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  1. Take top speed specs with a grain of salt for an eskateboard. Also watch the video I posted. No point paying to go that fast if you need a closed track and perfect surface conditions. Wheels too small
  2. Huh? Where? Look at the item description If they post this in the description I wouldn’t trust the title being accurate
  3. It says charger is 84v. So 2460wh is 84v version
  4. For your hips, specifically the glute minimus and glute medius, there is significant benefits in terms strengthening and stability. Unfortunately, there isn’t much benefits for your ankles. You would be better off walking barefoot/ with minimalist shoes and going through the full range of motion.
  5. @Jim Martin Here’s a video of a 30mph crash on a section of road that an 18” EUC wouldn’t even know was irregular. Top speeds on eskatebords above 25mph is a waste. You can’t even regularly reach those without spotters checking the terrain or you knowing the road by heart. That’s why Lacroix itself doesn’t list top speeds and even says Max speed; don't attempt it unless you wear full body protection on a closed course, safe environment. No Joke.
  6. Sigh... you must not know what on the spot means. Their turning radius is horrible, you would hit every pedestrian in the sidewalk attempting that. Also, I assume you’re talking about the Lacroix Lonestar, which top speed is unknown. Even if it could do 40-50mph, on 8 inch tires you would need perfectly flat road to ever achieve those speeds. It’s as useless as having a 700+HP Dodge Hellcat in NYC since you’ll never realize those speeds on but a racetrack. Meanwhile an EUC’s enormous tire doesn’t care. MSX 100v can do 40-45mph without worrying about the slightest imperfections or bumps in the road.
  7. We’re doing a comparison here and quite frankly even in the hands of the BEST rider, a lacroix board is nowhere close to as agile as an EUC in the hands of a mediocre rider. Show me a video of an eboarder doing an on the spot U turn and I might reconsider.
  8. I’ve just never heard such a description being used to label something as the most fun. In a car, this description would label the vehicle as a passenger car (like a Mercedes S class). To feel and to control would be a drivers car (the most fun car).
  9. As far as fun factor, is it not that the most challenging to master is usually the most fun to ride? And that would be the EUC again. I’ve ridden the onewheel and a boosted board a few times and they paled in comparison to the freedom you felt on an EUC. The eskateboards suffer seriously from maneuverability issues (especially at slow speeds) and range anxiety, dampening the fun factor. The onewheel suffers from slow ass speeds and range anxiety. You don’t know thrilling until you’re traveling on the road with cars at 30mph. Obviously in cities like NYC you can travel on the streets with cars but the range anxiety is a deal breaker.
  10. EUC is certainly far and away cooler than a OneWheel. And I live on a college campus so if anyone knows “cool” it’s young adults. In my college campus I sometimes ride with a onewheel “bro” (frat guy) and he gets absolutely no questions about his device while everyone is staring at me and telling me my Z10 or MSX is so cool. No one really notices the big onewheel tire in the middle; the sideways stance is just too familiar for them to care. In the grand scheme, cool is about how you ride it and where you ride it. The one wheel is too slow to be ridden on my roads here. 25-40mph uncrowded roads. Even if I were riding completely static with my hands at my side and not carving or anything, just the simple fact that I’m flying down the main roads with cars facing forward at 30+mph is way cooler than a onewheel slaloming through a sidewalk at 15mph.
  11. That’s what I said.... but don’t be mistaken about the order and cause and effect of his actions. You make it sound like he has no choice. He’s always in control; it’s playful because he chooses to exaggerate his motions by using his arms. If he didn’t use his arms he wouldn’t exaggerate his motions.
  12. It’s just fun and looks cool to spectators(especially compared to the boring static arms at side stance). I wouldn’t try to emulate him. It is dangerous as you can fall trying to slalom the way he does.
  13. Eh not counter intuitive. “Playful” is the word I would use. Counterbalancing by using his arms allows him to lean more in the direction he wants which is more thrilling giving the sensation of almost falling. As far as the starting motion I’m positive it was just a cautionary measure because he did not know how the wheel would react to hard acceleration. I ride with one foot more forward then the other, and a sideways stance (as sideways as you can get facing forward).
  14. You need to build your leg strength/get used to the wheel before you can maintain that static bend when transitioning on to the wheel. Especially since your first foot placement most likely will need readjustment. So in essence, keeping the bend while accelerating is preferred but more advanced.
  15. You can see in my image that Tishawn does an excellent kick start, beautiful hyperextension to really get that rolling start from the Z10 by allowing it to creep forward with half his body weight on it. But he messes up the transition on the wheel by standing straight up once he gets both feet on, slowing down and jerking the smoothness of the acceleration. In the last photo he has to re- hip hinge mechanics to get back into that accelerative posture. (Granted this was a new wheel for him so he was surely not trying to start as fast as possible into the unknown/feeling the machine out ) @houseofjob We need frame by frame photo stills of you doing the “pedal pump!” How Tishawn started here is essentially how I start/accelerate with slight variances: cocked back arm at start and only that one arm thrust forward on kickoff, not standing up but staying low in hip hinge mechanics through the transition of stepping on the pedals to reaching my desired speed.
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