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  1. Hi fellow Finnish riders. I am coming to visit Helsinki 4-5 February due to works meeting. Since I am coming by plane I can't bring a wheel. Right now I don't know if I can get out from company dinnerparty, as we are having a company kick-off meeting and later dinner party. It could be fun to meet some of you guys if you are around. Once I know more details I get back to you if any is interested.
  2. Well this became a hot topic fast. And yes @mrelwood you totally right the video was an bug eye opner to me when I saw it. Not because I didn't do this but more to how far you can push wheels if you trust them and have the skills needed. Me myself wouldn't be able to do that hard braking, due to my level of trust to control this is not there. So I adapted my riding style' first I rather stand to the rear of the pedal. That way it limits me on how fast I go as I need to push harder, which is a good thing in my mind. Secound I don't ride as fast as I used to simply because I know my braking distance is so much higher at 45 to 35 to 20 km. These days I rarely go fast than 35 on any wheel. ðŸĪ•ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‡. I found it is a higher pleasure to ride than sitting home recovering from accidents. 😁😎 And kodo to you @Mono for finding the video I had in mind. You did what even Google couldn't do for me 😁👌. So back to the V10F, I posted earlier I found this to be doing what I want the wheel to do. I don't feel it have any real shortcomings in the way I use the wheel. Compared to my KS18L that is to me the Jack of all trades, not the best at anything but super good at almost all which it a great thing if you only have one wheel. My KS16X is still my most fun wheel to ride as it can do things I cannot do on my other wheels. If only KS had taken the weatherproof seriously. So my V10F is a cheap solution to what I don't get in my other wheels. Yes I had a fall off but I can't blame the wheel, it was down to my riding outside what was possible on that particularly icy spot. Right now I just wish I could find a ready made student tire for my V10F as icy season comes ever closed every day right now.
  3. First off I am not saying that you are doing it wrong, you might know this already. There is a huge difference in braking and emergency braking. I couldn't find the link to a French video where someone test braking with different wheels. But I use this is most case if I am to break hard to some degree. Instead of just leaning backwards, I use a mix of force pushing with heels and motion of sitting on a chair. The lower you go the more force you can transfer to wheel braking. Another thing is people tend to stand a bit on the front on their pedals. This makes going forward easier, but not helping you when you are to brake.A way around this is a asymmetric foot stand, but this takes some practice to do, especially in emergency braking.It kind of like having a gas pedals and brake pedal. I found this easier to control once I could do it, until I got my KS16X (it generates so much force with short pedal arms, I hard hard time controlling it, so I have to ride it symmetrical for now). I do not find the V10F any worse at braking to what I have tested in same size and weight considered. The Z10 was not as good at braking imho, The KS18L do not have the same torque force, But since I rode more mileages I am maybe more confident in what I can push and still control (my riding skills, combined with my bad knee).. Note: If you refer to smoothed braking in general, it is something in how EUC works. It makes them have almost like abs sensation, It is very hard to lock up a wheel, unless you are on sandy surface with hard ground surface underneath. I am just trying to put some perspective to what I build my opinion on.
  4. I know most things are bigger in the US.... but still across the pond?
  5. It would have been funny to have this painted yellow, added a periscope look alike headlight and him playing Beatles as he rides around...guess what song I had in mind....
  6. @Seba do you mind sharing how progress is going with a Tizen version of EUC.WORLD is going? And also if you plan this to be a stand alone App option for Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE in future? I know this would be battery heavy, but it would be a sweet option as you don't need a phone to accompany you. Phone seems to grow in size in general by every release.
  7. Well it might be that I only ride from A to B either commuting or pleasure riding no trick riding. But the V10F feels more than adequate in both mimbleness and acceleration and braking. Might not to my KS16X but better than my KS18L. Only thing is range and top speed but since I rarely ride at more than 30-35kmh.
  8. Hi @Seba we created a new head topic for guys like you so you can create threads for apps and platforms that is more visual for new users on the forum. It is called "Apps and gadgets".
