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  1. I used to act as firewarden when working in a UK call centre. I saw a film from a soccer stadium fire during TV transmitted game in our training. This video still to this day has a scare to my bone. I don't recall how many that died in that fire. The short answer is way way too many. But the points you raised in this post I quated really is a sledge hammer on the nail. It is any house hold should know and train for. We might do it at work or at the schools as kids. But it is so so easy to forget our home as this is normally our "safe/familiar" place. One thing with an fire yo
  2. This is the true beauty of @Sebas work. It works for different brands of wheels. It can be set up very complex. The really hard part is different brands report data different. And it can be hard to find what is considered max safe temperature, max safe amp use/spike. We have discussed this in the support team Sebastian created, where I asked him if he can maybe give suggestions to new users from the data people log. So far we are not there yet. But he is working on something as far as I know (and he is being creative from what I gather). So to tie this back to the thread, I personally think th
  3. I agree with you on this. Riding an EUC is not the same as riding a MC or driving a car. As a rider one must learn how an EUC reacts and top speed means something very different than a top speed of a MC or a car. Or even an escooters for that matter. It is also why I don't ride to top speed on my wheels despite recently increasing setting to 50kmh on my V11. I really like the pedal feedback over the alarms function. But if folks want more alarms settings I can only suggest you look at all the options and dependency you have in EUC.WORLD. Have it coming from the app you can direct t
  4. Read from the start of the thread. This is answered already.
  5. Inmotion made a deal with the Russian inventor of hex the pedals. This means Inmotion make their version of the design. You see picture of the in this thread.
  6. And if you want to you could use EUC.WORLD to set all kind of alarms. So to me it matters less. But the pedal response on the V11 tell me a lot of what is going on with the wheel. It us about understanding the feedback and act accordingly. I learned to ride on a V8. Had I learn to ride on a different wheel it might have been different. Yet I like how my V11 speak to me though the pedals. I never saw the point in the GW constant beeping and people either ignore this or disable the sound. In the end to me it us like getting the feel of how your car sound even if it is an automatic ge
  7. @BigSkyGlide this was the thread I wrote about. Now someone asked me what the width is with pads on the V11. I couldn't get an exact measurements but it is about 26cm. I found 1 downside with the sidepads. The V11 is not as comfortable to carry as without the sidepads. This is due to becoming wider and how the pad fit my legs in carry "mode". That said the hex pedals add a huge plus for me when lifting the V11. Like when lifting it to a table or could be a car trunk. As the hex structure make a great place to grab the wheel if you are to lift it high and place it on the side.
  8. I have not tested flypads. But you have my thoughs on a pedal and sidepads review I made. If you have further questions feel free to ask them on my review thread. I will need to move the pads a bit down to make these work more like flypads. But we have crappy EUC weather here at my place and I am bulked down with work. So when my shift end it is more or less pitch dark, rainy and windy. Not ideal to test things I am not used to. I think though some will like the sidepads some will not. I find them a little slippery but I am finding the combination of hex pedals and sidepads to go h
  9. I think you are missing a few very crucial points here. There are 2 ways to look at this. One it to use the finger of blame and start pointing (this will in the end now help anyone imo). Two is to learn from the information people share. And ride accordingly. Imo people should start taking responsibility of their actions. We have move into a culture that "I am not responsible as I did not do anything /know if this". Personally I think it is wrong to ride at max speed a wheel is designed for. Especially thinking this is safe no mater what. This is also why the max lift speed under n
  10. Well I can't even dream to compete with you. However I just reached 900+kmh on my V11 today. I might not ride far but it never leaves my side when I have to leave my apartment.
