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  1. And I want so much to see myself on an s18 instead of a v11... cos I never go over 30 km/h but I go on everything, offroad, urban, trails... and I like the aggressive design, looks like a wild animal 😎 And I'm scared of the balancing on the high pedals, and the odd look being so high🤣 I mean I'm already 196cm, don't wanna reach the sky and look like slenderman! I know I have problems. V11 looks like a better deal bang for the buck, but the s18 has its sense IF it delivers what it's supposed to.
  2. Haha you are right, with the last line I was meaning something else though, that people already turn their head to watch you when you pass by on EUC, but with a dog on the back you bring the amazement of pedestrians to an other level! Well, I sent a message to Myewheel.com asking what s18 batch they are currently shipping and if they have any update, waiting for an answere
  3. Man that's so good to read. If they are addressing the problem, I could make my move for a batch 4. Checked the channel, well done! If riding an EUC wasn't enough for head turning, the dog in the backpack is just overkill 🤣
  4. If I just want s18 to be ready to use out of the box without any mod... how long will I have to wait... It'd be useful also to know if Kingsong is coming out with another suspension wheel this year, cos if they don't then I expect more attention in this year's s18 batches
  5. Thanks, that topic was almost my same situation. But I'm curious if there's someone here with a very recent s18, like from February or January, to tell how is the situation right now
  6. I'm in a similar situation as the OP, I like the idea of s18 cos it's lighter and looks better, but if it's so messy... well, I'm not a modder and I want something ready to use at its best right away when it's delivered. My worries regarding the v11: On latest batch, is the bearing situation improved? Can I lower the pedals if I find them too high? Also... it's a very heavy wheel, will I still be able to maneuver it even among the people in situations where I need to go very slow? I do it perfectly with my 14d, will it still be possible?
  7. I'd like to upgrade from my 14d, I'd like suspension but from what I read s-18 is a great idea that was put in practice poorly in the early models... but is it ok now? I can't find reviews of the 3rd batch, don't know what to do... Also don't know if KS will come out with an other suspension wheel this year. You have any insight?
  8. I don't have the tools to measure the voltage of the single pack. But I have an almost new pack from a scrap 14m. Should I just replace it with the one that gets warm?
  9. I opened the wheel and the battery looks fine, but it is a bit hot, I can even feel it without opening and just touching the case, one side is warm and the other is not. The app says 65,64 voltage
  10. Hi, I noticed that one of my 2 battery packs in the kingsong 14d becomes hot even when the EUC is off. Anyone experienced this? What can it be?
  11. Thanks, I just feel bad wasting this almost new pack https://imgur.com/H3uvx6G
  12. Maybe I don't understand , the question is that since I can't enlarge the battery I can at last replace one of the old packs with the new one that I have... so I'd end up with a fresh new battery on one side and an old battery on the other... Could it be any good?
  13. OK... should I remove one of the 2 used packs and replace it with the new 14m battery?
  14. Hello! I'm new here and I have my first EUC since 3 days. I already love it and I'd ride it for days, but the battery... well it's a used ks14d, with the 340 battery. BUT I also have a new battery pack of a KS14M. Can I integrate the ks14m battery in my ks14d? Is there any way? Like remove every 18650 battery from the ks14m pack and add them on the other 2? Thanks!
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