  9. Oh that is sad news. I didn't know that.
  10. We started this new area for threads to make it more visual for people coming to the forum. I hope you will use this @Micheal Shen to keep us updated.
  11. @MR BRAD it os possible someone miss typed the S/N wrong during manual registration of their wheel. The interesting part is how much mileage your wheel has done so far. Also in the inmotion app you can do a wheel diagnostic. I think reaching out to ewheels is the right way anyway. Next tip is to start a thread under inmotion as this here is moving away from this thread topic. You can copy a link of your earlier posts to that new thread if you like.
  12. You need to work on that Danish tan of yours 😜
  13. Sometimes you just have to let it slide 😉 But yes @Mono power isn't the solution to everything... But once I started to ride a 2000w motor and a battery to match it, I found the V8 to feel like a toy. The V8 will be fine fully charged, but at 0C at 50% you are at a much bigger risk zone than a KS18L or V10F. I tend to find bigger rim size to stand firmer on snow/ice and less prone to sliding. Nevertheless I don't know why you fall, but for me I know so far why and what I can do better.
  14. Yay so you are still alive and riding.
  15. Well I don't know why you fall... But I think you saw my posts of me sliding commuting home from work. It was a classic, I didn't anticipate it to be icy anywhere, but it just so happens ice on pedestrian road markings that Iam doing a L-turn to while braking. Yep I had an ordinance too, 2 women I were passing and trying to get in front of. Not an issue at all normally, but on icy white road markings, it was bound to happen as gravity always works here where I live. Wierd right? It is always about risk taking vs what you expect vs what happens you didn't expect or plan for. I always spend time to reflect once I get home. When I had a fall or incident, my first concern is to get back up, if possible. It is how I work to avoid fear of riding sets in. Like I rode to hospital with dislocated shoulder for like 800m. Not the smartest decision I admit. But I kept riding. I might not ride as fast anymore in general, which I am glad on the icy slip incident lately. So if this is the same for you @Mono I can't say. But I move up from my V8 as I didn't trust its power to be sufficient. I still fall but now for different reasons 😜ðŸĪŠðŸĪ•
  16. Yes, so next time it is 2 rounds each way, next time 1.4m circles...next time it is different technique of turning, like twisting shoulders turn or bend one knee turn or a mix of both. Same goes for bumps, small once at first. Going up and going down or passing over. And emergency braking.
  17. I think I spotted a NB in the dusty landing area... I am sure it wasn't a KS16X as the tank would running away 😉
  18. Bahh clearly photos-hoped.... The KS16X don't have such a big brother...yet. And you removed the high heels too.
  19. 'There is a big difference in tire size and wheel weight, so you will also feel this in the way the wheel handles. There is no 2 way about that. That said I think you will find the comfort mode more agile once you adjust to it. In the normal mode the wheel do what ever it can to keep wheel lever, meaning initiate reaction. As in comfort mode it is slightly delay to the response. The point with the delay is 2 things, more comfort feel on bumps and easier to put your weight to force wheel a more aggressive/power response. Like of like an elastic band or suspenders. at first your pull is not felt but then it helps to set the motion in action. Once you adapt to this it becomes very powerful feel to the wheel. But it cannot change that the wheel it bigger/heavier/wider tire. I never rode a 14" wheel. I tested one briefly and it was all over the place for me. Now if I compare my V8 it was a light wheel, but once I started to ride the KS18L I never like the lighter feel. My KS16X is an odd duckling. it is very nimble at low speed (walking speed or lower 10- kmh) but becomes more direction stable at higher speeds (like 20+ kmh). As for the V10F it is a bit lighter and slimmer tire than my KS16X so it feels nimble to me, yet stable as long you don't turn too sharp, due to the battery needs to be over the axle, Once the battery is tilted our over the axle it wants to turn sharper. So back to V10F settings, I have yet to play with pedal sensation. But that could be something that might assist you. And as other suggested, higher tire pressure adds to the nimbleness. My tire is rated 40psi or 2.80bar. I started on that, but here in winter season I have to lower this to get more friction and contact area if I am on icy patches.
