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  1. I was hoping so. It was definitely no overheating alarm. Marty Backe did a stress test with overheating and his alarm was different.
  2. Hello, two days ago I went for a ride in a wood with my KS18 XL. I went up a very steep incline. The narrow path was coverd with leafes, ca. 30 zentimeters high. Big stones and branches lay underneath. I demanded everything from the wheel, as far as this is possible without side pads. Approximately 900 meters after fighting up that hill I got a alarm I never noticed before. I know the two different alarms (voice disabled) of low battery enough, also I managed it to get my wheel shouting at me "caution overpower" last week, even though voice alarms are disabled. This time it was different. The wheel beeped as hell, tilted all the way back and only one red led on each led strip blinked. I tried to shut off and on again the wheel. Same alarm. I shut off again and waited two minutes. After that I could ride again but stil on that incline. It was too steep to cary the wheel up, I tried. I made the last 100 meters to the top and got that alarm again. I made a short video of that secound time. I don't use any apps so I can't figur out what sort of alarm this might be. Air temperatur was around 20 °c. The fan was not running. Battery was at 70 % minimum.
  3. Yes I will. I also thought about getting a full face helmet but this will attract the police more than necessary. Riding an EUC in germany is a criminal offense.
  4. Didn't try the new FW yet. Usually I don't grip the wheel with my feet except in offroad conditions. It has happened, that after a hard bump I could only keep on tiptoe on the pedals. I'm worried that it couldn't be enough without tilt. As soon as I'm cured from Covid-19 I'll ask a friend if he can stitch up some eva foam in leather, just like the picture from Rywokast.
  5. Thank you, that are some pretty good tips. I'm gonna give it a try and get some sandpaper and maybe yoga mats. How could I attach them?
  6. In the 2.0 FW thread you can read that it won't work. If you apply tilt the wheel will flip out in corners and will do very strange things. In 2.0 FW the wheel must be exactly leveled. My title match my post. Since tilt is not an option in FW 2.0 I need sidepads. I already explained why.
  7. Hello, I want to try the 2.0 FW but I read that I will lose the option to tilt the pedals to a slight uptilt. This is a no-go for me because it is safety relevant. I like to go fast and I occasionally take hard bumps when accelerating. A slight uptilt prevent me from slipping off the pedals. With actual flat pedals they would be tilted to the front when accelerating and just the thought is life threatening. So without adjustments upgrading the FW is not an option. I thing the easiest way to achieve this would be custom sidepads, but I can't find any for Kingsong. So don't change a working wheel and stick with the old FW for ever?
  8. I always let strangers try out my wheel. I never had any problems.
  9. Hallo Luca, ziemlich gutes Deutsch für jemanden der es erst lernt. Welten besser als mein Englisch Wie hoch eine potentielle Strafe ausfallen würde kann ich nicht sagen, da ich zum Glück noch nicht angehalten wurde. Auf jeden Fall ist es Fahren ohne Versicherungsschutz (Straftat), Fahren ohne Zulassung (Ordnungswidrigkeit) und ggf. Fahren ohne Führerschein (Straftat). Billig wird es also nicht und wer dreimal ohne Führerschein erwischt wird wandert ins Gefängnis. Die Polizei hat außerdem das Recht das Einrad einzuziehen und zu zerstören, wobei mir kein Fall bekannt ist in dem es nicht zurückgegeben wurde. Trotz der harten Strafen fahre ich mein Rad fast täglich und fahre damit auch auf die Arbeit. Ich versuche große Straßen zu meiden und halte immer Ausschau nach der Polizei. Wenn ich sie sehe steige ich ab, nehme den Helm ab und versuche wie ein Fußgänger mit Koffer zu wirken. Trotzdem hat mich die Polizei schon häufiger fahren sehen, bisher hat glücklicherweise noch nie jemand etwas gesagt. Sie scheinen also andere Prioritäten zu haben als Einradfahrern das Leben schwer zu machen. Wobei mir durchaus Fälle bekannt sind in denen das geschehen ist. Da es verboten ist setzt man sich immer einer gewissen Gefahr aus. Ich fahre in Gegenwart von Fußgängern und anderen Verkehrsteilnehmern langsam und betont sicher. Solange man sich verantwortungsbewusst verhält und keine Gefahr darstellt kann man das Einrad also auch in Deutschland nutzen. Viel Glück!
  10. While finding the wheel in the app works immediately it can take a few minutes to find it via bluetooth. At least this is the case for me. Don't be to impatient.
  11. I think you should download the latest app and do a firmware update. Make sure you disabled display rotation and your phone is charged. Set your display timeout to infinitely and don't touch your phone during update. Maby you should use mobile data instead of wlan. I did it several times and it worked well. How ever this will take a few minutes. Don't be impatient.
  12. I weight about 180 lbs and get 50 miles from my XL from full to empty on hilly terrain.
  13. I have a Kingsong KS18 XL with 1554 wh and get 80 km on hilly terrain. I am around 180 lbs.
  14. Update: I tried performance mode and it's much better now. I read the hardest mode would it make harder to go uphill but I would say it's the opposite. For me it seems easyer now and I am able to reach top speed. Maybe on the softer mode you have to put the wheel on a harder angle (don't know how to say it in english) and maybe it doesn't do it on it's own, so you have to apply more pressure. Maybe this is not true, it's just a declaration trial. I feel like rider mode has softened over time and I have to apply a pressure that I can't deliver, even if I stay more in the front. Now in the harder mode it's better. I don't have to put my weight infront of the wheel to go over 20 kph like yesterday in rider mode. I still wish it would react more sensitiv to weight shifting but I can live with it like it is now. I just hope I won't lose to much range.
  15. Exactly. Thats not the problem, all I bend is my knees. The problem is the amount of force that I have to apply to drive faster. I didn't try to lean over a certain point because it feels like the wheel wouldn't catch up and I fall over infront. I wish the wheel would respont more sensitive to by body movement. I have over 500 km on my wheel and it is set to 50 kph properly. If I hadn't enough mileage I couln't set it to 50.
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