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  1. Interested to see that of the lower range model. On the 84v 512wh model my 150lb friend got 19miles in hilly terrain going around 14mph cruising speed with a few spurts of 20mph(50degree day)
  2. Doesn’t look like it would work for EUC’s. The sensors would always think we’re falling and activate
  3. D30 is the best and actually studied unlike other “imitators”. But the BEST protective armor would be hard plated like the fox Titan body armor everyone wears looking like a Halo character. Hard plated sacrifices flexibility, comfort, aesthetics and is bulky. That’s why soft armor like d30 was invented, to give riders back all those lost characteristics. If it’s not comfy, you won’t wear it. Nowadays a lot of knee protectors use soft armor like d30 and then a hard plate shell overtop it for sliding and penetration protection/abrasion resistance.
  4. I’m 200lb with gear and ride the mten no problems. I have the ewheels one and it’s tubeless
  5. It’s just plug and play? Or modifications required? A 2.5” tire?
  6. I have a Monster and an Mten3. I also have an MCM5 which is far less stable then the mten3. The mten3 is more squirrely or twitchy, but it’s wide flat tire gives it incredible stability unlike the MCM5 which feels like you’re balancing on a pencil tip. So going to a 3” wide tire feels similar whether an Msx or nikola or mten3 regardless of the diameter. Takes me zero adjustment. The hard transition is going from 3” wide to 2.1” wide! That takes a couple minutes of carving to get warmed up and used to the difference. The no resistance to turning and the difficulty of doing 360’s on a 2.1” etc
  7. Edit: Sold Selling a Ninebot Z10 in excellent condition for $1,200. It will come with the stock charger and a $150 4amp fast charger that charges twice as fast. I’ve made the pedals pure grip tape for enhanced traction. The tubeless tire has been SLIMED for puncture resistance. The wheel can be firmware updated but I’m on the previous firmware with zero problems for the life of the wheel (2700miles). I bought it from the Canadian dealer Freemotion and had no battery problems upon startup, it turned right on. The Z tire has thousands of miles of life left with its unique profile, I’ve heard of over 10,000km on one tire. This wheel has never been crashed above walking speeds before and was around my fourth wheel so no learning period on it thus it still looks relatively new. I will absorb the cost of shipping so shipping is free in the USA Images of Z10
  8. Lol what? Wrong study, He’s not wearing a motorcycle helmet he’s wearing a mountain bike helmet with a visor that sticks out. Not to mention the lack of spatial awareness with the increased volume of the head. You may think you missed the branch (if you can even see it) only to wack the helmet on it because your body doesn’t know the dimensions of the helmet.
  9. Umm it’s well known that your peripheral vision is less with full face helmets on as is spatial awareness. You would have definitely seen the branch without a helmet and ducked.
  10. Z10 for fresh snow. low psi and it just floats overtop the snow without sinking in. Narrow tires for old hard snow.
  11. Because you cannot be mentally prepared the entire time you ride unless you want it to be the most stressful thing you do all day. This has been brought up numerous times on these boards. I repeat, you cannot be mentally prepared to fall unless you want to hate riding EUC’s. Riding is supposed to be liberating. Freeing. To have falling at the forefront of your mind the entire time you ride would almost certainly induce wobbles at speed, and would completely go against the point of riding. It’s like If you’re a gear guy and you forget your gloves or wrist guards at home. All of a sudden the ride is incredibly stressful and you no longer feel relaxed. Your speed slows considerably and you’re scanning the road for anything foreign even though you know it like the back of your hand. Paranoid that you’ll look like you ran your hands through a cheese grater real soon.
  12. We are disagreeing about practice. Learning how to roll takes practice. Learning how to swing a tennis racquet takes practice. Learning how to explode out of the blocks takes... practice. And as an Olympic athlete whose been around all types of Olympians I’m telling you that your methodology of “practicing” is not going to get you the results you think they will. Just because YOU can roll at high speeds with low speed practice doesn’t amount to what you’ve done being applicable to everyone else.
  13. I think the problem is that you had to roll out of numerous falls at 19+mph. Let’s address your proficiency on a wheel because falling at those speeds shouldn’t be a numerous occurrence.
  14. Understanding the bodies ability to transfer training into performance is key. You will not reflexively or instinctively perform anywhere close to the same if the speeds are not relatively the same. Have you ever practiced or trained for a sport? You're basically ignoring the entire concept of exercise design. In order for transfer of learning to be maximized, specificity must be paramount. The speed at which you need to execute a motor control is a critical component of this. That’s like telling me the risk is too high for a hamstring pull at 100% speed, so I only need to practice at 50% speed but I’ll still be able to perform at 100% in the race. It’d be like telling a tennis player to practice a slow serve to master the technique but when the match comes and he tries to serve at full speed everything goes wrong technically.
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