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  1. OP, I understand you want the driver to learn their lesson. But if you’re trying to be a vigilante, be prepared to be a martyr. The only way these road rage a-holes will learn is if they send you to the hospital or to an early grave.
  2. Darrell Wesh

    Is riding seated a valuable option?

    No benefit to start and stop while seated. I’ve had my Ks18s fall over two or three times when I attempted to stop to a standstill seated. If you can do it more power to you but not necessary and dangerous.
  3. Darrell Wesh

    Is riding seated a valuable option?

    Not very hard to learn seated on a Ks18s or Monster(same height). Certainly below skill level of riding backwards. It just feels weird to shift with your hips and upper body with no contribution from the legs. I learned in less than a week and a plus is you can’t experience speed wobbles while seated. I usually reach my highest speed while seated on my Ks18s (although I usually use seated to go fast only on main roads). The natural leaned forward stance of seated riding lends well to fast speeds. Braking is bad though and you should/will definetly stand up to break well. BIG CAUTION though because I never ride in new territory fast seated. Bumps while seated will scare you to death and certainly can cause you to fall. No shock absorption with your legs like while standing so you feel them too. I make sure I know the road before I ride it fast while seated.. gotta be smooth.
  4. Darrell Wesh

    New Ninebot Z10

    Mannn I might want this haha!! Should sell the MSX for this since the dualtron fulfills my need for speed
  5. Darrell Wesh

    Is riding seated a valuable option?

    That’s pretty incredible. I can ride the msx with stock pedals no modifications for an hour to an hour and a half before feet aches. It also depends mostly on how aggressively you are riding. If you’re on a Sunday stroll at 15mph barely leaning then I’m sure you could ride with no aches until empty.
  6. Darrell Wesh

    Is riding seated a valuable option?

    ? There’s a point where your feet start getting uncomfortable and warrants a “break”. That’s fact. I’m not saying it’s unbearable to the point where I can’t ride. A slight numbness there, some aches here. Seated riding for a mere 30-60 seconds allows your feet some time to relax and when you stand again, at least in my case, I’m good to do standing riding for another 5 minutes before my feet get uncomfortable again. I could choose to push through the discomfort and still ride, but when you have the luxury of a seat you never want to go without. Unless your’e a superhuman like@Marty Backe and do 3 hour rides standing with no rest haha.
  7. Darrell Wesh

    Is riding seated a valuable option?

