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  1. Darrell Wesh

    Things the manufacturers don't tell you.

    Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with you and side with @LanghamP There are two kinds of people. Those that follow the rules and those that don’t because experience tells them it doesn’t work. Similar to people who cross intersections in the middle of the road and wait on the concrete barriers between traffic vs having to deal with getting hit going along the crosswalk on a 4 way intersection with turning vehicles. Just because it’s the rules doesn’t make it the safest option or best option. Experience tells me that most of the time calling out won’t even register in a distracted pedestrians mind and they’ll do something completely unpredictable trying to figure out what they just heard. Have you ever tried to tell someone something who wasn’t paying attention? How many times have they said “what?” and struggled to understand what you just said. Screaming at them from a distance that you’re coming on the left doesn’t work much of the time. You have those people that can’t even tell their left from right and actually go IN to the path you tell them you’re coming in. Of course you should slow while passing them, but experience once again tells me that most people will not act erratically right before you pass and dive into your path. Once again you should only call out if they are blocking the path by straddling the middle. Oren times people on one extreme side are already giving faster moving people space and don’t want to hear a biker screaming at them something they’re already doing
  2. Darrell Wesh

    Things the manufacturers don't tell you.

    I absolutely agree about NOT calling out to warn pedestrians. They almost always turn and drift into your path or become erratic and jump into a path you were intending to squeeze by in. However, I think it’s pushing it to think most people can see which foot someone is on while cycling at speed.
  3. Darrell Wesh

    Things the manufacturers don't tell you.

    It’s COMPLETELY up to the owner of said animal to have that animal UNDER CONTROL when out in public spaces. If your dog requires cyclists and runners to have to call out to warn you in advance then your animal is too dangerous to be walked that close to bystanders. Period. I should not have to waste my breath calling out that I’m coming unless you’re taking up the middle of the path. Calling out would negatively assume that every dog has a homocidal agenda with fast moving objects passing by. I should not have to fear for my safety and make this assumption every time I see a dog on a leash. I love dogs but this is a huge pet peeve of mine when owners are surprised that their dog suddenly yanks them one way and tries attacking whatever is whizzing by on the path or trail causing the victim to have to swerve or ride off-road to avoid damages. More than once i had to avoid a dog that was being confrontational taking up the entire path and I had to ride in the mud and almost fall off my EUC due to the tire spinning in the mud or losing traction. If you have a dog that does this please be courteous and YOU walk in the grass or off road so others can stay on the path. Just because it is an animal doesn’t excuse it from breaking the law and trying to attack people and objects on a public space. There have been close calls where I was riding by and a dog would suddenly jump right out towards me and start barking, coming extremely close to my wheel running it over.
  4. Darrell Wesh

    Is the rider jacket really necessary?

    Even slower than that and there’s abrasion that can scar for years. 10mph on my Segway mini and I collided with a curb that was too high and threw me off and I got abrasion on my shoulder I had skidded on. Left an ugly scar that hasn’t healed in over a year. So Yeah, I’m at a loss as to why people only wear impact protection and ride around in thin t-shirts but full face helmets and skate pads. It’s not a good look when you have to wear long sleeves everyday to hide arm abrasion or when your back gets abraded so you can no longer sleep on your backside at night.
  5. Darrell Wesh

    Newbie question

    The V5F is a excellent but horrible training wheel. I have trained people with success on it for other wheels. What I mean is, after practicing on the super squirrely V5F, I transition the person to a large wheel like an 18” and all of a sudden they can stay on as long as they want.
  6. Darrell Wesh

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    You absolutely don’t need to use your arms. But when you do use them your movements are performed more efficiently - quicker and with more stability. Example: if I stick my arm out in front of me (partially bent like a runner, not Superman!) then it contributes to acceleration while minimizing my risk of an overlean and I can be in a more stable position on the wheel instead of leaning precariously far forward. To go further with the stability aspect, think of a maximal accelerating lean and being on your toes with the heel up and suddenly you hit a pothole and you bounce up off the pedals. If you had maximally accelerated with the arm out in front then you could afford to maximize foot contact with the pedals by keeping the heel down which could save you if you go slightly airborne from a pothole. Sticking my arm out makes all the difference when going up steep hills as sometimes on these big 18+” wheels you’re already leaning at the limit of your ability to stay on the wheel and need a little more power.
  7. Darrell Wesh

