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  1. Hello fellow V10F rider in Stockholm I also experimented with higher speed limits on the V10F, setting to 42, then 45 today and found that there was no effect even near 100% battery. The soft progressive tiltback seemed the same approaching max speed, and the wheel rang the alarm at exactly 40km/h (wheel speed) as seen in EUC World app connected. Do you remember details about firmware version, battery percentage, riding mode for the user reporting it was doing something @Seba? As it is it the values beyond 40 seem to be capped at 40, and it might be more clear to reflect that in the UI.
  2. Today I used EUC World 2.0.4 for the first time on the newly released stable Android 11, on my Pixel 2. EUC World app appears to have recorded location and telemetry only when the app was active on screen, although it was working as expected a few days back on Android 10. Ride on Strava, captured with my Garmin watch, 19.34km: https://www.strava.com/activities/4040923124 Ride on EUC World, 5.96 km: https://euc.world/tour/590310363361330 I haven't looked into Android SDK 11 in depth yet but the cause I'm guessing is that the current EUC World app doesn't declare and request the new extra permission for getting location in background, so on the new OS version the app gets location data only when the screen is on. I haven't tested if the foreground service makes it always active like in the the perspective of the permission. @Seba the documentation is available here: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/11/privacy/location I'll be happy to test if it helps
  3. The Insta360 One R and One X are some of the best cameras to record videos of our EUC adventures, however capturing good audio and clear voice without adding an expensive and complex setup seems difficult. I'm about to get my hands on a One R and hope to build a better solution. The idea is to start/stop recording audio with your phone in sync with the camera activity. Potential input signals: built-in mobile phone mics 4-pole JACK analog external mic USB microphone (could be stereo, maybe multi-channel) Bluetooth headset (for processed voice only) Wireless microphone, connected to the mobile phone instead of the camera Benefits compared to wireless audio transmitter/receiver on the Insta360 One R: No added weight on the camera No need for the extra ONE R Mounting Bracket with Cold Shoe Top Mount ($30) No need for the extra USB-C Mic adapter ($10) Camera remains waterproof! No need for an extra wireless microphone system Downsides compared to wireless audio transmitter/receiver on the Insta360 One R: Requires replacing the audio when editing Requires doing some (minimal, likely automated by the editing software) audio sync Benefits compared to manual external recording with the Insta360 One X: Simplified audio sync when editing Avoids content loss from operation error Carefree feeling from pressing a single button to record 😄 I'm a senior Android developer and if confirmed feasible I should be able to prototype this app pretty quick on this platform but I wonder how many of you would need an iOS version instead? Note that it might be more convenient to run the app and plug the mic to an old spare or $99 Android phone for cable management purposes. It's not uncommon to use the single (USB-C) port of a phone to charge it while recording a ride on EUC World for instance, then the port is unavailable to plug the mic adapter. I know I now need and will use this app instead of buying $200 of extra gear, so I'll try to build it. Anyone else is interested? 👋 Would you need it for iOS or Android only is fine?
  4. Hi! I'm getting a 360 camera and my basic wrist guards, although comfortable and effective are making holding a selfie stick to film (or anything really) hazardous at best. What would you recommend as wrist guard or gloves for safe selfie stick operation? I have a few additional considerations orienting the choice: I live in Sweden and hope to keep riding during winter (cold) Adjusting camera settings will be done on touchscreens on the phone and the camera I'm riding with a Garmin watch to display speed and capture GPS & Heart Rate data for Strava: the solution shouldn't push the watch too high up on the arm So far I found Demon Flexmeter double sided wrist guard: very long, problem with using the Garmin watch (HR sensor) flatland3d / Knox Fingerless Pro e-skate glove: seem to be a great solution, out of stock everywhere but sellers with no or poor reputation, what about winter? flatland3d / Knox full finger Pro e-skate glove: might be good all year around, out of stock everywhere but sellers with poor reputation? What do you think?
  5. Glad it makes some sense if any. Is it possible to set the final hard tiltback at a lower speed in order to train for it?
  6. Sorry about your accident, Was the verbal warning associated with a hard pedal tiltback? That could explain the massive wobble: a strong and unexpected tiltback makes you brake hard suddenly, which at speed is a common cause of wobble (especially if not prepared for it)
  7. supercurio


    I'm happy to join this video thread with a first contribution, after learning to ride recently. It's a 4k 60 fps video with overlays of a ride around Stockholm, full length. And I'm happy to report that the V10F behaves well in hill climbing for my weight (63 kg, 139 lb) on the type of climbs that can be found around here. Since I'm coming from the Alps it doesn't seem like much of a climb, but that's all there is nearby anyway!
