasy. This wasn't so much a skill issues as it was bad luck. Yeah, I could of dodged the wet concrete but usually if it's water it's not a concern. I know it was grease because it got on my shoe, stuck to the grip tape and wouldn't come off tire.

On my bike, I know not to ride over wet manholes or drains on the road because they are like banana peels, but today it just looked like wet concrete that I rode over on my wheel. I was trying to pass someone and so I was slanting making it more prone to slip if it was grease, however.

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1 hour ago, Tawpie said:

Perhaps? But hitting a patch of grease on any PEV is going to require a high level of skill to maintain control—I don't know that the skill to keep an EUC upright is that much 'higher' than keeping a scooter or esk8 or ebike upright in the same conditions. Maybe one could argue that your chances are better on an ebike, but first you had to learn how to ride a bicycle and during that process you probably avoided slippery surfaces too.

They're all dangerous in under skilled hands. But as you do your miles and practice in varied riding conditions, your skills will improve—the only thing special about becoming a competent EUC rider is you have to be stubborn and not give up when you're just starting out. After that, gaining the skill (and wisdom) to be a consistently safe rider is a matter of experience... just like it is for other PEVs.

I agree with this for the most part. I am more comfortable on an ebike and with more experience. My best bet is to give it more time, remain cautious when riding, and see how I improve in, say, a year's time from now. Perhaps my views will change. There are days where I feel completely comfortable with the EUC anywhere, but then days where I don't feel safe on it.

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Three known EUC fatalities.


Ukraine, September 2020

Video evidence showed a new, inexperienced rider attempting to squeeze through a narrow gap between parked car and moving bus.  Lost control, hit by bus.


San Jose, California, May 2021.

witness told police Jones was riding on the darkened roadway when he somehow lost control of the device and fell to the ground but didn’t get up.

“Immediately, he was run over by a vehicle that did not stop,” said San Jose Police Officer Steve Aponte.


Hawaii, December, 2021

According to police, the man was driving on Interstate H-1 near Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu when he lost control and was thrown from the electric unicycle he was riding.

He was then hit by a Honda CRV driven by a 56-year-old woman.


EUC, top speed cutouts, with no protective gear is survivable as shown by the Brazilian video of drinking and riding on highway video.




Daily Hornet on August 27, 2021

Onewheel Lawsuits Pile Up After Deadly Nosedive Accidents

At least 3 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed after people died riding Onewheel, a self-balancing one-wheeled electric skateboard.


The first wrongful death lawsuit was filed in May 2020 by the wife and son of a man from Houston, Texas, who died of brain injuries when his Onewheel shut off and nosedived while he was riding it in a park.

Last month, two more wrongful death lawsuits were filed after similar accidents involving Onewheel skateboards that suddenly nosedived.

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WORLDS FASTEST UNICYCLE! 60MPH! Cool Electric Unicycle Speeding Through Town

765 views · 1 day ago

ONSCREEN CREDIT - @ratede.sco A man took to the city streets on the next wave of transportation. Sco, 30, from San Jose, California, US, has been on the forefront of speed for many years and has a background of skateboarding, rollerblading, pedal bikes, dirt bikes, gas scooters, and electric scooters.


From Instagram page.

Ratede Sco

Public figure

Founder, Rated.E PEV Riding Club
📍Bay Area, CA


6 days ago.

Lyfshort California मा हुनुहुन्छ।

२०२१ डिसेम्बर २६ तारिक ०२:३२ बजे · 

Riding an electric unicycle with @ratede.sco and his gang in California. Electric unicycle (EUC) is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel.


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If we want to look into statistics it is them cars that are dangerous. Yet "nothing" has happened to em, other than keeping the people inside safer.

But lets say "I die on my one-wheel", atleast I would be happy. Driving  cars just do not make me happy anymore. I consider these devices hobby, and something I feel passionate about. Any way of form you leave the door is going to be dangerous, I choose the wheel. 

I started my new year riding in icy cold weather, and I feel it was the best start I could ever have for my new year.

Again, in this topic it seems that the design involved in the road networking is very different in other countries. America for one, has no other option than get mixed in the same lanes with em cars with these devices, so I feel your pain. But yet it seems most have adapt to that.

