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  1. Yeah, I only just started riding this year and I already am able to ride comfortable at 30mph. It took me years to be able to ride that fast on an electric skateboard and I could only do it for a short periods of time. Where as on an euc I'm already hitting my 32mph speed alarm I set enough that I'm weighing up how much head room I need to leave myself on my RS HT and if I can move my speed alarms up.
  2. I don't know if Inmotion even really knows what the V12 is going to be yet. They apparently haven't even come to a conclusion on what battery size they will be using yet
  3. Ok that's good. The temp alarm was set to 60C so I made it back without going over that
  4. I just got an over heat warning from euc world and I think my fan is dead but I still need to get home. What is a safe max temperature to limp home at?
  5. Saying that they are both just as easy to a new rider and that it's all just down to what you start on is still "picking a side" and he isn't attacking you just because he disagrees
  6. Sounds fun, I'll have to try one out when I get the chance Yeah It dips much harder on turns then on acceleration, It's a thing I've heard a lot of people complain about on the first version of the firmware in particular
  7. I think if you have experience with something analogous like wakeboarding or something else where you are used to cutting in to water or standing on something that rocks while you ride it then you might be more at home with something that responds more to your movement then something stiffer.
  8. Coming over from riding a Onewheel I started in soft mode (because that's the mode I rode on the Onewheel). The petals dipping when on turns was a bit scary at first, but once I got a bit more experience and found the point where they stop dipping on turns I was fine. That said I've been told the RS soft mode doesn't count as a soft mode.
  9. I know they said that they found some of the RS were still on but, I don't see how that could have been. If the wheel isn't balancing it cuts itself off, I've learned that from trying to us my RS just for the speaker one time.
  10. I use EUC worlds alarm and Bluetooth a earbud. I also have it set to read off my speed every once and a while so I can have a feel for my speed even if I'm not going fast enough to hit the alarm. EUC world lets you set custom alarms that you can play off your phone or off bluetooth. It's a bit overly confusing and I don't really understand the priority level stuff but that is for that and not the wheels default alarms.
  11. You can't set custom alarms on the wheel itself the only option are to have the first alarm at 30kph or the second at 35kph. Any custom alarms you hear about people using either aren't for a Gotway wheel or are set in an app to play through a phone.
  12. For sure, and I think Jimmy should have just asked you(it's the nice thing to do right or wrong). But, with a data set of less than 30 and it being formatted differently I think it's a bit more in the gray area between the two.
  13. fun fact: Dictionaries do(or at least did) the same thing
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