  8. Since I live close to the hill where @Nils has his V10F overheat / overload twice I went there and tried to reproduce the condition. My new, unmodified V10F passed the test without issue as I completed the climb 7 times. The temperature reported wouldn't go higher at the top. Unfortunately I made a small mistake and started the climb a few meters higher but kept all the higher grade goodness. It was a warmer day (+15°C) than during @Nils test but I'm a lot lighter at almost 30kg lower rider weight. I've just learned riding tho and discovered in the process that I enjoy climbing a lot! Now I'm gonna try to ascend all of Stockholm's hills 😁
  9. Thank you all for the advice and reassuring words! I'm happy to report that after 11 days and 315 km ridden, the V10F tire smell went down by a lot First I had to learn to ride and then I did on tarmac, gravel, forest path, some mud, accidental torrential rain and it has decreased gradually with use and time. It's still here and can be noticed but a lot lower, I can stay in the same room now with the window closed. I haven't tried to clean the tire and apply some kind of coating (like conditioner) yet but I plan to eventually.
  10. It's a good idea, that could be done with a third-party app relying on GPS for speed. Although not as instant as if it would rely on the wheel's data, it would probably be responsive enough. I wonder how many people would be interested by that, I could make this app easily for Android.
  11. Awesome @Mike Sacristan! 30 people is a great group already, something every day is a fantastic routine. I got the V10F and learned to ride in 2 days. On the 3rd day I was able to do so as long and far as the battery allows with a 66kg ride yesterday 😃 How can I get in touch with you and the WhatsApp group? I can't send you a PM via this forum.
  12. Hi! I just got an Inmotion V10F and the wheel has a very strong odour out of the box. It's strong enough that I'm uncomfortable being in the same room it is currently charging in. Opening the window helps but not much. In your experience, is the smell dissipating or not after some time? As a result, where do you keep your V10 or V10F? I wonder about two workarounds: Are there ways to get rid of the smell quicker, like by cleaning it? What about car products like tire shines, an alternative like this or any coating that would stay on the tire: could it provide a layer of isolation so the rubber doesn't keep degassing bad smell and VOCs (which is air pollution and can be unsafe to breathe depending on amount) I'm asking here because some bicycle tires I have lost their smell quickly while others don't change. As-is I won't be able to keep the wheel indoors, and if I keep it in the basement instead there won't be a way to charge it.
  13. I will learn on a V10f soon as well and was wondering the same, thanks for the answers!
  14. I wonder if I'll manage to overload the V10F with all my 63kg - provided suitable hills exist around Stockholm where I live. Everyone who managed to get the overload warning with a recent firmware: what was your rider weight and the duration of the climb? I remember that in @Marty Backe's video here, his friend struggled to get his V10F to get him up big time. He mentions his weight being 90kg however, and this climb although fantastic looking is pretty relentless. Yet the similarly priced Tesla performs flawlessly in comparison.
  15. Ah it's super good to hear that there's no license issue regarding the project, even quite the contrary with the blessing from WheelLog's author. Maybe the issue linked can be closed on Github with the same information. It's what tends to show up first when looking for EUC World app license or source and it is not an existing issue. Ah sorry I think there has been a misunderstanding on my use of word monetisation here, it was probably unclear. As an indy developer of apps I've been in a situation multiple times where it was difficult to strike the right balance between: openness within an ecosystem - as making an effort to make an app or service usable via APIs, either apps or online where third party might use them in unanticipated ways free features versus paid features open source or closed - but then which license, or only opening APIs, or making some libraries open source only lastly, how much effort to protect against reverse-engineering and piracy, either to avoid copies or protect a business model. Then when working on commercial projects it's the same but at a different scale. That's why I started my message with congratulations because both the effort to make then run EUC World. To reach broad compatibility, reliability and wide adoption (from what I gather - still waiting for my wheel to arrive) is an impressive success. Then yeah monetisation (or funding) is a crucial part of making a project grow and last, I didn't mean it as a dirty word. I'm glad you can operate it from donations for now despite the significant costs you mention. Compatibility with all wheels, as they're rising in price and across firmware version must be super hard. Do you think that so far, all OEMs try to keep users on their own app to increase brand loyalty? Hopefully it'll be possible to bring multiple revenue streams to reduce risk. Excellent news! Have you started prototyping something or had requests to see what an API would look like? I mentioned a Garmin watch app but I'm especially interested by exploring the fitness aspect of EUC riding. Also: health and safety: Like are overlean crashes often linked to poor sleep? What about stress, excitement or fatigue? - This could be analysed with heart rate data and heart rate variability. Using all wheel + health data wisely could lead to timely "careful" reminders, lower speed limits when fatigued. There's a lot to do. As Strava user for running & cycling I'd like to also sync EUC rides to Strava and Garmin Connect since the later shows additional fields. Despite being experienced with a bunch of the techs involved I'm just starting in the field of EUC and would be happy to receive some guidance on what would be most useful to explore from you @Seba and the community. Or maybe I can get involved and help in another way.
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