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  1. There are so many other ways to handle this but they lead to delays and in the end cost increase. Like new screams that fits or replacing parts and delays that cost extra for already planned logistics/shipping booked. It is costing time no matter what. And old saying in business time equal money. Lost time is equaliant to cost.
  2. The question here is though are we as riders as much to blame as the company? I mean as long people keep buying wheels regardless then they will keep cutting corners or bigger holes and get away with it. Hands up, all brands do things this way to some extend. But it just shows how fierce the competition is that cost is such a big driver that things like this happens. I just can't help thinking that people that want top speed and range still chose this at the level of assembly. That is the thing I don't get. More speed means more forces are in play. It might hold up the fi
  3. And sometimes you had so much fun you decided on democratic terms with your wheel to take the forest with you home?
  4. Now as sad as it is that is just too funny feature.
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    The company I work for have big impact on our products too. It has wide spread implications. Firstly parts are hard to source in big quantity. Secondly logistics of parts and final products are bottlenecks too. I am pretty sure you can see this all over the places. Good examples are computers, gaming consols and car industry.
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    Mark from Inmotion posted today on Inmotion WhatsApp channel a link to a Facebook post of official launch of V12. 150 are made in first batch but due to parts shortages next batch is only planed for August. There will be a compensation for select partners/resellers that booked from 1st batch as this is a limited batch. What that mean remains to be seen. For more info go to Inmotion Global Facebook page. I don't use Facebook so I can't comment much more on this.
  7. Most wheels go around in circles
  8. I am not shocked I am disgusted that a YT post these to get cheap view ratings and start trolling a brands social channel when he is called out. Before joining more defence for an ass hat please check this this above by @UniVehje. Now I can't said I know how it is to live in NYC. But the more you defend this type of behaviour the more I am glad it is not my place. If people think is okey to do wrongs because other do it, that is pathway to even worse situation and not helping anyone. Now in my area we have people with dogs or on bikes in lycra and big experience cars that this
  9. Haha so you are in for it now. With @ShanesPlanet as reference point what can possibly go wrong? joking....I know that wheel too and I think it is a good balance between learning and being useful too.
  10. I thing the current Inmotion range will suit many in they have different target groups covered. I don't know about update with V8 series but these are long lived iteration and minor changes to fit current demands. The V10 series is a notch up it fills a gab so there is less room for a competition to get easy pickings. Where V11 and V12 branch off to different users in the higher end. Missing is the very top line, but questions is how many you sell here so it is about sales of units times profit pr unit. As for updates the V10 have a few over time but I have not seen an
  11. It just needs to go into a car lane and a driver will react to avoid it, where the car weaver to is the secondary problem. So one thing is direct damage the second part is ripple effect of indirect damage to property or people. But these thought only spring to mind when you had a close call for most people.
