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  1. The knobs on the stock tire are very soft, and they grip marvelously on wet pavement. Since they are soft, the tire does have a slight bit of play under extreme riding conditions, but the grip doesn’t get lost as abruptly as it does on a solid street tire. One point regarding the ground clearance on off-road vs street tire: The only times that I’ve been able to scratch my MSX pedals on flat pavement was on a trials tire identical to the stock Sherman off-road tire. The wheel tilts more with the off-roader while turning, enough so that even the taller profile doesn’t save from an earlier ground contact on tight turns.
  2. You are correct in all your understandings. They are. Z10 is an oddball, as it uses a custom tire. In my understanding the rim isn’t the standard 14” we see on other 18” wheels either. V11 is equipped with CST C-1488, S18 with CY H-5102, both familiar 18”x3.0” tires. MSX/P/S has come with H-5102, C-1488, or even with H-666 from some distributors, again all 18”x3.0”. Yes. IIRC, it’s a 2.75-18. I haven’t followed on it, so a bit pointless for me to even comment on it... but I think maybe it was 2.75-20?
  3. 0.2V is nothing. The tolerance of the voltage reporting on wheels and the voltage when the green LED goes on is inaccurate, and can be off or drift off +-0.5V. Or, since leaving the wheel to the charger got it up to the same 100.8V, it’s fair to assume that you successfully let the balancing do what it’s supposed to. Either way, no reason to worry!
  4. I must’ve clocked something like 1000-2000 miles on mine, and it only started to look a bit driven in. I’d imagine it would take two more winters pretty easily. I have no idea how someone could wear it out in 500 miles. Unless he means that it didn’t last longer on the wheel because he wanted to change to a different kind...
  5. Now that was a nice turn indeed! The V10F is a great wheel. Congrats!
  6. Just remember that you’re not only watching the S18, you’re watching one of the most skilled off-road riders on YT...
  7. A true spaced knobby tire is quite different, absolutely. The trials tire doesn’t feel like a knobby, but it has some traits that are similar, though not nearly as emphasized. It definitely carves different than any street tire we’ve accustomed to on EUCs so far.
  8. It takes a deeper tilt to turn, and until you get familiar with the new behavior it requires some effort to bring the wheel back to vertical after a turn. But if you commonly rider on bad roads or even think about off-roading even a bit, I wouldn’t consider the Sherman with a street tire. While different, the trials knobby is a good tire to ride. And the gains are just much larger than the cons in my books. Disclaimer: I haven’t ridden the Sherman, but I rode through the last (almost snowfree) winter with that tire. The authority and worryfree riding is mesmerizing.
  9. I have replaced the motor wiring and hall sensors on my MSX. Quite a work, but doable. As long as the hall sensors are of the right polarity, they will probably work. The local electronic component store salesman helped me choose based on the original speed sheet, but I don’t remember what was the difference between the few options they had. I don’t know how many offline hall effect sensors it takes for the wheel to quit and give an error, but when the cabling on mine was damaged, the wheel did start and balance until the tire turned to the position that uses the offline sensor. Then it stopped balancing and beeped for error. My guess is that at least the MSX does not run with a faulty sensor.
  10. Yeah... Sorry, you have wrong friends.
  11. What did they do to fix the issue last time?
  12. Despite DarknessBot allowing to set the tilt-back with 1km/h intervals, the firmware forces the value to be divided by three. So 55km/h will end up as 54 or 57, I don’t remember if it rounds up or down.
  13. Wow, lifting 35kg from the ground rarely looks that effortless!
  14. It’s the method that came popular a few decades ago when saving the last penny on electronics manufacturing came about. Connectors directly on the main board is difficult to do well, and tends to break the soldered connections with time since that’s where the support is at when plugging, unplugging and tugging on the cable. Ask anyone who repairs amplifiers etc. I hope KS was able to somehow support the connector much better. I’m sure people can separate the one cool aspect from the ones that made them doubt.
  15. I can’t estimate the power rating of the toasted component, but if you purchase the largest one you can fit there, it should be fine. I can only offer uneducated guesses, but I would suspect that the nearby transistors and diodes would be the first ones to go. Can’t see the black component properly next to the inductor, under the red circle, but the soldering looks like it might have suffered.
  16. The part that makes me suspicious is that the wheel seems to have the C-1488 tire, which has been a familiar choice since the pre-MSX 18” Msupers, and currently on the MSP. It doesn’t have the sidewall or the knobbies of Sherman’s off-road tire to reach a larger outer diameter than MSX/MSP. If they now call the MSP tire a 20” one, their exaggeration has indeed stepped up yet a level. So when you later on buy a Sherman from eWheels, you can select the wheel size 19”/20” from a drop down menu?
  17. I think there are a few crucial parameters missing from your calculations. 1) Speed. You would get closer to the 16C consumption per km if you rode at the same speed. But trust me, you won’t! 25km/h is scary on the 16C, while it feels slow on any 18” EUC. Increasing the speed increases the consumption exponentially. 2) The modern, much harder riding modes alone take a noticeable slice from the range, as the wheel uses more power to consistently keep the pedals flat on big and small road imperfections. 3) A heavy and powerful 18” wheel will in itself require more power to run. 4) S18 operating voltage range hasn’t yet been confirmed, but based on the recent KS winds, I’d expect 3.15V per cell as the zero point. Your 16C goes down all the way to 3.0V. 5) The rolling resistance of a 18x3” tire is higher than that of a 16x2.125”, already because the large tire has to be pumped to much lower pressure for the same feel and comfort. Since there are so many parameters involved, it’s impossible to say whether the S18 range would be enough for you. But be prepared that it might not be. Edit: As an example, when I went from 840Wh to 1600Wh (= 190%), my range at similar riding purposes increased from 40 to 55 km (= 138%).
  18. H-5102 tire with a small clearance? Yeah, I know how it does on snow... It doesn’t.
  19. It seems to be a 680nH SMD inductor. Yes it can be replaced, but soldering SMD components require rather good soldering skills. Also, I wouldn’t be sure that that is the only component damaged by the short.
  20. Haha! Black metal! I’d be into a progressive color scheme though...
  21. V11 travel is 8.5cm, S18 is 10cm. I might have the numbers off a bit, but I think V11 suspension was 15.5-24cm, and S18 14.5-24.5cm. The neutral riding height is indeed higher than on any other wheel thus far, so it will surely feel different. Holy brotherducker! That is going to be a one heavy wheel! They are fighting directly for the Veteran customers. But... Is this also a “20-inch” wheel that says 18” on the tire?
  22. I agree with your post, other than more than one third being “marginal”. I don’t know what the S18 throttling behavior or 0% voltage will be, but the V11 behavior should quite easily match the 1600Wh MSX in range. Even KS can’t get “marginally” close with a 1110Wh battery. That is absolutely true.
  23. Both suspension wheels have enough clearance that the pedals will never be closer than about 15cm from the ground. That’s pretty much a normal pedal height in itself.
  24. $700 USD does sound better, but I don’t know how the markets are there. If the battery charges up to 67.2V (+- 0.5V), it should be at least relatively ok.
  25. After Inmotion rising the pedal height, not really. I don’t remember the MSX numbers, but neither the S18 nor the V11 will ever have the pedals reach closer than about 15cm from the ground.
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