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  1. I am (very slowly) organizing a bunch of my safety gear notes into a website. The helmet page has a bunch of info meant to answer this exact question. Here's the important takeaway: Helmet type Speed (mph) Certifications Bicycle <20 CPSC, EN 1078 Downhill Mountain Bike Racing 20-28 ASTM F1952 Motorcycle >28 DOT, ECE, Snell, SHARP Off-road helmets (mountainbike/motocross) are better for slower speeds and hotter temps, and obviously off-road ridin
  2. As part of climate week, New York State is promoting green transportation with its Get There Green! program. They're asking New Yorkers to post selfies from environmentally friendly trips, and even specifically promoted e-scooters. (Yes e-scooters are legal in NY, don't even get me started on that lol.) To me this sounds like a fun excuse to promote electric unicycles. So here's mine, kind of hoping to see a few more. I meant to post this earlier in the week but there are still a few days left!
  3. After giving Mike a hard time about this comment earlier (sorry Mike), I actually changed my mind and bought another pair of Hillbilly gloves. I think the glove component is technically more like a downhill longboarding glove than a motorcycle glove-- they look very similar to Triple 8's downhill longboard gloves. But it's not much different than urban-style motorcycle gloves, which are probably fine for most EUC riding. I haven't had any problems with the mesh on the top of the glove. I think that crash just spooked me a bit and I overreacted.
  4. Can't believe I would mute this outstanding member of the community, who is most definitely not a troll. Huge blind spot on my part
  5. I didn't see any post of yours in this thread, so I guess I really do have a blind spot. I literally don't know what you're saying or what this is in reference to. Nevermind, I get it now. No, it's not a blind spot to ignore people who post blatant misinformation and then refuse to admit they made any mistake. I prefer conversations with people who know what they're talking about. Obviously if you aren't here to have an informed discussion then you're free to do otherwise...
  6. I'm going to start muting the trolls who jump in to derail every single New York discussion, especially the ones that live on a different continent and get basic facts wrong. It's just not worth dealing with.
  7. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ In reality, e-scooters and e-bikes were just officially legalized. Instead of getting warnings from the police, they got explicit approval from both the NY legislature and governor. If you don't even know that e-scooters and e-bikes were legalized in NY, you have no business lecturing New Yorkers in this discussion. You literally don't know what you're talking about.
  8. Just about everything in the pdf is clearly accurate and you can look up the specific laws to verify it. The e-bike and e-scooter sections, in particular, are based on a new law that took effect at the end of 2020. There's only a nitpicky question about whether EUCs are really illegal or if it's actually a gray area. That question is hard to answer because NYC DOT doesn't explain the reasoning behind the "illegal" label, and there isn't any law specifically making EUCs illegal. NYC DOT could definitely be right that they're illegal. I personally think that they're right, based on a very l
  9. No, it's completely wrong. E-bikes are explicitly, officially legal in NYC. The chart from NYC DOT in the first post has the correct info. NYC DOT is a better source of info than anyone posting in this forum.
  10. I don't even care to argue about this with you. Can you please just stop spreading misinformation about New York laws and bans? That's all I want
  11. There's a huge irony that, while on the forums all we hear are neverending lectures to New Yorkers about how they're going to get things banned, in reality over the last few years New York has been legalizing personal electric vehicles. And now there are new graphics showing exactly what was legalized, and many of the same lecturers incorrectly interpret it as "EUCs were just banned". 🤪 Just, ugh, my least favorite genre of forum comment. So unhelpful
  12. I wonder if the issue is that the graphic colored the e-scooter column red and people just aren't bothering to read the text. 😅 Read the text people!
  13. I'm trying not to get rude, but please at least read the graphic before unloading a bunch of random anxieties onto New Yorkers. E-scooters are officially *legal* in NYC. It says so right there in the infographic at the top of the thread. That's a result of NY state law. They aren't about to be confiscated. If you aren't getting even these basic facts right, well, no offense, but please consider just not commenting next time so that we don't have to constantly correct misinformation from people who have never looked at the laws in NY.
  14. I think NYC DOT's position is probably that, if a vehicle hasn't specifically been legalized, then it's illegal on the street. If you carefully read NY state traffic laws, it says that vehicles, aside from a few very specific categories, have to be registered to ride on the street. Since you can't register an EUC that makes it illegal. And the graphic could be referring to sidewalk laws as well, it isn't totally clear. Anyway, there aren't any state or city laws specifically about unicycles, so they have to be using some kind of generic argument along those lines. A few weeks ago I c
  15. I think you're getting confused somehow. The graphic above is from the NYC DOT, and it specifically applies to NYC, and they specifically say e-bikes and e-scooters are *legal* on the road.
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