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  1. Huh? A new V10 cost $1300. Why would someone pay $100 less for a used one?
  2. 😄😄 i really want to sell my 84v MSX and get a 100v since my area is so small I don’t need the huge batteries
  3. I would have bought your mten3 or mcm5 if you still had them 😟
  4. Size 8 feet? My size 11 needs them. But why keep them and not just put them on to make the purchase a lot more attractive to a buyer?
  5. Surprised you haven’t put the XL pedals on it. Might make you rethink selling, especially if you don’t faster speed than 30mph
  6. This is why i can’t buy a monster... Itd make my 18s obsolete and my MSX
  7. 🙋🏾‍♂️This guy here. I documented my fall in an earlier post last year. I fell at 33mph wearing the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket. The jacket didn’t have d30, just the stock crap plastic armor and stiff foam backpad. I didn’t feel anything when I went down though, I rolled four or five times and the backpad did a good job of cushioning the impact. I didn’t fall on my shoulder or elbow though. My knee took a hard hit though and unluckily I was only wearing cheap $10 foam knee pads. Zero abrasion on my body after the fall.
  8. 😄😄😄😄😄 I remember this conversation
  9. Nobody is arguing that those wheels shouldn’t be used as learner wheels. They’re arguing that they shouldn’t be used as real commutter wheels. If someone does not understand something you don’t patch up their ignorance by giving them something infallible that won’t expose their ignorance ( in context, you don’t give them something with so much power they are unlikely to get a cut out). By your example, let’s just give all the onewheel guys a onewheel that goes 40mph! That will drop the nosedive complaints due to fewer daring to go that fast, but increasing the life altering risks of those that do and subsequently nosedive at those speeds. Education is the answer, more power and battery is a band-aid. And smaller starter wheels you learn on that tilt you back and beep at you as you learn provides some of that education through experience. Better to have your first and only cutout from pushing the limits on a learner wheel at 9mph then on an 18 incher at 31+mph
  10. Sucks that I hardly ride my manual bicycles anymore though 😄 I doubt it covers my electric bikes
  11. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you haven’t fallen off the KS18XL ? The control you developed on the twitchy 14” has made the transition to that bigger wheel quite easy. You see and hear all the time about people falling off the wide Z10 as their starter wheel, so don’t tell me it’s because the tires bigger/more stable
  12. Explain this cut out then. Wheels don’t just turn off for no reason; and you claim not once but twice! From what I’ve seen on this forum and Facebook groups is people do a whole lot of blaming of the machine and not enough pointing the finger at themselves for improper operation.
  13. Nah. Those guys are wearing full leather suits. I imagine that’s downhill longboarding. At those speeds (50+mph) there’s hardly any impact, it’s just straight sliding. They have slide pucks on theirs gloves to decelerate.
  14. Yeah but I’m willing to bet it was user error and not a random cut off. if you’re wearing the appropriate gear (full face helmet, guards) there should be no problems with a fall at such slow speeds. Coming in to this “sport” you knew there was a distinct possibility of falls throughout the learning process.
  15. $600-800 is triple to quadruple a $200 eBay wheel. And I’m sorry but you’ve got it backwards; putting down large amounts of money doesn’t equate to sticking with anything in life. You’d be MORE likely to want your money back the more money you put down. If I put down large amounts of money and it’s not to my satisfaction I’d want my $$ back. Let me give you an example: if I bought $10 wireless headphones on Amazon (say because I only had wired headphones) and they were just ok but I didn’t really like them, id probably keep them around just for the novelty with occasional use or for other people to try/use. Now if I had bought wireless headphones for $200 or 20x that price (a $2000 wheel vs a $200 wheel) and I thought they were just okay but didn’t really like them, I’d return them! Or sell them as like new. That’s why a minimal $200 (compared to $2000) is small enough that if it’s not what you thought it was , or to your satisfaction, you’d still keep it around and hopefully stick with it. With a cheap starter wheel you also now have the power to teach other people without worry, and you’re BOUND to meet people who want to learn. Unless you shun society and are anti social, but then an electric unicycle (which screams “look at me!”) would be your worst vehicle to pick in that case. Not to mention owning a cheap wheel you don’t care about means you have a spare one to learn tricks on long after the padding has been taken off the expensive wheel. I definetly never said it was harder to learn on an 18. I said quite the opposite; the smaller 14” tires’ width is harder to learn on and transfers beneficial motor skills like control towards learning on an 18”. You’re going to be in for some trouble if you go from an 18” to a 14” on the other hand. Please. I take that as an insult. Like I said, I’ve never had a cutout as a 180-190lb man, even jumping up high curbs and dropping down high curbs. It’s cheap because the range is garbage and the speed is garbage. If someone gets a user error cutout on a smaller wheel that’s within their weight requirement then it’s because they didn’t understand how to ride it in the first place. The trainer wheels are specifically designed to be slow enough so no major harm comes from a fall. You’re basically covering up someone’s inability to ride safely within the machines limits by telling them to go ride a machine with much higher limits. And instead of getting a cutout at 8mph your advice likely creates riders who cutout at 30-40mph. A weak training wheel trains people to respect the machines limits (and the beep!)
