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EUC without self balance ¿Can be ride?


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The question: is possible to ride a EUC without self balance?

Obviously I do the question because I think is possible.  Someone's trying it with combustion engines like the pictures. But the electric engine is better due his capacity for spin forward and backward and high power at low rpm. Maybe the work of the auto balance system isn't too much for run it manually.

But the advantages of manual riding less lifting or jumping are basically none. So it's worth to make and learn ride a not self balance EUC?

My answer is yes. For the Venus racing cup! (see it in the Venus Wars movie) 






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There's a few riders that have added motors and step-up gears to their unicycles; it looks wildly dangerous at the higher speeds because of the greater forces and hence greater contortions the rider needs to keep front and back balance. Even then, and apparently, the rider declared power delivery problems were extremely dangerous because they were difficult to handle. I'll try to dig up the video, but the gist of it was a rider spent about a year converting a real unicycle into an electric one, perhaps calling it an augmented unicycle is proper, and such a unicycle seems insanely dangerous.

I've seen that Monowheel before on utube, it's a terrible contraption, with no real way to make it a viable form of transportation.

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19 minutes ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Wouldn't it be like stand-riding on a motorcycle or bicycle and popping a wheelie? 

Right, and like a unicycle (with pedals)...which reminds me of the ultimate wheel

and an easier to learn version, the Lunicycle


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Maybe I can give some clues of what I try to find with some videos.

The first is a professional rider showing his capacity. The second shows a customised unicycle with electric assist.





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One wheel balance isn't impossible and comes easy if you can manage their spin. Throttle and brake is enough for maintain the balance. So, what is the point for the autobalance? 

I think the best improve is in the hands free throttle/brake system thanks to the automatic foot/weight autobalance device. But maybe is possible and in some ways better to have a manual way for accelerate and brake. I'm not disappointed of it but maybe I can get more fun without it. For now the only use I can figure is using the EUC like a wheel saw xD (thanks to a manual throttle to power it in any inclination)

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