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  1. I would be careful to refer to how manufacturing is done even on popular products. US made do not mean automatic better. Car industry is a very good example. And yes I am sure many US people will disagree with me. In short there are good and bad examples always. Same goes for robotic made Vs hand crafted. In general price often win over quality and when it doesn't the price often are so high that it is only for the top 5% richest people in the world. That is when price do not matter at all. I do think we should reflect on how har EUCs have advanced in what timeframe. It
  2. On the other hand dual port means that a broken pin in a port doesn't make service needed before a ride. There are benefits to both solutions.
  3. Take top speed with a big pinch of salt. And if you want to go at a certain speed then buy something that can do a bit more. The big reason is how much the wheel can pull of power from battery is limited on small battery packs. The next thing is the motor need to supply the torque to keep up the speed and maintain balance. The last part is what most tend to forget as a bike or car don't require motor power to "balance". A onewheel can't keep in general as the tipping forward motion add higher risk to nose dive due to scraping the ground. Also EUC in general is more flexible for of
  4. I can add a few things to consider. Since it is your "near" adult kid (15 years old) to use it there are a few things that might be different to what others would choose at a higher age. I explain this later. As a first EUC you are not to enter something new that develop fast and still move ahead. Reliability and quality is different and so is safety thinking between brands. People debate this back and forth here a lot. But it is VERY important to fully understand an EUC to let the guards down to not go beyond what it can do I don't know you kids weight but this impact a lot
  5. It is hard to explain until you get that magical clicking moment when you get the hang of it. It took me about 5 or 6 sessions of 10mins of training. Closest description is it feels like alpine skiing. Only that you can go up or down hill and almost anywhere from A to B that you would bicycle or walk to. It is also a new way for generations to connect and share an comen interest.
  6. @Goblyhoo It might look simple or hard to learn depending on what you see and who you ask. I couldn't stand one 1 leg/foot to put on a sock or shoe when I started. Most take between 30-a few hours to learn. Ideally broken up into sessions so your brain get to process this new skill. Have a look on where I started and how it improved. I started indoor due to snow outside One of my first rides outdoors My first commute to job.(1800m) was about a few weeks later (17th April). This is a little later. And I started on a V8. This wa
  7. That would come at a big cost. And warranty is one thing but to cover any accidental damage from off-roading or weather ingress is something very different, which is what most people tend to find after a while. The wear of the wheel is something total different. So it depends if you want a free service to fix anything it will be very expensive as I see it.
  8. I don't think most kids will have any problem riding an EUC. (If it isn't too big or heavy so obviously some model are better than others depends on the kids size and age). From a legal standpoint I can't answer this as it is in the US and I am in Sweden. But you need to consider these as a mopen in essens due to being motor powered. This means I wouldn't let a 5-10 year old operate it unsupervised. In case you have a kid that is responsible and almost an adult, it depends on the culture you live in. It is where I could add common sense do apply but what that means for different people i
  9. EUCO are often good at listing parts and seems fairly cheap. But from US to EU/UK you get custom fees too. In general shipping is much more expensive now that a year ago. I have been told my company pays 4x or more to ship a container from Asia to EU now. And in general many parts are out of stuck because of electronic components are needed as ice cubes in Sahara. This start to impact other non electronic components too. I know that Inmotion don't have drive boards for V11 for now as I am waiting for that right now. Luckily I made the decision to buy a 2nd V11 I can ride for now.
  10. It can go a lot faster. When I had my instant puncture on my V8 it was only a snakebite puncture. By snakebite I mean a dual punch set hole due to pressing the tire too much. This was the concrete rockchip I hit at 30 kmh. It bumped the wheel airborne and when touching the ground it was total flat. I am pretty sure that didn't take 3 sec. To OP. It isn't possible to use tubeless repair kits on s tubed tire. Tubeless repair kits only address the tire not the tube. Should it come for you to need to replace the tube ot use patches on the tube. Make VERY sure you attach
  11. Until you see more details on how it actually perform I can't see how one can answer such a poll.
  12. I suspect you had too high tire pressure. I rode at 30psi with 95kg geared weight. On the 80/90 version. Just by letting out a little air it felt easier to ride. @mrelwood and I have debated this a bit so I think he will laugh when reading this comment. I started higher as it kept me on the edge not going too fast after my drive board died on me at 30kmh. But after mounting a new board it works fine now, by it did dent my trust initially. It is the same feeling I had with the KS16X first batch tire (CX). But not as strong behaviour on the V11. I use to explain this as standin
  13. Trying to do both at same time could make it worse. So that leaves you with not satisfying anyone. A better way is to look at who is the main target group. And list options if you want to do different. But having enough clearance to mount different tire types is the first real steps to really play with different tire types.
