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  1. No the only thing I've done to my wheel is move the wires off the top of the fan so the fan would stop binding.
  2. Any advice for cleaning my control board? It has gotten very dirty over the past 650 miles. I don't have any compressed air on hand at the moment but I don't know how much it would help anyways.
  3. Saw that the Abrams got some new pictures on Ewheels
  4. Sure looks like it's going to be a tall wheel
  5. Veteran wanted I assume to be compared to the ruggedness of a tank. And gotway is just copying veteran. As for the S20 is the military the only ones aloud to use eagles now?
  6. As an observer it sure is entertaining. I assumed I would not be seeing a completely new design from gotway for a while after the EX, EXn and Monster pro but I was sure wrong. In comparison to Inmotion, Kingsong and Veteran the amount of wheels Gotway has been putting out is quite a spectacle to watch. They have put out more new models then all of the other brands combine.
  7. Boosted the gamma a bit to see the image better
  8. Without some mechanical action that the wheel could take to shift the riders center of gravity forwards or backwards what good would that additional data be though? It still is limited by the need to stay balanced which is what me and I think @mrelwood are getting cought up on. It can know you want to go faster or that you are going up hill but what can it do about that without losing balance if you don't create more leverage or lean forward harder. And some type of mechanical thing that shifted the center of gravity would add way to much complexity for my taste. I already don't like the
  9. If that's the case then wouldn't it just not do anything at all?
  10. Even if you are putting pressure on the front of the pedals too much acceleration will still cause you to fall backwards. There are software things you can do but it has to be things like tilting pedals forward to give you more leverage or something.
  11. Some more information about the S20. Was hoping for some pictures but sounds exciting.
  12. Interesting that it says off road on the side of it. With the smaller size battery and bigger tire I wonder if it will work well off road.
  13. It gets harder and harder to compensate for the larger wheel gearing it more towards speed. I don't see it happening any time soon.
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