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  1. My friends came up with a name so fast it was amazing and scary how good it is. UnE-cycle
  2. Yea joe rocket is cheapo gear, but adequate for EUC speeds. Just don’t expect it to hold up in a crash though
  3. They slide down. Don’t buy. Their elbow guards are great though.
  4. D30 is the all around best. If it wasn’t Klim wouldn’t be using it. Taking into account winter and summer temperature extremes (which significantly effect how a material performs), COMFORT, durability etc d30 comes out on top.
  5. D30 was designed for comfort. If what you’re wearing is not comfortable, you won’t wear it, and the point of the best protection does no good if you don’t want to wear it. Obviously, hard shells slide and absorb impact better. But for a motorcycle rider or any active rider there’s hard shells traditionally inhibit movement, are big and bulky and obtrusive and look plain ridiculous. D30 solved all those problems by being thin, therefore able to be concealed under clothing, and flexible by warming up to body heat. Level 2 impact protection is almost on par with hard shells and foam bac
  6. One thing about pads that pad haters HATE to say is that pads are superior. I hate pads but I have to agree. Pads are performance enhancers. They give an unnatural edge. That edge however, kills a lot of the fun factor of free standing on one wheel rolling around at high speeds.
  7. Spoken like a true beginner! Sorry but if you’re adept on a wheel you don’t need to have a reference point for where your legs or feet should be. You should be able to control the wheel in a plethora of angles and foot positions. I remember those days, back when I thought I needed one specific type of shoe in order to ride, needed my foot exactly one inch ahead of the other foot... etc etc
  8. Somehow soft mode enables the user to have their cake and eat it too(according to @houseofjob) Not only is it less taxing (which I agree) but you get better acceleration from it then hard mode(Which I think is ridiculous) Any form that has you going side to side will net slower times/be slower then a straight trajectory. A straight line is the fastest route.
  9. I also found the Boomerang to be terrible for localizing external sounds compared to a regular Bluetooth speaker you’d strap on. This is because of their “3D sound” that’s all around you and causes great difficulty in bearing your environment you’re in. Which is ironic because the Boomerang is tauted as enabling you to have good auditory awareness compared to headphones but it’s just as bad. Every day that I think of this product the more I see how terrible it is to actually ride with. There’s a reason people shouldn’t use Bluetooth helmet speakers and stuff like
  10. I consider myself an audiophile considering my many sound systems, dacs, room treatment etc. For a much lower price, the jbl clip 3 is louder with less distortion and better mid bass. You can simply clip it to your bookbag shoulder strap and have it right by your ear.
  11. I thought I was the only one! Bought it because of this thread and I hated it. Returned it after one day. I thought mine was defective because like you said it was like a compressor any time you had any sort of bass. It sounded like one of the drivers was bad. A bass note hit and the treble got real low. Even besides the compressor issues the quality was garbage compared to my cheap JBL flip 2. Distortion galore from the highs despite ultra HD songs from amazon music. Honestly unless both of ours was defective I don’t see how this got raving reviews.
  12. Doesn’t iOS DarknessBot already have adaptive speed alarms? Its smart alarm feature has been around for months now
  13. Why did it need a new control board?
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