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  1. That’s why I said dual motor. AWD traction . Those DIY builds are death traps
  2. 😑 Most bicyclists learned how to ride a bike at a young age. They’ve developed the art of bicycle riding for years. Most e-scooter riders learned how to ride an escooter the same day they crashed it. Its not a fair comparison, and why all the studies are bias as I’ve been pointing out to you forever. I’m sure if you had rental e bikes with throttles you’d see a lot of crashes because you don’t need to know how to ride a bike when you have one with a throttle.
  3. Eh, have you tried the higher end scooters? I can’t imagine someone calling a torquey dual motor 40-60mph scooter boring. Yes day to day EUC’s are superior, but the effortless speed and worry free riding a scooter gives has its own usage. I’m sure I’ll change my tune about ebikes when I try a dual motor 50+mph one. Single motors just can’t accelerate fast enough to give you a thrill on these bikes.
  4. Are you looking for perfect? Most armored clothing won’t be perfect. Look for ones with adjustable pad placement so it can suit your body. If it’s a little long or short or bulky in the stomach that should be fine as long as the protective pads are in the right places(adjustable pads) Deal with the bulk or don’t buy protective clothing but protective standalone gear. Most people don’t have stealthy shirts and pants that conceal their armor. They just wear elbow and knee pads with broad coverage over regular clothes. Many have book-bags with a back protector built in as well. You don’t need a motorcycle jacket or motorcycle pants.
  5. Okay, you’re just confusing everyone with your stance. First you belittle scooters and complain about how dangerous they are and how bikes are king of safety (which I refute). Then You post an ambiguous response that no one really knows your stance on. Are you arguing that a sideways crash is less safe than a full on front flip or vice versa? What about the study is wrong? And why did you mention how people crash when that’s not even in the study? Then You seem to be siding with me in that scooters are safer than bikes and against the study. You can’t expect a clear debate when your details are scattered all over the place and not concise. It seems like you’re just cherry picking whatever part of your convoluted argument seems conducive at the time to winning since you don’t have a clear stance.
  6. “And here's one study looking at severity of injuries, which seems far worse than bicyclists (but perhaps due to not wearing a helmet suggest the study). I think the study is wrong, because while a bicyclist usually crashes sideways a scooter rider much more often does a front flip.” How hypocritical. Please read my post instead of just skimming. I already mentioned why any study would be completely bias and incorrect when evaluating electric scooter vs bicycle injuries. You have noobs on electric scooters, using something new for the first time, and even bigger noobs using something new for the first time whose manual counterpart(the kick razor scooter) they’ve never even used. And then you wonder why people are crashing more on the new vehicle? How about we get a study on injuries for first time bicyclist and see how that fares against first time scooter riders? I think scooter would come out way ahead considering you can’t even ride a bike on day 1.
  7. I think my Dualtron Thunder will outperform the higher priced $5,000 ebike just fine thank you 😁!
  8. I highly disagree. I’ve seen a lot of minor and major crashes on bicycles as well; you’re just being bias because a scooter crash is much more focused on/attention worthy. Not to mention you’re comparing an ebike to a cheap 5inch tire FWD rental scooters. As long as you are a healthy, active individual with no balance issues and are not new to riding scooters, Bikes will always be more dangerous than scooters simply due to the fact that you are sitting down vs standing up. Standing up allows you a chance to run off at a moments notice if you detect an instability or see impending danger. Or if you crash, you have a chance to run it off. Sitting down you can do none of those things. You have no chance of running away from danger if you see a car barreling towards; you’re literally glued to the seat because all your muscles are relaxed. On a scooter you have bent knees, a natural upright posture, and are pre tensed, able to react and jump away from danger at a moments notice. Let’s not forget that in a crash you are more likely to hit your head on a bike simply due to the fact that you are closer to the ground sitting and won’t be able to take a step to slow down a descent because you’re sitting. I’ve seen plenty of scooter fails where the rider has time to get their hands in front of them or to the side of them to break their fall, while bicyclists almost never can. Once we step up to the real scooters like the Speedways and Dualtrons; ebikes don’t even compete anymore. If you don’t have a throttle on your ebike you’re sacrificing safety. Most ebikes only have pedal assist and not throttle. Throttle can get you out of danger a lot quicker than awkwardly starting the pedaling motion. Bikes are simply more dangerous also due to the fact that you aren’t very visible sitting down. My friend just the other week was riding near a parking lot on the road and almost got ran over because a car was coming out of the lot and didnt see her. If she had been on a scooter standing it would have not been an issue as she would have not only been visible, taller than the cars, but also SHE would have more visibility to see what’s up ahead. Case closed. You guys are trying to compare noobs on rental scooters that aren’t even theirs that they’ve probably trying for the first time against bicyclists who have ridden their whole life.
