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  1. We just live in two different worlds haha. In the USA, no cars can be in bike lanes. Strictly for bikes, scooters or PEV’s. Also, there is no free healthcare in the USA as you already know 😓 And you can sue anyone for anything in the USA, like that bicyclist who hit you on the sidewalk and gave you a sore shin!
  2. Please read my post where I quoted and responded to this. How useless would a bicycle be in a sidewalk where pedestrians would mandate a crawling speed to avoid collisions.
  3. Darrell Wesh

    How do you survive the winter?

    ??? Ever heard of a balaclava? The thing that makes you look like a bank robber. Should be no problem to put under a helmet and offers substantial insulating properties with wind blocking.
  4. Darrell Wesh

    How do you survive the winter?

    How cold is it currently where you are? Learn to layer clothes. Most people don’t know how. It’s much more intricate than just throwing on a bunch of clothes. In fact, most people can’t because they don’t buy clothes in larger sizes so they can layer underneath. I have a bunch of snowmobile gear, the best from KLIM, that features 3M insulation, GORETEX, GORE WINDSTOPPER etc. it’s very expensive gear but well worth it in durability (will last a lifetime) and the fact that you can ride in sub zero temperatures comfortably. If you want to know what specific KLIM products I use I can link you them but be warned, unless you get them on sale it’s $$ The #1 things to get are insulated windstopper gloves, winstopper balaclava (head sock) and windstopper insulated “booties” to put over your shoes. This will 90% correct your discomfort as hands, cheeks and feet freezing first is what causes us the greatest misery and end up calling it a day too early.
  5. Hey @houseofjob I’m interested in your viewpoint as to why the heels are outward in your riding style (toes inward) as opposed to the toes being pointed outward (heels inward)
  6. There’s an interesting thread here and YouTube videos that show that crosswalks without dedicated lights are the WORST place to cross especially at interections. Car drivers are just scanning the road ahead looking for a chance to go and not about any pedestrians trying to walk across. You should always walk behind cars and even then you risk getting hit on the far end of the crosswalk by incoming traffic that can’t see you behind the car you walked behind. I noticed an interesting trend while riding my Dualtron scooter around town. Cars either trail really far behind you or always feel the need to overtake you even if you’re going 10mph over the speed limit. If it’s a four lane road, I can be going 35 mph in my lane in a 25mph and cars will be going 40mph passing me even though they know cops regularly patrol the road. When I’m in my car, cars always respect the speed limit however. It’s like they HAVE to be going faster than the PEV no matter what the speed is.
  7. Well think about this for a second. There are two big reasons why bikes belong on the road 1) Who pays who in case a bike hits a pedestrian and pedestrian gets injured? There’s no insurance there. Cars mandatory have insurance so if they hit a cyclist the damages are covered. Cyclists hitting cars isn’t really a concern. 2) Pedestrians are unpredictable. cars on the other hand are very predictable and can’t swivel on axis. With today’s smart phones, almost everyone is walking looking down at their phones and not paying attention. They don’t follow normal “traffic patterns” of locomotion: they can come to a dead stop in the middle of a sidewalk, they can take a left or right turn on a dime with no prior motioning or signaling, and they are ALWAYS drifting to the left or right while walking and the correcting themselves. Moving between cars is like moving through traffic cones, easy, but pedestrians is completely different with a much greater chance of hitting someone even at slow speeds.
  8. Very wrong. 40kph is almost 25MPH. The fastest human recorded could create a burst of speed that hit 27.8 MPH or 44.6 kph. It takes around 40-50meters to even build up to a 40kph speed and less than 1% of the human population can do it. I’ve raced the guy that hit 44.6kph and I’ve run at 40kph. Falling, or even stepping off an EUC at those speeds is not possible to run out, even for me. You would need to generate an almost instantaneous burst of speed, a huge amount of force, in your initial ground contact to build up to 40kph, something no human can do ( it takes 40-50meters to build up to that speed, much more than one-two steps). At best, even though I can run faster than 40kph, stepping off an EUC at those speeds I could manage three, maybe four steps before my momentum has me plummeting to the ground. The average person wouldn’t even be able to take two steps, their legs wouldn’t generate enough counter force to prevent from collapsing on the very first foot that lands. One more tidbit: the average human can sprint at 15.9 mph or 25.5 kph. Which means that even stepping off at 25kph, which seems slow, most humans wouldn’t be able to run that off.
  9. It seems like everyone thinks I’m defending this guy who overstepped the limits of his machine. To be clear: i’m not. My defense is against people that say you shouldn’t go fast on an EUC. I’m not sure what conditions you pilot your EUC’s in, or what your commutes look like, but a lot of users are not on some sidewalk going 5mph weaving between pedestrians while on their 25+mph 16 or 18” wheels. It’s not “unnecessarily dangerous” or “stupid shit” to be on the main roads with traffic that demands speeds of 25+mph. It’s using the machine as it was intended. A lot of city users get to their destination faster on one then via bus or car. Some have even sold their cars because of it. Like I said countless times, as long as you’re geared up for your appropriate wheel or speed you intend to go, it’s not a death wish to commute at high speeds. I know I’ve spent over $3,000 on quality gear (motorcycle jackets, cordura pants, helmets etc) just to have variety in outfits so I always have an impact/abrasion resistant top and bottom layer on me. I view my 18” EUC’s as motorcycles so you won’t ever catch me wearing just basic skateboard gear and regular clothes on them.
  10. I looked at what actually happened. Why would I look at what didn’t happen? There are a million different scenarios in that video that didn’t happen. You could spend your life tied up hugging your chest shaking somewhere in a locked down room in an asylum because of all the fear built up about the million things that could have happened. Walking across the street involves risk taking. Think of all the what if’s involved in driving a car barreling down the road at 80MPH hoping other drivers see and react to you. What if he changes lanes suddenly? What if I’m too close to this truck and the cargo door slides open and I’m killed by cargo falling out? You cant live your life in fear of all the what if’s. If I were trying to bring more people into the EUC community I wouldn’t use scare tactics and fill this forum with what if conjecture. If someone asked what would happen if they fell at 30mph I wouldn’t tell them they’d be lucky to not be in a wheelchair. I’d tell them what’s been documented, not worst case scenario theorized commentary. I’d point to this video and point out what happened (broken bone(s) and road rash) not what could have happened.
  11. People say you’ll “die on that thing” all the time. I’m not saying people do on this forums, but out in the real world they do. Even myself wasn’t too sure what would happen if someone fell at 50km/h without gear. I had fallen at faster than those speeds but assumed my gear had prevented me from even landing on my head or possibly rolling onto my back and causing spinal damage from impacts. The fact that have seen a documented case of what happens doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly go around gear less because I won’t die or helmet less because I won’t hit my head— it just is nice to know those speeds aren’t 99% “inevitable” death in a fall. I perfectly understand what COULD have happened, but in life there are TOO many what ifs so I don’t focus on scaring the crap out of myself and others with all the maybes. (I’m sure people do that to advocate wearing gear) Even your theory that if it were a smaller joint it would have caused permanent mobility issues is just that: a theory based on worst case scenario what if conjecture. We had a forum member on a Z10 fall at top speed and I believe shatter his elbow and that isn’t causing any projected life altering mobility issues. I’m just shocked that forum members who own EUC’s like to spread unsubstantiated, theorized assumptions about EUC falls in ways that do nothing but scare potential members away from the product. ”Do an unclean roll and end up in a wheelchair unless you’re lucky” is definetly something a new member browsing could see and decide entirely against EUC’s because of your roughly calculated theory.
  12. I think it’s good that this crash was documented to all as it tells two things: 1) even with no gear on the guy survived at 50km/h with only one(?) broken bone 2) he never hit his head even at that speed in a textbook fall scenario This will forever be a video of reference to put to rest the people that say you’ll die at those speeds.
  13. Darrell Wesh