I often hear others talking about how dangerous it looks when I am having my fun. I often say it has been more safer than riding a bicycle looking at my statics of 30years of bicycling compared to 2+years on wheel. But I always like to say I wear my safety gear too, and hope my example inspires you to do same.

I hope this topic helps people talk about their fears too. Happy new year!

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3 hours ago, drader said:

I was in LA a couple days ago, and my bro-in-law handed me back the Tesla I had lent him. It rained so hard those cement river spillways were full! Never seen that in my life. So a couple days later when the water went down i just had to ride in them (been a dream, ever since Twisted Metal). I had a great ride, and when I was almost back I spotted a wet area, that looked like it could be extra slippery from algae, so I slowed down and got real square over the tire. The wheel slipped out from under me like I was on ice and I hit the ground hard. This was my first concrete wreck in the year I've been riding. I got bruised knees/elbows and I may have cracked a rib, and I was literally only going 5mph. Knocked the wind out of me good. These are the moment that make you think about the danger of these things. But I get a lot out of the hobby as well, so I ordered some protective-wear so I can keep playing.

keep your momentum... Thanks for the share. Some of my worst injuries were riding things at 5mph or less. Only solution I have found is to "quit falling down". Sucks about the injuries, but sometimes the minor ones do help us remember we're alive and to NOT FALL DOWN! Dont be visiting any comedy clubs for two weeks. Remember, algae is NOT friends with rubber. Good news is.. you're one step closer to managing black ice(cuz LA gets so much of it) w/o batting an eye..:thumbup:

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On 12/30/2021 at 9:08 PM, Mossi said:

I think that the steep learning curve is a huge plus for safety. EUCs require more than just to push a pedal or a button down to accelerate. You need a certain level of skill to go fast and due to the lack of grip with your hands, you are much more conservative when it comes to self-assessment. Inexperienced riders are likely less tempted to feel too safe or to behave recklessly with an euc compared to scooters or ebikes. Other PEVs feel much safer for beginners, so unsafe individuals are less likely to be tempted to ride an EUC if given the choice. In my opinion EUCs are safer than e-skates and onewheels, slightly more unsafe than e-bikes and about as safe as e-scooters.

I will say that in the hands of a skilled rider an EUC is the safest PEV quite easily. With its much smaller footprint and incredible maneuverability you really don’t have much to worry about like the longer ebikes and less mobile escooters. You don’t need to brake if a car emergency stops in front of you- you can just go right to the side of it for instance. 

I feel safer on my Nikola in traffic then in my Mercedes, obviously that’s only if I’m not flaunting that hyper mobility and riding aggressively :P

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The impact resistance is a must for any extreme sport athlete! I traveled 36 miles an hour on my electric skateboard when I hit a rock.
I slid on the helmet for 10+ feet, breaking my collar bone clean in half. If I had not been wearing my helmet, I have no doubt I would be dead as an impact on the pavement at 36 miles an hour would have shattered bones and tearing :(

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I get it now. PSI, PSI, PSI.

I've been riding around lately compounding the belief that "EUCs are indeed one of the more dangerous PEV out there". I felt this way because when I rode the 16x it felt incredibly unstable and squirrely. For instance, I would be riding and the slightest movement of foot position, the EUC would start to wobble; the slightest breeze would made me feel like I was attached to a parasail.  I would be riding and I felt 40% confidence in the safety and control of the thing; felt like any unpredictable hole or movement had a chance of throwing me off.

As of now, I'm 450 miles into riding this thing as my first EUC. I've known for a while the importance of PSI and stability, but I could of swore I lowered the PSI -- so much so, I was convinced I was riding low PSI and still it felt squirrely. I went to take a quick break from riding and decided to lower the pressure even more in the tire. I let out what I thought to be a considerable amount of air from the tire. Then, all the sudden, I could accelerate with no wobbles, I could break with very little wobbles, the turning didn't feel like I was riding on a thin string, wind didn't blow me around like a feather, and most importantly my CONFIDENCE went up 100%. It was a night and day difference in how I rode and how I felt on the thing.

I made this update because it shows how confidence in riding is linked to the stability of your EUC, which, at least for me, is almost always a PSI thing.

So my views on EUCs being "dangerous" -- well, I am beginning to understand why so many people defend the safety of them when you're experienced.

Did I mention lowering my PSI made IT FUNNER TO RIDE AS WELL!? ;)

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