  9. I have electric scooters(Dualtrons) and e-bikes. The ebikes are absolutely miserable, I have a rather expensive fat tire one with a throttle that goes 30mph but even that is extraordinarily boring. Its only redeeming feature is it can seat two people comfortably. I had to buy it so other people (girls) could ride with me with something they’re familiar with and not intimidated by. I literally never use it though; other people have put more miles on it then I have. The Dualtrons are a blast, I’ve ridden to some far locations comfortably with friends on them. I don’t have to worry about putting gear on or anything, I can just cruise long ranges and have the speed to stay with traffic without sweating it. But e scooters are nothing new so you don’t get people who want to socialize like you can on the EUC’s. If I had to do a group ride I would choose everyone on scooters tbh. It’s just a lot less to worry about and you can cruise at 20+ mph all day without worrying about the terrain. And you can race each other without worrying about cutouts and you can bomb hills; they’re just a lot of fun in groups.
  10. @houseofjob you ride eboards? Never knew... I’m scared to death of those things after having all the agility of an EUC
  11. I will be posting a video of the Ultimate Perfect Maximal Acceleration soon.
  12. This. My analogy is disc brakes vs hydraulic brakes on a bike. I didn’t understand how hydraulics could stop you better when disc brakes already could lock the bikes wheels and send you flying. And then the bike repairman told me it’s not in the stopping power but in the greater control hydraulics gave you. With hydraulics you could get right to the point of almost locking up the brakes and feel when to stop. Disc brakes you didn’t know. In relation, leaning forward straight on is like disc brakes. Sure you can “lock the wheel” or overpower or overlean off it, but you have little control over when that will be. With various techniques, alternating locked legs, side leaning, hip hinge mechanics etc you have finer control over when you will lose your balance or when the wheel will beep before cutting out.
  13. lol nice drawing is the green supposed to be your protective gear ?
  14. I just want to emphasize the “you are close to the limit”. As in your limit of balance. If your heel rises during acceleration you are losing your balance but the wheel likely can accelerate harder. There are, like he said, and @houseofjob has said, techniques to accelerate faster than just a straight on lean, techniques that don’t predispose you to losing your balance off your wheel as easily.
  15. Selling for $80 + shipping ($12 shipping fee). Size large. One of the more popular items EUC riders wear. In excellent condition, worn only a few times. The Iron-Man superhero look just isn’t for me anymore.
  16. Luckily my town doesn’t have stroads. My hometown does in VA Beach but the roads are so fast (50mph) I would never ride my unicycles on them (no bike lanes)
  17. That’s sad. Something you’d see on Final Destination. Death wanted him dead for some reason.
  18. I highly doubt you can hit 40 seated on a nikola. It’s too low and thus shifts your weight too far back. Irregardless, I wonder what his conditions were for him to get inferior results to someone almost 50lb heavier
  19. Nah, if you know how to speed tuck in 190 lb and can hit 40mph for 80%. 150lb should do more
  20. I made a few short videos with my phone on my V5+ but that was still a pain in the ass as my phone battery would drain within an hour watching those damn 360 videos. Had to literally be plugged to a wall charger just to do anything. Doesn’t help my phone is only an iPhone 7
  21. I had an insta360 for a few days but my laptop is too damn slow to do any editing with that resource hogging 360 uploads. Gotta upgrade. I have a phone gimbal but I need people recording me with it, I usually record others.
  22. Whaaat? Where’s his report? Yeah it’s amazing how you can create a gap even with cars that aren’t grandma’ing it off the line. And when you think you’ll hear beeping, the wheel’s just eerily silent, with more power to give.
  23. After riding this Nikola for 300 miles now I’m very happy I didn’t go with the Monster 100v @houseofjob I thought I wanted the comfort and top speed of the Monster but I now realize acceleration is everything. You don’t need top speed if you can put a huge gap on the cars off the line at a green light. And that’s what the Nikola can do easily. The cars may be coming back on a 45mph road, but I’d have put so much distance on them in the beginning I can make it to the next light before they catch up.
  24. The probability of hitting your head is dramatically increased when you’re holding on to handlebars. This is because the first thing you do in a fall is reach your hands out to give you more time to keep your head from hitting the ground by absorbing speed and force through the hands/knees. When you’re holding handlebars people usually don’t let them go, and on a vehicle with handlebars the sideways momentum of the falling vehicle drags the person with it. Most helmet impacts are from the side for this reason exactly. I would rather wear a helmet on my 40mph ebike or scooter than on my 40mph unicycle.
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