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  1. @Jpd thanks for pumping out all that content. I am very glad of your latest reports. We know pads are in development and even 3rd party versions looks like they will emerge too. I am very pleased your comment on pedal height and ride comfort. I guess a tab on each side on the kickstand could make balancing contact better, avoid paint scratches and make deployment easier. I can just see the list of items I need to buy in the future keeps growing (I started to look into a 3d printer a little while back but paused it). Anyway @Jpd thank you so very much for your answers to people questions, comments and the videos you are providing too.
  2. Thanks for this information. I think there are lessons to be learned from your few short clips. If you don't setup suspension correctly then you are in a worse place than without suspension. Now I rode my V10f yesterday.But I had never had a need to check tire pressure really before on my wheels. But I have ridden over some broken glass and it seems to loose some air. So when I turned I had a very scary sensation of the tire bulking away under me. I also had very hard time shoulder twisting to turn (my low speed turning normally) As I can home I could feel the tire giving in as I rode over a small edge/curb 1" high. My lesson check tire much more frequently. But your story also made me add suspension to the check list.
  3. There might be more to this than meets the eye. Right now I suggest wait out and see what others say. If you are not in 1st batch shipping right now you should see more opinions from someone who actually rode the wheel not just from pictures and short videos on first rides. People are reacting like a stampee here. First moaning of too low pedals then too high. If you don't have the stomach for 1st batch then wait and get it next season. It has always been like this with EUCs. I understand if other might feel as confident in it getting sorted and ride hight might be high (highest maybe). But if you see "elder" members that have been here some time is saying it will be worked out. Now when I get my V11 I will share my views, like I have done before. But I also know posting first ride wouldn't be fair as I need to adjust a bit first. You might have seen how I acted with my KS16X and the tire debate. I don't expect this to be different at all.
  4. I 100% agree on this. It isn't first time we seen a 1st batch having a rought start. Looking at pictures posted at S18, you can see upper padding still making tabs too, despite being "addressed". These are things to consider when ordering 1st batch. I have felt this too on my KS18L and KS16X. I expect there to be minor issues. Any major ones will be add8and fixed I am very sure of that. Now as of ride height. This is a bit odd to have a stand point right now. I know what we are used to and how pivot point work. But with firmware and suspension being adjusted for this design I think this needs to be experienced and ridden some time to adapt to it. I expected this acutely. Just as it took me to adapt to my KS16X with CX tire. It too was higher and behave differently to my other wheels. I am still stoked to get my V11 (hopefully soon but we shall see). I do feel for you @Jpd. But I think you are better to talk with Inmotion and your reseller to get this sorted. Like @mrelwood said it is 1 unit...problem is if there is more. But it is something that can be fixed. In the end maybe by a replacement. I am pretty sure Inmotion are keen to understand what went wrong.
  5. It just got that new car showroom shiny all over it. I still think this is much nicer balanced look over it than the S18. Now I do love the commitment to the community. You posted photos before taking if protective cover of the chrome badge and hooked it up charging. Looking forward to see more from you.
  6. This seems live the event horizon, as you go into a black hole. The closer you get the slower you perceive time. So shipping this week feels like next month. Tracking time = next year..... I was told shipping next week (on Friday)...so I am looking at e-box more frequently now for tracking information. In "normal" case it should be shipped and arrived within next 2 weeks. But this feels like ages now. Anyway I have a perfect spot to test run the V11 suspension and how I can do video clips for your guys. But my editing option are not great so I have to keep these short. But as soon I get the options to do these I let you know. The editing is my bottleneck right now.
  7. Maybe. It is the coffemugs og the place. But since this is Sweden I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. They serve good coffee and cakes there.
  8. So I got my Insta360one R twin. But I had a little hard time doing editing of the videos. So first step is grabbing stills from the video feed. This is from the other day. This is the tour data with the Insta360 ride. https://euc.world/tour/588299320680135 This is from the day after, but from the same place just taken on my Samsung S10e. The place is called Gunnebo House. A local lord house or castle. Now it is a city counsil owned public tourist attraction. Lots of weddings take place in the area and in summer outdoor theatre plays (none this summer due to covid-19 though). https://gunneboslott.se/en/ And on my way going home, after the forrest trail from above. I had been out shoopig first, the dtopped off stuff and went for coffee (the day with the S10e pictures). https://euc.world/tour/588357439862306