  16. Untrustworthy for learning? Huh? I will counter and say There’s nothing worse than getting your brand new $2000 wheel and feeling overwhelmed and hopeless because how hard it is to learn. Or to watch it get dropped repeatedly while learning even with padding. You know how many people have returned/sold their expensive wheels because the learning curve was too hard? The top speed of a step n roll for an average westerner male is going to limit you at 8mph. You can’t do anything but learning basic maneuvers on one (although I was jumping up curbs on it). The smaller tire width will build desirable skills such as control and balance which will transfer well to an 18” and make it much easier. If you can’t handle a 6-8mph get off then you IMO should rethink an EUC. I’ve never had a random cut out on the step n roll; its been beaten up, opened up to change tire, dropped, abused etc.
  17. Well well, did some digging through my own homeowners insurance policy and I am covered from theft anywhere, and have liability insurance up to 100k if I injure someone or cause property damage on my bike. Didn’t know that. Nice! I wonder if it extends to my e bikes or if my auto insurance covers that.
  18. There is a huge difference between giving someone a cue vs explaining the cue. If I told you to twist left and right to keep straight that is dramatically different from me telling you to twist left when you’re falling to the left to catch yourself and Twist right when you’re falling to the right to have the wheel catch you.
  19. I dreamed about riding an EUC in anticipation before I even received one. I read and viewed every morsel of information I could before my cheap eBay learner wheel arrived. It didn’t matter. No amount of info my brain had digested prepared me for the learning curve. The only thing I could do right away was free mounting. I could kick start Mount like a skateboard almost immediately but struggled for the first hour to stay on.
  20. It took me around two or three hours to click and I’m an Olympic athlete. I learned on my own after watching many tutorial videos etc. Understand this; your short learning curve is abnormal. It takes much longer for the majority of people.
  21. The problem with all this technical talk is it makes things worse for the beginner. Because they start thinking about it. And you absolutely don’t want to be thinking about what you’re doing. I have excellent success teaching people. I keep my prompts very simple and never explain to people the technical details or what they’re doing because it will cause them to rationalize instead of using instinct. What happened to most of us is we fail enough times and suddenly it “clicks” and we can slowly but surely ride as long as we want in a straight line. That moment is your brain finely coordinating with your body in sync, something that can’t be done at a rational thinking level because thinking isn’t fast enough. I tell all my beginners to twist, or “wiggle” left and right and DO NOT try to go in a straight line. Many beginners want to just go in a straight line and thu never get the hang of it because the twisting motion is a requirement to learn how to ride in a straight line and not vice versa. Twisting teaches your brain how to save the wheel from falling and after enough tries it will connect the dots and you get that “clicking” moment. The brain and body correct the aberrations and you find yourself able to go in a straight line without twisting anymore. I don’t advocate holding on to fences or holding someone’s hand. They need to go out in the wide open space and fail. Repeatedly. The only thing I advocate is well placed hurdles (like ones at a track) where they can go 5-10 meters between two hurdles, touching them for balance as they go between them. Everyone ive trained has reached that clicking moment on day one within two hours. It doesn’t mean they can ride, but that they can stay on in a straight line.
  22. I strongly oppose buying your dream wheel and learning on it. If you can pay $2000 you can pay $200 for a cheap eBay step n roll starter wheel to bang up and learn on first. You’ll quickly be thankful when you see how brutal the learning process is on the wheel. The 14” will be harder to learn on which will make going up to the 18” a lot easier and giving you skills you wouldn’t otherwise have since you started on a “twitchy” 2.1 inch wide tire. The cheap eBay wheel will give you an understanding of tiltback and overleaning so you learn to respect the wheels you get in the future. It’s just common sense: you really think a parent would let their kids learn how to drive in the new Mercedes?
  23. ??? Same liability as if you were riding a bike. Bikes don’t have liability insurance. If you hit someone with your bike whatever happens is the same as if you hit them with your EUC. What exactly are you concerned about if not fires?
  24. What I’m saying is the armor is beneath the textile or leather clothing. Unlike with wrist guards where the hard skid plate makes the contact with the ground. It would be like wearing gloves covering the wrist guard and still hoping your palms can slide.
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