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  1. Darrell Wesh

    Riding while under the influence 🙁

    Some of us already ride like we’re drunk 😄😄 weaving and swerving all over the place It’s like that Jackie Chan movie, Drunken Master, anyone riding like that has got to be skilled!
  2. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    @meepmeepmayer I believe the wide top is so you can sit on it. You can’t sit on the v10. Good design element by Gotway
  3. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    I think the Nikola is beautiful I don’t get why people say it’s ugly but glow about the 16x? My eyes must be messed up
  4. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    I thought I was the only one that thought the 16x looked..... well, downright ugly. The Nikola at night must be an eye catcher with the high density ring LEDS
  5. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Well.... the 16x promises to have a seat so maybe it’ll rival that Ks18s experience! Supposedly has a subwoofer too, very interested to hear that. That’s a big a$$ Bluetooth speaker I won’t have to carry if it works well
  6. Darrell Wesh

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    @houseofjob damn crushing my hopes of selling my Ks18s and getting the Nikola as my faster, way cooler looking seated wheel. Was seated at least easier than on the MSX?
  7. Darrell Wesh

    First wheel

    lol it can’t be scary! This isn’t a hover board that will go at full speeed and buck you off. You’ll never go fast unless you can control it first. The most that can happen in the learning stages is you step off because you lost your balance. I never fell nor had anyone I’ve trained during the learning stages, just a ton of easy step offs.
  8. Darrell Wesh

    The perfect EUC?

    Suspension would take away from the skill and fun of an EUC. Look at a lot of videos users put out there of riding their EUC’s at speed and yelling in exhilaration when they hit a bump or catch air and still remain on the wheel. A sports car driver lowers the car to feel every bump and have supreme feel vs riding in an S class Mercedes sedan with air suspension (not a “drivers” car) and being disconnected. Wider than 4” and you might as well be on a Segway mini pro with two wheels keeping you stable. The 3” wheels everyone is using (16x and Nikola) are perfect width without sacrificing turning efficiency. Better speakers? That’s already happening as the Nikola has 25watt speakers and the 16x reportedly has a subwoofer in it. Security is IMO the only real doable one on this list that’s a no brainer with no real detriments to implementing. Have it sound an alarm if moved. GPS unit while off would drain the battery but should be able to be toggled on or off.
  9. As I figured the durability of the product is subpar, especially considering such slow speeds. Buy cheap buy twice
  10. Darrell Wesh

    Just How Mental Is This?

    When I see a pothole, bump or whatever coming up, I crouch in preparation/ use my legs as shock absorbers. I absolutely do not clamp the wheel. Watch some chooch tech videos to see proper “EUC suspension”.
  11. I came upon this a while back. Not sure how true it is as the 40mph msx crash the guy was bending pretty hard and still face planted although maybe that high of a speed was the reason
  12. That is true and I was thinking of that as I read @LanghamP post. There are too many other factors that cause the USA to have the highest bicyclist death rates and the helmetless Netherlands lowest. I do think we are comparing EUC’s far too closely to bikes. On an EUC, everyone will notice you. You are taller, usually taller than most sedans and coupes while standing on the EUC so you are quite visible unlike the hunched over bicyclist. You shouldn’t worry about someone not seeing you on the road(crosswalks is a different story). On the flip side, Your chances of falling from a pothole, bump, or vehicle failure are considerably higher on an EUC than a bike which is why the simple act of being in front of a car at high speeds is exceedingly dangerous. This is why the fear of getting run over is much much more pervasive on an EUC than on a bike. I would never imagine falling in traffic while on a bike, no matter the road conditions. On an EUC, that’s either at the back of your mind or the front depending on the road conditions. Being electrical, with only one wheel that could go flat and throw us off, unlike a bike, we are really kissing the machines ass as we ride hoping nothing goes wrong. If I ever fell, I’d hope I did everything I could actively and passively to have a large following distance from the car behind me.
  13. ?? Well then I’m at a loss as to why you even said close passes when you quoted me and knew I, and the data, was talking about rear end collisions. Obviously a car giving you less following distance means the car is behind you.
  14. Just read the article. It’s Ironic that the very article you refer to disagrees with your own post. I quote: Bicyclists are most concerned about rear end collisions and resulting injuries. It is not an uncommon situation. In fact, the rear end collision is the most common way that drunk drivers hurt or kill cyclists. St Charles Bike Accident Settled – “The Rear End”
  15. It is always safer in what context though? To avoid brain damage sure. But to avoid getting hit by a car the data points to it not being safer to wear a helmet. And this is the most important reason because it is the accident that is the most lethal. Lets use one of your examples. Pothole on road causes you to fall and your CE certified helmet does the job and you feel nothing as your head bounces off the asphalt. You skid to a stop only to hear screeching tires as the car that followed too closely can’t stop in time and runs you over, dragging your body along. You’re likely dead or going to need limbs amputated that were crushed by thousands of pounds of metal. As @LanghamP already said, a helmet is a defense after the accident has already occurred. I would rather the accident not happen at all.