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  1. I'm totally talking out my behind here, but I suspect each beep on connection is an "acknowledgment" from the wheel that it has exchanged one or more pieces of data with the device it just connected to. I base this on the observation that when I set a parameter using EUC World, my wheel beeps once. If I had designed EUC World (or any app that could change wheel settings), I would query the wheel's current state and then send adjustments as needed so the wheel is setup according to the settings in my app and that could easily result in multiple beeps as the app asks for and receives/sends data
  2. Yikes! I just ordered one of these, although mine will be tubeless. I'm a bit worried... these have been the tubed tires that are problematic, correct?
  3. My advice on dealing with the addiction is to NOT join a 12 step group. Too much walking.
  4. I learned all that stuff in kindergarten and still try to abide by it, one need not be an ahole. If nothing else, you're representing yourself. And I personally dislike that cyclists around here *never* announce themselves to us or to pedestrians for that matter… so I do my best not to emulate their behavior. My style is to slow down so that I would overtake at about a jogging rate, ring bell (I have a very loud bell that rings twice per activation), announce intention ("I'm going to be on your LEFT/RIGHT"), pass and thank them as I go by. If the first "on your left/right" doesn't seem to
  5. The way I would have done it (it's a little late now though) would be to: put a mark on the H-5102 measure the distance travelled for 1 revolution of the wheel mount the TR-1 put a mark on the TR-1 measure the distance travelled for 1 revolution compute the % difference enter into EUC World But since you can't do steps 1 and 2 easily, maybe someone else can do them for you?
  6. Congratulations on the million meter milestone! It means: a) you've graduated, and b) you are doomed. But we already knew you were doomed now didn't we?
  7. Clearly, you need another EUC. I saw a picture of someone that puts their mTen3 in a 'trunk' on their bike, that way they get to ride to the ride. Or ride after the ride. Maximize the exercise opportunities!
  8. so... you got like 2 minutes of riding and then your battery went flat? You should complain to somebody.
  9. wrap it in gorilla tape and it's pretty durable too! doesn't look much better though.
  10. I don't know if you're right or wrong as there are too many variables involved to know until you build it and test it but generally speaking something that can go faster will be heavier than its less speedy cousin. Extra weight cannot help efficiency because you have to drag it around with you everywhere you go, at every speed. You don't want your system to be any heavier than you can get away with, all other things being equal. I am pretty sure they don't use carbon fiber in Formula 1 cars just because it looks cool, is expensive, and difficult to work with.
  11. Since this is what you believe (I happen to disagree, but that doesn't matter if you don't trust it), you should go for the 18XL!
  12. For those that might be curious, this is because after an hour or so you want to take a break and get something to munch on and sip. Then the view and the sun is so pleasant an entire hour passes before you realize it. It’s a rule. I didn’t make it.
  13. Just echoing, but standing is better than sitting and if you’re off road, you can get a real workout!
  14. I don’t have an S18, but what you’re describing means you need to contact your reseller. Something isn’t right. I wouldn’t ride it until it’s sorted out.
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