  9. He get a notification by default to his e-mail so when he checks in on forum or read e-mails he should know.
  10. I wouldn't get a low end model with your weight. Now as weight goes it could better and worse. In general you have less risk of cutout the less you weight. Currently I am 85 kg myself and fully geared up and with backpack with shopping items I am close to your weight. But right now I think you are going EUC at a great time. I can see riders trying to free cash selling wheels that have good power but might not have top class range anymore. With the 3 new major wheels being S18, the Sherman and V11, I could see some good options to start on. Now I am not a GW guy, so I skip these. Now you can't go wrong with KS18L or XL if ther are in good condition. It is a good point to start. Another option if you look for a "cheaper" but new wheel would be the V8f. As it is rather light for an EUC is will be great as a 2nd last mile wheel ince you are ready to move up in range and speed. I don't think I would look at V10f as it had history of being overpowered in heat. Now if it is new build (I got mine in November 2019) I am not sure but they might have a better control board version to avoid overheating. I have not had any issues yet. It also comes down to what you plan to use your wheel for. But once you learned to ride. Then you will find new more options then most other PEV options can't do. It is very addictive so now you been warned. As for the learning it is different from person to person. Most seem to click with it in 1-2hours, seems to go faster if you take breaks (so brain can process the meteoric difference to control and balance the wheel). You are not the first to ask the question like you have here. This is why we made this new area. So it is easier to read up on similar questions.
  11. I asked @Seba if he could make some suggestions setting from data for different wheels. But apparently this is a bigger job than I imagined. It is not of the table for it to happen. But it isn't sort of speak in next batch of improvement. Now @Seba aim to get a huge release ready for the end of the month. As of what makes the cut to this rather important and huge release I will let @Seba inform you about. I expect yo get my V11 within 2 weeks now. And hopefully I can help @Sebaenough to get basic V11 functions to work with EUC.WORLD. When @Seba gets hit own V11 (like to take some extra weeks) he plans to rebuild for better Inmotion support, just like he did for KS and GW. But more details from the king himself King @Seba as we get closer and ready for public release.
  12. Np. I hope you guys work out a deal for mutual benefits. Should you get a disagreement we do not get involved as Moderators. I have hidden post not needed anymore.
  13. Well I had a work collegue some years back. He used to say it is okey to ride taxi once in while despite you have a car....oddly enough he got divorce. The married a photo model a year later. He feel in love with the taxi. I just don't see the S18 as "sexy" I only see problems. Maybe because of its sisters KS18L and KS16X. I think it runs in the families. So I decided to got exotic and hooked up with the V11. Sometimes simple looks are just way more pretty. No need of makeup.πŸ˜‰
  14. I agree, it looks much better than a GW Niloka sticker half falling of at unboxing.
  15. No ablolutely not. It was a miskate on my behalf I didn't see that it was part of the copy paste from a platform where these are pubic shown. A memeber raised this on an report, and a fellow Moderator have modified my post before I had the oppertunity to rectify my mistakt. And I sit back with red cheeks of embarisment for my mistake.
  16. Nope I don't. It is made to be headline news, but like I said earlier, we have different opinions. and in that context I stand 100% to my comment. He asked for comments yesterday in WhatsApp channel from Inmotion. I said this: The reply I got was: in which I responded: it went a bit on from that. the short version, he think he gave a pissitive review but button line he don't want to buy it (my interpatation, 100%) and I just don't think the review show the wheel in the light you could have done. If you made the review longer. and this is where I am 200% on this comment I added yesterday. evX: [19:54, 2020-07-08] I’m fairly certain i pointed out that it’s the perfect commuter wheel. The whole package... [19:54, 2020-07-08] I also use my EUC as a car. I live in nyc and don’t own a vehicle Me: Adding sugar doesn't make a dessert. It is about the full recipe. πŸ˜‰ Now he got unhappy. which is fair enough. (it wasn't what I aimed for but it happens. But this is now when I am comming to my point. Both of us view things differently. If you ask for an opinion be prepared to get it. what you do wit it is up to you at the receiving end. his final coment: Unventor strikes again at which my reply: But I said it was entertaining 😟 His review has not moved me in any direction. If you compare the work DUF made that had much more info on what to expect. I view DUFs work to add much more value to a decission making process. That was informative and entertaning at the same time. Now had he (evX) not asked for opinions I would have just seen it and forgotten it. But he asked with intention to make sure V11 buyers would watch it. If you compare evX video and the night ride vide from DUF you will see why my view is so very different to the reviews. Very important footnote: I fully understand people have diffrent opinions. It really doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. This post is to show where my opinon comes from. and I were clear about this the other day too here in the forum. I don't think it is a big deal. Sometimes I can choose to be diplomatic other times I can't be bothered. As a moderator I have to be diplomatic. But as a member I make my choices. All of the above is as a member. Now I hope Inmotion post something today as they approched me yesterday that the couldn't access the forum. But it got sorted out, so I expected they were to announce something. We shall see.
  17. It took me about 300 km to get used to the KS16X and the CX tire. It was about nt getting suprised and over reacting when the wheel followed the surface structure. I not got the CYT tire on, it is softer so it don't behave in the same way. I don't expect to understand supension from day 1. I am pretty sure we will see a lot of suggestions of setups to balance both suspension and tire as a combined system.
