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  1. Petitons is a good way to make difference. The only problem in them, is that you need alot of people to sign em. With that said, sadly many petitions fail on first try. So we need to prepare to rerun petition and keep the people informed (petitions can even fail if they were timed wrong, they are tricky). PEV or PLEV, the term does not matter but combining efforts to make a change is our best bet at this point. That is scooter, EUC and skateboards electrified. Even if there are people who care to make change, we still have trouble finding em and informing what is the latest battle.
  2. Seems like this petition been going in UK: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/332067 Deadline18 March 2021 They were after 10k signatures and now at 4,1k+
  3. There is no harm starting a organization focusing national level. We already as community took action on European level. If our proposal gets the attention it deserves (refering to the EU-law action we took), national level decision making could follow, even it would not pass EU law making. Following what is going on is half the battle. As community it would be important to know if politicians are picking it up and what is being proposed. If the topic is picked up, we want to be heard in the matter too. First step would be to talk to people in your community. Multiple nati
  4. As long as your butt is in the seat, you good. Swifting the stances is bit shifty. I think you kinda have to tip toe no matter what. Maybe not so much with higher seat? I think the ankle support I mentioned helped me get contact point when breaking. But mainly it is your upper body you would have to throw backwards. Standing up is still stronger technique to brake, I gues cause you get to shift more of your weight.
  5. Osallistun mielelläni. "You have my keyboard.." Ehdotan pohdinna aiheeksi kannattaisiko olla EFFI yhdistykseen yhteydessä.. Ne pojat oli lakimiehiä ja on polkenut osittain näitä polkuja jo.
  6. Where to begin..? I seen EUC being banned here and there. There are NGO or non-profits already and I bet we could plead to em for their legal expertize, who should contact em? Who among us would help or promote our cause? Any mods who would consider dropping your shroud of anonymity, for promotion? Would new NGO or non-profit be solution, so we could promote us as community? There was/is attempt for us to unite with electric skateboarders to get PEV- category in EU-law (personal electric vehicle). We barely got enough names for things to get started. Nonethele
  7. @RawneiWill you showcase your solution for seated and standing pose pads? MSP and V11?
  8. If you look at the picture @EMA post of that wheel: The pads placement is making best of both world. Pad for stopping power(backside), pad for ankle support and then he uses knee support (I assume). Seems to me he can still move his legs fairly easy. Uncertain how easy it would be to jump.. I would like to see video from him showcasing the solution. Looks good. With Velcro you could finetune the spot where it suits you the best. In addition the placement of pads would/could protect the EUC..
  9. I do not like to ride on MSP seated, it is too low for comfort. I only take a break on it as I mentioned. I seen people put a bike seat on MSP to get seat higher. But I think it might be too much stress for the handle, they did not continue selling that solution.. Also.. Rawnei is DJ RON!
  10. Most sidepads lock your feet. The quick answer most would give is no. You will have trouble moving your legs in order take a seat. Some can get around this by widening the knees out side the pads entirely leaving them having only toes in pedals. You could move pads or have better design to get best of both world. The design for this would have to be designed to give you support mostly in ankle height. Design could still have that pad towards back end to help breaking.. First few days of riding seated everything felt clumsy. After a week this might be thing of a past. ---
  11. Yes! Maintenance free. Iron is gone so.. it is light weight. Best efficiency money can get for electric motor? You get further with less loss. Thanks for reminding
  12. I been looking into waterproofing too. For circuit board plastic spray varnish is a easy solution. It gives small layer of flexible protection. BUT you cannot use it everywhere. Anything causing heat could be of issue. And obviously anything that needs to move, you cannot/should not use it to. So waterproofing moving parts is more tricky. For the electric motor I been tempted to try rust proofing, that also has minor waterproofing abilities. The product in mind I have is corrosion-x. Army and aviation use this stuff but commonly available. Should part covered with it sink to water, it mig
  13. If there is anything to pick up from this conversation it is this: We need unified voice before we get banned. Disagree all you want (in the details) but do part take on the legality actions for EUCs. In europe German and Netherlands already jumped in ban wagon. The lobbying force and public image of danger won. The average user had no voice in the conversation. Nor did the safety and statistic matter. The legal action we took to change the EU law barely got enough names on it. Our brothers In RC and drones are all watching as their hobby is being crushed. In Finland the lobbying are so
  14. Used auto business is big. Not everyone will be riding the "new". There will be new guys, who take advices such as: "Buy used wheel when you start" - the mantra of this forum. There are market for learning wheels , and like you said if you still have warranty then that help buy the used wheel. They are so simple that they could be of good quality too. The only reason why products such as these are so expensive is that they do not hit the mainstream. If EUC would be mainstream they would be cheaper. I am mostly worried that they are not of quality and they will be banned before they can
  15. Copy pastee: "Liikennevakuutuskeskus suosittelee, että kaikki sähköllä liikkuvat huolehtivat vapaaehtoisista tapaturma- ja vastuuvakuutuksistaan." https://www.lvk.fi/ajoneuvon-vakuuttaminen/usein-kysyttya/kevyet-sahkoiset-liikkumisvalineet/ Voiko kevyille sähköisille liikkumisvälineille kuitenkin halutessaan ottaa liikennevakuutuksen? Ei voi, koska niitä ei katsota liikennevakuutuslain tarkoittamiksi moottoriajoneuvoiksi. Vahinkojen varalle voi ja kannattaa kuitenkin hankkia vapaaehtoista vakuutusturvaa, kuten tapaturma- ja vastuuvakuutukset. Miksi kevyttä sähköajoneuvoa
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