  12. Np. But there is a meaning to the crazyness. And should you test a V11 and ride it for a week, there is a high risk your wallet will suffer too and you have 1 less parking space free at home😏 In my area the 2 distinct seasons winter and summer. It take a "bit" of time and work to change tire. And when something goes wrong I don't have fast access to spare parts. In my opinion I adapted to the V11 so much that when I swapped back to an KS16X while waiting for a new battery it put me in a dangerous situation because I didn't have suspension. So instead of buy extra spare part upfront I jump
  13. @CarlW if you buy a car you have several places where you can read reviews and to drive it you must have a license (in most countries, maybe no in the US, joke aside let's move on). Also you have most brand and models you can test drive before making a decision or even be a passage and get an idea of the car. It is very hard to read specifications and just go by that as there is a feel to car you can't get from paper. So EUC are very new business in comparison. So reseller are far apart and often not around the corner. As a new rider you might have seen these somewhere to awake your inter
  14. Today I got 2 different K66 tires. I am waiting for parts for my 1st batch V11. Once I got these I start to chang my control board and BT module. I fiddled with connectors on control board so they cracked. My bad. So the Master plan is to fit a K66 80/80-14 Snowtex tire on 1st batch And ...if I like it I will move on to... K66 80/80-14 all season tire on my "4th" batch (build April 2021). It is hard to tell them apart. The all season has the while line. The other is the snowtex version. I guess it is easier once it is cold to feel the difference of the ru
  15. @CarlW your topic is a common one on any information you get. But I can put it this way. Each reviewer have a reason for why they did a review. The discount codes and similar that takes a lot of focus, means I loose interest very fast and I add a lot of salt and sugar to what is being said. So the way I evaluate reviews that I in the spend time to view depends on how that reviewer hit a message on what I have chosen in the past. Also I view from many sources to see if someone give out a different message that others. Anyone can do an unboxing. But those that add more to this an
  16. @houseofjob there are thee types of YouTubers. Viewers. Those that do their opinion and those that will do anything for an extra click. That is why I miss your reviews from back when I started. They added value. Another YTer in the NYC area is one of the click lovers and due to that he doesn't get my time on YT. We might not share same views on rides and what we like. But still your reviews has been informative for me. You know this isn't the first time I said so.
  17. People might call me nagging or what they want. But I really like your principle here. I wish more would that this adult standpoint. Now some might be in the denial that bans will not happen. But all it take is a few bad press incidents and some politicians can make cheap poibt to issue a ban. Since we are a small group in a much bigger world none is going to speak up for us riders that understand what is okey or not in public traffic. I currently have wheels and gear that I paied more than 10.000€ that I will have little use for should a ban be issued. To those tgat r
  18. Well some people act as if they are part of x-men or superman himself. Explaining how real world works do not bit on these people. It does not take speed to get hurt, poor judgement and choices will stack up and do it for those that keep challenge this. and gearing up will only help so much.
  19. I bet you they will not ride as reckless and fast. And should an incident occur then that person will know the consequence in the future and so will his friends. And youtube. For the record I am not a hobby wanna be racerider, and I don't endorse this type of behavour, unless it is events like the one Kuji was at in France.
  20. poke the 3 vertical dots ..., then top menu, (the 1st one) , then top menu again (first one), here you should be able to select language of your choice. popup message star changes will effect on restart of the app. poke OK
  21. Unfortunately some only learn the hard way and when the risks are much higher not to take unnecessary chances/risks. The hole point is not to treat normal traffic as a backyard race track. Once people start doing that, that is when the ban hammer hits hard an wide not just the offenders (and yes I mean this word in the most negative way you can interpret it, as that is how simple I view this).
  22. Now I understand that this is a foreign concept in the US. But like the OP stated I rather have useful rules than no rules at all. There are several reasons for this. But foremost I don't want at total wide ban to happen Also I rather have a useful option for speed that a speed so low it is pointless. So to take away those that can't behave normal in traffic I am all for a license and insurance. It could be that no licence your top speed would be a moped (30kmh)class 1. With licence you could go 45kmh (called EU moped or class 2). To take a licence is a demonstration of your
  23. I like to say one or two thing s here. I am not asking someone to be banned. But I did ask why he think he belongs here and I did try to do that without quoting him so he could come clean by himself. I am very much aware he care little for anything else but to gain clicks on his YT. I try not yo get into fights, but sometimes some people manage to go so far from acceptable behavior that I think keeping quiet is just as bad or worse. To me once someone go down the line of trolling, they are on a path if no return. It is also to send a clear message how big fo you w
  24. Before you take side in this you should know the person I mentioned above spend the better part of 30-1hour trying to piss of as many as posdible, while posting arguments not holding water and making personal attcks on the Inmotion telegram channel. After he didn't get the love of bei g a cool guy as he hoped he conti ued speading his toxic here too. What he do in his back yard or inside his home I don't care. But posting thing just to cause chaos in a public and global world that is not okey behaviour. And on top of this when he daw he had been called pit, tried to downpkay all of
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