  18. I don't agree with this. They made a suspension system, but to fit it they balanced out not only how it works, but thee space and maintenance without too big a sacrifice. Calling that inferior, is to me a statement that need lots of salt. But I do agree we have not seen if the bigger motor rating changes the ride and combined with higher pedal height it could also impact the ride sensation. I still think that you have to look at suspension as assisting to mitigate unevenness of the ride (scale of success) or eliminating any unevenness of a ride (either yes or no). And then add the cost of what other compromises. Due to this I can’t see pitching S18 vs V11, as they aim for different (very) target groups. The S18 simply do not fit what I want due to the sacrifices made in its design.
  19. Well I reall don't put too much into the review from yesterday. Like I posted yesterday the author and I don't share same views in general. He usually make good use of filming skills and editing with music to build entertaining videos. But that is just it. It is entertainment nothing more. He has his right to his opinion. So do I if I take it seriously or not. But I do find the top shot of the wheel interesting. If his conclusion is right or wrong remains to be seen. I have asked Inmotion about the weatherproofing and they have replied without hesitation best in class (of theirs models like others too). Now the boring comments stands for ot own. But coming from someone that craves for speed, is not a surprise to me. Once you get a certain speed, it doesn't take long before the mind gets used to it and it becomes boring. When I ride my EUC it has 4 things it does for me. It is a way I keep my poor body active. My training type instead of being glued to the couch. It take me from A to B and back home. Simple meas of transportation. It makes it possible for me to explore areas I would not be able to, at least in same way. I have fun as I ride. It is the floating sensation. But it is also the smiles it normally bring forward on people I pass. Most have not see something like it before. As a bonus it often works as a conversation starter. People ask what that thing is. It happens when I am trolleying shopping or taking a coffee break. You can argue most EUC can do this. Which is true. But I don't need a Veteran to do it. And there are many points to why I think the V11 is going to be the new KS18XL. It is a good allrounder not the imost extreme wheel but it has sold very well from the amount of people owning it at some point here. So we are back to how to make a profit. If you can make a product appealing to many not just 10% most extreme riders, then you have potential for a good piece of the market. If your quality is good too and construction is kept simple then it normally means less problems. And eventually to happy customers. Looking at V8 it got a V8f. The V10f well that is now V11 in my view. You could probably make a 2nd layer of batteries on the V11. But then you add weight and cost to it. So in my view it is when is enough enough vs the cost...and on this point I think the V11 suits me spot on. I simply don't see a wheel that is so spot onto what wished for knowing what I do from my other 4 wheels I owned so far. Now I don't live in NYC. Thank god for that. I would be miserable if I must ride like some NYC argue you have to do to survive the traffic.(Now I don't think that is true).
  20. I picked up my Insta360 one R today. Took it for a spin on a 45 min ride about 16km (10mil). I am playing with the editing software as I type. But this take some serious computing power. So maybe I am a simple test video tonight or tomorrow.
  21. I just had a chat with eVX the author of this video. I will start of I am not impressed with how he argue for an opinion. He had a KS16X that he deemed worse to a Nikola due to Nikola has higher top speed. Back then I asked how he can utilize that in traffic standstill in between car lanes. This didn't go down well. Now he stated he is a huge GW fan. He also said he think he made a very positive view of the V11. I think it comes cross more like a 50/50....fair enough if he doesn't want to buy the wheel. But in the end of the day if you only look for extremes to excite you in any way, then why spend time on something you have written off in advance. Now I am very positive I will be very happy with a V11. The good part though we see different designs coming out this year. Diversity is a great thing. Maybe the V11 is a Tyota RAV4. Not an exciting car, yet it is practical and is reliable and can done many thi g. But it isn't a sports car or a rally car. Anyway I got my Insta360 one R today. So now I just need Inmotion to ship my V11 order. I play to make some videos comparing my wheels. But also to show not all is about speed. So we will see if people find those videos are interesting. But they are going to be from a different point of view and use of EUCs.
  22. This just show there are benefits for 1 person development crew. Decision can be made fast and you not need to make a huge business analysis to change a decision. Thanks for correcting me @Seba πŸ˜πŸ™. Now I look forward to hear if it fits into the V11 too. That could be where I jump to buy this. @EUniCycles.eu.
  23. The short answer to this is no EUC.WORLD do not support this. But it has own map functionality you can see that at the resellers website. Also @Seba said it might be possible in future. But I have not seen this further discussed in the beta team discussion channels. I can see other projects that will more value to more people than spending 1 developers time to add this relative niche product. You might have seen this from the post @Seba@seba made yesterday about the future of EUC.WORLD. Edit I were apparently assuming wrong. See below.
  24. Please let's keep this on topic. 2nd hand sale or buying should be in a tire thread same goes for charging discussion. Yes I am guilty too not staying 100% on topic. But my answer had to do with both rim and tire. But I shouldn't have answered here in the way I did. My fault. So please create new topic and tag those you like to see it so a separate discussion.
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