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  1. Is the powerCON TRUE1 TOP the connector used on the Rion scooters? Edit: from the color I'm guessing the powerCON 20 A: https://www.neutrik.com/en/neutrik/products/powercon/powercon-20-a It looks like in @Alien Rides's RE90 review video here (with timestamp)
  2. I just realise you're in Sweden too, if you're around Stockholm I'll gladly lend you my 3D printed ones so you can try
  3. Ah yeah these. I personally didn't consider them because they limit how much you bend the knees and move your legs in general for weight transfer and shock absorption, yet don't provide enough grab or lock-in when desired. I don't like their minimum thickness either, requiring to adopt a bow-shaped stance. Certainly not the worst pads - their main benefit is that they're made of foam which avoid being too harsh or painful, but there's better ones out here 😃
  4. Hello @Kristof MrDiy and @Jeff Earl! Like you guys I have a a few of these broken, and I can't find where to purchase them anymore nowadays as they're not in stock at eunicycles anymore. I'll also try to model replacement to 3D print, with full functionality. In case I succeed then I'll publish them on Thingiverse! @Jeff Earl did the one you made hold well so far? I wonder if you ended redesigning them beefed up, and which material you chose to print with initially. I'm thinking about trying in PLA first.
  5. By the way @Michael D, which pads did you try and didn't like? Also, how did you position them - roughly?
  6. Like any other contact point to your body, pads need to be well adjusted in thickness, shape, placement, width, hardness to fit your body, stance, riding style and overall requirements. Since there's so many parameters both regarding the accessory itself and the rider we can't say "pads" in general. I'm currently using a customised version of the @NickNonsense open source split pads as found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4690957 and really happy with the benefits of power & jump pads with this split design, where you can adjust the front and rear separately to get the e
  7. I also converted most chargers, PSU and others to XT60 with good results. But it's a great question, these SpeakON connectors look neat! Looking forward to read more about these and alternatives.
  8. Reading after the fact but good job with being so cautious In that case it was in overkill amounts, but it's how it should be done.
  9. Thanks @Ádám Szitás and @Freestyler, appreciated! I'll try to reach @Inmotion Global Liam to ask for a V10F firmware fix then. It's a promising sign regarding the robustness of safety mechanisms of the V12 Still worth checking for the reviews if things work as expected!
  10. Happy to hear that a V11 firmware would carry this improvement, it would mean that @Inmotion Global understood the issue. Do you remember what was the source? I'd expect a fix for the V10/V10F as well, since it has an identical issue.
  11. Hi guys! From the documents released today, I'm considering the Inmotion V12 as my next wheel. (currently: Inmotion V10F + Kingsong 16X) However the the V10, V10F and V11 have a flaw in their alarm design, preventing it to ring more often than every 5s. And so much can go wrong during 5 seconds, it's enough to go from standing still to almost max speed. It's a really bad flaw that can lead to over power or over-lean of the the wheel during the 5 seconds the alarm is muted, due to any combination of: acceleration speed incline It was identified by analys
  12. Would you have pictures of what it is? A quick online search didn't produce results that seemed relevant.
  13. Interesting @alcatraz, it's an active balancer right? I know active balancers are sometimes used in high drain, harsh environment applications where it becomes useful to balance cell groups as they can get unbalanced significantly during a single usage cycle. And thinking of it: it could apply to EUCs, like when riding at high speed in -5℃ or lower, draining the whole back in an hour or less. However all the reviews of active balancers I've seen so far (YouTube videos) seem very critical of the active balancers they were testing for DIY power wall applications. It looked like the
  14. Try updating to EUC World 2.4: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lastowski.eucworld
  15. Same as @Halig, all my missing tours have been uploaded! Regarding the version 2.4.x, it looks like a masterpiece, really liking what's new so far (and there's all that's now possible thanks to the Web api) Thanks @Seba for the fix 🙏 I hope you're doing better.
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