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    This is just one of the reasons I don’t wear a helmet. I feel like you’re MORE likely to hit your head wearing one as the weight is just not able to be held up and you also have a few more inches sticking out so when you do hit the ground you’ll be more likely to make contact. Its terrible logic, I know. Don’t be like me. I do wear full body armor or motorcycle jackets, knee and hip armor with gloves though. All the time. Funny how I use ATGATT but don’t wear helmets .... I’ve seen plenty of helmet less people skim the ground with their head, avoiding contact by mere centimeters likely due to spatial awareness preventing an impact (that same proprioception is diminished when wearing a helmet). Regardless it’s much safer to just wear the helmet, especially if you’re on the road and might get hit by a car, although then we’re talking about injuries a helmet won’t prevent ....
  8. Darrell Wesh

    Is the rider jacket really necessary?

    They are very convenient. You just slip them on and plus you get abrasion resistance on your whole body , something individual guards don’t give you.
  9. Darrell Wesh

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    I’ve thought about why EUC riders ride with hands limp at the side and I truly think it’s because we have this idea that being perfectly still is “mastery” of balancing on the unicycle. In the beginning, we used large arm corrections to go in a straight line and to turn, but as our bodies adapted to the EUC and muscle memory set in we no longer needed these arm contributions to control the machine. If we think about manual unicycle riders, even the pros still have massive amounts of arm utilization for going straight and turning. So imagine if we added back the control our arm contributions brought to our newly programmed/conditioned bodies that no longer need it. That is the riding style I see Tishawn has. It may look.... dangerous, but he’s figured out that by adding back an element that made you better in the beginning stages is what allows “ultimate control”.
  10. Darrell Wesh

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    The funny thing is a loose riding style like Tishawn’s is much better prepared to handle a fall than the typical zombie stiff, arms at side postures that plague EUC riders. With the large amount of corrections he’s always making with his arm movements and constant slaloms, he is always “driving” his EUC instead of passively “riding” on top of it. You understand that to “drive” an EUC or turn it, you must disrupt your balance right? That is how an EUC works, by the destruction of balance. If I lose my balance(whether on purpose or not) the EUC will catch me. Now imagine Tishawn’s style. He’s always destroying his balance. He’s always ready for a fall because he’s always off balance. By no means am I saying he’s immune to a fall, but he’s better prepared to avoid a face plant. In my experience, I don’t think that theory is accurate. Higher speeds are almost certainly going to be worse compared to a slower speed of the same type of crash if the variables are constant. The difference you speak of is in readiness for a crash. At lower speeds you probably are busy daydreaming or looking around and not focused with arms limp at your side and a cut out would catch you totally off guard. At high speeds you are much more focused and “driving” your EUC instead of passively “riding” on it. You likely have more adrenaline flowing as well which will allow you to react much faster at high speeds and instinctively instead of thinking about it. This is the difference as to why high speeds could theoretically be less severe although too high speeds might mitigate that better preparedness.
  11. Darrell Wesh

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    My very first and only question is: were your hands in your pocket?
  12. Darrell Wesh

    Electric Scooter Classifications

    Yes that is the handle. The tires are wide enough to be stable while towing it folded. Also, ewheels includes the fingerprint scanner free and 5a charger (at least mines did). I got the seat for my other Dualtron, I think it would be scary to have the seat on the thunder lol.
  13. Darrell Wesh

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    I can’t even update smh. It keeps downloading and saying it updated but then says it found a new (the same) firmware update.
  14. Darrell Wesh

    Electric Scooter Classifications

    Once you get the aftermarket handle on the Dualtron Thunder that attaches to the rear, you can roll it along behind you in the folded position. Or you can be smart and fold it and put it in a shopping cart when you go to stores. The weight of the Thunder is only an issue when I have to go up a flight of stairs to get to an apartment or something. Even the larger frame/width of the scooter when rolling it just isn’t an issue when you’re comparing it to something as weak as a 250w scooter or Bird/Lime. IMO I can’t see how you buy the Thunder and ever want to go back to riding those toys. With its performance, you’ll find a way and excuse to always choose it for the ride or errand, trust me. EDIT: Hopefully you’ll be buying the Thunder from ewheels and @Jason McNeil and not Ali
  15. Haha that’s how I felt- complete opposite brain movement patterns. don’t just toss it! Buy the handlebar and you can ride it without being confused or have someone ride that while you ride the EUC