  14. If you look for more torque you could go for K66 80/80-14 at the expense of top speed. This shows them side by side unmounted. The size difference is much bigger than I anticipated. One thing that might be obvious at first glance is that most other tires have a solid centerline that acts as a slick tire. This have the benefit to make the tire easier to twist turn at slow speeds (walking or slower). The downside is it makes it slippery. On knobby tire, making twist turn is much harder so you tend to force you to tilt turn instead. But in loose sand or mud or gras that mak
  15. Have a look at Heidenau K66 80/90-14 tire, then you don't miss out on anything and it is all season too or optional slightly better at winter time too if you use Snowtex variant.I think it is German made. I have tested this on my V11. Surprisingly good.
  16. That said some things do not show up until you have large scale production and true end users testing the limits of their new products. You see this in game and computer industry too. And like @Jack King Song wrote they do not force you to by 1st batch. I bought 3x 1st batch wheels of the 5 different ones I have owned. Now I have a wheel (or rather 2 of them) that suits me really great. So next time I will wait before buying a new wheel. Now the S20 might be a big upgrade for some. But for me I don't see the need to move away from my 2x V11 just yet. If I got the option
  17. I don't think this is entirely the case. Let me explain. Many manufacturers in EUC industry and other business es are having huge difficulty to source electronic components. In EUCs the most affected parts I can see are MOSFETs and displays and batteries. I could see the display being dropped if they cannot secure a large enough quality for production. It isn't essential for the product to work and it can easily be interduced in a mk II version. Batteries are more tricky. It is hard to do a major change due to space and power demands. The bigger question here will be sup
  18. I heard about a guy that did an insane amount of km on a V8 (or maybe it was a V10). Now I recall it as he swapped battery once. It was in the 30k ish km range or so. Now by insane I mean it has a relative small battery compared to modern wheels. But that said you don't need to ride max speed all the time but it takes time to ride that range. As of the new wheels listed I am fairly confident that they do not hold anything I cannot get from my 2x V11. I know Inmotion had something in their plans but when and what that is I have no idea (anymore). I would only consider a suspens
  19. And btw there have been cases of battery fire on V10f. That was on first batch. From the production of your wheel the battery pack is in a box or container. First cases came from water entering between the 2 structure joining and wasn't properly sealed. Rework kits was sent out or wheels recalled for rework to fix this. Later it turned out wrapping go damaged over time due to wrapping rubbing inside the wheel over time. Both issue are fixed and not a problem anymore. So when getting a replacement battery ask if you have the container too or if you are to reuse the one from old batt
  20. Long story. I think @Chriull is right on this case. I would really thing three times before charging and using this V10f with the initial charging problems you had @WildEUC. Battery and control board issues should not be taken lightly. And yes I learned my lesson the hard way too on this one. Rigging a wheel with control board warning and knowing better it died on me at 25-30kmh after 500ish m of riding. What might seem fine now, can hit you out of the blue at any point. Now I can say this again, but trading with Chinese companies are not the same as trading in US or EU. I
  21. Top speed is not always the reason for cutout. Going slow demanding huge amount of power to keep balance is a good way to find a weak link in electronics or battery pack/cell or wiring. Increasing volts can help but it just make every much hard to handle in control board. There is a reason to why we have yet to see 126v wheels. Not saying it cannot be done. But I guess in 24 hours or less we get to see what Kingsong has been cooking up.
  22. As you yap into higher speeds you need bigger safety margin. You cannot look at this as %. This is due to double speed take x4 energy. So any spikes you have on hitting an obstacle would require more power to deal with it. 5 or 10% is only a relative number not exponential as the energy step up.
  23. I would suspect that is a reseller login.
  24. That should go into your scare topic. Maybe.
  25. So today I had my first proper ride for a long time. I can only say I am very impressed by how this new tire works, K66 80/90-14. Since my last drive board have in after just 500m I didn't have full confidence in the wheel. Since trust is very important I decided to bring my wheel with me to Denmark. In general Denmark is know to be very flat. But if you look at elevation from the tour recording and view the pictures you will see I tried to stress the wheel and doing both slow climbs and "high speed". But due to last wipe out I had set max speed to 40kmh.
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