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  1. Is there a S20? All I saw was speculation in this thread:
  2. Make a cable tie loosely around the tire and let it spin out. Works well.
  3. I ride my 18 xl for two years now and put over 12.000 km on it. I use it for commuting and for long offroad rides, basically everything. The only issue I had was a broken inner shell. Changed it to the white one (still black outside) because it's less brillte. Today I changed all screws holding the outer shell because they are really crap and become round. On two screws I hat to cut a new thread and another broke off. But other then that it is a great wheel and I can confirm water proofing is absolutely fantastic. I ride my wheel in heavy rainstorms in summer or during winter when we have rain
  4. I don't think it's due to an electric buildup because this had nothing to do with the trolley handle. 1Radwerkstatt from Germany say it is the stabilizing mechanism that can overreact while trollying. This causes the violent shaking. I experienced it on my 18 xl, it is a 2nd batch wheel from early 2019. After a firmwareupdate the shaking disappeared, instead the wheel shuts down. This was a common issue but thanks to a better firmware I have not experienced it for quit a while. Motor freze is another problem. When I bought my wheel there were several cases where motors froze and it was im
  5. Bei mir ist es auch total unterschiedlich was die Polizei angeht. Ich fahre seit zwei Jahren, 1 1/2 davon auf die Arbeit. In Koblenz hatte ich noch nie Probleme, obwohl mich die Polizei fast täglich sah. Im Raum Neuwied wurde ich beim zweiten Zusammentreffen angehalten. Ich habe über einen Anwalt Einspruch einlegen lassen. Wir werden argumentieren, dass es für mich aufgrund der Beschilderung so aussah, als würde ich mich auf einem Weg, der nur für Forst- und Landwirtschaftlichen Verkehr freigegeben ist, bewegen. Tatsächlich habe ich mich auf dem vermutlich einzigen Feldweg Deutschlands mit Wid
  6. Ich habe gestern meinen Strafbefehl über 35 Tagessätze erhalten, weil sie mich vor einem halben Jahr auf einem abgelegenen Feldweg angehalten haben. Kamen mir in einer Kurve entgegen, ich hatte leider keine Chance. Bis dahin hatte ich auch kein Kennzeichen, aufgrund derselben Bedenken die auch hier angemeldet wurden. Trotzdem habe ich nach diesem Vorfall eine Versicherung beantragt und ich muss zugeben, dass sich mein Unrechtsbewusstsein in Grenzen hält. Zudem stellt sich mir die Frage wer verantwortungsloser handelt. Wir, die für unsere Freiheit gegen geltendes Recht verstoßen, oder
  7. I was hoping so. It was definitely no overheating alarm. Marty Backe did a stress test with overheating and his alarm was different.
  8. Hello, two days ago I went for a ride in a wood with my KS18 XL. I went up a very steep incline. The narrow path was coverd with leafes, ca. 30 zentimeters high. Big stones and branches lay underneath. I demanded everything from the wheel, as far as this is possible without side pads. Approximately 900 meters after fighting up that hill I got a alarm I never noticed before. I know the two different alarms (voice disabled) of low battery enough, also I managed it to get my wheel shouting at me "caution overpower" last week, even though voice alarms are disabled. This time it was different.
  9. Yes I will. I also thought about getting a full face helmet but this will attract the police more than necessary. Riding an EUC in germany is a criminal offense.
  10. Didn't try the new FW yet. Usually I don't grip the wheel with my feet except in offroad conditions. It has happened, that after a hard bump I could only keep on tiptoe on the pedals. I'm worried that it couldn't be enough without tilt. As soon as I'm cured from Covid-19 I'll ask a friend if he can stitch up some eva foam in leather, just like the picture from Rywokast.
  11. Thank you, that are some pretty good tips. I'm gonna give it a try and get some sandpaper and maybe yoga mats. How could I attach them?
  12. In the 2.0 FW thread you can read that it won't work. If you apply tilt the wheel will flip out in corners and will do very strange things. In 2.0 FW the wheel must be exactly leveled. My title match my post. Since tilt is not an option in FW 2.0 I need sidepads. I already explained why.
  13. Hello, I want to try the 2.0 FW but I read that I will lose the option to tilt the pedals to a slight uptilt. This is a no-go for me because it is safety relevant. I like to go fast and I occasionally take hard bumps when accelerating. A slight uptilt prevent me from slipping off the pedals. With actual flat pedals they would be tilted to the front when accelerating and just the thought is life threatening. So without adjustments upgrading the FW is not an option. I thing the easiest way to achieve this would be custom sidepads, but I can't find any for Kingsong. So don't change a working
  14. I always let strangers try out my wheel. I never had any problems.
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