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  1. I wear goatskin gardening gloves under—keeps the fingers warm and should reduce road rash on the fingers (I really hope so anyway). But flexmeters are a royal pain to get on and off, and while I can zip my armored jacket sleeves over them, it’s a pretty tight fit. I’ve gone back to the freebies eWheels included since they’re shorter and are much easier on and off.
  2. Try hitting cancel when it asks for the password. Worked for me but YMMV. You can set a password using several apps if you desire, I have enough passwords to forget already so mine is the cancel button.
  3. Motorcyclegear.com has some on close out. $129. Mesh pants and over pants. Don’t know if they’re any good or not, I already bought Demon’s hip belt thing so for now am satisfied enough just strapping on knee pads to complete the lower half.
  4. To illustrate how confusing the law is in Washington State, this definition was revised specifically to include self balancing one wheeled devices because when they were NOT classified under this definition they were unregulated (that’s the note at the bottom, it explains the reason the definition was revised in 2015). It’s interesting that the definition stops at a device with a max speed of 20mph and only includes those with a motor with 2kW average power. So in the opinion of this non lawyer, something that goes faster than 20mph or has a larger or smaller motor is not an EPAMD and thus is unregulated and is free to travel as it wishes. RCW 46.04.1695 Electric personal assistive mobility device (EPAMD). "Electric personal assistive mobility device" (EPAMD) means (1) a self-balancing device with two wheels not in tandem, designed to transport only one person by an electric propulsion system with an average power of seven hundred fifty watts (one horsepower) having a maximum speed on a paved level surface, when powered solely by such a propulsion system while ridden by an operator weighing one hundred seventy pounds, of less than twenty miles per hour or (2) a self-balancing device with one wheel designed to transport only one person by an electric propulsion system with an average power of two thousand watts (two and two-thirds horsepower) having a maximum speed on a paved level surface, when powered solely by such a propulsion system, of less than twenty miles per hour. NOTES: Finding—2015 c 145: "The legislature finds that at least two companies in Washington have developed a one-wheeled device for people to use to travel from place to place. These devices are unregulated and can travel wherever and however they like. By adding these devices to the definition of an electric personal assistive mobility device, they become regulated and local communities can determine locations that are appropriate for their use." [ 2015 c 145 § 1.]
  5. I'm pretty sure at some point you'll fall, stuff happens. The wheel might track a groove in the road, a passing bicycle might get too close and you flinch, you just didn't see that pothole, a car door suddenly opened, and so on. Back when the US was debating laws that require motorcycle riders to wear helmets I saw an advert that was pretty on point: "You don't need a helmet if you have concrete for brains". Protect what you don't want damaged because accidents are pretty much inevitable. I gear up robocop style cuz I hate pain and hate rehabbing and like full use of my limbs. And head.
  6. I got Pro-tec skateboarding knee pads. They might not be the best for a high speed crash but when I drop to my knees from a standing position the cushion makes the landing a non event. Since I go slowly (now anyway) I don’t think I’ll shed them in a slow crash. I do wish they had clips though, I’m getting to despise velcro.
  7. I stumbled across a video where a guy is demonstrating his wrist mounted lights—he showed how quickly a OneWheel disappeared into the dark compared to the wide pool of light he was able to throw. It was super impressive (as was his reflecto-jacket) and I wanna look into it further. He is very specific about which wrist flashlights he uses. I’ve hunted all over to find it again but have failed. Can anyone point me to his video or to the lights he uses? Thx!
  8. US slang... when a person stops behaving quite as expected, they have "lost their marbles". It's a nicer way of saying they're not all there mentally and likely comes from the intent but confused appearance a person has when they are looking for marbles that rolled away. A similar slang term is "lights on, nobody home".
  9. I was slowly going back and forth at the very end of a paved multi-use trail (cuz there's no other traffic at the end) trying to figure out the balance point for 1 leg riding so I can reposition my foot. I guess the repetition could be annoying? I got the impression he might have been there looking for missing marbles, so apologized profusely and went elsewhere. It is what it is.
  10. I was a downhill then a cross country skier (to telemark), tried snowboarding but having the hand-o-god smack me in the back for an instant faceplant plus old age => increasing caution and the cost of winter sports pretty doomed that. But I still wanted to carve. Commuted the last mile for 7ish years on a kick skooter, it was as fast as running without all the sweat. But you can't really carve. During this time the Solowheel appeared in Seattle but the price... with kids in college that was a short mental discussion! A bit later, hearing that oneWheel was designed to emulate snowboarding, I was mildly interested but never saw one in action. Then with the release of the pint they started appearing with regularity and got me to give them a serious look (still wanted to carve). But the prospect of a nosedive was frightening—no time to do anything except know how much it was about to hurt. In the end though the relatively short amount of "fun time" before being chained to Grand Coulee Dam was what ultimately doomed them for me. Along the way I of course got sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole where I discovered that EUCs had come a long way since the Solowheel... a very long way indeed. Add in the pandemic, general boredom with walking around the neighborhood every day, the chance to learn a new skill, more-than-workable range (time on station for me since I'm too old and too cautious to go very fast), and OMG you can seriously carve on those things—so now Mr. Visa says i owe him for a 16XS and $600 of protective gear. Fortunately nobody charges for the goofyassed grin that's gotten stuck to my face. I think that around here there are enough esk8ers and eBikes and Lime scooters that PEVs are kind of not that special. I've had a couple of questions (how do you stop?) but so far nobody has been sufficiently inspired to inquire further. Maybe the grace and style of a rider with 120km on the odometer has something to do with that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. One foot on the ground, the other guiding the wheel down the bump? Grounded foot is a hop? I used to do that for going down curbs on my foot scooter. Sounds tricky on a wheel though!
  12. Guy flagged me down yesterday... “I find that really annoying”.
  13. • Washington State, USA. We have no federal regulations/laws that I've heard of, but state, county and local laws apply—and are wildly different from place to place so I don't think you can advise much other than "obey posted signs".
  14. My experience with eWheels has been flawless—knock on wood I haven’t had to use their customer service so I can’t vouch in that area. They’re down your way so the free shipping should be super quick.
  15. Just a thought... you mentioned that your commute is all up or all down hill—be aware that when you start an all down segment, don’t be too near 100% charge. Most (all?) EUCs use regen braking and when the battery reaches 100% I understand they shut down. And throw you off. That’s second hand info but makes perfect sense to me—overcharge and you may have a lithium fire. And NOBODY has a class D fire extinguisher handy when you need one.
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