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  1. But you’re the meanest person on these forums !!!!! 😄
  2. Even if you do put out your arms this isn’t a regular 5mph stumble and fall. The velocity someone could be traveling at would just cause their arms to buckle instead of holding them up and cause the chest to impact the ground hard. Not to mention you’re forgetting wrist guards cause your arms to slide forward to prevent wrist strains, exposing your chest to an impact.
  3. Some members who faceplant actually fall on their chest while superman’ing. So a chest protector would definetly help in a faceplant. Back protector cushions rolls; I actually had a cutout while riding backwards and fell on my back and elbow pads and didn’t feel a thing thankfully.
  4. How has your wheel held up to many crashes at those speeds👀
  5. hahaha. Can you imagine if @erk1024 came upon like 20 stairs and couldn’t stop. Once you go over the edge you have no choice but to commit or it’s all over. Sometimes we accidentally face our fears; now @erk1024 you know you can go down at least 3 stairs with no problems!
  6. Just get the Nikola 100v. That extra 2mph for the MSX doesn’t beat the dramatic acceleration difference between the two wheels.
  7. My former MSX tire after 3500 miles was fine
  8. Doesn’t a worn EUC tire have more traction on the streets? Just sucks in wet and off road
  9. lol you really thought you could basically get 95% of your money back selling a used wheel? Once you put double digit + miles on it expect at least a 20% drop.
  10. Where are all the ninebot z10 people who think that’s the best wheel😄? (Oh I see, in the Facebook group)
  11. I had a dream that I was riding a 16x and the pedals started dipping when I tried to accelerate. Does that count ?
  12. Uhhh you’re always going to slow down while turning. And it’s not how fast he’s turning, it’s how fast he’s going before he makes a turn. Like you said, you can’t even make a 15mph turn without veering into oncoming traffic. Hes doing 30mph before leaning into a turn without slowing down before turning, while staying in his lane.
  13. The 100v Nikola? It’s silent when the fan isn’t on and you’re not riding it. Other than that it definetly growls when you give it some lean. I love the acceleration sound of the 100v Nik.
  14. @3euc what’s the fastest speed you’ve gone and what is normal your cruising speed on roads?
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