    Seated riding will forever transform your rides. No longer will you wonder how you’ll ever drain 1600wh, no longer will you ever feel like calling it a day due to foot numbness, no longer will you fail to satisfy your curiosity of the world around you. I have the Ks18s and I ride seated as much as I can. Even in the main roads I ride seated for higher top speeds and especially for uphill climbs. Just a minute of seated riding will get rid of the aches and pains of your foot and you’ll be good to stand again for another 5-10minutes. Your day will fly by and before you know it you’ve drained 75% of a 1600wh battery all in one go. Without feeling tired. I have an MSX wit the seat but it’s so low and uncomfortable as well as unsafe feeling that I don’t even use it. I now use the MSX for having fun/going fast, and the king song for exploring or “people watching”.
  8. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    Just did 2.7 bar and it’s WAY easier to turn and no longer feels like it’s dragging. Much more responsive! I had previously knocked it down to 2.3 bar to see what it was like and it was difficult to turn but I thought it was just the wider tires fault.
  9. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    What tire pressure do you guys use? I have it at 37psi or 2.55 bar.
  10. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    @Marty Backe oh I’ll still baby it!! I plan on using my car paint polish to tidy it up. I wish it was a gloss paint job like my other two wheels. Waxed and always cleaned after a ride ? my INMOTION v5 I practice tricks on so I have the cover for that but I like how it looks without it so every once in a while I touch it up with black paint and then buff it with car polish and then wax. Gotta keep your wheels clean!
  11. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    That’s a funny idea haha. My friend has a Ks14s (18.6mph) so I might just race that and make a video : ) No way I’d beat the super or Ks18s! My personal best is 10.04 seconds.
  12. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    I’ve watched a lot of chooch! I think it’s just me getting used to gotway wheels as this is my first true “normal” 18”+ wheel. The Ks18s with the tall body shell is very different from the usual shorter body shells. Also I was being careless and squatting, especially careles since it was at a speed I had never been at before. This was my second EUC fall. I always wear gear because I care about my body haha; the first fall was on the Ks18s where I was going through grass around 12mph and about to get out of the grass onto sidewalk when what looked to be a short curb was actually far deeper. That made my wheel come to a dead stop but sent me flying. Had to replace the inner tube as well from that m as the tire went flat instantly. I Had no damage from that and the Ks18s tank shell suffered nothing.
  13. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    My feet are positioned with the very back of my heels on the back of the pedals(no heel overhang). Toes overhand in the front, as on the msuper it feels better for accelerating. On my Ks18s I put my feet in the middle with equal heel and toe overhang since that accelerates effortlessly. What are your thoughts on the msx effort to accelerate? My thoughts are that Acceleration is good, but you have to put the effort in to get it.
  14. Background: Just received my 84V 1600wh MSX yesterday from eWheels. I currently own an Inmotion V5+ (a cheap ebay Step n Roll was my starter wheel) and a King Song 18s. I've been EUC riding for almost two months now. I learned on the ebay step n roll in about three days, with three two hour sessions a day before I felt comforatble in public/crowds. Currently proficient in backward riding, one legged forward/back, some tricks. Max speed I've gone on my KS18s is 29MPH seated, and maybe 28MPH standing, before it felt like it was too much effort to go faster. I weigh around 177 pounds (80kg) and am extremely athletic (ran in the 2016 Olympics 100m dash). I consider myself fairly adept at riding now. Testing: So today was the 2nd day on it, the first day I was only able to ride for around an hour as the battery was only at 30% when I got it from eWheels. I rode around for maybe 30minutes starting off with 100% battery before going to the rubber track for some speed testing. I was concerned about not knowing the true speed limit of this wheel as others had cited their concerns about not hearing the EUC beeping while at high speeds. I keep my phone strapped to my wrist with Darknessbot so I can easily check my speed while riding. I decided to test out how fast I could go before hitting the 80% speed alarm, and I also to test if i could hear the beeping at speed. It was relatively dry outside, 65F degrees. I was wearing a full protective gear setup (but not my most protective): Joe Rocket Jacket TSG Pass Helmet Fox Mountain Bike/Motorcross Pants Knee Pads (my less protective knee pads with no plastic armor) Fox Gloves (no wrist guard) I started doing some acceleration and braking as similiar to @EUC GUY video at his track on his MSX to get a feel for the unit. On the MSX it is very physical to accelerate. The power you feel is there, but unlike the KS18s, it takes much more effort to accelerate harder to higher speeds. I either had to lean ridiculously far forward to get higher than 25MPH or push the unit forward with my knees. The stability was there, the wide tire is amazing, much better than the Ks18s Kenda tire at overall feelings of stability. (The MSX tire does want to stay upright however, and that takes getting used to for turning but nothing too new like I hear about the Z10). I did disable the 1st and 2nd speed alarms as well as eliminate tiltback through the app. Crash: I remember telling myself to "just go for it" and push/lean as much as possible to find out how fast it could go. I flew through the rubber track's curve at around 22 MPH before pushing hard with my knees to accelerate on the straight. I looked at my phone for a split second and saw it say 33MPH (confirmed on the app at 33.7). The wind noise was a lot at that speed and I wanted to know if the unit was beeping any. So I did the worst thing at that speed. I bent down and squatted low to see if I could hear any beeping (no beeping at that speed). Immediately, the MSX started wobbling as the squat made my muscles tense. I stood up fast but it was too late. The MSX was a Bronco Bull desperate to buck me off. I remember realizing that I couldn't stay on anymore despite my "ill go down with the ship" attitude. But the MSX bucked me off the pedals and one foot was now off to the side in the air, and soon the other foot. I'm pretty fast (clocking at 24MPH), but at those speeds I knew i couldn't even attempt to run this off. The wobbles had given me a split moment to decide my fate. I choose to just fall and trust in my gear instead of try a desperate running bailout. I always fall on my left side(no matter what device im on) and this was no different. Except for the first time i actually hit my knee. HARD. Then I remember rolling 3 or 4 times and amazingly pushing myself up and running off the rest of the momentum. The MSX didn't go flying that far, probably because it wasn't a cutout but it had had time to continue wheeling before crashing. I attached photos of the damage mostly to the front by the headlight. And one of the cheap side pads went flying off (easily put back on though). No structural damage (but of course this was on a rubber track...) I sustained what I hope is just a mild bruise on my left knee (its a little swollen and painful as of now) and I'll make sure to wear my plastic armored knee pads for future rides as I know if this had been concrete those foam pads would not have held out at all(they are fine, but the foam caved in and seems to be gone!). I have the ones @Marty Backe wears. I had no wrist guards on but my wrist is fine, the left is just slightly achy from an existing wrist injury I sustained at work. No abrasion or road rash. I didn't feel any impact on my upper body, maybe it was because the full impact was on my knee or an excellent jacket. Anyways, after the fall I STILL went riding for another 30 minutes. Through 25-35mph roads. I was hitting 29-31MPH quite comfortably and I really believe the only reason I fell was because I squatted down to try and hear the beeps. With the immense effort of pushing forward or leaning forward to go +27MPH on this thing I don't think I'll be hitting a cutout from excess speed at all. Maybe I'll get used to the larger lean angles and go faster, but I think this thing could take my 177lbs north of 35 MPH. On a side note, I did a lift test and my app registered cut off speed at 44.9 MPH.... some people have gotten it to say 47 MPH?? It's weird though because unlike the ks18s you have to lift it at an angle to make it spin crazy, just straight up and it only spins real slow or not at all. Currently elevating and icing my knee, post 3 hours and I can still stand and walk on it but going up stairs is a little painful as is squatting.