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  1. Depends on the wheel tbh https://www.instagram.com/mono_customize/?igshid=1dhn2l0rh3wa7
  2. It would be GREAT if I had the resources to make 'crash' testing feasible for my ShanesPads. However, at about $10 total profit per sale, one must forgive me that I wont toss my $3k+ sherman to the ground at 40mph, just to see how much they protect a wheel. Your main selling point isn’t “euc protection” lol… obviously would be pointless for you. But the guard is sold as protection. But fail to demonstrate how much protection your actually getting for the money. Thats like otter box saying hey our case protects your phone and dont do a promo video highlighting the level of protecti
  3. Below 20 mph I would expect it to work flawlessly but Clark bumpers do can take a high speed crash and cost much less then a splyce guard… I’ve seen Clark bumpers save a shell in a 35mph crash… That’s also a good point. I don’t think there are that many out in the wild. Fiberglass shells are much more common to come across even on newer wheels. As soon as the fiberglass cover is available people order it. You know the level of protection your getting for the money, It’s a proven product… That’s where the marketing has failed this product. If you create something
  4. Nice, I have about 250miles on the k66 on my exn. Much better ride on all terrain and improved grip all around.
  5. At what speeds were the crashes you had when using it??? That’s one thing the advertising has failed on for this product imo… showcasing it in an actual high speed 35mph+ crash and showing the actual level of protection. For something that cost $200 and is being sold as “protection” it should be shown on video. The fact the no one has done so including the creator of the product raises a lot of red flags. Fiberglass shells get smashed with hammers and take no damage on live video. You don’t question the protection your getting, It’s proven.
  6. Have any post crash reviews been done with the splyce guard?? Have they made a video of them testing it in a crash situation??? I still can’t see that as a viable crash protection option when it’s only held on by Velcro. More proof of concept needs to be show cased.
  7. Thank you for the continued work to the app. Newest update has resolved this issue… also love the new feature to change the device name.
  8. At $250 a refill every time it’s deployed thats a no go for most people. Also states it will NOT deploy while riding an electric motorcycle while not moving as it cannot detect the engine vibration to know you are standing still at an intersection. while this is a great advancement in technology for motorcycles. The fact that an euc riders arms hit first in most crashes this will not protect against shoulder injury from bracing yourself during the fall. This will greatly aid in tumbling which isn’t really how euc riders get injured. wish you a speedy recovery @madhatt
  9. Armor Dilloz is an awesome product. Have used both green & red versions in multiple euc’s. I recommend getting the 16oz bottle so you have some to add at a later date. Great customer service and Cory is secretly Batman for those who don’t know. https://wsvn.com/news/local/surveillance-captures-car-driving-on-sidewalk-hitting-pedestrian-in-wynwood/ Will continue to support Armor Dilloz, thank you @Cory Boehne
  10. How does the mss exn compare to stock exn @stephen? Mss advertise better acceleration and harder braking but is there more to it then just that?
  11. I run dual noctua 40mm x 20mm quiet fans. No extra holes drilled into the shell. Averages about 5- 10°f cooler then stock fan alone. You will need a (2 pin to 3 pin adapter) and then a (3 pin y- splitter) to wire in the two noctua fans which are 3 pin. https://noctua.at/en/products/fan/nf-a4x20-flx also if you check the exn thread you will see other cooling mods in there
  12. Yes it is at a specific temp. I believe it’s 104°f iirc… if your looking at the fan when you power on the wheel it will spin the fan for 1-2sec and you can see the fan is working.
  13. Yea it’s a lot better tuning for sure. Ive played around with the tilt and For me i find it helps below 35mph but above that the angle makes it more difficult to maintain speed / stability. Throws my center of gravity off.
  14. I hear that, it’s hard to hold back on long straights. How does the mss exn compare to stock exn @stephen? Did you update the firmware for acceleration stability ?
  15. That’s a rough Day 1 for sure…. And banging up a new wheel isn’t a good feeling either. But hey atleast your ok and hopefully it’s just a bad connector.
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