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  1. For containment of fire spreading in an apartment fire, perhaps a more sturdy, rigid cover, lined with the fire resistant material. Maybe similar in idea to a food klosh. Expanding pressure of gas and smoke cannot be contained. Klosh would need to have holes at top to vent. Yes, objective to contain and prevent/delay fire spread as long as possible. Critical time to raise alarms, evacuate, fire brigade attendance. Maybe outside on a concrete balcony, undercover protection from rain/heat/wind, covered with a klosh with holes for venting. Need to be
  2. Started with a KS16s, ran out of battery and had to walk it over an hour three times. Kept it for friends to use on rides. Bought the KS18xl. Five to six hours continuous rides and have never run out of range. Don't even bother with app to monitor battery levels anymore. 16500 kms, tyre is still ok.
  3. Paul A


    About ten seconds into video, it is stated there was no robbery and that the title was meant as clickbait... Think more than ten seconds of watching is needed before YouTube counts it as a view...
  4. Maybe a towbar as well Vaguely remember once seeing a YouTube video where someone modified an EUC to enable him to tow a covered trailer with his kids in it...
  5. For storage indoors, a disused fireplace might be the only solution. Fireproof, and a chimney to vent the smoke. Would need a mesh screen to prevent exploding batteries being ejected into room. Fire sacks seem irrelevant. If used indoors, they cannot contain smoke. If used outdoors, they are flimsy. Besser bricks forming walls/box outside undercover may help to contain a fire, with safe ventilation. Backyard incinerators were constructed using these. Having a lithium fire burn itself out in a safe, controlled manner.
  6. Fire extinguisher demonstration videos might not be similar to an EUC fire though. They seem to be conducted outside, with plenty of ventilation for blinding, suffocating, toxic smoke to escape. Controlled conditions, on concrete, nothing else nearby, nothing shielding extinguisher spray from batteries, person in thick protective clothing/boots, free unhindered access all around, etc. Smoke inhalation will kill you.
  7. Fire extinguisher balls in the fire bag might not be very effective. Video shows a fire extinguisher not having much effect. Might be that EUC side panels block powder from fire. Battery cells yet to explode may also not be affected by powder.
  8. Video at time mark 16.10 showing performance of the fire bag.
  9. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/parents-michigan-teen-accused-school-shooting-could-face-own-charges-2021-12-03/ December 4, 2021 Four days before the shooting, Ethan accompanied his father to a gun shop, where James Crumbley bought a semi-automatic handgun, prosecutors said. Later that day, Ethan posted photos of the gun on social media, writing, "Just got my new beauty today" and adding a heart emoji. His mother posted the next day that the two of them were "testing out his new Christmas present," Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said. On one day, a teache
  10. Is a fire sack actually effective? Video copied to start play at time mark 16.10 In this video experiment, no mysterious farmer appears out of nowhere to demand immediate cessation of filming, and removal of a hot, smoking fire that takes an hour to cool down.
  11. HK, all sorts of crazy behaviour. Oncoming cyclists, overtaking, on the wrong side of path, at a blind curve... Joggers doing a u-turn right in front of you... Endless hazards. Slow speed when nearing, passing, alongside, approaching...people are unpredictable. A Bluetooth speaker like a JBL, velcro attached, playing continuous mild music at an appropriate volume, may be helpful in making people aware of you. Less harsh, and pre-emptive. Passive, not reaction time critical. Horn is especially good for cars. Distance, engine noise, enclosed cabin, etc.
  12. https://www.laserfocusworld.com/detectors-imaging/article/16558719/flexible-display-can-be-cut-to-shape-with-scissors Aug. 23, 2016 Flexible display can be cut to shape with scissors Researchers at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan developed flexible displays that can be cut with scissors. ___________ Adhere flexible, colour, TV displays, cut to shape onto sides of an EUC. Video cam facing right displays images on left screen, and vice versa with cam facing left. EUC would appear to be "invisible" to people as it is being ridden past them.
  13. Protective NZ roll cover from ewheels is $128. New replacement side panel is $46.
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