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  1. Both times the connections broke just under the black handler thing. Maybe I am too used to the lighter ks16a and handling the heavier ks16s wrong. I'm just not sure how to handle it correctly. I'm trolleying it quite often. The second time it broke when I was putting it down a couple of stairs with the trolley open. And hey, 16A lives fine for two years, and 16s breaks in a day.
  2. Well, I already broke two handlers for my new ks 16s. I also own ks 16a, and it is great and very robust, zero problems for all two years I own it. But as for 16s it is literally two days and two handlers broken. So I'd like to know, what are other's experience? Maybe you have some advise? Is it possible to get some better handlers?
  3. Likely what I mean is electric kick scooter. Legal usage, well, varies.
  4. Learning/starting is hard, but it will pass soon enough. Another thing is the price - you don't want cheap ones. Riding it is as easy as it seems, you totally will be able to learn. There are no hidden problems, things that you think you can do, but you cannot. You likely won't be able to jump on "normal size", like 10cm curbs, but half size are no problem. You just go off and put the wheel on the big curb, that is an effort in the beginning, but will pass. Pedestrians are stupid and see nothing - that is OK, just deal with it, sidewalks are their area, they don't have to be aware, slow down, be ready to just stop, ride more safely than you want at the beginning.
  5. The alternative is electric scooter. Bikes are not direct competitors. They are larger - harder to get into other transport, malls, harder to carry into apartments etc. Even electric scooters are worse, as they are more bulky and folding them is way harder.
  6. Probably a hybrid could do, actually. Like in hybrid cars. It will be quite heavy and way more expensive, but will have the advantage of refueling and will be quite powerful.
  7. I think kingsongs also have some stronger cases, I recently watched mine doing some double somersault in the air after 'OK, let's see if I can go over this curb'. I think it has yet another scratch after that, but nothing more. But I have no experience with GotWay.
  8. I heard about people for whom the ear ringing became a serious problem that could be treated, had them visited a doctor in time... I think it's good to be aware at least. As for the noise - likely if you cannot hear a music near maximum in your headphones - well, then the environment is definitely loud and it is OK to wear some deafening headsets, as you won't hear some silent sounds over the environment anyway.
  9. Those look like they want you something ebil. I think best looking EU should look like a man - in scratches, patches and updates, still striving better then ever.
  10. Fun untiil you faceplant doing this. I'd like to carry my children on EUC, I think I pretty much can do this, but in case of fall - we're screwed. Also, that is likely to be overweight for the wheel.
  11. I listen to creepy quiet screeches of the wheel, that reminds me of Babylon 5 Shadows Vessels screeching. I don't listen to music while riding because more distraction and it is fun enough on it's own and I don't have much favorite music to listen to (btw I'm always hungry for it, so would like to know what songs you consider best). As for the music, I'm listening to Agonoise and fgfc820 at the moment. Also recently discovered that some nasheeds are pretty dank. Some have some ugly meaning, but as I don't understand a thing in Arabic they're fine for me. I also downloaded some old 8 bit NES midi themes (should name the battletoads title, of course) to play them with the wheel, as I just think this is what should be played with the wheel, if ever, used it only for some company riding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8gJxIWSxGE&list=PLAD0E16116DDDFB9E&index=4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvzsFS4Plmw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n7RvfwVCjY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RRudzgAfME
  12. Hmm, I'm riding KS16 assuming the power button is at the end... Probably I'm wrong =)
  13. ubertoad


    I had much alike feelings for my KingSong. Though it were bruises, not scratches. That passed in a week or two of practice. First reason is that you are holding the wheel too tight. You can apply pressure to the pads to control it. I thought that when I learn - I'll be controlling it only by applying pressure to the pads, but now I see that I use both, just not squeezing it constantly. The second reason was that when you start on one leg it is was especially painful. I made start faster and putting my other leg faster. Though most of this is just practice. I bought football shin protection and that helped, that might help it heal for you, as I had pauses in my learning cause of work. Soon I started being too lazy to wear that protection.
  14. I found wearing slippers is making it easier a bit, as you can slightly adjust your foot. I generally wear aggressively green classic crocs in summer and so I do while riding EUC and its totally fine for me.
  15. Also, the pads. Now I open them primarily by hands and I believe they are designed to be operated like this. This should not be the case. Either they should be designed to be opened by feet or have some convenient button or a lever to open. This is no rocket science, some cavity to put a feet to force it open should be enough. Is there already a wheel which pads are designed to be opened by feet?
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