  20. When I started to learn to ride I set myself small but still achievable goals. I devided these into first time done and extended use. Now when I ride I set new goals still. It depends if I am just commuting from A to B or if I am going about pleasure riding. Now since winter season it here I am setting goals to match skills needed to ride in icy conditions. We don't have snow in my area yet, but it can come any day now. Another reason why I started to set more goal lately is adapting and getting natural unconscious feel if my new V10F. I think @RockyTop and @mrelwood gave you some great replies. Mine is just a hint/tip on how to do that as you ride. Partly in a way so you don't think so much about it. It is more something I reflect on after the ride.
  21. As it is heavier than you V8 it do take a little long to brake, on the other hand you can push this much much further compared to the V8 motors max stoping power. There is just a slight issue to contain the KS16X brake power without getting wobbles. I think it has to do with how much force it generates and I can say I am not able to control this with my weak knees. There is a trick though if you brake in S-curves it becomes easier to maintain control and you kinda hide the braking distance as the S distance is longer travel distance compared to I distance, well I hope you get what I mean. As for weather proofing I think you might find some neat things coming from roll.nz. @The Fat Unicyclist were kind enough to take some inputs and bunching so ideas. I can't share too much right now. But I think once they go live I am getting "a set of wet dress code" for my KS16X. I can say a lot of ideas have been lifted and evaluated. It might not show at first, but I think it is very creative. I am impressed with how Kevin grab an idea to elevate it from good to great. I am looking forward to see the next level of KS16X fashion ðŸĪĐ. Personally I think it is a must have for all KS16X owners....
  22. You can ride all seasons, it just a very different ride style and speed in winter time. Yes your are like to experience a slide or a crash. I had my winter touch down 1 week ago. I didn't expect it to be icy when going home from work. But doing a sharp lean L-turn while braking, I hit an icy patch on pedestrian cross marks on the road, wheel started to slide and I over corrected it And it resulted me tipping over landing on my right elbow. It was as low speed but my reflex jacket got torn All-in-all good thing it happened. It put you in respect of road conditions and reset my ride style into winter mode. (I will get back to that). I bought a V10F to ride in wet and winter days. To get a faster feel of its dynamics I found riding at high tire pressure help to feel the behavior of the wheel. But I had not lowered it to my normal ride preference at the time (I have do that now) . I also had the wheel in comfort mode, It made it act a bit like a spring effect to both cushion bumps but also to make it mode dynamic in ride sensation (that is now set to normal firm mode). Once we get proper snow fall I might let out a little more air of the tire. So ride style.... You want to ride with all your weight over the axel, no leaning forward, backward or side turn leans.....if you start to lean the risk of wheel starting to slide is so much higher. This here takes practice. just like relearning to ride, it is hard at first. 'Main reason is you need to ride very different and not over react when you are caught by surprise, which is hard as you are fighting your instinct and reflex reactions. But it can be done....as long you are not at too high a speed. Next thing if you feel you hit a icy patch, do not try to turn or change speed, just let it roll and you deal with changes you need to do after you are free of the icy patch. If it is only icy conditions then you likely need to add studs to your tire. I have not done this myself yet. BTW, I am not hardcore, only a daily commuter trying to replace my car with EUC. I have 1800ish m to work, but I can't walk due elevation changes makes my knees to act up. On a normal summer day I get to work in 5-7 min depending on traffic. Yesterday because of icy conditions it took me 15 min. I rode last winter on a day when it was black mirror ice all over. took me 28min. but I never fell or slid. Stepping off the wheel almost took me down, as I then realized how slippery it actually was that day. As a side not, your summer riding skills improve too, as you can stay more cool headed in tricky situations. Or that is how it worked out for me. It could be a combinations of the added mileages too. Something happened after my 2500km total ride (V8+ KS18L) and the 200km+ on the KS16X.
  23. At least it isn't a three wheeler...
  24. I like the colour version much better than the black version.
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