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  1. Yes you should be able to buy them from @RockyTop soon. (I'll answer to your PM within the next few days @RockyTop and thanks for the great video!)
  2. Congrats! Nice to know they start to get into customers' hands. I hope it'll all go well and you'll enjoy it fully
  3. Yes seems a bit high to me. My unit hovers around 47-48°C which is also the temperature at which the fans start spinning. That's my second Sherman board. The previous one ran at the same temps until it partially failed after being over-burdened. Then it quickly reached the temperatures you're mentioning. Maybe the temperature sensor is out of range: what kind of temperature does it report when you just turned on the wheel from ambient temperature? Or maybe the board partially failed like my previous one, and in that case I would recommend opening the top compartment and pro
  4. It can easily happen on Sherman if the crash bars are bent even a little bit. In case, you just need to straighten them manually (bend them to the original shape or even wider) and the rubbing should disappear. I discovered that recently, worrying of having bent the motor axle, or hangers after the wheel had a slow tumble. Nope, that was just the bent rear bar, all good now!
  5. Yes that's a good point, I also thought different or evolving sound depending on the severity of the alarm. Can be frequency of the beeping, frequency of the tone, or both at the same time. I think a few users would like to be able to tell if they're are 70%, 90% or 99% of the hardware limit. However as initial design target I will focus on the use case of riders who stop to push as soon as it beeps, which is reasonable for the Sherman given the amount of speed and power available already. Ah yes so there would be at the minimum: mosfets motor wires battery
  6. @DjPanJan yes I used http://wheellogviewer.net/ also, but I found a few features missing for this purpose: show estimated battery current and motor phase current highlight / tag time periods share visualisation easily online Maybe something using Jupyter Notebooks or Plotly Dash would work for this data science use case
  7. Thanks @DjPanJan for sharing the logs, I downloaded them all and started to look at them as well. Immediately it showed at least two approach on how to use the data: 1/ Use it as "all safe" Since the wheel survived and the rider didn't crash by overlean or overpower, it essentially means all this is safe. 2/ Tag the data As you mention for "EUC data 2021-07-19 191600.csv", there are parts where the motor is in uncomfortable territory (I'm guessing at lower speed & high phase current) However without tags on where/when to look at and describing the situation, a
  8. Awesome! You'll get quite a show with this density. Yes, the app relies on EUC World as data source so not only it works with it but it requires it. Note that "Enable Web Server" in EUC World general settings need to be enabled.
  9. Maybe the 100 A was for phase current, but has been replaced by the estimated battery current data source. It would mean that all the alarms set in a previous EUC World version (before the introduction of estimated battery current) are now broken. If the 55 A estimate is accurate, it's not that far from the 2x30 A limit of the fuses and close to the limit of the board as well. Question is: how long can that be sustained? That's what I'd like to model. Fortunately, the wheel data available and recorded in logs still contains phase current as provided over Bluetooth, so even
  10. Here's my plan for alarms to avoid this happening again: Maybe a few of you following here could contribute in this project (I'd love to have your thoughts) and may become users soon.
  11. I described here new features I plan to add soon for software alarms in this app
  12. Hi all! After getting a replacement board following the early half death of the original one, I'm well aware of how easily it is to burn one up and would prefer preventing any further occurrence, for myself and hopefully other Sherman owners as well. So here's a plan: Step 1: EUC World Alarms A few topics discuss this already, with @Rawnei landing on 100A phase current alarm. It's not a peak alarm however so it's smoothed over time - I don't know how. That might be a start for the next few days.. then, Step 2: Implement phase current & battery current a
  13. The wheel was from the latest batch (11 days old) and already had the 30 amp fuses. In that instance, the board (partially) failed before the fuses blew. Good to know what matter here thanks for the confirmation! Next steps, putting this board in and working on alarms. I plan to use EUC World phase current alarms first, and as soon as possible add also battery current alarms as well in my EUC Toolkit app, since it's a known point of failure.
  14. Looking closer, I'm not sure the one on the right is adequate. I don't know enough about how multi layer board work to tell. Would it help to secure the wire in place in case the solder start to melt with some high temp silicon, or only increase the risk of damage from heat?
  15. I got the replacement board today, Leaperkim shipped it from Hong Kong on the 19 and it arrived 2 days later in Sweden. 14 days total from the failure day, the time communicate with my dealer (EUCShop.lt who was on top of things, great service), a few back and forth with the manufacturer's support. I was concerned that the Sherman would be unavailable for my upcoming riding holiday and possibly the whole summer season. Not at all. While Leaperkim fails to program the board adequately in terms of alarms and protection, at least they can ship replacement boards timely. So what abou
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