  11. In general not talking V11 or Inmotion, I think it is odd that we don't hear more about cutout or malfunction wheels than we do. I guess it comes down to people upgrade wheels fast due to technology still moves forward fast. That said I am trusting my 1st batch V11 much more than my KS16X. However I am trying to restrain my reaction with new pads and pedals as it is cold here. I though I didn't push it hard yet I hit almost 3000w for max output. I had no idea what created this spike. Maybe me clearing a crossing or getting up to cruise speed (40ish kmh). It come down to I don't tru
  12. I hade another brief test ride. It might sound like much but with the winds we have in my area and riding on wet leafs in the dark while having 10kg of shopping on your back take a bit of trust. The point of the evenings test was to see how different shoes would work for me. I have been using Vans mostly due to them being flat and have a pattern of the soles that with grittape pedals is great. But these are flexible and the shoe frame gives little support. This result in me getting tired feet fast. The shoes I used this evening are Salomon trail running/trekking shoe. These h
  13. The saddel is not designed for you to lift or catch the V11. For this you have a very sturdy handle. This is how I snapped one of my 1st batch saddle mouth points. My V11 tipped over due to me bumping it taking my gear off. It worked just fine still. The hole point is you lean on the saddle parts that have a structure frame to take the load and give a smooth surface to lean on. The solution you show is a temporary fix and it has worked for others. Inmotion have a new saddle piece coming with metal parts framed into the plastics. You have followed the telegram channel fr
  14. It never hurt to ask. I don't recall the looks of older IM wheels. But I think it comes down to 2 things. How the pedal angle is controlled and that the pedal rod isn't round on the V11. I sted of being O it is D shaped. And I think the torsion scored is a little different. This is what controls how easy the flip up and down and how tight they are hold in place.
  15. I took a messure tape to give you an idea. From floor to underside near attachment is 20cm. Underside on the outside to floor is 23cm and the pedal is 13 cm wide flat on the pedal. This is with the wheel level This is with wheel resting on it stand. I hope this gives you an idea of the angle @stephen
  16. So I took a test ride today. I had another V11 with normal padels joining me. So we went on a near 50isk km ride. It was cold today. Between 5 to 0C. A few places in the shadow had frozen patches on the asphalt. I have done this ride before once on my KS16X. I can say that I am Very glad I were on my V11 with the new pedals and pads. If I didn't have these mods on I would have crashed. It is a prime example of what happens when you let your guard down. We were on an empty bike lane. We cross an intersection and continue talk about what route to take when we both realize the b
  17. They seem similar maybe a litte heavier for the Hex pedals. But I didn't test it on the scale. I find them easier to deploy.
  18. No they are not. But Inmotion said today their are looking at how make these fit V8f and V10 series too.
  19. I have seen your question and will update this answer later today.
  20. Well the price of the watch is set to be/expected in the 100$ area. But I don't have the watch are it is only select YouTubers that test these for Inmotion for now. I am not famous enough to make the list. Price for seat, sidepads and hex pedals is set by the reseller in the end. I expect these to be reasonable priced. I have paid for my items but I got lucky. So once you see these at your local reseller I can't say what demand vs supply makes price settle on. I am sorry I can't be more specific that this. BTW I am not keen on sidepads myself. But the combination makes
  21. That is one of a few questions I will have to pass. I will answer it a bit different that might help you. However I understand the supply is limited for now. I have idea of why but that is just my guess. 1st batch is always something that generate feedback. Inmotion have shown that they listen to feedback and use this for iteration for next batch. So where do you get a set? My tip is request this from your local authorised Inmotion reseller. As supply increase and resellers get a demand they should appear near you too. I took my day off to test ride these things more an
  22. The pedals themselves are dead flat. But if I understand you correctly, the hex pedals looked a little more angled compared the standard pedals. I don't like GW msx angled pedals. But these feel really great. And I think it is a benafit the slightly bigger angle. Now I didn't measure the angle or take picture with both different type mounted. So there is a chance it is an optical illusion due to the hex design a total flat design top and buttom side. Standard pedals have a slight curve to the buttom side. I hope this answered your question. Otherwise let me know.
  23. I look at the instructions yesterday. But looking at the double sided tape it made more sense to place them higher to it fitted on the saddel part shape. As I treat my wheels as EUC and trying to make them skateboards I went for a spot that let me move feet a bit and fold the pedals up fully. I guess you can place the a tiny bit higher or lower to your style of liking. There is no rigid part on the sidepads. I could see a redesigned saddel part that could improve this. That said it didn't give and issues while I were riding this evening. Any other questions, just keep t
  24. Nope I can acces screws both top and buttom without any issues in case I hace to remove the saddle parts. This is not necessary to checks air chambers. Loosen top screws is enough to flex the saddleparts to access top valves.
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