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    Wow you had to use the black meme for a forum member whose obviously black, I definetly saw that. I was never arguing that point of the argument so not sure why you quoted it. You can’t suddenly run out of skill, because to have skill means to also know your limitations- that is the mental aspect of it that I’ve tried to drill into your head. You didn’t have the skill to begin with if you can’t handle such and such environment. What YOU are referring to is “bad luck”. The most skilled people who happen to have a crash experience this phenemenon. There is no guard against it. I could be going 5mph and making a turn and slip on a patch of slick leaves and fall. This is separate from skill as all the skill or lack thereof means nothing to “bad luck.” I feel as if I’m arguing with someone of a vastly different skill level than myself so it’s pointless when you can’t fathom higher levels of skill that can handle 50km/h on a daily basis in outdoor “uncontrolled” environments. It’s the same concept as outsiders who can’t fathom how we’re staying on these unicycles despite bumps, cracks, wind, etc. Your basis that these people will “inevitably” fall is no different than someone saying riding a unicycle will cause you to inevitably fall no matter how skilled you are or slow you go. If you’ve got the appropriate gear on then you’ve prepared for bad luck and that’s as much as you can do.
  14. Darrell Wesh

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    That’s not my point and not even what I’m arguing about when I refer to skill.
  15. Darrell Wesh

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    Skill is not only physical but mental. You could be “one” with your wheel but if you get goosebumps thinking about driving it in the road with other cars then you’ve effectively reduced your physical skill in that situation by magnitudes.