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  1. Like above what do your dealer say? Mine said my wheel will be updated before he send it. (I believe it is the instructions from KS they do that). But what is installed would depend time of shipping from dealer.
  2. What did your dealer say about thus? it might be he/she already did the update.So it will not enter update mode again with same version.
  3. That is because the further south you are the more you need to compensate by tilting it to the left... To make it right. 😜 Sorry, joke aside. You did unlock the wheel with KS app already right? I do recommend only to have 1 app for EUC running at any given time. Meaning force quitting the one you don't use. Also should use the absolute latest version of the app from KS website, unless they got it in the app stores now. Some have reported they needed to logout the KS app and have to login again, before changes could be applied.
  4. Windows 2.0... Or if we talk hw, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
  5. Come to think of it, sticker even if they exist for this, might not be a great idea. Just in case it should loosen for whatever reason then you might find you in an interesting situation as it entangles in the motor/case. I could just see what could happen... So I think I am back to paint.... What colour to pick? Hmm maybe... My TSG Pass helmet colour would be great...
  6. Maybe, but I have never seen those. The part I were thinking of is the bare metal between tyre and the motor unit here marked with KS. I know it is just cosmetic. But it could be black or a reflective paint or even a contrast to design, like bright red. Do you have link to those stickers?
  7. Should KS ever enlist me I will be the Designated Crash Test Dummy (DCTD) Maybe I need to work on the title a bit more...
  8. Just a short question... Do anyone see any issue with painting the bare metal part of the rim? I were thinking it shouldn't be that hard to mask the motor part with a plastic bag and then hang it is a string loop where the tube is located. (tagging @US69 Main reason I look at doing this is the winter weather and salts used on roads here. I can see it took a toll on my KS18L rim with just 1 winter season already. Smalls rust spots are starting to show on the rim.
  9. Look forward for more like this from you. As for your Singaporean accent, it is great. shows diversity of the EUC community I love it. My English just sounds funny . But then again many Danes have this odd English...it works but sound funny to me at least. Even the 3 years I lived in the UK didn't change it enough.
  10. I can't at this point say if this guy is right or wrong. I don't understand his east Europe/Russian video, but he posted an English version too. But you her he is looking for words at time. Not my video ....It is a little different from his first recommendation in his first review (different video I posted that before). In short he is stating the wheels algorithm act wired if it is not calibrated to level. Some might be used to a little front or back dip intentionally. That is how I used my KS18L a while since It helped me to break harder, but now I am using it as 0-level . He also state despite you have done "correct" calibration it might for take effect. so if you get those wave dip up/down then you should redo the calibration (maybe even multiply times). If this is the case I think this is something they must address with firmware if it is possible. Would be nice to have a test/reset function in the app. What do you think of this @Micheal Shen ?
  11. If you want to ride at that speed, you need to be a test engineer! ha ha. Future, 60km/h is possible Well @Rehab1 used to be test pilot (might still be I don't know) from what I recall. However I wounder how @Mrs. Rehab1 will take the new status as test rider.
  12. I can say that when my KS18L is idle, when I trolley it, it can sometimes sit at as "sweet spot" where it can't decide if it is to balance motor forward or backwards. It happens typically if it is on and I lean it against a wall where it is like 0.5-1 degree out of level. If I am holding the trolley it can be felt as a slight vibration. What you describe looks to me as how my KS18L acts. My first wheel Inmotion V8 had something similar, so I never really thought much about it.
  13. @Lutalo I am getting new inner structure for my KS18L on Friday. So I am move to a new structure and decided to toss in the money to buy a new spare shell (went for glossy white as it should be easier to cover with paint). If this goes tits up, I can always put on my EUC bodyguard or the old matt black shell. But this is my first real go with spray paint. Wrapping is not my thing. I used to wrap role paying pen and paper book but a wheel cover is a far more complex form to do. Do you have a recommended paint brand or type to use. And do I need to use a primer first? I am trying to achieve a @Marty BackeKS18XL look just in metal/pearl/satin finish or that smashing look you got. I tried to get a quote at a car paint shop, and I had to put that at rest. Prices ranging from 2000-4000 sek (or about 200-400$) +25%vat. So parts are coming in early next wheel. So I will do a paint shop in my garage with doors open. This should limit winds carrying the paint and autumn dust/leaves/insects setting on the paint as I work. I will do a wet sandpaper job first, or so I plan to do. Since my KS16X are due to be in late next week too I can now or less take my time with the paint job. I hope am finished doing the rebuild and painting within next or the week after. Structure comes on Friday, cover properly Tuesday maybe Monday. Any tip you guys might have are very very welcome. (I know you did some painting @Marty Backe @Rehab1 I have seen a nice looking orange KS18L/XL too but don't recall who it was that did the paintjob).
  14. Since you said it is not a good comparison.... Please explain how this would work on an EUC.... Using gearbox... None EUC I know uses gearbox, so let's leave that out then. Point is you might feel more power is available... But you need still surplus to keep balance. So there is a limit to how far to max performance you can tap into.
  15. Go for it, join us "hot kids" with KS16X 😉 @Marty Backe used "the cool kids" for Nikola club. Personally I think we should agree to swap names on the owners club. 😁
  16. Speed and torque are different things, but I assume you know this already. In the end is comes down to load and torque behaviour of the motor, so what should be possible in perception might be very different. To compare, a tesla electric car, have a fast acceleration from standstill to 100 kmh but as you reach top speed the electric motors will struggle more than a gas powered car, that is why most electric cars might have fast or super acceleration from a red light but on freeway it not as powerful anymore, especially compared to a gaspowered super car with almost same acceleration. On top of this you need power from electric motor to handle balance. So going top speed means much high risk taking. Even for a KS wheel.
  17. Thank you for explaining this. And thank you for sharing personal experience too. I hope you are okay or at least heal up fast. I never though that at time of tiltback would be short time before a wheel can handle pot/man holes if they were small. But that you mentioned it, it makes sense. Warning noted. Thank you once again.
  18. Did they share anything more about seat and sidepanels deco options? Like eta more deco options and such?
  19. Hopefully my wheel be all updated before shipping it out next week. But with my luck I properly get it by 2031....with a storage bill attached
  20. Just remember this is not a car. It need a surplus of power to maintain balance. The closer you get to the max performance the higher risk you get for a possible cutoff or loss of balance as the wheel can't keep up. And to you seem like more power available, might not be the same for a bigger person causing more wind drag resistance.
  21. You say there is another Dane in Gothenburg riding EUCs? Why have I not met him yet @Scatcat?
  22. While we are at it... Kalles kaviar?
  23. Opposite of great Just kidding. Welcome to the KS16X club. Where the hot kids hang out right @Marty Backe. Nikola was for the cool kids if I don't recall it wrong. (I didn't bother to search for it, but Marty knows)... I wish I could have been there to play and discuss ride feel from your video. Unfortunately I am stuck in an office slaving of my debts while I wait for the KS16X to arrive, then I take a week of holiday to spend time with the new bodypart.
  24. Or do like KS do. Lock wheel in app preventing the motor from spinning up. With super annoying beeps going on if you move or trolleying the wheel in this locked mode. One of the early videos show this at unboxing the KS16X. I think it is from @Mike Paolini.
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