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  1. Oh, and I’m sure you know exactly the frequency response you’re aiming to deaden, and the exact acoustical characteristics of the small bits of foam you’re putting into your helmet? Please do enlighten us with the product page of where you buy your magical bits of foam, and why that particular type is so effective.
  2. You should look back and read why I even said the spiel about studio background. We were discussing foam inserts. Foam and its properties are highly scrutinized in the studio. There’s no way foam inserts By the ears can lessen wind noise without decreasing other valuable high frequency information. Now, covering the chin, and other parts not by the ears will work to decrease turbulence like you said.
  3. You are contradicting yourself here. You can’t increase situational awareness “hugely” while saying you decreased “traffic sounds” which are a huge part of awareness on the street.
  4. Anyone have any links or recommendations to an off road tire for MCM5?
  5. Not sure what your stance is here? Top and bottom statements seem contradictory. Doing “what is right” is the option with the highest chance of preserving your life in the streets. If that means slaloming on the roads to generate awareness of my prescence (instead of riding straight and stiff) then so be it. If that means going on the wrong side of the road to over take a car who continually tries to “brake check” me, then so be it. We don’t have the luxury of being fair and law abiding like a car while riding these vehicles. That luxury means being able to get hit or to hit someone and come out unhurt/alive, which we don’t have. Someone said earlier that we must always ride like no one can see us. If that’s the level of paranoia that we ride with in the streets, why on earth am I abiding by the same laws? I’m not talking about just EUC’s here, this is the same for manual bicycles, skateboards, anything not a motor vehicle. You play by their(cars) rules when you’re not them and you won’t come out on top.
  6. Oh, so they do work but now that the OP’s took up your suggestion and is buying them you’re getting worried and admitting “nothing works for everyone”? Doesn’t sound at all like a person whose confident in their recommendation. I hate to be a pessimist but the majority of the reviews are people who are satisfied with simply the reduction in engine noise and overall comfort, which any well fitting ear plug can do. That’s why the TOP rated amazon review calls it shady marketing. I would buy it just to test it out but any review I make here would be deemed bias despite my genuine honesty. The only credible add on accessory option is cat ears but since you’re wearing a full face helmet it won’t work with that.
  7. Not quite. Those are designed for gas powered motorsport. If they can muffle the sound of a revving motorcycle how much would they mute a vehicle (EUC) that doesn’t even produce noise? I think it would be overkill and you would lose more than you would gain. Most of the reviews I skimmed did mention they reduce the volume of sound as well. My opinion, never tried em.
  8. The purpose of bending your knees is plain and simply so you don’t get thrown off the wheel. The proper powerpads allow you to get away with only the most minimal amount of knee bend because it prevents you from getting thrown forward off the wheel from stairs, bumps, holes etc. So in a way, it IS the shock absorption. The sacrifice of knee/shin movement is only for aesthetic purposes. I like looking cool on the wheel and deep hinges for braking and accelerating looks the part. Aggressive powerpads make you a straight legged zombie locked in to the wheel.
  9. Is it not able to be replaced with the old king song pedals before they made the XL pedals? I have some I could sell you
  10. Yeah those Russian soft pads I see NYC riders use are not “real” powerpads. They’re more like soft pads. A real powerpad is like the ones the Russians use, see Fantomas videos. Or kuji videos. And wonder why they can fly down flights of stairs without any problems. Because it locks you in to the wheel. Literally no bump can crash you it’s crazy, but the feeling of restricting my Sagittal movement of my shins and knees was killing me. Not to mention you can only ride like a zombie locked legs so you don’t even look cool lol.
  11. On the contrary, safety is the most under appreciated benefit of powerpads. When I had them on my MSX I literally could not get thrown off from a bump or pothole. The part of the pad that sticks out prevents your legs from moving forward from a bump, and prevents you from falling off the front from leaning too hard because you have something there to stop you. That’s what makes them such a good choice for off road—off road is really just a series of bumps and potholes. I have not ridden a suspension wheel but I can’t imagine suspension doing more for safety then proper powerpads can. Which is why I hate them... ugh such a simple contraption with such enormous benefits without the need for skill.
  12. Reading comprehension is key. He never said that his helmet had a problem with wind noise. He said that his helmet is doing “little” to reduce the wind noise which means it’s reducing it more than if he wore no helmet. Beeps absolutely matter, not sure how you’re talking about EUC’s and Noise reduction for situational awareness and not including your only reliable safety measure in the same sentence. A full visored helmet like The TSG Pass mutes it a bit but also everything else. Your solution is not going to work; add foam to reduce wind noise but will absolutely reduce high frequency information (because that’s what foam does, it reduces high frequency sounds: studio background don’t even argue this point with me). His main criteria was to increase his situational awareness while decreasing wind noise. It’s extremely hard to achieve that, with the best way being to just turn your head to the side which will noticeably abate the wind noise. Not even sure why you mention noise canceling headphones. Literally the opposite of what he wants to achieve. Btw the Mercedes rant was a joke; but with how you worded the opening post it seems you are asking for a solution to defy a particular acoustical law of physics.
  13. Alright he’s your educated response: ride slower. Wind noise problem solved. It’s a silly question when you realize we are riding open air vehicles, with a simple solution: go slower. There is no “spot” treatment for wind noise. Anything that mutes wind noise will decrease your situational awareness. Someone said TSG Pass but I beg to differ; just look at all those NYC cut out videos because they couldn’t hear the beeps with it on. Your options are full face visored helmets, ear plugs or ear phones. Riding with your head turned to the side the entire time (great for hearing beeps) is about the only option that cuts strictly wind noise and nothing else. But then you won’t be able to see what’s in front of you...
  14. Ah, the scientific way of saying it. I tell people that they wobble because they’re trying to keep the unicycle balanced straight. A unicycle is designed to be unbalanced, the very nature of how we turn and accelerate is through the destruction of balance. To be one with the EUC is to be comfortable in the most unbalanced positions, and uncomfortable when balanced.
  15. They make knee sleeves you can easily wear to alleviate that.
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